i wish more people appreciated ur perfection

  • Psychic: reads my mind
  • Me: i cant believe novahd is satan i sold my soul to satan novahd is honestly one of the greatest things to ever happen to me have you seen aleks and james like i dont care if they never get together in my headcanon it CLEARLY STATES in page 1,341 line 28 that THIS ONE SCENE happens and honestly i've read ALL 400+ fanfictions on wattpad and I THINK I KNOW what im doing in my current fanfic like aleks and james are clearly homosexual for eachother and if they're not im going to freak out i honestly forget that they're not official sometimes and when that happens i start to cry because aleks and james are perfect for eachother but i appreciate their personal space because theyre human beings like me and you but my notebooks are all full of novahd preheat to 300° fanfics and sometimes i wish i could meet more novahd people because DUH novahd is OTP+ i dont know why novahd gets shit on sometimes like its such a cute ship and i know people have opinions but why bother hating on it we have such an awesome novahd community and here u are making us hate ur community like why would you do that we love you and we love novahd novahd is just so good and i love james and i love aleks and i love the thought of them being jaleks i just dont get why theyre not together yet i mean are they not both single is aleks NOT searching for somebody like i seriously dont get this why isnt novahd official yet-
  • Psychic: what the fuck