i wish it would be like this

Wish my boss would choke on a chicken wing

So long story short I am a cook for a sports bar so I work around grills and fryers and such. Well recently while at work I blacked out on the line and was unconscious for like three minutes. When I did finally come to my boss sat me down for five minutes and then without skipping a beat told me to get back to work. Seriously guys this prick let me lay unconscious on a floor for three fuckin minutes and didn’t call an ambulance and wanted me to get back up and work. I then got written up for saying no, clocking out and going to the hospital. Turns out I have a heart condition and have to take medicine. This asshole won’t even let me have a lunch break to fucking take the meds. I wish he’d choke a fucking chicken wing.

According to New Jaal information

Jaal doesn’t understand Milky Way idioms and will take them literally like Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.

And now I’m just sitting here imagining…

Liam: Hey, break a leg out there Ryder!
Jaal: Why would you wish that on your fellow human??

*Ryder explains the expression to Jaal*

*Hour later*

Jaal: Break your leg out there, PeeBee!

PeeBee: What!? No!

And thing is, I liked the fact Cardi was herself and didn’t care what classists and slut-shamers thought of her. I only felt if she were dark-skinned, would she have the same success for being so candid. It’s really sad because I know she has issues of her own but that’s know excuse for what she said in front of impressionable young black girls. So many of her fans are dark-skinned teen girls, and one girl even said she wished she would bleach her skin to look like Cardi. Cardi of course @’ed the girl and told her she was beautiful the way she was. I thought that was nice. But like Azalea Banks, she just contradicted herself by using slurs to degrade girls she claimed to be there for. And of all people, Cardi is light-skinned. So she definitely had no business doing that. 

 I think Cardi knows she’s wrong because she hasn’t mentioned me or the twitter feminists who made threads calling her out, and several people retweeted it. So I know she saw those tweets with those notes. All Cardi could do is apologize like she could have done with her transphobia, but she won’t because instead of realizing she was wrong and gross, she’s just going to ignore it. And I understand you’re ashamed of being seent for your shitty behavior and want to lay low so not to cause more attention. But just apologize and learn from it. I’m tired of supporting someone who constantly let’s me know I’m a “wack bitch who can’t get a man because my pussy ain’t good enough” whenever I disagree with her. And she claims to be so against black male misogyny, but she just mimics the same fuckboy logic as hers. In all her videos, she’s usually with men making sex jokes about black women. So as I said, I wish Cardi luck and don’t mean bad will on her, but enough is enough. 

Hmm I just realized that both Harry and Seungri are the kind who do what they want and don’t care about what people say (Harry with his “long hair don’t care” and Seungri shrugging casually aka telling everyone he gives 0 fucks about their opinion when they called him fat). Looks like I am really attracted to that trait in people.

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"Hey sweets, wanna come with me and Jimmy to go get some cokes?" Lena's cheeks flooded with red as she registered Kara Danver's soothing voice that was lined with a playful smirk. The Greaser was always hitting on Lena and any other Soc girl and playing around with them, she didn't go a day without making the green eyed girl blush. God, Lena wished she could wear that leather jacket that sat on the blonde's broad shoulders, she'd give anything to be Kara Danver's girl.

that thirsty binch would fake being cold just to wear kara’s clothes, KNO DIS! n kara would totally offer her jacket to lena. some dude would try too but kara would be like “i think mine fits her better; don’t u think so, lena?” n she’d wink n lena would lose her shit

electric spiderweb // all kinds of blurry (sorry) // the journey home.

I’ll be spending the next week hanging with my family and friends! I’ll also be pretending internship applications and take-home midterms aren’t a thing. Throw in some pokémon go (who else is still excited about this game, just love me) city roaming, naps, home-cooked food, and I believe I’ve got myself a restful week off - should be a good time!

I’ll probably be laying low during this time so I’ve queued a bunch of older stuff just for fun. I’ll likely delete it at the end of the week because I’m a little bizarre and only like to permanently feature the original post of a piece of work but hey, roll with me - it would feel odd to go /completely/ MIA, right?

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead, see you in a week and a half!

During lab today I offhandedly said “I wish everything would stop” and the TA was like “yeah that’s how I feel too” and then immediately backtracked to be like “with respect to classes and homework”

Bruh… It’s okay…. Share in the existential angst with me u don’t gotta hide we all lowkey wanna be dead sometimes it’s chill

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I had a horrible experience with my first therapist and now I'm on my second and I'm iffy about her to,I didn't trust my gut with the first one but I don't want to place my past on this one but she doesn't seem to care either and idk what to do.

hey anon, 

we have the following resources i’d like to link you to, okay? 

i would strongly urge you to read through these and if you still feel like your new therapist isn’t helping you and the cons outweigh the pros of continuing to see her, i would say you should consider a new one. 

i wish you the best, and stay safe, 


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What's one reason you love Lorcan? *squeals in excitement*

This is like choosing a random card among the 52 in the deck. The first one at the top of my head is because Lorcan chose Elide. 

For the first time in Elide’s life, there’s someone who wishes to protect, defend, and cherish her even if in his own sick, twisted way (calling Maeve). 

For the first time in Lorcan’s life, he almost wishes that someone would return his affections. He’s immortal, lived a long life. He’s turned down countless offers from women and bedded many. Many are infatuated with him, and wish a future with him. Take Essar for example. 

Essar’s a respectable figure in both Rowan’s and Aelin’s eyes, yet Lorcan had turned her away, repeatedly. SJM stated that he saw her nothing but a quick, casual bedding. But when Elide comes along, Lorcan doesn’t need anyone else’s thoughts or inputs on Elide, and attaches himself to her. 

He didn’t follow his usual instincts or path in meeting women.

After being hardened by blood and war, he still must have felt something for Elide by choosing to brace her ankle. Lorcan chose to alleviate Elide’s suffering that has caused her pain her entire life. Lorcan chose to stick with Elide when she had been wandering. Lorcan chose to save Elide’s life when the Ilken and her Uncle Vernon showed up.

Lorcan chose Elide.

And I will forever love him for that, because he made one damned good choice. Even if he almost sunk his own ship. He still chose. 

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What you're basically saying is that animals are beneath you or not equivalent just because they are less intelligent or formed differently. I think there's something more wrong with not treating animals like fellow beings than thinking that the mass slaughter of other earthlings is like a much smaller (but still obviously extremely regrettable) mass slaughter of our own kind. I wish neither of these existed, but of course, they do, and there are a lot of comparisons one could draw.

um…I was gonna delete any more asks abotu this…but this is so stupid I kinda want to post to to check if this is real life.. also other people are beneath me so why would’t animals also be so??

i got this story in my head for my sims but ugh, i don’t really know how to write it out… everyone seems to be so cool at it and im just here; frustrated and wondering how do y’all write such cool stories for them while i can’t even form a decent sentence (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

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I listen to music while riding the bus to and from work. But my headphones are broken, so today I was observing the world without the distraction of auditory stimulus. A man sat down next to me, and I slowly noticed his body heat. Usually I’m in a world of show tunes, completely ignoring the other people on the bus. But I was suddenly aware of this man as a person. Our shoulders touched and our knees knocked together more than once. I realized that I haven’t touched anyone in an affectionate way in over five years (excluding family). I’m not a touchy feely person. I do not casually engage in physical contact like hugging my friends or touching a colleague on the shoulder. But for some reason I was overcome by on urge to take the hand of this man sitting next to me and feel his fingers entwined with mine. I didn’t, of course. But I sort of wish I had. It would have been extremely embarrassing explaining to a total stranger why I tried to hold his hand, but for some reason I feel like I missed out on something. It seemed like I was walking away from an opportunity as I stepped off the bus and the doors closed with a whomp of ominous finality one doesn’t normally expect from public transportation. 

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((I want another PMD like sky. Special episodes are cool as heck. They built a lot of character in an optional little side plot to the main story.. I really wish they'd bring those back. Imagine: A GTI special episode about Emolga and Dunsparce. Maybe one about Munna and her gang after the Bittercold shtuff and her getting used to a new way of looking at the world. A PSMD special about Nuzleaf bein a dip. Special episodes are so good.. I hope they bring em back.))

i know!! the special episodes were great

and i would’ve loved those for gates and super! gimme more story


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7 and 18 for the ask thing please? <3

7: Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing?

Like LIVing, I never understood why people would say the other one??

18: Do you have any sims merch?

Nope XD i wish I did SO BADLY tho

Fred Weasley x Reader Imagine: "The Girl Who Read"

Going to Flourish and Blotts, and meeting Fred there, and him offering to buy you a book.

I got this idea from a relateable post I saw on pinterest: it said I wish that a guy, instead of buying me a drink, a guy would come up to me at Barnes and noble and buy me a book" or something like that. So here’s my fantasy put into an imagine…

It was your fourth year at Hogwarts, and you went to Diagon Alley to pick up all of the school supplies you would need. You were a muggleborn, but both your parents had abandoned you after they found out you we’re a witch. They never supported your hopes and dreams anyway, so it was no surprise when they kicked you out of the house for being something that they considered so grotesque and unnatural. You didn’t mind though. You had enjoyed being in the wizarding world more than being with those people. You refused to call them your family, because they weren’t yours, instead you had an owl named Kate, who was a golden masked owl. She was the prettiest owl ever seen, but that’s not the main reason you loved her. You loved her because she had a heart of gold. (Get it? Because she’s a golden masked owl? Bad joke, sorry) She loved all other owls, and protected you from humans she didn’t trust. She kept you out of trouble, and helped you though a lot. Not to mention she was smarter than any other human you had ever met.
You were currently sitting on the second floor of the bookstore. You had chosen a bad day to come, because the store was full of witches who were obsessed with some git name Gilderoy Lockhart. It was so loud and crowded, which was why you chose to stay upstairs. You were sitting on a bean bag, sipping warm pumpkin juice, reading an incredible book about magical creatures, which you were totally obsessed with, when you heard the bell on the door ring, for the millionth time today, and saw a large group of red heads, with one brunette. You knew who they were, they we’re the Weasleys.

Although you didn’t know them too well, since they weren’t in Ravenclaw, you had heard plenty about them. Percy, the stuck up prefect, Ron, the wizards chess legend, and Fred and George, the adorable pranksters. As soon as the brunette boy was seen, everybody turned around and made a big fuss, so you immediately knew who it was. It was Harry Potter, the boy who lived. But you were (y/n), the girl who read, or at least was trying. You looked up, to see one of the twins staring at you. You knew it was Fred, you we’re one of the few people who could tell them apart. At this point, Kate was sitting next too you, and she gave you a hoot of approval,telling you that you could trust him. “Um, can I help you Fred?” He turned red as soon as you asked, and said, “(y/n), I know you don’t know me,” you interrupted him and said, “oh I know exactly who you are Fred Weasley.” Kate gave a hoot of laughter and you shot her a look telling her to watch it. “Right, well, I saw that you looked really into reading it, so I wanted to buy you that book.” You were still curious, so you stood up and asked him, “um, any reason why? Oh wait, let me guess: you want me to owe you a favor, so later I’ll help you with your homework or something.” He looked you straight in the eyes and said, “no, I just-I just really like you.” He said with a smile. “You what?” “I like you (y/n). As like, more than a friend, and I’m sorry if I’m being forward, but I needed to tell you, so…” You gave him a kiss on the cheek, and he stopped talking, and blushed once again. “Yes Fred, you can buy me this book.” He looked very hopeful and happy. “So, you like me back?” You giggled, “of course. I think you’re cute, and funny.” “Really?!” You winked at him, like he always did those cute winks of his.
“Fred! Where are you?” Molly called. “Is that your mum?” “Yeah.” He looked down and blushed. You lifted up his chin and said, “Don’t be embarrassed, she is super sweet. Once I saved Ron’s arse by helping him write a report for his midterm, since he would have failed without me, and she sent me a box of her amazing fudge. But I don’t know how she found out.” He sheepishly said, “Oh, Ron told me, and I told her you saved him.” “Awww, that was so sweet of you Freddie!” “FRED WEASLEY! Where are you!” Molly called again.

“Well, you should probably get back.” “Of course, but I should buy you this book first. ” he said as he gently took it from your hands. “Oh, right. You know, it really is quite interesting, you should give it a read. Better than Lockhart’s books for sure.” You said as you went down the stairs. He went to the register and pulled a few sickles out of his pocket and gave it to the man standing there. The two of you walked up to his family, and Molly let out a sigh of relief, “oh there you are Fred, where have you been? ” she turned to you and said, “Oooh! And who is this? ”
Fred put his arm around your shoulder and said, “Mum, this is (y/n). She’s the smart girl who helped Ron with his homework last year.” Her eyes lit up, “Oh! so you’re the one Freddie’s always talking about. My, you’re even prettier than he said you were!” He blushed as soon as she that. “Well, now that you’re here, I don’t suppose you’d like to continue shopping with us, would you?” Fred turned to you and looked at you hopefully. You said, “of course! I’d love to, I’m here all by myself anyway.” Fred smiled wide, gave you a hug, and planted a kiss on your temple.

He opened up the book, and suddenly became very interested in it. You were reading it with him, until Draco Malfoy walked up to Harry and got up in his face about being too famous or something, (you never really paid any attention to anything he said,) when Ginny went up to him and told him to leave him alone, he said, “oh look Pottah, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend!” You couldn’t stand to see him being such a jerk so you said, rather loudly,“Hey everyone look, Draco’s jealous! ” he quickly replied, red in the face, “am, am not! ” “ooh look, he’s blushing! ” (ps guys I ship drarry) just then, while everyone was laughing, draco’s father walked in, and everyone tried to contain their laughter, but continued giggling. “Draco, what’s happened here? ” he asked. “Nothing” he quickly replied. His father continued to make extremely rude remarks about Hermione and her parents, and the Weasleys, when he said something that made you loose it.
“What’s the use of being a disgrace to the wizarding world, if they don’t even pay you well for it?” You got up in his face and said, “What’s the use of being an asshat if no one gives a shit about it? Huh, Lucius?” “Well, you must be the other smart one. The girl who read. Obsessed with books I see? ” “Yea, because at least I know how to read. ” He looked at you with a shocked face, almost as much as everyone else’s. No one ever stood up to Lucius Malfoy like that, and no one stood up to defend the Weasleys, either. He clearly had no words to say, so you waved him good bye and gave Draco a sarcastic smile, and they both stormed out, with looks of embarrassment on their faces. You turned to the Weasleys and said “let’s get going, ” as if it was no big deal, and then Fred gently but quickly grabbed your face and planted his soft lips on yours. You put your hands on his neck, and when he pulled away, he looked you in the eyes, his hands still on your face, and said, “thank you so much, (y/n). ” you asked, “for what? ” and he took his hand off your face and said, “for standing up for us” you still didn’t get it. Ginny said, “(y/n), no one’s ever stood up to him like that. ” you suddenly understood. You looked back at Fred and said, “well Fred, I guess we’re even now. ” he laughed and said, “trust me (y/n), that won’t be the last book I buy for ‘the girl who read’.” And he gave you a wink, that you absolutely adored.

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I'm really starting to feel like Callie is pushing AJ away & just letting Aaron right in smh . And the sad thing is he actually cares about her , but it's like she's stuck too far up his ass and Kyle's case to see it . I wish he would break up with her and Aaron just disappear . Maybe she'll learn then

I went to my foster care meeting today and something they said made me think of Callie. I am going to cut her more of a break. They talked about how kids who have been kicked around, sometimes do well in group homes because they have a hard time with attachment. They have a hard time when people attach to them. I don’t think Callie knows how to do anything but push away people who have gotten attached, like for real: AJ, Stef and Lena.

Aaron and Kyle are distractions keeping her from really making as Lena said, a commitment to the family.