i wish it wasnt such a bad picture

thirsty jungkook pt.2

since jungkook is one thirsty fucker, i decided to make a second part to go along with part one

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right. do you need a moment jungkook-ssi? like, i can hear the “damn” as he looks jimin up and down. 

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guess who’s filming jimin’s beautiful lips? you guessed right! it’s our jungkookie. bc he loves them lips.

was that necessary jeon? 

(x) what the fuck jeon? do you see that? i can practically HEAR him SIGH from here. calm down, bro.

(x) yeah, there’s no way im skipping this moment right here. look at where jeon’s hand is. he literally tapped jimin on the balls okay? jimin’s hand flies to his crotch and look at jungkook’s smirk. 

(x) the real question is will jungkook EVER calm down around the jibooty? probably not. 

(x) how bad do you think jungkook wished that the camera wasnt there? i think VERY badly. 

(x) does this count as thirsty? i think yes. they are totally ignoring the FAN in front of them during a FANSIGN and instead EYEFUCKING EACH OTHER. mutual thirst at its finest. 

look at this sneaky baby bun. pretending to take a selfie but taking a picture of the glorious jibooty. 

(x) do i have to say anything more? he’s filming jimin’s BUTT. like, what the hell, he literally ZOOMED IN on the jibooty. 

oh wow, look at jimin filming all sexily…but wait, who else is watching? 

(x) same jungkook…same…

(x) oh look at jimin dancing all cutely…jeon is NOT staring at jimins ass, nope. not at all. namjoon is staring too i dont blame them

(x) he was nOT checking jimin out. no. no way. he was just looking up and down jimin’s body appreciatively. thats all. 

i have no words…

umm…where are you looking at? hobi’s judging you so hard right now.

we get it jeon…he’s yours. 

(x) he’s NOT feeling up jimin’s arm. hell nah. are you kidding? look at seokjin and namjoon’s judging faces im in tears

(x) how many times is jungkook going to grind up against jimin in a SINGLE music video? also, pls notice the thigh touch. 

ok, im gonna stop now, this became longer than expected. next up; jealous!jungkook? heart eyes!jungkook? more thirst? idk, man.