i wish it wasn't true but it seems to be

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Ifeel like this season is a prelude to the next season. you were right, some things felt like it wasn't explored enough (eg Shiro's return) but I am hoping that next season would address them. I really wished this season was longer, but I can't complain 'coz we're getting the next season soon.

Yes!!! And true true I was trying to keep this in mind the entire time I was watching s3 and really just to stop my usual pessimistic self from nitpicking at everything lol and just to be patient for future episodes since we already know there’s a lot more to come in the future😓!! Still it seems like the positive things outweighed any small flaws for this season and I’m happy with that☺️

Crowfeather during Sunrise
  • Crowfeather: That's not true, I only have one mate and one kit
  • Crowfeather: I mean I only did it to seem loyal to Windclan
  • Crowfeather: And I have spent half of my time wishing Leafpool wasn't a goody two shoes who wanted to be loyal and save her clan
  • Crowfeather: Plus I have treated both of them like absolute shit.
  • Crowfeather: But fuck you Hollyleaf
#14: You want to hear the sound of his voice

Mark: It would make everything feel better right now just to hear him tell you that it was going to be okay and that you would be okay. You look over at him, sleeping in bed beside you, and as much as you want to hear his voice right now, you don’t have the heart to wake him up. 

Jr: You know he’s away and that his phone is off. But you want to hear his voice so badly that you call him over and over again, just to listen to his voicemail and secretly hoping that maybe the next time it won’t go to voicemail and you can really hear his voice. 

JB: The comfort that comes along with his voice is something that you can’t get out of anyone else’s voice. You want him to be next to you, holding your hand or rubbing your back, reassuring you. But as you lay in your bed alone, you know that isn’t your reality — yet. You lean over to pick up your phone and call him over, even though it’s 3:05 AM. 

Jackson: You could listen to him go on for hours about popcorn if it meant you could just hear him talk. Sometimes you’d just ask a random question, hoping it would spark up a conversation so he could go on and on about something utterly random. His thoughts and opinions fascinate you and his voice engulfs you in pure comfort. 

BamBam: Looking at the clock again, you wait for the usual time either you or BamBam call each other to have your nightly phone conversations. For some reason tonight you feeling even more anxious than usual and miss him more than usual. You pick up the phone an hour before you’re supposed to call and are relieved to hear him again: “Hey, you.”

Youngjae: This kind of news was the type of news you had to tell your boyfriend, Youngjae, to make it all worthwhile. You needed to hear his voice right now to complete the celebration and you needed to hear him tell you that he was happy for you, as you were always happy for him. 

Yugyeom: You couldn’t help it but miss him and want to hear his voice. You were so used to hearing it everyday and now you were suddenly not able to. You didn’t want to bother him, but being in the loud streets in the city was just the time to calm yourself down. Something, suddenly vibrates in your pocket and a smile creeps over your face, knowing your wish to hear his voice is coming true.