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Happy birthday! I <3 your writing and this is so sweet! If possible, I'D love some modern-day domestic bellarke arranged marriage for something like adoption reasons and cute parental bellarke if you can swing it!

Thank you so much anon! Hope you like it!


“Thank f– goodness, I thought you’d never get here.”

Bellamy smirks and holds his hands out for Sophie, who is babbling and reaching for him. She’s always been a friendly baby– takes after Wells in that respect, he thinks– and he’s been around enough the past few months that she’s used to him, but it always makes him a little smug that she likes him enough to leave her favorite place, which is Clarke’s arms.

“What’s going on?” He asks, wincing when chubby little hands clench at his hair. Clarke makes a tutting noise and works his hair out of Sophie’s grasp, giving her a toy to hold instead. The baby immediately puts the stuffed giraffe’s ear in her mouth, which Bellamy takes as her seal of approval.

“Come inside,” Clarke sighs, running a hand over her disheveled braid and making a face. Hair-pulling has been a pretty common theme lately, just another thing Clarke had to adjust to after being suddenly thrust into parenthood.

Bellamy was a little surprised she wanted to take the kid. Thelonius had kept Sophie for a while immediately after the accident that killed Wells and Maya, but that hadn’t been a permanent solution. He and Clarke had sat down with a social worker, who suggested that Clarke take Sophie on a trial basis, a few months after which they would all decide if it was the right placement for the eight-month-old.

It hasn’t been easy going. Clarke had no idea what to do with a baby, so naturally she’d called in reinforcements (Bellamy for the most part, Abby on occasion). He spent a lot of nights on Clarke’s couch at the beginning, but after a few weeks she decided she needed to be able to handle it more on her own if she was seriously going to consider adopting.

(Bellamy still worries about her, of course, and still comes over all the time, but if he calls it hanging out instead of helping out, she allows it.)

So he’s pretty surprised when he gets an SOS text a week or so before Sophie’s first birthday.

“Seriously,” he says, the baby looking up at him with her big brown eyes, giraffe securely in mouth. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know.” He can hear the fatigue in her voice more clearly now and it makes him frown. “I had an appointment with Anya today.”

“The social worker?”

“Yeah.” When she sinks to the couch, she pulls her knees up against her chest, smiling a little as Sophie tucks her head under Bellamy’s chin, her eyelids drooping. It’s probably time for her nap soon.

“Did you guys get started on the adoption paperwork?”

“Not exactly.” Clarke bites her lip. “It turns out I might not get to keep her.”

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#transformationtuesday and about 25 pounds heavier now (right) then before (left).I know it may not seem like a big difference to some people, but to me it’s more than a physical change it’s a mental change as well. I no longer feel the need to step on the scale everyday and wish for the number to go down. I’m not scared of weight gain anymore or am I afraid to eat or drink water. I no longer cry myself to sleep every night wishing I was someone els. I don’t snap at my loved ones or am I constantly angry at myself and the word. I don’t think about food all the time or if my hand fits around my waist and thighs. Yes I’m a bit softer now, but I’m enjoying what life has to offer! I have gained confidence and the ability to love myself no matter what I look like. Recovery is so hard and it comes with many obstacles, but the feeling of conquering your fears is amazing and it makes us stronger💪🏻

i see you
i see the way you look at her
the way you try and disguise the way your heart is skipping in your chest at the thought of her
the way you avoid meeting her eyes because you’re afraid that she’ll see the truth

i see you
i see the way you hide
the way you doodled her name with hearts around it in pencil, then scratched it out with ink so many times that the paper ripped

i see you
i see the way you long to hold her hand
the way you wish it her was lips you were kissing (instead of his)
the way you wish it was her holding you at night when you can’t sleep because you can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to tell everyone

i see you
i see you
and everyday.
—  to all my sapphic goddesses in the closet, i see you 💫🌹 (no terfs allowed)
(cc, 2017)

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Hello! Ummm this is probably a long shot to ask, but I have a friend who is recovering in the hospital and his birthday is coming up. He has been playing nothing but BoTW while there and he says he really likes Teba. I was wondering, if it is okay, if you could wish him a happy birthday as Teba. I don't want to give his real name, but he goes by Rylan among friends.

I’ve been sort of holding off on responding to Asks like these for a while because of a certain situation, but since this Ask is particularly sensitive & I’d feel bad not providing a reason for declining, I’ll go ahead and answer here (even though I’ll probably have to repeat it later on):

Until further notice, I unfortunately need to put a universal hold on doing any ‘personal request audio’ as any Breath of the Wild characters, for the sake of possible legal issues. Part of finalizing my work on BotW included signing documents that acknowledge Nintendo’s continued ownership of the characters/properties, meaning that despite being the official English voice of Revali/Teba/Deku Tree I do not actually have any stake or control in deciding how they are meant to be presented.

I sent a message out to a Nintendo rep recently asking them to clarify just how wide this restriction is (IE if personal skits that aren’t directed towards anyone specific are still OK), but until I receive that response I have to play it safe and assume that anything further I do could put me at risk regarding copyright. My director has told me I should be fine regarding the stuff I’ve already created/posted, but did recommend that I hold off on continuing until I’ve received that official reply.

I apologize profusely for any inconvenience this causes, and hope you guys can understand. :(

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Maybe this is too weird? But could you please do McCree as a knight and fem reader as his (forbidden) princess SO. Like, she's promised to someone else? 🙈

A big ol’ case of courtly love, i gotchu.

You brushed your hair, your handmaiden fussing around behind you. She threw a cloak around your shoulders, pulling it up over your head. She smiled at you and let you out, closing the door behind you. She was instructed to not let anyone in until you gave a secret knock at the door.

You quickly ran to the gardens, hiding behind the oak. You heard a drawl behind you and you looked up, hood falling onto your shoulders.

“I hope you ain’t been waiting long,” he knelt beside you, hand resting on your knee.

You shook your head before throwing your arms around his neck.He pressed a kiss against your cheek and you giggled, wishing the two of you could be here forever.

However time was cruel, and you had to leave McCree’s embrace before your absence was noticed. You whined as you stepped up, Jesse giving you one last kiss before you made your way to your room. Heart aching as you realised you were about to be wed, to another countries prince to secure an alliance.

So the new WTWF chp is already up to like 1500 words and I’m only about 15% done with it….it’s going to be a long chapter ^^;

But, anyway, here’s the most recent thing I’ve written for it (spoilers ahead!!!):



He squeezed his eyes shut, as if doing that would somehow block Gon’s voice from reaching his ears. How badly Killua wished Gon would stop saying his name. It only made things worse, and whatever Gon had to say, he didn’t want to hear it. He just wanted this all to end so he would stop hurting all the fucking time-

“Killua,” Gon repeated. “I kissed you because I wanted to.”

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i kind of feel like the fact that Sana and Even knew each other and pretended not to is gonna hurt Isak more than whatever happened at bakka .. it's one thing to not be told an incident from the past but actively being lied to by your friend and boyfriend, that's gotta sting. also: we got to know sana as a no bullshit kinda gal, her immediate reaction to the possibility of W having a new gf was to tell Noora so kudos to her for respecting Evens wish to keep whatever happened a secret for so long

if you think this would’ve played out differently when this would’ve been a season about even…. it wouldn’t have

u know ur depression is rlly hitting hard when ur actually annoyed by thr amount of posts for your special interest that are on ur dash. like im genuinely unfollowing a shitton of mcelroy/taz blogs cuz i just. cant. look at it rn. and i dont know why. im just so annoyed and frustrated w everyone. i should like…probably just log off tumblr for a whilr tbh idk why im so irritated lately…

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Scenario for reiji's son heading to bed when he overhears his parents talking about how reiji wished he could have had another child and being disappointed that they only had him making their son feel like he wasn't good enough. And then reiji's son tripping over something in his hurry to get back to his room and reiji finding him eavesdropping on the conversation? Please? I live for angst.

Damn you guys have it out for Reiji don’t you? *Lick screen* Needs more angst. This got a little long.

He was walking down the hall, towel around his shoulders and hair dripping from the quick shower he just took, heading to his room. His parents had long since retired to their room for some rest his father, Reiji, giving him a strict order not to stay up too late even though the mound of homework and paperwork for his debate speeches would have him slaving for hours. Finally, he was headed to bed as well, ready to start the minute tasks of the net day again. He stopped at his parents’ door, however, debating and telling them he was headed to bed, despite him being up two hours past the time Reiji told him to cut it off, then he heard something.

“I just wish we had another, I always wanted more children and it would be nice to have that safety net after all.” His father’s voice came with a boom.

Safety net? What did that mean? He knew his father was notorious for off-handed compliments and insults but he possibly could not be insulting him or anything right? Judging by the tone of his voice, the solemn note and the sigh at the end. He knew that sigh, that tired sigh that was given whenever he would do something wrong and needed help fixing or whenever he had to deal with… a …. a… nuisance…

Was he a nuisance?Was he not good enough? After fighting tooth and nail to get Reiji to even tell him he was making him proud he still was not enough? He started to move before he knew but the table in the hall holding a vase caught his footing and sent him and the now shattered glass to the floor. Before he could stand up a shadow appeared over him and his found his father’s concerned face, clearly scared at the noise.

“What are you doing awake? You were supposed to be in bed two hours ago.”

“Am I not good enough?” “Wha-” “Am I not good enough?! Even after years of dealing with your punishments, training, and busting my ass for you I’m still not good enough to you? What is it that you want from me so bad that you see me as a big enough disappointment that you want to replace me?” Before he could even get an answer he was storming off to his room, leaving a shocked Reiji behind him unable to form words.

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#18 with Stiles please 😍😘

#18. “I wish I could stop loving you”

Loud, insistent knocking rang through the house yet again. Pulling myself from the couch, with a groan, I made my way to the door, grimacing when I looked through the hole to see who was bothering me so late.

“Stiles,” I sighed, pulling open the door with a tired expression. “What are you doing here?”

“I fucked up,” he said, throwing his long arms out from his sides. “I - I freaked out instead of handling the situation and I’m sorry. It’s just-”

“Stiles,” I interrupted, holding up a hand and shaking my head, eyes falling closed as I tried to compose myself. “Just stop. You don’t need to apologize or anything.”

“Y/N, pleas just let me-”

“No, you don’t need to do this, Stiles. What you said, about us staying together being a bad idea, everything…you were probably right.”

“I wasn’t,” he insisted, shaking his head and taking a step forward. Those gorgeous chocolate eyes stared down at with such intensity, my stomach flipped. “I was wrong. So wrong. I wish-” he paused, biting his bottom lip and running one hand through his hair, the other perching on his hip as he looked to the side. “I wish I could stop loving you. But I can’t.” My breath caught in my throat at his words. “And I’ll be damned if I give up on this without a fight.”

Blinking up at him, my mind tried to formulate a coherent response, but nothing was happening. My brain just wasn’t comprehending his words, all the cogs kicking into overdrive to try and catch up. 

“Fuck it,” he mumbled, hands cupping my cheeks and pulling my lips to his so fast that I gasped. His touch, his smell, his taste- it was like sensory overload. My body melted into his, arms wrapping around his neck, lips kissing him back with just as much passion.

okay but now that we know for sure that sana has known even this whole time and knows what went down at bakka her fondness for evak is even more meaningful now

like already we knew how sana was so happy to see isak being more free and more like himself even though they hadn’t been proper friends for that long 

but she must have also seen how sad and down even was?? how even lost a group of friends around him who clearly meant a lot to him and had to transfer in his final year?? and now she can see he has found love and /is happy/ and has all these new friends around him and

she’s just so happy for both of them??? 

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ahhhh I'm sooo jealous !! You're going to Japan and Korea this month and you'll be going to GD world tour ... I wish I could go but he doesn't have any concerts in Europe :( And GIRL HOW DO YOU HAVE MONEY FOR ALL THAT !?? Give me tips cause I really would like to go :,D

fly for cheap, split hotel costs with friends, save during the year, splurge on things you want, budget your money according to needs and wants

and in this case my trip to Korea/Japan is a long awaited and well deserved grad gift to myself so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was going to get myself a balenciaga bag but for the same price why not travel across the world and make amazing memories with friends and escape the real world for a while before I start working everyday for the rest of my life :))))) and yeah hopefully I’ll get tickets to gd’s world tour and again I’d be hitting up Toronto on the way back from Japan before heading back home so fingers crossed. if you really want to go save up for kcon and go to kcon in europe or save up and fly across the world to see people you want if you can budget it. I flew to the us to see bangtan in march

and not this month, I’ll be there basically end end end of June throughout july

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If you're still doing the kiss prompts, would you do 6 with Frank Castle pretty please? I know Batfam's your jam right now, butI saw in your masterlist you've written him before ...?

It’s not the same, anymore.

He wants it to be, wishes to God that things would go back to the way they were, but he knows he’s not a lucky man, and he knows that you don’t deserve what he puts you through.

Still, he holds onto you, kisses you with everything he’s got, but he knows it’s not the same, can feel it in the stillness of your lips, the way you refuse to hold him back.

“I’m sorry,” he grunts, shaking his head as he pulls away from you. “I know this sucks, but we can’t keep doin’ this. You deserve more than what I can give you, sweetheart. I’m sorry it has to be this way.”

Your lip quivers when you look up at him, and the way your eyes shine cuts straight through him. He sighs, and he runs a hand through his dirty hair.

“There’s so much out there for you, kid,” he mumbles, looking away from you. “I’m just holdin’ you back. You know that.”

“I love you,” you whisper, strained, stilted.

“You shouldn’t,” he responds, voice closer to a growl now. “I’m no good for you, sweetheart. I’m no good for anyone.”

She: “For your own sanity’s sake (and mine), we need to move on and not look back. I don’t regret a moment I’ve shared with you; it’ll be in my mind and heart forever. I’ll repeat what I said before: invest energies in yourself, not me.
I hope you’ll respect my decision.”

He: “I will. Last time something like this happened to me, my whole life changed for the better […]. It will happen again, I know it. I just wish I would have had you by my side.

I will try not to think of you for a long time. I cannot let myself be consumed by regret. I will from now on consider you a stranger - I have to. But I know, deep down, part of you will always be with me. But if by chance we run into each other a year or so from now, and you’ll see the change (because there will be change), know this - we can never go back. I consider myself perpetually separated from you.

Be at peace - I know being the one who breaks up has its own hardship.

I still have the Godfather picture (forgot about it), I’ll send it via KB next time around.

Be happy, K. What we had for a little while was truly beautiful.”

And it was. We dated for 5 months. This (last exchange) happened three days ago. Too soon for analysis but I know this much - I know she was right in telling me I need to refocus on myself. I will. That was her last gift.