i wish it had better quality



I wanted to try and post an artwork here for once and see what you guys think. I’ve posted a few artworks here before but meh. Also: I really love Kaede.


Better endings than TFP: PSBattle

Finally found an aequate-quality still.  Let’s fix this, people!

(Left cutout is for light background, right is for dark.  *Please add a comment with your manip so I can find it among the notes!*)

Have fun~!  To start us off:

If Sherlock only had a heart!  If John only had a brain!  If they both only had one inch more!!!  They’re off to see the wizard to get their dearest wishes granted and be home in time for tea.


Christmas Luminous.

I wasn’t going to draw a pic or write anything for Christmas though I had a rough idea (as I’ve missed it) but I listened to ニブンノイチ and 「THE LAST ONE」 and felt things working out.

I wish I could draw the picture better, but I’m really rusty, so I apologize for that. I hope that despite the poor quality, it is enjoyable. Thank you.

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Uesugi Kenshin - he is a pretty, pretty popinjay isn’t he hehe (*゚▽゚*) (tried to make him girly since there are rumors that in real life he might have been a she!!! ) His MS also shattered my heart into a bajillion pieces, but that’s besides the point. Can’t wait to finish Shingen’s to see how destroyed I get at the end of that one.

I wish I had a scanner so the quality came out better..i have to use my camera phone in terrible lighting for all these drawings (╥﹏╥). One day…

Next is……………the super sadistic, baby face one (per recommendation in a comment :D). I can’t express how happy I am people are enjoying these drawings ヽ(´▽`)/
Feel free to check out my Masamune, Shingen, Saizo, and Yukimura in the meantime if you haven’t had the chance!

Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton. You have inspired me since early childhood. I have never seen a political figure so tenacious, so hardworking and passionate, so committed to making the nation and the world a better place. I remember looking to you as hope for women in leadership, and you have proven yourself time and time again. I wish this race had gone differently for you from the start. I believe in your ideas and your desire for change. I believe in your ability to both stand up for your beliefs and to admit when you were wrong or didn’t act quickly enough. That is a truly admirable and remarkable quality in anyone, let alone a public official. Regardless of the way this election ended, I still find a role model in you. I know I will be able to point to you as a role model for my future daughters and sons. This fight is not over. You have always led by example, and we will follow that example now: the example of resilience, intelligence, perspicacity, persistence, and a deeply caring heart. These are the weapons we will use. And we will win, without violence or hate. Thank you for inspiring us all to keep trying and keep fighting. Thank you for your fearless leadership. Thank you for providing an example of a fiercely independent, deeply caring, and incredibly passionate woman in leadership. Thank you, Hillary.