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I wish you'd write a fic with tododeku fighting a villain together and at the same time arguing with each other about domestic things or just talking about their domestic life. Like one of them asking the other why didn't they wash the plates yesterday night while punching a villain or if they turned on the washing machine before going out to fight villains

@smoltododorki hey look it’s your favorite thing

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Gimme dat sweet, blood soaked petal filled angst



(this takes place at the beginning of Killua’s Hanahaki- so, before the fic even starts pretty much. This is the first time Killua coughs up blood with the petals.)

Killua stared at the petals in his hands, chest heaving.

There were more of them this time than he had ever seen so far. He counted seven petals in total, bright sun-golds mixed with brick reds and soft oranges- all covered in a thin layer of scarlet blood.

He ran his tongue across the back of his teeth and grimaced at the sharp tang of iron. Yeah, that was definitely blood. He could tell just from the raw burning in the back of his throat where he was cut open, too. He wouldn’t be able to swallow anything without it hurting for the rest of the day.

Who knew love could be so painful?

One by one, Killua let the petals fall into garbage tin besides his sink. There was nothing pretty in the way they dropped through the air, weighed down by the blood coating their velvety surface. There was nothing pretty about the blood that still clung to his hands and under his nails, or the red staining on his teeth when he tried to smile at his reflection in the mirror.

Death wasn’t pretty, Killua thought to himself grimly as he washed his hands. It took him three washes to get his hands back to their regular pigment. 

Gon, on the other hand, with his bursting grins and bronze freckles, was probably the most beautiful thing Killua had ever seen in his life.

Killua’s eyes fluttered shut and for a brief moment he entertained the idea of Gon’s strong arms wrapping around Killua’s waist. He pictured Gon’s cheek pressed against his pale shoulder, warm breath brushing against his skin. 

And there it was, the tickle crawling up his windpipe starting to curve inwards and block his air-

Killua’s eyes snapped back open and the phantom memory of his best friend vanished.

Instead he saw himself in the mirror: a washed out teen with deep circles under his eyes, a thin trail of blood dribbling down his chin to land in the sink below him.

Killua grounded his teeth together until it hurt. He furiously rubbed the blood off his face with the back of his hand.

Pathetic. That’s what he was: pathetic. Gon would never love someone like him. It was a death wish to imagine anything else.

Melanie Martinez songs for the Signs + Lyrics
  • Aries: Alphabet Boy // You can crush my candy cane but you'll never catch me cry
  • Taurus: Mr Potato Head // Mrs Potato tell me, is it true that pain is beauty?
  • Gemini: Soap // God I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my out with soap
  • Cancer: Carousel // It's all fun and games til somebody falls in love, but you've already bought a ticket
  • Leo: Pacify Her // Someone told me stay away from things that aren't yours, but was he yours if he wanted me so bad?
  • Virgo: Gingerbread Man // You're thirsty, you think I give out all my shit for free? I'm bursting out laughing at idiocy
  • Libra: Play Date // I wish I had monopoly over your mind, I wish I didn't care all the time
  • Scorpio: Milk and Cookies // I pull off black so well. Shit behind the curtain that I'm so sick of sugarcoatin
  • Sagittarius: Training Wheels // Wanna ride my bike with you, fully undressed no training wheels for you, I'll pull them off for you
  • Capricorn: Cake // I'm not a piece of cake for you to just discard while you walk away with the frosting of my heart
  • Aquarius: Mad Hatter // So what if I'm crazy? The best people are
  • Pisces: Crybaby // Your heart's too big for your body, it's where your feelings hide

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No that's okay I didn't nEED my heart jUST RIP IT OUT WITH SAD NORKINGTON



wash has been surviving without north and york for years, albeit as a husk of who he used to be. he’s begrudginly accepted that they’re gone, but still wishes they were around so he could at least say goodbye.

but then he joins the blues. he becomes their friends. he, after years of being alone and shoving everyone away, has made friends. he’s made friends again. hell, he even starts crushing on a certain stupid, dumb, goodlooking soldier and their stupid, dumb, funny personality. he’s starting to move on. he’s starting to learn what its like to love again. he’s starting to become human again. and finally, he accepts their death well and truly

but then, one person—maybe caboose? or a chorus member?—asks him who the two people always following him around are. they never talk but are always hovering right behind him. how come wash ignores them??? wash is confused, obviously. he asks the person to explain.

“well, there was two men behind you. one had light brown hair that had a healthy amount of hair gel keeping it spiked up. he had the most beautiful green eyes—er eye…—and it glinted mischeviously. he was always smirking. the other had soft, dirty blond hair and kind, sleepy blue eyes. he always had a small smile but occassionally he would punch the brunet in the face. they always laughed silently at some stupid jokes… and they always looked at you with so much love and adoration… but they’re gone now. where’d they go?”

wash starts crying halfway through the descriptions but at the end he’s broken down.

he thought he was alone for years but it turns out they were always there… right behind him… protecting him and looking out for them. but they were kept behind and not allowed to move on because he was too attached. and when he had finally learned that they were with him, the chance that he could’ve finally said goodbye…

it was too late.

from then on he hates goodbyes.