i wish i'd gone to that school

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I really wish I'd gone to film school but I'm already at uni doing a different degree. I have such a passion for filmmaking but just don't know how to do it well and every type of course is so expensive. That being said, if you had to recommend a masters in any branch of filmmaking, which one would it be? I love shooting the film and editing it the most. Your videos are beautiful and inspire me to keep making.

You definetly don’t need to go to film school to become a filmmaker. I went because it kind of made sense and I wanted to grow up. It’s probably important to take note that some of the biggest directors never went to film school. Tarantino & Paul Thomas Anderson come to mind, Scorsese too I think. I can’t give much advice because I’m still working it out but try and put some time aside to shoot and make things. Paul Thomas Anderson wrote and directed Boogie Nights as his debut. Tarantino quit his job at a VHS rental shop to make Reservoir Dogs. Scorcese was a struggling drug addict when he started directing. None of them had experience but they all threw themselves into something and look where it got them.