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Hey Kikai! I was wondering, now that you've had time with Creativerse and Minecraft, what kind of differences are there between them? Which did you enjoy more? :) I've got a friend with MC and I'd like to find out more about Creativerse before I go and buy MC.

I definitely enjoy Creativerse much more. I don’t need mods to have fun or install shaders to play a pretty game, and I don’t need to struggle with servers to play with friends. Creativerse will also be Free to Play once it’s out of Early Access whenever that may be. 

I’m not saying Minecraft is bad or you shouldn’t buy it but Minecraft has dulled for me over the years especially when I see all the videos with mods and shaders I can’t be bothered with and Creativerse helped fill that gap + some.

Minecraft feels very limited to me now. There’s a few mobs, a few pets, and once you’re lost, forget about home unless you know the coordinates. (I have a whole notebook full of minecraft coordinates…) Creativerse, however, encourages exploration by letting you craft teleporters and to always warp back home just by pressing T for teleport. And forests and trees are huge and incredibly fun to climb and jump from canopy to canopy.

There’s a lot more biomes and creatures you can only find in those biomes. And each monster has a different way of attacking you (blinding you, throwing you for fall damage, breathing fire or frost damage or poisoning you). And every single monster, even secret bosses, can be tamed as pets. Here’s some of my pets and if you look at the blue one, I put a bow tie and top hat on him.

I feel like there are many more decorative blocks in Creativerse, furniture including shelves and tables, block rotation, blueprint builds, and a larger variety of lighting with significant light radius for each as well as ceiling torches. If you die, you just follow your compass and beacon to your death statue and pick up your stuff, and there’s no race to get to where you died before your inventory despawns (you also keep all the items in your hotbar so you usually keep your mining stuff and swords and armor so you’re not defenseless). I also don’t have to memorize recipes because the game will tell me all of them as I unlock them and it’s incredibly challenging and rewarding to play overall.

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I’m sorry i post my desk so much! I just really enjoy all the colors and cute things all together in one space :’) 

  • John: *creeps up behind Sherlock and peers over his shoulder* What's Sherlolly?
  • Sherlock: *quickly stops typing and closes laptop* I... I d-don't know wh-what you m-mean, John! *sweating profusely*
  • John: *smirks at his friend's discomfort* I just saw it on your computer screen, Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: You didn't see anything! *glances around nervously and runs into his bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him*
  • John: *sneakily opens Sherlock's laptop and mumbles to himself* Sherlolly. A blog dedicated to the pairing of Sherlock Holmes and his pathologist Molly Hooper, run by a completely objective third party.
  • John: *grins devilishly as he reads a half-finished list of why the two are perfect for each other* Mary is going to love this.