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Darcyland Love Notes

Hey guys, so, what with a lot of hate in tags, horrible reviews, and general negativity out there*, I think we can all use a little positive right now. 

I propose this:

Darcyland Love Notes

I want you all to send me a message, a note, a carrier pigeon, what have you, but I want you tell me about those wonderful people in Darcyland that you love and why.

  • It can be an author that makes you squee and cry all the feelings 
  • it can be an artist that has you oohing at your screen 
  • it can be that one awesome person that makes those gifs you wish were yours
  • it can be that one reader who likes and leaves comments everything
  • it can be the person who just got you into the fandom
  • or anyone in the fandom that has made it a better space for you

For example, one from me:

I love the amazing @usedkarma for all that she does in this fandom, creating the awesomeness that is @fuckyeahdarcylewis and helping all the creators and nerdy people I love get out there.

Now it’s your turn! These can be anonymous or not, let’s just send some love!

I’ll compile these notes as best I can, and depending on how many I get I may do multiple posts in the future. So, for this first round, send me your notes by say March 1st, 3pm PST.

*And no, I am not saying any rants and responses are not justified or in any way unnecessary. It’s amazing how we all band together in support. I just don’t know how to make those who have been hurt feel better than feel bad myself and send internet hugs, so I figured I’d try to put some happy out there.

I just wanted to wish you a really happppyyyy 27 birthday, from a chinese swiftie who you don’t even know exists but you are the world to me, i just hope one day i could get to meet you and hug you and tell you that thank you for everything and how much I LOVE YOU and how much you mean to me.
I can’t believe that you’re 27 just feel like yesterday you were releasing the first album, and i just want you know that I’M WITH YOU TILL THE END OF THE LINE.
p.s. i really want to draw something awesome but i’m not good at that and i tried😳
LOVE, ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Characters: Reader (Y/N), Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Pregnancy.

Word count: 1732

Prompt: What if Dean wishes to start a family? 

Beta: @whispersandwhiskerburn She is frigin’ awesome! A hugeee thanks to her for betaing this shit. :P

A/N: This is for @curliesallovertheplace‘s 1000 followers’ “ Curlies Celebration Challenge” I hope you guys like it. I tried my best! :) Feedback is appreciated! :) 

You had not been feeling well for several days; you had thrown up several times in the last week, but you were sure it was just some kind of food poisoning.

However, today, the realization hit you that you were late for your period, something that had never happened to you before.

This couldn’t be what you were thinking. To be fair, you weren’t really regular with protection, but you were on your pills, so you couldn’t be…pregnant.

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Gear Breakdown: Camelbaks

I’ll give it to you straight: I freaking miss wearing camelbaks! I wish they were more socially acceptable. How awesome is it to be carrying around a bunch of water on your back? And because you totally aren’t a shitbag, and you’re totally following protocol, you totally aren’t filling your camel back with stuff other than water, like instant tea or instant juice, because that would be delicious but wrong, so you definitely don’t do that, definitely.

Do you ever watch a movie or something and see a soldier doing this number?

That’s ‘cause he’s wearing a tactical hydration pack - a camelbak.

You fill it with with about two and a half liters of water, strap it on your back like a little backpack, and then you can drink using the hose at any time. Priceless for field exercises and ruck marches when water breaks aren’t possible. 

• You can buy better quality camelbaks, but they’re assigned to soldiers as part of their gear.

• Higher ups take it very seriously that their soldiers are wearing them, in hot weather especially, because they want to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. You can get a counseling if leadership catches you either without your camelbak or with an empty one (which soldiers sometimes do to lighten their load by a whopping 2.2 pounds).

• There’s little cleaning tablets you can use to sanitize the pack, which I recommend when you’re first assigned a camelbak. Who knows when it was last cleaned. Who knows what was last in it. 

• Camelbaks fit over the IBA, (bullet vest) and under ruck sacks. They can be a little hard to fit a rucksack over when they’re full because they do puff up a lot. Honestly I always filled mine to about 2 liters rather than the full 2.5 to make my ruck fit better.

• During ruck marches and field exercises the army provides a water buffalo

that soldiers can go to to replenish their canteens and camelbaks. During a march there will be designated rest points when you can go fill your camelbak; you don’t just do it whenever you want. During field exercises you can basically do it whenever unless you can’t leave your post. 

• Camelbaks are not usually required during day-to-day activity unless you’re in a climate that is really hot. When I was in Texas sometimes during the summer camelbaks would become part of the daily uniform, but generally we don’t use them except during field exercises, deployment, and ruck marches.

• Camelbak water tastes…rubbery. Or maybe latexy. Maybe plasticy? Whatever. It’s still water. You’ll get over it.

This is for @marvelingjules because today is her birthday!

You should all head over and tell her to have a wonderful day because she is awesome and deserves to have all the best days.

Jules wanted some angsty, h/c ironfalcon story with a happy end, so this is what she gets. I hope you enjoy it and I wish you the best birthday ever! (Watch out for the cut)


Those were the words tattooed over Tony’s heart and ever since he had known what they meant he was looking forward to meeting his soulmate.

He had thought that maybe Rhodey would be it, back in MIT, and since Rhodey had ‘spoiled’ on his thigh, it would have fit and all, but nothing came of it. They kissed to really make it clear that they weren’t it for each other and that had been that.

Now Tony was a superhero and there were a lot more people who that word would fit. Every superhero had to have some kind of integrity, doing what they did, and there were at least two people who had integrity as their defining streak, but really, Tony only wanted one of them.

And that was never gonna happen, because Tony had seen Sam’s word and it didn’t describe him.

Valiant. It was such an old-fashioned sentiment, and Tony was pretty sure there was only one person in the tower who fit that word and it sure as hell wasn’t Tony.

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Halloween Surprise

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A/N: Happy Halloween, y’all!  Last year, I got to go to Disneyland for Halloween with my mom (coincidentally aka not really, our costumes were the same as reader and her mom in the story) and I loved it.  Wish I was there tonight!  Also, I couldn’t write a story about Disneyland Halloween and not include a character kind of similar to my awesome, Disney-loving mom, so yeah.  The ending’s a little rushed, so sorry for that.  I have one more story that’s a Bucky x Reader Halloween story that I’ll try to publish tonight…?  We’ll see.  Anyway, hope you guys like it!

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Your phone rings just as you’re putting on the finishing touches to your makeup.  You look down at the caller ID to see Steve smiling up at you.  You immediately pick it up and answer.


“Hey, (Y/N).”  Relief floods through you at the sound of his voice.

“Steve.  Good to hear your voice.  You’re okay?  You’re safe?”

“Yes,” he says.  “Mission’s over.”  You smile and hold back tears.  It’s been a couple weeks since you’d seen Steve.  He’d been sent on an undercover assignment, meaning he couldn’t contact you like on normal missions.  You had spent the better part of the last two weeks worrying, imagining the worst.

“Are you on your way home?”

“Yes,” he said.  “Just finished the debrief with Fury and I’m on my way to you right now.”

“Oh,” you say, realizing the problem.  “Steve, honey, do you know what day it is?”

“Monday,” he answers and you nod.

“Yes,” you reply.  “Monday, October 31st.  It’s Halloween.”

“Yeah,” Steve says, seemingly unfazed.  “I know.”  You sigh.

“I don’t know if you remember,” you say, biting your lip.  “I was talking about flying to California to go to-”

“Disneyland for Halloween night,” Steve finishes.  “I remember.”

It’s then that you hear a knock at your hotel room door.  Your eyes widen, but you take a deep breath, not wanting to get your hopes up.  You walk over to the door and open it cautiously.

It’s Steve.

You throw yourself forward, into his arms, wrapping him in a giant hug.  You move your arms up behind his neck and pull him to you, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.  You lean back, resting your forehead against his.

“Hey,” you say softly, smiling.

“Hey,” he replies.  “Happy Halloween.”

“It certainly is now,” you reply.  “How did you get here?”

“Flew out of New York right after the mission briefing,” he said.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted,” you say, taking his hands in yours.

“A little bit,” he admits.  “But I know how much you love Halloween and how disappointed you were that I was gonna be gone, so…”

“You’re the best,” you say, pecking him on the lips again.  “Although I am now going to have to redo my makeup, so thanks very much for that.”

“You’re the one who launched yourself at me,” he protests.  You shrug, knowing you can’t argue with that.  

Just then, there’s another knock at the door.  Steve furrows his brow and looks at you.  

“Are you expecting someone else?” he asks and you laugh.

“So, because I obviously thought that you weren’t coming,” you explain.  “I invited my mom to come with me.”

“Your mom?” Steve repeats, disbelieving.  

“Yep,” you smile.  “Brace yourself.”  You open the door with a smile.  “Hey Mom!”

“I left my key on the night stand,” she says, brushing past you.  “Are you almost ready to go?  We should-”  She stops short as she catches sight of Steve.  

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Steve,” you say.  “He was able to make it after all.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am,” Steve says, reaching forward to shake your mom’s hand.  She pulls him forward into a hug, her face breaking out into a smile.  

“Well, I’m glad you could join us, Steve,” she says.  “(Y/N) was worried sick for the past few days, constantly checking her phone for updates about you, terrible company really.”  

Steve looks at you, his eyes widening.  You never tell him how much you worry for him when he goes, mainly because you know he’s Captain America.  He’ll be fine.

“Guilty as charged,” you smile.  “All right, I’m going to go put on my costume and then we can go!”

“Wait, we’re going in costume?” Steve asks, finally seeming to realize that your mother’s wearing a fully Minnie Mouse costume, complete with ears.  “I didn’t bring anything.”

“Oh, I thought that was your costume,” your mom says.  “I thought you were going as Captain America.”

“Mom, he is Captain America,” you say.  “You knew that right?”

“Oh…” your mom says, her eyes widening.  “That makes sense.”

“Mom, did you not realize I was dating Captain America?”

“Not until this moment, no.”

“Ok,” you say.  “While I gave Tony so much shit for being ‘Iron Man’ for Halloween yesterday, I will give you a free pass.  Plus, it kind of matches my costume.”

“What’s your costume?”

You duck into the bathroom to fix your makeup and slip into your costume.  You reemerge dressed in a USO girl uniform.  

“Wow,” Steve says, taking your hand.  “You look beautiful.”  You blush in spite of yourself.  

“All right, shall we go?”


The park is already pretty busy by the time you get there.  You love coming to Disneyland at Halloween because there’s so many cool and unique costumes.  You point out all the cool costumes to your mom and Steve, asking to take pictures of all the little kids dressed as your fellow Avengers.

Surprisingly, no one seems to recognize that Steve is actually Captain America. A couple people compliment him on how accurate his costume is, one even asking where he got it.  You can’t help but laugh as he awkwardly says that his friend made it for him.

It’s when you’re in line for the Haunted Mansion that you feel a small hand tug on your skirt.  You turn around to see a boy and a girl, both dressed as Captain America.  You smile and kneel down so you’re at their level.

“Excuse me,” the little boy says.  “Is that really Captain America?  The real Captain America?”

“Can you keep a secret?” you reply and the kids both nod.  “It is him.”

“I knew it!” the little girl says.  “I thought it was him!”

“Do you want to meet him?” you ask and the kids immediately shrink back.  “Don’t worry, I promise he’s really nice.”  The kids nod and you turn around.  “Hey Steve, there’s someone who wants to meet you.”

Steve turns around and spots the kids dressed as Captain America.  He kneels down next to you.

“Hey guys,” he says, smiling.  “Those are some cool costumes you’ve got there.  What are your names?”

“I’m Lily,” the girl says.

“I’m Ryan.  Captain America, what was it like when you were fighting in the Battle of New York?” the boy asks immediately.

“It was pretty intense,” Steve says.  “I never thought I’d be fighting aliens one day.”

“What’s Black Widow like?” the girl asks.  “She seems so cool.”

“Black Widow is pretty amazing,” Steve answers.  “I wouldn’t want to mess with her in a fight.  Or ever.”

“Was it weird when they woke you up from the ice?” the boy asks, the two kids keeping a relentless pace of questioning.  Steve doesn’t miss a beat in his answers.  

“It was a shock,” he says.  “I missed a lot of things, and a lot of people.”

“Do you ever get tired from holding your shield?” the girl asks.  “I bet it’s really heavy.”

“Sometimes,” Steve says with a smile.

“Can we get a picture with you?” the boy asks, handing you a camera.  You nod and the two kids wrap Steve in a big hug.

“Say cheese!” you smile, snapping a couple pictures.  “Is it okay if I take a photo too so I can show the other Avengers?”  

“Yeah!” the girl says.  “Make sure you show Black Widow!”

“I will,” you say, snapping a few more shots with your phone before handing the camera back to the kids.  “Ok, where are your parents?”

The kids turn around, scanning the crowd.

“Oh no,” the boy says.  “I don’t see them.”  His mouth turns to a frown and you see tears start to appear in his eyes.

“Don’t worry,” the girl says, taking the little boy’s hand.  “Don’t cry.  We’re with Captain America.  He’s going to help us.”

“That’s right,” Steve says.  “Don’t worry about it!  We’ll find your parents!”  He takes both of the kids’ hands and starts to walk away.

“Wait, Steve!” you call.

“You go ahead and ride the ride,” he says.  “I’ll meet you at the exit, okay?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” you ask and he shakes his head.

“I know this is your favorite ride,” he says.  “Don’t worry, I’ll meet you after.”  With that, he exits the line and approaches one of the cast members, kids in tow.  You smile and turn back to your mom.

“He really is something else,” she says and you nod.  “I think he’s the first of your boyfriends that actually deserves you.”  You smile and take her hand.

“He’s a good one, Mom,” you say.  “I really love him.”

“I can see that,” your mom says.  “So can I expect a wedding and grandchildren soon?” 

“Oh my gosh, Mom,” you say, shaking your head.  “Way to go from 0 to 100.”

As promised, you find Steve at the exit for the ride, just in time as the firework show starts.  The three of you watch the spooky, villains-themed show in awe, clapping as the fireworks come to a close.  You all follow the rest of the crowd out of the park, you and Steve hand-in-hand.

“You ended up finding the kids’ parents?” you ask.  

“Yeah,” Steve says.  “They were relieved.  I also kind of invited them to New York, to come meet the rest of the Avengers.”

“I’m sure Lily’s excited to meet Black Widow,” you smile.  “Nat will love her.”

“I bet,” Steve says.

“Well, those parents were lucky you were there,” you say, squeezing his hand.  “Captain America, there to save the day.”

“I’m just glad I could make it,” Steve says.

“Me too,” you say, leaning in to plant another kiss on his lips.  Right before your lips meet, a flash goes off.  You turn around to find your mom holding up her phone, clearly trying to take a picture.

“Mom!” you say, half-joking, half-exasperated.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly.  “I didn’t realize the flash was on.”

NO but this is too heartbreaking, because it could just as well be a scene where Newt is already dead, not just an awesome edit to show his death.

Just imagine it, the surviving Gladers having a bonfire to honor all their fallen friends, and Thomas takes a jar of that drink and sits down and holds it up, thinking “Here’s to you Newt. Wish you were here.” and then taking a sip all seriously and stuff but he just ends up spitting it all out like the first time

AND Newt’s ghost is sitting next to him, laughing his arse off, saying “Jeez Tommy all that and you’re still a bloody Greenie” but wishing he really was there to laugh with his friend, just one more time.

Also, this is not my gif, I think its this awesome person’s, if I’m wrong please correct me :)

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I finally told my boyfriend of two years that I'm a little, I was so nervous, and when I saw him yesterday he surprised me by having a pillow/blanket fort with fairy lights waiting for me in his apartment, complete with coloring books, and Tangled (my favorite) ready to watch. Once we were watching it he surprised me with the Tangled crown from the Disney store! Your the first blog I followed and I just am so happy I had to tell someone!!!

Omg!!!! That’s so awesome!!! I’m so happy for you. It’s always really really cool when things like that work out. I’m glad he was so good about it. I wish you the best! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. ❤❤❤❤

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dear jade, 

happy birthday!!! 

it’s hard to thank you enough for your friendship over the years. heck, if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t even have met rose and dave, so that is like, THREE TIMES the friendship! that is almost like, TOO MUCH FRIENDSHIP. ha ha. i only wish i could get you something for your birthday that could remotely make up for what you’ve given me, but of course that’s impossible. so here are a couple silly things anyway! 

So Jade introduced John to Rose and Dave? I wonder if similar temporal shenanigans were involved in her befriending them too.

i went to a weird asian store the other day and saw this rad shirt, so i got it and i’m wearing it now! but there was a blue one too which was way more awesome, and i wanted you to have it. i know you like green a lot, but maybe you’d like to try wearing blue sometimes? i bet you’d look like a million bucks! also i know you’ve been frustrated lately about how your pumpkins keep disappearing. well, i can’t begin to explain why that’s happening! all i can do is give you these so you can plant some more. don’t give up, jade! wherever those dumb old pumpkins went off to, i’m sure you know the fun is in growing them and taking care of them until they’re ready! 

John seems to have a talent for helping his friends find themselves. He gave Dave his signature sunglasses, and Rose her knitting needles (which are now her weapon of choice). And now John is influencing Jade’s fashion sense before they’ve even met.


*OOOOMGGGGG ;;;;A;;;;!!! sorry for taking an eternity and a half to update!!! As many of you know i went to Japan in august and then got back..updated and then work and school started all at once ;; as the Holidays are upon us now, work has taken over my life and the school semester is ending, I have had less and less time to update! ;;^;; I’m sorry everyone!!! 


but look at them stretch marks and that awesome StarxRae bonding going on *_* !!! <3 much love went into this page! I hope you can stay tuned for more if you still like me! Sorry for keeping you wait ;O; OTL 

Part 1: Ready or Not
Part 2: Welcome to Motherhood
Part 3: It’s a Surprise
Part 4: Trial of the Trimesters
Part 5: Safe and Sound
Part 6: Wish you were Here
Part 7: Celebration
Part 8: Preparing the Nest
Part 9: Fears
Part 10: Fears Calmed
Part 11: An Omen
Part 12: No Choice
Part 13: Pulse
Part 14: Vulnerability
Part 15: It’s time
Part 16: Admission
Part 17: –

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The reason I personally didn't like Rebecca was because of how much potential she had while fighting in the Colosseum but after that, she did nothing but cry and cause additional problems for everyone. I just wish she did SOMETHING once they were out of the Colosseum

Oh, I see what you mean now.

Yeah Rebecca had potential but for some reason Oda didn’t use her to her full potential which sucks…. =/

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✨ Give this star to everyone and anyone who ever cheered you up when you were feeling down, or has your back when you felt like everyone was against you. If you get five back, I'd say your a pretty awesome human being! 🌸

This is so sweet T_T I wish I knew who you were, Nonny.. but thank you! I am glad I managed to help someone even if a little. *Huwgs* 

I am just going to tag people who always cheer me up and make me feel appreciated: @pixelsandcookies , @onlypeachy , @wanderlust-sims , @femmesim , @sul-sul-nooboo , @simtrovart , @simmertimes , @the-shimmering-silwermoon , @simmingpenguin , @thegoncalves , @sim-bubble and many others who are there! Even if I forgot to tag someone, I still notice every one of you guys <3 You all warm my heart T_T

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I'm a huge fan of your poetry and I adore you so much. You are one of the sweetest and most caring person I've met. If I could give you a giant hug I would. 😊😘

Aw!!! You’re such an awesome person, Anon!!! Wish I could find more friends like you! I doubt myself a lot, and feel boring and such things, so a positive post like this is SO appreciated!!! If I knew who you were, I’d hug you, also!!! Hugs are AWESOME!!!! Thanks for making my evening. 🤓😊🤗😶

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do you know if there are any other Blindspot blogs? I love the show but there doesn't seem to be really anyone rping which is sad because it's so good. If not, what characters would you like to see ?

— - ◈

          I ’m glad you asked me this ! @riskaddicted writes an awesome zapata and i definitely recommend you check her out ! asides from that i don’t know anyone else tbh, you’re right to say it’s a really small niche little rp fandom and i totally agree with you, i wish there were more bc there are so many great characters to choose from. when it comes to new ones i would literally like cry and die and just combust simultaneously if literally any other character was written lol, but more specifically i think it’d be really cool to see more of the team like weller, reade, patterson and of course sandstorm like shepard, roman, borden and oscar.

somethingmoreclever  asked:

1, 4, 9, 10, 13, 19, 31, 39, 44, and 48 please!

1. What kind of criminal would you be?

Answer: A merciless one. I wouldn’t mind killing people for a living.

4.If your phone started ringing, who would you hope is calling?

Answer: My friend Marie (I don’t have a cell phone by choice, btw.)

9. Do you like your eye color?

Answer: Yes and no. I wish my eyes were green tbh but blue isn’t that bad. 

10. Have any stupid human tricks?

Answer: No, even though I am not sure of what that means.

13.Any other essential quirks/interests do you look in a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Answer: They are absolutely not essential but if they can sing or dance that would be awesome. Something that is essential though is that preferably, they must be taller and older than me. 

19. Answered!

31.Do you have any siblings?

Answer: I do have one brother but I don’t want to talk about him. It’s complicated, to say the least.

39.What is your religion/spirituality, if any?

Answer: I am an atheist.

44.Do you have any tattoos?

Answer: No but I wish I have some. As long as my father lives, I can’t any.

48. What is your favorite thing to do?

Answer: Singing/rapping. I wish that I could do so for a living.

the signs as quotes from the clef-kondraki incident

Aries: Hypothesis: if an enemy wished to destroy the Foundation, all they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.

Taurus:  Where the hell were you keeping that thing this whole time, anyway?

Gemini:  No, it doesn’t. It already failed… on me…

Cancer:  [Cries of pain]

Leo: "I cast Magic Missile!“ 

Virgo: HOLY F—KING SH-T!!!!!!!!!!!!

Libra: I don’t want to die :(

Scorpio: awesome in every way and really likes Highlande@$% which is wh@#$ wears a black trench coat and carries a katana

Sagittarius: Running swordfight to Site-17 Atrium 

Capricorn:  What the hell are you talking about? You just murdered two people! Look at yourself!

Aquarius: WELL F—K ME!

Pisces: This is the truth.… the truth… [low, manic laughter, breaking into raucous peals] THE TRUTH!

Okay so when I was first staying in New York I was staying at an airbnb in queens and I was rooming with a few guys who were awesome let me tell you. And I happened to get close to one of them - let’s call him S. and one night we went to Times Square together at 1am and it was magical. So another night I went clubbing and he was back at the airbnb drinking with all the other guys and they wouldn’t let me drink because I’m a baby 🙃 so anyways, he texts me saying he misses me and whatnot and that he wishes I hadn’t have gone out. And I take an Uber back and omg kissing him was amazing especially since I was drunk. But our host was all like “you’re being loud it’s 3 am and everyone is asleep” so we went out in the pouring rain in search of breakfast and he carried me piggyback and even sprinted with me on his back to get me out of the rain and ugh it was perfect.

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You know a mod I really want but can't seem to find? Some enchantment from Oblivion, like chameleon and detect life (on clothes, instead of a potion). Those were awesome

man i wish wintermyst had some invisibility enchantments but they don’t as far as i kno. there are some specific mods with enchanted rings that give u invisibility, but it isn’t The Same as making ur own enchantment