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emoji reviews: unicorn

im bored rn so lets go

a pleasant child, though spooky and deadeyed. this unicorn is judging your sins. it has a neck rash 8/10

his name is craig and he’s a single father. he roots for the underloved sports teams. matching deadeyed gaze with the apple one, but less so because of the lack of shadowing. pretty dull 5/10

as usual the outline kills it a bit. he reminds me of that that kid in middle school with the shaggy hair who skateboards everywhere. the blue hair is nice though 7/10

very my little pony-esque. a gentle, soft-nosed baby who likes to make small children giggle 8/10

changed it up a bit with the front view, but kinda dopey looking. the horn looks sort of out of perspective with the rest of the face. has very cute ears though 6.5/10

very sassy. this is a damn fine unicorn with a lot of character. she looks like she’s wearing winged eyeliner and is ready to beat the shit out of you. 9.5/10

oh god. this unicorn is dead inside. it’s horn is a carrot and it has absolutely no personality. it is however, not terrible to look at and clearly a unicorn, so i’ll give them that. 4/10

a spunky, friendly lesbian who just wants to hug the whole planet. the zigzaggy rainbow horn is a really nice touch 8/10

emojidex didn’t screw up this time. this a beautiful take on unicorns as they were seen traditionally. she’s demure and peaceful. her hair trails behind her. she looks like she’s from an 80s anime or the last unicorn. she looks like she should be flying through space, stardust trailing behind her as she grants the wishes of the pure and good. 10/10 this is the best unicorn.


The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges is a compendium of mythological creatures that is not meant to be read all in one go. I’ve been dipping in and out of it for a couple months now, enjoying the absurdist illustrations and the baroque descriptions of each creature.

The book is a little haphazard. Some of Borges’s humor is a bit off, and he can make Orientalist comments that are a bit off-putting. I wish he’d been a bit more creative with how he added his own distinctive voice of mystery to the descriptions and stories of the creatures, but the way he gathered the information was interesting as well. Many of the creatures are classical, Greek, Roman, Egyptian. There were a couple entries I really enjoyed—the phoenix and the Chinese phoenix entries were fascinating, as was the entry on the unicorn. There were a couple creatures I’d never heard of, particularly ones from the travels of Marco Polo, that I loved. One or two of the creatures were descriptions or mini tales by Kafka or C.S. Lewis, and I adored those entries. Overall, it’s a fun addition to any shelf, and a must for collections of Jorge Luis Borges, fictional compendiums, or collections of folklore or mythological creatures, as long as you keep in mind that Borges’s collection is selective according to his own interests.

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Congratulations! I'd enjoy some Darcy/Tony, funny meeting at a party theme #1 If you do this, thank you sooo much. Your writing is pretty spectacular.

:D :D :D Thanks so much! Of course, I’ll try my hand at Tony x Darcy (it feels a bit wobbly to me still, but I hope you enjoy!)

Prompt: Funny meeting at a party, #1,  “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me”

Pairing: Tony x Darcy

Rating: T

Notes: I gave our girl a PhD in this bc it’s in my power to do so :P *Oprah voice* you get a PhD! you get a PhD!!!

Darcy leaned against the balcony, grateful for the cool night air across the back of her neck. Stark’s parties were always amazing, but sometime around 1am she usually started to feel claustrophobic and too hot. She must be getting old.

She sipped at her candy apple martini (it was bright red, and had gold leaf on the rim because Tony Stark was the least subtle person on the planet) and listened politely as Helen Cho talked about her plans for the rest of the weekend. (Genius geneticist and an avid free climber? She was a madwoman.)

Cho was in the middle of lamenting the cost of proper rock shoes when suddenly, there was giggling from below them.

“But soft! What light through yonder window breaks! It is the east and Darcy is the sun!!” The man called out loudly and flung his arms dramatically to the heavens.

Helen nudged her none too gently and Darcy’s drink sloshed dangerously in its glass. “Darcy, that’s Tony Stark!”

“Oh my god,” Darcy squeaked as Helen threw her head back and cackled with laughter  “What in the world is he doing? How does he even know – ”

“The very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly into your service!” Tony yelled. His tie was loosened, and he was grinning up at her. Bruce Banner stood next to him, pinching the bridge of nose and trying desperately to blend in with a topiary.

“He’s mixing up the plays,” Darcy said, one hand on her hip.

That’s what you’re getting from this?!” asked Helen incredulously.

She handed her drink off to Helen, then leaned over the railing.

“How drunk are you, Stark?”

“Rude! I was in the middle of a solil – a solay – I was in the middle of wooing the beautiful scientist!”

Darcy rolled her eyes.


Apparently she was being wooed. By Tony Stark of all people.

Okay, so she wasn’t completely immune.

Tony Stark was hot. He was confident. He also had like, a million advanced degrees and Darcy, herself the recent recipient of a PhD, was a person who’d quite inadvertently surrounded herself with geniuses of all disciplines.

Smart was sexy as hell.

But she also knew that Stark’s penchant for going through women like…well, a playboy billionaire, was legendary.

She was understandably cautious.

“So whaddaya say, Lewis?” Tony called out again. “You, me, dinner? Or you, me, Italy? I can have the jet ready tomorrow. Sunbathing on the Amalfi coast, baby!”

“Sleep it off, Romeo!” she yelled back, even as her martini-addled brain was coming up with interesting new ways to break public indecency laws on the beach with Tony. She told her brain to shut up and dragged a pouting Helen back inside.

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Write something unicorns or eating unicorns.

If unicorns were real, I hope I can see one.
If true love still exists, I wish I can feel it once.

Himekawa’s Partner

I love Maki Himekawa.  Because I would probably do the same things she did. 

That magical talking animal befriended in youth (or the imaginary one many of us longed for) might just be a girl’s first and only real love.

Ladies (and boys, but hear me out here), raise your hands: Did you hope to meet a Care Bear one day?  A Totoro in your back yard?  Did you long for your very own Daemon to take shape?  Of course you were secretly a Digidestined too, right?  Did the ideal pony that you wished for actually have a voice and a demi-human personality (and maybe actually be a unicorn with magic, while you were at it)?

It took a little while for girls to become badasses in cartoons, but I would argue that teaming up with magical animals was a crucial step.  And certainly, it must have had an effect on the psyche of girls of my generation.

In my case, I think I can trace the root of this deep desire for sentient animal companionship to the Punky Brewster cartoon of the late 80s:

This Glomer character made rainbows, kids!  Rainbows and magic and miracles!

And so, if I lost my one and only childhood spirit creature to the whims of fate - But a fate I thought was within my power to re-engineer - You can bet I’d become every bit as consumed as Himekawa did.  It would become my own life’s work, without hesitation.  

I would stand up in front of a room full of powerful men, talking about protecting civilians just because it’s my day job and allows access to crucial information.

I might even find myself justifying actions of dubious morality, because “That partner imprinted on me, and how could I ever pay it back for the difference it made in my life?  I owe it, and the universe owes me.”  This is what I imagine she is thinking.

From the meta standpoint, I’m not justifying the things she did (presumably facilitating the reboot even while knowing the consequences; allowing Meicoomon to kill and infect; lying to many different people) - Just saying that I can understand them.  And I couldn’t say for certain that I would not do some of the same things in her position.

Like the audience (Target audience, i.e. people who watched and loved Digimon as kids), she’s trying to return to her origin point, her childhood. 

Partnering off with each other may be what grown-ups do, but it will never be a replacement for the magic of childhood.  Although I do ship and root for them, it’s also very telling that Maki and Daigo’s relationship apparently doesn’t last.

Because he’s still out there somewhere…

I will never, ever be over this moonlit scene.  I think it was intentionally given a soft and feminine quality.  Look, she actually cried here.

And yet, for all her study and dedication, she apparently miscalculated.

Maki Himekawa is in deep.  She’s a little (a lot?) crazy, but…That’s a girl’s true love at work, and for that I respect and understand her completely.

Actual quotes the signs said to me

Aries: I heard that out of the corner of my ear

Taurus: Can we go to Costco pleeeease!! I’ll pay you!! It’s free sample day!!

Gemini: *receives a nude* Nah man I don’t need that. It looks like a sad elephant trunk

Cancer: *pokes head up through inner tube* *whispers* Hey… I’m a dolphin *jumps through inner tube* *gets stuck and flips the inner tube*

Leo: *rounds corner* *kid jumps out to scare them* *screams* FIGHT OR FLIGHT *punches kid in throat*

Virgo: *to spongebob theme* oooh who lives in the ocean under a pineapple

Libra: Abraham Lincoln lead the World War 3

Scorpio: I gave myself stitches once *shows scar* see??

Sagittarius: Windows are made out of cardboard

Capricorn: *to her own name* Gabriella…is that spelt right??

Aquarius: Is a horse with a penis on its head a unicorn??

Pisces: Sometimes I wish there were mute buttons for people…either that or the delete function

To Protect and Serve (Part 7 - FINAL)

Prompt: Imagine Bucky Barnes being hired as your personal body guard, but things don’t go as you or your family anticipates.

Word Count:

Warnings: Language (possibly, probably not, but possibly), some violence, traumatic memories/events. Death/angst

Notes: Collab work with my BFFFFLLL Bee @amarvelouswritings This was an idea that hit us both and we just took off with it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved drafting this.

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To Protect and Serve Tag: @scamandaaaamn


That’s how I wished it would’ve happened…

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I just finished this! Since I love the owls too, I wanted it to be something to match @justvritart’s drawing of Akaashi (´。• ω •。`) (I hope this was ok qwq)

#12 favourite team mascot: the owls from Fukurodani x3
(I just really love owls~ wish there were teams with sloths or unicorns x’D)

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If you could erase one piece of canon, what would it be?

These are technically from the guide, but that counts, right?

The first I would erase is: 

That has all sorts of yucky implications and racist undertones that it’s gotta go. Not okay. In my head Twilight vampires’ pallor is more like the standard vampire pallor across modern interpretations; ie the paleness is due to the lack of blood

The second would be the “loss of free will” part of imprinting. I can accept falling in love with someone without a ‘choice’ as many people claim to experience love at first sight in the real world. But the fact that everything literally revolves around the imprint without a choice really disturbs me. Like how Jacob has to clap when Renesmee walks for the first time because it was the reaction SHE wanted, even though he was kind of freaked out by it. Also, as I said before, love without free will is kind of meaningless. The wolves aren’t devoted partners because they choose to be, they are because some magic forces them to be.

I’m tempted to erase the whole Renesmee storyline but that would change the entire fourth book, so maybe I just erase the cottage, because it doesn’t make any sense (they were planning on leaving for Alaska or New Hampshire! Why would they renovate a cottage for them in Forks if they were planning on leaving?!?) and it was just too over the top wish fulfillment fantasy for me. The whole Snow White and unicorns nibbling on rosebushes like, Bella, you’re a vampire, not a Disney princess. 

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Boe! guess what! I had a dream Brick and I were on a quest in Outer Space to save Granny. For some reason I was a unicorn. It was a very sweet dream and made me happy.

Now that’s a rad dream~ 😆 haha wish I’d dream like that!

Baby Steps [Chanyeol]

ADMIN NOTE: “Baby Steps” is a series of one shots that were created by admin L and I on our previous tumblr account. We’re just reposting them on here because we’re getting rid of our old account lol

cred. to admin k

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

genre: protective fluffy daddy chanyeol aw

word count: 2433

pairing: chanyeol & reader

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Fic: Room in your Heart for More Ch. 6

Hi all! I am simply blown away by all the great comments this story has been getting. They made me smile so much.

Sorry for the unexpected angst at the end of the last chapter. I PROMISE this story will end with so much fluff that your teeth will rot. We just have to get there first. Hang in there, gang. :) Here’s the new chapter - you can read it on Ao3 or below. Let me know what you think! 

Chapter 6 - Where is Felicity?

Oliver paced the narrow hallway of his home, clenching his fists. It had been several hours since he had reported Felicity missing to Detective Lance, and there was still no news. They had found her car abandoned about a mile from the courthouse – but no other leads since then.

William and Lizzie were in the kitchen eating dinner. Donna had come over too, saying that they needed to stick together as a family right now. Although she kept up her chipper attitude around the kids, Oliver could see the worry in her eyes. The two of them were taking turns spending time with the kids while the other one went in another room to freak out. The system had worked out well.

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Dan over-hearing your conversation with Phil


Phil: wutt


Dan: *over hears and leans on the wall to hear more*


Y/N: Nope, but I wish those were in the news

Phil: aww okay then what is it then?

Y/N: *whispers something Dan couldn’t hear*



Phil: shhhh Y/N is about to tell me something

Y/N: Oh well, guess I’ll have to tell you both. I have a–

Dan: Unless it’s something about anime and Mario Kart then idgaf *turns around and walks away*


Phil: *fake cheers knowing that Dan likes Y/N*

Dan: *stops in his tracks*…. that’s great… * does GIF*

🤕Just Another Lover🦄

Forever to take a fall
And to show you your call
I thought that’s what best friends do
But sadly I was nothing more then another lover to you

Best friend who understands my game
And also takes my shame
For this world is selfish and cruel
Who would take the words from f this fool

Times like these I so wish that you were just another lover
And for you too suffer
For all the moves you made
And the price we both paid

But you, you had to mouldy this human after all
Showing what humanity is when the devil had taken its toll
You girl, were this universe at its best
My unicorn of the west


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          I’ve never been anything special. I’ve been everything but extraordinary- and I had everything that any normal six-year-old child would. I had dresses and dolls, I liked to play dress-up and play animals with the wooden ones Daddy carved for me that Christmas not so many years ago. Yet, no matter the toys or little things I created on my own for play… none of those would come to life without just a little tap of childhood magic.

           Of course, I never knew that then. Then, for me, magic came from the heart. It was a time of laughter and joy, I didn’t care about what the others thought of my silly games or play. I didn’t care if the things I had weren’t the best, in fact, I preferred them that way. When I created toys of my own, from leaves and sticks or old pieces of wood from the barn- it felt so much more real. I had earned what I had, and it filled me with such a good feeling inside, nothing could replace it.

           My dolls were my children, and I took such extra precautions in caring for them. I’d make sure they were fed, and we’d have tea parties in the woods, although they were much too young to participate in such an activity, I thought they could none the less. Nothing hindered, and anything could happen.

           When my dolls lay quiet in on my bed, I’d be outside playing on my own. I’d find sticks and build little lean-to castles against trees, and pretend I was a huntress or princess, fighting and taming wild dragons. Riding beautiful unicorns and horses across hills and mountains, beautiful greenery that now remind me much of New Zealand or Ireland homelands. Those were my pastimes, the places I was free and could do whatever I wished, even when in truth I was only running around amongst the birch of the woods, battling trees and climbing branches high to reach the top of mountains. Dipping my feet in the stream was me bathing in a river with the fish, and my stick with an old piece of yarn dangling in the crystal blue was fishing, where I caught magnificent beasts of the sea.

           Sometimes, Mommy would give me some freshly baked bread or pastry, sending me off with a small basket for a picnic with my imagination. She called it my imagine basket, and she’d whisper in my ear that it was the best of kinds, and no brunch with the ladies at church could compare to such an event. I would beam and giggle, no longer bothered by the fact that Mommy would be leaving to a party and I instead would be left behind with Nana. I would skip off, bringing my baby and our little cat Purrfect with me, where we would play all afternoon long, until the sun set and it was time for bed.

           Time such as those were brilliant, full of life, never dim. I had so many adventures in that old backyard behind our little cabin, where the tree stumps were tables, and the leaves were plates. Where mud was made into pies and pastries of the greatest delight, and the trees were my roof.

           This was the time of magic, of imagination. Without it, my life would’ve been dull, boring, and without joy. It would’ve left me withdrawn and quiet, never the cheery and smiley child I was. My friends from the forest were my keepsakes, were my little secret, yet not so. My adventures across the mountains and fjords and my rides on the backs of dragons were for me to remember and keep safe in the pocket of my memories, so I could pull them out when the hard times came.

           Imagine, had none of this happened, what my, and your, life would be. Without those times of magic, without those times of adventure, that all happened in the small patch of yard. For it isn’t the place, or the time, or the things you have… it’s your imagination, that lights your way and paves the path to growth.

           Memories… that will never be forgotten, no matter how old you grow. It’s your imagination, that carves your childhood, that gives it light and merriment. Don’t let that go, never give up in the passion to believe that anything can happen… and let your children know, and have, the true chance of childhood imagination.


💁🏻‍♂️Fool on The Hill🦄

My unicorn, you were nothing but a child of time

And I hope you will always shine

Shine brighter then the sinking suns

Shine brighter then everyone to come

Other luminous suns don’t care much

Of happy lives and lost tries

They all go their own way

When you ask they have nothing to say

I wish you all the luck

To follow your rocky path

Be as you are, true to the heart

You will win everyone from the start

Happiness awaits behind those gates

Of coloured lives and endless thrills

And I will be waiting for you still

Like a Fool on the Hill


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Gray - Draco x Reader

Aye! This is my first one-shot so yeah. I apologise if there are mistakes haha. Hope you enjoy! :)

y/n- your name
y/h- your house

You had began to see gray everywhere. You saw it first on the walls of Hogwarts as you walked to potions class. The stone walls were usually seen as cold, considering both the material and the literal temperature it kept, but something about it made you smile and feel at home.
In potions you sat alone, usually sitting next to your partner and long time friend, Draco Malfoy. This time, he was in the hospital wing, recovering, after having a rather funny complication in potions a day before, which involved a small explosion. Professor Snape cleared his throat, pulling your mind away from your thought and drawing attention to a small jar that he held in the palm of his hand. The silver color quickly caught your eye.
“Does anyone know what this is?” he asked slowly. “Y/n?”
“It’s a jar of unicorn blood, sir,” you answered.
“5 points to y/h,” he replied.
There it was again. Gray. Something about it made your cheeks heat up slightly but you couldn’t quite place why.
In herbology, you noticed the small gray flowers that sat in a far corner.
Walking between classes, you noticed the gray stormy sky.
In the great hall during dinner, you noticed the gray owls that brought in mail.
All these little things made your heart skip a beat.
Your eyes were fixed on a gray owl when out dropped a letter I front of you. Opening it up, you read:

Meet me at the lake at 9 p.m.

You smiled and looked up from the letter at the Slytherin table to find him but you couldn’t spot him. Ignoring this, you tucked the letter into your robes and finished dinner, looking forward to your meeting with Draco.
9 p.m didn’t seem to come quick enough for you. You sat in a chair in your common room and couldn’t help but fidget excitedly. Yes, you were excited to meet with Draco to tell him how your day went, but you felt as though there wasn’t much reason for you to have been that excited.
A couple minutes before 9, you started your trip down to the lake.
Looking up you saw the shining full moon.
“Ha, a beautiful bright gray again,” you said to yourself quietly.
You neared the lake and saw Draco standing under a tree. You greeted each other with a smile and sat down facing the lake.
Your eyes studied the silver glow of the moon’s reflection on the lake.
“How was your day?” Draco asked, breaking the silence.
“Quite the usual. Although, for some reason something has been bugging me,” you confess.
“What would that be?” he inquired.
“I don’t even know why.. For some reason the day seemed very gray. Not in a bad way! I just mean that I’ve been seeing it everywhere. Something about just.. I don’t know. It makes me feel some sort of way. Happy? At home?”
Draco only chuckled in response. A few seconds of silence passed and you turned to face him only to find that he was already facing you.
Then it clicked. Gray.
His eyes shone just like the moon and glittered like the silver unicorn blood.
“On second thought, I think I know exactly why I’ve been seeing the color gray,” you say, leaning closer to inspect his eyes.
Before you could realize what was happening, Draco closed the gap between you and you shared a gentle and slow kiss.
Draco pulled away, a smirk on his lips.
“You do, do you?” he asked.
You shoved him playfully, wishing that the moon was dim enough to hide your cheeks which were dusted in pink. That was the day you realized you were in love. That was the day that you knew why you liked the color gray.

While watching one of my favorite movies, I was inspired by a scene to draw out my high elf druid in his travel form.

I had the idea for Albus for about half a year before I made him. I first and foremost wanted to see if I could get away with a high elf druid lore-wise (and I technically can, since they exist canonly), but it wasn’t until I saw the new ‘unicorns’ that were released in Legion that I had a burst of inspiration and completed his design.

Albus Starseeker was one of a handful of high elves who, after the destruction of the Sunwell, sought help from the nature gods and goddesses that their kind had left behind so long ago. They wished to heal the land and the damage that had been done to their home, and knew that they would need more than the arcane if they ever hoped to do so.

Albus is a well-meaning, good-natured elf. But he is extremely inexperienced in the way of the druid, and struggles with many things that races such as the night elves, the worgen, the tauren, and the troll have had generations to master. He also struggles to completely leave behind his 'old ways’, in the sense that he isn’t nearly as well adjusted to living wild as other druids. In animal form he can be very clumsy. That being said, he’s determined.

Like other druids, some of Albus’ animal forms are different from other races. His travel form is meant to be a mix between the standard stag/deer and a manarunner.

Had to use a screenshot from The Last Unicorn to help me get the pose right, I need to get back into the habit of drawing animals..
I tried to SOMEWHAT emulate the background in the scene, so I could force myself to practice lighting and such, in the end I got frustrated and left it at what you see here.