i wish i was that dog :c

100% scientific grading of all (most) Dragon Age companions/advisors


Alistair: Is a sweetheart who does his best and is a fantastic tank and has great hair, great sense of humor, I just want to hug him, rating: A+

Dog: Faithful, loyal, pees on things, (Happy bark!), rating: A+

Leliana: looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, likes the way you do your hair, is a sweetheart, rating: A+

Morrigan: will put a spell on you (and now you’re hers), #1 witch, becomes a great mom even though her own upbringing wasn’t that great, rating: A+

Oghren: goes into the Deep Roads to try to find his wife, doesn’t give a flying nug, rating: A+

Shale: is a giant rock, great voice, great backstory, rating: A+

Sten: so Qunari he makes the Arishok look small-time, learns over time to respect the Warden, rating: A+

Wynne: #1 Grandma, great healer, is playing the long game so she can troll everyone in Asunder, rating: A+

Zevran: Best accent, beautiful hair and skin complexion, “for you I would march into the Black City itself, never doubt it!”, rating: A+

Loghain Mac Tir: honestly you don’t have a daughter like Anora unless you’re kicking ass and taking names yourself, rating: A+


Anders: is fucking adorable, will save all cats, ~Anders’ spicy shimmy~, #1 healer but seriously make him an Arcane Warrior for a good time, rating: A+

Justice: Fade spirit just doing his best, wants to help everyone, looks good in plate, rating: A+

Nathaniel Howe: Loves Amaranthine, defends his family but also learns to see their faults, is definitely gonna bang my Cousland on top of his dad’s grave, rating: A+

Oghren: “You joined the Grey Wardens?  Really?”  “You said it would be hot!”  “WE WERE ROLEPLAYING!” rating: A+

Sigrun: oh my god she’s so cute but also smashes darkspawn in the face, DESERVES A BETTER ENDING for sure, rating: A+

Velanna: Goodnight shemlen b/c Velanna is coming for you, doesn’t give any shits, is prob. one of the biggest badasses in the series, rating: A+


Anders: WAS RIGHT, fuck the templars, how can one feathermage be so pure, has loved Hawke for three years oh my god? voiced by Adam Howden who donated money to a GoFundMe for my sister’s sick cat (true story), rating: A+

Aveline: WILL TANK ALL OF THEDAS, do no harm but take no shit, will beat Hawke’s ass if necessary, “real nice night for an evening!” rating: A+

Bethany: who’s the best BETHANY’S THE BEST, Hawke’s #1 biggest most supportive fan, definitely best haircare routine and the most pure, rating: A+

Carver: does his best, actually secretly loves Hawke deep down inside, they probably built pillow forts together as kids and were def. best friends, rating: A+

Fenris: best spiky broody elf in any franchise, prob. the smartest individual in the entire Kirkwall Crew honestly, trying his hardest to move on, voiced by Gideon Emery and everything that guy touches turns to gold, rating: A+

Isabela: #1 pirate queen, has a heart of gold and loves Hawke, she just loves Hawke so much????? she’s going to let the Kirkwall Crew live happily ever after on her pirate ship I’m so proud of her, rating: A+

Merrill: dESERVED BETTER in every respect, just wants to help everyone??? Loves Mahariel and Tamlen so mucH?? Merrill/FHawke is such a pure ship omg, rating: A+

Sebastian Vael: definitely tries his best and wants so hard to live up to his name, will shot you with bow, makes that outfit look honestly stylin’, #1 accent in all of the Free Marches, rating: A+

Varric: Actual #1 Bro™, there is no bro who has ever bro’d harder, HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HAWKE IS honestly, probably the best friendship in any game, like this if you cry every tim, rating: A+


Blackwall: Can we discuss that beard tho, just doing his best, honestly the best banter, “What can a grey warden do?” “save the fucking world if pressed”, rating: A+

Cassandra: holy shit is htere a bigger badass in Thedas no there is not, did you guys watch the anime holy shit.  if she met Aveline it would be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object honestly, rating: A+

Cole: pure spirit child, “he’s only 12 years old and already more psychic than his dad” - dril, dies a lot when he’s in my party i’m sorry Cole, rating: A+

Dorian: actual most  styling man out there, had to leave Tevinter because he was so damn stylish he was putting the rest of the Imperium to shame, oh my god he’s just like, best friends with your Inquisitor and it’s so?? pure? rating: A+

Iron Bull: lmao it’s over for you if you get in trouble with this guy also the Chargers are basically? great? and he’s so good to Krem?? voiced by a guy who loves this job and loves video games, rating: A+

Sera: is gonna throw bees at your head and is looks good in plaidweave, deserves better, most unique accent in the series, has good taste in ladies, rating: A+

Solas: it was Egg who caused the trouble but honestly he’s doing his best, gets approval anytime you’re nice to like anyone, GREAT artist, i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord but you don’t really care for music do you? it goes like this the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift the baffled king composing hallelujah???  rating: A+

Varric: guess who’s back, back again, Varric’s back, and tbh he’s just so good and he helps everyone and is helping the inquisitor b/c he cares so much, rating: A+

Vivienne: WOW has anyone ever looked so goddamn gorgeous, probably not, way too stylish for you plebeians, i only wish i could raise myself to her level, but i also don’t want her to ever lower her standards which she would have to do to even talk to me, rating: A+

Cullen: has been through a lot of shit and come out surprisingly chill, admits his mistakes, loves dogs like all good Fereldans, definitely got that lip scar from Hawke though, rating: A+

Josephine: honestly the best fashion sense in Skyhold, those ruffles though, is very pure?? I just want to cuddle her on the couch forever, make her some rice krispy treats and then take her on a vacation because she deserves it, rating: A+

Leliana: Murderpope best pope, rating: A+

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Hello, you have been identified as An Awesome Writer™. Congrats, you rock! So that all of your readers can shower you with some extra love today, please tell us your favourite five (or as many as you want) stories of yours and why you like them and then send this to another five fic authors you think deserve this title! ♥

this is too nice and i’m unworthy also i feel weird about this because i’ve only written 13 fics, but here goes!! they’re all sheith because that’s my Brand.

been living in the fast lane | 4k | action & h/c | keith is a cop with a motorcycle and a bomb | this is based on my favorite ever fic so i’m really glad i got to write it

back flipped right into my heart | 5k | humor | the worst garrison fic in existence | this fic is cursed lmao

shared dog tags | 1k | angst | shiro shares dog tags with keith | i love this idea and it was a great excuse to listen to breaking benjamin for an hour

you, in a fight you lost | 6k | h/c | keith loses a fight | the fic i wish i could read and write 800 times

to go, to follow, to kneel at your feet | 12k | nsfw fluff & angst | bom keith meets gladiator shiro in captivity | this was just sweet to write, despite the content

Things I would say to my TC if I was brave enough
  • You’re really cute and it makes me happy
  • You smell nice (at least I think you do?)
  • You have really nice hair
  • You always look grumpy - is something wrong?
  • I missed you when you went away
  • Your handwriting is v unique and I <3 it
  • When I don’t feel okay, I look at you and feel better
  • We would be better than Ezria tbh
  • I can never decide what colour your eyes are. You should get closer to me so I can figure it out
  • I wish we spoke
  • Your hands… fuck, your hands
  • I’m in heart eyes emoji with you
  • You make me want to be better
  • I believe in you. You can do whatever you want
  • We should grab coffee some time
  • Invite me to your house. Drive me there.
  • Let’s get a dog. You can name it if I can pick it.
  • I think I’ll die loving you

harley: why did you leave willow creek? 

felix: you know that saying, goldfish only grow as big as their tank. it’s not technically true but…

harley: my ex had a goldfish. his name was ketchup and let me tell you he was huge. but yeah i get it.

felix: at least you got to live in san myshuno. i wish i could afford to stay there. it sounds like a dream.

harley: it’s really not.

felix: why did YOU leave anyway?

harley: um… i wanted to open my record store but couldn’t afford to rent a place there.

felix: yeah but… why? why a record store? what happened to your band? and why are you so sad?

harley: ok i really should get going now

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J: okay, so i got a shit ton of dog pics, and as much as i want to give each dog their own post, Chloe says i can’t. so here’s a big post of the rest of the dog pictures i got sent. good boys and girls. doggos under the cut.

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Actually took my big albino mum out for pictures 🍁🍂❤️ the first one was a flop (or maybe win?) since one of my dogs photo bombed it XD also..he’s sporting the not-an-actual-sweater sweater since I was too lazy to put good clothes on him(he’s not even wearing pants here!)

I really wish I could go somewhere where the leaves change color….then I would have some fun with my crew XD

Pavel is a DollZone Raymond. His Faceup and clothes are by me C: feel free to ask any questions you want! I don’t bite :)

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Do you ever have this idea that you so badly want to share with the world but you can't because all you got is like 400 words? Aghhh!!! Wish I could share it with someone other than myself and my dog :C

Ever? LOL, try all the time.  I wish I could just download my brain.  I can see the whole story.  Just getting the words on the page is excruciating sometimes.  All I can say is keep at it.  It is the only way it happens.  Yes, it is a bit like sausage-making, but in the end, it is worth it when you finally finish and there is a new story born into the world. 

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For mun

A - AGE:  24
C - CURRENT TIME: Too late to be up.
I - IN LOVE WITH: Writing.
L - LAST TIME YOU CRIED: Three weeks ago about dogs.
M - MIDDLE NAME: Absolutely confidential.
N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Five. I was adopted.
O - ONE WISH: An extra day off. 
P - PERSON YOU LAST CALLED/TEXTED: My excited grandmother.
Q - QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: What are you doing???
R - REASONS TO SMILE: In a good place in life at the moment.
S - SONG LAST SANG: @millenniumpharaoh‘s autoplay inspired Halsey’s- Castle because I left it on and now all of my youtube recommends are dead ass castle.
W - WORST HABIT: Blinking too much during conversation.
X - X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD: On some of my organs.

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aBCdEfGhiJkLmnOPqRstUvWxYz now i know my aBc next time wont you sing with me (please answer all questions looool) x

Omg all? Jesus anon lmao. Ty for asking <3

A - Are you allergic to anything? 

Nothing that I know of :)

B - Birthday?

February 28th 

C - Cats, dogs or both? 

I love both, but I prefer dogs.

D - Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? 


E - Early bird or night owl?

Night owl, yup. 

F - Favourite food? 

um..pineapple pizza? Or pancakes…nope pizza for the win.

G - Good at?

I like to think I’m good at swimming and snowboarding, lol

H - Hair colour?

Brown, just brown.

I - Is there something you wish you could change about yourself? 


J - Jealous or laid back?

I’m pretty laid back

K - Kiss or hug? 

Depends on the person and our relationship, but if it’s Grayson..he can kiss me anytime he wants.

L - Look for in a partner? 

Someone who can always make me smile

M - Middle name? 


N - Name something you love? 

Tumblr ;D

O - One wish?

To finally meet the twins.

P - Perfect day out?

A chill day, walking around admiring life and watching the sunset. (I’m a romantic lmao)

Q - Question of your choice - ask away! 

Lol, you didn’t ask anything.

R - Reason why people should smile more? 

It’s nice to be happy, just don’t fake it. It feels worse.

S - Something that makes you happy? 

My friends here on Tumblr and watching the Twins smile/be happy

T - Tell me something random about yourself?

I’m very petty, but not immature petty, if you get what I mean. Lol

U - Under the influence of alcohol you are likely to?

Jump off a bridge. I’ll probably act like Ethan when he got his wisdom teeth removed but 10 times worse.

V - Vampire, zombie, mermaid or ghost?

Vampire Grayson :)

W - What’s your favourite colour? 


X - X-rays - had any? Why?


Y - Your biggest fear?

When someone I love is feeling down

Z - Zodiac sign?

Pisces :D

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A: Age | 22

B: Birthplace | buffalo, ny

C: Current time | 12:19pm

D: Drink you had last | yorkshire tea

E: Easiest person to talk to | because i’m incapable of human interaction… my dog, rufus 

F: Favorite song | the only song that currently matters to me is shawn mendes’ there’s nothing holding me back

G: Grossest memory | when i bought a pre-made sandwich at sainsbury’s and there were little bugs in it

H: Hogwarts house | ravenclaw

I: In love? | henry stars and gina rodriguez

J: Jealous of people | ehhhh i get jealous in the sense that i wish i was happy like others seem but i know everyone has problems so ???

K: Killed someone | nah

L: Love at first sight or should I walk by again? | i romanticize every stranger until they talk to me so definitely walk by again

M: Middle name | i don’t have one rip

N: Number of siblings | one sister

O: One wish | a competent doctor

P: Person you called last | my sister

Q: Question you are always asked | “what did you go to school for?” “what do you want to do with that?” “where do you work?” “why don’t you work”

R: Reason to smile | pancakes and the fact that jane the virgin comes back this week!!!!!

S: Song you last sang | niall’s slow hands

T: Time you woke up | my first alarm was set for 7:41 but i hit snooze like 4 times

U: Underwear color | black

V: Vacation destination | i’m always up for england, scotland, or germany. nyc would be more achievable tho

W: Worst habit | i tend to isolate myself a lot

X: X-rays | teeth, ankle, foot, and soon literally every joint

Y: Your favorite food | bread

Z: Zodiac sign | gemini

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Hi!! Happy bday!I hope you have an amazing day! And I wish nothing but the best! 🎂🍰🎁

Hey chica! Thank you so much!!! (You’re always the best… have I ever told you that? You make being here so much fun). Today has been pretty solid… me, in pajamas, hand-feeding my dog Wendy’s, re-reading A Court of Mist and Fury for about the millionth time. And now some dim sum for dinner. Woot! Anyway, I hope things have been going well for you too! <3 Much love, c

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a - age: 22
b - birthplace: England
c - current time: 4.18pm
d - drink you last had: coffee
e - easiest person to talk to: my boyfriend
f - favorite song: bohemian rapsody
g - grossest memory: guy harassing me on the street (no need to tell what he said ugh)
h - horror yes or horror no: yes, but with someone I can grab lmao
i - in love?: yep
j - jealous of people?: sometimes 
k - k 
l - love at first sight or should i walk by again?: walk by again
m - middle name: meira
n - number of siblings: one sis
o - one wish: to my grandpa, cat and dog get better 
p - person you called last: my dad
q - question you are always asked: "how are you?“ basically
r - reason to smile: friends 
s - song you last sang: eleanor rigby 
t - time you woke up: 8.30am
u - underwear colour: pink
v - vacation destination: chile, patagonia
w - worst habit: procrastinate too much
x - x-rays: what
y - your favorite food: ice cream lol
z - zodiac sign: pisces

I tag: @briennister, @qveencerseii, @goodqueenalys, @blackfyrres, @spookybolton, @danystormborn, @heart-of-rivendell, @silverdenys, @salt-throne, @motherofkittens94 (only if you want to <3)

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My English is not very good, sorry xd.

A: Age| 14.

B: Birthplace | Mexico.

C: Current time | 6:14 pm,

D: Drink you had last | Milk.

E: Easiest person to talk to | My parabatai <3.

F: Favorite Song | MIC Drop - BTS.

G: Grossest Memory | Could it be said when my dog died? :c

H: Hogwarts house |  Ravenclaw

I: In love? | yes.

J: Jealous of people | People should be jealous of me xd.
I am perfectly fine with myself.

K: Killed someone | I don’t know (?

L: Love at first sight | Yes…

M: Middle name | Uhh, Legally? Estefania.

N: Number of siblings | 1 and I’m the youngest.

O: One wish | Two more wishes, one to meet Bangtan in person and the second for Jeon to marry me. Ahrno :v

P: Person called last | With my dad xd.

Q: Question always asked | Why I was born? :’v

R: Reason to smile | Bangtan <3

S: Song you last sang | Pied Piper - Bangtan Boys.

U: Underwear color | black ><

V: Vacation destination | I wish it were South Korea ;;

W: Worst habit | Biting the nails of my hands 😅😅

X: x-rays | only once in my life, I hurt my hand playing Volleyball …

Z: Zodiac sign | Scorpio.

Supongo que debo etiquetar a alguien xd. @smile-more-and-cry-less @doryreaccioneskpop y no se a quien más, así que lo dejare aquí :v 

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A - Age: 25

B - Biggest fear: I don’t know. Still figuring that one out.

C - Current time: 20:33

D - Drink you last had: Coffee

E - Every day starts with: Waking up??

F - Favorite song: I can’t just pick one.

G - Ghosts, are they real?: Who knows…

H- Hometown: Not answering this.

J - Jealous of: My dogs, because they get more affection than I do 😂💔

K - Killed someone: In video games! Lots of times!!

L - Last time you cried: Last week.

M - Middle name: Don’t have one.

N - Number of siblings: 1

O - One wish: For more wishes For bad things to stop happening to me 😭

P - Person you last called : My dad

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “Can you draw ____ ?”  🙄


S - Song last sang: Don’t remember.

T - Time you woke up: 8:00

U - Underwear color: Beige.

V - Vacation destination: The Spirit World from LOK…

W - Worst habit: I get paranoid and doubt myself a lot.

X - X-rays you’ve had: Teeth, left hand and left foot.

Y - Your favorite food: Anything sweet.

Z - Zodiac sign: Leo 

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The moonlight shines between the cracks in the curtains, aching to be noticed, and I feel the nausea that the moon would feel if it were human. 

The up and downs of your breathing cascades over my computer lit body, like a waterfall ready to drown me, and I am all to willing to comply

Despite the sad and shameful look in their eyes, dogs don’t actually feel guilty for causing trouble.
That is who I am, guilty by need but not by emotion.

Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, he didn’t win, like him I am only perceived as a bad impersonation of myself.

I wish i could be one of the many corpses in the catacombs of Paris, an unknown body, casualty of war. The place where abandoned souls go to rest. 

On your way to the top of Mount Everest, there are two hundred corpses of failed climbers, these are used as check point markers. Like those corpses, I am a failed climber of a mountain I have no hope of reaching the top of.

Alzheimer’s can kill you by making you forget how to chew, swallow and breathe. It’s like erasing everything you ever were.
Sometimes I wish I could erase myself.

I can see the red dot of my TV constantly, just sitting there, making itself totally aware, yet completely hated. I myself am like that, in the most agonizing way possible

A coroner can lie about cause of death, in South Korea, it was often done in cases of suicide. If only I should be so lucky that someone would tell my family I died in a dignified way.

The name of the feeling defined as the desire to care less about things is Liberosis, yet there is no word for the desire to care more about things, and yet I am both desiring to care less and care more.

The earth is constantly moving, and nothing can change that. No matter how tragic the death, how heinous the crime or even how pure the love. The earth will always keep turning, one day we will all be dead, never to be remembered, except maybe for a fragment on ancestry dot com. And in the end, nothing matters.

Existential Life/backwiththemadness-champion

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Name: vivian

Nickname: viv

Gender: trans gal

Star sign: aquarius

Height: 6′0″, i wish i was shorter xc

Sexuality: lesbian

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw~

Favorite animal: cats!! every time cats! snakes and birds are cool too but i probably wouldn’t ever have one

Average hours of sleep: uhhhh, 5-8, i have a bad combination of sleeping disorders that makes it really difficult to predict

Current time: 4:58 AM c:

Dog or cat person: cat person~

Blankets you sleep with: one when its hot, up to three when its cold~

Dream trip: despite my name, i’ve never seen snw!!! anywhere with snw would be like, the Best Thing EVER!!! if i had to choose like, one place to go to, probably somewhere to see the aurora borealis!!! snw and one of the coolest phenomena too… that’d be so cool!

Dream job: oh jeez this is a tough one…hmmm.. i’m v interested in psychology and helping people who’ve gone through a lot like i have.. but i also really love designing things like games and stories! so. maybe being the writer of a webcomic but also maybe being a professional game designer? gosh this one is tough ;A;

When i made my blog: abouuuut 4 years ago! march 3rd 2013!

Followers: 140

Why I made my blog: hmmmm, it was mostly for entertainment i guess? something to pass the time. i knew someone who had a tumblr and they would always show me lots of funny posts! so i made one myself and here i am!!

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