i wish i was that blunt lol

I always think it’s interesting to study recurring images in people’s writing. My therapist once said that writing gives you a pretty good idea of a person’s inner world, because “We write what’s in our hearts.” Not literally, of course–I’m not trying to suggest that Stephen King wants to be a serial killer, lol. Some recurring images could be manifestations of dreams, wishes, fears, past events, etc. Here’s some images and themes that I notice pretty frequently in my writing (especially in DD fics):

  • Descriptions of nature
  • Heat and activity in the summer, cold and seclusion in the winter
  • Small towns and living off the land
  • Feelings of anxiety and dread
  • Close platonic relationships
  • Very little romance
  • Characters that are gruff, crabby, or blunt, but good people underneath
  • Rising tension and stress
  • Descriptions of food

What are some of the recurring images/themes in your own writing?

sabledaily  asked:

Charlie stares up in awe at the Lugia before smiling and offering a puffball dandelion, "Here you go! To make a wish." they say. The puffball was missing a few seeds already, seems the Sableye hadn't been very careful when delivering these. but they were trying their best

This…flower is very intriguing. Thank you very much-and I hope you can enjoy yours as well, though it is not nearly as interesting as the one you’ve given me. I hope it will suffice.

anonymous asked:

does first house energy aways have a sort of arian quality to it? i have an aries ascendant, and i have mars in the 1st house...but my mars is in taurus! i feel much less patient than a regular taurus mars, but not quite like an aries mars. i dont get into physical fights, but i am clumsy, reckless and injury prone, and pretty blunt. sometimes i wish it was more straightforward though, aries mars in the 1st! but nope

YEAH DUDE, Aries rules the 1st House! The fact that you are reckless and blunt are definitely Mars in the 1st House traits lol, but I feel you. Don’t wish you had other placements though. You have a unique combination of energies and you should embrace them more instead of wishing for something else :^) If you really want to change your behaviors, you need to work on that yourself, and don’t let astrology hinder you from being straightforward solely because you have a Taurus Mars. Work on improving.