i wish i was normal

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i really wish my name was normal. i mean my name is exoctic and im embarassed to write my name in my bio because i dont like it. my name is zeenat (took alot of courage for me to write that) and i dont know, im down in the dumps

“Muslim Meaning: The name Zeenat is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Zeenat is: Decoration. Beauty.”

Are you kidding me? This is an absolutely wonderful name!! It has a lovely meaning behind it. You have no reason to feel ashamed of your name, it holds so much meaning and it’s beautiful!

I wish meeting girls in real life was as easy as it is for heterosexuals. I want to go into a coffee shop and write my number on a napkin without it being weird. I want to bump into someone on the street by accident and it be love at first sight. This internet culture gives me the green light when it comes to sexuality. Profiles tell me which females are gay. I wish I had the courage to effortlessly flirt. I wish I could go into a normal public space and pick up a girl. I have to travel a distance to a gay bar just to find someone similar to me while my friends get to go almost anywhere. I’m sick of staring at a phone when I just want to connect with another human being in the flesh.

im not even excited for anything anymore. it takes so much to get me excited and then i get so excited i annoy the shit out of everyone who’s around me.

So. I ran into Martin Freeman on the tube today.

I was on my way to Heathrow, after the best week of my life, and there he was, sat right across from me. We went to get off at the same station, and when we alighted, I asked to shake his hand. Which he did.

I told him I admired his work, that he was brilliant and I wished him the best day. And he was very warm and friendly, and wished me the same, and then we parted.

And that, my friends, is how you finish a first trip to London.


nanami in otonokizaka uniform commission (and bonus) for @tsumilky
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“I’ll make you recognize my strength!” 

Still in a Boku No Hero Academia mood so I’m drawing my OC Kohana some more. 

If you are a beginner keeper, you should listen twice as much as you speak

And this isnt a “erg newbies are annoying” post or one meant to discourage. It’s just plain dangerous to be giving advice if you have only been caring for an animal for a few months.

It’s important because you would simply not know the reasoning behind a lot of what you have learned because more of what you learned was regurgitated information. You learned the HOW, but not the WHY. So when you perpetuate information you have been told, you’re potentially furthering misinformation you have learned.

For example, I commonly see people say “ball pythons cant go in large enclosures because it stresses them out.”

This is ultimately not true. It is not enclosure size that stresses ball pythons out, but expansive empty spaces. Very few people provide their ball pythons in tanks with sufficient furnishing to allow them to positively use their space.

However, if you go around repeating that information, you’re incorrect and potentially have caused harm for an animal (maybe not in this example, but you get the picture).

For this reason it’s much better to read and take in information without feeling the need to take on the responsibility of correcting people. Focus on your personal animal care techniques and how to improve them at every step. Ask questions and read read read!

And this is especially because you dont want to be the dingdong telling someone their normal would be a pinstripe ball python if they simply stretched the snake out for a better photo.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Nothing that the crewniverse does will ever go appreciated. The SU fandom has devolved into a ton of whiny, bitchy jerks that are never satisfied and cry that every new episode has a million plus issues. Characters can't get any development episodes without it being called filler and plot episodes are berated for not answering every single question. New designs are harshly criticized for not being pretty enough when newsflash! Not all gems are going to look all pretty, some will choose more alien forms. I wish this fandom was fucking normal and I wish I could enjoy this show without seeing hate in the tags all the time.