i wish i was more creative but well i'm not

*hugs you all*

nct as texts in my class chat pt2
  • Taeil: i prefer sleeping over studying
  • Hansol: sheldon is having sex for the first time today that's far more important than homework
  • Johnny: *homework is to write a verse of a poem* i'm not creative enough for that, someone else do it for me pls
  • Taeyong: *every single friday* don't get too drunk over the weekend
  • Yuta: blah blah, you realize no one cares, right?
  • Kun: yeah well no one tells me anything anyway
  • Doyoung: honey u wish i was gay
  • Ten: i just got into trouble with the police *doesn't write for the next three hours and has everyone freaking out*
  • Jaehyun: yoyooo check the flowwww
  • WinWin: okay since i know basically nothing i'll just smile
  • Mark: if i use the right citation method while copying ur homework u can't sue me for plagiarism haha
  • Renjun: and on this beautiful friday night i am lying in bed, ready to go to sleep
  • Jeno: what test? we're writing a test? today?? don't lie to me
  • Haechan: but if we all don't go they can't punish us
  • Jaemin: my shirt is green therefore i am an apple
  • Chenle: if ur as cute as me u don't need to study
  • Jisung: if i sleep on my math book do u think i'll absorb it's contents over night