i wish i was marching

Yeah I can’t really see how it’s surprising that the word “pussy” was used a lot in protests against a man who is infamous for saying he “grab[s] women by the pussy.” That’s not about transmisogyny, JFC.

In general, the modern feminist movement really has to find a way to be inclusive to trans women and to be able to talk about how much cultural misogyny is based around wanting to control cis women’s reproductive capabilities. It’s good to acknowledge that not everyone who gets abortions identifies as female, but not if you’re going to obfuscate the fact that much of the cultural opposition to abortion is rooted in seeing it as a “women’s issue.” Not everyone who opposes abortion does it out of misogyny, but enough people do, particularly the people with actual power over legislation, that we can’t leave that out of the conversation.

Like on the one hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of women at the protests who didn’t realize that having a vagina/ovaries/etc. is not central to being a woman! And that could be out of hatred or simple ignorance. The one I attended had a lot of older white women who probably aren’t up to date on online feminist discourse and didn’t think through that, so I appreciated seeing younger women (cis and trans) carrying signs that advocated for trans women’s rights and inclusion. And hearing Wendy Davis include trans women in her speech at the march.

We need to be more inclusive with our language. But that shouldn’t mean we have to shut down conversations about really common forms of misogyny – especially when we’re protesting someone who engages in them.

ETA: Hey guys, original version of this post had something about how trans men on HRT can’t get pregnant – I’ve been informed by @earthboundricochet that that is not true. I can’t do anything about the reblogs, unfortunately, but I’m fixing it here. Just a head’s up.

With a lot of coverage on the Women’s March On Washington today and marches around the US and world, I just want to issue a reminder to the people who can’t be there. People who can’t miss a day of work, people like me who are chronically ill and not capable of long marches, people with young children who can’t afford childcare on weekends, people who don’t have the resources to make it to a protest. 

I see you. I see your support. Keep up the fight where you can. Remember that marching is not the only thing you can do- keep up the phone calls, and petitions, and letters. You still have a part in this fight.

And to the marchers, the people who can make the great public standing we need? Stand strong. Stay safe.

Everyone, fight on.

(Its Femenist not Femenazi)
I love this sign. Women’s march is making me so happy I wish I could be there. To all the women/ or men, marching thank you for supporting eachother. This day marks the biggest march ever in history. To everyone out there be safe and keep doing what you’re doing, we will fight for out rights💕💪🏻🏳️‍🌈

extremely late (and messy) but here’s some of your fave witches at the women’s march!


character aesthetics ~ simon heap

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@hanatrulyi marched tonight and will march tomorrow for many reasons. these are just a few.
i march to show the world that i’m ashamed of who is now in the white house.

i march for the marginalized, our most vulnerable citizens, because i believe everyone should have the same rights and opportunities regardless of color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

i march because the first executive order trump signed today may leave millions of people without healthcare.

i march because a man does not have a right to touch my body without an invitation.

i march for anyone who has been abused and called a liar.

i march because i am ashamed of a president that brags about sexual assault.

i march because i am ashamed of a president that has bullied a POW, a deceased muslim soldier’s family, a disabled reporter, a civil rights icon and many more.

i march against a president who believes the climate action plan is “harmful” and wishes to eliminate it.

i march because i believe in protecting our earth and do not approve of an administration that is targeting water, endangered species and national parks.

i march because when good people do nothing, bad things happen.

stay safe tomorrow! 💕🌎🌍🌏💕