i wish i was just joking


Eunwoo has been working so hard that he forgot his own birthday


Happy birthday you walking minion. Is that joke dead yet? I really wish I could write a full scenario but I wouldn’t have it up in time 😞


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omg ur goin to anaheim tomorrow?! be sure to yell JHOPEEE as requested from hoseok himself. do it for yoongi bc he cant while goin hard on the mic there lol ah! but just have fun, dont lose ur voice and be safe! im west coast too but ffff cant go. this blog is everything btw, the member profiles are so funny and yoongi getting into interior design for that reason makes a Lot of sense >.< ty kim daily!

thank thank you! I’m going on apr 2nd~ But shdbsdbhsgad i think losing my voice will be inevitable. When Jhope sings mama i KNOW im gna scream JHOOOOPE for straight 4 mins u think im joking but im not LOL When RM says i wish i could love myself u bet i will outyell everyone with I LOVE U UR MY MOON AND STARS I LOVE U ENOUGH TO STRETCH A THOUSAND LIFETIMES

im just I WILL BE SOBBING BUT ITS OK IT’LL BE GOOD i’ll take care of myself! 

@bodytracks i love it ahhhhh i love how it hits all the regular Lana things, the Hollywood, vintage morbidness, aesthetic cohesion but it’s ….. happy in her way and lighthearted and self-parodying and there’s always been something cartoonish and silly about her whole shtick so i love that she’s in on the #joke. 

the sense of social responsibility is new too cuz she used to say she was shocked that she accidentally shocked people and she had to learn that when ur actually putting stuff out there, not just posting it on MySpace, you have kids who will listen to you and follow u and she wasnt sure how to balance expressing herself and making impressions on young impressionable ppl. realizing how saying “i wish i were dead” is honest but not necessarily responsible. But now she’s aware and like working thru that balance and i’m proud

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im having a real hard time finding the energy to do... anything,lately. but i still try (most) every day. my friend has been noticing my lack of motivation (depression, heh) and all i can do is dodge the questions and make jokes, but then he says i never take anything seriously (the problem is actually that i take things TOO seriously..) i want to be open, but i have no clue how to make myself that vulnerable. im just so tired. i wish i didnt feel alone -a sad sans


Yuuri tells Victor his thoughts during their first dance.

I want to thank @thehobbem so, so much for co-writing the dialogue! She spent hours going through metas and crafting this line-by-line with me. Yuuri was much harder to write for than Victor and I couldn’t have done it without her tireless work. ;u; I also want to thank @teasidesketches for doing final revisions despite not being in the fandom. You two are the best. <3

I also want to dedicate this to @solfegefaerie for being the first one to give me the idea of writing Yuuri’s vows. They’re not vows this time, but I thought this was suiting. :) 

If you can, you should read this while listening to “Yuri on Ice.” I matched the flow of the comic to that of the song, hence the tribute to the representation of Yuuri as the lone piano until Victor comes into his life as the violin (in case you were wondering about the sudden Music AU thrown in the middle there). 

Pair comic to Victor’s Vows.


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)

i just really miss when being a part of the ace community meant sharing pictures of literally anything with ace flag colours on it, making jokes/edits about cake and dragons, and lots of puns 

that’s the asexual community i found when i was coming into my asexuality 

now it’s about literally defending your right to exist in the only spaces that used to accept you and hoping you don’t get death wishes for it 

it’s hard enough for me to exist in this space, and i’m so glad I no longer run an asexuality blog, but i can’t imagine what it must be like for young asexuals who are just recognizing themselves and who have no place to go 

i can’t imagine what it must be like for them to be terrified to tell the people in their gsa that they’re asexual for fear of being excluded or kicked out. i can’t imagine what it must be like to find the shambles of what was once a bright and vibrant asexual community on tumblr. 

just– i love every single ace person. i love every single young ace person. i love you all so much. thank you, to the ace community, for being what you were two years ago, and thank you for continuing to fight today. thank you for not giving up. 

I only wish we could have seen Natasha’s face too, when she basically publicly declared her love for Elise. How she looked at her, and her expression as her voice cracked on those words.
I know they both laughed and turned it into a joke. But you don’t just say something like that on an international stage, in the middle of a serious and heartfelt acceptance speech, during a highligh of your career and in your most emotional state, JUST TO TROLL the fans or tease each other. There was no need to add a joke there. It felt much more honest and intimate than just a tease, it felt to me like she couldn’t help adding that, couldn’t help expressing what deep feelings she has for Elise, whatever they are. I wasn’t expecting anything like that and it moved me.
No matter how they define their relationship, only they can know what’s really between them, but the love is so apparent it hurts.

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Why do you care if people joke about their dog being a wolf? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just genuinely curious

I wish I could answer this with a reblog. But essentially, calling your dog a wolf will project your dog’s characteristics onto similar looking pups and thus be assumed wolfdogs as well. This is bad because in most places wolfdogs are either illegal, or require some type of permit. Some states have a content cap, some states require you to build an enclosure. If your dog is suspected to be part wolf and they scratch or bite someone, they could be detained and euthanized for rabies testing… even if the dog is up to date on its rabies vaccination. What I will reblog from @why-animals-do-the-thing is actually a story of a dog who got out of their yard, and the police just thought the dog looked like a wolf and planned to to either euthanize or send the dog away until the owners presented a DNA test.

Check out @wolfdogeducation

last night i dreamed of the final test: the available answers either “gay” or “straight”. i thought of her, and the way she smells, and how he groans at my jokes. i thought of one or the other, of a lacking, of a love spent wishing. what if i’ve always been faking this. what if, instead of my own thing, i’m just a lie, quietly unraveling?

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((psst you said u were reading sappy klance fics, would u mind pointing me in the direction of a few? Im gonna read the professor au one I posted rn. dw if u don't want to (: ))

egilrghlladgl i WISH sorry, i was just catching up to some old klance fics that i’d been saving up like dirty laundry but here’s some from my ao3 history:

Sorry that’s all i got, i havent looked at newer ones and would actually appreciate some recs myself

If you, as a parent, have ever told your kids that they’re stupid, that they’re fat, that they need to lose weight, that they look pregnant in a certain outfit, that their make up looks horrible, that their haircut is crappy, that they’re not smart enough for certain things, and you purposefully drag your children down, even if you think you’re “just joking” then you are what’s wrong with society and you are the cause of your child’s insecurities.