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Kick-Ass Chicks: Marissa Smith of NYLON Magazine

We can’t imagine that being NYLON’s Senior Fashion Market Editor is easy, but Marissa Smith sure knows how to make it look FUN. We’re constantly checking in with Marissa to stay in the loop for upcoming collections and collabs, and thought it was about time we introduce you to our go-to girl. With a closet filled with color and checkerboard, we just had to take Marissa to the Brooklyn USA Diner for a bright and bold photoshoot. Checkerboard on checkerboard? Yes, PLEASE! Read on to hear about Marissa’s journey at NYLON, and why Vans have been her style staple from the start.

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Bonding and road trips (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could i request a fic in which peter and the reader goes on a trip with the avengers, or alone, as you wish!! Fluff please 😊 by @blueswallow5

A/N: I’m back!! I have been extremely busy with exams and piles of homework, but I found some time to write this! This doesn’t have a lot of fluff, but it does have a little! Sorry about that, but I didn’t know how to include it -I’m on writer block right now! Hope you like this!

‘’I can’t believe we are really doing this’’ [Y/N] said as she furrowed her brows, looking around the Stark Industries van she was in.
‘’We need to bond’’ Wanda told her, barely glancing at her before returning her attention to Steve and Vision to continue their conversation.
[Y/N] mimicked Wanda’s movements with a look of disgust on her face, annoyed to be stuck in the van going on a road trip when she should be at home doing homework. She looked around her, seeing most of his colleagues sleeping except Tony and Bruce, who were talking to each other; Wanda and Vision, who were talking to Steve, who was driving; and Peter, sat beside her.
‘’You shouldn’t be mad’’ Peter told her, playing with her fingers. He softly looked at [Y/N] before returning his gaze to her hand. ‘’It is true that there has been a lot of tension between everybody since the… fight, I guess.’’
She sighed, knowing he was right. She had teamed up with Cap, and ever since then, she had felt too ashamed to look Tony in the eyes. He had been like a father figure to her since she had joined the Avengers when she was fourteen, and she felt as if she had betrayed him after three years of being like family.
‘’Shut up everybody’’ Sam suddenly said, trying to fall asleep in his sit. [Y/N] snorted and shook her head, and decided to tease him a little by making a little cloud over his head, the water falling onto it. ‘’Hey! You, little demon! No powers allowed on the trip!’’ he shouted, completely awake now and pointing a finger at her.
[Y/N] lifted her hands in the air, trying to look innocent, but she couldn’t help the smirk on her lips. She felt somebody’s eyes on her, and when she turned around, she saw Tony looking at her. He softly smiled at her, and she smiled back, finally thinking that the trip was useful.
Natasha woke up behind you, not being able to sleep with Sam’s screaming. She glared at him and he raised his hand mimicking [Y/N], making [Y/N] laugh softly. Peter shook his head beside her and tried not to laugh, failing.
‘’Parker, control your girlfriend’’ Natasha told him, making [Y/N] look at him with wide eyes.
‘’You told her?’’ she whisper-shouted, punching him slightly in his arm.
‘’He told us all!’’ Steve shouted from the front of the van, and Tony laughed and nodded.
[Y/N] shook her head and furrowed her brows again, removing her hand from Peter’s and crossing her arms.
‘’I’m sorry,’’ Peter said, ‘’I just couldn’t help it. I was so excited about saying yes to me asking you out that it kind of left my lips without me realising.’’
[Y/N] fought the grin forming on her lips, but she ended up smiling. She curled up next to Peter and put her head on his shoulder, wrapping her arm around his torso.
‘’You got away this time. Only this time’’ she said softly, chuckling a little.
Peter laughed and kissed her forehead, wrapping an arm around her. [Y/N] closed her eyes and started to drift away, the tiredness finally taking over.
The first thing she felt when she woke up was something on her face. Opening her eyes, she saw Sam, putting the cap to a sharpie. She didn’t understand what was going on at first, but when she finally did, she got up and pulled her hands into fists.
‘’I’m going to freaking drown you, Wilson! You better run!’’ she shouted, waking everybody up and giving everyone a show.

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Dorm Rooms pt 3 ~ Rowaelin

hey guys, sorry it took me a while to write this aha but here you go. Hope its okay. i think i managed to include a link to the first two but idk how to do it so it might not have worked aha x

pt1 , pt2 


It had been a week since Aelin had last seen Rowan as she has done her damned best to avoid both him and his bastard of a room mate and it would appear that Rowan was doing exactly the same.

She had however seen Aedon the day after her ‘encounter’ with Rowan and she thought he might have passed out at the memory of hearing his cousin scream his high school crushes name. He wasn’t going to lie though, if Rowan had been leaning towards liking guys he too would have let the tall silver brute make him scream in ecstasy. But then again who wouldn’t.

Aelin had gone as far as climbing out their dorm room window and down the vines and pipes below it just to avoid them. And Lysandra still made sly comments about that night that made Aelin go bright red.

Right now Aelin was sliding on a tight red dress that stopped midway down her thighs and had a low dip in the back. The one and only Dorian Hillivard was hosting the party of the year at his mansion and Aelin wasn’t one for missing a good party.

She applied a dark ruby colour to her lips and some mascara on her lashes before pulling on her black stilettos. Her feet would be dead by the end of the night but hopefully the pain would ebb away after a few drinks. She stuck her head out the door making sure there were no signs of silver before rushing out the building where Lysandra and Aedon were to pick her up.

Aelin could hear the music blasting from inside the car that was parked a bit down the road from the mansion and when she stepped on the sidewalk it was almost like she could already feel the thrum of the beat under her skin.

It was already pretty busy, but Dorians parties always were. Choal greeted them at the door and pointed out where the two keggs had been placed among other alcohol. The kitchen and the back garden. Dorian was leaning against the counter talking to some people Aelin didn’t recognise but he ushered her over and began pouring her a drink. a vodka tonic  with a lime and pink umbrella, handing over to a grinning Aelin who lifted herself up to sit on the black marble worktop.

“I didn’t think you we be joining us” Dorian states with a sly smile “when have I ever missed a party?” why the hell would she miss this one especially. His smirk widened at that and Aelin knew he wasn’t telling her something “what?”

But Dorian didn’t even get the chance to answer as a flash of silver hair and stark black tattoos caught her eye, a frown forming on her lips immediately. She turned to the smug cow next to her “what. The. hell. Is he doing here?” Rowan Whitehorn never went to parties. Not once had she seen him at one. Not once. So what the fuck was he doing here.

Dorian chuckled at the look on his friends face “what?” he asked innocently, but his smirk gave him away “I thought you two were getting along. Lysandra told me you two had so much fun together she could hear you from the next room” Dorian bit his lip to hold back his lip. Of course Lysandra told him that.

Aelin hopped off the counter and stormed past Rowan the companions he brought with him making sure to slam her shoulder into him as she walked past and move her body in a proud yet sexy manner as her watched her leave the room. She heard Lorcan snicker behind her and tossed him the middle finger as she clutched her drink in her other hand and taking a large sip.

Aelin was now on her fourth drink and was beginning to feel the effects, sweat slipping down her brow from mixture of drinking and dancing. Swaying her hips to the beat in a seductive manner and dragging random guys up  to dance with her. Eventually she needed some fresh air so excused herself from the tangle of dancing bodies to drag herself to the back garden.

The fresh air hit her like a stone wall and had to pause to make sure she didn’t lose her balance before making her way to hide under the shadow of one of the blossom trees hoping to get a few minutes of peace. She was, however, not so lucky. “Didn’t realise you were such the party animal” a husky voice jabbed at her but it didn’t sound like a compliment “didn’t even realise parties were your kind of scene” Aelin retorted, turning to face Rowan. Even with her heels on he was still quite a bit taller than her. He was wearing a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a tight fitting black top with a pair of vans. God she wished she had a pair of trainers right now.

“I was invited in person, thought I would give it a go” a smirk gently tugged on his lips “or maybe I just came to piss you off”. Aelin let out a small huff and went back to staring at the darkness in front of her, her arms folded across her chest and doing her best to ignore the prick standing next to her.

“Did you follow me out here to piss me off too or do you want something” she snapped at Rowan but was just answered with his deep throaty chuckle. Aelin went to say something else but when she turned to face Rowan he was a lot closer and she had to crane her neck to meet his eyes. He was so close she could smell his strong scent of pine and snow, she could see the intricate details in his tattoo and the shape of his lips. Lips that she was damn sure were very skilled. Lips that had left marks of her just last week.

She could feel his uneven breath against her skin, raising goosbumbs “for some damned reason I cant seem to get you out of my head“ he growled softly and damn did the sound do things to her. He took another step towards her causing her to back up into the tree as he leaned in. His nose almost touching her own and she swore h could hear the sound of her heart in her chest.

Before she could respond his lips captured hers. Not softly but with with a bruising urgency. Her response to that was instant, her own lips pushing back with equal force, her hands gripping his upper arms as he grabbed her by the waist and pulling her into him. It was like he was trying to prove something, the force of the kiss pushing her head further back but one of his hands came up, tangling in her hair and tugging, pulling a soft moan from her lips. His chest pressed roughly against hers.

She wanted to get lost in the feeling of the kiss but instead pushed against Rowans chest. Both of them were panting, their breathing heavy just from a kiss. “It was a one time thing” Aelin forced out. Her lipstick was smudged around Rowans lips and she could feel the swell of her own. Neither of them said anything as she stalked off back into the house grabbing another drink from the kegg on her way in, but she could stop thinking about the kiss. God she hated him but he was so damn good. He was addicting. And it took everything she had not to turn around and go back to him.

Lysandra and Aedon must have found themselves a room or a cosy closet as they weren’t anywhere to be found so Aelin made her way back to the large room where all the dancing was happening. Hoping to lose herself in the drink and repetitive thrum of the music. However tonight just didn’t seem to want to go her way as she felt a grip wrap around her arm. She spun on her heel and came face to face with with the tall, tanned brute who had his hair up in a loose man bun “let go of me” she snapped trying to pull her arm from his grip but he held tight “where’s Rowan?” he looked behind her shoulder as if expecting him to appear “why the hell would I know” that made Lorcan laugh “you’re looking tad dishevelled” his shit eating grin really getting on Aelin nerves.

She pulled her arm from his grip again and this time he let go, letting her storm to the bathroom to fix her makeup.


I never want to go through this process again. This was excruciatingly hard to decide. Why did I suggest we do this? Because apparently I like to make my own life more difficult. (though it’s better when I drag Lu into it too)

Do know what was also hard but way more rewarding? The 50+ posts we made when the magazine came out. Quite possibly the most ridiculous day I’ve ever had in this fandom. I look back at the Google doc we used to organize it all with equal amounts of fondness and contempt. 

The Time He Wore Dries - Details (coat, trousers, shoes)

When you finally get Harry in Dries Van Noten, it’s feel likes a triumph. This look features an absolutely stunning long-line embroidered and appliquéd coat (paired with vintage striped trousers and those pink Converse) that I wish would make a reappearance in a candid photo. A girl can dream, right?

A Shiny Jacket and Pink Chucks - Details (suit, collar, shoes)

The impeccable tailoring of this suit astounds me even now. The zig zags! They line up perfectly! With the shiny effects on the fabric, this look adds a little Bowie to a very Jagger-influenced editorial. Paired with the now legendary Fleet Ilya collar and Harry’s own pink Converse, this look couldn’t be left off my list.

The Masterpiece -  Details (coat, jumper, jeans, shoelace)

Here it is. My unequivocal number one. From the stunning McQueen coat to the horizontal striped jumper to the Lanvin shoelace that haunts my dreams, this is my favorite look and photo from all three Another Man photoshoots. Immediately upon seeing the grainy leaked pictures, this look stood out to me. Paired with Harry’s shorter hair, it seemed to be a good representation of a modern Harry, not of the past, but of today.

Happy New Year! 

- Alex

issues and ...

problems (?).

i wanted to explain, at least for the few people whose showed a little curiosity about my whereabouts or absence.

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You sat beside the slightly anxious genius as you looked around at all of your fellow agents asleep all around the BAU jet, your mind still racing from the case you were now coming back from. You and Spencer both had almost gotten hurt, and it was eating you up inside. 

“Hey, Spencer… Are you alright?” you asked quietly, the man turning his head to look at you. 

“Yes, of course I am, why wouldn’t I be?” He was fidgeting a bit, which caused you to raise an eyebrow. 

“Spence, come on, you’re shaking like a leaf and you look like you’re hopped up on something,” you accused, causing him to tense up a bit now. “Come on, tell me, what’s wrong?” 

“I thought only JJ called me Spence,” he said, changing the subject. 

“It’s cute,” you said. “Like you, my lil’ genius.” You leaned over to ruffle his hair and he pushed your arm away, a small smile forming on his lips. “Hey, there’s my Smilin’ Spencer.” 

He shook his head and pulled a book out of his bag, his eyes scanning the pages rapidly as his finger moved across the words. 

“So are you really not going to tell me?” 

He stopped and then swallowed, his adam’s apple moving subtly. “You got hurt.” 

“Ah, almost got hurt,” you corrected. 

“Y/N, I saw the unsub push you down, you were bleeding and… And if Morgan hadn’t come in you’d be-” 

“Spencer, I would be here, with you, right now. Morgan just… Helped me get out faster, sped up the process a bit.  

“But you can’t be too sure-”

“Spencer, let’s not forget about how you almost got hurt today too and how you’ve gotten hurt so many other times, not just today. I have to sit back and watch every time, I have to pray and beg and try and just wish for you to be alright.” Your voice was low but shaky, your speech wavering as your words came out as if they were a mini van cruising down a highway full of road bumps and pot holes. 


“I’ve watched you get hurt by so many people, Spencer. And every time I’ve wanted to just rip their throats out and fight, fight for you, fight to get you back from them. So please, stop worrying about me. Worry about yourself so that… So that I-I never have to l-lose you.” You were choking back tears now, your lip quivering and your eyes going glossy as you swallowed back the lump in your throat. 

“Hey, hey, don’t cry!” Spencer whispered, setting his book down, seeing as he wasn’t going to read it now. “Please don’t…. I don’t want to lose you either. I don’t want either of us to be lost, okay? I just want you to be happy.” 

“I love you, Spencer Reid.” You blurted it out before you even realized what you had said. 

“Wh- You do?” He looked shocked, not a mad or disgusted shock, but an almost happy shock. You could have sworn he looked almost delighted. 

“Of course I do. God, for someone with such a high IQ, you really-” 

“I love you too,” he interrupted, and your eyes went wide. 

“So, if you love me and I love you then-” 

“Maybe we should-”

“Kiss me, Spencer.” You went to lean in until you heard a voice. 

“Looks like I’ll have to fire you both for work fraternization.” 

You both snapped your heads to stare at none other than Aaron Hotchner, who was now wide awake and sitting upright in his seat. 

“H-Hotch, Sir!” you sputtered, your face growing hot.

“Oh, by all means, continue. Took you long enough, anyway.” You could have sworn you saw a smirk on his face as he turned away from you two, your mouth agape as Spencer just looked from you to him with the most nervous look on his face. 

You knew neither of you would be hearing the end of this one. 

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  • Where is your phone? Desk
  • Your hair? Down
  • Your dad? Asleep
  • Your other half? Non-existent??
  • Your favourite food? Noodles
  • Your dream last night? Forgotten
  • Your favourite drink? Jillz
  • Fear? Failure
  • Favourite shoes? Vans
  • Favourite way to relax? Gaming
  • Your mood? Stressed
  • I love? Space
  • Where were you last night? Friends
  • Something that you aren’t? Motivated
  • Muffins? Chocolate!
  • Wish list item? Switch
  • Where you grew up? Home
  • Last thing you did? Study
  • What are you wearing right now? Sweater
  • Something you hate? Hate
  • Your pets? Non-existent
  • Friends? Wonderful
  • Life? Okay
  • Regrets? Some
  • Missing someone? No

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  • Where is your phone? Bed
  • Your hair? Washed
  • Your dad? Elsewhere
  • Your other half? Nonexistent
  • Your favourite food? Noodles
  • Your dream last night? Hilarious
  • Your favourite drink? Tea
  • Fear? Oceans
  • Favourite shoes? Vans
  • Favourite way to relax? Games
  • Your mood? Sick
  • I love? Doggos
  • Where were you last night? Bed
  • Something that you aren’t? Awake
  • Muffins? Please
  • Wish list item? Digivice
  • Where you grew up? Germany
  • Last thing you did? Vacuum
  • What are you wearing right now? Hoodie
  • Something you hate? Onions
  • Your pets? Stone
  • Friends? Crew!
  • Life? Improving
  • Regrets? Yeah
  • Missing someone? No

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1. Where is your phone? table

2. Your hair? pink

3. Your dad? maintenence

4. Your other half? sleeping

5. Your favorite food? pasta

6. Your dream last night? idk

7. Your favorite drink? chocolate

8. Fear? trapped

9. Favorite Shoes? vans

10. Favorite way to relax? music

11. Your mood? chill

12. I love? peace

13. Where were you last night? home

14. Something that you aren’t? christian

15. Muffins? okay

16. Wish list item? eyeshadow

17. Where you grew up? georgia

18. Last thing you did? sleep

19. What are you wearing right now? shorts

20. Something you hate? disorganization

21. Your pets? cat

22. Friends? love

23. Life? happening

24. Regrets? drifting

25. Missing someone? killua

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one word replies

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1. Where is your phone? table
2. Your hair? tangled
3. Your dad? virgo
4. Your other half? nonexistent
5. Your favorite food? noodles
6. Your dream last night? blurry
7. Your favorite drink? water
8. Fear? rejection
9. Favorite Shoes? vans
10. Favorite way to relax? youtube
11. Your mood? confused
12. I love? friends
13. Where were you last night? home
14. Something that you aren’t? athletic
15. Muffins? chocolate
16. Wish list item? paints
17. Where you grew up? dubai
18. Last thing you did? study
19. What are you wearing right now? clothes
20. Something you hate? ketchup
21. Your pets? none
22. Friends? great
23. Life? okay
24. Regrets? plenty
25. Missing someone? family

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1. Where is your phone? chest
2. Your hair? brown
3. Your dad? fireman
4. Your other half? gay
5. Your favorite food? crisps 
6. Dream last night? aurelia
7. Favorite drink? coke
8. Fear? claustrophobia  
9. Favourite shoes? vans
10. Favorite way to relax? sleep 
11. Your mood? ok 
12. I love? friends
13. Where were you last night? party 
14. Something that you aren’t? child 
15. Muffins? yum 
16. Wish list item? books
17. Where you grew up? kent 
18. Last thing you did? bill nye 
19. What are you wearing right now? stripes
20. Something you hate? spiders 
21. Your pets? doggo 
22. Friends? gay
23. Life? stressful 
24. Regrets? some 
25. Missing someone? yeah

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Get to Know You Chain!

Get to know you meme thing

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Age: 19
Birth place: Chandler, Arizona
Current time: 7:39p
Drink you last had: Orange Kool-Aid 
Easiest person to talk to: Oh! @serendi-pitously or @mental-morose
Favourite song: ???? right now it’s Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)
Grossest memory: Rolling into my cat’s throw up during the middle of the night (many times)                                                                                                          In love: Nope                                                                                                Jealous of people: Who are more assertive than me

Killed someone: I’ve killed a lot of bugs!
Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Nope
Middle name: Jordan
Number of siblings: Two brothers, one sister
One wish: I’d wish to get college figured out
Person you called last: My boss (we were stranded in the van with an empty gas tank today haha) 
Question you’re always asked: How are you functioning? 
Reason to smile: My cat makes me smile a lot! 
Song you last sang: Crazy (Gnarles Barkley) 
Time you woke up:  In the morning it was at 7:30a, but most recently it was twenty minutes ago! 
Underwear colour: Blue, white, and grey (but not three pairs! haha) 
Vacation: I have to go to Texas next month. And then some family trip over the summer
Worst habit: I suck at saying no lmao
X-rays: For my fake tooth, about a year ago?  
Your favourite food: Hmmm. Right now it’s Panera’s avocado BLT
Zodiac sign: Virgo

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Where is your phone? in front of me on my keyboard
Your hair? ponytail
Your dad? who cares
Your other half? spain
Your favourite food? lasagna
Your dream last night? cant remember :,/
Your favourite drink? any kind of lemonade really
Fear? water where i cant see the bottom
Favourite shoes? vans
Favourite way to relax? video games and sleep
Your mood? always bitter and sad (S A D B O Y S SEE ME IN DA CLUB W/ IT TATTED ON MY CHEST S A D B O Y S )
I love? sleep, rain, dogs, orcas, mah friends
Where were you last night? at a friends house
Something that you aren’t? active
Muffins? no thanks
Wish list item? piano, license, car
Where you grew up? germany
Last thing you did? crying
What are you wearing right now? leggings and a good ole baseball tee
Something you hate? mayo and when someone cant keep their promises
Your pets? a dog called bones or bubi (its his birthday today)
Friends? coolest eggs in the world
Life? lets just say im ready for it to end ayyy lmao
Regrets? missing some opportunities
Missing someone? always

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  1. Where is your phone? desk
  2. Your hair? straightened
  3. Your dad? work
  4. Your other half? shrugs
  5. Your favourite food? pasta
  6. Your dream last night? mass effect
  7. Your favourite drink? tea
  8. Fear? SPIDERS
  9. Favourite shoes? vans
  10. Favourite way to relax? GTAV
  11. Your mood? chillin
  12. I love? chocolate
  13. Where were you last night? gym
  14. Something that you aren’t? motivated
  15. Muffins? perfection
  16. Wish list item? a donut
  17. Where you grew up? suburbs
  18. Last thing you did? video games :^)
  19. What are you wearing right now? sweatpants
  20. Something you hate? adult life
  21. Your pets? asleep
  22. Friends? the best
  23. Life? yes
  24. Regrets? procrastinating
  25. Missing someone? no?

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One word tag

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Where is your phone? Hands
Your hair? Adorable
Your dad? Difficult
Your other half? Myself
Your favorite food? /
Your dream last night? Wet
Your favorite drink? Gin Tonic
Fear? Butterflies
Favorite shoes? Vans
Favorite way to relax? Bathing
Your mood? Happy
I love? Summer
Where were you last night? Bed
Something that you aren’t? Selfish
Muffins? Love
Wish list item? Old polaroid cam
Where you grew up? Germany
Last thing you did? Talking
What are you wearing right now? Panties
Something you hate? Hypocrisy
Your pets? Crazy
Friends? Love!
Life? Beautiful
Regrets? Self-hatred
Missing someone? Yes

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1. Where is your phone? Hands
2. Your hair? Brownish
3. Your Dad? Alright
4. Your other half? None
5. Your favorite food? Chicken
6. Dream last night? None
7. Favorite drink? D.P.
8. Fear? Alone
9. Favorite shoes? Vans
10. Favorite way to relax? Books
11. Your mood? Tired
12. I love? Ocean
13. Where were you last night? Apartment
14. Something you aren’t? Complete
15. Muffins? Sure
16. Wish list item? Tattoo
17. Where you grew up? Nixa
18. Last thing you did? Paint
19. What are you wearing right now? Boxers
20. Something you hate? College
21. Your pets? Cody
22. Friends? Three
23. Life? Meh
24. Regrets? Sure
25. Missing someone? Always

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Tag game

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1. Where is your phone? Desk

2. Your hair? Brunette

 3. Your dad? Betrayed

 4. Your other half? Food

 5. Your favorite food? Tacos

 6. Dream last night? Hottie

 7. Favorite drink? Nestea

8. Fear? BUGS

9. Favorite shoes? Vans

10. Favorite way to relax? Games~

11. Your mood? HeLP

 12. I love? Anime

 13. Where were you last night? Bed

 14. Something that you aren’t? Pretty

 15. Muffins? YES

 16. Wish list item? Happiness

 17. Where you grew up? America

 18. Last thing you did? Tumblr

 19. What are you wearing right now? Shirt

 20. Something you hate? Liars

21. Your pets? None

 22. Friends? loveeee 

23. Life? Dead

 24. Regrets? Many

 25. Missing someone? Forever

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Here’s the thing, I don’t know what to say.
Or do.
Or think.
All I know is that right now I want to rip your clothes off right here in the middle of this hall, and throw you in one of these classrooms, and kiss every square inch of your body while a bunch of people that drive mini vans listen wishing they were us.

That’s probably a bad idea, right?

—  Damon Salvatore
Overwhelmed and Distressed

It’s 10:25 P.M. on Christmas Eve.

I am 17.

I am alive.

More alive than I have ever felt in all of my previous years.

I no longer wish I was dead.

All wars ever brought upon myself are now signing peace treaties and having tea in the back of my skull.

Sometimes the good days are still bad though, and the bad days sucker punch like an angry soccer mom, whose van you just dented.

You know how when you chip away at that old blue paint on the walls, and that green paint is still there underneath, just waiting to shine?

Sometimes when my good days are chipped away, the bad days are right underneath waiting to come out.

Sometimes when you chip away at the happiness, the depression seeps out.

It’s not often, and never for long, but it’s still there.

And there’s no possible way of denying the process.

I’m just overwhelmed.

The key to being whelmed instead of underwhelmed or overwhelmed is to find happiness in yourself and not within others.

Everything is temporary, and that’s a harsh fact.

Search for happiness in the highest of mountains, the most colorful of sunsets, and the brightest of mornings.

In the fastest of downhill, wind blowing, eyes full of wind, sweat caked, blood filled, skating trips on dark nights.

In your search for happiness you will end up in many crazy situations, and everything will just happen all at once, and it just all feels so great.

You won’t regret a single moment…

But yet, here we are.

In your parked car,

Sitting in my driveway.

It all feels so full of life, bursting with positivity.

Everything feels like it’s falling into place just right.

All of these moments are a huge daze.

They blur together like the worst fever dream.

Everything I’ve ever done has led to this exact moment, right here, right now,

And everything from this point forward will lead to another moment exactly like this one.

So, as we’re saying our goodbyes, and you lean forward.

Eyes closed,

Lips puckered.

I have to wonder,

How many other moments have happened exactly like this before me?

And, how many other guys were in those moments to take my place?

And the thought of just how easily replaceable I am crosses my mind.

I lean in anyway, and pretend like nothing is bothering me

For the sake of both of us.

The thoughts eat me alive.

Slowly, but surely, I am unraveling like my favorite sweater.