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This is something that I don’t think gets said enough on here, or in other pagan communities, and I wish I’d heard someone saying this when I was getting started in my worship, because I think too often we’re told to expect visions and signs simply because we ask for Them. We’re told too often that our deities will come into our lives and we’ll interact with Them. We’re told too often that we need these signs. So here goes:

I don’t worship the Theoi because They told me to. I don’t worship Them because I got signs and visions dragging me to Them. I don’t worship Them because I clearly hear Them, or see Them, or really ever get messages from Them. And I don’t need those things. 

Sure, I get warm fuzzy feelings sometimes, and I feel like They’re here, in my life; but I don’t have any proof that isn’t just the chemicals in my brain. Sure, I get dreams sometimes and I feel like They’re trying to tell me something; but I don’t have any proof that I’m not having nyquil dreams. 

I worship the Theoi because I love Them. Because I think They are beautiful. Because I think the faith built around Them is beautiful. Because I push myself to be a better person every day, so that I can honor Them.

I believe in the Theoi.

I have faith in the Theoi.

I don’t need validation. I don’t need proof. I don’t need confirmation of my beliefs. I have faith.

this is your annual ‘louis is so brave!’ post. remember in that sugarscape interview years back when he said he didn’t think he could ever go solo because it’d be too scary on his own? and yet here he is, with a chart-topping single out, performing on massive platforms like the late late show and absolutely killing it in every way possible. i wish i could go back in time to younger louis and take his hands and tell him how amazing he is, how many lives he’s changed and will change just by being himself.

Yes anon I agree with you, I first had in mind this with this scene:

Seems like he is alone in :re but it could be a continuation of the first day he went to it since he is wearing the same clothes.

In Mutsuki’s records of this scene he is not wearing the coat but it could be something intentional because in one of the original’s panel he is not wearing it too.

But then here is the pic who changes everything

He is not with the same clothes and I coudn’t be happier. What scares me is the fact Mutsuki has this memory, I wonder how many time he went with Haise to :re and hated Touka wishing her death ‘-’

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I just finished watching Arrival and I'm crying?? like I loved it but it just breaks my heart and idk if I could do it. Idk man I just, I'm depressed enough as it is and knowing all this heartbreak is coming ahead of time would be too much and probably kill me. I wish I was as strong as Louise

hey my dude if it gives you any comfort I once lived my worst nightmare, the one I’d think about as a kid and freeze with anxiety over thinking I’d never be able to live through it. then it happened and I got through it and I’m still here and I’m okay. basically what I’m trying to say is that we are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and we always find a way to survive and get better and so will you when the time comes. no matter how awful things get, there’s always something else in life that will get you through.


I am standing here looking for you in a crowded place, in a sea of people.
It was loud and noisy.
But when I finally saw you, all I can hear is my heart beat and my own voice in my head saying “I miss you”
I thought I can go to you.
I thought I am over you but I guess not.
I cannot move like I was glued on the floor.
And i was just looking at you wishing you would see me too.
But then it happened, you saw me.
You still have this effect on me.
You smiled like you are also happy to see me.
You looked at me as if you wanted to go to me.
But you were with someone else.
You are with the one you chose.
The one you love.
I just smiled and walked away.
Now i regret that I couldn’t make you stay.

Way of act

Somedays it’s incredibly hard for me to say a single word, incredibly hard to talk to anyone - even close friends, but I’m good with actions -even though I’m hella awkward sometimes. I am very protective of people around me, I really like to make people feel safe, comfortable and happy -my actions speak what I can’t. But sometimes I wish I could just talk y’know? It’s not easy for me to get to know persons, because I have a hard time trying to communicate verbally, I get confused and overwhelmed very easily, and it’s harder to keep a conversation. And it’s not that I WANT to be anti social, it’s not that I don’t want to talk to you either, it’s just who I am… I am an introvert and incredibly shy person, and sometimes it really sucks, because I wish I could get to know more persons and let them get to know me too. There’s so many persons (here on tumblr) that write, paint, take pictures… and even without knowing who I am, these persons touch my life very deeply, they make me smile when I’m in the middle of an anxiety episode, they make me want to be better every single day, they give me strength to keep on fighting depression… but most of all, they give me hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better, hope that someday I’ll be ME and I won’t be afraid of it, hope that someday someone will love me for who I am, with all my flaws, insecurities and struggles. And sometimes I wish I could show these persons the meaning that their actions might have for someone, I wish I could show them that their work have this big impact in someone’s life. Their passion for what they do, for their blogs, is what touches my world, the LOVE that they put in every single detail is what moves me this way, and it’s the main reason why I’m writing this. I wish I could really bring them a mug of coffee and just sit and talk about anything and everything, the same way I want to and keep on trying to do to a few persons. But as I can’t do this, as I can’t act to physically show them, I decided to write this piece - it’s my way of acting. And maybe it will take me a few weeks (or months) to actually publish this, specially because I still don’t have the courage in me to do so, with the mentions I want to do and the content of this piece . But when I do, I want you, person that I mentioned, to know that I care for you and that you are important to this world, because I’m sure that I’m not the only one that loves your work and your blog, I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds comfort and safety in your blog. I know that you might be having a bad day, I know that you have struggles, problems and that you face a lot of stuff on your life -let’s be real here, sometimes the universe is a bitch- but I just wanted to let you know that somewhere (in Brazil, in my case) a random stranger cares for you and wishes you the best, and to let you know that your actions somehow have a great impact for this random stranger. I could talk about the six degrees of separation theory, but I’ve already wrote too much and I’m sorry if this turns out too weird for y’all. Just keep on going people, you might be doing so much more than you think. Thank you, not just for your work that you put on your blog, but for your existence, and specially, for existing at the same time as me.

ps: I think the amount of likes/reblogs I’ve left on your blogs might have scared y’all, and I’m sorry for that… it was kinda my way of saying how much I appreciate what appears on my dash ~blushing furiously~

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I love your drawings! It's amazing you do them most of every day. I wish I had determination and energy like that for drawing. Keep up the good work! Also, I was wondering how long you've been drawing and how old you are, if that's okay for me to ask.

Thank you :) I don’t want to get too preachy, but if you want to draw everyday it’s totally possible, you just have to make time. Don’t give yourself crazy goals either, but have a goal that is a little deeper than say draw 30 mins everyday. A goal like that can be easy in the beginning but can also fall off quickly. I wish you luck!

To answer your questions. I’ve been doodling here and there most of my life but I never put a ton of energy into it. I took it seriously and started drawing more when I started art school right when I turned 19 and I’m 27 now. 

End at the Start
  • End at the Start
  • scarf is perfect and it's her birthday

KAJDHGSKLSAHDGKJLHSGLKJ!!!! Happy happy happy birthday to the inspirational and flawless @hiyoris-scarf! This is a song based off her Yatori fanfic “Before” (which left me an emotional disaster ;__; ) I hope this does .05% of the justice your OTHERWORLDLY WRITING DESERVES, SCARF. 

I hope your birthday is freaking magical! Love you, friend <3

Here’s a story that’s told in parts,
Begins with the end, closes with the start.
Come on, stay with me, you’ll see how
A wish from the broken saved me now.

Treading the line past the sky,
Suffering, not knowing why,
Somehow I came to under the shadows of your life.

Running through a never-ending cycle of us.
Somewhere between it all, I think I fell in love.
I see the scars and bruises all over your heart.
I’m not ready for this story to end at the start.

Time abandons us far too soon.
And just like that we unravel too.
Don’t look at me with such gratitude.
This is all I can do to save you.

Treading the line past the sky,
One day you won’t recognize,
The withered fragments of you left in me that have come alive.

Running through a never-ending cycle of us.
Somewhere between it all, I think I fell in love.
Every day I’m privy to the slowing of your heart.
I’m not ready for this story to end at the start.

I can’t remember how long it’s been.
I still smell the ocean on your skin.
You did promise to save me one day.
So we begin.
So we begin.

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i see more of the crazy and outgoing friendships on twitter than i do here tbh, im so jealous. they meet up for cons and everything and i wish i could put myself out there? i mean we love the same things but i always feel like i dont fit in anywhere regardless if we have an interest. im the outsider of the outsiders ;-;

I feel that way a lot too, anon. I get it.

Though I don’t get twitter. That website is way too complicated for me.

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Hello hello! Hey guys just wondering...what's your real job here on Tumbrl. Becouse if can really cheer up people i would need some too... i'm not a drawer or a voice actor...i'm just a regular guy who likes Undertale, playing Overwatch, watching people's beautiful arts kn tumbrl and share laughs. Unfortunately i have very few followers and i wish i could have more :c

((I’m not sure what you mean by ‘real job’ on tumblr >v< If you mean my personal blog, I’m the same. I’m just a regular guy who likes Undertale and other fandoms. I have a few followers and close friends on here, but not many, and that too is the same for nearly everyone online. 

Something I think most people go through when joining a social media site like tumblr is wanting to be well known, and it’s completely understandable, because those are the people you see being interacted with. It’s good to remember that you don’t need lots of followers to enjoy your time online or be a part of a community, because you’re you, and what you provide is completely different to what anyone else can. You can have just as much fun with 20 followers as you can with 1000, because those twenty people are interested in you <3))

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My heart is with you and your grandma, I wish you all the best and hopefully she'll get better. I'm here too if you want to rant or talk. No one deserves going through a situation like this.

Thank you x

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Hi! It's nice to meet so admirable artist here :3 To tell the truth, I can’t find words to describe, how glad I’m. But you… You are so kind and pleasant person. And your art is really wonderful. Your blog is a miracle, sunny island, which can cheer up. Don’t you mind, if I ask you to draw Joker, please? He’s such an interesting character ^_^ Wish you more and more inspiration in your drawings! :)

Aww~ Thank you so much, dear! You are waaaaay to nice! X3

Sorry, dear. I don’t take requests and I don’t really have any time to spare in the first place. Sorry. 

We spent the evening in each other’s arms, cradled on a hammock by the beach. Listening to the sound of the waves as it hit every rock and as it kiss the shore. He kept on pulling me closer to him as we both wished for a star to fall by. But the night remained dark and the mosquitoes were starting to form a circle and do a dance ritual around us.

Keeping my palms rested on his chest, “I’m going inside, should I make you some coffee? Or are you coming too?” I asked.

“I think I’ll stay here for a while. Go get some rest.” He planted a gentle kiss on my forehead as I slipped away from his arms, ‘til the last of our fingers touched.

I stood by the door and watched him, “Tonight is beautiful enough to write about even though it’s the same view every night, isn’t it?”

He sat, arms crossed over his chest and smiled, “It is, but I’d rather write something for you, about you rather than spend the night thinking of how I could compare you to the evanescent sky and put them into words.”

I looked into his eyes, like sunsets dissolving into the dangerous seas, with its unknown currents and secretive tides. I felt warm from his gaze. And in wordless moments like this, I already found myself drowning in the endless possibilities with my writing boy. And that is what I love most about him.


Chelsea ( @opensmother-lippedlover​ ) and I ( @jessjust​ ) met December 5, 2012 on Tumblr (Yup, I remember dates well). Immediately I noticed how sweet, polite, and interesting she was. We continued to talk here and there, and making our relationship official months later. We dated for about six-months. Initially everything was great, but the long-distance was awful and we were too young to know how to handle it. We called it off. We went our separate ways; fell in-love here and there with other people. 

Years later I was working for the Texas Legislature, near done with my undergrad degree, and with the flexibility to move anywhere. I then realized how much I kept thinking about her, wishing to share the precious memories I was making at my job, how supportive and uniquely proud she would be — and truly how much love I still had for her. Not knowing where she was in life I decided to reach out to her, told her how I felt and she left me waiting (lol) Some time later she finally came around and told me she felt the same way. Well the rest is really history. 

(The day she asked me to be her girlfriend)

We left Philadelphia and houston, and we moved to Chicago after I got a scholarship at DePaul Law School, and she began her education to become a Veterinarian. Most importantly we created our own little family with our baby Gatsby, a cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Now I’m proud to call her my fiancée. I would give my life for her. 

We’ve had bumps here and there like any other couple, but we love each other enough to fight for each other. That’s what’s important. And why I proposed December 17, 2016 at the art institute!

She may still get mad at me when I forget to place the new toilet paper in the holder and I may still get annoyed when she talks through a movie. All in all, that’s what a relationship is about loving each other and ironing out the little differences.

We want to share our little story with details sometimes left out by the media. With our relationship on the spotlight I hope this encourages others to love and work hard for their relationships ❤️ love is out there, it’s just hard to keep.

(This is an old video Chelsea’s dad filmed of the first time we saw each other again after years apart)

More photos of the engagement can be found in our Instagrams: Cnicolem_ and J.essrdgz


Hey everyone.
So there’s a lot going on in the world right now that really sucks and puts many of us in danger. I wish I had a plan or the right words or something to offer to ease your fears and to make what’s happening less scary. If there was anything I could do in this moment to protect you and those you love, I would do it. If only the world were so simple, right? I think most of us would do whatever we could if it was accessible and not in the hands of bigots and politicians who hate the people that make up their country.

As you move through the world, this coming year and for the rest of your life, there will be people who mistreat you and who don’t respect your humanity. While this happens, and happens to many of us, it’s essential that you remember that this is NOT a reflection of what you deserve. This is not a reflection of your worth as a person or an indication that you are less than anyone else.

These moments are the fights that lead us to a better world. Our collective struggle is the foundation for creating a world where those who come after us will not have to wage the same battles on the same scale.

And while there are those who are complacent in our suffering and active in our oppression, keep your sights set on your fellow community members and those who ally themselves to our cause. If anything, today shows us how many people recognize the villainous actions of those who act against us. If anything, this slight step backwards will tip the scales in our collective resolve and communal strength.

We must armor ourselves in love, in the virtue of equality, and in each other.

Please reach out if you need to. Find people you trust and share your fears and your insecurities. Find your allies.

And please don’t forget that the fight isn’t over. Love always wins.



“If you ask me, freedom’s always worth fighting for.”

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you