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Im not very good at comforting people but I wish for good things to come to you! With best intentions! You deserve comfort and warmth and a lot of happiness! I'm sorry I'm not good at this but I hope this can at least mean something to u ! <3

It does mean something, thank you.

No seriously what THE FUCK is up with dans new found confidence I love this boy so much he is so pretty everyday I wake up to new beautiful Dan pictures I am actually crying I can’t believe Dan Howell himself just decided “wow I’m going to actually just RUIN everybody on this trip” he’s just so good I love him so much I would die for Dan he really sat down and painted his nails glitter wow I’m truly in love he’s just so pretty and confident god I wish that were me


Here is the transcript from the panel only including the actual questions, for the people who cant watch / don’t have time / or who were triggered by some of the topics discussed. 

All of the personal stories have been removed, this is just the questions that the fans asked and Jack answered. Some questions were left out as i either couldn’t hear it properly or they were too complicated to write out (only one or two). Enjoy!

Fan: I wanted to know if you could speak another language?

Jack: Uh, kinda? I mean- I barely speak english, so. I speak a small bit of Irish, French, Danish, a little bit of Korean. Not very well!


Fan: I have a serious question, do you want to go to prom with me?

Jack: I was waiting for some very strong political commentary or something. Dude i’ll go to prom with you! I’m not a cheap date though. Im gonna need a limo, a dress, flowers.. Ok, sure. No problem. Hit me up. Hit me up in the DMs. Slide into them DMs man.


Fan: Do you prefer the original ghostbusters or the remake?

Jack: What do you think? It’s like- Do you like to eat pizza, or do you like to eat garbage? Does that answer your question? [laughs]


Fan: What’s your favourite song?

Jack: Im gonna have to go with the opening to Peppa Pig. It’s the best. It’s hard to top that. [snorts] [quietly sings Peppa Pig theme song]


Fan: Whats your favourite soundtrack from a game?

Jack: Oh, Jesus. See, everyone wants me to say Undertale, and that’s a good one, but i’m going to have to go with Shadow of the Colossus. And thats not just because its my favourite game ever, i think the soundtrack is really good and it really compliments that game as well. And its epic, you should work out to that soundtrack. Just like, battling titans, its amazing.


Fan: Since you don’t like Guinness, what kind of beer do you like?

Jack: See i’m like the worst irishman. I like beer but it’s like, Miller and Coors. Im so not patriotic at all. I like light beers. Im sorry everybody!


Fan: Do you like Twenty One Pilots and if so, what’s your favourite song by them?

Jack: I started off listening to their Blurry Face album- [Audience cheers] Man, thats all i have to talk about is Twenty One Pilots and then i’m good? [Audience cheers again] My favourite song from them is Lame Boy.


Fan: I wanted to know what your favourite storyline series is on the channel? Aside from Shadow of the Colossus.

Jack: Oh god, hit me with all the big questions. I don’t know, there’s a lot of good ones that i’ve played that have really good stories. My current favourite one is Night in the Woods. I love it, it’s just so weird! “Im a total trash mammal”. But probably Undertale. I’m not pandering either, i really like it.


Fan: Is there something that you wanted to try in the next year that you haven’t tried before?

Jack: Hmm, how much am i allowed to say… One thing that i want to try more of, and i’ve said this in videos, is to try and do this kind of thing in a touring fashion. To try and go around- because we always go to these events, and we always go to panels at them, but not everyone can come to this and there’s people watching at home- Hi people at home! [waves at camera] So it kind of sucks because all of these events go on in places that certain people can’t get to. So im going to try and do a thing- its not going to be anything crazy. We’re just going to try and do a thing where we go to more places and try and do more of these at different venues. Hopefully, i don’t know how that’s going to work, we need to test it out first. It could be awful. But hopefully we can get it done.


Fan: What video was the most fun for you to make?

Jack: Oh god, there’s like four million of them. I don’t know, it’s different because different things are fun for different reasons. Recording certain series- recording Shadow of the Colossus was really fun because its my favourite game, and then recording The Last Guardian was awesome because that was the sequel to that. And then recording with these guys [gestures to Mark, Ethan, etc] is awesome as well because we always laugh a lot. Different games for different reasons, certain things that- well, its more the ones that stand out to me more so the ones that are ‘fun’. It’s easy to have fun but its hard for a game to have a huge impact on you. 

So two games that come to mind that have had a huge impact on me was ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ because thats just a rollercoaster from start to finish. That and ‘The Beginners Guide’ was a big one for me. Because i remember when i finished recording that video i was like “Ok, people are going to like this. I love this, this was a good thing to record.” And it was a nice experience to share and i don’t often get to do that with games. Like its fun to do Happy Wheels and everything, but at the end of the day they all kind of blend together. These are the ones that stand out, and it’s the one that stand out and sit there for a very long time that mean the most to you. Not that they were the most fun to record, but they were the ones to kind of stay with me the longest.


Fan: Is there a game that you play that you’re not very fond of?

Jack: Ooo, good one. I don’t know, i don’t think there is. If there’s ever a game that i’m not really fond of i just don’t play it. I think that goes for a lot of people. Or if i get bored of something i usually stop playing it. Well a lot of games i don’t know what they’re going to be like until i play it. God i wish i had an example, im bad at this. What videos have i recorded?


Fan: If you were to discover a planet in outer space, what would you name that planet?

Jack: Well, Uranus is taken. So im going to have to go with Urectum.


Fan: What kept you motivated throughout your entire YouTube career even when things seemed like they would never go your way?

Jack: Its going to sound like a cop out, but literally the people who watch the videos. I know it sounds cheesy and it sounds like you’re pandering to the people, but thats the real reason. There’s always a time when you’re uploading stuff that you don’t know if its going to do well or you don’t know if people are going to like it, and sometimes it just takes off and people love it. Then there’s always the times when you feel really down and you can go into the comments or go on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter or something, and you can see people saying really nice things, or you will see them drawing fan art of the game that you’ve played or telling you their story. Like the people who have come up and said that you’ve helped them a lot, its that kind of stuff that keeps you going. 

Because it’s very easy when you’re doing YouTube to get very jaded by it, because there’s a lot of- like when you get super involved in it and you do it as your job and you’re doing it day after day all the time, its very easy for it to consume you and to make you feel a bit cynical about everything. I don’t know, like you kind of take for granted what you have. So its when you do things like this, when you meet people, when you hear their stories and you hear how much what you do means to them, even if you think its silly, that keeps you going. Because you mean a lot for other people, as much as the people mean for you when they watch your videos. It’s a very back and forth thing and i definitely think its the viewers who watch your content.


Fan: Does pineapple belong on pizza?



Fan: What do you want to say to all of the haters of pineapple on pizza out there?

Jack: Fuck you. There’s two types of people in the world, people who like pineapple on pizza, and people who are wrong [points at Mark]


Fan: When the full release [of Subnautica] comes out in May, are you going to re-do the series?

Jack: Yes. I mean, i feel like i kind of have to. Well i’ll probably skip a lot of the similar stuff like building bases and farming things [can’t hear what he said here] and whatever we haven’t seen or if stuff has changed or anything like that. I will definitely do it again, i love that game. The more Subnautica i get to play, the better. Its like the best game ever.


Fan: How is it like to make people smile every day?

Jack: It’s the best, man. Its awesome. It’s weird when you do- like i know that YouTube, what we do, people don’t consider it a job, but it is a job. And not a lot of people get to have that sort of feedback in their job or their line of work or the stuff that they like to do, or in their hobbies even. So its really cool that the stuff that we get to do that makes us happy, in turn reflects and makes other people happy, which in turn makes us happy, then it makes you happy. So its a really cool thing. I love it. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else anymore and it’s the best feeling in the world.


Fan: What’s a big goal that you want to achieve this year or in the next coming years?

Jack: Its like talking to a guidance counsellor again, like, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’. I don’t know, happy? [laughs]

Fan: It’s ok, happy is good. Stay happy!

Jack: I will try my best. As i said in the other question, i hope to do touring, and there’s other stuff that i’m trying to get done, that i can’t really say anything about and we don’t know if they’re going to happen or not so i don’t want to put stuff out there. As i said in the new years video i did, i just want to try and reach my potential or at least push past that. Because again, it’s very easy to just get complacent and just upload videos and do whatever, but you need to have that drive and that fire in you to keep going and try new things. I really want to try new things because i keep putting it off a lot of the time like, ‘oh, i have to make videos today i don’t have time for that.’ 

So i want to try and do more, and try and do bigger and better things because i always see other people do bigger and better things and its really inspiring. I want to try and reach that kind of potential as well. And i want to surprise people more than anything. I don’t want to just do the same thing over and over again and people think ‘oh its the loud, swearing Irishman.’ That’s cool, and that’s going to be on my gravestone, but i want to do more, and i want to as i said, surprise people and maybe do stuff that people thought i couldn’t do or stuff that i didn’t think i could do. I don’t know what that is, but we will find out together.


Fan: What’s it like knowing that thousands, millions of people support you in your dream even though 95% of them you’ve never met?

Jack: That is a weird thing, isn’t it? Because i always meet people and like all you guys here, a lot of you know who i am, some of you probably don’t, you probably just wandered in here, saw a crowd and was like ‘sure, whats going on in here?’ [laughs] So its really weird when you meet people and they know so much about you but you know almost nothing about them. Or maybe you know their username or their avatar and stuff like that, so i don’t know, it’s really bizarre. It’s a really surreal feeling, it’s awesome, i love that. I love that when you do YouTube you can reach so many different people, and not just world wide, there is so many people in different countries that speak languages that i had never even heard spoken, that you can see watched your video and im like, how? That kind of stuff is just so cool. I’m always fascinated by it. I don’t think i’ll ever stop being fascinated by it.


Fan: When did you and Signe meet? And how?

Jack: We actually met through Tumblr, which is really weird. Whenever i tell people that, they are kind of like ‘Oh.. i don’t know..’ Oh, we have five minutes! Ok, really fast. So, i was on Tumblr one day, and i was looking at a cool thing, and then she was like ‘hey dude wassup’ and i was like ‘yo girl wassup’ and then i was like ‘oh awesome.. thats pretty cool’ [laughs] 

No, she had drawn some stuff of me a long time ago and then we just got talking. I can’t remember what we got talking about first, i’m terrible. And then i needed- I asked her if i could use one of her pieces of art in a thumbnail for a fan game that was done, so we just kind of got talking through that. And then she was doing a livestream on her birthday, and she was drawing me in it, so i stopped in, creepily. And i just said, “Hey, you better draw me pretty.” as a joke and she said “Go fuck yourself.” so i was like [nods head] Suh dude? [laughs] Its not just some magical fairytale, i didn’t ride in on a white horse brandishing a blade. I’m such a Casanova, right?

Why You Shouldn’t Use imprecise Language When Talking To Entities

[updated] This is extremely important, and I don’t see this point expanded upon enough. So here it goes;

imprecise language is an all around bad idea. You should always speak as plainly as possible when talking to entities. People often bring the symbolism of our society and use it to sound cooler, smarter, and all around better when doing witchery. The people who hear your statements are usually not from our society, and have no grasp on the meaning you’re trying to get across. It causes misunderstandings that can have disastrous results. 

Heres an example of what i’m talking about:
Lets say im a new witch looking for a deity to worship. Having a deity is something I really want and I’m extremely passionate about it. I send out a calling for a good deity to come and give me a sign that they want me to worship them. “good” is just a too plain word for me to use, I mean, i’m calling upon a god(or goddess) afterall! “I wish for a god of the light to come and give me a sign!” I say. WAIT, queue record scratch and freeze frame! I used phrasing that me and my peers would understand(”a god of the light”), but “the light” does not nessecarily mean “benevolence”. Guess who would qualify as a god of the light? Lucifer is who. Having lucifer try to contact you could be extremely upsetting for someone who doesn’t want to associate with lucifer.

Another example would be if I was banishing evil spirits from my home. If I used the phrasing “Spirits of the shadows, leave this household!” instead of “Spirits who wish me harm, leave this household!” I would have, you guessed it, my house almost just as it was before. Spirits of the shadows could mean any nocturnal creature, and wouldn’t necessarily cover malicious spirits at all. See where i’m going with this?

TL;DR: Speak plainly when talking to deities, spirits, and other non-human entities

- Mod Faye


jparkitrighthere: Thank You for all the Bday wishes from everyone 🙏🙏 will continue trying to progress in everyone aspect and help my ppls progress as well inspire motivate love laugh sweat create listen dream and all that good shit 💪💪😤😤 its not about each year with me. Im trying to make sure i do something great with my life and i hope everyone does or aspires to do something great with theirs🙏🙏🙏생일축하해주신모든분들감사합니다 복많이받고 성공하고 행복하세요 💯💯 #aomg #h1ghrmusic#followthemovement 😍😍

Just a coffee drarrble

I’m sure at some point our precious high strung over achiever Draco Malfoy would decide he drinks too much coffee, or black tea, as it were. I can see Harry and him at the ministry, and he’s losing his cool a little on someone and talking about how he just has too much to get done and he’s losing his mind etc. and unfortunately Harry Potter is there to overhear this.
“Sounds like you need to lay off the caffeine, mate.”
“Oh, you and your brilliant ideas again! Tell me Mr. Potter, and just how am I suppose to get my business taken care of if I’m falling asleep?”
Harry shrugs and walks away but then Draco decides the idiot is probably right. Which he uses as a conversation piece next time he crosses paths with Auror Potter, because even though he can’t stand the man he also for some reason can’t pass up any opportunity to talk to him or harass him. So he casually mentions he’s giving up caffeinated beverages.
“You might be right about that, Potter. Perhaps it is time to uh, cut back.”
“Good luck. It’s not the easiest thing. I could never do it when I was in the field. Those all night hours are too crazy.”
Draco probably says something exaggerated here like:
I HAVE A WILL OF PURE IRON! and they go their ways.
And every day he sees Potter he teases Draco. “Given up yet, Malfoy?”
“You wish,” he says responsively although the phrase triggers some long distant memory.
Things go alright for a bit but eventually one afternoon when Draco is dragging through his day he just decides FUCK IT IM THE MASTER OF MY OWN DESTINY IM DRINKING A COFFEE. He’s sitting at this coffee shop and of course Harry Bloody Potter walks in. So he now has a few options. He could chug the whole cup of coffee, he could spell it to look like something else, or he could admit in front of Harry Potter that he caved in. The third one isn’t a real option, so he chugs half his drink and then vanishes the remainder just before Potter walks over. Potter who just cast multiple glances his way, who looks oddly nervous. Potter who was messing with the back of his hair while he ordered at the counter and standing there fidgeting before he eventually approached him.
“Heya Draco.” It’s a weird opening for Potter to use but Draco is more concerned with how the bottom of his cup looks like it had coffee in it and is going to give him away to notice that Potter is acting oddly.
“Mind if I er-”
“Please. I’ve vanish-uh finished my drink.
"You look nice today-”
“I was just about to go anyway,” Draco plows on not even noticing what
Potter just said.
“Oh.” The man sounds disappointed.
He’s not going to catch Draco off guard, Draco chuckles inwardly at his own slyness before he scoops up his mug to put in the bin for dirty dishes.
“Good day, Potter.”
“Uh yeah ok, um catch you later, Malfoy.”
Draco gets halfway down the street, feeling the jitters of caffeine deliciously start to kick in before he stops dead. Did Potter just tell him he looked nice?!!?

And that’s how Draco Malfoy missed one of Harry Potter’s many subtle moves on him.


(le prompt) (soulmate au)


words: 1k

for @fuckthewaveringwood and @glitterytrashhh who wanted me to write it (thank you) :D

itd been years since i defeated the humdrum, since i left watford, and since i moved in with penny. most importantly, itd been years since id had to deal with baz. 

i was finally about to turn 21, and i cant wait to see who’s body i wake up in. the whole idea of switching bodies with my soulmate still freaks me out, but i cant help but pray i end up in my boyfriends flat (i did a lot of figuring out after watford). even if it means an awkward encounter with his mysterious, barely-there flatmate. 

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lance hc’s

welcome to my twisted mind

is trans

has a blue binder trust me on this its blue

hunk bought him his first one bc lance didnt have enough money on the visa card he bought

(they both cried)

one time lance and pidge watched ghost adventures until 3 AM space time and when they were doing Important Voltron Things one of them wld say a random zak bagans quote

  • on a nice pretty planet thats harboring galra troops
  • “we’re not here for beauty, we’re here for darkness” “lance please shut up”

keeps a diary so that he can accurately tell his family about space if when he gets back, he wldnt want his sibs to hear the Wrong Space Information hes a good sibling

favorite artist is cascada, listens to evacuate the dancefloor at least one time everyday to Keep Him Pumped

“hunk i don’t want to get up” “if you get up i’ll make space pancakes”

“haha guys remember when i almost died? wild.”

actually a good planner? its canon yall

  • “okay so we need to stick together and we’ll-” “uh yeah no. literally the entire universe knows what we look like? and sure it makes sense to stick together if we all want to get recognized and reported to the galra. remember them?? yah so lets split up and stay on the comms dont get wrekt”

“pidge what the fuck even is the midwest, is it real? i don’t think it’s real.” “lance im from iowa, i’m real.” “okay but are you? has anyone actually seen you in daylight?”

“keith why are your hands so clammy take off the fucking fingerless gloves youre not edgy.”

“coran what would happen if i shoved all of keiths stuff into the airlock” “at the rate we’re going, i’d assume they’d be torn to shreds!” “well uh…. good thing i didn’t do that… haha.”

got stuck in blue for 6 hours bc the seatbelt got stuck and he didnt want to tell anyone so he just stayed in there and tugged on it.

  • “i thought you died” “god i wish i did”

one time his foot fell asleep in the middle of a battle, it was the worst moment of his life

  • shiro: lance get back in alignment
  • lance: i cant, i cant feel my leg
  • shiro: OH MY GOD did something happen?? were you hit??
  • lance: nah my foots asleep. also i got shot? i can’t feel it but it’s definitely there and im definitely in shock right now”

shiro and lance bond over their near death moments, they have a club, sometimes they let allura join. they meet once a week.

aestheniaa  asked:

Hi so my grades are kinda slipping... and I would appreciate some advice. (I'm in high school and I struggle with anxiety so approaching my teachers is really hard for me) Any tips on raising grades, turning things on time (and actually finishing it without getting distracted) and studying (especially for difficult subjects)

hi there, i’m really sorry to hear that. i completely understand what you’re going through as i am honestly terrible at staying on task, studying, and being productive. while im not sure if i am the best person to give advice on this aspect, being the disorganised person i am, but i have some strategies that help me get through.

  • the most important thing is: get started!! this is honestly the hardest part but a lot of my anxiety comes from my huge workload, that i tend to not start until the last minute (which i naturally regret every single time). i know this is much easier said than done but even if you focus on getting a little something done, it’s always better than avoiding it. tell yourself you are going to have to get it done sooner or later, and no matter how tempting it is to choose “later”, you need to make the better choice for future you.
    • do whatever you can to get yourself in action and get the ball rolling. this is something i suck at. what i do is set my timer for 10-20 minutes and tell myself that i will do nothing but work during this time. if i successfully do that, i can take a break of 5-10 minutes and time this as well, before getting back to work again. 
  • forget all the extra stuff! let go of any preassumed expectations of what your study and work should look like. this will only discourage you to begin. 90% of my studying is actually a huGE mess of rushed notes and 3am cramming. 
    • start with the bare minimum! don’t begin with unrealistic expectations for yourself. once you have done the basic things, you will have accomplished what was necessary, and then you can strive to build on what you have, improve, and keep the momentum going.
  • and lastly, don’t be too harsh on yourself. especially with adhd, i’ve kind of just accepted that i won’t be the perfect, most consistent, student that i can dream of being as easily as it seems (keyword: seems) like it is for others. and although this doesn’t mean i dont constantly strive for progress and improvement, this just simply means that i try not to beat myself up when i get a low grade, or when i dont focus for as long as i want to. 
    • we are all simply human. that is all we can ever be, and part of that is failing, making mistakes, and not always reaching the expectations of ourselves and others. but the most important thing is to not let that detract from ALL the time and effort we have invested, or let that discourage you.
    • don’t forget to reward yourself for small victories! baby steps are what makes up massive achievements. dont ever diminish your efforts.
  • for difficult subjects, recognise that you are going to have to put in effort to do better. nothing else will get you there. i don’t know what subjects you are struggling with so i cant give specific tips, but its important to understand that for some subjects you will have to invest more time, effort, and energy to do well in them. for me, this is math and i am aware of the fact that i have to do tons of practice in order to reach average.
  • i feel you with the teacher anxiety. i think its important to remind yourself that teachers are there to help you, and try to rationalise with yourself that nothing horrible is going to happen just by asking for some help, whether it be clarification on a topic, or for an extension if you genuinely need it. at the end of the day they are human too and hopefully they will understand if you try to explain your situation genuinely. 
    • set yourself some small objectives regarding teacher interaction, i.e. raising your hand to ask a question during class, or staying back to ask about something you don’t understand (this sometimes help me with anxiety because not everyone is listening.) 
    • teachers will appreciate the extra effort you put in and hopefully you’ll slowly be able to overcome the difficulty of approaching teachers, as well as establish better relationships with teachers

i will now end with a quote by jake from adventure time: “sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.”

this is just what i have at the top of my mind right now. i don’t know if it’ll help you too much but i hope it addresses at least some of your issues. i wish you all the best of luck with everything. let me know how it goes :) 

Just another otayuri date
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Yurio:</b> Sorry for my delay, Mila just hid all my clothes and forced me to wear hers (that was a lie, though, Yurio borrowed Mila's clothes because he wanted to.) <p/><b></b> *Otabek looks at Yurio, so cute and good looking in Mila's clothes*<p/><b>Outside Otabek:</b> No problem. You look great. <p/><b>Inside Otabek:</b> THANK YOU GODDESS FOR THIS HEAVEN'S VISION *nose bleeds* <p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

re: spirit riding free i feel like they could have reduced a lot of backlash by establishing in their promos that the protags horse is NOT spirit stallion of the cimarron, but the son of spirit and rain. im personally not a big fan of how its an entirely different story shuffled under spirit’s name, but they most likely kept the design and name of the new spirit so identical because there wouldnt be anything else otherwise that ties the series to its original source. 

as it is spirit jr’s design is kind of disappointing in the sense that its not different enough from spirit to indicate that hes a different horse, but its different enough that people suspect that theyre messing around with the original spirits design in ways that seem almost unfaithful and arbitrary, like removing his dorsal stripe + giving him a blaze. it might lose them some of that Brand Recognition that comes with the original spirit, but i wish theyd have given spirit jr a different name, or even a design that more openly communicated that he was spirit and rains son, ex. (and this is a really loose example)

i dont think the show looks inherently bad, but just not good in the context of what the original spirit was and what it represented. the existence of this show doesnt corrupt or damage the integrity of the original for me – theyre separate things. but in the very least im a little bummed that they had the opportunity to make a spinoff show off of something i really loved as a kid, but didnt use it to make something that even resembles the movie at all


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The Sacrificial Table Scene - Chapter 16   Archive of Our Own
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This is the moment we have all been waiting for… The Sacrificial Table Scene.

Happy Good Friday!

I want to dedicate this chapter to my AMAZING beta @izzyisozaki… With out you… this would NEVER be!  This is for you honey!  <3

The love I have gotten recently from this story is so overwhelming and I just sometimes don’t have the words to express how much it means to me… The arts, the recs, the emails, the IMs, the messages… When I started writing this, I never thought I would write something that could pull people the way this has… It has me so emotional and I wish I could thank everyone properly!

I have gotten some great art this week! One at the end of this chapter but the amazing evermoredeath - I am going through other pieces gifted to me and will add them to the chapters they match up too!

I am just hoping I did this chapter good enough for you!  It ‘is’ truly what we have wanted for the longest time!!!

Art done by @evermoredeath

I heard you fixed your car and
i wasn’t expecting to hear about you at all so
it threw me off for a second and when I say a second I mean
im still thinking about the things you promised we’d do in that car,
like your words really ever meant something more, something honest.
i don’t care that you never planned on any of it I just wish you could’ve worn a sign that said
at least then the idea of it would be out of my head by now
and I wouldn’t still have dreams about us being more than what we weren’t.
—  it’s funny because I’m still writing poems and you probably forgot I existed– lily rain
on the topic of morals in “moana”

someone’s probably already said something along these lines but

i just wanna say how much i love the morals in moana?? not even the main one of “ follow what calls you and you’ll find what really makes you happy” but the one from the beginning of the movie as well

its an unpopular moral cause every kids movie is all about “you can do anything you put your mind to” and “do whatever makes you happy” but the moral presented in the first 10 minutes of the movie really spoke to me

that message of “even though you may want to do this, you cant always do what you want so you should focus first on finding happiness in your current situation” is so fantastic and let me explain why

all through your childhood you’re told you can do anything you put your mind to, but it’s clearer when you grow up that it’s not as easy as that, that making your dreams reality takes A LOT more work (another very good moral thats actually present in “princess and the frog”) and sometimes people dont have the money, resources or even just the motivation / health to do the things it takes to make your dream possible

so that message that “moana” gives in the first 10 minutes may be unpopular but i love it; when you can’t do the things you’ve wanted and wished for, there’s no point in being bitter or miserable, and its more beneficial to you to look for the good things right where you are instead of trying to accomplish something that may be currently out of your reach

idk, that might just be me

tldr; moana is a fantastic movie with a lot of really good morals even tho some may be unpopular and i……..love  this movie………

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Hey cutie! Wish you good luck with your blog Im sure it will go well! I loved your scenario tbh i just wanted to say that ^^ also if Its not a problem and if you have the time, can you write a scenario with Mafia!Dazai and his s/o fighting for something and then making up and maybe make out :3 Thank you so much for your time and again good luck with your blog! ♡♡ (Im already getting notifications about your posts tho)

Hello dear!♡ I wanna thank you so much for your kind words. I didn’t expect anyone to have notifications on when I post *casually hugs*

It wasn’t anything new that Dazai flirted with another woman. After all, it also was a part of his job, but this time it went too far.
You went to a small event that the mafia hosted.

The way he stroked her knuckles, sent her that sweet smile you loved so much. Jealousy built up within you and all you could do was squeeze the glass of liquor in your hands till it broke and the shards mercilessly dug into your sensitive flesh.
The breaking sound of glass seemed to snap Dazai’s attention back to you - where it belonged to. Having a slight clue what the reason for breaking the glass was, a sigh left Dazai’s lips.

“You do know that I don’t mean it, right?”

With your lips tightly pressed together, you tried not to reply, but your sharp tongue didn’t know any limits when you spilled your feelings to your mafioso-ish lover.
“What would you feel like if I flirted with any existing man, Dazai?!” You raised your voice, not caring about all the attention you attracted nor about your bleeding hand.
“Even if it’s for work, do you really think it’s pleasant watching you?! Ugh..”
You pinched the bridge of your nose, not wanting to look in Dazai’s eyes since you knew how dark they had to be.

“Others would die to be in your place. It’s only for the mafia, [Name].” Dazai felt like he drove against a brick wall (which was very likely if he drove). He knew about your little disagreement to make contacts by flirting with women, but never had Dazai seen you..jealous and so angry.
Your bangs threw a shadow over your eyes as the first sentence of Dazai echoed in your mind.

“So..I’m only one of many, huh?”
Not wanting to hear Dazai’s voice or see that man, you slammed some money on the table and left the fancy event alone.

Honey brown orbs looked at their owner’s own little glass of liquor. Yes, Dazai was aware of your jealousy each time he complimented and flirted with another woman. However, he didn’t expect you to snap that day.
“Looks like you messed up pretty bad, huh?”
It was Odasaku, one of Dazai’s very few and closest friends. The blue-eyed male took the seat where you sat just a few minutes ago. Odasaku knew how to knock some sense into Dazai without upsetting his best friend.
“It’s not my fault!” Dazai tried defending himself even though he already knew he had to apologize some time later.


It was already late at night when Dazai came home. To his surprise and relief, he found you waiting on the couch. The mafia executive expected you to be long gone, but there you were, eyes sparkling and lips quivering as you told him that you were sorry for leashing out on him.
“Dazai! I’m so sorry!” You muttered, stood up and stumbled over to the slightly confused brunette. Cologne hitting your nose, you wrapped your arms around Dazai’s torso.
Bandaged arms found their way around your waist and pulled you flush against the one you loved to pieces.

“Look at me, [Name].”

Should you really look at him?
What if Dazai was angry and wanted to break up? Or what if he only came home to tell you he had found another, better woman?
You were scared of looking into Dazai’s orbs, but his hands cupping your cheeks made you do so.
What you saw was affection and love towards you.

“I’ll talk about that issue with the boss, alright?” Voice smooth as silk and his touch being so soft and soothing, you leaned into Dazai’s warm, large hands. Happiness filled every inch of your being; so Dazai would stay with you and by your side.
“Thank you, Dazai..” Mumbling and blushing, you wanted to place a quick kiss on Dazai’s slightly chapped lips, but what you got was something much deeper.

Dazai knew it was wrong of him to flirt with women around you and he’d make sure that you knew that you were the only one on his mind and body.
Turning an innocent kiss into something more heated, Dazai kept his one hand on your butt and the other one around your waist. You lightly grasped the collar of the dress shirt while your lips moved in perfect sync with Dazai’s. “Ngh..D-Dazai..~”

Stumbling over to the couch with you, Dazai hovered over you; his hands roaming your body while his lips were busy kissing your neck.

“Let me show you what I can do when we take things slow..”

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Would you do a Tyki/Allen reclist?? <333

YES, i certainly WILL HAHA

if you know me then you know i love my tykillens 100% consensual and thats. That’s a bit tough, cause not many in the fandom seem to agree with me lol.  it’s a bit of a wasteland in ao3 not gonna lie but the tag there has recently been blessed, and I’ll dig out some old gold too <3

Honestly it’s uh. It’s probably gonna be easiest to organise this by authors and then I’ll like. Pick a couple of my favourites from each of them, and link a few randoms i like at the end. 

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