i wish i was born in the 80s

Ok, have a seat, this is gonna take a while. I’ll try to be brief. I’m sorry but I’m salty af, I couldn’t keep this to myself even though I tried.

As you can tell by my bio and my headcanons, and my posts, reblogs and so on, my OTP is byeler. Wihich means I strongly believe Will Byers is gay. But, hey! This is not nsfw content; it just means I believe he wants to hold another boy’s hands, and hey! This is totally fine, in case no one has told you.

I’ve read in the past few days a couple of mean comments over what I believe about Will Byers’ sexuality, None of them were directly for me, actually one of those were an answer to another person’s post, but this is bothering me so much, I couldn’t just look away from this.

Let’s do it by parts. First of all, Will had an awful life so far and he’s only 12, I know, right???!!! But this is not a fucking reason for him not to be gay. Because being gay is not a fucking problem, it’s not something gross, it’s not something disgusting. Being gay is the same thing as being hetero. Yeah, he would suffer homophobia, but let’s talk about that later this post.

Second, no, he’s not too young to “decide” (???????) whether he’s gay or not: by saying this, you’re taking as reality that the “normal” is being hetero, and being gay is a choice, it’s not a fucking choice, not even close. We are born like this, and saying this you’re accepting a therapy could make us hetero by choice again as well. No. And the last argument I’m using here: why any of you (people that are making Will’s sexuality something huge) has said “Isn’t Eleven too young to decide if she likes boys or girls”? I’m not putting into question if the kiss between her and Mike was right or wrong, this is not my point, in fact, I think it was right by the flow of the story. What I’m trying to say is: why hetero kids don’t have their sexuality seen as inauthentic? Why people say it’s too early when it comes to queer people, queer children?

And now, let’s talk about homophobia. I received an answer in a post that I made about Will facing homophobia and being disgusted with himself, but only when he’s with Mike, he realizes he has never felt something so right in his life. This answer said something like “it always comes to homophobia around here”. Yeah, it does. I’m having this headcanon of Will being gay truly knowing he will struggle with homophobia. How am I supposed to pretend he’s not going to face it? I could make a poll to know if any homosexual person here hasn’t suffered with it, but I already see that when I read someone complaining about making a 12 years-old boy gay. “Why does he have to be gay?” I’ll follow up by saying: Why not? Homophobia has become something unavoidable, so, yeah, I want him to pass through this, to show that queer kiddos can pass through this as well, even though it happens in the 80′s, and it’s hard as fuck, I wish I could see Will being sassy dealing with this.

Dear queer kid, I see you. I see the way you’re trying to pretend to be what your parents say it’s normal, I see the way you zap through the channels trying to find someone just like you on TV, and you hate movies like ‘Little Manhattan’, because you’re not like them, you’ll never be. I see you because I was once a queer kid too, I was born like this, and nothing will ever change me, or you.

These children that struggle with being sinful, wrong: They are the reason I believe in Will Byers’ homosexuality, because there’s nothing wrong if you’re dividing your cookies with a same gender person as you and you feel like holding this person’s hand. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. And that’s the first step to accept that there are children out there that since the day they were born, they don’t feel comfortable with the gender they were born with. There are children out there that don’t want to kiss or hold hands with other people at all. And y’all should just get over it.

(Imagine if I told you I have this headcanon Barb Holland is Assexual just like me. You’d probably freak out.)

Stay safe. Love you all.

All the hubbub about Ready Player One got me looking into who Ernest Cline is. I read all of his poems on his website, his bio, and caught some snippets of the book.

I honestly can’t believe people liked Ready Player One. There is nothing to his work but empty references that amount to “Hey, remember that thing?” and just jerking off to how great the 80′s were. There is nothing more this dude or his work than just references to the 80′s.

It’s like Big Bang Theory, but whereas that show is just made to cash in on a fad, this shit is made with sincerity, and that somehow makes it worse.

The very first line in the trailer for the movie is “I was born in 2025, but I wish I grew up in the 80′s” and I cannot fucking believe that anyone wrote that and it wasn’t a parody or satire. Fucking move on, dude.

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I really hate this generation it makes me cry that I was born in a generation that is so obsessed with phones, here I am typing this with my phone. I wish I was able to grow up in the 80s or something. I fucking hate this generation so much I wish I could just leave and it also makes me cry that classic rock is pretty much dying. Nobody gives a fuck or listens to it. Tom Petty’s dead. I’m so angry at this generation I can’t fuckig stand this shit why is it now and here I wantd

I don’t like this generation either


Taehyung x 80s Neon Aesthetic
Cr. @btslocksbae on Twitter for the Tae pic 🙏🏼

“If you’re gonna be this cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules”

I’m a sucker for anything vintage and retro and basically anything from before I was born (‘01) 😩💕

- Admin HeeMang

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The fact that people born 2000 will turn 18 next year just blows my mind. I really wish time didn't so fast. Like I'm scared I will be 50 and be like "what have I done with my life"

Well, since it sounds like you’re in my boat you might as well grab a paddle. Unless you plan to change that route very soon 😂 I’ve heard kids speed up your life and “suddenly you’re 80 and wonder where time went!!” That’s partly why I’ve decided not to have little minime polluters; I’m gonna grow older doing exactly what I want to do - take care of cats cast aside, get tons of tats and stock up on gig-memories and just enjoy life the best I can! It’s the least I can do for this overpopulated globe of ours.

Robert Smith (aka My Father) once said, “I objected to being born, and I refuse to impose life on someone else.” I was honestly perplexed to hear he’s been sitting inside my brain, but then again I’m just positively sure he actually did have a ghost child and that child is me, he’s just not aware of it. Yet. x

Wu Yi Fan Kris for Grazia magazine Issue 221

It feels like for the past year your focus has been on filming movies. Do you have any plans music-wise?
Still continuing [on this path]. I’ve written songs. As for new plans I’ll have to look at the amount of time I have to schedule them… Actually I don’t know what to say because I’m not sure myself, haha.

On the topic of music, what’s the sentence that immediately comes to mind?
I have no idea… because my reaction is kinda slow, perhaps I may not even have thought of anything.

What’s something that made you happy recently?
Coming to Paris, eating escargot at a restaurant, when bread is dipped into the [escargot] sauce, it’s too delicious! Have you tried it before? (Grazia: You seem to be a foodie) Yes! The sauce tastes a little like Chinese vegetables, even though I lived abroad for a long time but I have an appetite for Chinese food. At that time when I took the first mouthful, I was surprised. Wow! Or was it the bread?

Do you still play basketball?
At times I would play very hard, if I’m not working, once every two or three days.

When playing basketball, what do you aim for?
When I’m playing basketball I should concentrate on it to play well, what do I think of? Enjoying the exercise.

How do you spend your off days?
Right now? No one call me, let me sleep.

Do you think that your outfit today is largely influenced by Hallyu (Korean) trends?
It’s more of American style, because I like hip hop music, I pay more attention to American and European trends.

You still have your fake tattoos from fashion week on today.
I really like tattoos, they are very artistic. (Grazia: Would you try them?) Right now I’m an actor so it isn’t really convenient. If I was not working in this industry I would probably have a whole body of tattoos.  (Grazia: What kind of tattoos do you like?) Don’t like those huge ones. Those with words, or meaningful phrases and small pictures.

What’s your shopping style like?
Very quick. Not much hesitation.

Actually, does speaking stress you out?
Speaking? No. Why do you ask?

We saw an interview where you were asked what was the most troubling question you received, and you said all.
Didn’t you see that I was joking? (Grazia: No) When you understand, you will come to know that I’m 4D. If it’s not something that I wish to say, why would I still reply. I’m cracking a very lame joke. Don’t you think that I have quite a lot to say?

Yes…Then will you usually have heartfelt talks with others?
Ah, today all that I’ve talked with you is heartfelt, it’s all what I intend to say. If by heartfelt you are referring to thing(s) that trouble me, then I’m a person without troubles.

What do you think of the “post-90s” label on you? Does it hold any meaning to you?
It’s to differentiate myself from post-80s [generation] people like you guys. Hahahaha. No. I’m actually [born] post-90s. This is a beginning, everyone let’s work hard together.

translation: @wu_yi_fan


My treasure: March 9, 1993, 21 years ago (22 in Korea), was borning the person who I consider the most perfect of all so far (i look like a owl mother ok). Even with all the flaws that every human being has, to me he still remains the most perfect and flawless human being of all galaxies. Being like this, he makes me wanna put him on the most highest pedestal and love him so much that sometimes I think my heart is going to explode.

Intelligent, beautiful, kind, cute, life ruiner, funny, idiot, talented, all this is not enough to describe Min Yoongi. I do not remember how I felt when I learned of his existence, 9 months ago, but now I just need to look at a picture of him that I feel the happiest person in the world, seriously. He has a strong jaw and a beautiful mouth that seems to have been designed with attention on the smallest details. I guess I’m just in love with everything in this guy, tongue-tied, the squinty little eyes, the folds of the eyelids, his ridiculous dances that cause me shame others and especially the way he smiles with he cute teeths.

When the thing with B-Free came, Yoongi acted with so maturely and this was totally awesome, less the part that he says that he passed hungry; it’s horrible have to imagine a person that you love with needs. Also have the appendicitis things that have happened with Yoongi. While he has not recovered from since I almost died with worry and distress, because he lives in the other side of the world (not the other side of the world London, the other side of the world South Korea). I could barely sleep and eat because it was very nervous thinking about how Yoongi was feeling, if he was sleeping well, eating well, and feeling pain or not. And I cried and cried and cried and I’m not even ashamed to speak. Because besides being my idol, above all, he is a person I love very much and I captive like I do with all the members of BTS and persons that I care.

Yoongi is totally enchanting; I wish that I could protect him of all the bad things of this world. He took over my life in some inexplicable way, and I do not regret about loving and support him every day. Sometimes I think “oh, I’ll go to BTS’s twitter, Yoongi should posted a selca” and kind, he posted 15 minutes ago. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, out of nowhere to check BTS’s twitter and again, he just posted a selca.

This telepathy (kekekeke) scares me. So, he is my precious baby. This is the first anniversary of him that I’m “celebrating” and I’m very happy, heeeelp. I wish I could hug him tight and personally say how grateful I am because he was born (ignore this). I want him to enjoy the day of today because you know, it’s her day. Happy Birthday Lapper Man, you ruined my life but you know I like that. Be very happy and live over 80 years so I can make fun of your face hehe. Happy birthday baby, I love you.

“Reylo is a terrible ship for young girls to be watching”

Listen listen listen

My obsession of bad guys and hero shipping STARTED when I was a young girl. Yes, technically Gaston is the bad guy but I still shipped a GIGANTIC MONSTER with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAIDEN. (We even came out in the same year, it’s fate).

I have brothers born in the 70s and 80s so we watched the Labyrinth a lot when I was younger. I remember holding my breath watching them dancing wishing I was her dancing with the Goblin King.

I was also really into mythology when I was a kid. Every year we would go to an amusement park called “Mount Olympus.” It inspired me, at a young age, to look Into it more. I was too obsessed with Hades to move onto any other god. Can you guess why? (Also Hades is the best roller coaster It GOES UNDERGROUND).

And don’t get me started on Phantom/Christine. My mom and I were hard core for this show FOREVER. I knew Raoul was the better option and if I were in her case I would have chosen him, but did that stop me from shipping the evil disfigured man with the beautiful woman he was in love with? Absolutely not.

HELL even the Star Wars ships shaped this from me. I mean we had Anakin who we KNOW how he’s going to end up with the beautiful political firecracker. They are why I started going so hard for Star Wars. And Princess Leia with a scoundrel like Han. perfect!

Even the freaking Music Man has this dynamic! You can’t tell me that you don’t want the charming con man to end up with the lonely madam librarian.

I did have regular ships growing up too. I shipped Aladdin with Jasmine and Hermione with Ron, but the ones that stick with me are the ones with conflict. The ones who had to overcome morals because they loved each other. Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t end up together WHICH IS GREAT TOO. Breaks my heart BUT GREAT!!!

Now, I am not saying that this makes them OK to ship and they are a perfect ship for young audiences. That they are going to seek this relationship out for themselves. I am just saying that being opposed to this kind of ship won’t stop them from shipping it and others like it.

If this movie came out when I was 8 or 9, I would ABSOLUTELY still be into it. The minute he carried her bridal style I would have thought “ohhhhhhhhhh!” And when he asked to be her teacher I would have totally shipped it. They would have reminded me of my other favorite ships so I would have liked them.

You can’t stop people from shipping what they are into. I mean did I ask to be into a Goblin King and a girl who didn’t want to babysit? No. But that was what I liked to watch. Reylo is just another example of my favorite dynamic that I have enjoyed since I was a young girl.

i just wish i was born in some other generation, in some cherry pie world where i could run as far and wide as the ocean and bicycle through the blue mountains and fall in love beneath waterfalls, real life is just so limiting and if there isn’t this there’s always that and why would you wanna pursue a career that isn’t practical anyway and you can’t just spend all day chasing daisies. i wish i could float into another age and witness the rise and harrowing fall of an empire, be the messiah in her violet dress, singing of death and desires, i wish it was the 80’s again and we were trading ghost stories in your grandmother’s lakeside home (with the fat tabby cat and the frayed hammock and a porch that exhales sunlight), i want to wear overalls and braid my hair and feed the ducks by the water as the record player whispers classics to me and watch a sky yet uneaten by the smog and maybe fall into a black-and-white movie.

The Story Behind the Tweet: in a secret session taylorswift was talking about her ‘1989’ song 'I Wish You Would’. She said that because of the fact that she was born in 1989 and in she wants the album to sound like late 80’s pop, she decided to make this song one of the most 80’s sounding songs on the album. “I’ve always loved 80’s movies, you know like John Hughes?” Taylor had said, at which I squealed and said “yes!” Because I love all his movies and she looked at me and said “I know right!’. She then proceeded to say that because of the cool vibes that she got from those music she decided to incorporate that into this song. Awesome.