i wish i was at a party

Happy Birthday

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It’s your birthday and Zico wants to celebrate 

(Requested) | word count; 1,172

Zico x Reader - F

a/n this was fun to write since it’s my birthday soon, haha (3rd dec;))

As a kid birthdays were the best thing ever, an occasion you’d be more than happy to celebrate every single day, but now, you didn’t really care. It was a day just like any other except you were a year older, no one wanted to celebrate becoming old, no one, except your boyfriend Zico.

Zico was adamant about getting you to throw a party, he did everything to persuade you from telling you to think about all the presents you’ll get to ‘there’ll be food just for you’. After a week of trying to persuade you, you finally gave in, still, you weren’t too keen on the idea and only did it to make your boyfriend happy and leave you alone.

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I know I missed your brother’s graduation, your mom’s birthday and your promotion party and I wish I could have been there but I guess I’ll have to settle for the Facebook pictures.
—  Things I realized when I admitted that I’m not over you, part VI

Stranger Things Season 3 wishlist:

•Will Byers has a good day.

•Will gains powers like El somehow but not through experimentation. He can control the Upside Down or something like that.

•Mike and El develop a telepathic connection. They hang out in the void to get away from Hopper.

•Lots of Jopper and Jancy

•Have a season take place in the summer or spring for once. Maybe the end of the party’s freshman year some the kids are growing up so fast.

•As much as I hate it, Karen Wheeler and Billy get together. Ted and Karen get a divorce.

•Holly is included for once.

•Steve and Khali form a friendship and then eventually date.

•Will is gay. He just casually comes out to them. Dustin: *complains about girls*

Will: I wish I liked girls.

The party just accepts it. Some people disapprove bc it’s the 80’s in the Midwest.

•Steve stays in Hawkins to look after his kids.

•El beats up bullies for the party.

•El and Max become BFFs.

•Joyce and Hopper move in together.

•Brenner returns and Hopper and Mike kick his ass.

•Expirements 1-7 and 9 and 10 are revealed.

•A musical episode bc why not.

•Dustin dates a girl who people think is way out of his league. The girl is as big of a nerd as him. She’s probably a cheerleader or something.

•Dustin wears his hair like Steve (his hair at the snowball) everyday.

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anonymous asked:

No clue if I'm late to the party but I saw all the birthday wishes and just wanted to say I hope you have an amazing birthday, don't know how old you're turning but I hope this is gonna be a great year for you!

Nope! You’re perfectly on time! My birthday is today and thank you so much for the happy wishes! 💜

catherinejade04  asked:

ive seen so many people hate on kali because she killed people, but el did too. why is no one talking about that? oh i know, because she’s white and a main character.

it took me a while to answer this ask because… it’s a little more complicated than that. i mean, i’m sure el did what she did with the intent to kill but she was also uh protecting herself from further lab stuff (when she killed those guys in the lab) and then of course she was protecting the rest of the party bc she thought THEY were gonna kill her

what kali is doing is deliberate murder against the people who have hurt her in the past. like, it’s obvious she’s gone through severe trauma and wasn’t able to get the help she needed when she was young so she feels like this is the only path she has so i can’t even blame her for killing people. it makes sense with her character arc. but i hope in s3, more options can be explored for her

i do agree that people are needlessly hating kali for killing like…. if you consider her backstory and how she’s been living, it makes sense. you don’t have to like her but!!! yeah


Happy one year to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

And congrats to the Shipwrecked Comedy team, thanks for an awesome year!

I wish i could go to the party upstairs and steal some food but I look like someones alcoholic dad and dont blend in with other young people


Summary: Punk!Phil introduces pastel!Dan to his friends, and he has a great reception. (thanks for the internet dating/meeting of friends prompt from an anon!)

Genre: sin

Word Count: 4.1k

Includes: voyeurism (truth or dare style!), praisekink!dan, short!dan, online relationship/meeting for the first time, and a bit of spooning at the end for an anon who wanted it

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