i wish i was alice :c


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A - age: 24

B - biggest fear: spiders

C - current time: 12:47 - GMT +1 I think 

D - drink you had last: fanta

E - every day starts with: wondering which year it is 

F - favorite song: How Far I’ll Go - Moana

G - ghosts, are they real: Fuck yes they are

H - hometown: Gouda, Zuid-Holland

I - in love with: Only crushes, no love.

J - jealous of: cats - like fuckers can sleep all day and whatever

K - killed someone: I wish. Oh how I wish. 

L - last time you cried: Few weeks ago? Can’t remember, don’t care

M - middle name: Sultana

N - number of siblings: One older half brother - that I know of - one baby stepbrother. 

O - one wish: To be rich one day so I can do what I want and help others

P - person you last called/texted: @redfrohoe

Q - question you’re always asked: Where are you from?

S - song last sang: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

T - time you woke up: 7-8am I think.

U - underwear color: grey

V - vacation destination: Going to Rome soon 

W - worst habit: Overthinking things

X - x-rays: arm, chest and back.

Y - your favorite food: ramen

Z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius 

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A - Age: 19!!

B - Birthplace: usa

C - Current Time: 11:20 am

D - Drink You Last Had: water 

E - Easiest Person To Talk To: probably my friends from high school

F - Favourite Song: Red - Pieces

H - Horror Yes or Horror: I LovE HORROR

I - In Love: boys suck aSS so 

J - Jealous of People: eh

K - Killed Someone: why

L - Love At First Sight: no 

M - Middle Name: alice

N - Number of Siblings: 1

O - One Wish: to achieve my dream

P - Person You Called Last: my friend from college

Q - Question You Are Always Asked: “why are you so quiet?”

R - Reason to Smile: anime, bakugou, jazz, 

S - Song You Sang Last: eyes closed by halsey

T - Time You Woke Up: 8:43am

U - Underwear Color: pink

V - Vacation Destination: japan probably

W - Worst Habit: picking at my nails until they are nubs or picking at my skin around my nails

X - X-, and rays: none

Y - Your favourite food: chicken

Z - Zodiac Sign: libra

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hey guys i just wanted to do a quick ff to celebrate reaching 1000+ followers, this will be a (somewhat) short post including most (if not all) of the blogs i follow. Thank you so much all of you for helping me reach this milestone after 2 years of running this blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i love you all <3

(also im just putting this together really quick so pls message me if i forget your name or make a mistake with your url etc.)

also im sorry this isnt in order/alphabetized im really lazy


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And I Won't Forget To Put Roses On Your Grave

I kicked off my new year with the flu from hell, which then went on to spawn a host of illnesses in its wake, but I’m finally back on my feet! It’s still cold and wintry here, and I’ve been dreaming of warmer shades and winter florals. I want colours, all the colours, a riot of colours - I’m sick of being in bed and in pain and I just want to wear the warmest colours I can and enjoy the winter sun ♥  

And oh, I’m terribly late, but here’s wishing you an awesome 2014 all the same ♥

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Blouse: Topshop//  Skirt: Alice Takes A Trip//  Jumper: Aliexpress//  Tights: c/o Falbala//  Shoes: M&S via eBay//  Bag: Aliexpress//  Faux fur tail: H&M//  Hat: Vintage via Dalena Vintage

Shop the look>> 

helloooo, i’m alice!! so i’ve decided to make a summer follow forever to wish you all a great summer and say that i love every single one of you bc you’re amazing and my dash wouldn’t be the same without you! and well here i go ♥☼


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{d-h}: datirish, donthaz, drunkiehoran, effingniall, fellforhoran, femmniall, gagginghoran, highoniall, holdmetightniall, horanaroh, horanhugs, horanking

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I thought I would jump on the bandwagon with a festive follow forever and I am pretty close to my first milestone! Yay! Sorry if you are fed up with these but I wanted to express my love to some of my favourite blogs. You all make my days so much better and I wish I could hug each and every one of you. However, I follow over 700 blogs so there is an 100% chance that I have forgotten one of you lovely people and for that I am extremely sorry. Please don’t hate me because I love you all (I really do have a brain like a sieve).

Bolded are some of my all time favourites and have made my Tumblr journey an amazing experience and for that I LOVE YOU!  Italicised are people that I visit often and admire from a far.


agentswanalice—n—wonderlandannasnowflakeantanddeclan arendellekingdomargentfightera-spoon-full-of-pixie-dust ❆ a-swan-and-a-captainatimelesslovebeautyandtheenchantedrose ❆ beware-the-frozen-heart ❆ bisexualelenacampingwiththecharmings  ❆ captainchirstmas captaindixons  ❆ captainkillyswan ❆ captainswaancaptainswanfairytalecaptainswanscaptainswansource  ❆ carriethestorymakercaskett-caseclairefrxsercolinodonorgasmcuddlesthehiddles ❆ 


darkparadiseprodz  ❆ dashingrapskilliandeputyhookdisneydreamsforeverdisneyfrozendisneygirlthingsdisneyinspirations ❆ disneymarveloncersdolewhips-in-arendelledoomsdayyduchessbitchqueendxndelioninthespringelsaofouatelsa-stole-a-tardiselsathegreatemmaskillyemmasneverland ❆  emmaswnenchanteddianaeverdeenswansexcellent-show-of-patiencefairestregalfallenmoongirlfirstbeanstalk frivolouswhimfrostyhook ❆  fuckstruckswan ❆ georginahaiigsgingerbreadgiinnygoinghome-totallahasseegrounderswanhaleigh91happinessisblooming ❆ hauntedangelwolf ❆ heaven-by-the-seahemmsleyheroswansheyitsthatgirl hissaviour-herhome ❆  holdingoutforapiratehero❆ hopelesshoneyxohoping-it-meant-morehooksjollyswanhookskraken


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magicxdreamsmissingstilinskimisslizannemockingswanmodernkillianjonesmypiratekillianneverlandspirate notjustfairytales the-not-so-evil-queennotyouraverageitgirlonceland ​❆ oncepromisedoncertwice ❆  onceuponadisneydivergenttributeouat-swanprincess  ❆ ouat-the-hell


❆  padfooterprincessdressesandgreatbigbowsprocharmingfamily  ❆ punziesdreamsreginaoflocksleysailordisneyballerina sanfrnsokyo santakillian ❆ sassofstorybrookesaviourismsay-when-swanseastarved sheriffswan ❆ sheylaprincessskyeswaerd ❆ skyewardzsorrydearie southerntinkerbelle storybrookestorybrookeregalswandipityswanfeelsswanssavior ❆ swansaviortasticswansjollyrogerswanshope


tallahasseeetheblazingdesertthecaptainsemmatheatregeek2795thekillianjones ❆ thunderrrlights  ❆ tough-lasstwistyswan ❆ vanille-of-sugars-and-rainbowswenchswanwhen-my-life-began wonderlandalicemadasahatter wintendellewinter-by-the-seayouseetherealme

I hope you have all had a fabulous year and I hope 2015 will be an amazing year! <3

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, darlings!!! ❤ 

I was not going to do this but dear @messedup4good kindly suggested I shouldn’t be so selfish, which is quite true :)))

So here I am!

I wish all of you lots of love wherever it may come from. Enjoy this special day, give hugs to people around you (virtual hugs are acceptable), spread love all over the universe! (some of you may know where that one’s coming from lol) 

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……… and all of you out there who are reading this and all of those I didn’t tag by mistake, I love you!! *hugs*  ❤