i wish i was a professional reader

kvestori  asked:

I have an idea for a disbarred lawyer character. What kind of things can get a lawyer kicked from the bar? I'm aiming more for a disgraced rather than villainously criminal character. Any tips on something that'd not scream "Douche!" to the readers, but would still serve for a disbarring?

Well, you’re in luck! Professional discipline is a public process, and so you can look around and find the reasons for lawyers being disbarred in any area you wish. 

Disbarment is a very serious measure, but it doesn’t necessarily require that someone commit a criminal act for their professional body to decide that that person is not worthy of practicing law.

I suggest you poke around lists online and find a reason that works for your story. Like this list here. One person I saw on that list was disbarred for “conspiracy to commit marriage fraud” which is technically a crime, but probably not one that the average reader would loathe the person for committing.