i wish i was a movie producer


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In the late 1970s with no internet and no home movies these books that told the story entirely with full colour stills were the best way to re-experience your favourite movie. I wish they had produced one for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Black Hole, 2001 A Space Odyssey ….I could go on.

[TRANS] RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- Hi hi everyone hello
- It’s RM
- Ah I wish that there was a function which says who is it when you come in (the chatroom)
- It’s 1:30am in korea right?
- doing Well
- I’ve been reading and watching movies all day
- I’ve just finished something I produced but I don’t know when I’ll be able to release it
- Blue is the warmest color
- whatcha doin
- yeah i watched it
- impressive movie
- You should sleep now, it’s really 1:30am
- For me when it’s 1:30am it’s my long time
- everyones okay
- dont worry
- Since we only stayed at the hotel I grew a little stiff so I exercised and did that and that
- It’s a problem because we rested too much
- too much rest
- so enuff no worries
- Everyone(the members) is working hard and resting hard
- I want to go sightseeing but I don’t have the leisure to so…
- You say you want to buy me food?
- One day I will buy you food
- Talking while having a cup of coffee in a café
- Talk about life
- I drink too much coffee
- too much coffee
- 5 cups a day
- I’ll be on V App later everyone
- Let’s talk about this and that
- okay ill try it decad
- decaf
- I will do a V Live later
- yes im writing music
- hope i could release this soon
- Yeah see you trough the V App soon
- I miss you
- Ah and I also watched breathless after a long time
- I’s a heartwrenching movie
- Try to watch it someday
- I’m going to read and pack my luggage
- Bye

Trans cr; @tamimou / @ btschannel

Quote from Howl’s Moving Castle (Diana Wynne Jones, Studio Ghibli) Xx

Note: Hullo! it’s been awhile! I present to you a quote from a Studio Ghibli film! One of my favorite producers of animated films :)

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not that i support netflix decision to not cast asians, but they're americanizing the film. as well all know the majority of americans are white. they do this with plenty of movies in different countries. do i wish they could have picked asian americans yes but i mean one of the producers is japanese and he was fine with it so whatever. there's already multiple great live action death note movies as you pointed it out so maybe they found it pointless to redo it that way.

drop dead they literally turned away asian actors from auditions because they ‘werent looking for asians’. it’s a japanese story with a lot of japanese context and whitewashing it is disgusting and brings a context of white supremacy to the table. even if the producer was japanese (untrue, by the way) that doesn’t invalidate the THOUSANDS of diaspora japanese people upset by the decision, other asians upset by the decision.

how bout you look deep at yourself and ask why you want to justify this so badly because lemme tell you the answer is gonna be racism, internalised at BEST.

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I know it's a small film, but why is Room 7 crowdfunding? From what I know it already has distributors and producers. What does crowdfunding to for a movie?

it might be under a similar model as cart, which was also produced by myung films but had a different distributor and needed similar crowdfunding after filming. room 7 is using the site wadiz, an s korea-based crowdfunding platform partly dedicated to making film investment more accessible to the average moviegoer so the industry will be encouraged to better reflect their interests. room 7 has met its goal of 200mil won with 23 days still left, and is now closed. i wish i could offer more info, but hope this still helps.

How Hollywood will work if "About Ray" is boycotted and flops.
  • Some big Hollywood producer guy: Maybe I'll do a movie about a trans guy. Hire some trans writers, even cast a real trans guy. Hmmmm.
  • Intern: But sir! The last movie centered on a trans guy flopped! 'About Ray' barely broke even, audiences just didn't respond well to it.
  • big Hollywood producer guy: Oh yeah tru. Wouldn't wanna waste my money. TRANSFORMERS 5 IT IS!
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: I really wish movie producers would stop dulling down comic book villains. People see the Joker as an unpredictable nut job, but he is so much more than that. He meets and often succeeds Batman in intellect and his plans in the comics are so much more elaborate and clever than just blowing shit up and the fact that modern Hollywood has reduced him to a crazy person with guns hurts me every day.
Behind the Scenes of 'Doctor Strange': From Marvel Concept Art to Benedict Cumberbatch's NYC Battles

About a year ago, I sat down with Stan Lee and asked him which of his “lesser-known” Marvel heroes did he wish had a higher profile among mainstream fans. He didn’t hesitate with his answer: “He will be very well known because they’re going to make a movie of him and that’s Doctor Strange. One of the characters I did. I like him as much as all the others, but for some reason [he hasn’t remained popular] … In the beginning, [Marvel producers] didn’t include him on the list of characters they wanted to make a movie of,” Lee said. “But I campaigned for him.”

On Nov. 4, Doctor Strange will bring magic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From his Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, the Sorcerer Supreme, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, will battle mystic forces unlike anything faced by the Avengers. We’ve pulled together a detailed look at the making of the movie, from the early conceptual art to the final scenes shot in New York City before filming wrapped earlier this week.

Character Concept Art

This was one of the first publicly released looks at Doctor Stephen Strange, included as part of a DVD/Blu-ray bonus feature on an MCU gift set released in December and introducing the character. “What you can expect from this Doctor Strange movie is a mind-trip action film,” said director Scott Derrickson.(Photo: Marvel)

The Doctor Is In

In early January, Marvel released several images of Cumberbatch in full costume, complete with signature cape and Eye of Agamotto amulet. (Photo: Marvel)


“Benedict has a complicated emotional structure going on,” says Derrickson of his star. (Photo: Marvel)

Origin Story

The film will tell Strange’s backstory: A brilliant, but egotistical neurosurgeon suffers a debilitating accident and travels the world in search for a cure. He winds up meeting the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), who mentors him in the mystical arts. (Photo: Marvel)

By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth!

Strange comes by his name honestly, as this concept art shows. “One of the things that’s important to us in telling a magical story is keeping it grounded,” producer Stephen Broussard says in the MCU holiday gift set bonus feature, “but still leaving enough room to have really cool and unique visual ideas to explore.” (Photo: Marvel)

Strange HQ

This concept art reveals the Sanctum Sanctorum, the magical home base of the good doctor. In the comics, it’s located in his penthouse in New York’s Greenwich Village. (Photo: Marvel)

Inner Sanctum

Protecting Strange’s powerful relics contained in his home is the character Wong (Benedict Wong), a valet who dabbles in the occult and can kick ass when needed. (Photo: Marvel)

Magic Man

This promotional image gives an idea of what Strange will look like tapping into his mystical powers. (Photo: Marvel)

Un-caped Crusader

The Sorcerer Supreme could use a Band-Aid. For the final days of filming, Cumberbatch & Co. took to the streets of New York, where onlookers snapped pics of the action. (Photo: Steve Sands/GC Images)

Frenemy No. 1

Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Mordo, another student of the Ancient One who eventually becomes Strange’s villainous rival. However, based on the set photos, Strange and Mordo will spend at least part of the film working together. (Photo: Splash News)

The Eyes Have It

Mads Mikkelsen plays the chief villain, who some have speculated is Dormammu, a Doctor Strange nemesis from another dimension in the comics, or possibly someone corrupted by Dormammu. Producers have indicated that his character was a former disciple of the Ancient One who forms his own sect. He’s seen here on set with actress Zara Phythian. (Photo: Splash News)

Strange Days Indeed

Benedict Cumberbatch is either rushing to fight a bad guy or in search of that elusive bandage. (Photo: Splash)

Taking Direction

Derrickson and Cumberbatch plan out the action during the final day’s shoot.(Photo: Splash News)

Taking Flight

Strange and Mordo, chased by one of the wild-eyed bad guys, appear to be airborne during filming April 2. (Photo: Splash News)

Killing Time

Mad-Eye Mikkelsen mills about in between scenes. (Photo: Splash News)

Dig Those Crazy Hands

Time is of the essence as Mordo and Strange race down a Manhattan street on April 3. (Photo: Splash News)

“That’s a Wrap!”

Derrickson posted this image on April 3 to mark the end of principal photography. He and the cast paid a visit to JHU Comics (aka Hanley’s) to celebrate. (@scottderrickson/Twitter)

Meta Moment

Cumberbatch picks up a little reading material in this pic tweeted out by Marvel. (Photo: @Marvel/Twitter)

A Meme Is Born

Comic nerds no doubt lost their collective mind when this happened on April 3. (Photo: @Massawyrm/Twitter)

Enough With the Hands

Derrickson tweeted out this image of himself with stars Cumberbatch and Ejiofor as shooting came to a close, noting that Ejiofor was covering up Cumberbatch’s “Doctor Strange gesture.” (Photo: Scott Derrickson/Twitter)

Q. 3 Wishes

N: Go on a trip with my family.
Go on a trip with VIXX.
I hope to give more (than receive)

Leo: I hope for our families to be healthy and happy.
I hope for our Starlight to be healthy and happy.
I hope for VIXX to be healthy and happy.

Ken: To be a multi-entertainer.
To be healthy.
To hold 10,000 concerts 

Ravi: To make VIXX*
To produce a title song.
To receive acknowledgement as a rapper from other people. 

Hongbin: I want to film a movie*
For VIXX to be healthy and it would be good to find success in 2015.
It would be nice to be with Starlight forever.

Hyuk: Everyone be healthy, happy and rich!

translation by namjayeoja


ajamezzz (x): Inspiring talkback #tomhooper#eddieredmayne

runloganrun (x): Eddie Redmayne attended the Q&A for The Danish Girl via satellite. The relationship he created with Alicia Vikander in this film is the definition of unconditional love. You must see it!!!!!!

sherry_mandujano (x): Saw The Danish Girl today. Q&A with Director Tom Hooper, Producer Gail Mutrux and Eddie Redmayne via Satellite. This movie definitely had me crying. I wish I could have watched it at home so I could have let the tears flow freely instead of trying to look like a classy old broad fighting with some dust in her eye. Redmayne does it again! What a transformation, such a beautifully honest performance. He made me want to reach through the screen and comfort “Lily”. First “Theory of Everything”, now this? Bravo!

tiffberube (x): "I love you because you’re the only person who made sense of me.“ Inspiring talk at @sagaftrafound with#EddieRedmayne #TomHooper and producer #GailMutrux following the screening of cinematic perfection, #TheDanishGirl - VIDEO!!!

melissakharding (x): Wonderful Q&A following a screening of a beautiful film,#TheDanishGirl with director #TomHooper , producer Gail Mutrux and a Skyped in#EddieRedmayne - really moved by this movie. Make sure to see it everyone. Thanks @sagaftrafound !