i wish i was a movie producer

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I’m just waiting for the films that will define Joe you know. Like Hugh Jackman is the wolverine or like Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic, wolf on Wall Street, inception. Not saying that his billy Lynn was bad it was really good they filmed it with some new in the film industry. I’m just waiting for THAT FILM. Y’know

Buddy, I need you to take at least 87467763 steps back LOL. He’s literally just starting out! Give him some time, my friend. When you’re first starting out in the movie industry, it’s all about getting your name out there and making connections with directors, casting directors, producers, other actors, ect. It’s a total learning experience in the beginning. 

Something important I wish you would keep in mind is that starring in a blockbuster movie does not define you as actor or an actress. There are countless actresses and actors who are genuinely talented and haven’t been in big-budgeted films. Talent will always win in the end and Joe has it; he is going to succeed in any role he is given. Like Makenzie Leigh said, Joe is destined to be one of the greats. Give him time to establish himself :)

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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List of complete coincidences that do not mean anything at all when compiled but give me hope anyway:

-Wicked has been slated for an upcoming film
-Ben Platt loves Wicked
-The Wicked film has yet to be cast
-Ben Platt will be free of Broadway commitments as of November 20
-Ben Platt’s father will be producing the Wicked movie and his brother once played Fiyero on stage
-Ben Platt has played roles in movies produced by his dad before

tl,dr: I want Ben Platt to be in Wicked

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are you as tired of all of the "german is an angry language" comments/jokes as i am? bc i'm tired of it

dude, my friend, my pal, i am SO fucking tired of it. 

other things that i wish would just die out:

  • giving villains in movies, comics, ect german names to express that they are evil
  • portraying every german in media as either a stoic business person, a bavarian in lederhosn or a nazi.
  • american media just making up german words and pretending it is standard vocabulary for us. one of the worst offences: “Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz”
  • american media hiring people who don’t actually speak any german to play germans and then have them speak horrible german (also see above video)
  • americans producing media which misinterprets literally every country that isn’t their own, overgeneralizing and stereotyping cultures and then exporting that media into said countries. 
Talk Dirty To Me {Kim Taehyung}

Prompt:  Heyo I’m a girl and I’d like #10 with Taehyung please:)) || Requests Open || Smut Game

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: Public (I don’t know what’s wrong with me and public places…)

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Tom is reuniting with Warrior director Gavin O'Connor for a new project! So many people have wished for a continuation of Warrior. This is something close. Read on ~

Tom Hardy to Star in Bosnian War Movie ‘My War Gone By, I Miss It So’ 

Tom Hardy will produce and star in the Bosnian War movie “My War Gone By, I Miss It So,” Variety has learned exclusively.

The film is based on the 1999 book of the same name by Anthony Lloyd, an English journalist and war correspondent. Gavin O’Connor is attached to direct and produce, along with Scott LaStaiti, who launched Palantir Group as an entertainment fund last year.

“My War Gone By, I Miss It So” is Lloyd’s personal account of the Bosnian War, and alternates between his experiences in Bosnia and personal reflections of his time in the British army, his parents’ divorce, his estrangement from his father, and his heroin addiction.’

“‘My War Gone By’ is a brutal yet sensitive story which addresses both the nature of addiction and the experience of war,” Hardy said. “I was struck by Anthony’s work and words, experiences, and for me his is an important voice and an important book.”

Lloyd was born into a distinguished family steeped in military tradition, raised on stories of wartime and ancestral heroes. He longed to experience war from the front lines, so he left England at age 26 to document the conflict in Bosnia, where he witnessed a lethal struggle among the Serbs, Croatians, and Bosnian Muslims. Addicted to the adrenaline of armed combat, he returned home to wage a personal battle against substance abuse.

Hardy is currently starring in “Dunkirk” as a Royal Air Force pilot. O’Connor’s credits include “The Accountant,” “Jane Got a Gun,” “Warrior,” and “Pride and Glory.”

“Anthony’s memoir was love at first page — a portrait of war like I’d never read before,” O’Connor said. “An up-close-and-personal account of a heroin junkie reporting from the front lines of Bosnia — the bloodiest conflict Europe has witnessed since the Second World War — who uses the high of war to kick his drug habit. It’s a book written with both fists. It’s Anthony’s ‘Apocalypse Now.’ I feel privileged and honored for the opportunity to bring the book to the movies.”
Read more at variety.com

📷 behind the scenes of Warrior with Gavin O'Connor, while filming in Pittsburg in 2009

Wondy I

This is a Wonder Woman doll, Diana Prince & Hidden Sword. I was very excited to buy this doll. I really like the muscular female sculpt they used for these dolls. I myself am not a fan of super heroes at all, I haven’t even seen the Wonder Woman movie. But I still enjoy the dolls produced! She has decent articulation in her arms and legs. Although this doll is Hasbro the joints remind me of Mattel’s joints. I really wish she had wrist joints!! She can do a lot of action poses and stands alone on her shoes. Her feet are high heeled, and quite big. I don’t know where I’ll find shoes that fit her. Her dress is a cheap polyester but the pattern is nice and it’s put together well. It has a special pocket to insert the sword into. She holds the sword easily. I have some Body Comparison shots and casual pictures coming soon.

It really annoys me how negative people are about the Prisoner of Azkaban movie. It has obvious plot holes, and sadly missed the identity of the Marauders. BUT. I feel as though because of that it receives a lot of unnecessary negativity towards the whole movie and people dismiss it. In my opinion it was the most beautifully filmed and just a genuinely brilliant bit of cinema and I appreciate it so much. I wish they kept Cuarón on set for the other movies even just as a creative producer.

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I love your writing! I wish you'll do more 😊 Uhm drabble 78 and 98 pls?

78. “Can you be romantic for once?”

98. “Remember when we were dating and you ___”


They were all sitting in Scott’s living room getting ready for movie night when Lydia and Stiles had walked in holding hands. They went to sit down on separate chairs but Stiles had pulled Lydia’s hand making her fall in his lap and kissed her neck sweetly producing a smile. Malia turned to look up at Scott, who was on the couch, from her position between his legs on the floor and gave him an odd look. “Can you be romantic for once?” Malia whisper-yelled at Scott with frustration pouring off her. Scott looked like a deer in headlights obviously not ready for her sudden change in mood.

Liam just shook his head. Couples, he thought to himself as he rolled his eyes. “Hey not everyone can be like me.” Stiles said with a wink. “Remember when we were dating and you would fall asleep while I played with your hair.” That earned a smack upside his head from Lydia and a growl from Scott.

 “Not helping.” Scott spat out.

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I doubt Loki will die in Infinity War and I have some reasons I find as evidence. He’s confirmed for Avengers 4, even if he does “die”, it’ll probably be just an illusion like in Thor Dark World, he’s survived a ton of life and death situations in the past, and most of all, can’t you bring people back from the dead with the Infinity Stones? Speaking of which so far I have a theory that Marvel is trolling us about a character getting killed since the Infinity Stones can bring the person back.

I think too, because Loki has become so important in Marvel movies that producers have a lot of ideas about him. They know he has huge public and fans. I wish he could make a film of him from his childhood to today.

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Hollstein 23 (for the ships)

Hell, even you deserve better. Did I though? Do I deserve better after the century of things I have done. She doesn’t even know the half of it. Hell, she barely knows any of it. Would she’d stay if she knew the stories. The things Mattie and I used to do as games to lure our victims. Would she still be here at the end of my true tale? The tale of murder and death that were caused by my hands.


Carmilla shook her head and looked towards Laura, who had just joined her on the couch. They had been living together now for two years. Laura was fully invested in her studies at the University of Toronto, but was grateful for a night off.

“You okay? You seem a little distance.”

“I’m good, Cupcake.”

Laura handed her a mug of hot chocolate. It was snowing outside and Carmilla was just happy for Laura’s warmth on nights like this. Her body produced it’s own warmth now, but nothing compared to Laura being next to you. 

“What movie do you want to watch?” Laura asked, remote in hand.

“It doesn’t matter to me, Cupcake.”

“For once I wish you’d just pick.”

Carmilla smirked. “Not my style.”

Laura chuckled. “I know.”

“Besides no matter what I’d say, you’d choose anyway.”

“That’s not true.”

Carmilla gave Laura a look causing Laura to smile. “Okay it is true, but only because you let me.”

“I know. I’ve always spoiled you. So what Disney movie am I sitting through tonight?”

“Hmm.” Laura thought for a moment going through their options on Netflix. Carmilla stared at her mesmerized. She is so beautiful and her heart has always been so pure. I wonder if she has the same heart or if she was given a new one to be reborn. I’d say she’s innocent, but I know the things we’ve done. The stories we’ve told. The world we’ve created for ourselves. I wonder if she misses me as the vampire I once was or is she happy, like me, that I’m finally mortal and can live out the rest of my days with her.

“How about Beauty and the Beast?”

“Whatever you want, Laura.” Carmilla stood off the couch. “I’m going to make some popcorn. You can start without me.”

Carmilla walked to their kitchen, forgetting there was no wall to separate them. Laura watched as she pulled the bag out of the pantry before putting it into the microwave. Carmilla stared at the wall, lost in her thoughts. Laura stood behind her and wrapped her arms around Carmilla’s waist.

“You okay?”


“You seem a little lost in thought there. Anything I can do to help?”

Carmilla sighed and turned in Laura’s arms. She rested her head against her shoulder. “Not really. Just thinking about things.”

“Code for the past.”

“And what if it is?”

“I’m here for you regardless.” Laura pulled back and cupped Carmilla’s cheeks. “You know that right?”

“I do.”

“And when you think about the past, I know it’s before our past. It’s the vampire past before you knew I existed. It’s the dark stuff that you never want to share because you’ll think I’ll run, but I’ve already fought four gods, died and brought back to life. I don’t think a story or two could ever make me run away from you.”


“Because I love you. And since I love you, that means I love all parts of you. Even the parts that you don’t like about yourself. But know that if you ever want to talk about it, I’ll listen.”

“I don’t want you to see that part of me.”


“Because you will run away.”

“Carmilla, I would never. I already know some of it and I’m not stupid. You were a vampire and every vampire does what it needs to do to survive and I know for you that was blood. I’m sure you had plenty of victims.”

The microwaved beeped signaling their finished snack. Carmilla backed up and opened the door. She grabbed a bowl, emptying the popcorn into it. Laura continued to stare at her.

“Carm, you know I will never think of you the way you think I will.”

“Which is what?”

“You’re not a monster, Carmilla. At one point, you might have been, but I know you are no longer. I will never think of you as one because you were always there for me and you always protected me. A monster would not do that.”

Carmilla fought the small smile, but Laura caught glimpse of it. 

“How was I lucky enough to fall into your dorm room?” Carmilla asked.

“I guess the dean thought we’d be a good match.”

“Mother was stupid. She saw you fighting, but thought I would have more strength than you. That I could power over you.” Carmilla wrapped her arms around Laura’s waist, leaning in.

“Boy was she wrong,” Laura whispered against Carmilla’s lips before taking them. They kissed for a moment, Laura domineering the interaction.

“I love you,” Laura said, pulling back.

“I love you too, Laura.”

“Just remember, we’re here together. We survived together. The past is the past, but we have a whole future together to do whatever we want. We get to make new memories that can fill the darkness of the past together.”

Carmilla smirked and followed Laura back to their living space. “Can I ask you one thing?” 

“You can always ask me anything.”

“Why did I deserve better?”


“When we first met and you absolutely hated me, why did I deserve better?”

“Because it didn’t take rocket science to see your pain. Yes you were rude and uncaring, but I just figured you had depression or used other people and made fun of them to make yourself feel better, but that didn’t mean you didn’t deserve a life where you didn’t have to do that. And yes you were a fiend from hell then, but I believe everyone in the world deserved better. Remember, I was a naive, provincial girl.”

Carmilla smirked. “You were and I was head over heels in love with you.”


“Well, still am.”

“You better be.”

Carmilla smirked. She pulled Laura closer to her, forgetting her thoughts of the past as Laura curled to her side. My home. My happy place. It was always here and were finally free. We deserved better and we finally got what we deserved.


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Based off of the request: tom holland x reader based off clouds by one direction ??

Requested by @phanftharry

P.S. I’m just easing back into writing imagines for the first time since I was like 13… so please cut me some slack. LMAO. Sorry this one is so short!! 

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J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary for the 3D-Collector’s Edition of Star Wars The Force Awakens

So, my copy of the Collectors Edition of TFA was mailed to me on Friday. It’s not actually supposed to come out here until Monday but I had it pre-ordered and thanks to CDON.COM’s early shipment, I got it a little sooner. It’s a 3-disc set that contains the film’s original theatrical release on Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray. An additional third disc contains the bonus materials. Although most of the bonus features have already been released in some format previously. The set looks like this:

The most interesting new feature on it is J.J. Abrams’ audio commentary that I just finished watching, and I wanted to share with you some of the things he said. It wasn’t really all that spoilery about things to come. But there were some very intriguing things that could possibly have some significance to the discussion about the direction of Rey and Kylo’s journey. So now I’m just going to go through the movie again and write down some things J.J. Abrams said about it. Edit. This actually ended up being quite a long post. And by long I mean really long. So be prepared, you have been warned…

Second Edit. Here’s a link to a subsequent masterpost with additional quotes from J.J. Abrams.


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Wanna One as Disney Movie Characters (Hyung Line)

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(I chose this gif because of the fact that it had a Zootopia character is a Disney movie heh)

Hello once again and I am back with my second request which came in from @curryriceu ! Firstly, I would like to apologise that it did take a little longer than usual because I really needed to do some research about the various Disney characters, and especially their character traits. Nevertheless, this was still an interesting request because I don’t think I’ve seen many of this in the Kpop world, or perhaps even none at all! o.o Hence, I would like to thank you guys anyway for sending in such interesting requests because hoorah to having it posted into the Tumblr world! ^^ 

For this, I would be splitting them up into a two-part series and will separate the “Hyung Line” from the “Maknae Line” for easier readability once again. 

Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we? And once again, I wish you all a happy reading experience as I take the opportunity to take you to your childhood in a different light! :) 

Yoon Jisung: Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6) 

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Just like Honey, Jisung is pretty much the male version of her. In the movie, she was portrayed as someone sweet (as her name suggests), sunny, outgoing and cheerful. Furthermore, she was one who always had a positive attitude, even in times of adversity and had an extremely empathetic personality, which allowed her to become the “glue” of the group. Just like how Jisung was in Produce 101, he was always one who encouraged them to push on, especially Hyunbin, whom he had given a pep talk to when the latter had been receiving a whole slur of hate comments from netizens. Honey was also the mother of the group in Big Hero 6 and the same goes for Jisung who took up the position to be the leader of the legendary “Downpour” team and always took care of his team. He was never jealous of their achievements, and instead accepted it with a humble heart and was extremely proud of his members’ achievements. However, let us also not forget that he has an extremely witty side to him, which completes the whole picture of Honey because not only did she know when to be serious, but she also knew how to have fun, and once again, that is Yoon Jisung in a nutshell. Before I forget to mention it, Honey was also intelligent and the same goes for Jisung, especially with his witty replies and comments. 

Ha Sungwoon: Aladdin (Aladdin) 

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For Sungwoon, he is, in fact, the smallest in the band in terms of size with a height of 168cm while the rest of his members tower over him with heights ranging from 172cm (Daehwi) to a whopping 183cm (Minhyun and Guanlin). Hence, I actually wanted to find a small Disney character which was known for having a giant heart, but I could not find one that matched his personality as close as Aladdin did. In the movie, Aladdin was pretty much the optimistic and fun-loving boy who was clearly young at heart with all the antics that he would pull off when he stole something for his own survival. However, he had an extremely kind heart, nevertheless, and was one to give his loots to those who were lesser off than him. Despite these seemingly good traits about him, he was also an insecure character and deemed himself unworthy of Princess Jasmine’s love, and always sought to gain affection and attention from most of the characters. However, he remained extremely brave throughout the 2 movies despite these insecurities. Lastly, even though it took Aladdin some time to accept the fact that his father had left him, it was clear that he did not hold grudges for very long either. At this point, if this does not sound like Sungwoon, I don’t know what else does. To me, he was confident at some points, but did have his moments when things did not exactly go the way he wanted, especially when he was neither given the main vocal position for “Downpour” nor “Never” for the concept evaluation. However, he braved through the odds and soon became the centre of “Super Hot” and becoming a part of the final 11. Furthermore, he held no grudges against the “Never” team for voting him out and remained thankful for the time he had spent with them. 

Hwang Minhyun: Aslan (Narnia)

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I personally was a huge fan of the Narnia series and actually watched all the movies to know that Minhyun pretty much reminded me of Aslan’s characteristics. In the movie, Aslan was intelligent, wise, gentle and was exceptionally chivalrous. Furthermore, he was also one who would have encouraging pep talks with the four children (Peter, in particular) and showed them great care, especially when he was willing to trade his life to spare Edmund’s. From this, it’s probably enough to remind one of Minhyun’s personal qualities. Despite the fact that he (and the rest of Nu’est) were 5-year-old idols, which is probably considered enough to be a respectable senior, they were willing to still go onto Produce 101 Season 2 in order to get a second chance, despite all the hatred that they received from the public, which clearly highlighted his brave attitude and how determined he was, like Aslan. In terms of wisdom and intelligence, it was pretty obvious when he created the legendary “Sorry Sorry Team 2″, which always received its recognition from episode 3 all the way to the end of the show. He did not pick the most popular members, but he picked members with the talent and well-roundedness in order to deliver a good performance. Sure, the team might not have won, but they sure left an impact for the general audience. Ever since his Nu’est days, he was always known to be the most gentle and mature one out of the band, despite being the second youngest, and cared for the well-being of his members greatly; believing in them when they did not believe in themselves and was clearly someone very dependable to rely on. Lastly, he was never the one to show much emotion, but only broke down when his members did not make it into Wanna One with him. Just like Aslan, he only showed his weaknesses and fear on very few occasions, but rose back up to the occasion and trudged on anyway for the sake of the greater good. 

Ong Seongwoo: Flynn Rider (Tangled) 

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In the movie, Flynn was pretty much portrayed to be extremely confident in everything he does and that’s pretty much Ong Seongwoo already because of his savagery alone and how he was aware of how much capability and potential he had to survive the competitive programme. Nevertheless, he never rested on his laurels, despite the fact that he never fell out of the top 11 and was categorised into the A-grade, just like Flynn’s devotedness. Furthermore, Flynn was also known to be quite a comedian and for whoever who has watched anything with Seongwoo in it, one is bound to laugh out loud or chuckle at some point because of his expression and how good he was with his words and actions to bring laughter even in times of hardship. However, on the flip side of the coin, Flynn’s arrogance was instead a defence mechanism and proved to be something which gave him a false sense of optimism in order to hide someone who was actually vulnerable and someone who was actually capable of showing legitimate emotion. Similarly, Seongwoo revealed HERE that he seemed grateful and proud that he made it into the bunch of A-graders, but actually had a hard time fitting in and opening up to his other roommates, and it was pretty clear that he too feared elimination despite his seemingly cool front, because he did tear up when he gave his winning speech to claim 5th place in the final line up. Just like Flynn, Seongwoo indeed possessed a similar personality where he tended to show his stronger and more confident side rather than his more vulnerable and gentle side. However, he has indeed made a good deal of friends from all the teams that he has been in and was then able to show a different side of him, which definitely led to another surge in popularity. He might be deemed “rude” and “unnecessary”, but he has clearly shown that he is just like any of the other trainees, especially in terms of their thoughts and feelings, but chose to remain strong through the competition and always kept his head up. Sure, he too had some issues with Fantagio when his contract was cancelled due to unexplained reasons, but he continued to make a name for himself despite having the odds stacked against him and came onto Produce 101 despite his “coming of age” for a K-idol. Hence, like Flynn, Seongwoo not only portrays the confidence and comedy, but he also portrayed courage, determination and was clearly another loyal and trustworthy friend, despite his teasing tendencies. 

Kim Jaehwan: The Prince (Snow White)

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If anything, Jaehwan’s was probably the hardest to think of. Trust me, he is one of my #1 biases in Wanna One (together with Minhyun heh) but as I did my research, it was actually difficult to associate him with one character alone. I even googled “Disney characters who sing” just to see whether there would be at least one who accompanies his profession and character. After much thought, I associated him with “The Prince” simply because both of them have amazing voices and probably the types to break out into song at the most random of timings, just like how The Prince did an unintentional duet when he heard Snow White sing and how Jaehwan would have his mini karaoke sessions if he had his guitar with him. Character wise, The Prince did have quite a charismatic attitude and despite his simple appearance, he was probably able to sweep a girl off her feet with his soothing voice alone and that was Jaehwan; looking like a simple boy who captivated the hearts of National Producers with with his vocal chops. Personally, one looks best (and actually becomes noticeable) when one does what he or she is truly good at and he definitely did. He was not particularly good looking (no hate here please) but his vocal prowess made him stand out eventually to claim 4th place in the final 11 (a huge jump from all his positions throughout the entire show). Apart from that, The Prince was also said to be brave and devoted (like many of the other characters really) and that was what Jaehwan showed when he came to the show without a company to back him up and worked extremely hard for the re-evaluations in order to maintain his B grade in the dance aspect. All this paid off eventually and he is not only the main vocalist in Wanna One, but has also shown to be surprisingly good at rapping and be able to maintain those high notes while dancing. 

Kang Daniel: Li Shang (Mulan) 

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Hmm… Where should I start? To begin with, Li Shang was known for being someone who was extremely intense and despite the fact that most would be shocked by this statement (especially for Daniel’s case because he is a peach irl) but I only got into Produce 101 Season 2 in episode ¾ and my first impression was that Daniel was one who would definitely catch the eye of National Producers, just like Li Shang over how he was known to be dashing and captured the people’s attention. Like Shang, Daniel did not speak very much in the beginning of the show and was known to have either little screen time or a little more on the socially awkward side. However, he opened up (no pun intended) eventually towards the end and became quite endearing after showing more sides towards his subconscious hilarious antics. However, there were also times when Li Shang was not always perfect. He had his moments of doubt and fear initially, but came back again to be deemed as heroic, bold and daring and this pretty much screamed “Daniel Kang” to me. As you would all have known about his infamous social media scandal, he was extremely apologetic and probably doubted his abilities at one point because he was given a song that he felt no confidence in doing. Despite this, he overcame the odds and eventually became the leader of the “Open Up” team, who claimed victory at the concept evaluations and eventually claimed the #1 spot to become the centre of Wanna One. To come this far is really something to commend, because he did not start on a “popular footing” at the beginning but eventually rose the ranks to become a better version of himself, especially when he was able to showcase his stable vocal chops despite having trained as a dancer and a rapper. Furthermore, he had become more confident in his abilities and was unafriad to show it, which definitely captured the attention of viewers. Hence, it’s pretty clear that Daniel came a long way to become who he is today and the same went for Li Shang, who was only known to be strict and incapable of fear and emotion, but it was later shown that he soon developed himself to become a character who was willing to help Mulan (despite his anger when he discovered her to be a woman) and someone who learnt the importance of teamwork and learnt to work together with his fellow comrades to save China. Yes, their developments are different, but the extent is pretty much the same and this is the reason why I would associate Daniel with Li Shang of Mulan. 

And that is all for today! I’m sorry @curryriceu that you had to wait so long as I’ve been busy prepping for my school’s Choir performance. ;; I’m currently in the midst of writing this for the Maknae Line of Wanna One though so do look forward to the second part! ^^ And yes indeed, this is my longest post ever so thank you to everyone for reading all the way up to this point omg, you guys are great and I am thankful for everyone’s support! ^^ 

P.S. I’ve reached a 161 follower count and a 632 note count from likes and reblogs. ;; Never expected to come to this point, especially with so many other good blogs out there so once again, thank you all and I will keep working hard to bringing you guys smiles and laughter with my scenarios and imagines! ^^ Hope this one took you back to your childhood and that you guys had fun actually imagining the Wanna One members as these Disney movie characters! ^^ 

So goodbye for now and I will see you guys again in Part 2! ^^ 

Lights, Camera, Action!

For anon~ Sorry this took forever to get out. Thank you @laineylovegirl for writing it <333

Genre: Fluff/Slight smut

Characters: Kris x Reader

Summary: While visiting her boyfriend Kris on set of his latest movie, Y/N finds herself as his onscreen leading lady.

Your name: submit What is this?

As the girlfriend of an idol, Y/N had to make many changes to her daily routine. What were once public dates with her love have become rare, low-key, and often late night hang-outs. Unfortunately, the occasional times that Y/N does find herself with Kris, it is in a dressing room with his team, which leaves little time for private moments.

However, today was rather nice because, as the staff prepared the sets in between takes, Yifan and Y/N were able to talk freely and away from the cameras.

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[TRANS] RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- Hi hi everyone hello
- It’s RM
- Ah I wish that there was a function which says who is it when you come in (the chatroom)
- It’s 1:30am in korea right?
- doing Well
- I’ve been reading and watching movies all day
- I’ve just finished something I produced but I don’t know when I’ll be able to release it
- Blue is the warmest color
- whatcha doin
- yeah i watched it
- impressive movie
- You should sleep now, it’s really 1:30am
- For me when it’s 1:30am it’s my long time
- everyones okay
- dont worry
- Since we only stayed at the hotel I grew a little stiff so I exercised and did that and that
- It’s a problem because we rested too much
- too much rest
- so enuff no worries
- Everyone(the members) is working hard and resting hard
- I want to go sightseeing but I don’t have the leisure to so…
- You say you want to buy me food?
- One day I will buy you food
- Talking while having a cup of coffee in a café
- Talk about life
- I drink too much coffee
- too much coffee
- 5 cups a day
- I’ll be on V App later everyone
- Let’s talk about this and that
- okay ill try it decad
- decaf
- I will do a V Live later
- yes im writing music
- hope i could release this soon
- Yeah see you trough the V App soon
- I miss you
- Ah and I also watched breathless after a long time
- I’s a heartwrenching movie
- Try to watch it someday
- I’m going to read and pack my luggage
- Bye

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"you accidentally broke my arm when you fell out of a tree and landed on top of me" AU

Davey promised himself he wouldn’t cry, at least not until he was in the safety of his shower. He tried to calm his racing heart by repeating over and over that there was nothing more that he could’ve done, he’d studied for weeks, and sometimes exams just go that way. All in all it wasn’t very comforting, but it was keeping his expression emotionless as far as he could tell. He kept his head down, looking up through his lashes to make sure no one was going to get in the way of his brisk walk back to his dorm. The sidewalks were completely clear, most people probably off celebrating the end of finals week.
The lack of other human beings near him only served to fuel his confusion when he suddenly slammed into something hard and fell heavily onto the pavement.

“Oh Jesus. I’m so sorry oh my god are you okay?” The mass currently pinning Davey to the ground shifted to reveal a tanned face with a sharp jawline, alluring brown eyes and dark hair filled with twigs and leaf bits. The man’s features combined with the fact that his head was right in front of the sun, making him look positively angelic surrounded by his halo of light, was all very attractive, but poor Davey’s head was still spinning, and he wondered if he’d hit it too hard on the pavement.

“I’m really sorry about this. I’m Jack, by the way.”

“David- uh, Davey.” He replied. When Jack made no move to get up, Davey cleared his throat uncomfortably, wiggling a bit underneath him.

“Oh, right. S-sorry. Let me help you oh fucking hell.” Jack quickly retracted the arm he was holding on to pull Davey up with, looking disgusted. He followed his gaze, it landing on his arm, bent and twisted in a way it most certainly shouldn’t be, bleeding profusely. Davey bitterly wondered for a moment how he could possibly be this lucky.

“I don’t even feel it.” Davey observed, reaching out to poke it with his other hand. Jack grabbed his wrist before he could, pulling his arm away.

“Okay maybe we shouldn’t do that. We should go to the hospital.” Jack put one arm underneath Davey’s shoulder, the other behind his thighs and lifted him up in spite of Davey’s protests that he could walk just fine.

“Seriously, Jack. The campus hospital is right across the street I can manage.”

“Please let me do something to help.” Jack seemed rather upset, so Davey stopped arguing and focused on not bleeding on Jack’s shirt.

It took nearly an hour before someone came to check on Davey’s arm. After the first few minutes, the adrenaline began to wear off and the pain set in. He was hoping that once Jack had made sure Davey was going to be treated, he would leave him by himself, but he did no such thing. Davey’s grip on the plastic waiting room chair with his good hand was getting unbearably tight, his eyes stinging with repressed tears when Jack could no longer pretend to not notice his pain. He put his hand on top of Davey’s hesitantly, rubbing over his knuckles soothingly with his thumb.

“You’re probably wondering what I was doing in that tree.” Jack joked, trying to distract Davey from the pain in his arm.
Davey raised an eyebrow. “You were in a tree?”

“Yeah that’s…that’s how I fell on you.” Jack seemed embarrassed, and with good reason. He had broken the arm of a complete stranger who he now felt compelled to take care of while he cried. The whole situation was so absurd that Davey couldn’t quite come to terms with the fact that this was actually happening to him.

“So what were you doing in the tree?”

“Well it all started this morning,” Jack leaned forward, looking eager to tell his story. Davey smiled, choosing to listen silently to Jack’s harrowing adventures, and not comment on Jack prying his hand off of the arm of the chair and lacing his fingers with his own instead.

“I had an important final today, so of course my alarm didn’t go off.” Davey forgot about his own life as Jack spun a beautiful tale about forgotten keys and missing roommates, leading up to him climbing a tree to get through the window he had left open on the warm spring day.

“I was nearly there when I stepped onto this branch…I thought it was strong enough to hold me, but I didn’t really factor in all the junk food I’ve been stress eating lately. So of course it broke once I was standing on it and…well here we are!” Jack gestured around at the quiet room, them being the only ones left to be seen.

“That’s quite a story.” Davey remarked, stealing a glance at Jack’s hand, which hadn’t let go of his own, even though Davey was sure he was holding it much more tightly than could’ve been comfortable for him.

“So what’s yours?” Jack asked. He elaborated when Davey cocked his head, unsure of how to respond.

“How did you end up under that abused oak tree at exactly the wrong moment? Not that I’m complaining. I mean, you’re just about the prettiest boy I could imagine holding hands with, even if you are crushing my fingers a little.” He teased. Davey started to apologize, pulling his hand away, but Jack didn’t let go. He just sat patiently, making fearless eye contact with Davey and waiting for him to talk.

“I had a final today too, my last one actually. I was just leaving when we were so abruptly introduced.”
Jack laughed. “Ah yes, gravity is quite the matchmaker. Have I kept you from better plans? Day drinking in celebration? Or someone pretty waiting for you to come back to bed?”

Davey blushed and laughed shakily. “No, nothing like that. What better plans could I possibly have had then sitting in uncomfortably hot waiting room with an overly-confident stranger.”

“I have no idea, it seems like a fantastic way to spend your first few hours of summer freedom.” Just then a doctor opened the door to the waiting room.

“Mr. Jacobs?” He asked. Davey nodded, his heart sinking as he realized he would have to leave Jack behind. It seemed ridiculous to ask him to wait for him to get his arm taken care of, as he had no idea how long that would take, but still he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet.

“Well if I was just a typical stranger, I would wish you luck and apologize again for what happened, but as you so astutely pointed out, I’m an overly-confident stranger. More then that, I’m downright enthralled by this poor stranger that I went to second base with before I even got his name. Any chance I could get his number? Or the promise of a coffee date once his arm looks a little less like something out of a horror movie?”

Davey took the phone Jack had produced from his pocket and offered to him, biting his lip to hide his grin. He entered his number and handed it back to Jack, who waved goodbye to him as he followed the doctor out of the waiting room.

A few minutes later, while Davey was waiting to be taken for an x-Ray, his phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out quickly, nearly chucking it across the room in his haste. He saved the unknown number into his contacts, chuckling at Jack’s message.

“Soooo… Can I sign your cast later?”

devilishgaze  asked:

Do you know if the Weston College Arc will be animated any time soon or are we going to have to wait like another 3 years?

When I went to see the BotA movie back in January, we had a guest from Japan, namely the producer of the Kuroshitsuji anime series (and also the CEO of A1-pictures), Mr. Shimizu, and the opportunity to ask him some questions, so someone asked whether there’ll be a new season any time soon and he answered that there aren’t any plans for a new Kuroshistuji project at all as of January 2017. So I guess whether we’ll get a “Book of Weston” or not depends on the sales of the BotA DVD/BDs. So if people wish further anime adaptions of Kuro, they should really buy the discs and support the anime staff ;)


Photostory / Fotonovel / Movie Novel

In the late 1970s with no internet and no home movies these books that told the story entirely with full colour stills were the best way to re-experience your favourite movie. I wish they had produced one for Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, The Black Hole, 2001 A Space Odyssey ….I could go on.