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Insecure Sentence Starters

“I’m just not good enough for you”

“I don’t think I’m the kind of person that can just… do that”

“Don’t say that… you don’t mean it”

“I can’t be attractive, look at me!”

“I can’t wear this- it’s not for my body type”

“Do you really think I can believe something like that?”

“I’m not cute!”

“This shows off too much skin, I need a coat or something”

“I don’t want to go to that party, it’s for you know… better people”

“I’m just… pathetic, alright?”

“I’m not good enough for something like that”

“You need someone better”

“God… She’s so pretty, I wish I looked like her”

“God… He’s so handsome, I wish I looked like him”

“Me!? Hell no- that’s not something for someone like… me”

“I disgust myself- I’m sorry”

“Stop saying such nice things about me! They’re not true-”

“You’re lying, none of that can be true.”

ccosmiccookiess  asked:

Hello hello may I request a rfa+saeran react to an mc who is mentally ill and as a result occasionally goes into kinda a trance? Like goes nonverbal and doesn't react and just stared into the distance? No pressure if you're uncomfy doing that!!

Hi hiiii @ccosmiccookiess ~! I’m not uncomfortable at all with your request; I only wish that I am able to deliver it nicely enough for you


  • the first time jumin witnessed mc go into a trance like state was when he had refused to let them leave
  • there had been panic in their eyes while mc tried a little desperately perhaps bargaining with him, assuring him that they just needed to leave to prepare for the rfa party
  • but he would not budge and had admittedly gotten a bit angry
  • he immediately regretted it, though mc’s silence at his outburst confused him
  • he didn’t know much about showing  feelings but he did think that mc should have gotten mad at him for reacting that way
  • then he got so concerned when he saw the faraway look in their eyes as they just stood there silently looking not at, but through the door
  • jumin tried calling out their name, his tone getting urgent with each moment he didn’t get a response
  • panic mode on!
  • already on the phone with his personal doctor as he came to gently wrap mc in a hug and hold them close
  • for some reason he wanted to keep them warm
  • very considerate about giving mc their space and very careful and patient whenever mc does end up in the trance-like state ever since
  • though it becomes a considerably less happening problem in mc’s life ever since jumin finds out


  • zen burst into the apartment only to find mc standing still, a faroff look in their eyes as a white haired man, tattooed and dressed in leathers smirked down at them
  • he didn’t hear what was being said before but the moment zen entered, the smirking man pulled mc into a lock and threatened to push a button
  • zen saw red
  • he didn’t think about the fact that mc hadn’t moved a muscle while in the man’s presence till they were safely nestled on his couch
  • still worried sick, he watched mc for a while as they sipped the hot cocoa he had made them
  • “mc? why didn’t you think to struggle when he held you captive?”
  • kinda regrets asking when mc tells him about their condition, but promises himself to make sure they never fall into trance like that


  • weirdly enough the first time saeyoung witnessed mc fall into a trance was when they had shoved saeran’s arm up to save v from getting shot
  • v had been saved,  but mc had still stood stock still after that, staring absently in the general direction where saeran stood at the moment
  • it had been a mess then, for jumin had burst in with security guards and the medical team then and everybody was rushed to the hospital or psyche ward
  • he remembered tightly holding onto saeran’s hand the whole time, though he didn’t remember when and how he had gotten so close, and when the gun had been taken from hsi brother
  • once in the hospital, he wouldn’t let them treat him till they told him what exactly happened to mc
  • needless to say he was so relieved that mc was okay and that he at least knew what illness they had
  • for this way he could much better prepare for and avoid mc falling into a trance again


  • mc stayed home that day since they had been feeling under the weather since last night
  • yoosung decided to pay them a visit after class that day, maybe take homemade kimchi to help cheer them up
  • mc was glad enough for his presence and they talked for a while
  • yoosung was just finished telling mc about this rare item in LOLOL and how he had been the second to acquire it in the entire country
  • when he noticed that mc was looking somewhere around their feet
  • he tried calling them to get their attention but it didn’t seem to work
  • just as he was beginning to panic, mc seemed to blink rapidly as if coming out of a trance and rubbed their head softly
  • yoosung never hated being right mroe than he did when mc explained that they sometimes do go into a trance because of their depression


  • they were on a little impromptu date, just enjoying each other’s company and the delicious blends of their coffee’s 
  • mc had seemed completely fine when jaehee had arrived at the place mc had texted her to come meet
  • so jaehee didn’t think much of the dark circles under their eyes or the fact that mc seemed to have lost some weight since their last meeting
  • so when jaehee got back from the trashcan after having dropped her empty cup to find mc unmoving and unresponsive, she regretted it immediately
  • she had known about it from before, for mc had mentioned falling into a trance quite off-handedly at one of their reading dates before
  • but this was the first time jaehee was actually witnessing it
  • mama!mode immediately activated
  • she took mc home and put them straight to bed after they got out of their trance
  • then baehee got to work researching everything about mc’s illness


  • v wanted to know everything about mc when he realized both their feelings for each other
  • he didn’t know why mc was hesitant in opening up to him, but he absolutely respected their wish to be slow 
  • he could wait
  • sunshine boy didn’t mind that they had depression too, he had already known thanks to some posts seven had told him about from their social media at the start
  • but he had endless respect for mc because they chose to tell him that before they actually started going out
  • they were quite forgetful, he noticed
  • so when one day he had taken them grocery shopping when mc was particularly down, all with good intentions of making mc feel better soon
  • for he knew change in scenery did a lot of good to depression
  • but when mc fell into a trance in an aisle and he had to go searching for them when he realized mc wasn’t beside him
  • the initial panic turned to immense worry and he all but carried mc out 
  • mc was quite flustered and kept apologizing for having forgotten to tell him when they were better, but v kept reassuring them it was not their fault
  • he was just glad he finally knew about their illness so he could get them help


  • saeran woke up to a cold room and went in search of mc, fear setting in the longer he didn’t get a response
  • he found them staring listlessly out the window
  • he gently touched them on the shoulder but immediately regretted it when mc jerked violently, almost hitting their elbow in his face
  • after a little breathing exercise when they had both calmed down, saeran got them both large bowls of ice-cream from the freezer
  • and mc told him about how they sometimes end up in a trance-like state when their depression gets too bad
  • saeran wanted to hug them then, so he did
  • it was awkward and short, but he felt relief flood through himself when mc leaned heavily into him, wordlessly accepting his comfort

i wish that AfD becoming the third largest party in Germany would wake people up to the fact that centrist neolib policies are no longer tenable and that we need radical change now, but i know that won’t happen bc it’s the fault of ~the people who didn’t vote~ as usual. 


My library is hosting a craft party for banned book week where one can make earrings/pendant/necklace of a banned book. I’d been thinking about what book I might choose for awhile and yesterday I was looking at some lists of banned books. I saw one of my childhood favorites on the list, a book about a young donkey that finds a pebble that grants wishes. He encounters a lion and in a moment of panic wishes that he were a rock so the lion won’t eat him but when he turns into a rock he is no longer touching the pebble so he can’t turn back into a donkey. His parents search and search for him.

I feel like just about every book gets contested for some reason and wondered what the issue was for Sylvester…several police organizations were offended by the police in the story being pigs.




anonymous asked:

Bucky Barnes here. I wish I'd received it under better circumstances, but I love(d) my metal arm. I had a difficult relationship to it early during my recovery but with a lot of therapy I began to see it as pretty darn cool. I kinda miss it now, honestly. What I DON'T miss is having to pull threads out from in between the plates every time I wore a shirt with long sleeves (hence why I ripped the left sleeve off most shirts). That wasn't so cool.

death-and-excrement  asked:

I was at an engagement party and I was completely hammered, anyway there was this girl who looked just like you and so I stumbled over and was like "TOOICONIC how the HELL are ya?" Before falling over and passing out. Anyways thought I'd share my strange false encounter with you hehe.

omfg I wish that were me I’d love to run into some tumblr person 😂😂😂

Rare Collection of 100 Introvert Quotes That Will Make You Feel Understood

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Dear introverts, it’s difficult to understand you. Many people don’t comprehend that solitude and feeling alone are different things. As an introvert, you know that your solitude is a sacred space where you can recharge. We encourage you to have a look at these amazingly thoughtful and profound quotes, which will resonate with all introverts.

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Happy one year to Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party!

And congrats to the Shipwrecked Comedy team, thanks for an awesome year!


Summary: Punk!Phil introduces pastel!Dan to his friends, and he has a great reception. (thanks for the internet dating/meeting of friends prompt from an anon!)

Genre: sin

Word Count: 4.1k

Includes: voyeurism (truth or dare style!), praisekink!dan, short!dan, online relationship/meeting for the first time, and a bit of spooning at the end for an anon who wanted it

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  • Bon Voyage S1
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BTS Reaction ; Falling For You While Being in A Relationship

Requested by Anonymous, “Hello, I love your blog so much! You’re such a talented writer! Can I request a reaction to BTS falling for one of their friends (who is the reader/OC) while they have a girlfriend? Sorry if my english is weird. Thank you and I love you! 💖💖💖”


Jin ➳ It’s been awhile since he realized he had feelings for you and he was terrified. He knew he had to choose one, his best friend or his significant other — but it was hard for him, too afraid to confront his girlfriend and leave a mess he’d rather not clean up. He loves you, spending every passing day with you and even cancelling meet ups with his girlfriend like she was nothing but a nuissance. His phone always kept ringing with texts, and when he finally got tired of it one day as he forced the device to slumber when you both went out to eat, you finally ask him about it. “Is it your girlfriend calling?” You ask with a teasing smile as he blows on his steaming soup.

“Nah,” he whispers, sliding the phone into his pocket, “it’s no one important.”

Originally posted by yoongichii

Suga ➳ The moment Yoongi realized he was falling for you, he had ended it with his girlfriend right then and there. He wasn’t going to lead someone on when his heart belonged to someone else, and even if you didn’t know about his feelings — he didn’t care in the slightest. He invited you to the studio and dorms plenty of times, and he would be smiling more often, teasing you and just basking in the beauties of you. It was one day when you two were in the studio alone, that you finally notice his gaze burning holes into your soul. “What?” You snap, annoyed, and he simply sways his arms nervously as he smiles admiringly.

“I love you.”

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J-Hope ➳ It was just a simple crush that prolonged as wine overfilled his glass and intoxicated him, permanately drunk on you. Being with you made him happy, but he was way too afraid to leave his girlfriend due to the aftermath — and the cruel reality that you may never return his feelings had obsidian ink dripping into half of his heart. He always left you at abrupt times, never trusting himself around you as his body begged to touch yours, and when he got up to calm his flushed cheeks and fluttering heart, you raised an eyebrow, thinking he was sick. “Are you okay?” The question drips from your lips and freezes him, quickly feigning a smile and refusing to stare you in the eyes.

“Yep.” Hell no.

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RapMonster ➳ “So how is she?”

And the question alone makes his stomach drop. How is she? His girlfriend? He didn’t know, his eyes only staring into yours that seemed to calm him many of times, making him feel at ease as if they were home — and before he can even realize what he says, the next words casually leave his vocal chords. “Broken.”

“What?” You ask, eyebrows knitting together as you tilt your head to the side in confusion.

“(y/n), I broke up with her a while back,” he confesses, because it is true, he just never deemed it necessary to let others know, “because..I realized I was in love with you.”

Originally posted by jeonbase

Jimin ➳ He couldn’t help himself, and he was even disgusted with himself. His feelings bloomed with each passing day, the floret growing bigger and stronger and refusing to wilt. He is way too nice to leave his girlfriend even though he knew all he felt was attraction towards her, but with you..he is in love with you. Deeply. “Like the stars, you’re beautiful.” He says as you both sit in the back of his truck during the night, and immediately, you become flustered.

“Oh shut up, you ass,” you laugh, pushing his shoulder but he quickly grabs your hand.

“I’m being honest,” a genuine smile forms on his lips as he looks into your eyes, “how do you look so beautiful all the time?”

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VI’m traditional, is his excuse to everything, especially to leaving his girlfriend he was way too afraid to confront like a man and leave. His feelings for you were obvious, his replies to you becoming even shier and shorter, rectangular smiles nearly ripping the skin on his cheeks as he would playfully try to put his hands on you as they ached to feel the sparks he felt whenever they touched your warm skin. He was even more playful, and one day when you two fall off the couch of the dark living room, falling into his chest while becoming a giggling mess from his tickle attack — you try to get up after having calmed down only for his arms to instantly wrap tightly around the small of your back and pull you flush against his chest.

“Just a little longer,” his deep voice breathes, “please.”

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Jungkook ➳ “You’re not my boyfriend.”

And he stiffens as those words, even if you giggled them, leave your mouth as they used his heart like a punching bag. You’re not my boyfriend. He sits there, slumping into the couch he sits on defeatedly as your eyes settle on Taehyung from across the party, telling him that you were going to spend time with the older man and Jungkook knew where this was going. He was jealous, and he didn’t want you to go, grabbing your arm with such force to keep you seated beside him even if his girlfriend was watching you two from afar. But you were right, he wasn’t yours, you weren’t his and you never will be.

And regretfully, he stares into his lap as he whispers, “I wish I was.”

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Temptation || Park Chanyeol

Originally posted on naver.

Content: 12k graphic smut fuckboy!chanyeol au

Note: Thank you for my girls’ hard work for reading this filthy work of mine and make it presentable for everyone @acidtrippings @ananou59  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

p.s. I know y’all need some fuckboy!chanyeol after that nude he leaked….

You just broke up with your boyfriend, and the fuckboy at school just happened to be your best-friend..


Sehun: Don’t forget about the party at Baekhyun’s tonight

Sehun: 9PM you know the drill ;)

You were amused by the fact that Sehun felt the need to remind you about the party you proposed for the boys to host. Last week, a party was supposed to be held after their football game but suddenly turned messy after a different school’s team crashed it. So you took initiative to host another party at Baekhyun’s house.

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