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Burning Bridges Spell

SO a fellow blogger messaged me asking for a little advice on a spell they were crafting…and this is what I came up with. After thinking about it, I added onto what I told them.

The purpose is to essentially sever ties with someone you had a negative relationship with, but still want to wish them the best. It’s based off my earlier post, “Remember, it’s okay to burn bridges and still be happy for the people you left on the other side.”

You Will Need:

-Two long-ish stemmed flowers. Can be different, can be the same, your discretion. These represent both of you blooming and having wonderful lives.

-Something to write on them (or otherwise personalize them)

-A car and a windy day(windy day optional I guess?)

What to Do:

-Write the name of the person(s) on one flower, and yours on the other.

-Tie the two stems together if possible. If they’re too stiff, wrap them together with a ribbon. 

-Drive far away from your home, the farther the better. Once at your destinaton, get ready to drive home. Pluck the flower with the name of the person you want to cut ties with from the stem. Focus all your emotion and intent and energy into it.

-Drive back. Along the way, let the flower go out of the window (ergo windy day and car–inertia is needed here) and envision the wind diverting their path far, far away from yours. 

-Once home, pluck your own flower off the stem and bury it in your yard, solidifying the spell.

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A (age): 18 
B (biggest fear): Being a replacement
C (current time): 20:19
D (drink you last had): Water
E (easiest person to talk to): My cat
F (favorite song): Karinui - Mamiko Koto
G (grossest moment): Not gonna say
H (horror yes, horror no): horror yes (but it needs to be good psychological horror)
I (in love with): Food
J (jealous of): Everyone who has their shit together
K (killed someone): All of my friendships
L (love at first sight or should i walk by again): Lets walk together and not talk at each other
M (middle name): Melina
N (number of siblings): 2
O (one wish): Can i have a job?
P (person you last called): I don’t make phonecalls so i don’t remember.
Q (question you’ve always been asked): Why are you so quiet? 
R (reasons to smile): Memes
S (song you last sang): I don’t sing out loud since like 5 years ago  
U (underwear color): Black
V (vacation destination): My bed
X (x-rays I’ve had): All my body, my right leg and arm.
Y (your favorite foods): Guiso, pelotines.
Z (zodiac): Gemini

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idfk know the rules

a - age: years (will tell soon)
b - biggest fear: spiders and heights
c - current time: 7:00pm
d - drink you last had: coke/cola
e - ehm
f - favorite song: the other side of paradise by glass animals
g - ghosts, are they real: hell yeah
i - in love with: sleep, energy drinks, music, coffee and more sleep
j - jealous of: literally anyone since everyone is better than me
k - killed someone: nope but i want to
l - last time you cried: dont remember
m - middle name: starts with J
n - number of siblings: 1 older brother
o - one wish: to make my parents proud of me
p - person you last called/texted: my dad
q - question(s) you’re always asked: uhm
r - reasons to smile: dogs and food
s - last song you listened to: wisdom by mother mother
t - time you woke up: around 7:30am
u - underwear color: blue/black
v - vacation destination: NY, Louisiana and Virginia
w - worst habit: i bite my nails and fidget when nervous (so a lot)
x - x-rays you’ve had: none
y - your favorite food: sushi
z - zodiac sign: ironically, Cancer

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This one night, I had a dream that I met Xandranne, 90kkbum, and this other tumblr person, who I forgot the name of xD

So Xandranne and 90kkbum happened to meet each other in Philippines, and decided to come to Guam, so they called me and said “Hey we’re heading over to KMart..where are you?” I said “ Oh, I’m at KMart, just tell me when you’re here and I’ll find you.” So when they did, for some reason, I lost my pants O_O but my shirt was really long, and was sort of able to cover me. I quickly searched for pants in KMart, but it was too late and Xandranne and 90kkbum saw me, and gave me weird looks xDD