i wish i lived in the 80's

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Uhm...wtf?! Ha, weird. I still haven't listen to the whole Hamilton play, that means I don't know how "who lives, who does, who tells your story" sounds like. And I had a weird dream that this was a happy rock song?! Like....WHAT?! I DREAMED THAT HAMIKTON AND ELIZA ARE DANCING TO 80'S MUSIC?! HELP!!!

listen.. i wish it was like that.. but just listen to the soundtrack and then ull know

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Multiples of twenty for the ask thing? 💙💙💙

20: Do you like space or the ocean more?: SPAAAACE

40: Hugs or kisses?: Both! But maybe kisses a little more

60: Do you believe in evolution?: Yep

80: Some thing you wish did exist: my will to live merpeople, Aliens (I want to believe), magic, super heros (preferably the X-Men)

100: A store you love?: Uff, H&M? That’s the store I always go to when I’m in town but I wouldn’t say I “love” it

120: Fruits or vegetables?: Definitely fruits!

140: Did you have any pretend or imaginary friends?: Yes, I had an imaginary bird friend

160: How many posts do you have on your blog(s)?: I don’t know?? How the heck do I see that? xD

Speaking of Latin heritage and stuff...

I went into this book store today, and I was just in awe at those art books the guy had, apparently he has rare books, kind of one of a kind and then, there one was one with the title: CARACAS.

I take the book and open it to show my friend pictures of my city. Long story short I spent around 20 mins giving a lecture to my friend and the owner about Caracas and how beautiful it was, and amazed at all the gorgeous pictures.

When I asked how much it was, the guy said “take it, it’s obvious you love it. There’s nothing better than to see someone in love with a book”

I swear I don’t know how I didn’t burst into tears right then and there, I really had to control myself not to look like a fool, and this was VERY new to me, I can be quite detached sometimes. And I made my decision ages ago, I’m just living with it, and I have no regrets, but the feelings are still there. 

Notice I said Caracas was beautiful. It was. The pictures are from around the 80′s and you have no idea how heartbreaking it is to see, actually see your city, your parents’ country being detroyed by greed and ambition and selfishness.

I don’t know if I will ever get back, but today I really wished things were as progressive, colorful and hopeful as they looked in those pictures.

I don’t know if I will ever see my beloved Ávila again. My mountain, my compass, my north. But thanks to that book store, that casual stroll and that kind soul that has not one clue how much this gift meant to me, I will forever be able to see it and remember how, when I looked at it, I never felt lost.

Photo: fineartamerica.com (Yes, shame on me I don’t have one good picture of the Ávila on my pc. Sue me)

Truth is if I had one wish it would be for Joel to die of NATURAL causes. I want him to live to be 80 years old, and be surrounded by people who care about him, myself, Tommy, the community… – I want him to live to be 80 years old, and for me to wish him a goodnight, tell him I love him and that he’s the best damn parent anyone could’ve asked for in this shit hole world.

To thank him for being there for me, for teaching me how to survive. For giving me a reason to survive. 

I want to tell him good night, and I love him, and then I want him to pass peacefully in his sleep. And I want him to see Sarah again in his dreams, in his ETERNAL dreams. I wanna’ see that old man smile and someday I want to be with him and Sarah too, I never met her – yet she feels like a sister I just never got to meet. If I had one wish, that’d be it. I think he’s earned that much…

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Girl dont tell me you did an entire fatmagul rewatch. tbh i can never rewatch that show again cause i get so emo and want to cry. i cant even watch a small scene...i will get sucked in. And yeah I wish Beren and Engin did something again creyzzzz i miss them so much.

Haha I’m in ep 68 now…..listen, I wanted to rewatch Fatmagul right after I finished it the first time….like after episode 80 I was like…..nooo, I miss them! I wanna see their daughter! I wanna see what happens with Deniz, I wanna see them go to Australia! 

I always wanna rewatch this show it’s such a fave :’) I usually do tbh, like I’ll look up my favorite scenes (SO MANY! Their birthdays, the valentines episode, the stuck in a storm have to live in one bedroom cabin episode, the WEDDING, but mostly my fave for some unknown reason is the one where she surprises him when he goes away, THAT SCENE! the way she says “supreze!” and how Kerim just melts even tho he was being such an idiot….I JUST….LOVE IT <3)

anywho lol I skip all the sad parts tbh I started watching from ep22 cause the earlier episodes are too nerve wracking so yeah I agree, but I still cry at other part so lol yeah I get you <3 expect me in your blog reblogging them since I’m in the mood^tm :P

Henry calls in to Killian’s radio station to ask for his Christmas wish – a boyfriend for his mom.

(Headcanon provided by @captain–kitten. Proofreading by @ohmyohpioneer.)

Hey, Santa.

The holidays are the hardest – when he’s surrounded by reminders of how very alone he is. When he goes home after his shift at the station to an empty apartment and a half-eaten box of pizza in the fridge, sitting by himself on the couch and watching late-night television until his eyelids droop heavy and he falls asleep sitting up, dragging himself to his cold bed only when the crick in his neck protest too much. It’s the same routine he’s maintained for years and he’s content with it – in his own way, of course – but the holidays, well. The holidays are tough.

Thanksgiving finds him at the station, legs crossed at the ankle and propped on the edge of his desk, headphones slung around his neck as Little Drummer Boy echoes through the speakers. Regina had been rather insistent about Christmas music starting before the holiday, despite his and Ruby’s objections. Apparently they needed to be Storybrooke’s first station to make the transition. Never mind that they were Storybrooke’s only station.

A well of protest rises deep in his soul when he cues up the next song – Dominick the Donkey. It might be too early for Christmas music, but it is definitely too early to subject listeners to Dominick and his hee-haw, hee-haws.

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Dear tumblr,
         I guess this counts as a “myblank” It’s to all of you, a true ‘blank’ because I don’t know you. They call it the tumblr community and I feel that it is more of a community than any other social media site. The very few of you I know in real life are the type of people who’s souls are too big for their bodies. You step into their soul when you’re near them as easily as stepping into someone’s shadow, they can’t hide it. They wear it like an overcoat. It’s warm sometimes, but that coat can drag you to the bottom of the ocean. And it’s because their souls are too big to hide that they are easy to step on. I kind of identify, we can’t defend it all. People step on it all day. We shelter other people in the shade of our best intentions, and offer pieces of ourselves in words, and paint, and even in our memes, often leaving little for ourselves to creep home and cover up in. This letter is to those of you younger than I am, and the demographic of tumblr suggests most of you are. A little background. I’m a 46 year old male, and I don’t lead what you’d likely consider an artful life. I unload trucks for a living basically. There’s more sweat and dirt, than poetry in my day-to-day living.
I enjoy drawing, and writing, and art. This is where I come to feed that part of myself. I wish there would of been a place like this to come to in the 80’s when I was your age. When family asked me why I liked the things I do. When I spent almost all my time alone reading at the top of the stairs in that drafty old farm house. When I gave up college to take care of sick family members. When I was voluntarily homeless for a time trying to save to fix up a family members home. It would of been so nice to know there were others like yourselves. Like me. What I had was one person. One lovely creature who encouraged me once, and disappeared the night we turned our tassels to the other side. It really was like a John Hughes movie back in the day. You didn’t step out of your clique. She did. The cheerleader told the nerd she liked his writing. Such a thing in 1988 was risky.  She noticed the only thing I liked about myself and publicly expressed that to me. Everything I’ve written for the last 28 years has started with the image of her smiling at me. More like a mermaid than angel she resurfaced from the faceless sea recently. I panicked and I ghosted her. Someone I thought about every day, and I added it up once, 4.89 times a day for 28 years, total stories and poems written, days since I last saw her….4.89 times a day, and I ghosted her. I think about her lot more these days. I contacted her again recently and we’re friends now. I wanted to get myself together before I saw her. That’s why I ran. I lost 90 lbs, got in shape, got some  money in the bank. I thought I was ready. What I was, was too late. She contacted me, and she wanted to walk with me under the light of a ‘super moon’ The next time, when I was 'ready’ she told me she had met someone and was happy. I’m glad she’s happy. I wondered over the years. I’m glad to be her friend. But, I feel like I’m keeping a secret, she knows little of this. Like ice cream, there’s a lot of flavors of love. Friends, can be a little bitter.
This is why I’m writing this to some of you, to Someone Waiting. It’s like reading posts by a younger me many times, and I want to tell younger me: Don’t wait. You love someone? Tell them right now. Don’t wait till you’re thinner, don’t wait till you’re financially stronger, don’t wait. Do it. Do it now. We have at best, AT BEST, 100 years, 80 if you’re lucky. It’s a tiny island of time in an infinate ocean of complete oblivion. I sit here on my lunch hour begging you to do what you want to do. People will tell you you owe them. You owe yourself. No one else. I sit here in a dead end job, covered in dirt, and regretting the missed opportunity of doing what I wanted for a living. Most of all regretting not waking up tomorrow, warm on the  inside, next to someone who’s soul is as big as their shadow. Too big to be contained. Fear lies. Time flies. I regret. Don’t wait.  Do it now.

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You are really cool and down to earth! Thanks for being such a huge part of my childhood and continuing to be an inspiration into my adult life. I'll be at your 40th in spirit as I live far from California. I hope you are still inspiring people well into your 80's!!!

thank you… wish you we’re closer to cali.

who knows who will show up, but whoever does, hope we’ll have a good time.

and sh*t, at this point 80 doesn’t seem too far away! hahaha

don’t grow up. lost boys forever.