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My Best Friend’s Sister (Part 3)

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Summary: The reader and Jared attempt to resolve their issues when a new one pops upโ€ฆ


Pairing: Jensen x reader (with sibling!Jared)

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language, sibling angst

A/N: Everyone is going to be perfectly happy, right?โ€ฆ

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A blast from the past! Or at least how to say that something has happened.. which means it’s in the past.. Like “I wish, I never tried to be funny on Tumblr.” 

So this is the first tense we’ll be talking about, we’re starting with the past which usually isn’t something we shouldn’t dwell on but just for, let us do what we’re not supposed to and regret it later. 

In Korean, tenses are made by using our trusty old building block system. If you’re not familiar with the term it means we have a base block, in this case a verb, and then we build an extension either in the front or back of the base (if you haven’t tried conjugating before go here). 

When making Korean tenses you wanna start off with your lexical form (다/하다)  and then conjugate it according to the rules, which means we remove 다/하다 and get the root. Here we split into two different options:

Ending on a consonant:

Now we have our root we ad 았어요, 었어요 or 했어요 (= 였어요), as usual depending on which vowel is the last in your verb, like so:  
ㅏ,ㅗ,ㅑor ㅛ =  았다      
해/하 =  했다
everything else =  었다

To live = 살다: 살 + 았어요 = 살았어요
To eat = 먹다: 먹 + 었어요 = 먹었어요
To like = 좋아하다: 좋아하 + 했어요 (였어요) = 좋아했어요

Ending on a vowel

If your verb ends in a vowel it gets a whole lot easier. When you have the root you ad ㅆ어요 regardless of which vowel the verb ends on. I say it’s ㅆ어요 but in reality it’s simply 었어요 or 았어요 like with the consonants, but in most cases it confuses more than it helps, so I like to think of it as ㅆ어요.   

To go 가다: 가 + ㅆ어요 = 갔어요

As usual, our ㅗ melts together with ourㅏand the same goes for our ㅜ andㅓ.

To look =보다: 보+ 았어요어요
To learn =  배우다: 배우 + 었어요 = 배어요

Okay let’s take a last irregularity before we finish, this goes for all conjugating as well, but I don’t think we’ve talked about it before. It’s simply when ㅣ is the last vowel in your verb, it melts together with the ㅓand becomes ㅕ. 

To drink: 마시다: 마시 + 었어요 = 마어요

(여보세요 is the “hello” you say when answering the phone. You don’t say 안녕하세요 when you answer the phone nor do you say 여보세요 when you greet people in person) 

A delayed art trade with @thedenofravenpuff, this one is of her OC Silver Step. A bardic batpony doing a bit of flight training. She wished for something acrobatic, and this is what came to mind.

The picture itself is a bit basic, and the rings didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted to. Ponies aren’t my main thing, so drawing this one was a rather big challenge. I hope she likes it, and if not I’ll have to make a new one :P

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Get to know your favorite Fire Emblem blogs! Answer these five questions about Fire Emblem Heroes, then anonymously copy-and-paste to five Fire Emblem blogs you want to know more about! 1) What's your summoner's name and (if they have one) backstory? 2) Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team? 3) Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable? 4) Any heroes you want but haven't summoned? 5) Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Oh shoot, okay. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten something like this.

1. So I have three summoners in my fake lore, but the first and main one is Munali.

Now I’ve made a lot of little headcanons and and story and whatnot for Heroes, but the main gist is Munali is a soldier in Veronica’s army and she was summoned by Anna, successfully making a copy of herself with amnesia.

She also ties into my Lumina story, hence the name and appearance.

2. Brave Ike, Julia, male Robin, Olivia, Performance Azura, Soren, female Robin, and summer Robin. Honorable mention to Gordin who can kill pretty much everything, but is also killed by pretty much everything.

3. I love Alfonse and I’ve trained him to the best he may be for my personal play style, but I wish he was better. Same with Chrom. And in my case, not stat wise or anything, I wish Roy was better. NO JOKE I HAVE SUMMONED SEVEN ROYS AND HAVE TWO BRAVE ROYS. They all either have a +HP IV or are neutral. All of them. I just… Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………..

4. SUMMER. GAIUS. MAAAAAAN. Right now I want Performance Inigo and Deirdre. And in general, I just want a good Klein and Takumi.

5. I supported Alfonse, which I think is romantic. All my other supports are pretty platonic, though some are cute, but I really only use four units which are the first four I mentioned in 2, so the others only have a C support, oops.

Brave Ike and Olivia

Robin and Julia

Alfonse and Gordin

Female Corrin and Takumi

Female Robin and Chrom

Eliwood and Roy

Xander and Reinhardt

Masked Marth and Summer Robin

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Some fluffy Yuma relationship headcanons, please? :)

So this was a headcanon, I swear. A headcanon which turned into a drabble which turned into a short story. I hope you don’t mind!

I also combined @charl0marl0 ‘s request in here, which was ‘Can we have more Yuma stuff, like a story or something? ❤’

aka Kou being the big brother we all wish we had and Yuma making an appearance at the end.
for like. a paragraph.

either way I hope you both enjoy!!

Someone is picking on you;
It started with stares. Stares of disgust which quickly turned into glares of hate. What had you done? You couldn’t recall anything in particular. So you simply went about your daily life, which went like the following; coming to school in the limo, waiting until all of the boys got out to go and meet their fangirls before getting out, school, doing the same thing except you got in first; and thus it repeated. You knew people talked behind your back; girls bore looks of envy while boys of jealousy- but you had ignored them for the longest time. At least, until the rumors started.
You sigh, putting your books away and quickly wiping away a stray tear that managed to fall. Darting out of the classroom with your head hung low, you make a beeline towards the washrooms. In that moment you sent a silent prayer that you wouldn’t run into any of the Mukami brothers. You had been living with them for long enough for them to know when you had been crying, as you cried a lot when you had first started living in the house from homesickness. Thankfully, it seemed that lady luck was on your side today as you made it to the washrooms without running into them. You looked at yourself in the mirror, slightly cringing at your eyes which were now puffy and red. You looked around for something that might help- and suddenly remembered something. Placing a wet piece of paper towel over the eyes would help with the redness and swelling. Although it was cheap paper towel, you took a bit and ran it under the cool water. The coolness felt good on your warm eyes, and you set a timer for five minutes. All too soon it went off, and you noticed that the swelling and redness had thankfully gone down.
There was still a bit though, so you covered the rest up with a bit of foundation. In a moment of defeat you decided not to go back to class, instead heading for the roof. It was a very rare occasion for you to ditch class; you were seen as the goody two shoes, and rarely missed even when you were sick. Opening the door, you are met with a soft breeze. Its autumn, but you were able to stay warm in just your uniform. You walk straight, not bothering to glance to the side. You let out yet another sigh, leaning on the bars and staring out into the distance. Tears welled up again, and you furiously blinked to keep them back.
It was at this point that Kou walked over.
You jumped when he put a hand on your shoulder, thinking that he was going to feed on you. However, that wasn’t the case- instead, his face was contorted in what looked to be anger.
“You can’t tell Yuma.” You started, only to be stopped by a fierce glare.
Kou had known that this was going on for a while now; he knew you hated when people got caught up in your affairs, so he kept to himself. But now, he had had enough. He knew what Yuma would do; his brother was fiercely protective of you, although he might not have wanted to admit it. There was the fact that you were Yuma’s girlfriend too.
Kou had caught you like this before, crying on the rooftop alone. He had made many promises to you not to tell Yuma; but enough was enough.
“Fine.” He simply stated, crossing his fingers were you wouldn’t see them.
Needless to say, Kou had a long talk with his brother’s that night.
Something had changed.
The way Yuma stayed by your side, the way the girl apologized as if they were terrified for their own lives. You knew Yuma had found out, although he denied anything. You didn’t mind- you got to spend more time with him. Yuma was never a touchy-feely person, so this was just like him. It was enough for you to know that he cared; and that he would stay by your side (and punch the girls in the face should they pick on you ever again).

- Mod Azusa.

Happy Birthday @inazuma-eleven-translations :D 

lets pretend that i am not late okay ? xDD i wanted to make you something and sorry it is small and rushed but i really hope you like it and I want to thank you for all your translations works you did/will do for us !!! You are a precious treasure to this fandom and I really appreciate everything you do !! Thank you A lot !! and have a good day/night/ life

I am still so greatful for Yuuichi’s interviews no one actually cares enough about his character and finding posts with him was kind of HARD but your translations for me even when i didn’t request, is literally one of the best things ever happened to me! Thank you so much you are so kind and sweet to all of us! ;w;

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honestly, i feel so relieved reading about your discussion about adjusting to new meds. I was misdiagnosed at 14 as bipolar and spent all of high school and my first two years of university experiencing all of the symptoms you've talked about because I was on a chemical cocktail of different SSRIs and antidepressants that my body did not agree too at all. Turns out I just have C-PTSD and anxiety/depression and I'm doing much better now

Yeah, as unfortunate as it is, misdiagnoses happen sometimes. It can be really hard to point out as well, and so I hate having to say “if something doesn’t feel right….” because like what does that mean? I don’t feel right at all ever what does that mean?? y’know? I wish there was a better way to pinpoint if it’s a problem with the meds, with something else, if it’s a misdiagnoses, etc. 

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something that has always bugged me about disney is that all/most of their princesses of colour have stories that are heavily rooted in their race? while i think that's important, i also wish we had more princesses of colour who just have "regular" stories, if this makes any sense. like, mulan is very important to me, but i also want to see an asian disney princess in a flowy dress like anna or belle? i think the closest we got (film-wise) was tiana but she was a frog for 99% of the movie

No, no, no. I know that you didn’t mean bad with this ask, but I have some issues with it: 

1.) A story based in non-western cultures is not “irregular” or “abnormal”. Upholding the belief that western culture is the default is harming and actually racist in itself. And the stories of white people are also not the default.

2.) Having a brown princess in a story that reflects 100% european customs would be whitewashing her actual culture. In a way, you’d be writing a white girl with brownface… I hope that makes sense? You know how sometimes people say that you shouldn’t write people of color as white people with darker skin? That it’s not actually good rep? Well, it looks like you’re suggesting just that.

3.) For a western person it might seem like it’s “far-fetched” or something along those lines. Things like what you’re saying, but for others… well, take this for instance. It matters to the people of that culture. They deserve to have themselves seen on screen.

However… It might be nice to see a Disney film with a diverse cast in the style of Still Star-crossed, and Disney’s done such messes before with writing other cultures (take Aladdin, for instance), I can see where you’re coming from (after all, there’s nothing stopping Ariel from being brown, she’s a mermaid).

Another thing I’d take into account is that, if i’m not mistaken, most Disney princesses’ are a reflection of the majority from the geographical place their stories are based off (which, on the one hand not every person in a country is of the same race, but on the other hand that could lead to writing about, for example, a non-chinese Mulan).

Mod A.

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''I’d rather be with the most abusive, coldhearted jackass on the planet, who is childfree than the sweetest, nicest, most caring dad.'' What the ever living god damn hell? Jesus people are weird. Also why are people online so weird about kids. I personally don't want to have a baby, it's not for me and I'm not great with kids. But I dont hate them or wish anything negative on them. Its okay to just not feel comfortable around kids but acting like they are worse than an abusive man is so weird

GOD I KNOW, these weirdos are (part of) why everyone assumes when i say I don’t like kids it means I want all children to die or something asklfhaklwr can you all please be normal, oh my god. There are so many like real issues to talk about wrt women being pressured to have kids/the kind of blowback you get if you are a woman who doesn’t want kids and it always gets derailed by someone crawling out of the gutter to use the word “breeder” unironically. 

me: a bts blog,,, who is also a carat

also me: reblogs something seventeen related

aLSO me: feels obligated to immediately reblog about 5 things bts related out of fear of people unfollowing/ not liking my content

me, in my head: this blog is for the content i love and appreciate and want to see that i want to share with others who also happen to love and appreciate the same things. this blog and the people i blog about makes me happy. why should i modify my happy things to please others i just want to love them

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I was re-reading Burning on the Western Front and damn that is so intense and full-on I have so many feelings about that thread I LOVE IT. Also I was reading Suffer the Children and I love Genma so much and the way Orochimaru's experiments are depicted are so horrific I just love it so much. Do you think Anko ever got Genma's present? And do you think Genma would low-key keep tabs on her or something?? this was longer than expected. Hope you guys have a nice day!

Hey hannahmayski! Thank you so much! I love Burning on the Western Front, too. The grim awful reality of the war these guys lived through and the things it stole from them punches me in the gut every time. If you squint, you can see the seeds of what happens in No Quiet Man’s Descent in that thread.

I’m delighted you like Suffer the Children! I wish I could say that Anko got her presents, or at least got the rabbit and the note. The buns were undoubtedly tested for poison, and the rabbit and note inspected for any sign of chakra tampering or hidden seals. Given they were dealing with a threat from Orochimaru, though, in all likelihood, she never got her gift. The risk of it being sabotaged in a way they couldn’t detect was just too great, and an anonymous gift too risky.

… Unless, of course, someone in ANBU had been keeping tabs on Genma since the incident, and had witnessed the whole gift giving chain from cream bun selection, to stuffed rabbit purchase, to abandonment in the hospital lobby. Then Anko might have received her gift. That’s a nice thought. And it would make sense to keep an ANBU watch on Genma, for his protection as much as for any threat he might pose, because again, Orochimaru.

Orochimaru is a monster, and yet he wasn’t always one. He fascinates me quite a bit (as you can tell from his cameo in Ashes in My Wake, which I wrote.) But by the time Genma encounters his handiwork, he is utterly depraved.

As for Genma keeping tabs on Anko — he’s tried. More so in the first year or two after the incident. He knows she’s a chuunin now, and seems to have put her past behind her. He hasn’t yet put two and two together about Katsuko’s connection to the story, but that may yet come.

Anyway, thank you so much! Hope you have an awesome day too.


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Boi I told u this would happen. I warned you. I love you so much, and you are so sweet. I was like this newbie and I looked up to you so much and I said something to you and like you just responded and we had a conversation and you were so chill it was amazing and every time I think about it it brings tears to my eyes because I was awkward and now my cheeks are wet and you deserve so much love and I just wish you could know how much I look up to you and how much of a role model you are โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š

JASJJS MY GUY I THINK THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I WAS EVER CALLED A ROLE MODEL???? It feels so weird to actually have some who looks up to me asjwsshw but for real, you are just to nice! I noticed you’ve been supporting me for a while now and I just want you to know that I appreciate you so much and if there’s anything you want to ask me about or if you ever need my help just hmu! (Send an ask first tho because my dms are dead)

  • me: oh MAN I wish someone liked me and would want to date me
  • someone: hey I like you
  • I'm not even going to talk in the chat form I just wanna say why is it that when someone finally is attracted to me and expresses that, I feel no emotional attraction to them and have to politely reject that romantic possibility even though this is something I've wanted for a while but it finally happened to be someone that I don't have a crush on and then I can't remember the last time I actually had a crush on someone and feel like an awful person not on the outside (as in to others) but as in like as myself and rue the fact that my emotions don't function like they should sagfhakjdf at least I'm able to type all this without crying unlike last night when I was positively sobbing in front of my friends cuz I'm scared I don't feel anything properly
  • you, reading this: Icarus are you okay

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Hey I'm looking to cast a curse on a drawing (a furry drawing) that my friend made. I don't want to hurt them I just want them to loose it or something small like that. Thank you!

Hello, honey bee!  I’m really sorry, but I honestly have no idea what you could do, I don’t believe I have ever done something similar, or looked into doing something similar.  If anyone else has any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to reply to this post with them.  I’m truly sorry I couldn’t be of more help, sweetheart, but I wish you the best!

this ‘I can’t wait for the McElroys do to something shitty’ mindset 100% comes from this toxic environment where y’all have to justify why you do or don’t like something based on ‘problematic’ behavior

if you instinctively get annoyed with something and it’s not ‘problematic’ you idiots start wishing it was so you can take the ‘moral highground’ to mock and belittle the fans out of existence




I’m the man who’ll become the number one hero!

—happy birthday to my darling tay @misakarose