i wish i had these photos in better quality


I managed to find a couple after all!! I’m so glad I could, I just wish they were better quality.

Anyway, the first is of my brother and I growing up, the second of us almost 5 years ago when he still had all his babyfat SUCH A CHUBBY FACE, me a year ago with long hair and just before finding SaM, and me now!!

Let me tell you, finding pictures of me growing up was almost impossible.

Wish I had a better quality photo of this look. 💙 (P.S. Hope you enjoy my eyebrows as much as I do) ————————————–
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Letting Go

We shared a lifetime of memories. I remember the days when we will laugh endlessly with our gossip. I recall the time we met. It was so random, yet memorable.

Slowly by slowly we have grown a bond that was inseparable. The days flew by fast when we would chat all day, and night. There was always something to talk about, and sleep was a myth to us.

I remember I said I wished I had someone with your wonderful qualities, and that’s when the roller coaster happens. A sad yet intense time in our friendship.

I miss the days when I was depressed, and you would stay up all day, and night with me. I miss the silly photos we would send each other with our scrunched up faces, and double chins. I miss how I knew exactly the guys you favored, and same with you to me. I miss how every time I did myself all nicely, and you would say I look better then anyone you’ve ever seen. I miss how every photo of me will make you blush. I miss the way you would stare, and smile at me when I would sing to you. I miss the days when we would spend hours playing games, chat online, or watch movies (even when I never watch them). I miss the times when you would show me your girly hauls. I miss the love we had towards another.

Sadly I know these are the memories I miss, and not you. I miss the old you as you do me. I know that you are long gone, and it wouldn’t be right to reconnect with each other. The people we once were has died.

But I won’t be bitter. Whenever I smell that perfume I love to spray, I will still think of you. Whenever I wear pieces of you on me, I will still remember you. When I hover that shirt over my body, your fragrance will linger. When I hear our songs, I will still shed an invisible tear. I won’t forget the good times.

All good much come to an end. Even with my deep down bitter hate, I can’t stay that way forever. May karma find you, and your threats.

I hope I find someone like you one day. Maybe then I will be sane.