i wish i had these photos in better quality

The Walmart goldie. He(or she. I don’t know) is doing well. Very active, not as skiddish, and accepting several foods. I’m even able to leave the light on more now. I wish the quality was better, but several lovely people had said they couldn’t wait to see him. I’d post a photo but we all know fish don’t hold still.

Attack on heels presents: Levi in heels!!! I came out of my art hiatus for this so you better appreciate it. Anywaaay, I’ve had this idea for a while and I needed to get it down on paper. I wish I could get a better quality photo but I guess we’ll just have to deal with it for now.

Yey, i’m getting better at drawing already.

I wish the photo quality was better, but i can’t use my scanner because it’s out of yellow ink (yes, it doesnt make sense i know), so i had to take a picture with my phone.


Isabelle Lavellan smooching with Halamera “Snowflake” Lavellan. Snowflake is @inquisitor-marlynastre‘s cutiepie. I know it’s not the stick figure drawing i promised you, but i hope this brings you more joy than the stick figures. <3

Hand-drawn map of Westeros, which I did for George’s ( @mechanicalseasons ) birthday :) I wish I had a better quality photo but my phone camera is awful and I don’t have a scanner big enough so this will have to do. I reckon it could be the most detailed single map of Westeros in existence because I took the details from several different maps, none of which showed the entire area shown here :D