i wish i had some more

having weird feelings about my art style …^^;

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For the past few days, I've been questioning my gender for the first time in my entire life. I've always been fine with being a girl but for some reason two days ago, all I could think about was "I wish I looked more androgynous/boy-like" and "I'd like to be a boy" and wishing I had a slightly deeper voice/trying to make my hair look shorter. But today and yesterday, that feeling completely went away and I'm back to not caring. But now Im FRUSTRATED @MYSELF. could this mean I'm genderfluid or..?

Yeah it sounds like you could be! Obviously that’s up for you to decide though!! 

And please don’t be frustrated at yourself, lovely <3 Give yourself patience! You’re not obligated to know exactly who you are as soon and as clearly as possible! Allow yourself some breathing room and feel it out!

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so many ppl getting pissed at adam over his "cushy" job as though half of them wouldnt jump at the chance to have it themselves


I would fucking jump at a job like that in a second without even thinking about it.

A nice, well-payed job that utilizes at least part of my skills, whilst leaving me room to do my own thing at the side, and at the same time leaving me with enough funds to not only not have to worry about surviving the week, but also have some left for luxury? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP.

The idea of a starving artist who has to suffer for their art so it can have heart is bullshit, along with the idea that all art has to mean something, something more and refined and genius. I had enough of those, especially the second one, from the people I went to art college with.

Sometimes art is just doodling funny comics for the masses. Sometimes art is drawing your favorite shows. Sometimes it’s indulging in your own self-insert wishes. Whatever it is, others have no right to bring you down for it, you do you.

Also, “hurr durr it’s just criticism you need to learn to accept criticism” yeah man, maybe some people don’t want criticism, especially harassment thinly veiled as criticism

ok i was thinking the other day about how i wished some shows had gone plot wise and i….

  • riverdale: but instead of jason dying it was betty and archie is out for blood trying to solve this shit, then veronica and cheryl bond and be besties
  • girl meets world: but riley is more like maya and vice versa. riley doesn’t connect with her parents much, and throughout the show she deals with identity issues. thinking she’s disappointing her parents and copying maya so she can be more good and ‘perfect’. uncle shawn helps her find herself and shit
  • i didn’t do it: everythings the same, except jasmine likes lindy and lindy likes jasmine
  • drake and josh: literally never ends and is still on tv

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I LOVE THIS EVENT. I decided to skip death sworn Viktor for Project Vayne and Jhin, got them today and then I had some rp for one project capsule. Guess what. Death sworn Viktor Skin shard. I dusted all the stuff but I'm short 21 oe. Oh well, just need a chest and one more key fragment. AND I WILL GOT EVEN THAT SKIN Woo. PS: Jhin in the new mode is good, he doesn't seem it but he is good when overcharged (easy chase.) Just wanted to say this to you. I wish that hearing this story will give luck.

//RNGesus be always at your side dude. That was perfect luck! I personally always seem to max luck when it comes to the league loot system. I can’t wait to play PROJECT Vayne and I can’t wait to see what this map is all about. Thank you for the heads up.

“Ah, sorry, I’m not much of a dancer.” Prompto mumbled to his feet after he once again stepped on the prince of Lucis’ toes. 
“Could have fooled me,” Noctis smiled warmly, pulling Prompto closer, “Do they not have balls in Niflheim?” 
Prompto paused, his face falling slightly as he lowered his gaze to the floor “Well…ah, no. Not really.” 

Insomnia welcomes Niflheim into their kingdom will a ball, and although Noctis usually hates any kind of social event, surprisingly this one has become a little more interesting. Another scene I had in mind for my Niflheim prince Prompto AU. I’m planning on drawing a few more things because I’ve received so much encouragement, I hope y’all like angst, cause thats where this AU is headed. 


I’m not looking for somebody
With some superhuman gifts
Some superhero
Some fairytale bliss
Just something I can turn to
Somebody I can kiss

I want something just like this

this time, @evgirunslaad provided the inspiration with “Something just like this” by Chainsmokers and Coldplay
first i imagined the chorus from inko’s pov and god it’s perfect, but then i considered it from toshi’s pov AS WELL and gaaaahh *tears*

orignial post 

more toshinko!

That was a great time

Even more than the solid jokes, the moving content, and the interactivity, I enjoyed meeting new people.

There sure were a lot of us making a shitload of noise in that place (which is beautiful and I wish I could have photographed it properly).

I felt so much great energy. I feel like as a community we need to keep that energy alive and keep supporting each other so that we can make it through this thing called life.

Thanks @therealjacksepticeye for bringing some of us together. I think we all had a blast.

Congrats on three successful shows! Here’s to many more.


TDA: Video Game Edit

Based off the world of Cassandra Clare, choose a character to navigate through this thrilling game of Shadowhunters, Demons and Downworlders. Play as Emma; the warrior, or Kit; The Wanderer. Explore locations like The City Of Glass to the enchanting world of Fae. Choose your battles, your friends, your enemies, and your lovers. Find your characters destiny. 

i got tired of work so i decided to doodle some conman dancing. instead of, ykno, going to bed when it was already 6:30am

it is now past 9:00am

im. gonna go sleep

Happy ‘Suicide Squad’ Day!!

It’s officially been a year since Suicide Squad came out. So let’s relive some of the best Joker, Harley, and Joker x Harley moments shall we? 

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