i wish i had some kind of style


“At least my own dear dragon is a precious cutie, Kaiba-boy,…”

“It’s a just shitty imitation of the majestic Blue-Eyes…”

“… just like me.”

“I think it’s about time for me to leave.”

I only wanted to make a quick coloured sketch, because I had this short conversation in mind… It escalated and became some kind of royalty-styled portrait thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it was a nice practice for lighting and contrasts, so I get that going for me. And I actually really like it.
I wish my English was good enough to write longer stories. But all I can do is drawing stuff :T

And during painting I noticed I adore Pegasus wearing black clothes. He is just marvelous.

Btw. requests are on the way, I hope I get some of them done the next days!


Oh look 2 more pages for the previous 2. Now these are done very differently, because i figured why not to try all kinds of different techniques with this? The next two pages might have totally different styles. These differ from each other too. Neither of these is what i’m looking for though but i’ll keep trying.
Anyway, i wish i had more time right now, but i don’t so i don’t have a chance to draw every single frame i would want. But i try to keep it as clear as i can.

clumsy0ne  asked:

Heya, hope you're doing fine, dear Admin. And hope you had a nice week! Ahm, I wanted to ask another thing. Well, and because i'm a Zoro Fangirl hehe, something with that Mosshead. How about Zorro reacting, seeing his s/o training secretly with his swords + Sanji seeing his s/o cooking secretly in his kitchen something for him (Hehe, if u wanna let your sinner out, go ahead and attach some nsfw). So, I'll wish ya a nice day and Weekend! PS.I love your blog and your writing style!

Ahhhh Thank you so much!  That’s so kind of you.

I kinda took a lot of liberty with these.  I’m sorry!!


  • It would have to be pretty late in their relationship where Zoro trusts his s/o with his swords
  • Zoro’s swords are precious to him and at this point he knows that his s/o treats them with the same respect
  • It’s a late quiet night, with Zoro on lookout shift
  • He climbs up onto the crow’s nest when he hears the swish of movement 
  • On guard, he pries open the door gently 
  • It’s his s/o wearing a damp undershirt, two of his swords in each hands, panting as they face an imagery opponent
  • And when he realizes what’s going on, he swells with pride, the corners of his mouth upturned
  • There is so many things wrong with with their form, knees too bent and arms too weak
  • But he loves it regardlessly
  • Swiftly picking up his third sword, he blocks their next swing, smirking
  • “Your stance and form is all wrong.”
  • They laugh, wiping the sweat from their brow, “Well, why don’t you come over here and show me, master swordsman?”
  • He blushes looking away, “Idiot, this is serious.  It’s nothing to laugh about.”
  • They laugh goodheartedly before sneakily kissing them on the cheek.  “All right, teach me, sensei.”
  • They spend the rest of the night, training, sparring, and fighting.  They’re bruised, sweating, and dead tired by the end of it.
  • It was one of the best days of Zoro’s life.


  • His s/o spent a lot of time and care trying to make Sanji’s favorite seafood pasta
  • They’re nervous, they aren’t anywhere near Sanji’s level of cooking, but they’re putting their heart and soul into it
  • They’re trying to be sneaky, cooking at night to surprise him later
  • Sanji hears noises in the kitchen and, thinking it’s Luffy, starts making his way to the kitchen
  • He’s greeted by the sight of his s/o humming away, tossing ingredients here and there
  • His heart absolutely melts at the sight
  • “My prince(ss), what are you doing so late at this time of the night?  I could whip something up for you.”
  • They sag in disappointment, wanting to leave it a surprise, “Well, you’re always cooking, and I wanted to treat you for once.” 
  • There’s a pause before Sanji gushes over his s/o hearts popping in the air and his arms waving
  • He tries to help much to his s/o’s displeasure
  • Until, he gets put in time out, told to wait at the table until dinner was ready
  • It’s been such a long time since anyone’s actually cooked for him 
  • Finally, two plates of food get put on the table
  • They have dinner together.  They’re both in sleepwear.  It’s late past midnight.  The sauce is a little too bland.  
  • It’s perfect.  Never before has Sanji been treated out, wined, and dined.
  • He’s in love.