i wish i had original ideas lol

zombie-fujimi  asked:

what do you think reverse falls would be like if mabel was the one that grew up with grunkle stan?

*reunion falls but i get what u meant

that was the original plan, actually! because mabel is a tiny adorable badass and her relationship with stan is one of my favorites in the show, and the idea of mega supreme supernatural expert mabel pines is a fantastic one! tbh sometimes i wish i had kept it that way, if only because rf dip ended up so different from canon dip and it makes me miss writing canon dip, lol. but i decided to have mabel be the newbie because i wanted the au to be mabel-centric (as most aus tend to be dipper-centric) and newbies are always the main characters.

i think if i’d gone with that first idea, though, mabel wouldve ended up making friends with anything she could and learning to fight anything she couldnt over the years of living in gravity falls, never really questioning the weirdness and just sort of accepting that it exists. she’d have been friends with grenda and candy all her life already, too. dipper, meanwhile, wouldve grown up more alone than ever, and probably been even more of an insecure, nervous little mess without many (maybe any) friends or a twin to back him up. he would probably be the one to push mabel to actually start investigating the unknown, while mabel would be dipper’s courage in their adventures.