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Hello!! Can I ask for a friend zoned MC feeling unrequited love to the RFA + V & Unknown which ends in a "I like you god damn it" confession?? And they like you back?? Thank youuuu (: I love your blog btw

Author’s note: sorry this is so rushed I have to post Saeran/V’s separate bc this is so long || So some of these aren’t as much confessions as they are cute, BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM NONETHELESS ♥


  • “To the left, MC!!!! NO, YOUR OTHER LEFT!”
  • You smashed the buttons of your controller down, hoping something good would happen
  • I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • “Uhh, Yoosung?”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “I think I just died.”
  • “WHAT?”
  • You set your controller down and glanced over at your best friend
  • His eyes were glued to the screen, tongue sticking slightly out just like it always does when he’s focused on something
  • The light from the monitor flashed white and Yoosung jerked forward, causing your knees to collide
  • You felt your face heat up at the skin on skin connection
  • “A-Ah, Yoosung?”
  • “Not now, MC, I think I can win this!!”
  • Yoosung leaned over in front of you, trying to get a better angle of the screen
  • You got a whiff of Yoosung’s shampoo and your heart skipped a beat 
  • I don’t know how he smells this good after playing video games all day.
  • You involuntarily reached out and ran your fingers through his hair
  • “…So soft.”
  • For a second you though you felt Yoosung leaning into your touch
  • But that’s probably my imagination…
  • The screen flashed again and Yoosung turned around to look at you
  • He was still leaning over on your side, your faces now inches apart
  • “I won!”
  • Yoosung gave you a close eyed smile
  • That damn smile.
  • When you didn’t respond to him, Yoosung frowned
  • “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • “…”
  • Screw it.
  • You summoned every ounce of strength you had and closed the gap between his lips and yours
  • Before Yoosung could react, you pulled away
  • “U-Uhhh,” you looked at Yoosung’s bright red face, “Congrats on the win?”
  • Do it!! Tell him how you feel!
  • “Yoosung, I-“
  • “M-Me too.”


  • It was just another average friend date with Zen
  • You, him, a small bistro, hundreds of fans all begging to get a picture with him
  • Just a normal day
  • “Zen, over here!!!”
  • “Sorry about the flash, I just HAVE to make sure it’s a good picture.”
  • “Are you stupid??? ALL of Zen’s pictures are good!”
  • You turned to look at your friend, who was soaking up as much of the limelight as possible
  • This dork…
  • He stood up and tapped on his glass with a fork
  • “Ladies, ladies, you can all get a picture with your Zenny, just be patient!”
  • “Since when are you theirs?” you mumbled, crossing your arms
  • Zen glanced back at you
  • Crap, did he hear me?
  • You gave him a big smile and a thumbs up
  • That ought to throw him off his tracks.
  • Zen turned back to the sea of fans
  • “I’ll be outside in ten minutes, so if everyone could make a line outside, that would be perfect!”
  • In the blink of an eye the restaurant was empty again, a flood of screaming girls and guys retreating outside to wait for their prince
  • A sigh of relief escaped your lips as Zen sat down
  • “Are you mad at me?”
  • You looked down at your food and began messing with it
  • “Don’t play with your food, MC.”
  • “Okay, mom.”
  • He sighed, “If you aren’t going to answer my question I’ll just go outside right now.”
  • Zen put his hands on the table and started to push himself up
  • “W-Wait.”
  • You grabbed his arm and pulled him back down
  • “I’m not mad at you,” you sighed, “I’m just mad that we never get to spend time together like we used to.”
  • Zen put his hand on top of yours and leaned in toward you
  • “What do you mean? I see you all the time up at work!!”
  • You stared at his hand
  • He’s touching me.
  • He’s holding my hand.
  • “MC???”
  • You awkwardly coughed and pulled your hand away
  • “Y-Yeah, uh no… what were we talking about?”
  • Zen leaned back in his chair
  • “Never mind… let’s just eat.”
  • He lifted up his glass of water to his lips
  • Those lips…
  • “I love you.”
  • “WHAT?”
  • You pushed away from the table and stood up
  • “You spit all over my shirt,” you gestured down to the wet material that clung to your chest, “my WHITE shirt!!’
  • “W-Well you said that you… you love me.”
  • “Ah… that.”
  • And all of sudden, the floor became veryyyyy interesting
  • I wish I had the power of invisibility…
  • “MC, look at me.”
  • While you were contemplating superpowers, Zen had taken the time to walk over and stand in front of you
  • “Nah, I think I’m good,” you continued looking down, “the floor happens to be my favorite shade of… brown.”
  • A soft and warm hand tilted your chin up, and your eyes met his scarlet ones
  • “I love you too.”
  • You slowly leaned in-
  • Offff course.
  • Zen stepped back and glanced at the girl peeking through the front door
  • There was the click of a camera and a squeal, and she was gone again
  • Zen scratched the back of his head
  • “Sorry, I guess it’s-whoa whoa WHOA, what are you doing????
  • You flung your wet shirt over the back of the chair and shivered
  • “Man, this place is kinda cold,” you looked up and smirked, “then again, I am wearing just a bra.”
  • You heard a very inhumane noise come from the back of Zen’s throat
  • “The fans can wait.”
  • Zen grabbed your wrist and pulled you into his chest, his lips crashing against yours
  • The beast was NOT contained that night


  • On your way out of the RFA building you glanced at your watch
  • Damn… it’s already 11pm? I stayed waaaaayyyy too late.
  • When you walked past the break room you heard the familiar sound of the copy machine clunking turning on
  • “…damn Jumin and his damn reports-“
  • I wonder if that’s…
  • “-with his damn cat and the damn cat wine.”
  • Yup, that’s Jaehee.
  • You peeked in the room and watched as she stuffed a stack of papers into the copy tray
  • She wiped her hands on her skirt and sat in the chair next to the whirring machine
  • “You should go talk to her.”
  • “WhAT THE-“
  • Seven put a hand over your mouth and pulled you away from the door
  • Jaehee glanced up and sighed
  • “Anyone there?”
  • Seven removed his hand and you lowered your voice to a whisper
  • “What the hell do you want?”
  • He glanced at the breakroom and then back to you, giving you his famous ‘I have an idea that could go horribly wrong or perfectly right’ look
  • “Good luck,” was all he said before grabbing you and harshly shoving you in the breakroom
  • “WAIT-”
  • But it was too late
  • In a flash the redhead was gone, and you were alone with Jaehee
  • She looked up and smiled
  • “MC? I didn’t know you were here so late! It’s nice to have some company.”
  • You stared at her, unsure of what to say
  • S-So cute…
  • “U-Uhh, yeah…”
  • Jaehee stood up and stretched, letting out a tiny yawn
  • “How much longer does Jumin have you here?”
  • She picked up the warm copies from the tray and leaned up against the machine
  • “I just have to run this back to his office and I’m done! At least, until he inevitably calls me at midnight asking for more cat food…”
  • You walked with her to Jumin’s office, continuing to listen to her rant about his late night antics
  • When the two of you finally got there, she plopped the papers in a box outside the door
  • “H-Hey, Jaehee?”
  • She glanced over at you
  • “Hmm?”
  • “You wanna go grab some late night coffee? Since, you know, Jumin should be calling you in about,” you checked your watch, “30 minutes.”
  • “Sure!! That’s exactly the pick me up I need, a nice little friend date!”
  • Hold up.
  • “…Friend date?”
  • “Yeah, I was thinking-”
  • “I like you. A lot.”
  • Jaehee stopped and turned to you
  • “A-As a friend?”
  • You stepped closer, “More than a friend.”
  • Her eyes widened and a deep blush spread across her cheeks
  • “Oh…”
  • “Oh?”
  • You felt your heart break in two
  • She doesn’t feel the same… dammit, this is why you never fall in love with a straight girl.
  • Tiny hands wrapped around your own, causing you to look back up
  • Jaehee had a soft smile spread across her lips
  • “Me too… a-about the not friend thing.”
  • Her gripped tightened, “Not that I don’t consider you a friend! I’m just, well, what I’m trying to say, or rather, what want to say-”
  • “Would you two KISS ALREADY???”
  • Both of your heads snapped in the direction of the voice
  • “Seven, whyyyyy are you still here?”
  • “Still?”
  • “Yeah, he was here earlier when-”
  • “-When I set you guys up!”
  • As you and Seven began arguing, Jaehee looked between the two of you and sighed
  • She interlocked fingers with you and pulled you away
  • “Sorry, Luciel, but we have a date to get to.”
  • You stuck your tongue out at him and he rolled his eyes
  • “Whatever… have fun you two love birdddssss!!”
  • You looked over at Jaehee and smiled
  • Oh, we will.


  • Dammit, he closed the blinds.
  • You rolled your chair closer and angled your head in an attempt to see into Jumin’s office again
  • “Peeping tom much?
  • “Shut it.”
  • Zen sighed and leaned up against your desk
  • “I still don’t understand what you see in him.”
  • You rolled your eyes and looked over at Zen
  • “You promised you’d be supportive-
  • “-And I am,” he held up his hands in surrender, “I just think you could do better.”
  • “What? Like date you?”
  • “Well, not that much better.”
  • Zen smirked and you playfully hit him in the stomach
  • Within the next second the two of you burst out laughing
  • “Wow,” you wiped a tear from your eye, “I don’t even know why that was so funny.”
  • “Me neith-”
  • “MC,” Jumin’s voice boomed, “Can I see you in my office?”
  • Zen raised his eyebrows and pushed himself off your desk
  • “Good luck,” he glanced back, “with him, you’ll need it.”
  • You rolled your eyes and stood up, cringing when your knees made a loud pop
  • Could my body, like, not embarrass me? No? Alllllllrighty.
  • You walked into the room and Jumin closed the door behind him
  • “So, what’s up?”
  • Jumin turned around and sighed
  • “I believe some… congratulations are in order.”
  • Huh?
  • “Did I get a raise?”
  • Jumin chuckled, taking one big step toward you
  • “No, I’m talking about you and Zen.”
  • …Huh?
  • “I’m a little lost… what do you mean-”
  • “Your relationship. Are you not romantically involved with each other?”
  • “Huh?”
  • Said that one out loud this time…
  • You mentally kicked yourself, “Zen and I are just friends.”
  • “Just friends?”
  • “Purely platonic.”
  • Jumin scratched his chin, completely lost in thought
  • You took a deep breath
  • Here goes everything nothing.
  • “…I actually have my eye on someone else.”
  • Jumin snapped back into reality
  • “Who? If that, well, if it isn’t too much to ask.”
  • Crap. Crapcrapcrapcrap-
  • “Is it really not Zen?”
  • Oh my god.
  • “You know,” you grabbed his tie, “you’re pretty clueless for a CEO.”
  • In one gentle tug, your lips connected with his
  • After a few seconds, Jumin pulled away
  • “So, it’s me then?”
  • You shook your head and grinned
  • “Of course, you-“
  • Jumin’s lips crashed on to yours again,his hands cupping your face
  • And let’s just say you were now very thankful for the closed blinds


  • “Wrench.”
  • “WRENCH!”
  • “Screwdriver.”
  • You grabbed the two tools from Seven’s hand
  • “You know, you don’t have to repeat everything I say.”
  • “Repeat everything I-OUCH! MC, why’d you kick meeee?”
  • Seven hugged his shin and hopped up and down
  • I’m surprised he has this much energy at 2 in the morning….
  • You looked back up at Seven, who had miraculously gotten over his bruised shin and was chugging a can of Dr. Pepper
  • …Who am I kidding, he never sleeps anyways.
  • It had been about an hour since Seven called you asking for help fixing his chair
  • You had gone to the furniture store IKEA anyone??? with him earlier that day and actually took the time to READ the damn manual
  • Anddddd, done!”
  • You clapped your hands together and smiled
  • “Wanna test it out?”
  • Seven gave you a mischievous grin
  • “Don’t mind if I do!”
  • Before you knew it, Seven grabbed your waist and pulled you into his lap, causing both of you to fall back into the chair
  • It creaked under the combined weight of you and Seven, but surprisingly remained stable
  • “Hey, you really did fix it!!”
  • Seven began spouting off nonsense about how crappy it was earlier, but you were too busy thinking about the fact that you were sitting
  • In his lap
  • INCHES away from his face
  • He’s so warm…
  • “-Plus, it kept making weird noises! I’m so glad you came over tonight.”
  • “Mmhmm.”
  • “Uh, earth to MC?? Agent 707 calling, can you read me??”
  • You shook you head, zoning back in
  • Seven sighed, relaxing back into the chair
  • “Thank God Seven you’re okay… I can’t have my best friend dying on me… literally,” Seven chuckled at his own joke
  • I love that little laugh.
  • “Dammit…”
  • Seven looked back at you
  • “What’s on your mind, MC?”
  • “You.”
  • “W-What?”
  • Here we go.
  • “Seven, I like you.”
  • “You mean,” Seven furrowed his brows, “You like me, or you like-like me?”
  • You rolled your eyes, how old is he again??
  • “You’re so ridiculous.”
  • Seven looked at you patiently
  • “I like-like you.”
  • You felt lips lightly press on the back of your neck
  • “Well that’s not fair,” Seven tightened his grip on your waist, “because I love-love you.”

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Would it be okay for me to request a story or a one shot? If so, I would like a bughead fic where Jughead is a single dad, trying to raise his daughter all on his own, but he takes her to daycare while he's working and it just so happens that Betty is the owner of that daycare please please please

I’ll give it a go thanks love!

“Ella! Baby girl slow down! Daddy’s getting old and he can’t keep up with your youthful strides.” Jughead jones called out to his three year old daughter as she scurried past the cross walk, she had just learned to walk and she seemed to skip the in between stage heading straight for running, tugging free from his hand and scurrying towards the beautiful white building, yellow daisies planted all over the front property.

Ella jones was her fathers pride and joy, she was his entire reason for being, with her dirty blonde hair and stormy grey eyes she was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. People said she looked just like him despite the lightness of her hair he knew they were right, she was purely jones, he knew it was selfish but deep down he was eternally grateful for that.

Jessica Carpa, Jugheads ex girlfriend and the mother of his child, she was long gone, probably somewhere on a beach with a rich man who could afford her taste something Jughead had never been able to do. He could still see it clearly, the day he had come home from bringing Ella to visit F.p, she was only three weeks old when Jessica decided to pack her bags and leave them both.

“I can’t do this. I wasn’t cut out for this, motherhood is not for me. I’m not ready, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready.”

Jughead had gently placed the baby in her bassinet before turning back to his neglectful, lazy, entitled girlfriend

“Damnit Jessica, do you think I was ready for this? We’re 22 years old, I don’t know how to be a father either!”

The dirty blonde was already at the door, hands twisting around the handle of her suitcase
“You’ll be a good father. It’s best if I go now, wouldn’t want to mess her up anymore.”
And then she was gone leaving Jughead a single father and a beautiful baby girl without a mother.

“Daddy! I can go in? Look! Babies!” Ella was staring through the glass windows at the open room filled with children her age.

The dark haired man smiled down at his excited toddler, gently nudging her with his knee as she barreled through the doors, she was so exited she didn’t see the pile of nascars on the floor, just as she was about to face plant a pair of slender tan arms caught her and held her up in the air.

She was beautiful, that was the only thing running through Jugheads mind. This absolutely beautiful woman who was holding his daughter like she had known her from birth was the most good looking human being Jughead had ever seen. She had long shiny blonde hair tucked into a ponytail, pieces falling in her emerald green eyes, she wore a pair of black leggings and a plain white t shirt, her smile was bright and real, perfectly straight teeth and dimples. Everything about her screamed warm and safe.

“Woah Nellie! What a great first introduction pretty lady, you’re a wild child, I love it! First rule of The Blue and Gold daycare? Always watch out for tommys stray trucks.” The beautiful blonde straightened out Ella’s bright pink tshirt and dropped her gently on the ground next to Jughead, when she looked up Jugheads eyes caught hers. Maybe he was wrong but he was fairly certain she was checking him out.

“Hi there! You must be this little ones Daddy. My names Betty Cooper, I own the Blue and Gold, it’s great to meet you both, we’re so happy to have you.”

Jughead brain finally caught up with his mouth and he stuck his hand out to shake hers

“ Jughead jones. Thankyou so much for giving us a spot, I know how tricky it is for parents to get their kids into your daycare. You’re ranked #3 out of the top daycares in New York.”

Betty smiled, shrugging her shoulders
“It’s just a title. I read your file, as soon as I saw that you were a single father i knew I had to find a space for you. My sister was a single mother, raised two twin boys all on her own. They’re ten now and they’re the greatest kids I’ve ever met.”

Jughead smiled, she really was something else.
“Yeah.. it’s been uh.. rewarding.”

With a gentle press of her palm to his shoulder he felt more electricity shoot through him than he had ever felt with Jessica
“But hard. It’s okay. As amazing as kids are I know as well as anyone every single one is a handful.”

Jughead slumped down, his gaze falling on Ella who was preoccupied with a pile of blocks, another little girl with bright red ribbons in her hair had joined her, he almost wished he’d brought his camera to Capture the moment, pulling his eyes back to Betty he sighed

“My buddy taught her the word hate a few weeks ago. Now all I hear is “I hate this and I I hate that.” It’s a process” Betty nodded knowingly

“Well if it counts for anything I think your doing a great job, look how well she shares, that’s very rare.”

Jughead couldn’t help the pride that surged through him at the sight.

“Pickup is at three, if for any reason you’re going to be late just give me a call and we can figure it out.” Betty smiled softly, her eyelashes fluttering almost…. flirtatiously

Jughead swallowed the lump in his throat

“Yeah.. umm yes we can.. figure it out.”

And just like that the moment was broken

“Great” Betty grinned “Okay Ella. Say bye to Daddy.”

The little girl nearly flung herself at her bent down father, pressing a slobbery kiss to his cheek.

“Love you Daddy.” She smiled her toothless smile.

“Love you more buttercup.” Jughead choked out, God he was crying. He just couldn’t believe how big she was getting. Ella toddled away to play with her friends and Jughead stood up wiping the tears from his cheeks, God he was crying in front of this beautiful woman.

Betty pressed a thumb to his cheek, wiping a stray drop of water

“I cried the first time too.” And then she was off leaving a very confused Jughead.

She never mentioned having children, just that her sister did, those words left a strange feeling in Jugheads stomach.

As he watched the beautiful blonde teacher pick up his daughter and swing her around his heart ached at the scene.

Ella needed a mom, someone who could love her the way she deserved to be loved.

Maybe it was time for him to start dating again,

The only person who flew threw his mind was the woman in front of him, children surrounding her.

Oh god… he was in trouble.

Flame | Finn Bálor

Title: Flame (loosely based on the song ‘Flame’ by Tinashe)

Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader

Summary: “I feel sorry that Finn was unlucky enough to ever meet you..”

Word Count: fucking 5,114 (!!!)

Warnings: Talk of past infidelity, angst, and romantic sexy times - NSFW

A/N: This fic is requested by @ortonaholic !! I hope I did your idea justice, it came out waaayyyy longer than I anticipated tbh.

ALSO, I made this fic interactive because I was requested to give the OC a name but I don’t really like naming the OC’s for the soul purpose of the readers not being able to truly place themselves within the story. Therefore, if you type your name in the little box, a magic computer fairy will insert your name in the fic (whaaaat!?) PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WILL NOT WORK ON MOBILE SORRY. With that being said, I hope you all enjoy!

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First Love (M)

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Smut, kinda fluffy

A/N: So…I think this is the last one of the short story series for Namjoon. I need to redo Jin’s and then do Jungkook and V. After that I hope you do a series, of what?…I don’t know yet. (I’m thinking at the moment.) Oh, sweet Namjoon.

P.S.: I’m going to miss sexy CEO Namjoon (cries)

Read the Previous Ones: First Class / First Day

I writhed as the vibrator was pushed against my pussy and switched on. My eyes closed involuntarily at the sensation as Namjoon moved it in slow circles. My soft moans joined the other only sound in the room, the vibrations of the dildo. My boss looked at me with nothing but adoration in his eyes as his gaze caressed my mocha skin. His brown eyes were so warm, “You like that, princess?” he asked, his voice dripping smooth like honey. “It feels good, sir.” He took my hands away from where they were gripping the bed sheets and wrapped my fingers around the vibrator, replacing his own. “Take over and go slowly. Enjoy yourself,” he instructed. I tried to mimic what he had been doing and negotiated the toy in slow circles so it touched every side of my walls.

The sensation was amazing, but much better when Namjoon did it. He was a very skilled master and I was merely an apprentice. We both enjoyed these training sessions immensely. “Remember to touch yourself, too. I love watching you touch yourself, Y/N.” One hand left the vibrator so it could move to my clit. I toyed with the bud, only a little self-conscious about what I was doing. Just a few weeks ago I couldn’t imagine doing this in front of anyone else. But when my billionaire boss told me to do something, I found it extremely difficult refusing him. I knew he liked watching me while I masturbated and I liked pleasing him. Plus, I had fun too. It was a win-win situation.

My back arched as I increased the intensity. I was heading firmly toward a nice orgasm and couldn’t wait to get there now. This was my first time using a vibrator and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last. “Come for me, princess. Get yourself off for me.” The orgasm erupted down below. I immediately stopped what I was doing and let the rush of pleasure wash through me. Namjoon quickly intervened, pressing the dildo further into me and increasing the pressure. He fucked me with it, pushing the toy in and out of me until my body was nothing but nerve endings all crackling like lightning. “Namjoon,” I screamed repeatedly.

My body bucked and arced with the sensations it could not contain. My fingers once against gripped the sheets as I rode out the joy as it sung through me. His free hand covered my clit, flicking my tight bud to increase my ecstasy. He moved with the skill of a professional, completely trained in the art of pleasure. He finally decreased the pressure and let me come down from the high. I was gasping for breath and my heart rate was dangerously hastened. I couldn’t have done a better workout at the gym. I sat up against the oversized pillows.

There was a considerable bulge in Namjoon’s pants, one I would have liked to take care of. While I was completely naked, he was still fully dressed in his black suit and tie. “You are so fucking gorgeous,” he said, using his commanding tone. I loved it when he didn’t try to reign himself in, just said whatever was on his mind. Nobody else got to see him like this except me. I leaned on my elbows as I sat up higher, my head still giddy. “That was amazing. I never knew toys could be so much fun.”

“It’s only the beginning, baby girl. There are a lot more where this came from.” He stood from the bed and adjusted his tie. “I have a meeting to get to.” I shuffled over to the edge and cupped his cock over his pants. “Can’t I look after you now? It’s only fair.” He shook his head. “I’d love to, princess…but I have people waiting for me. And I’m already late, I’ll see you later.” I fell back on the bed and watched him leave. That ass was exquisite in pants but extraordinary naked. I pouted while he took one last appreciative look at me. He should have stayed so we could play all day. He was the CEO, certainly he could do what he liked? He could certainly do whatever he liked with me, since I was the Director of Office Satisfaction.

What I didn’t realize when I had signed up for the job was that the bedroom would be my office and it was his satisfaction I was the director of. It was the best job in the world. I lazed in bed and flicked on the television. I had at least a few hours to kill before Namjoon would be out of his meeting. After that, he could give me another instruction or I would be left alone for even longer. Eventually I took a shower and cleaned up. I washed the vibrator, hoping that was how it was supposed to be cleaned. Namjoon had a whole staff of cleaners but I don’t think cleaning our sex toys were in their job description.

I threw on some silky cream lingerie and returned to the bedroom. Just as I was about to pick up a book, my cell phone rang. It was Namjoon, “I’m watching you right now.” There was a camera in the bedroom, one that only he could access. I sat up and spread my legs, posing for him. “Do you like what you see?”

“That lace looks exquisite on you.”

“You could come up and take it off me.” Namjoon laughed and it sent a jolt of happiness into my belly. “Gladly, baby girl. If only I had the time. Pop your breast out.” Disappointment was quickly replaced with excitement as I pulled my breast out of the cups. “Squeeze them.” I started kneading my breast at the same time. My fingers tweaked my nipples, making the jolt of happiness spread into a fire pit, deep in my core. “Good, princess. Leave them out and start touching your pussy for me.” My hands slid down my stomach and delved into my lace panties. I made sure to face the camera so he had the best view in the room. My fingers slid into my pussy lips, moving back and forth. I was hot again in no time, ready for release and wishing Namjoon was there to take care of the act himself.

Surely if he had time to watch, he had time to fuck. “God,” he breathed the words into the phone. He was enjoying the show, the thought made me even hornier. “Turn around and get on your hands and knees. I want to see that magnificent ass of yours.” I did as I was told and positioned my ass in front of the camera. I wiggled it, smacking it a few times. Namjoon loved my curves, he could spend hours memorizing every part of me. He probably knew my backside better than I did. I loved it when he ran his tan hands over my mocha skin. He revered the difference in color as much as I did. “Pick up the dildo and put it inside you,” Namjoon ordered.

I stayed in the same position as I was with my ass in the air while I reached for the vibrator. I pulled aside my panties and worked it into my pussy. I was dripping wet, proof of how much he could seduce me with only his words. “Princess, I want to see you filled.” My legs had to spread a little further so I could get the thing right in my pussy. The toy wasn’t as big as Namjoon’s cock but it was still a considerably nice size. “That’s right. Move it about. I want that thing moving in and out of you like a piston.” He paused while I gave him a good show, making sure to moan with the ecstasy.

“Don’t slow down. Do I need to remind you about punishment options?”

“No, sir.” Punishment was fun. If he thought threatening me with a spanking was supposed to intimidate me, he was completely wrong. I longed for another spanking, anything to get him back in the room and closer to my body. “Good, good,” he cooed. The vibrator was doing a really good job of getting me pumped up. Between the toy and Namjoon’s commands, it was all I could do not to cry out like a cat in heat. All I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck. “Stand up,” Namjoon said suddenly. “I don’t think I can, sir.”

“I said stand up, Y/N.” There was no arguing with that tone of voice. I slowly stood up. The feeling of having a full pussy was delicious. I hoped Namjoon’s next order would be to finish myself off. “Put on a coat and come down to my office.”

“Like this?”

“Exactly like that, Y/N. Hurry up or I’m going to be very angry.” I clamored to get off the bed and out of view of the camera. I checked on the vibrator and pushed it in further, pulling my panties back in place underneath it. The dildo would probably stay in place as long as my legs were together. It wouldn’t just fall out along the way. I quickly found a coat and slid it on over my lingerie before heading toward the elevator. It was a little uncomfortable walking with the toy shoved so deep in my pussy. It made my core ache with need. Stepping out on Namjoon’s floor, I thought for sure every person I passed knew what I had lodged between my legs and what I was about to do with the boss.

It was probably paranoia but it also added to my level of arousal. I was the one fucking the boss. I got to see him naked and satisfied. He gave me more pleasure than any man had in my life before. If they knew about our arrangement, then I didn’t care. I was proud of myself for being the one who bought him to his knees. I stopped at Namjoon’s assistant’s desk. Her perky blond haired self-smiled. “You can go right in, Mr. Kim is expecting you.”

“Thank you,” I replied, flashing her a big grin. I didn’t bother knocking, just barged right into his office. My legs were about two seconds away from giving out on me. Thank goodness he hadn’t told me to turn on the vibrator, I wouldn’t have made it out of the elevator. The security guys would have loved watching that footage. Namjoon’s head snapped up, his face relaxing into a grin when he saw me. “Take off your coat. Did you follow my order?”

“Yes, sir.” I slid the coat off and slung it over the back of the lounge suite. My cream lingerie hugged my curves, contrasting beautifully with my dark skin. He stood and his erection was obvious. “Come here and show me.” I sidled over to behind his desk and spread my legs for inspection. Namjoon reached down and fondled my pussy until he encountered the plastic of the dildo. He moved it around, making me gasp from the pleasure. “Good work,” he said. “Now get down on your knees. I want to see those lips around my cock.” He snapped the elastic of my panties as he let go of me. It was almost as good as being spanked.

I crawled down to my knees and undid his pants. Pulling his trousers and then his boxers down to his knees, his glorious cock sprung free from its prison. I gripped it with both hands before placing the head in my mouth. He was already wet with pre-cum. I swirled the salty liquid around with my tongue, getting him nice and lubricated before having my way with him. With one hand, I cupped his balls. My fingers fondled them, mixing hard tugs with soft caressing. He seemed to respond equally to both. With my other hand, I ringed the base of the cock and applied some pressure. He was growing even harder, his member hot and throbbing with desire and lust for me.

My mouth took him in further as my lips slid down his length. I pushed on through the gag reflex, determined to take all of him. Namjoon was impressively hung so it was no easy feat to deep throat him. His hand tangled in my hair as he guided my head back and forth. He was gentle at first but quickly fastened the pace as he fucked my face. His cock was pushed right down the back of my throat as I continued to squeeze his balls. Namjoon liked it rough and this was a perfect example of the way he enjoyed things. My lips were forced along his shaft as he grew bigger and came closer to his release. I looked up at him through my lashes, seeing the impressive man watching me while I took his most intimate part in my mouth. His strong legs shook as he came dangerously close to coming in my mouth.

The vibrator buried in me was doing everything it could to make me equally as close to the brink. My clit just need a little flick and it would all be over. We could come together. He pulled out of me, holding my head back from his cock by my hair. My saliva made his cock shiny and wet as it pointed upwards. “When I come, I want to be inside you. Stand up, Y/N.” He let go of my hair so I could stand before him. He radiated power, despite his cock bobbing in the space between us. I desperately wanted to be holding it again, thrusting it inside me where the toy was currently occupying. “Bend over the desk.” His granite desk was cold but it was a relief for my heated skin.

Namjoon guided my legs so they were further apart before ripping off my panties. The delicate lace was no match for him. “You’re soaking. Do I turn you on, princess? Did I make you wet?”

“Yes, sir.” I whimpered as he slapped my bottom as the smack echoed in the quiet office. For the first time since I’d walked in, I noticed the windows. They were floor to ceiling with no coverings. “Can people see in?” I asked nervously. Having Namjoon watch me was one thing, but strangers? It was a whole other ball game, one I wasn’t sure was good or not. “Do you want people to watch, princess? Is that what turns you on?”

“I… I don’t know.” He smacked me again, the sharp sting making my pussy contract with anticipation. “Don’t know, what? Remember who you are speaking with, Y/N.”

“Sir. I don’t know, sir.” He smoothed the stinging area, caressing my skin gently before kissing the spot. The contrast of his soft lips from his hard palm was about to send me skittering over the edge. “They can’t see in,” he finally said. “It’s a one-way window. Are you disappointed?” I was surprised to find that I was. The thought of people watching Namjoon take command and do whatever he wanted to my body was exhilarating. I’d never been a voyeur before. “A little, sir.”

“You’re a dirty little slut, princess” he whispered in my ear. His breath sent a shiver down my spine. “You deserve to be fucked hard.” He pulled out my vibrator with one swift, unexpected move. I gasped at the sudden loss as the air conditioning hit my wetness. My whole body was covered in goosebumps. Namjoon rubbed my back, letting his hands wander underneath my camisole and glide over my skin. His touch warmed me quickly, setting my skin on fire with desire in stark contrast to the cold air. His hands moved down and cupped my ass cheeks. He squeezed my butt with an appreciative growl. “I love your ass, Y/N.” I tried to wiggle it for him but he was holding me down too tightly. “I love your ass, sir.” He let out a breathy laugh. “I’m glad to please you.”

He pulled my cheeks apart, slipping his hand down to my anus. He rubbed it, causing a whole new sensation to pulsate in my being. I’d never done anal before and I never thought I would. But with Namjoon’s skills, I’m sure I’d let him. If he said the word, I’d give it a try. “You like that, princess?”

“It’s nice, sir,” He was teasing me because he knew I was so horny I needed to come. But he was making sure it was on his terms, not mine. He was such a control freak and I loved it. His hands suddenly left me as I heard him move behind me. I couldn’t see what he was doing until he stepped around his desk and I could crane my neck upwards. Namjoon was holding his black tie between his hands, testing its tautness. “You look so hot spread over my desk, princess. I think I’m going to savor this. Hold your hands above your head.” My boobs pressed against the desk as I shifted to follow his order. My arms reached up and over the end of the table.

Namjoon pulled them together before binding my wrists with his tie. I couldn’t move. But I trusted Namjoon with whatever he planned so it didn’t concern me in the slightest. In fact, it had the opposite effect and sent a new round of fluttering in my stomach. I knew Namjoon would only deliver the utmost of pleasure to me. “Do you trust me?” He asked. “Of course I do, sir.”

“I’m going to blindfold you, too.” There was no question in his words, only a statement. I could use my safe word if I objected but why would I? If Namjoon wanted it this way, then I would let him do it. He wasn’t going to hurt me or do anything that wouldn’t bring us mutual pleasure. He pulled another tie from his drawer and then secured it around my head, covering my eyes. Everything went a shade of black as the lights went out for me. I couldn’t see a thing. His footsteps padded on the tiled floor as he returned to stand behind me. I wished I could see him so I could look into his eyes and try to decipher his plans. But that’s not what he wanted so I remained splayed across his desk. The same desk where he ruled his empire, he ruled my body. Fire blazed across my skin as he rubbed my ass cheeks. He reached lower and pushed my legs wider again. He had plenty of access to my pussy now, more than sufficient for anything he chose to do. He leaned over me, his body pressed against mine and enveloping me.

His mouth was right beside my ear as he whispered. “Do you want me to fuck you, Y/N?”

“Yes, please, sir,” I panted the reply. I could barely breath while I waited for the delicious sensations he was about to give me. His cock rested on my ass, cradled between my cheeks. I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. I’d waited all day for it. “Do you like being tied up, sexy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I like seeing you bound and bent over for me. You’re all mine. Such a beautiful woman and you’re all mine.” Namjoon’s strong hands rubbed my back as he stood again, satisfied he had sufficiently turned me into a puddle of jelly. He moved so his cock rubbed along my clit. I almost cried out with how good it felt. All the nerves were extra sensitive, desperate to be touched and fondled by the man teasing me. Not being able to see anything made every touch even more titillating. Without my sense of sight, all my other senses were heightened. I could hear him breathing, feel everything against my skin, smell his sexy cologne, and taste the traces of his salty cock that were still on my lips.

I stuck out my ass, giving him greater room to move under me. He was enjoying rubbing himself against me, increasing his pace and making my clit throb with burning desire. Finally, finally his cock went inside. My pussy greedily swallowed him up, taking all of him until he was buried deep within my walls. Namjoon let out a breath like it was a relief to finally be where he belonged. He gripped my hips, one on each side, and held them firmly while he started thrusting. He took slow, measured strides as he pulled out of me and then slammed back in again. He was a thousand times better than any sex toy could be. “Princess, you’re so wet and tight. You feel amazing.” I was too busy biting my lip so I wouldn’t scream and moan with the lightning shooting through me.

My whole body was on fire and searing with lustful desire for the man behind me. I didn’t need to see him to know he was enjoying himself just as much as I was… it was in every move he made. He let go with one hand as he snaked it under me and between my legs. I shuddered when his fingers reached my clit and gave it a squeeze. He started stroking me, pressing hard and not relenting. I imagined his perky assistant on the other side of the door, all the other employees sitting at their desks just beyond the wall, the office workers in the surrounding buildings. They were all so close and yet completely oblivious to the wild sex we were having in the office. On the desk. Bound with the boss’s tie.

The image of me splayed across the granite with Namjoon standing rigid, slamming his cock in and out of me was too much to keep me together. The orgasm was fast and strong as my boss held me tight. The sensation of the cold desk, his thick cock, my blindfolded eyes, his fondling hands, my tied wrists, was too much. The pleasure tore through me like I was nothing more than a slip of paper. I squeezed my eyes tightly and bit on my lip as the fire took hold and reached right down to my curling toes. My arms couldn’t move as the rest of me shook and shuddered while trying to contain the extreme joy coursing through me. Namjoon gave a guttural moan as he came.

“Fuck, Y/N. You feel so fucking good.” I was too lost in my own reveling to respond but I knew exactly what he meant. Sex had never been this good before, my body didn’t know how to deal with so much pleasure. It could only let the feeling infiltrate every nerve, muscle, and vein. We soared together while riding out the heart-pounding orgasm. My breaths came in small, sharp bursts while the fire spread through all my limbs. Everything tingled but it was my pussy that was throbbing. My clit was completely ablaze as it was held tightly in place by Namjoon’s generous hand.

We remained in the altered state for a long time until all the aftershocks wore off. It seemed like they would never end and we would stay connected forever. I wouldn’t have complained. I was spent, completely and utterly exhausted from taking the hard pounding. Namjoon pulled out of me and I heard him adjusting his clothing as the fabric rustled. He zipped his pants up before the belt buckle clanked into place. His warm hands were back on me, pulling me up and helping me to stand. It was disorientating without being able to see anything or move my hands.

It was a new experience and I hoped it wouldn’t be the last time. Namjoon once told me he wanted to tie me up in every which way he could imagine. I hoped he would come good on his promise. He pulled the blindfold off me, gently untying it and smoothing my hair away from my face. I could finally look into his eyes and see the joy there. They were alive with happiness. “Did you like that, baby girl?” I couldn’t help the smile as it quirked my lips upwards. “It was amazing.” He placed a soft kiss on my lips, pulling me against him. My ears hadn’t been lying, he was completely dressed.

Meanwhile, I was standing there in nothing but a camisole. “You’re amazing,” he said, holding my head in both of his hands. Our skin may have been completely different colors but that didn’t mean we weren’t supposed to be together. We were a beautiful contrast. I wanted to hold him like he was holding me but it wasn’t possible with my bound wrists. Instead, I let Namjoon shower me with kisses as he trailed them across my neck and face. I soaked up every one of them. He pulled me closer and picked me up, carrying me over to the plush lounge suite like I was as light as a feather. We sank into the deep cushions as he cradled me on his lap.

“There’s something I want to ask you, Y/N,” he said seriously. I still had too many relaxing endorphins floating around me to stress about what his question could be. I nuzzled against him, closer to falling asleep than I should have been. I mumbled “hmmm” so he would know I was listening. “I know we agreed that this is a professional relationship but I want to renegotiate our terms,” he continued. My brain snapped to attention. He wanted to change what we had? Did I do something wrong? Was he bored with me already? I thought he was happy with my performance and dedication.

I’d done everything he’d asked of me. I know I was happy, I didn’t want anything to change. I sat upright to give him my full attention. “What do you want to renegotiate?”

“I don’t want this to be professional anymore.” I almost laughed because there was nothing really professional about our situation anyway. My breath hitched in my throat as I answered. “What do you want it to be then? If not professional…?” Namjoon’s gaze was intense as it skimmed over my skin, finally settling back on my eyes. He looked into my brown eyes like he could see right through me.

“I want you to be mine. Both in and out of the office. I want to take you to my social engagements, I want you to meet my family, and I want you to stay in my home. I want you to be my girlfriend, Y/N.” My heart skipped several beats as it hammered against my ribcage. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There were no reports of Namjoon ever having a girlfriend before. He had models he hung on his arms but never anything permanent or serious. He was choosing me. “Are you sure?” I asked. I needed to be sure. This heart wasn’t given away freely and I had to be careful who I allowed to steal it. Namjoon laughed, his whole body shaking with the effort. “Of course I’m sure. I’ve never wanted anything more than I’ve wanted this. I’ve known it since I saw you in the airport in Los Angles. Say yes, princess.”

I remembered that moment when our eyes had locked across the terminal. Something had drawn me to him, something inexplicable. He had obviously felt it too as we had been inseparable ever since. I cuddled against him. “Yes, I’d like that.” He pulled me closer and cradled my head in his hand. “Good. I can’t wait to show you everything in my world. It’s all yours now, too.” It was never about the money with Namjoon. At the airport and in the plane I had no idea who he was and just how much wealth he had.

It was always about the man and nothing else. I could only imagine what his world was like. No doubt it was very different from my upbringing back home. I wanted to know everything about him so I would enter his world and soak it all in. While holding me tightly, Namjoon used his free hand to undo my wrists. He snaked his silk tie from around my hands and threw it on the floor before rubbing the skin to get the circulation freely flowing again. It was such a gentle gesture that was in complete contrast to how hard we had just had sex. I got the feeling there were many layers of Namjoon and I couldn’t wait to peel them back until I knew every single one of them.


It’s Problem Sleuth day!! I spent most of it working on this GPI print, lamenting over my weird unfixable cursive g’s, and wishing I had my nice camera with me. :’)

It’s about time I do another re-read, so maybe there will be more sleuth doodles in the future? I always find myself coming back to this weird story, permanently cemented in my heart, truly a classic. <3

I just got back from California! STREAM IS COMING BACK NEXT WEEK!!!

I will be Streaming again starting next week! Now that I don’t have another convention till May 25th (Phoenix Comicon) Things can go back to normal for a little while until I go on a Canada trip at the end of this month and afterwards until PCC) 

Wow I am pooped! Now that I’m back at home I have SO much to do and now I’m a new Aunt because my sister just had a baby yesterday! so crazy! 

That’s me and my brother (Talin is on the right) and my new little nephew Killian! :D 

I had a lot of fun at Wondercon. Thank you all who came up to my table and stuff! It was so cool to meet so many subscribers and talk to you awesome members of the legion! I also got super lucky because my booth neighbor was the DIY Cosplay Prop, and DIY Prop Shop from the channel Awe Me! INSANE!!!! I got to meet the creator of the channel Micheal, and others like Odin, and Elizabeth, and the others it was such an honor! I had more photos but my phone broke in California, so this is the only one I have now. :C But it was cool to see Elizabeth vlog with her crazy legit camera crew and this and that! I wish I had my other pictures. it was SO COOL to witness big youtubers do their thing.

And before Wondercon me, @alphakittenoverload (Sincerely Sam) And my bro Nicki got to go to DisneyLand to which was super cool! Nicki is from Canada so it was her first time going to Disney Land, and she loved it! 

but wowie!!! I have so much to do now that I’m home! WHEW! Time to get back to work! 

(for those that are wondering how much work I have, here’s my to do list of things. <XD This is my schedule basically for the next week or so) 

yeah insane right? XD welp! Time to be an adult again and get to work! 



a lock yourself out drabble inspired by these tfln

“Baaaabyyyyy,” Harry whined.

“One second!” Paulie called out to her very impatient boyfriend.

“What’s taking you so long?” he whined again.

“I wanna make sure everything’s in place. Now shush.”

The other day, Harry had ordered three sets of lingerie for Paulie and as soon as the package had arrived he knew he had to see her wearing them sooner rather than later.

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Halloween Fright

I love the 2D Bendy AU that @shinyzango has created so I decided to take a stab at writing a little fan fic for it. It’s based on these drawings: http://shinyzango.tumblr.com/post/161005791240/if-monster-bendy-would-become-a-stable-form-out-of

Bendy has been living with Henry for a few month now and he is experiencing the joys of Halloween for the first time. 

                                          Halloween Fright.

It was a nice night considering it was the end of October.  The wind blew gently through the trees causing the branches to cast claw-like shadows in the pale full moon light.  On the streets below,  children can be seen dressed as their favorite super hero, scary creature, or fairy tale princess.  Their laughter could be heard echoing throughout the night.  They run from house to house filling their bags with all types of treats.  Just another typical Halloween night.

A small group approached a house that looks like any other house on the block.  It had paper black cats and ghosts taped in the windows.  There were fake spider webs wrapped around the bushes with little plastic spiders sprinkled throughout.  The only light coming from two Jack-o-Lanterns with a lit candle inside,  sitting on the steps near the front door.  They both had large eyes and jagged wide grins.  It was totally cheesy, just like every other house on the block.  It still didn’t deter the three younger members of the group, one boy and two girls, from running up the steps and ringing the doorbell.  The two older brothers hung back at the bottom of the steps.

“Man,  I don’t believe this!  We could be at Caroline’s party right now.” one teen whines.  He didn’t even bother to dress in a costume feeling that he was too old for this stuff.

“I know what you mean.  I can’t believe my mom made me take the brats trick or treating instead of doing it herself.”  He pointed to the two little girls dressed like some kind of princess he didn’t know or care about.  He huffed, crossed his arms over his black and white skull t-shirt and practically pouted.

“Shit,  I even tried to sneak out of the house,  but my little bro ratted me out!”  He sent a heated glare behind the boy dressed in a blue and grey Batman costume’s back.

Their younger siblings did their best to ignore them as they rang the bell for the third time.  There were no lights on at all through the house.  It was dark and very quiet.  

“C’mon squirts!  It’s obvious no one’s home.  Lets get outta here.  We’ll go to one more house,  then we’re taking… you… home?” The teen with the skull shirt let his arms fall to his side as he tilted his head a little.  There was someone moving towards the door.  The entire group could hear very heavy, muffled footsteps that got even louder as the person got closer to the front door.  The teens shot each other nervous glances.  

Everyone watched as the wooden door slowly creaked open and they were greeted by the pitch blackness of the home’s interior.  It was hard to see anything but they could hear something shuffling in the doorway.  There was a low, gurgling growl coming from the open doorway.  It sounded like a dog trying to growl underwater and it caused the teens’ hairs to stand up on the back of their neck.  If this was a trick,  it wasn’t funny.

All of a sudden a huge clawed hand emerged from the darkness and gripped the side of the door frame.  Something big was pulling itself through the open doorway.  It was then that the teens realized the reason they couldn’t see in the house.  The thing was blocking the doorway!

A large head ducked under and out of the doorway.  As more of it’s body emerged from the house,  the two teens took an involuntary step back.  Whatever it was, was tall,  really tall!  

It had two thick, curving horns sitting on top of it’s large head.  There was a wide, fanged grin plastered on it’s face.  They could see the pinprick light of one eye as it swiveled around to survey the entire group.  The other side of it’s face looked like it was melting before their eyes.  It was wearing what looked like a ragged,  white bow tie that drooped down his chest.  It had long arms that seemed to thicken as it ended in clawed hands.  One hand was flexing at its side while the other seemed to be holding… something.  Even though it was hunched over,  it still loomed over the group.

The younger children stood before him,  watching as his head tilted to the side.  He looked down at them with a mischievous glint in his eye.  He reached down and gently nudged the younger kids to either side of him.  When they cleared a path for him, he slowly made his way down the steps.  His footfalls made a loud, wet, clopping sound and by the time he made it down to the pavement,  the two teens were shaking like a leaf.

The large inky black creature was standing no more that two feet away from both boys.  It still towered over them.  Neither boy could speak.  Their minds seemed to have a hard time figuring out what exactly they were looking at.  It gurgled/growled something all of a sudden that made both teens jump.  The smile on it’s face seemed to stretch even wider,  if that were even possible.

He leaned down until his large head was looming a few inches away from the frightened boys.  He watched as beads of sweat began to form on their foreheads and their eyes darted to and fro.  He lifts one of his hands and playfully wiggled his claws near one of the boy’s head.  It was amusing to watch their eyes grow as big as saucers and they tried to cringe away from his hand.  He did this a few seconds more before uttering a single, garbled word:


That seemed to break whatever spell that was keeping their feet glued to the pavement.  They screamed and in their haste to run away,  bumped right into one another.  It took everything in the large ink monster not to break out in distorted laughter right then and their.  Watching the teens bumble around on the ground, crawling over one another, before getting up and running down the block,  reminded him of old comedy skits he used to watch at the studio years ago.

The sounds of laughter made him turn back towards the house.  He could see three little children running down the steps.  The smiles on their faces made that little prank worthwhile.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t *snickers* think my brother could run that fast!” The boy dressed as Batman was pointing down the street.

“Did you see the way they ran into each other?  I wish I had my dad’s Polaroid  camera!  That was too funny!” The little princess was clutching her sides and had a hard time getting her laughter under control.  The smallest child was standing behind her, clutching a teddy bear in one hand and clinging to her sister’s dress with the other.  She had a small smile on her face as she watched the others doubled over with laughter.

“Hey Bendy.”  The ink demon lifted his head just enough to see Henry leaning against the doorway.  The corners of his mouth lifted into an amused smirk.

“Don’t forget the candy buddy.”  Henry watched as Bendy’s large head bobbed up and down before he crouched down before the little kids.

Bendy lowered his other hand just enough for the children to see the bowl full candy.  The super hero and princess both reached in,  took a few pieces, and dropped them into their bags.  The smallest child grabbed onto one of Bendy’s large fingers and stood on the tips of her toes to reach inside the bowl.  He just shook his head and lowered the bowl a little more to make it easier for her to reach.  She looked up at him with a big smile on her face and ran back to her sister’s side.  There was a chorus of “Thank yous” directed towards Bendy and Henry.

“Okay kiddos.  You better catch up to your brothers.  Let’s hope they didn’t run all the way home.” There was a snort and a bout of distorted laughter that came from Bendy.  The kids began to laugh as well.

“You’re right.  C’mon guys,  lets go!  Bye Bendy!”

“Bye Mr. Henry!”

The three children ran down his walkway.  As they turned onto the sidewalk, they waved one last time before disappearing down the block.  The large ink demon returned the gesture as Henry walked up next to him.  He felt the man tap his arm to get his attention.

“Hey buddy,  you enjoyed that huh?”  Henry’s smirk grew a little wider.   “Nice touch with the fangs and claws by the way.”

Bendy looked down at his friend, his own grin turning a little sheepish  before shrugging his shoulders.  He lifted his hand and showed an inch of space between his thumb and index finger.  The message was clear:  ‘Maybe just a little bit.’  Henry chuckled before tilting his head towards the house.

“Well,  lets head back into the house so we can wait for the next group of Trick or Treaters.”  Bendy’s head bobbed up and down and he followed the man back into the house.

When Henry explained what Halloween was to the little toon,  he thought he was pulling his leg.  One night out of the year where you got to scare people in good fun and give out candy!  It sounded too good to be true,  especially the giving away candy part.  It took a lot of convincing on Henry’s part and the promise of saving him a few pieces to get him on board with that.  At the end of the day,  he had to admit,  he hadn’t had that much fun in a long time.

                                                                                                               The End

I hope you enjoy this.  I had fun writing it.  I know Bendy would make Halloween a lot more interesting.

3 | No Escape

Genre: Apocalypse AU / Fluff / Angst / Future Smut

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,468

Warnings: Mentions of blood and dead bodies, gory, pov switching

“You’re going to be very quiet for me, you got that?”

Masterlist ♥︎


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5

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A Bubble Bath Surprise

Summary: Negan gets home from work late and his wife is bathing their daughter, they decide to tell her the good news, but she doesn’t take it well.

Authors Note: Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a one shot. So here’s a cute little one shot, hope ya enjoy ❤

Warnings: Angry four-year-old, bubbles, fluffiness, singing


Thank you @holyjeffreydeanmorgan for the help on this ❤

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EXO Falling for a taller girl.



You were a bit surprised when D.O told you to wear heels to the event. You were usually taller than him anyway but this would push you way over. He was already dressed and waiting for you as you stepped out. You got nervous at his stare, expecting him to mention your height. However, eventually, he smiled warmly and spoke: “You look beautiful.”

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I Love My Captain

Prompt - Totally feel free to ignore this but would you mind if you wrote one where you’ve given up on love and are ready to defend your friends (and crush jim kirk) even with your life and so you end up nearly dying on an away mission with him and then in medbay you tell him how you’d gladly die for him since you love him? and then you’re like “i know you don’t like me back” and jim argues he does love ya? i’m sorry if it was confusing


Life on the Enterprise is difficult. Especially because you’re completely and utterly in love with your Captain. You know that he doesn’t love you back, how could he? He could have anyone; so why would he chose you?

“Y/N!!” Jim shouts, running after you, “Are you going to the Rec rooms? Alpha shift is all going there to have dinner”

You let out a soft smile, “Sure, Jim. I’ll head there in a few”

Jim gives you a bright smile and bounds away. You wish that you hadn’t given up on love, that you were willing to put yourself out there, but you couldn’t. Your ex-boyfriend had hurt you, in every way possible. He abused you, both physically and emotionally. Bones had been the one to finally get you out of that relationship. You had come into class one day with a black eye, and a broken rib, so your best friend had had enough. He had beaten the shit out of your ex, and gotten you help. After that you had refused to open your heart up to anyone, but somehow Jim had wiggled his way in.

Of course, because you work on the Enterprise, you’re selected to go down to an M-Class planet with Jim, Spock, Bones, and the security team. Scanners say that there are no lifeforms on the planet, so you can only hope that the mission is peaceful.

“Bones! Hurry up!!” You shout

“Hold your horses, Y/N!! We’re going on a mission with Jim, he attracts trouble, you know that!”

“I’m aware, but the Captain just commed me and told me that the two of us need to get to the transporter room.”

You can hear Bones start grumbling as he shoves another hypo into his bag, “Let’s go, can’t keep his majesty waiting”

So far the away mission is a success, there really don’t seem to be any lifeforms on the planet.

“Captain, it would be unwise to touch any of the flora without a proper analysis” Spock said, carefully collecting samples.

“It’s fine, Mr. Spock! The plants aren’t going to hurt me, they’re just plants!”

You glance behind the Captain, catching sight of the large flower that seems to be slowly swelling up. “Jim!”

“Oh, not you too, Y/N!! Come on! It’s …” Jim let out a shout as you made impact with him.

As soon as Jim is out of the way the plant explodes, shooting poisoned needles into your chest. Almost immediately it takes effect. Your legs buckle under you, but instead of hitting the ground someone catches you.

“Y/N!” Jim, that’s Jim’s voice, “Bones! Get over here! Spock call for beam up! NOW!!”

The tricoder beeps as it runs over you, trying to identify the type of poison that is killing you. You feel it as the away team is beamed up. Jim scoops you up and starts running to Medbay. “Jim …” you wheeze.

“Shh, it’s alright. You don’t need to say anything.” Jim quickly deposits you on the biobed, Bones and several nurses running up to try and figure out what’s wrong.

“I need you to move Jim” Jim steps back, letting the medical staff do their job.


“Bones! What happened? Is Y/N okay?” Bones sighs and collapses into the chair behind his desk.

“She’s stable for now. Spock went back down to the planet to retrieve the plant and hopefully synthesize a cure before it’s too late”

“How much longer does she have?”

Bones runs a hand through his hair, “Without a cure, she could only have hours left. I sedated her, but you can go sit with her, if you want”

“I-I have reports to write …”

“And you can’t do those here, kid?”

Jim nodded, “Thanks, Bones. I’m sorry I didn’t listen. It’s my fault Y/N got hurt, if only I’d …”

Bones holds up one hand, “Stop, kid. You can’t beat yourself up over this. She chose to protect her Captain, a choice that all of us would have made”

Less than an hour later you peel open your eyes. It feels like you have an entire Starship resting on your chest. “Shit …”

“Y/N? You’re supposed to be asleep!”

You can feel your body already starting to give out on you, “Jim, listen …”

“I’ll call Bones; he can give you something for the pain …”

“Jim!” You take a deep wheezing breath, “I need to tell you something, just in case I don’t …”

“Don’t talk like that! You’ll be fine! Bones and Spock are working on a cure! You’ll be fine”

“Just let me …” Your vision is starting to tunnel, your body is giving out, “I love you. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this to happen. I know you don’t feel the same way, I just …” Your body is starting to go limp, everything fading away, “… needed you t’ know”

Jim stands in shock as the biobed screeches to life. Several nurses jump into action trying to resuscitate Y/N. Bones sprints in, holding a hypo, and all Jim can do is stand there in shock. He doesn’t even notice when the biobed stops flashing, and everyone steps away.

“Jim? Jim! Snap out of it!” Bones shakes his shoulder, “We found the cure, she’s going to be fine!”

Jim’s eyes slowly focus on Bones’, “She said she loves me. She said that right before she coded. I didn’t … I didn’t get to tell her that I love her too”

Of course Jim knows about Y/N’s past. He was the one to make sure that her ex got kicked out of Starfleet.

“Calm down, kid. She’s going to wake up. You can tell her then. For now, you need to sleep, you’re no use to her dead on your feet”

Jim glances around Medbay, “Can I sleep here?”

Bones’ eyes widen, “Damn I wish I had that on camera. James Kirk actually wanting to sleep in my Medbay”

Jim shrugged, “I want to be here when she wakes up. I need to tell her, alright? She could have just died without knowing that I love her back.”

“Calm down, Jim. You can stay”

“Thanks, Bones”

Waking up is a bit of a shock to you, honestly you were pretty convinced that you had died, but here you are, awake and alive.


You glance up, “Jim?”

“It’s about time you woke up. You’ve been asleep for almost 3 days”

You groan and try to prop yourself up, Jim quickly reaches over to help you, “Here, let me …” Jim reaches over and uses the remote to prop you up.


“Y/N listen … about what you said …”

You hold up a hand, “I’m sorry for saying that. I understand if you just want to just forget about everything. I can switch shifts, and …”

“Stop! Stop! I need you to listen to me” Jim takes a deep breath. “I love you, too. I know that I never told you, but I really do.” Jim sighs, “I know about your ex, about how he hurt you. I wanted you when you were still with him, but when you broke it off I knew that you would need time, so I gave it to you. When you never showed any interest towards me, I kinda accepted the fact that you didn’t want me the same way I wanted you.”

“Damnit, Jim! Why didn’t you say anything!?” You reach out, taking one of his hands into yours, “I can’t believe that we wasted all of this time because of our own insecurities!”

“So, you really meant it? You really …”

“I love you, Jim. I really do” You whisper. Tugging Jim closer you whisper, “Can I have a kiss, Captain?”

Jim grinned, “I suppose you can, sweetheart, since you asked so nicely”

Bones lets out a shout when he walking into Y/N’s room, “Are you kidding me, Jim?!? She’s barely awake for 10 minute and you’re already trying to maul her”

“Calm down, Bones! It was her idea!”

“Get out, Kid. I need to make sure Y/N is well enough to leave, I don’t want her to have any side effects from the cure.”

Jim sulks as he’s ushered out of the room. You blow him one last kiss as the door shuts and his entire face lights up.

Bones turns back to you, “Are you really alright with starting a relationship with him?”

“I think I am. I can’t let my past ruin my future, I have to get over my fears someday, and I think Jim is the right person to take that risk with”

“He’s going to follow you around like a lovesick puppy, now”

You grin, “I can’t wait. I really love my Captain”


A wren built a nest in a small old brass pitcher that I had hanging from a hook by my back door. She had these five adorable babies crammed in there and today they finally left the nest!

Best of all? ONE OF THEM LANDED ON MY HEAD!!! I was sitting out in the yard with the chickens and I heard one of the babies peeping up in a large bush beside the chicken coop. I looked up at him just as he vaulted out of the bush and glided down to land right on my noggin. I wish so bad I’d had my camera in my pocket but alas I did not. He sat there for a few minutes before flying off. Good luck, little dude!! <3


Still awake at 2 a.m., and I happened to look out the window and notice the sky in the north was really beautiful, in that odd intersection of dusk and dawn that happens when there’s only an hour or two between sunset and sunrise. So I had to run out and take some pictures. This is 2 a.m. on the summer solstice, just south of the Arctic Circle.

I wish the camera could capture how staggering it is to stand out there in broad daylight in the middle of the night, with the sky completely pink above. What a magical place to live in.

(… though, not to oversell the place, it’s also about 50F/10C, I had to keep an eye out for moose due to the risk of violent stomping death, and mosquitoes eventually made me flee back to the house. So, definitely still Alaska.)

When We Cross the Bridge

First day of Patater Week!  :D The prompt was: Get Together.  Enjoy!  :)

“So we meet again”  Kent winked at Alexei who was shoving another chicken wing into his mouth.  

“Ah!  Kenny!”  Mashkov grinned after he swallowed his food.  “Is good to see you.  Sorry about cup.”  He frowned sympathetically.

“Eh, we’ll get it next year.”  Kent sighed.  “I just wish it had gone to anybody but the hawks.  Toews is a good guy, but as a whole their team just rubs me the wrong way.”

Mashkov nodded quietly in agreement.

“Like I said, we’ll get ‘em next year.”  Kent sighed.

“Unless we get.”  Alexei shook his finger.  “But in any way, how is Kit?  She look good on Instagram.”  He smiled.

“She’s great, never better.  She just got back from the groomer’s the other night, and you won’t believe how great she looked.  I took a picture on my phone, but I wish I had had my camera on me.”  Kent enthused.

“Ah yes, picture with ribbon, da?”  Alexei asked.

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William Nylander - The Publicity Stunt Part Four

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This is my favorite part so far!

Word Count: 1712

Warnings: Drinking/Cursing

Prequel / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six  / Part Seven  / Part Eight/ Part Nine

I was currently four wine glasses deep sitting in one of the fanciest restaurants I’ve ever been to. When I first arrived I thought I was underdressed however, that concern, along with every other worry I had, was slowly fading away with each sip. Not that the date wasn’t going bad. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I was enjoying it.

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So, uh, I saw @konorai’s post about Saitama and Genos having cocktails made from juice and soda, and dressing up all fancy for it. So naturally I had to draw it. I don’t know how to link back to the post (I’m on mobile!! D:) but it’s there so you can see for yourself.
(Sorry for poor camera quality! My phone has the worst camera! >.

Nursey Week Prompt #7 - Memories.

Derek places the palm of his hand flat against the wooden door in front of him, dropping his head as he closes his eyes. The lines of his body are clean and crisp in his dark suit, and his warped reflection stares up at him from his shined shoes, mirrored black shade a sharp contrast with the white marbled floors underneath them. He’s thoughtless as he presses his forehead on the door in front of him, ignoring his carefully styled curls, an anxious frown working its way across his face.

He lets out a quiet sigh and straightens up, tugging at the lapels of his jacket. Setting his shoulders back, Derek opens the heavy wooden door and steps onto the walkway. His eyes follow the pale length of it until he sees a matching pair of shoes at the end of it.

Dex stands across from him, looking anxious, amber eyes alight with worry. Derek feels the nerves drain out of him the minute his gaze alights on that familiar face, watching as the tension sinks out of Dex’s shoulders at the same moment. Derek smiles and takes a few steps forward, foiling Dex as he does the same, walking in time until they meet in the middle.

Derek takes Dex left hand in his own and squeezes gently before turning to face Shitty where he stands beaming the two of them.

“Mawwaige. Mawwaige is wot bwings us together today. Mawwaige, that bwessed awangement–” Derek cracks a grin as Dex turns fire-red, stepping quickly on Shitty’s toes.

“Beaumont. Fitzgerald. Knight.” He grits out, eyes wide. “You did not.”

Shitty smiles beatifically at him and winks. Derek squeezes Dex’s hand again and turns to look at him, at his soon-to-be husband. The profile of his face, golden bright in the afternoon light, prompts Derek to remember, a wave of memory washing gently over his mind.

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