i wish i had more zippers so i could tell you to zip it

Terms and Conditons. (M)

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Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Jungkook was out looking for a new flavor of the month and his eyes land on a certain previously taken girl.

Warning – This is a sugar daddy Jungkook scenario. 

Words – 2.3k. 


The energy was heightened as groups of individuals danced around the large ballroom held for an extravagant party. Jeon Jungkook was known to be quite a party planner when it came to his business because he always wanted to make a strong entrance plus he wanted to impress the girls that might be lucky enough to land in his bed that night.

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I’m Here

Characters: Jim Kirk x Reader

Summary: @yourtropegirl asked for smut with the blue survival jacket, and i was happy to oblige.  Set during Beyond, Jim gets back from his fight with Krall to find you, his girlfriend (also a crew member on the enterprise), safe and sound. sexy times ensue after you decide to peel the jacket off of him ;)

A/N: wow this one got a tad angsty…it was just supposed to be smut. but you get angsty smuff.  also, this perfectly lined up with Jim’s birthday in the movie, so yay! birthday angsmuff! (why do i have to make everything an emotional crisis?)

Warnings: nsfw, smut, unprotected sex, a smaaaaall captain kink. maybe.

Words: 2290

tags: @daybreak96 @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @jimtkirkisabitch @outside-the-government

(also i just realized the zipper is a little starfleet logo HOW CUTE)

You didn’t remember how long you’d been here, pacing in the lobby of the hotel that Starfleet had put you and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise in. You were still in your dirty and torn uniform, still covered in a thin layer of dirt, still incredibly sore and in need of a bath.  But you couldn’t relax until you knew if Jim was okay.  After the Franklin had crashed on Yorktown, you and the rest of the crew had been rushed out of the wreckage and put through a debriefing before being transported straight to this hotel.  You hadn’t even had a chance to see Jim before he was gone, chasing after Krall.  

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a list of things neku has said:

  • “thank you captain obvious” 
  • “are you high?!”
  • “i feel epic…”
  • “private dick extraordinare”
  • “i can feel my inner emo stirring… must fight emo urges…”
  • “is it true steroids can shrink your… nevermind”
  • “i am not… a spicy tuna roll!”
  • “full of fail as usual” 
  • “hello dead kid speaking”
  • “i suppose you’re an ass… all the time”
  • “then i wish I had more zippers…so i could tell you to zip it.“
found a lot of love in this town

i,,,i don’t even know what to say here i wrote this thing on a plane and it’s incoherent fluff to the nth degree. i think i gotta blame @sergeant-santiago for this for screaming about peraltiago babies to me for like,,,all week now (title from city of angels, by the head and the heart)

Amy Santiago mutters a curse to herself. She’s in the back room of a wedding hall, swallowing down nausea and standing through dizziness, thinking to herself that the dark circles under her eyes most certainly don’t match her gorgeous powder-blue dress (she’s trusting that Gina will be able to fix it later, and that Gina will chalk up the circles to a perfectly usual lack of sleep). Her pantsuit had fit just fine this morning – maybe a little tight, but still zipping normally. Of course this dress, which had fit last month at the fitting, would be too small already.

Although, in fairness, a lot had changed in the last month, she reminds herself, a hand ghosting over her belly.

Rosa, leaned against a wall a few feet from Amy, looks up from the straps on her sandals at the muttered shit, and Amy regrets the noise immediately. It’ll probably zip with a little effort, after all. Or at least, she thinks with another tug at the zipper, her other hand stretched behind her to hold the dress closed, it had better zip. She can’t show up to her captain’s vow renewal in a work pantsuit (it would have to be a formal one, at least).

She knows rationally that Captain Holt couldn’t care less what she wears to his vow renewal, that he and Kevin would be proud to have her participate no matter what she was wearing, and that there are a million excuses in the world – other than the truth, which she can’t share quite yet – for why the dress didn’t work. But still, her breath is starting to quicken, and for some godforsaken reason tears are springing into her eyes because she’s only eight weeks in and has already lost control. Her body has always done exactly what she wanted it to, and she and Jake had talked about this eventuality six months ago when they first had this conversation. But now it’s real. There are thirty-two more weeks, and then the rest of her life, where she’ll never have full control again, but she thought she had time. She wasn’t ready for it to go to pieces today.

She’s growing a bit frantic, wishes she could go find Jake, likely standing with Charles and Terry in their suits in the reception hall, to hold her tight and whisper stories about cribs and stuffed elephants and toddler-sized Hogwarts robes and the sweet smell of baby shampoo like he did last time she panicked, staring at a positive pregnancy test and feeling this huge life change turn from hypothetical to tangible.

But then, she feels Rosa’s hands on hers, pushing them out of the way so that her friend can try the zipper from a better angle. She feels two gentle tugs. And then Rosa’s hands drop away, her clicking heels carrying her to Amy’s front, where she stops, arms crossed.

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Oh, Bartender {OSH}

Description: Sehun is the bartender at your favorite bar || I don’t know if anyone will remember this…but my first “big” series was Chemistry and this was a side story of it between Sehun and one of the other characters. I rewrote it, so it’s going to be better quality than the first!

Genre: Smut / Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 20,887

Warnings: Smut

Pairing: Oh Sehun x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

Xiufairy’s Masterlist

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When you met Sehun, you found that it was best to avoid him completely. It was already a bad day for you - your best friend Euna was moving out of your shared apartment (you, Yuna, and Euna shared a place together) to move in with her boyfriend Baekhyun.

Thanks to Baekhyun, you met Sehun. You met him when you were nineteen, and he was twenty-five.

You knew when he first spoke to you that you would regret it for the rest of your life, but you weren’t exactly sure why. You’d find out soon enough; nothing was predictable when it came to Sehun.

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13 with Magnus and Taako (platonically preferably)

I love friendship Magnus and Taako interactions and honestly I think this is my new favorite thing I’ve written

“How can anyone not be afraid of love?

“Istus fucking hell…” Taako swore, struggling with zipper on the dress half of his self invented tuxedo dress combo. “Wedding cake tasting is not gonna ruin this outfit for me.”

“I got you.” 

Magnus had apparently entered the room, and helped Taako zip up. The elf posed in front of the mirror for a bit, appreciating how he looked, before turning to Magnus with a wink.

“Thanks Mags, don’t tell Merle or Lup but you’re the better half of my best men and women.”

“My lips are sealed,” Magnus said, pretending to lock his mouth and throw away the key. “Are you ready?”

“Honestly?” Taako sighed. He walked over to the couch and sat down, putting his chin in his hands. “I’m fucking scared shitless. You know me, this whole…commitment…trust…bullshit just…it’s hard!”

Magnus sat down next to Taako, smiling at him fondly. “You wanna hear what I told Carey when she was having wedding day jitters?”

“Sure man…” Taako said.

“I told her life is a constant stream of changes and that you’re going to walk through that door, and your life will never be the same, and I wish I could tell you that everyday from now on will be amazing, and the happiest day of your life, but that’s not the way that life works, but every day will be made better because he’s in it with you. You aren’t going to be alone ever again, even if you’re ever separated, you’ll still never be alone.”

“Well…that’s nice. Mags, but I’m not as easy a mark as Carey,” Taako said, blowing a lock of hair out of his eyes.

“Nah, you’re way more stubborn than her, and that’s saying something,” Magnus laughed. Taako looked at his friend. He had started to show signs of aging, a little gray around the temples a little softening around the cheeks and stomach. Laugh lines formed around his eyes, and Taako had seen him using reading glasses earlier to read the program. 

“You wanna hear what I’m gonna tell you?”

“Well, something tells me I’m going to whether I say yes or not.”

“Get out of your own way, Taako,” Magnus said. “You’ve been living with Kravitz for years now. You’ve already got this down. All that changes today is the legal shit and your jewelry ensemble. You love Kravitz, and he loves you. This is going to be good, you just have to go out there and show yourself that it’s going to be good.”

Taako smiled a little, then he playfully punched Magnus’s shoulder, more of a Lup or Magnus mood but he was feeling it right now. “What would I do without you, Mags?”

“Probably be a runaway bride,” Magnus said with a shrug, and Taako laughed. “C’mon, you ready? You better go now because Merle really wants to give you away so you only have so long before he walks in here and ruins your whole ‘no one gives me away but me’ thing.”

“Fuck we better get started then huh,” Taako stood and straightened out his outfit. “How do I look?”

“Perfect as always dude, now go!” Magnus laughed, ushering Taako out the door.

You’re the Reason I Come Home (Part 2/2)

Summary: You and Bucky have been through a lot together. But when things become too much and Bucky breaks up with you, you find that you could lose him completely.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,800

Warnings: Language, slight mention of injury (nothing graphic), mention of death, slight depression, & OH GOD THE ANGST. (but stick with it, I promise)

A/N: This fic got a lot more recognition than what I was expecting, so thank you for that!! It’s almost to 300 notes now, so that’s pretty crazy for my first fic after hiatus. But I hope you guys enjoy this just as much (or even more) than Part 1, as this part is definitely my favorite. It was awesome to write & to be narcissistic, I kinda teared up a bit while writing the ending scenes. But I hope everyone enjoys this just as much as I enjoyed writing it <3

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Happy Anniversary

Characters: Jim Hopper x Reader

A/N: some angsty fluff because i am a fool for Jim Hopper

also! most of this was directly inspired by @jonedwardbernthal!!!!! because she is amazing and lovely and too wonderful!!!!

Summary: Jim makes a questionable decision on your anniversary that leaves you shocked and very confused.

Warnings: lil bit o angst, some self hate, mentions/references to smut, some dirty talkin and scandalous kissin…i think that’s it? language, cuz jim’s got a dirty mouth.

Words: 2516

Tags: @jonedwardbernthal @sparkypantalones  @hecates-garden @kinda-chinese @sistasarah-sallysaidso @anotherotter @samwinjarpad

The smack of a hand on your ass makes you jump and squeal, but before you can turn around, Jim’s body is pressed against your back, pushing you forward until your stomach is pressed against the counter.  You laugh as his arms come up around you, caging you in.  


Your boyfriend plants a huge wet kiss on your cheek, cutting your protest off. One of his arms encircles your waist, and his large hand sprawls across your stomach, probably trying to discreetly cop a feel after you slipped out of bed this morning before he woke up.

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[06] Run

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Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six

A/N: This story is inspired by ‘I Need You’ and ‘Run’ This story will contain fluff, smut, drinking, drugs, and angst. No, this story will not be exactly like the MV’s but I have used some scenes and ideas. 



“Now I can either zip you up in this jacket or you can just make it easy on us and stick your hands through.“ You just crossed your arms and stared up at him not budging. He slowly began to zip up the jacket, admiring your body along the way, he was closer to you now smiling down at your slightly softened glare. He loved your stubborn glare and your scrunched up red nose, he loved the green apple lingering on your lips like even they couldn’t get enough of you…he loved…you.




Taehyung told you it was okay for you to stay in his room while he was gone, and you were so thankful for his selfless gesture but that also meant you were right next door to Yoongi, and it wasn’t like you were complaining… because you weren’t.

The night he zipped you up in his blue and white bomber hadn’t left your mind, the way his fingers lightly pulled the zipper up, the way you swear he was a bit closer then before, the mixing smell of his cherry flavored lips and your green apple ones were an intoxicatingly beautiful mix. How you wanted so badly to take his face gently in your hands and kiss his perfectly pouty lips, kiss him under the stars that wished thy shined as bright as he did, wished to kiss him under the moonlight that made him look like the most angelic creature in the world. The thought of him not returning the kiss didn’t cross your mind because the thought of kissing him in general felt so right but you couldn’t. He was with Jennie and you would die before you kissed a taken man, you were on the other side of that and never would you hurt another women the way Jisoo and Minho hurt you. You hadn’t yet told Hoseok the events that occurred that night, the only thing he knew was that you were wearing Yoongi’s jacket but you knew it was time to tell him.

You: Hoseok, well you please come to Taehyung’s room. I need my Hobi Horse right now.

Hobi: I’m on my way down.

Within moments Hoseok came into the room and closed the door behind him, as if he knew the drill he went over to the bed and slid under the covers with you. “I almost kissed Yoongi the night we almost got caught spray painting.” You searched his face for any type of reaction but the only one you got was him tucking away one of your fallen pieces of hair. “What happened?” You spilled everything that had happened, the almost getting caught, the song, the jacket and the mistake you almost made. Hoseok listened to your every word, your explanations on why you couldn’t but why you wanted to… and the minute the three word explanation left your lips you gasped in shock. I love him? I love him.

“I love him Hoseok.. I love his stupid stubbornness, and the stupid way he pretends to not care about everything, and his stupidly cute gummy smile. I love how I feel when I’m around him, and the way we can talk about music for an entire night and never run out of things to say.” Your nose tingled slightly as the tears crept in the corners of your eyes, your head couldn’t keep track of your fast beating heart, you were in love with a man that was taken.

Hoseok knew there was nothing to say that would fix the situation so instead he did the only thing he knew to do, he held you close and stroked your hair as you cried softly and silently into his chest. You hadn’t seen Yoongi bring Jennie to the house since that night at the club but you knew they were still a thing due to seeing her name occasionally pop up on his phone screen while the two of you were working on music. You traced circles all over Hoseok’s back as he slept shamelessly, face buried into your neck and arms wrapped around your waist. You laid like so for a good while before your eyes began to feel heavy and sleep took over, flashes of Yoongi playing like a movie montage in your head, because even asleep the boy had total power of you.

A loud thud woke you from your deep sleep followed by muffed yelling and yet another bang. “IT WAS A FUCKING ACCIDENT!” You heard Yoongi’s voice boom through the wall that separated his room from Taehyung’s. The thick wall between made it hard to study the tone of his scream, anger? sorrow? both? It was unlike anything you’d ever head before, let alone from him. His loud voice sent Hoseok to jump up and adjust his eyes to the darkness of the room, he looked in your direction as you sat quietly wondering what it was that was happening.

“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT? YEAH BECAUSE THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH BETTER!?” It didn’t take a genius to know the female voice screaming back was Jennie, you could hear the anger erupting from the depths of her soul but no matter how much the anger fueled her words there was no stopping the heartache that was laced in as well. Ease dropping on the war next door left a sour taste in your mouth, it was a lingering taste of guilt but you swallowed it back like a shot because there was no need to feel guilty; after all it wasn’t your fault they were screaming at 11:00 pm. “I’M SORRY! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? AS SOON AS IT HAPPENED I REALIZED IT. SO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IT IS YOU WANT ME TO DO!” Silence. You heard nothing but shuffling from the other side of wall until Jennie’s voice rang louder than usual, she had opened his room door to leave causing her voice to be much more audible. “You may have realized it Yoongi… but it wasn’t the first time either.” The anger subsided and it was now simply hurt and regret, you could hear every crack in her pretty voice and with every step she took as she left Yoongi’s room, not daring to look back, her heart shattered a little more. “What are you talking about?” Now both their voices carried through the closed door your temporary room, the anger in Yoongi’s voice was gone and was replaced with an emotion you could only categorize as complete innocence, it was like he truly didn’t know what she was talking about. “You did it the night we went back to my place after hanging out at the club.” Her voice was broken, shot from screaming and so broken from even having to speak the words she was saying. What did he do? Is this the end of them? What’s going on?

You were to busy wondering about what it was Yoongi could have possibly done to hear the last words Yoongi would ever hear her say, and while you lay mind clouded and distracted, Hoseok listened carefully to her words.

“I really hope you get her someday.”

Hoseok kissed your forehead softly before he hopped out of the bed and made his way towards Yoongi’s room. "Go to sleep sweetheart, I’m going to make sure Yoongi Hyung is okay.“  The door closed behind him and you already knew he wouldn’t be back that night. It wasn’t unlike Hoseok to make sure his friends were okay,you had also noticed the tight bond he and Yoongi had, and maybe that was another reason you began falling for Yoongi. Seeing a softer side when it came to Hoseok, and knowing that obviously the one man you knew would be in your life forever obviously approved the guy you loved.

You heard muffled voices beyond the wall with long pauses of silence in between small conversations, and while you knew what happened beyond that wall was none of your business, you couldn’t help but think of it as your worst enemy.

Yoongi watched Jennie leave, to scared to move and to angry to chase after her. He stood in front of his bedroom door watched her small frame disappear down he stairs, repeating the words that escaped her lips. The memory of that night came flooding back like a tidal wave of repressed memories. He remembered thrusting into Jennie, face buried into her neck as he approached his high. He remembered moaning every curse in the book as her fingernails dug into his skin, and how her mewls and moans filled his ears allowing him to release not only his hot pleasure but also a small and barley audible name. He moaned your name lightly into her neck, not even realizing it came out of his mouth, but he couldn’t help it. Your name rolled off his tongue like it was his name to say, like it was meant to leave his lips at a moment like that.

Granted that time was excused because Jennie wasn’t even sure that is what he had said, but the moment she disappeared underneath the sheets he thought back to a few nights ago when you wore his bomber. He thought of how close the two of you were in the shadows of the building, how easily it came to write a part of a song with you; and as his eyes tightened closed from the hallowing and sucking done by Jennie your name erupted from the depths the most passionate parts of himself. As soon as the name left his lips, his eyes widened and he apologized many times before finally Jennie stood up to leave.

Now here he was siting in front of a recently awoken Hoseok, long pauses between few sentences, Hoseok knew it was only a matter of time before Yoongi's passionate heart erupted and he’d nonchalantly say in a few words what it was that happened… but that wasn’t the case this time.

Yoongi finally looked up to meet Hoseok’s gaze, lips pulled into a straight line and eyes slightly droopy from complete defeat.

“I moaned her name Hoseok, not once but twice.” Hoseok’s eyes widened at the confession, not expecting anything like this to ever come out of Yoongi’s mouth. He was never one to wrong a lover, if he felt it wasn’t working he’d say so, and maybe it was how late it was but Hoseok didn’t realize who it was Yoongi was talking about.


“Y/n. I moaned her name.”

You didn’t see Yoongi or Hoseok the next morning and by the time noon rolled by there was still no sign from either one of them. You weren’t to worried about it because no matter how close you were with Hoseok you didn’t need to know what he was doing every minute of every day, as for Yoongi; you had a gut feeling he was with Hoseok. Suppose a guy day was needed from the nasty fight he and Jennie had the night prior.

The day went by slowly, no matter how much stuff you tried to pack into it. The clock ticked by, every minute only made you more anxious for an unknown reason, wondering what it was Yoongi did that caused Jennie to be so angry, or what on earth did that mean for the two as a couple.

You stared blankly at whatever movie it was that Namjoon was watching, not taking in any dialogue the main characters were saying, not even knowing what the plotline was. To be frank it wasn’t even background noise to your unorganized thoughts, your body and brain seeming to go on auto pilot, in fact you hadn’t even realized the pink haired softie had paused the movie as if seeing if you’d notice or not.

“Y/n-ah, go get your jacket, we are going for a walk.” Namjoon’s voice brought you out of your train of thought, but before you could object he was already putting on his sweatshirt and shoes. No matter how much you would have much rather stayed in and continued drowning in your thoughts you obediently grabbed your worn out, yet completely comfortable black hoodie.

The two of you walked in silence through the quiet park for what seemed like forever, leaves fell gracefully to he ground, causing the green grass to be peppered with leaves of different colors, the sky pretty and pastel against the fluffy white cotton candy like clouds that gave off an illusion of pure perfection. How ironic. Such a beautiful scenery for such confusing and depressing events.

“How long did it take you to know you were in love with Minho?” You froze in place, starring at Namjoon with furrowed brows and slightly wider eyes. “What?” He stood in front of you, looking down at your small shape with eyes full of curiosity. “How long did it take you know you were in love with Minho?”

He knew what he was asking was a sore subject, just like he knew the question hadn’t fully registered in your head since its been a good while since you had to talk about or even think about Minho. Joon grabbed your wrist lightly and walked you to the black steel bench that was set nicely under a beautiful cherry blossom tree, letting you take a seat and prepare to answer his question in which he had no intention in taking back. After a possible five minutes you looked down at the ground and spoke.

“If I’m being totally honest, it took me a few months to know, I liked him sure but I knew I was in love with him after a while of being with each other for a while. He told me first and I mean I said it back at the time because I truly knew I could love him. Then a month after that is when I knew.” Namjoon pulled you to his side in a protective manner, he knew how hard it was to relive the past but he also knew what he was doing.

“And how long did it take you to know you were in love with Yoongi?”

The bluntness of the question and even the question itself sent your body to the other end of the bench and your face to turn as pink as his hair. You looked straight into Namjoon’s unphased and serious eyes looking for any sign that he could be joking, looking for any sign to signal he was just joking with you, but to your dismay there was none of the sort. Words were something that seemed way to advanced for you at the moment, mouth agape struggling to find any words to say. Any words at all would have been better then sitting there looking like a complete idiot. Namjoon knew you were either going to deny your oh so obvious feelings for Yoongi, or that you would ask what’ as if you hadn’t just heard the question clearly. “I see the way you look at him Y/n-ah, I just want to know how long it took, not how long it took to admit it but how long it took you to fall in love.”

“I- I don’t know… I think I knew the day I caught him working on ‘First Love’…so I guess that means.. a-around two weeks.” Namjoon’s nicely plump lips tightened into a smile at your adorable confession, he noticed the change in behavior after he had caught yall writing music together, he even noticed a slight change in Yoongi’s grumpy behavior but he wouldn’t dare speak of Yoongi’s feelings if he wasn’t sure.

“I don’t think him and Jennie are a thing anymore, I heard the fight last night too.” Your eyes met his chocolaty ones as he mentioned the fight, you had almost forgotten that Namjoon’s room is directly across from yours, or technicallyTaehyung’s room.

“Y/n, love is a tricky thing, and so is the universe. When you meet someone and click instantly you shouldn’t let the fear of rejection get in the way of that. The path you took when you and Minho we together didn’t work so here you are still in one piece, walking down a new path. One chapter ended and now you are keeping yourself from writing a new one, its stopped in the middle and the universe wants to know what it is you are going to end this chapter with,“ You took in his every word, thinking back to the day you wore Yoongi’s bomber, the day you wanted so badly to take his face in your hands and kiss his slightly chapped lips. Namjoon was definitely the wise one of the guys, always speaking of the universe and all its wonders, you had grown to look up to him as a big brother, the cherry blossom tree above gave Namjoon a small pinky tint to his tan skin, he looked truly beautiful in a innocent way, black sweater paws and matted down light pink hair on top of a soft spoken boy with a heart full of wondrous and wise words. “I’m in no way telling you how to live your life but I am telling you that denying your feelings, keeping your feelings bottled up, and letting fear take over is only going to hurt you more than anything. You’re a nice girl and we all like having you around, Hoseok wrote in another character for our story and its bettered us in so many ways. I know the fight you heard between Yoongi and Jennie has been clouding your mind, wondering if loving him is worth it because of what you heard… I’m not saying this because he is like my brother, but Yoongi is a great guy. I’ve known him longer then I’ve known any of the other boys, he would never do anything to hurt anyone, he is a complete ass but he has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. He cares silently but he cares, and he cares a lot.”

“I know he cares Joonie, I know his heart is big, I noticed it a while back and maybe that might be one of the reasons I fell for him. Hearing the fight didn’t make me wonder if he worth it or not, it just made me curious.” You didn’t want to touch on the fear subject because you knew that was exactly what it was that kept you from making any move, not to mention he said sleeping together was nothing but a drunken night.

You and Joon spoke of past relationships, and emotional healing on the walk back home, and the way you could talk with Namjoon was like speaking to a big brother you never had. Halfway to the house he draped an arm around your shoulder like it was something so natural, that of an older brother looking out for his little sister.

“Well, looks like Hoseok and Yoongs are finally home.” Namjoon stated once we were about two houses away from our own, Yoongi’s car was sitting in the driveway and for the first time that day, it almost felt like home. Taehyung was still away and you missed him dearly, the last time you talked to him was two days ago and he said his trip was nice, that seeing his mom was so exciting.

“Y/N! NAMJOON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” Jin shouted from the kitchen doorway as soon as our slightly pink faces walked through the door. The slight chilly breeze from outside left a small pink tint on the tip of your nose, and throughout your cheeks.

Astonishing. Yoongi thought, he watched you and Namjoon enter the room and explain your whereabouts to Jin, who was acting like a total mom. He and Hoseok were sitting on the couch laughing at Jungkook who was yelling at Jimin for “cheating” in Mario Kart, when you came in. He admired the way you looked, rosy cheeks and an innocent laugh in response to Jin’s yelling. Your eyes quickly went to Hoseok and himself and your small smiled remained, you quickly ran over to Hoseok and kissed his forehead, and while that wasn’t unusual Yoongi couldn’t help but wish that was him.

Jennie was nowhere to be found in Yoongi’s overwhelming thoughts, his thoughts consisted of you, and only you. Hoseok knew everything, he knew Yoongi had feelings for you just like you had feelings for him; but he wasn’t the person to tell the other the feelings, so instead he tried to tell Yoongi that he needed to man up and tell you his feelings for you.

Yoongi knew exactly how to do so, in the only way he knew how to. Through music.

“Hey brat, want to try and write a song around that hook we wrote the other day?”

“Yeah, maybe later on tonight?” Yoongi sent you a small nod in agreement before you smiled back and made your way to the kitchen to help Jin cook. He watched as you walked away, how he hated seeing you walk away from him. He knew you were only walking to the kitchen but he couldn’t help but wonder how Minho cd stand to see you leave like that? If he were him he would have never let you go, he would have never hurt you the way Minho did. If it were up to him he would never have to see walk away from him.

The seven of you gathered around the small coffee table in the living room, eating the meal you helped Jin prepare, laughter filled the air just like it always did when you were eating together, it didn’t matter if it was all the boy or half the boys, there was just something about them that made everything better.

Your eyes drifted to Yoongi every so often, taking in how invested he is when he is eating, almost like he had to concentrate on every bite, and when he wasn’t doing that he would shove all his food to one side of his mouth and laugh with the other. He was… beautiful.

There was no need for the background noise of a movie, or even music through the living room speakers, the laughter of time so well spent was enough. It was one thing to go out and cause trouble with the boys but it was another to stay in and eat together, but no matter how different the events the one thing that remained the same was Yoongi’s place. Still he sat across from you, still you sat admiring his beauty in the moments that no one was paying attention.

The hours went by and soon everybody’s empty bowls and plates filled the living room table, you leaned your body into Hoseok’s chest as you watched Jin yell at Jungkook for not watching his language.

“Oh man, holy shit!” You screamed waiting for Jin’s head to snap your way in complete defeat, you were the only person he grew to listen to… or at least the person he couldnt seem to bitch at.

“Y/n come on!! You arn’t helping!” He pleaded, making Yoongi hunch over dying from seeing his hyung so out numbered.

“Hey Yoongz? You ready to write that song?” You asked grabbing everyone’s bowls and plates, balancing them together like you had learned from years in the diner. No one bothered helping you because they knew the minute they reached for something you would snap at them and shout how you were an independent woman who could do things herself.

“Yeah, I’ll go set up everything brat.” Brat. It had became a nickname that he loved to give you and that you secretly loved to receive. The two of you had soft spots but teasing and being playfully mean to eachother was something you had grown to love more then chessy cliche romance.

As you placed all the dirty dishes into the sink, you felt three different pairs of arms around you, Hoseok’s face pressed against one cheek while Jin was pressed against the other, leaving Namjoon to rest his head ontop of yours, as if they had rehearsed this numerous times they hummed “We love you Y/n-ah.” In unison.

Oh my god. Get off of me you fucking girls.” Laughing you kissed them all goodnight, including Jiminie and Kookie, kmowing damn well you and Yoongi were going to work through unholy hours of the night. Grabbing a giant bag of potato chips and a couple of Cup Noodles you made your way up to Yoongi’s.

“Hey Pabo, I brought food for the endless, ungodly hours.”

He smiled in reply as you made your way to your usual writing spot in his room: the corner of his bed right near his giant stuffed Kumamon. He pulled out a journal and read aloud the hook the two of you created a few days prior, and that was the gun shot in the air before the race. You were off. Nothing and no one but the two of you and the heart and soul the pair of you began to pour onto the pages of his tattered black journal.

Cross outs, scribbles, doodles and folded up pages for later. You watched how he slightly jutted out his lower lip as he jotted down lyrics and beats, taking in how his eyebrows knitted together and how occasionally a small smile would creep onto his face as he liked something he wrote.

Reading aloud ideas and adding onto eachothers work like it came so easily. How his words molded in with yours, and yours with his.

He watched as you pressed your small body into Kumamon, and how loose strands of hair fell from your loose pony as you put your blood, sweat and tears into your work. He had your laugh memorized in his head like it was his favorite song, playing it on repeat anytime his heart desired; but here you were laughing at little things to keep him from getting angry or annoyed, it was like standing front row of concert, hearing the greatest hit in person. Because god your laugh had his stomach doing flips.

‘If you love her. Tell her. Period. You either try and get her or you wait it out till your over her before you hurt another girl.’ Hoseok’s stern yet truthful voice echoed through his head everytime his hand would brush against yours when he handed you the chips or when you smiled at him. He had to get over you someway, and the only way he could think of doing so was by confessing and getting the rejection out of the way.

“We should have a career together. Yoongi & Y/n Productions.” You joked, poking him in the sides while the song basically wrote itself, coming along so easily, like it was nothing. Your heart fluttered as you spoke your names like so… it sounded right. Yoongi and Y/n. He agreed, laughing his high pitched screech laugh at your weird dances and terrible puns that were only cute when you did it.

“Yes, two brilliant musical minds creating wonderful music.” He played along, talking about how yall will own the biggest and most successful music studios in Seoul. It was alot of big talk for two people who spend their day sleeping, eating ramen and causing trouble almost every week, but all the two of you were really thinking about was that in this fantasy it involved yall being together.

“Min Yoongi, you are reading my mind.” Once again laughter. Infectious laughter. And in an instant everything changed.

Its amazing how at one moment everything is frozen in time, trying to freeze the happiness and in a blink of an eye..everything… changes.

“Y/n actually I have something to tell-”

Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Oh, hold on Yoongs. It’s Tae.” You pressed answer with a smile, so happy to talk to Taehyung after what felt like forever.

“Hey Gucci Boy, Wha-” muffled crying interrupted you, sending immediate chills down your back. You could tell he was straining to speak from the other line but you let him take his time in finding his words. Yoongi was too focused on what he was going to say next to see the worry on your face and your hand clentching your chest as if that could stop it from tightening.


Not even his breathing was audible through the line, and just as you opened your mouth to speak his deep, strained voice spoke up.

“Y/n… I killed him.”

[To be continued]

anonymous asked:

Could you write something off the song ' Fools gold '? That song is completely beautiful

I wish I was stronger.  I wish I had that thing that some people have where you can see how dangerous someone is.  It’s right in front of you, screaming at you like a freight train.  So you move.  You get clear.  You run away.  But I wasn’t born with that gene.  At least not when it came to her.

I was born with the other gene.  The one where you twist yourself into knots to please someone else.  Where you watch a cheesy rom com and are bawling by the end of it because you want to be the person who loves someone so much…they change.

I would never be what she needed.  No matter how hard I tried or what I did for her, it was never going to happen.

And I knew that.

But it didn’t stop my heart from racing when her number popped up on my phone.  And it didn’t stop me from answering the phone with such glee in my voice it was disgusting.  And it sure as hell didn’t stop me from inviting her over to my house.

I knew what she wanted.  It wasn’t me.  But maybe if I pretended hard enough, I could convince myself it was.  So that’s what I did.

Every time.

The pizza was done when she finally made it to my house.  She was late.  Par for the course.  I knew she would be.

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Flirty friends ♡ Ethan & Grayson

Request: ‘‘Hey can you do an imagine where the twins and reader have been best friends for a long time and they both have feelings for the reader and always say flirty things to reader. Thanks‘’

Response: Thank you for the request!! I hope you enjoy ♡ I actually was giggling while writing this, just imagine the twins having a crush on you…

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

You had been friends with the twins for over four years now. You became friends when you met them in freshman year, high school. You could always laugh and have a great time hanging out with them. You guys were such good friends that you saw them more like brothers than friends. Through the years the twins had became really famous, but the good thing was that your friendship never changed. The only thing was that the twins had some feelings for you. They never had told you that directly, but you could just tell by the way they would sometimes look at you and the things they sometimes would say to you. You didn’t really mind, though. As long as they didn’t fight about you or asked you on a date, you were totally cool with it. Although the twins were really attractive, you just didn’t see them the way most of their fans did.

Today you decided to go to the mall to go shopping, just because you needed to pick up some things. The twins really wanted to come with you, and because they always made things 20 times nicer you were really excited. You planned on meeting them this afternoon.

‘Hey Y/N!’ You hear someone call your name, so you turn around to see who it is. Your two best friends walk up to you. ‘Hey,’ you say with a goofy smile. Because of your height you look like a younger sister when you’re standing next to them. Ethan and Grayson look very happy to see you. ‘Come here,’ Ethan greets you with a big smile. He gives you a hug, which lasts a little longer than normal. You can smell his cologne. It smells nice. ‘Alright E, I want to give her a hug too,’ Grayson says, and the next moment you’re in Graysons arms. ‘So good to see you guys. How have you been?!’ you ask, after you liberate yourself from his arms. Ethan strokes a hand through his fluffy hair. ‘Oh you know, making videos and just…’ He looks at Grayson, who completes his scentence. ‘…enjoying life.’ You grin. ‘Sounds nice. I wish I didn’t have to go school and could just make videos with my twin sibling.’ Ethan and Grayson laugh. ‘Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.’ You grab them by the arms and start walking towards the mall.

The first store you went to was H&M. You really liked that store; they always had cute clothes for an affordable prize. After getting a pair of jeans and a dress (that the twins had chosen for you) you go into the fitting room. First you try out the black jeans. After putting them on you look at yourself in the mirror. ‘Y/N, what’s taking you so long? Show us!’ you hear Ethan say. ‘Hm… Not so sure about this one…’ you say hesitantly. ‘I’m sure you look great. Come out!’ Grayson says ecouragingly. ‘Alright then,’ you say and you slide the curtain aside. You see Ethan and Grayson lying down on a couch, staring at you with big eyes. Ethan whistles. ‘Gotta be honest Y/N, you got a nice ass in that jeans,’ Grayson chuckles. ‘Shut up,’ you say, laughing it off, but you feel your cheeks getting warm. ‘I think it looks pretty okay. Should I buy it?’ you ask the twins, but you already knew what they would answer. ‘Yes, definitely,’ Ethan says. ‘Without a doubt,’ Grayson agrees.

With blushing cheeks you go back into the fitting room. You know that the twins always were really flirty, but you never blushed at things they said. Today you did, and you had no clue why. You take the jeans off and try on the dress. The dress was blue with long sleeves, and you thought it looked really cute. It was a little tight, making it show off your body, which you didn’t think was that bad. The only thing that was bad was the fact that you couldn’t manage to close the zipper on your back. ‘Damn… Just… HMPF,’ you mutter, struggling with the dress. It just would not close. You had to ask for help. ‘Eh, can somebody maybe help me?’ you ask, and immediately you hear Ethan and Grayson jumping off the couch. ‘Let me know do it, Gray,’ you hear Ethan whisper. ‘No, I want to do it,’ Grayson whispers back. You giggle.

The curtain gets shoved away and Graysons head pops up, eyebrows raised. ‘Could you maybe zip my back?’ you ask. ‘Yeah sure,’ Grayson says and you turn around to let him do the thing. You feel his warm breath in your neck, causing you to get goosebumps. It almost feels like he’s doing it very slowly on purpose. ‘There you go,’ he says and he squeezes your butt. ‘Grayson!’ You turn around. You’re just in time to see his eyes flicker up from your butt to your eyes. He bites his lip. ‘What?’ You laugh and sigh. ‘I can’t believe you just did that. You can’t do that again, you know that, right?’ Grayson looks at you innocently. ‘I really don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N.’ ‘Oh my god…’ you roll your eyes. He smirks and winks at you. ‘You look amazing.’ Then you see Ethans head popping up from behind the curtain. ‘What’s going on in here?’ Grayson and you look at eachother and can’t help but burst out into laughter.

Love - Joe Sugg*

Warnings: Swearing, Smut 


 Requested:Could you do a smut with either Joe or Jack and it’s just really slow and passionate and loving and there’s lots of slow and soft touches and it’s not rushed and it’s cute and kinda fluffy as well? like foreplay and stuff is very cute and taking their time and passionate and they’re just loving on each other a lot. please and thank you, love you a lot 💙

 A/N: Ahhhh I hope you enjoy 💓 



It was a surprise to you, as soon as you walked out your door to greet Joe who was standing there in a full suit for your date tonight you could tell the atmosphere was different, he was acting different
You didn’t know what it was but his movements were slowly than usual and he kissed you every chance he got

 “M’ lady” he spoke when he pulled out the chair for you at the restaurant making you giggle 

 “Your such a gentlemen” 

 “I know” he winked back making you laugh 

 “You look beautiful” he spoke up whilst looking through the menu 

 “I know, you’ve told me at least 5 times already Joe” you replied making him laugh “I’m just stating facts” 

 The conversation went on for a while until your food arrived and you began eating, his eyes flickered between his plate and you as he watched you shoot him a small smile while taking another bite of your food, him doing the same but still watching you carefully
He didn’t mean to act different tonight but he couldn’t help it, his plan was to tell you he loved you for the first time tonight but with the mix of him being nervous and you looking gorgeous made it even harder for him to get his words out 

 “Are you okay?” You finally asked after finishing your food “you seen on edge, nervous” 

 “I’m fine love” he spoke, his voice slightly shaky  

“You sure?” You laugh 

 “Honestly no” he spoke laughing back “there’s something” I’ve been wanting to tell you"
The atmosphere went serious again, you couldn’t tell what exactly he wanted to say obviously the only thing going through your head was that he was going to break up with you 

 “Okay” you spoke hesitantly as he took your hand in his smiling softly as he rubbed his thumb over your soft skin 

 “We’ve been together for almost 8 months now” he spoke laughing to himself “and I, fuck it Y/N I love you” he spoke breathing in, a smile taking over your face as he spoke “shit I’m sorry” he said again, rushing his words out when you didn’t answer 

 “Joe calm down” you laughed at his reaction “I haven’t even said anything yet” He let out a shaky breath he didn’t realize he was holding in as you ran you thumb over his knuckles 

 “I- okay” 

 “I love you to Joe, of course I do” you smiled as a grin took over his face and he brought your hand to his lips to place a soft kiss there 

 “Thank fuck” he breathed out, laughing and shaking his head 

 “Why were you so worried?” You asked smiling at him as he stood up, bringing you up with him after paying for the meal and heading towards the door of the restaurant hand in hand 

 “Part of me expected you to reject me, throw water at me and leave” he laughed as you walked towards his car leaning back against it as he stood in front of you, arms going either side of you trapping you between them 

 “You should’ve known better” you laughed wrapping your arms around his neck as he leaned into you, his head going into the crook of your neck placing light kisses there 

 “Come back to mine, please” he whispered, his hot breath fanning against your neck making you shiver as his hands went to your waist 

 “Okay” you whispered, your head fallen back as he sucked lightly at the skin on your neck, biting lightly as his hands slid up from your hips to your face, cupping your jaw as he placed his lips onto yours and moved them, a slow passionate kiss taking place between the two of you 

 “Come on, we should go” he spoke against your lips, pulling back before anything got too heated
Opening the passenger seat door letting you get in before closing it and going around to get in the drivers side putting his seat belt on and starting up the engine The drive back to Joe’s was silent, his hand sitting on your thigh as tension filled the air
Your only wish for tonight was to show him how much you truly loved him and luckily for you he felt the same 

 You felt a yourself growing wetter throughout the drive as you glanced over to see Joe’s ever growing bulge through his trousers
You melted into the passenger seat when he began massaging your thigh softly with his hand, running it lightly up and down it 

 By the time you got to Joe’s you were aching for him, the growing wetness between your legs worse than before
He brought you to his room and stood in front of you, letting out a deep sigh as he looked you over 

 “you are truly beautiful” he spoke out walking around so he was behind you, his hand going up and pulling the cold zipper down on your dress making a shiver run through you as he let your dress fall to the floor, he moved your hair to one side of your neck as he lowered his head and nuzzled it into your neck, his lips placing chaste kisses up and down before reaching your collarbone and sucking lightly once again 

 “Joe” you let out a shaky breath as he hummed against your neck before turning you around to face him, running his hands down your arms ad stopping on your hips, pulling you closer to him as your arms went around his neck as he hugged you, his head going into your neck once more as yours rested on his chest, rocking you both from side to side as you sighed into him
He pulled away before pecking your lips as he let your hands wonder his shirt, undoing the buttons on the way down before reaching the bottom and sliding your hands up his abs, pushing his shirt off of his broad shoulders and placing light, feathery kisses there
Your hands went down once more, pulling the zip off his jeans down before letting them fall to the floor so he could step out of them 

 You took the time to admire him, the work he had been putting in for his diet and going to the gym had paid of, seeing him achieving a goal he’s been looking at for a while is enough to make your heart burst with love 

 He moved so he could push you against the wall lightly, grabbing your thighs and wrapping them around his waist grinding into your slowly, a breathless whimper slipping from your mouth at the feeling of his clothed cock against your clothed core
He moved and laid you on the bed, hovering over you and placing his lips on yours, one hand running down the bare skin of your waist and the other lifting your upper body up to release the clasp of your bra and throwing it off of the bed before letting your body fall back into the mattress
 He placed kisses down your neck and between the valley of your breasts, his lips pressing open mouthed kisses around your nipple before attaching them to it and running hip tongue around it as one of his hands massage your other breast slowly making you whimper slightly under him, your hands pulling on his hair making him groan out against you before switching over and doing the same on the other, he kissed up and sucked the skin above and around them leaving small but prominent love bits every few minutes 

 He continued on a trail down, kissing down your stomach until he reached the line of your panties continuing to your dripping center before placing one single open mouthed kiss against you before hooking his fingers on the edge of them and slowly dragging them down your legs placing kisses up your thighs as he reached your core blowing on it sending shivers up your spine as his hot breath hit you
One of your hands tangling it’s self in his hair whilst the other laced through his as he licked a bold, slow strip from your entrance to your clit making a loud moan slip from your mouth and your hand to pull at his hair slightly making a low groan vibrating through your body as he attached his mouth around your clit before sucking lightly, two of his fingers entered you suddenly moving slowly in and out of you curling up, lightly pressing against your special spot making his name mixed with a moan leave your mouth at the feeling
His thumb ran over the top of your hand as he placed a chaste kiss on to your core before kneeling up and laying over you to kiss you, his fingers still curling into you again as his lips moved against yours his tongue sliding into your mouth moving against yours as you could taste your self on him 

 For him pleasuring you was more than enough to get himself off, he loved to give especially to you so watching you unravel underneath him made his cock throb at the sight of it
You grabbed his arm and took his fingers out of you, and pushed him off of you and sliding his boxers down his legs, throwing them to the side and straddling his legs and sliding one of your hands down cock, a soft grip taking place there as you lead down and placed a kiss on the tip before lowering your mouth down, your hand sliding up and down the part your couldn’t reach with your mouth 

 He moaned out loudly, a mixture of profanities leaving his lips before you took your lips off of him and got a condom from the bedside table and sliding it on him, a groan leaving his mouth as you did
He flipped you over after that, lacing one of his hands with yours and the other guided his cock down your slit, circling around your cult before he slowly pushed into you, your back arching slightly at the feeling as his other hand laced with your other before lifting them above your head and pulling out of you before thrusting back in 

 The slow movements mixed with the pleasure sent him into a daze as he moved in and out of you attaching his lips onto yours, releasing them when ever you had to let out a moan or a whimper His took his hands from yours and brought them to your legs, lifting them up and wrapping them around his waist, his arms went either side of your head your arms snaking around his neck as he hid his face in the crook of your neck, attaching his lips and sucking at the skin there lightly as you moaned out at the new angle 
Slow, deep thrusts filling you up the whole time your name falling out of his lips as little whimpers into your neck as he began to get close to finishing, his breath hot on your neck making you flustered as you moaned out his name once more
He thrusted into you once more, his deep cock hitting your spot straight away making you moan out and release on to him, your nails scratching down his back at the intensity of the orgasm as he released into the condom a few shallow thrusts later after riding out both of your orgasms and threw the condom away

He put on a pair of clean boxers before throwing you one of his shirts letting you sit up and put it on before lying under the covers, him joining you shortly after Wrapping his arms around you as you cuddled into his side feeling the warmth radiate off of him, nuzzling your head into his neck 

 "I truly do love you" he whispered before kissing your head making you smile into his neck 

“I love you too” your replied before drifting off into a deep sleep, gently running his finger tips up your back and arms as he sat and thought to himself, looking down at you and questioning how he ever got so lucky

The World Ends With You starters

  • “Thank you Captain Obvious. “
  • “I just met you. I don’t like you. And I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think I’m rude!“
  • “Urgh…Seven days with you? Kill me now.”
  • “Alright, now today is gonna totally kick ass!”
  • “Why would you want to be a crayon?“
  • “You’ve got a ramen doctor at your secret ramen base?“
  • “Apparently he didn’t just name us after crayons, he’s been eating them, too.“
  • “I am not a… a spicy tuna roll!“
  • “Well… I like you the way you are.”
  • “Couldn’t you pick something more powerful? Like a knife, or a… a lead pipe or something?”
  • “And this is where this all goes to hell.“
  • “Then I wish I had more zippers…so I could tell you to zip it.“
  • “Because you like… beans. Who gets into coffee because they like BEANS? That’s just… No.“
  • “Who needs friends! They just laugh and talk like idiots, and pretend to agree with you… So you end up caring about them… exposing yourself… getting HURT… Screw it! We’re better off without them! You want people getting in your way? Dragging you down? I don’t. And I never said we were friends. You did!“
  • “Sometimes all people need is a good listener.“
  • “Let me in! Tell me what you’re thinking!“
  • “That’s the first time you used my name…”
  • “AHH! You scared the living crap out of me!“
  • “I’m scared…scared of getting a second chance!“
  • “It’s nothing. I’ve just never seen you act so… nice.
  • “Losing’s not an option!”
  • “Don’t be silly. I’m not going anywhere without you.“
  • “Yes! Jealous! I was jealous! But…it takes only a great friend to make you jealous!“
  • “It’s so dark in here…and creepy…and stinky.“
  • “Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way.“
  • “You don’t lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn’t be right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends. Not all secrets are bad secrets.“
  • “There was nothing special about me at all. I hated myself. I wanted to change, to be somebody else.”
  • “I hated who I was. All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and perfect.”
Single Bed Final Part

HELLO! Guys I’m sorry for my little hiatus, but it’s really nice to be back! Anyway, a LOT of you people asked for more parts to Single Bed so here’s the last part. I hope it lived up to your expectations. Enjoy!

Warnings: mission, injury, fluff, language, teeny weensy bit of angst

Summary: You and Bucky have to share a single bed on a mission and it prompts him to say what’s been on his mind for a while, pushing you to think about what he means to you.

Part 2

Originally posted by coporolight

You jumped when Bucky’s phone rang on the table by the window. Before you could get up to answer it, Bucky was already walking past you and telling you to sit down while he finished adjusting the zipper on his suit. 

You listened to him mumble to whoever was on the line, probably Coulson, as you tried to ignore Bucky eyeing you. His concern for you was evident, but you would rather forget about your little outburst. It was far from the professional partner you had always been and you tried to hide your embarrassment behind your now steady composure.

You almost laughed when you heard Bucky’s quiet sigh and watched his gaze rise to the ceiling. You knew he was getting impatient when he glued his hand to his hip and you could only imagine what Coulson was rambling about on the other line. 

“Yes, sir. Goodbye-” he closed his eyes and took a deep breath when Coulson kept talking. You laughed quietly, knowing well how Bucky hated talking on the phone. He looked over at you and rolled his eyes and shook his head slightly, still listening intently to what Coulson had to say.

You figured the main reason for Coulson’s call was the arrival of the Quinjet that would take you and Bucky back to the tower. You set your bag on the bed and finished gathering your things so you’d be ready to go when Bucky finally got off the phone. You zipped your bag and leaned against the wall, wishing for once that Phil wasn’t such a talker. You were beyond ready to crawl into your own bed and sleep the rest of the day away. 

“Yes, sir,” Bucky said again as he turned to you with rolling eyes. He walked across the room to you, wedging the phone between his ear and his shoulder so both his hands would be free.

“Yes, sir,” he mumbled when he landed in front of you, his focus on your suit. You looked down and watched his rough hands fumble with one of the black straps. He clicked it and tightened it, then rested his hands on your hips. His gaze slowly drifted up your leather and spandex covered figure, stopping when his eyes met yours. You forgot he was on the phone until again he murmured, “Yes, sir,” and turned away from you to toss his phone in his bag. 

“The jet’s on the roof. You ready?”

You swallowed thickly and nodded. “Yeah.” You wondered why Bucky was acting so weird this morning. He spoke to you twice as much as you were used to and normally, he would never touch you unless it was absolutely necessary. Only to push you out of the way of danger or clean a wound. His touches had never lingered before and your mind raced as you threw your bag over your shoulder and clicked your earpiece into place. You walked out the door of the hotel room and started down the hall toward the elevator. 

“This way,” Bucky said from behind you as his fingers found yours and pulled you in the other direction. As if it was a mistake, he quickly pulled his hand away and stuffed it in his pocket. After clearing his throat he said, “The stairs go up to the roof.”


You replayed the scenes from the last few days in your head, trying to figure out what made such a change in your partner. Sure, he told you about his feelings, but he thought you were asleep. Once again, your thoughts were interrupted when you opened the door to the roof to see Maria.

You absently greeted her and barely listened to her instructions and information about the ride and when you’d be landing. The second your eyes landed on the jet your stomach started to churn and your heart began to pound hard enough to shake your entire body.

You tried to ignore your nerves and headed straight for the small cabin. You took your bag off your shoulder, but before you could toss it above your seat, strong hands were already taking it from you. You turned to see Bucky beside you, easily tucking it into place next to his.

“I can do it,” you argued, sliding into the seat by the window.

He didn’t answer, but simply sat next to you and clicked his seat belt into place. “Maria said we’ll land in 3 hours.”

You hummed, tightening your seat belt, and looked straight ahead at the seat back in front of you, lacing your fingers together.

“Why don’t you close your eyes for a while?”


“Go to sleep,” Bucky said. “It’ll make the trip go by faster.”

“I’m fine,” you said, straightening in your seat. 

“(Y/N), you’re overtired and afraid of planes-”

“Then you know I can’t fall asleep on one.”

Bucky’s hand gently landed on your knee and stopped it from bouncing on its own. “Just try. I’ll be right here next to ya until we land.”

You sighed and slid down in your seat, curling up the best you could into the arm of the chair. You felt yourself drifting when you heard Bucky mutter, “A SHIELD agent afraid of planes. Who even hired you?”

“Your best friend did, icy,” you threw back, playfully smacking him before returning to your curled position. You heard him chuckle softly before the jet took off toward the tower. It didn’t take you long to fall asleep.


“(Y/N), wake up. We’re gonna land in a minute,” Bucky said, gently rubbing your shoulder.

“My favorite part,” you said, straightening in your seat. 

“Just put your seat belt on,” Bucky said, smirking at you.

“Never took it off.”

 He chuckled and the rest of the ride went by in silence. You looked anywhere but out the window until you felt the wheels of the plane touch the ground. When the plane slid to a stop, you followed Bucky out of the seat and pulled your bag out of the compartment.

“Coulson wants to see you both for the report when you get inside,” Maria said, poking her head into the cabin.

“Thanks, Maria,” you said. 

“Haven’t killed ya yet, (Y/N),” she teased with an affectionate smile. 

“Yeah, yeah,” you said, shaking your head and listening to Bucky’s low chuckle.

When Maria left, you stretched your arms above your head and yawned, saying, “I actually fell asleep on a plane. Wow.”

“Are you saying I’m right and I cured your fear?” Bucky asked over his shoulder. 

“You’re never right, but if you cured my fear I really owe you one,” you said following him down the hall of the cabin and up to the exit. 

As he was about to walk out onto the steps of the jet, Bucky suddenly turned around and held the door frame, barring you inside and almost making you run into him.

Your brow furrowed, waiting for an explanation. You watched his eyes close and chest fill with a deep breath. “I heard what you said last night, (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened and your blood ran cold as you thought about what that meant. Did you really mean it? Would you have to leave the team? Would Bucky leave the team? Is that what Coulson was talking to him on the phone about this morning? Would you be assigned another partner? Before you could piece anything together, Bucky continued, seeming as terrified as you were.

“And I know you must have heard what I said. And I meant it. But I don’t think either of us were ready for the other to hear it yet.” He lowered his arms and stood a little straighter, adjusting his bag on his arm and clearing his throat. “We could leave it all on the plane. Walk away and pretend it never happened.”

“Is that what you want?”

He sighed and the corners of his lips lifted slightly, his smile just big enough to touch his eyes. “I meant what I said, but I just don’t know if I… can. I mean, Steve is the only person I’ve spoken to about anything other than a mission in 70 years. I just don’t know if this would- I don’t wanna screw this up, I mean, we’re partners here, and-”



You held back a giggle. “Let’s just go do this report and then we’ll order a pizza from that place you and Steve used to go to when you were kids and we’ll talk about anything other than missions. And we’ll figure it out from there?”

“Okay.” Bucky followed you down the stairs and toward the entrance to the tower. “We could just skip the report.”

“No we can’t. We got what we needed, it’ll be quick.”

“Nothing is quick with Coulson,” Bucky groaned as you giggled and walked into the tower. 


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The dress

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 1783

Warning: mild language and innuendo

A/N: An ask I received “would you be able to write a Tom Hiddleston story where he is dating a short lady (I’m 5ft if that helps)”

“Darling, you have to pick one.  The event is tonight, so no more stalling.”  Tom’s voice was light but you knew he was serious.  He was not going to let you duck out of yet another event. So far, you had gotten out of three. If you decided not to go to a fourth, you were afraid he would do.  

“I know I know.  I just hate trying to find something that looks good on me.  I promise I will be back soon.  I have two dresses left to try on.”  You stood in front of the mirror, twisting back and forth trying to decide how the current dress looked.  It was a pale blue floor length dress that flared out at the bottom.  In the mirror, it looked lovely but when you tried to take a step, you stepped on the skirt and stumbled forward.  The sales woman had to catch you by the arm to keep you standing.  “Damn it, not this one!”

“[Y/N]? Are you alright?” You had almost dropped the phone and you crying out alarmed him.

“Yes I’m fine.  I tripped over the stupid skirt.  It’s too long.  They are all too long!”  You were getting frustrated.  Everything that you liked had a long skirt that was too long for you to wear and there was not enough time to get them altered.

“I’m sorry darling I wish I could help you with that.”  The sympathy in his voice helped you calm down.

“No I’m sorry.  I should have done this, weeks ago.  Look, let me change and find something.  I promise I won’t be late.”  

“All right.  I will see back at the house.  I love you.”

“I love you too.”  The call ended as you stood there still clothed in the death trap of a dress.  Your friend Megan was waiting for you to decide what to do next.

“So another dress or another store?”  Her question went along with the raised brow of hers.

“Another dress.  I have to find one that won’t try to kill me.” The sales woman helped you lift the skirt up so you could walk back to the dressing room where two more dresses were ready on the rack.  Both were long like the current one you had one.  The event was a black tie fundraiser for the homeless of Los Angeles. A short skirt really was not appropriate for it.  So you had been looking at long dresses the entire day.  The problem was your 5’0 frame and the length of the dresses. There had been a few that were fine length-wise but you hated when you put them on.  Those you did like had you tripped over them.  

With a sigh, you tried on the next dress.  It was a pretty pink that hit mid-calf with a skirt that twirled.  Looking in the mirror caused a groan to escape.  The skirt was perfect but the top did not sit right on you.  It looked plan and awkward.  Not at all, what you were going for.  This would be the first event you and Tom would go to together in the six months that you had been a couple.  You wanted to look beautiful for him.  After all the dresses you tried on, there sat the last one hanging there.  It was red and gauzy.  Red was a color you usually shied away from but at this point you were desperate.

Taking it off the hook you turned around not wanting to watch yourself slip it on.  At the rate, you were going this would not be the dress either.  Nevertheless, you had to try.  It felt comfortable enough as you pulled the zipper up the side.  Running your hands down the bodice, it was soft and hugged your body but not enough to where you were struggling for breath.  “[Y/N], you okay in there?  Do you need help?”

Megan called out from a few feet away from the door.  She would at least give you an honest opinion; you unlatched the door without looking at yourself.  A bright smile appeared as soon as she caught sight of you.  Walking up to the door, she looked you up and down.  “You look great!  I don’t think I have ever seen you in red before.  It’s perfect.  What do you think?”

“I haven’t looked yet. I’m so scared it wouldn’t look right.”

“Wait!  Don’t look yet.  I will be right back.”  Megan took off as if her ass was on fire.  It was so tempting to turn around and look but you refrained.  After a few minutes, she returned with a pair of strappy heels. The sparkled in the florescent lights. “Put these on first.  I think I got your size right.”

She helped you slip into both shoes, strapping them on comfortably.  “Perfect.  Now turn around and look.”  Turning slowly, looking at the ground, you faced toward the mirror.  When you looked up you could not believe your eyes. Megan was right, it was perfect. It was a beautiful sleeveless piece that had one strap over your right shoulder with a sweetheart neckline and ruching over the bodice.  It had a flowy skirt that, thanks to the heels, stopped just above the ground.  

“I love it… I can’t believe it.  I absolutely love it!”  You turned around to throw your arms around your friend.  “Thank you for grabbing the shoes.  They are great.  And thank you for dealing with me today.  I know it can be difficult.”

“Anytime my dear.  You know I love shopping with you.”  With the shoes and the dress paid for you headed back to Tom’s house.  There was just around three hours before you had to leave.  So there was plenty of time for you to get all dolled up for your handsome boyfriend.

“Welcome back, love.” Tom leaned down from his 6’2 height to kiss you lightly, eyeing the bags in your hands.  “Please relieve my anxiety and tell me you found something you liked.”

Stealing another kiss, up on your toes, you laughed.  “Yes baby, I found a dress and a pair of shoes.  And don’t ask whose card I put it on either.  You know the answer to that.”

“[Y/N] why won’t you let me buy you a bloody dress?  You should let me buy you something every now and then.  I like to give you gifts.”  The sigh of frustration from him was kind of cute.

“Because I make my own money too.  I may not may movie star money but I can buy myself a dress now and then.”  You slipped out of your shoes and headed upstairs to prepare for the evening.  The excitement was growing and you could not wait for him to see you.

After a shower to totally scrub every inch of your skin to a lustrous glean, you put your hair into curlers before painting your nails.  Tom was attempting to give you the room to get ready but he would come in occasionally to kiss your head or to stare at you from the doorway.  When it was finally time for both of you to dress, he said he would change in the spare bedroom so you could give him the full effect. The man knew you too well. Knowing it would not take him long, you slipped into the dress, zipping up.  The shoes followed quickly.  

With one last glance in the mirror, you found you were ready.  It had been a while since you had been able to dress up like this.  You felt beautiful and now you wanted Tom to see you.  “My God, you look divine.”

Beaming you turned around to get a look at him as well.  “Thank you, Tom.  You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen, as always.”  He moved close kissing you deeply, lifting you nearly off your feet.

“Now I truly wish we could have a night in.  However, I cannot wait to show you off to the world.  Show everyone the woman that I adore more than anything.”  He leaned his forehead against yours, running his thumb over your cheek.  This made your heart beat hammer against your ribs.

“I love you so much.” Your words were breathy as you tried to calm your erratic heart.

“I love you too my darling. Come on the car is here.”

The fundraiser was total chaos.  There were people everywhere, cameras and lights flashing non-stop.  You did not believe there was ever another night you had smiled so much.  Tom never let your hand or arm go the entire evening.  Every photograph of him had you in it.  When you first arrived, your nerves had been a mess.  Your fear of how you two looked together had started to show through.  Even with the heels, you were still a foot shorter than Tom.  But, he did not give a damn.  You were the woman he loved and that was it.  To be honest he liked the height difference.  It gave you more of a reason to let him pick you up and swing you around when you were being silly.

Losing count of the number of hands you had shook, was one of the many things that had kept you head spinning.  “How do you remember everyone’s names?  There are so many of them.”  You had whispered in his ear as you sat on his lap at your table.

“I’ve met many of them several times, plus I just fake it on others.  Call them ‘friend or just not say their names.”  Laughing quietly you watched people bustle about the room.  It had been a lovely evening and you were glad you had finally had the chance to attend.  Tom was also grateful though after the third hour he was getting antsy to return home.  Something about the red dress giving him some rather rude ideas.  As much as those ideas made you want to leave as well, you knew he had to mingle for a little while longer.

By the time you arrived home, some two hours later, you were both exhausted but the gradual creeping of his hand up your thigh in the car told you he was not too exhausted. Playing coy, you had him unzip the side of the dress for you as you slipped out of it in the front room of the house.  One good thing about being short was that you were fast.  You zipped as fast as you could upstairs and into the bedroom while Tom tried to follow behind.  Neither of you ever noticed the height difference when you were enjoying your time in bed.

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TRY ME (Part 3)


Notes: This one is pretty smutty guys, be warned! slight swearing, multiple smut scenes.

TAGS(If I miss anyone Im so sorry, still trying to figure out how i can just get them all in one place!): @banieldryan @buckysteetime @dipdies @trashybuchananbarnes @cozetty @piercethemelendez @skyfullofharrystyles @wsternhaikus @dontstopwiththelyin @han35 @canikeepit-imkeepingit @doctoooorwhoooo

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3. “It’s about damn time!”

A/N: HEYOOOO. Numbers 1. “Oh my god, you’re in love with her” and 2. “You’re too good for this world” are here. I’m going off of zis list here. Finals suck, but here I am not studying for them. That being said, this one is a tad shorter than my usual. Enjoy xx

You’d think, after four years of being together after being together for two in college, that Beca and Chloe would’ve tied the knot by now. Nope. They haven’t. The idiots weren’t even engaged yet. 

Everyone had always assumed Beca would’ve been the one to pop the question first, and Beca assumed Chloe was the one who was gonna pop the question first. So really, the last six years have just been a mess of confusion. But, regardless, they had each other and that’s all they really cared about.

Aubrey and Jesse’s wedding had rolled around and it gave everyone an excuse to get back together for a weekend. There would be an unhealthy amount of booze, what Beca had hoped a jacuzzi tub in their hotel room, and copious amounts of talking shit about how high strung Aubrey was until she started banging Jesse. Ahh family bonding.

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Imagine traveling to New York without Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 3B Is here, and I know it hasn’t been a day but Part A was short and this one is a quick continuation before we move on to the exciting parts in Part 4A. 😋 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, ‘She Said Yes’, and ‘Miss Graduate’ - Masterlist; ‘Something Blue’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A)

Ava and Sebastian sat outside your dressing room, drinking bubbly and eating cake while you tried on your first dress. It was a Vera Wang ball gown; a brand you’d thought you’d never see let alone try on. The salesperson had recommended it, along with a few others that she’d say she’d bring to you as soon as you were ready for them. The service was great, which was a perk considering it was a fancy boutique and you were Chris Evans’ fiancé. Even the bubbly and cake were complimentary, which your shopping partners were incredibly happy about. You were pregnant and unable to drink, and cake wasn’t something you felt like eating so Ava and Sebastian kindly offered to take your share off your hands. They were having a grand old time outside while you struggled behind the door to get inside the cupcake they called a dress. It was stunning, yes, but it was not particularly easy to put on which was why-

“Fuck!” Ava and Sebastian jumped up when they heard you cuss along with a loud thud. You’d stepped on the overflowing material, fell forward, and whacked your forehead against the mirror. The two of them lowered their champagne flutes and cake plates, and rushed to the door. “Owww.” You rubbed your forehead, wincing. “Stupid dress,” you muttered bitterly, slapping the puffy material that looked innocent resting around your legs when it was an extreme tripping hazard. You could imagine yourself wearing that on your wedding day, at least not if you wanted to get down the aisle in one piece.

“Are you okay?” Ava knocked on the door, sharing a worried look with Sebastian. They both knew their consequences if you came home with an injury of any sort, they’d gotten a text from Chris upon your arrival: “keep my bride safe, return her to me without so much as a scratch.” It was mostly humorous, but there was some sense of seriousness; you were carrying a child now. “Babe, do you need some help?”

“I needed help five minutes ago,” you grumbled as the door swung open. Ava pressed her lips together, whereas Sebastian tried not to laugh. “This is a real tripping hazard.” You picked up as much of the puffy material as you could, taking careful steps so you couldn’t trip and fall face first. “Can you finish zipping me up?” You asked Ava and she nodded, doing as you’d asked. “I could only reach so far.”

“There you go.” She zipped and tucked the zipper behind the little slit. “Wow,” she breathed, admiring your reflection as you did the same. Sebastian moved behind her, hugging her from behind and resting his chin on her shoulder. He smiled because not only did you look beautiful, he was imagining a time when it would be his fiancé’s turn. “That is so pretty, you look so good.”

“It is very pretty,” you nodded in agreement then sighed.

“What is it?” Ava asked, pulling away from Sebastian to join your side. “You look great in it,” she complimented, adjusting the skirt surrounding your lower half. “And if you’re worried about the baby bump, it’s not like the wedding is far away. You won’t have a baby bump by then, I mean- look at you, your genes will hide the fact that you’re pregnant until five months. That’s what happened for your mom, I have no doubt it’ll happen for you too.”

“I’m not worried about the baby bump, I’m worried about falling face first in this thing.” You turned and said, then laughed when they did. “I already fell trying to put it on, can you imagine adding heels to the picture? No thanks,” you shook your head then turned back to your reflection in the mirror. “As pretty as this is, it’s not me.”

“That’s okay,” Ava helped you with the zip and the dress as she walked you back to the dressing room. “This is only the first one, there are a gazillion more waiting to be tried on. Just take that off and I’ll go grab you another. Do you want to try another Vera Wang, or do you want to move down your list of designers?”

“Honestly,” you chuckled. “I don’t care who the designer is as long as the dress suits me.” Ava smiled and nodded, taking Sebastian’s hand. You closed the door behind you as they went in search of another dress for you. It was surprisingly easier to get out of the dress than it was to get in. You slipped on the complimentary silk robe and walked out to sit on the lounge, grabbing your phone off the table to text Chris.

Tried one, didn’t suit. Ava and Seb are getting me a new one.

Your phone chimed not seconds after you sent your message and you felt your heart ache slightly knowing Chris was just waiting by the phone to talk to you. You wished he could’ve been here too, but you didn’t want to break traditions and ruin the biggest surprise for a groom on their wedding day. You read his response: “Wow, you’re trusting Sebastian Stan to pick your wedding dress?” And you felt slightly better, knowing he could still joke.

Sebastian has great taste, he is marrying my best friend after all.

And I’m marrying you, but I still have a stylist. So what’s your point?

You giggled and typed a response as you wandered away from the couch, absentmindedly browsing the dresses in your vicinity. You believed the rack you were browsing was a rack of Elie Saab, a designer you’d loved for a while now. You always saw his dresses as works of art, so delicate and intricate in its designs. Just as you were about to hit send, you glanced away from your phone to look at the dress you were feeling the material of. You felt your breath hitch in your throat and you quickly lowered your phone onto the carpet floor to pull the dress from the rack. There was no way; you’d found the exact dress you looked at while describing the wedding dress for your mini-series. How this dress was still available after so many seasons had passed was beyond you, but you needed to try it on. God, you hoped it was in your size.

You were so excited, you left your phone on the floor and quickly rushed into the dressing room to try it on. You held you breath the entire time, from the second you slipped into the gown to the moment you had to zip yourself into it. You finally breathed when you realized it was a perfect, like- an absolutely perfect, fits-like-a-glove, it-was-made-for-you fit.

“Why did you put your phone on the ground, Y/N?” You heard Ava ask. “Here, put it in her bag.” She passed it to Sebastian who was hanging the dresses he’d gotten with Ava on the empty rack they provided for you to hang all your try-ons. “Babe, there this one that I think- Oh my God,” Ava gasped when she saw you exit the dressing room. “Is that…”

“The dress I’ve been in-love with since I was sixteen, yes,” you nodded eagerly. “I found it over there and it’s a perfect fit, Ava.” You walked over to the mirror with absolute ease unlike the first one and almost whimpered at the sight of yourself. “Isn’t it amazing?” You looked at her through the mirror; her lips were still parted in awe. “Tell me it’s not meant to be.”

“I can’t,” she shook her head, walking over to you. “This dress is clearly made for you, like- oh my God, I can’t see you in anything else on the twenty-eighth of September. I really, really can’t.” You turned around, squealing. “Chris is going to lose his mind when he sees you walk down the aisle.”

“Oh, definitely.” Sebastian nodded in agreement. “I think we can call it a day ‘cause Ava’s right, there is nothing in here that will suit you better than that dress you have on now.” You smiled, mouthing a 'thank you’. “Can you do me a favor though?” He held up your phone, trying not to laugh and you knew he’d read Chris’ text. “Tell him I found that dress?”

“Sure thing,” you laughed.

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Part 4A

The Proposition

Prompt: If you do Rafael Casal imagines can you do one where daveed matchmakes you please?

Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader

Summary: Daveed wants to set you up on a blind date.

Word count: 2092

Warnings: None, just fluffy cotton candy.

A/N: Oh god, I loved writing this!!! I wish I could find someone as sweet as the people I write… Writing this made me blush like really hard… I wish I could tag whoever requested this but it was Anon!!! Whoever you are I hope you liked it!

@serkewen12 reeeeead it!!

You flopped into your soft velvet couch. “Uhg I dunnooo.” you groaned hiding your face in the throw pillow, you felt a foot poke into your kidneys causing you to flinch and giggle simultaneously. “You haven’t even heard what I’m going to say, I literally walked in here and told you I had a proposition for you” You rolled over to face Daveed, your roommate sitting across from you, “Propositions are haaaaard.” you whined. Daveed glared at you.

“Are you serious, you won’t even hear what I have to say.” You snorted as you pulled out your phone. “Tell you what, you tell me what you got and I’ll check my schedule.” Daveed leaned his arms on his knees and stared at you. “I have this friend, Rafael, I think you two would be perfect together. I wanna set you up on a blind date.” You hissed in a sharp breath. “Oh, sorry can’t make it.” You lied staring at your blank phone calendar. “I haven’t even told you a date.” he said deadpanned.  You froze as he spoke. “Y/N, you can’t just freeze up.” you stayed still, your eyes unblinking, unwise choice as Daveed bent forward and swiped your phone from your hands. “Dude, what the fuck.” you said moving from your spot, Daveed’s fingers flipped through your phone. “There’s literally nothing on here.” You shrugged and leaned back onto the couch. “How are blind dates even still a thing?”

Daveed snorted still playing with your phone. “How would you know anything is still a thing, you don’t leave this apartment.” You opened your mouth in defense but ended up scoffing. “I-… I  do things. Just yesterday I got a bagel.” Daveed threw your phone back at you almost smacking you right in the face. “You get a bagel everyday.” You unlocked your phone to see what he messed with. “Yeah, but I went to a different shop!” Just as you finished your sentence you opened up your contacts. “Who is Rafa?” You questioned raising an eyebrow, Daveed broke out into a huge grin. “Oh no, no no no.” You moved to delete the mystery mans number, Daveed suddenly hopped to his feet. “So help you god Y/N, you delete that number I’m moving out! Then how will you afford your precious bagels.” You glared at him clenching your jaw. “Fine.” you muttered Daveed smiled as he began backing away.

“I already texted him anyway.” Just then your phone buzzed in your hand. Daveed quickly bolted from the living room and into his bedroom. “Daveed Diggs! I swear to Christ I will murder you!”  


You looked back at your phone and got into your messages. You read the message Daveed so expertly sent.

Y/N: Hey bro, its Daveed.

Rafa: Hey Diggs, you get a new number?

You sighed at the frustrating situation, you had to let him know it wasn’t Daveed, you didn’t want him texting you some random shit meant for Daveed.

Y/N: Hey, this is actually Y/N, Daveeds roommate, hes just being an ass  

Your leg automatically began to bounce out of nervous habit waiting for his reply, your phone buzzed on your lap.

Rafa: Haha, classic. Well Hi, I’m Rafael.

Um, he wanted to actually have a conversation with you?

Y/N: Yeah, I know… you actually wanna keep talking to a stranger?

You glared back at Daveeds door, hoping he could feel your wrath.

Rafa: If you’re a friend of Daveed you’re cool in my book.

You bit at the inside of your cheek, debating on just ignoring him and risk Daveeds threat, or making a new friend. You groaned once more.

Y/N: Where’d you get that line, Cheesy Things to Say: Vol. 1?

Rafa: No.

You sighed at his lack of humor, how was he supposed to be ‘perfect’ for you exactly? Your phone buzzed once more

Rafa: It was Vol. 2

You giggled lightly as you continued to texting the evening away.

Around 6pm Daveed peaked out from his door, you were still sat on the couch bent over your phone.

He strutted out from his room. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” You jumped at the sound of his loud voice. “Jesus, warn a person.” You  placed your hand on your heart. “Getting along with Rafa are we?” You shrugged unwilling to give him any satisfaction. “He’s nice.” Daveed chuckled. “Just nice, sure. Hey, check your calendar for me?” You squinted your eyes and tilted your head confused.

As you opened the calender you saw an event placed in your weekend., scrolling down to around 7pm in bright blue border it read. ‘Date Night With Rafael’ Your shoulders dropped as you tossed your phone on the coffee table. “Daveed, you cannot just control my love life!” You shouted standing from the couch. “I can when its a blind date.” He taunted dashing into the kitchen.

The rest of the week blew by, Saturday was there and the time ticked by quickly, soon you were finishing your makeup in your floor length mirror and zipping up your dress, struggling as your short arms couldn’t reach. “Daveed!” you called out, almost immediately he was at your door. “What, what is it!?” you pouted and pointed to your back. “You gave me heart attack.” He mumbled as he pulled at the zipper, once done up you smoothed down any wrinkles and checked yourself out in the mirror. Your dress was tight and a deep red color with lace over top, with black heels. Daveed wolf whistled from behind you. “Damn girl.” You blushed and pushed him out of your room.

You heart was banging in your chest like a drum.

You pulled up to the restaurant, as you removed the keys from the ignition you sat silently, praying that you wouldn’t make fool of yourself. You heels clicked as you entered, the interior was dim with only candle lighting the atmosphere. You gave your name to the host and he began to lead you to the two person table.

You had arrived first. Or just got stood up.

You ordered a glass of wine as you sat.

A few minutes passed, your wine arrived and as you took your first sip, in he walked. He talked to the host briefly before his eyes found your, he smiled and your heart skipped a beat.

His blond hair was slicked back, his stubble was visible even in the dim light, his crisp white dress shirt with the sleeve rolled up halfway was tucked neatly into his dark jeans. Your breath caught in your throat unfortunately causing you to choke on the sip of wine. You attempted to clear your throat and calm down before he came any closer to you. He licked at his lips as he neared you. “Y/N?” You bit your lip lightly and nodded. “Yes, yes. Hi” you laughed lightly getting up to shake his hand, but he went to hug you, the awkward moment finished when he wrapped his arms around you, his cologne was light and musky. You would’ve melted right then and there if you weren’t in public.

He released you and you both took your seats, the candle light glimmered over his face, as he smiled at you. “Its so great to finally meet you.” you giggled feeling your cheeks heat up. “Yeah, this is great.”

He ordered a bottle of wine, the same as the glass you already had, and you both ordered your food.

The two of you were in your own world as you talked about each other, although you knew some bits about him already you both agreed to save some things for the big night.

His voice was deep and low and you were so entranced by it, you could have listened to it all night.

You fingers brushed one another as you fell further into your deep conversations.

After dinner was over, you were dreading the goodbye about to come but instead he took hold of your hand. “Want to go dancing?” he asked leading you outside. “I’d love to.” you admitted as you blushed deeply. “What about my car?” You asked suddenly remembering your drove separately. “I promise I’ll bring you back.” he said unlocking his car and opening the door for you, you slid in and attempted to calm your heart.

You drove in relative silence, it was comfortable though, you felt like you could relax. His car soon came to a stop as you had arrived at the jazz club.

After opening your door once more and linking arms with you ushering you inside, his hand was almost immediately out for you to take hold of.

A few fast swing dances played,  Rafa spun you around and taught you to do the octopus, you laughed as he spun you outwards and back into his chest and lowering you backwards to the floor, your eyes glued to his. The song then merged into a slow song. He slowly pulled you up and took hold of one hand and rested the other on your waist.

You felt your heart leap into your throat as ‘You Don’t Know Me’ began to play.

He held you close to his chest, you leaned on it as the both of you swayed back and forth slowly, you could hear his heart beating in his chest, it was low pounds and almost hypnotizing. Soon you could hear Rafael humming along to the song, then singing quietly, like it was only for you. You closed your eyes and listened to his voice, it was deep and soothing.

Ooo, you’ll never know, the one who loved you so, oh you don’t know me.’ the song turned from lyrics to a soft jazz guitar riff. “This is kinda a horrible song to be slow dancing to.” you joke your eyes still closed and your head still resting on his chest. He chuckled shaking his chest. “You’re right, but then again it is perfect to dance too, its slow, and low, and got you this close to me.” You felt your face burn up as you hid it away in his chest. “Ah, don’t hide, you’ve got too beautiful of eyes to do that to me.” You bit your lip and smiled up at him.

After that slow dance you both began to leave without a word to each other, but you both knew that it would be the perfect song to end the night with.

The drive back to your car was silent once more, but his hand slid over yours and took hold of it this time, you smiled and watched him drive through the quiet night.

The night was coming to an end as he pulled up next to your lonely car in the now closed restaurants parking lot. You turned to Rafael, your eyes almost sad as you looked at him. “I guess this is goodnight.” You mumbled, Rafa tilted his head to the side. “What? I need to walk to you to your door.” he said winking at you. You laughed lightly as he exited the car and rushed to your side and once again held the door open for you.

His hand intertwined with yours as you took the two steps to your car. “Well, I guess this is goodnight.” he said mimicking your words, you laughed and pushed at his chest lightly. “I’d love to see you again Y/N” he said seriously his eyes unable to look away from your lips, you nodded, a loss for words as he moved closer to you. Your back leaned against your car as he leaned into you, his lips grazing yours for a brief second before they pressed against yours, it was tender and sweet, the scent of him fill your head as his hand rested on your cheek. He unwillingly pulled himself back form the kiss, he smiled gently, giving you goosebumps. “Goodnight Rafael” you whispered out. “Goodnight Y/N” he said pushing your hair from your face and kissing you softly once more.

As you drove home you wished you could turn back and kiss him again, or call him just to hear his voice, or even text him.

As you entered you apartment you fell against the door and sighed like a love sick puppy.

You didn’t notice Daveed in the kitchen eating Chinese food. “That good of night, eh?” He asked causing you to jump, you flipped him off. “You’re lucky you’re a good matchmaker Daveed Diggs.”


[Soulmate AU: Whatever mark you get on your skin, your soulmate gets it too.]

Word count: 1.826

Originally posted by fawnave

You were sitting in class, when suddenly, a smiley written in blue sharpie appeared on your skin. “Y/n, are you drawing on yourself?” Your seatmate, Jinwoo, asked. “No? Where did you get that idea?” You replied, having no idea what he was even talking about.

Grabbing your wrist, he held up your right arm so you could see too. “Oh. That’s… weird.” Was all you said, resulting in a face palm next to you. “Y/n, don’t you get what this means? Everything that your soulmate writes on his skin, will appear on yours too! That means your soulmate is also having this on their skin!” He excitedly told you.

“Y/n! Don’t talk when I am teaching you something!” Your biology teacher yelled through the classroom. “Yes, sir…” You said, pissed because you technically did nothing wrong.

“This always happens. Can’t you shut up during classes once?” You asked Jinwoo when the lesson had ended. “Sorry, but I just had to say it.” He grinned, seeming content with himself. You rolled your eyes at the sight of it.

“But anyways what were you saying again?” You questioned, interested in what he was talking about. It was something about soulmates, after all. “Well, if your soulmate gets injured of writes on his skin or does anything that leaves a mark basically, it shows on your skin, too. Simple as that.” He shrugged.

Interesting. That meant your soulmate was currently drawing happy faces on his arm? Reaching in your backpack, you grabbed a black sharpie and drew a sad face just beneath his happy one. “What are you doing?” Jinwoo asked, confused by your behaviour.

“Well, if what you just told me is correct, he will be able to see this one too, right? Let’s see if he can!” You sang and started walking home.

“Hey, Y/n! Wait for me!” Jinwoo yelled while running behind you.

That night, just before going to sleep, you felt something itching on your arm. Looking down, you saw there was being written beneath your sad face.

“Not feeling well?”

Well, you did write it while being in your least favourite class, so you were anything but happy.

“Just bored. What about you? Why that happy face?”

You wrote back. It took some time, but a while later you finally got a reply back.

“I won something… important to me. But that aside, do you know why this keeps showing up on my skin?”

“Well one of my friends recently told me if we were connected like this, we are soulmates.”

Again, there was this kind of… awkward silence almost hanging between you two. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you both didn’t know who you were talking to, you figured.

You looked down again, and you still hadn’t gotten any reply. “Well, let’s just go to sleep then.” You concluded, and started getting ready for the night.

You stepped in the shower, and started washing off all the marks that were spread across both of your arms from the previous conversation. Your writings washed off almost immediately, but his… no matter with how much pressure you rubbed over it, they just wouldn’t leave.

Turning the shower off, you quickly grabbed anything that could write and was within reach in the bathroom. You ended up getting eye liner. “This will do for now.” You shrugged, and started writing angrily.

“Hey! Use a non-permanent sharpie next time! Thanks in advance.”

After that, you slipped on your pyjama and went to sleep, not willing to think more about it.

It was now a week later, and you were always looking forward to class now. “Y/n, you seem happy to be visiting biology. It’s creepy, stop it.” Jinwoo said, a bit scared by your 360 turn in behaviour. You just chuckled, looking forward to the conversation.

The past days, you had been occupied by talking to your soulmate. You both agreed that if you were indeed soulmates, it couldn’t hurt to get to know each other better, so that was what you were going to do.

Five minutes in the lesson, and you were already bored as hell. Could this teacher make it any more sleep-inducing? Yawning, you wished for the hour to be over. Suddenly, you got this feeling of a funny itch on your arm again.

Grcs @ 4p”

Weirded out by the letters on your hand, you tried to make sense of it, but to no avail. “What’s that?” Jinwoo whispered. Or at least, tried to whisper, because your teacher shot you an angry glance again.

“No idea, it must be something my soulmate didn’t want to forget or something.” You shrugged. To be honest, you were really curious what it could possibly mean. So, the only option was to ask him.

What’s this?” You wrote, with an arrow pointing to the weird text. It wasn’t long before you got a reply back.

“I need to remember going to do some shopping this afternoon, otherwise my band members will totally kill me”

“Band mates? You’re in a band?”

“Yeah, but we’re not that big of a deal, really…” He answered. It was almost like he was shy talking about this subject. So, you decided to talk more about it.

My best friend is in a band! Maybe he knows you :)”

“Well, you don’t know which band I’m in, have fun explaining :)”

Great. After that, the conversation died a bit, resulting in just doodles you both received and altered. In your last lesson of that day, you looked down and saw a drawing of a minion on the inside of your left palm.

Chuckling quietly so the teacher wouldn’t hear, you gave him weird classes and a moustache.


“Wow all caps… you just don’t appreciate my beautiful art”

“Whatever, I’ll just draw more!”

Sure enough, before class was over that day, your whole arm was covered in drawings of minions. “Y/n did you really think math is that boring?” Jinwoo teased you. “Hey, I didn’t draw these! How would I even reach my elbow!” You yelled at him, covering them all up in a long sleeved jacket.

“That aside, do you want to join me and the boys for dance practice? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” The boy asked, setting up his puppy eyes. “You don’t have to beg silly, you know I can’t say no to that!”

So, there you were, in front of the Fantagio building. Out of nowhere, your right hand started hurting like crazy. “Shit! Jinwoo, I think I have to sit down for a bit, this really hurts.” You told him while you were dropping to the ground. “Y/n, what’s wrong?” He asked all worried. All you could do was point to your hand while trying not to scream your lungs our from the pain.

“I see… your soulmate must have touched something sharp. It’s a wound, but it isn’t that deep. Should I bandage it?” He asked, finally acting like a best friend to you. “I think I can handle it. I’ll walk there myself.” You answered, not wanting to rely on him for everything.

I’m sorry. It must hurt, I’m so sorry.” Appeared just after you went inside the building.

“It’s fine, really. Try to stay uninjured from now on! Are you alright?”

“Yea, don’t worry about me!”

Relieved, you put your sharpie back in your pocket. Yes, you always carried a non-permanent marker to write on your skin at all times. Dropping the subject, you went to look for some bandages. “Where do they store those things?” You muttered, starting a hunt for them.

Having bandaged your hand, you walked over to the practice room. Knocking three times, you opened the door. “Look who we have here!” MJ let out, happy to see you again after what must have been at least a year. Sanha came running from the other side of the room and engulfed you in a big bear hug. “Hey, looks like you will outgrow me if you keep growing like this!” He said, looking at you from head to toe. “Hey, If I’m older than you, I can be bigger too!” You said while ruffling his hair.

Greeting the rest of the band, you shook hands with Moonbin, fist bumped Rocky and arrived in front of Eunwoo. You two never interacted that much, so you went for just a normal handshake. Upon grabbing his hand, you noticed that he had pain. Looking down, you saw a wound on his hand.

The same wound you had before patching it up.

“Eunwoo, maybe you should bandage this, it looks like it might hurt!” You said to him. “Yeah, I’ll do that.” He answered, leaving the room.

You felt someone walking towards you, so you turned around, only to be met with a smirking Jinwoo. “Say, Y/n… didn’t you say your right hand also hurt just now?” He asked you, knowing he was right about this. All the other members looked at you, too shocked to say anything.

Right before you could answer, Eunwoo came walking back into the room again, this time without his jacket that had previously shielded his arms. Sure enough, on both of them, drawings of minions were visible. “What is this weird atmosphere hanging here? What happened when I was gone?” He asked, looking around from face to face, waiting until someone would explain him.

Faster than telling him, you figured showing him would be easier. You grabbed the zipper of the jacket and zipped it down, letting the jacket slip off of your shoulders. The confused boy was first looking at you with the most confusion you had ever seen. Why would you be taking off your jacket in this kind of situation?

Upon seeing his drawings on your arm, his mouth fell open. “Are you serious right now.” He uttered, walking over to you, examining the drawings on your and his arm. Meanwhile, the other boys where on the other side of the room, watching how all of these events were unfolding themselves.

“Let me… just do this real quick.” You said to him, grabbing your sharpie out of your back pocket. “You carry that around?” Eunwoo chuckled, still not believing the things that were happening right in front of his eyes. You nodded, and brought the sharpie closer to your skin.

Deciding on what to draw, you drew a little heart quickly on Eunwoo’s nose. After seeing his expression change, you were sure it was visible in your nose now too. “Believe it now, minion boy?” You teased him.

“Hey, I told you not to make fun of him!” He scolded you, offended. You just laughed and gave him a hug, which seemed to startle him a bit. After a few seconds, he eased into the hug and gripped you tightly, not wanting to let you go.

“I’m glad I found you, soulmate.”