i wish i had it in hd


I wish I had taken a picture when this had happened so I could prove it but

When my friend and I were playing our recent(ish) playthrough of Twilight Princess HD, right after we had the chat with Impa and she was outside, we wanted to transform and talk to the cats/visit the howling stone but Midna kept telling us no and that we’d scare someone (ie: Impa).

HOWEVER somehow we found a little space near the fence by the Howling Stone where Midna was like “eh okay fine” so we transformed. Curious, we went to talk to Impa and she didn’t act like anything had changed.

Either we glitched the game or Impa knows more than she lets on [X-FILES THEME]

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I love Lana but I miss her old music videos so badly. The National Anthem/Ride videos and others had such great production values and stories. Love was nice but it just didn't seem as sleek and well produced

I really do love Love (ha) but gosh I wish she’d doing a big production/ crisp / HD video like Ride again. I really wish Anthony Mandler and her would connect again. They really were the best team. I REALLY hope she does an epic video like Ride or Tropico again.. I sort of don’t count Freak in my mind. It’s so gorgeous but it’s slo-mo and I personally can’t 100% get over the fact that it was meant for Ultraviolence and would have been 98429348x better with Ultra and not slo-mo and not cutting all the singing footage. 

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I loved the trailer, but I had to watch it a couple times to really grasp what was going on. Like I missed Kylo's smashed helmet the first time around. :) I really wish we got to see more Kylo though!

Yea actually I was a little surprised at the lack of Finn and Kylo tbh. Although we did get awesome bts of both characters!! I feel like both characters will be in TLJ more than TFA. Which speaking of the bts photos there was also a photo of Kylo where he had more yellow sith like eyes and I think that is for sure gonna be an interesting path for his character. I wish the photo was released in HD though :/ I only saw it in true HD and super clear and huge at the panel

12 Hours Part Two

Characters : Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary : *Based off Nerve* What happens when a good girl decides to step out of her comfort zone for one night and play a game? A game like truth or dare, but without truth. Where watchers pay to watch and players play to win. Will she win? Or will she lose, everything…

Warning : Cursing?

A/N : I am happy a lot of you are enjoying this! Thank you so much! 

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After a few moments of putting in your number and creating an account, you quickly read over the rules. 

“Must have everything recorded LIVE on to the network.” 

That part kept you on edge for a second. having people watch what you were doing, Live, kind of creeped you out. But you then remembered Nina’s statement. 

Taking a deep breath, you hit accept, and immediately after, received a text message from an unknown number. 

‘Welcome to Nerve. Head to the nearest bar. - $100.’ 

You furrowed your brows as you read over the words. “Seems easy enough.” You mumbled to yourself. 

Your phone was now live, and you flashed a soft smirk to the camera. There was a number at the corner of the screen. Which was the number of people who were watching you. At this moment, it was only 5,000 people. 

Luckily the Bar wasn’t so far from the dormitory. You were able to get there in no time. As soon as you stepped into the place, a familiar voice called your name from afar. 

“Y/N!” It was Scott Lang, the guy the became one of your closest friends on campus. “What’re you doing here?” He asked. 

Nervously, you lightly chuckled as your shrugged your shoulders. “N-Nothing, just–” You contemplated on telling him about the game, but as the sound of your phone going off, alerting you with another text, you glanced down as well as he. 

“Kiss a stranger for five seconds?!” You exclaimed. 

Scott didn’t take long to realize what you were doing. “Hey! You’re playing?” He muttered. “Dude, that’s so awesome! I wish I hd the guts too.” 

You let out a sigh and shook your head. “No! There’s no way in hell I am kissing a stranger!” You yelled. 

“Come on Y/N, its $100!” He stated. “And besides, its only five seconds.” 

He was right. The kiss wouldn’t be long. So it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? Letting out a long breath, you nodded. “Okay, help me find someone.” You whispered. 

You both scoped around the room, trying to find a decent guy to kiss that didn’t seem too gross or too drunk. You still had high standards. And suddenly, Scott nudged your side and pointed straight ahead. 

“What about that guy?” 

Averting your gaze over to the stranger, you felt your stomach slightly flutter. He was cute, and different from all the annoying frat guys there. He had long black hair, with alluring blue eyes that made you wish you could gaze into them forever. And though he was in a bar, he sat alone in a booth, with a book in his hand and a tall glass of beer half drunk beside him. 

This was it. Kiss a stranger. 

You looked at Scott, and handed him your phone. “Film it.” You stated. 

He only nodded as you started toward the stranger. Your heart pounded profusely with every step you took. The closer you got, the more you began to dread the whole thing. 

You had to focus on something else before you turned around and gave up completely. So, you glanced at the book in his hands. 

‘The outsiders.’ 

It was one of your favorites. And somehow, that helped you feel a little at ease. 

Taking in a deep long breath, you slid into the booth next to him, catching his attention. Man, he was even more attractive up close. 

He flashed a smirk, as he met your gaze. 

‘Come on Y/N, you can do this. Just do it!’ You repeated to yourself over and over again. 

“Hi.” The stranger smiled. 

In that moment, you grabbed his leather jacket, pulling him in closer as you crashed your lips to his. The ver second you felt him against you, you had forgotten everything. He was warm, and soft and firm under your hands. 

But you snapped back to reality as you realized you had kissed him a little longer than just five seconds. 

Pulling yourself off him, you were left with a big grin, as you met his gaze. He let out a soft chuckle, his eyes slightly crinkling at the edges. “Okay.” He drawled out.

You pressed your hand to his chest, feeling the blood rush up to your cheeks. “Okay, bye.” You giggled. And just like that, you slipped out of the booth and quickly strode back over to Scott. 

The stranger had his eyes still on you, confused and a bit thrilled at the same time. He was still able to feel you on his lips. 

“Holy crap! I did it!” You squealed. 

Scott gave you a high five, laughing as he handed you your phone back. “That was interesting to say the least.” He chuckled. “You got some balls, my friend.” 

You rolled your eyes, a smirk playing on your lips. “Shut up.” 

Your heart was still beating uncontrollably, as you took a seat with Scott at an empty table. The stranger decided to walk over to you, a smile still plastered onto his face. 

“So, care to explain what happened back there?” He asked. “Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, a lot, I just want to know why.” 

You lightly bit your lower lip as you pulled out your phone. “It’s this game I’m playing. Told me to kiss a stranger, and well–” 

He nodded to himself, his gaze never leaving yours. He reached his hand out to you, “James, but people call me Bucky.” He muttered. 

Taking his hand, you flashed a cheeky grin. “Y/N” 

The air was thick with sexual tension. After that kiss just a few moments ago, you couldn’t help but want to feel more of him. A lot more. As you realized where your thoughts were going, you pulled your hand out of his. A guy was the last thing you needed in your stressful life at the moment. 

“Well, glad I was able to help you, maybe I’ll see you around.” He winked. 


Bucky turned on his heels, and just as he was about to walk away, both of your phones went off. Alerting you with another text. 

You unlocked your screen, and suddenly you felt your stomach flutter. This was not what you were expecting what so ever. 

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