i wish i had it in better quality :'(

I wanted to try and post an artwork here for once and see what you guys think. I’ve posted a few artworks here before but meh. Also: I really love Kaede.

ghostwriter371921 replied to your photoset “INFERNO: YURI NO ICEA Yuri!!! on Ice AUProgram:01 - The Inferno …”

Holy shit…..this is incredible. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for this since last Saturday and holy hell, this is perfection. Yuuri is looking real badass, I love the thought and detail you put into each page. It’s just so good. I need more; this just whet my appetite. Thank you so much for this. I’m looking forward to more…but I’ll wait patiently for when it suits you best, of course.

Thanks so much for liking it! ;A; I worked my ass off and I’m glad that the effort hopefully paid off ;A; It’s a pity that I can only upload such low res and heavily watermarked versions bc uh, let’s just say I was zoomed in like 4000% percent texturing all that leather in the full res version and you aren’t seeing any of it orz

I mean, ideally I’d have the next part up immediately, this story is huge in my head and is just begging to be let out. Unfortunately in order to make it look the way I envision, it takes TIME. Three solid months of work went into this chapter, with this as my main commitment during that time (no I don’t currently work, I usually draw 10+ hours a day and cling to my dwindling savings in the meantime ^v^)b). I sincerely hope that the next chapter won’t take as long, even if I have to make it simpler and shorter, but it’s definitely not a “when it suits me,” type of situation ^ ^;; So I’m super sorry for the wait, but I hope I can make it worth it! >.<: