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this is pretty long though but I’m just feelin my boys here anon forgive me

{ Valentine’s day special }


- Valentine’s day was just another day for him; Work everyday, have a meeting, go to dinners, but coming home to his lovely Elizabeth the 3rd was always exciting. However recently, he’s found himself.. Less enthusiastic about his daily life. He still loves his cat but; part of him just feels empty coming home now. It was lonely. He was lonely. He did notice how much he looked forward to her phone calls. Her jokes in the chatroom. Her herself. It frightened him; reminding him of the emotions he felt with Rika. MC was very different from her though, he never wanted to compare the two. However this was the exact same situation, different but same concept and feelings. And he didn’t like it. MC is Jihyun’s… Not yours.. He had to painfully remind himself. Driver Kim thankfully pulled him away from his thoughts.

“ Any plans for Valentine’s day, Mr Han? ”
The older man glanced into the rear view mirror with a smile– Which Jumin returned alongside a curt shake of his head.

“ No.. Its just another day for me. I’ll spend it with my love Elizabeth the 3rd. ”

Driver Kim laughed softly, muttering a small ” Thats what I thought you’d say. ” before returning his attention back onto the road ahead.

Jumin glanced down at his phone, it was on vibrate; and he noticed her picture illuminating the screen. Instantly his heart sped up, having to clear his throat before answering.
He was greeted with her energetic,
“ Good evening Jumin! ”
To which he replied
“ To you as well, MC. I hope you’re having a good night so far. ”
He envisioned her smile which caused one of his own to appear on his lips, she hummed in approval before continuing.
“ Yes! I am. Jihyun fell asleep though, He was very tired.. Long day I suppose. ”
His smile was replaced with a scowl as he furrowed his brows; It was just like Jihyun to do something stupid like that. He never was a night owl; Leaving MC so lonely, what a shame.

“ Ah. So you called me for company? ”

“ Yeah.. I wasn’t sure if you were doing anything. I’m sorry if I interrupted. ”

His eyes scanned the lights of the cities as they passed by. He wished he was doing something– Something with her. He knows what restaurant she loves; Taking her there would make her happy. Or bringing her to his home, letting her play with his precious Elizabeth the 3rd. He knows how well they get along together.

“ No– Don’t apologize. I’m spending my evening with Elizabeth the 3rd and a bottle of wine. Nothing extraordinary. ”

He stated– Tugging on the cuffs of his suit to keep him occupied. He always felt odd talking to her without V being around. He wanted to say things that he wouldn’t normally say. Wanted to tell her things he would never tell anyone else. It made him uncomfortable. Not because of her– the emotions. He hated it.

“ Ooh. Sounds pretty extraordinary to me. A beauty on your lap and some chateau montrose at your side. How lovely. ”

He chuckled lowly at the fact she remembered his favorite wine, nodding his head before realizing she couldn’t see the action

“ Ha.. I suppose. I only wish you could join me instead.. ”

His voice trailed off as he noticed the penthouse coming closer and closer into view– straightening his posture and clearing his throat before continuing.

“ Ah. I’m nearly home. I’m afraid i’ll have to end this conversation here, MC. ”

He didn’t want to, but he knew if he stayed on the phone while he was comfortable at home the conversation could last for hours. That wasn’t fair to either of them, nor V.

“ Alright.. Thanks for talking with me Jumin, goodnight. Happy Valentine’s day.. ”

The click broke him of his frozen state, the car had already stopped and Driver Kim sat with a knowing look on his face and a sad smile. Jumin was quick to see him off, wishing him a goodnight before making his way to the penthouse.

Elizabeth the 3rd was there to greet him at the door as always. Her soft purrs caused him to smile bittersweetly.
“ My dear Elizabeth the 3rd, please explain Jihyun gets everything I want.. I want to be happy too.. ”
He sighed heavily as she replied with a meow– one he wasn’t able to decipher.
“ Sometimes I feel as if it isn’t fair. But I suppose this is the way it has to be. At least I’ll always have you..”
He smiled down at the kitty– rubbing gently under her chin as she closed her eyes in contentment.


- He woke up in a cold sweat, his breathing uneven and fragile. His fist clenching the cushions as panic rings through his mind, White patches blurring his vision. The feeling of being so trapped and helpless burned in his chest, He wanted to scream the pain felt so unbearable. Suddenly, a warm hand is placed on his shoulder. Initially causing him to flinch, but he could recognize that warmth anywhere. Instantly his body relaxes into the touch, his mind begins to clear as his eyes quickly turn back meet her soft ones. She gave him a concerned smile before pushing the stray hairs away from his face.

“ Did you have a nightmare, Saeran? ”
She asks, his head lowers before nodding in acknowledgment like a child would. For some reason, he always felt so comfortable talking with her after something like this. It was odd but natural. She comforted him so well. She brought him into an embrace– His head buried into her shoulder as he looses himself in her presence– Inhaling deeply. She smelt sweet, like cherry blossoms.

“ Saeyoung will be back soon.. He’s getting ice-cream; Your favorite kind too.”
He smiles softly, but in the same breath he didn’t want Saeyoung to come home. Not now. It was selfish, but he wanted her to himself. Saeyoung would take her away from him as soon as he got back.. They had dinner plans tonight– It was a “ special ” day today apparently. And he would be left all by himself once more.

“ Don’t go.. ”

He mumbled into the shoulder of her red dress, he had only caught a glimpse before she brought him into her arms. She looked beautiful, but not for him.. She did it for Saeyoung– He had to remind himself through clenched teeth.

“ Saeran– You’ll be fine here, I can call Yoosung to come over if you’d like.. ”

“ No. I want you to stay with me.. Don’t go.. ”

His grip tightens on her, she shifts to sit beside him on the red couch that matched her dress. He broke the embrace to look at her, she looked nice as always. She gave him a reassuring smile– running a palm up and down his arm in comfort. His ears were still ringing, and he was tired. Maybe that’s why he felt so needy today.

“ Hey– You’ll be fine Saeran. Trust me. But you know I have to go with– Oh, Saeyoung! ”
Who had just loudly entered the home interrupting her sentence, making him groan in aggravation as he moved away from her touch.

“ Woah babe.. You look beautiful! ”
His brother wolf whistled before dropping the bags on the kitchen counter– seemingly ignoring Saeran as he made his way to MC behind the couch. Leaning over and placing a kiss on her cheek, causing Saeran to tense.

“ Are you ready to head out? ”
She nodded before turning her attention back to himself; causing his heart to skip a beat. She rubbed his arm one last time before shuffling to get up, grabbing her bag as Seven dangled the car keys on his fingertips.

“ We’ll bring you back food Saeran– Don’t worry! ”
Saeyoung said through a smile, causing Saeran to scoff and sink deeper into the couch. She came over to him one last time- He tried to ignore her but his eyes couldn’t help but make their way up to meet hers. They were soft and gentle.

“ You’ll be okay Saeran. ”
She nodded towards him before making her way over to his brother; who wrapped an arm around her waist before making their way towards the door, shutting it behind them.
He got up with a huff, digging through the bags to find the ice cream that awaited him. Not even bothering to get a bowl– He laid back down on the couch and mindlessly ate away with a slight scowl playing on his lips.

’ Youll be okay.. ’ Pft. Yeah right. At least he had something sweet to keep him company tonight. Even though the cookies and cream was quickly dwindling away the more aggravated he got. He hated the fact she was with his brother. She was such a joy. Sometimes he wished things could be different. Okay– Most of the time he wished things could be different. But he’s Saeran Choi. He never gets what he wants, even if he’s good. It seems like the universe had it out for him. He just had to learn to accept it.

How Could You Love Me

The next chapter of the Everyone Needs Some Love series that I hijacked from @justwritingscibbles

Originally posted by treblegirl

You looked around the room, trying to understand what was happening. Four men and one floating head with a pink moustache were in the room with you, all with the same face, and you were wearing nothing but a towel under your blanket.
Honestly, the situation looked like the beginning of one those movies children weren’t allowed to watch.

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4cc 2017 mens fs toughts

Ohh i just got it!  Yuzu is just collecting 4CC silver medals (just like at Skate Canada). Just kidding, you’ll get your revenge at worlds (or i hope so) just don’t kill yourself trying a quad axel please. That safety quad toe tough, i mean, he was just like: mmm i popped that sal … so i’m gonna throw a quad toe as my second to last jumping pass, because i can do a quad toe while picking my nose (Brians words not mine). This was a great performance still, he’s an incredibly well rounded skater, i love that the jumps don’t take you out of the program, they melt into the choreo, i still think this program needs to be completely clean for it’s magic to work tough.

……And apparently Shoma is collecting bronze medals. Why the axel Shoma, you landed all the quads, but of course you fell on both axels, why the combos, whyyyy (at leat you didn’t have a dead chicken on you shoulder while doing it). I have faith you’ll seek redemption at worlds, but please the combos Shoma!!. Still the flow across the ice and the expression is fantastic. He really gets into the program no matter what (also bonus for the fall right on the music)

Nathan was really good, i just can’t get into that free skate, he’s a good skater, but i wish he had a programs that made him emote a little more, he hits the musical accents and has good posture and lines, he’s quite pleasing to watch, but i just don’t feel anything while watching (with this program at least, but that’s just me). However i am amazed at his technical ability at least jump wise, i mean 5 quads is very impressive. 

Patrick. Oh Patrick, it started sooo well, you almost had me fooled for a sec. However, it was a beautiful performance none the less. He really is an amazing skater. The flow, the speed,the posture, the extension, the deep edges and the complete body movement is quite fantastic (and let me tell you, skating skills like that take an incredible amount of effort, strength and freakish control over your body) 

Han Yan bombed and i was so sad, he’s such a great skater tough. Great skating skills. However i must say i kinda hate his fs music, the voiceovers are way too cheesy. Lovely skater still and i hope he can make a come back at worlds. 

Boyangman also kinda bombed, but he never gives up on the performance which is quite nice to see, he seems like a very positive guy, he was still smiling in the k&c. I like that he’s trying to work on his components, which apparently has affected his quad a little, but he’s way more enjoyable to watch this season than last. And extra bonus points for flirting with the judges

Jason was absolutely beautiful as always, but his injury seems to have kept him from a clean free, but this was a great effort. And boy he also has beautiful skating skills, so smooth and those spirals, and transitions in general, are nothing to snooze at.

The star of the night for me at least was Misha, i haven’t seen such a clean program from him, and it was amazing, he moves along with the music beautifully and his expression is just wonderful. Two beautiful programs for this competition, i’m very happy for him. I hope hell stick around for a little longer so we’ll be able too see his full potential when not injured.

I watched others, but what can i say, the whole compretition was a little of a splatfest. Like we expected anyways. The real question is if Pyeongchang is going to be a massive fs meltdown like Sochi. 

sorry for the long rant :D

ps: sorry for the typos and terrible punctuation, i’m sleep depraved and writing in english gets hard at 4 am

You don’t own me part 8

Originally posted by the-a-team-baekhyun


“Don’t stop”, you said quickly and opened your eyes. The both of you stared at each other before you quietly picked up his hands and put them back on your shoulders.

“Please continue.”

Word count: 1648 // Short. I know. I’m sorry.

Warnings: Angst. Not too hard but I cried for some reason.

Author’s note: So I do have to admit that I’m not really satisfied with the lastest part but I guess it was okay. I’m currently so looking forward to the end of the story not because I dislike writing it but I’m hoping to wreck all of you in the very best way. Does this sound strange? Well I don’t know how many parts are there to come till you can finally enjoy the grand finale but I hope you’ll stick with my pathetic ass till then :)

Lovelies ♥: @vicassa @byunbunniess@dont-hyuck @httpwyf @jookyunhoe @i-am-a-death-dealer @byunshim @galaxy99love @imbaekhyunstrash @holymolydrrad @shesdreaminginoverdose @roamingsalad –> hope I could clear your confusion properly? :D

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7

Check out my masterlist ;)

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TF2 Headcanon - “In The Know”

Based on a random headcanon @camiluna27 proposed like an hour ago. And I made this trash.

-Title: IN THE KNOW-

The first thing Engine knew of Spy finding out, was the exact moment his laboratory door exploded inward with the force of a furious frenchman’s foot.

“YOU KNEW!” accused the masked man, blatantly seething.

Engie, trying to diffuse the situation, doesn’t rise to the bait. “Ah know many things, Spah, you mind tellin’ me which thing you’re on about?”

“Zhe bushman has been defiling my SON! And I am zhe last on zhe base to know about zhis-… zhis-… blatant manipulation of a minor?!” Spy cries, furious, but perhaps not finding quite the right words in English.

Amused, but patient, Engie puts down his tools before responding. “Now, see here Spook the kid’s nearly thirty he ain’t no minor-”

“Physically, per'aps, but–” interjects Spy, before Engie can talk over him again.

“…-and he’s a tad immature at times but it don’t mean he can’t make his own decisions. The kid knows what he’s on about, and ah’m getting the impression it’s more about the who, than the fact he’s in a relationship with another man…”

“Well of course that does not matter, it would be ‘ypocritical to scorn such a union, but my point is zhat of all zhe men 'ere… 'e chooses zhe one man who likes to fling PISS at people for fun!” stresses the exasperated Spy, hands flailing as he tried to impress on the stocky Texan the gravity of the situation.

“Mmmm, ah know you two don’t see eye-to-eye but Sniper’s a good man and Scout couldn’t have done much better -or worse, come to think of it- outta the people here. Least it ain’t BLU’s Sniper…” he gets the dig in there, because who could resist.

The horrified expression on Spy’s face was worth it. “Mon dieu… per'aps we should thank god for small miracles zhen, I could not attend a wedding where zhey replace confetti with jarate…”

Engie snorts. “Now where'n the hell’d ya get that idea, Spook?”

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In Stitches

Imagine being a seamstress and arguing with Bard because he refuses to wear “fancy” clothes despite being a king.

Dedicated to @little-red-83 because she’s an awesome friend and I know she’s having a hard time.

“Ugh, would you stop?” You scowled at Bard as he once more turned and tore the thread from your needle, “I would think if Bain could hold still for five minutes, you’d have the self-restraint to do the same.”

“Sorry,” Bard swept his hand over his wavy hair and retook his stance before you, the hem of his jacket brushing against your rounded stomach, “I just…I can’t stop thinking. About everything.”

“Tell me about it,” You grumbled as you began to remove the rippled stitch he had ruin, “I don’t know what I’m going to do when…” Your voice trailed off as you focused on re-threading your needle, “I shouldn’t be harping to you. You’ve got three young ones and a lot more depending on you now that you’re king.”

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anonymous asked:

Fic prompt: Oswald and Ed go suit shopping and Oswald keeps getting turned on at how tightfitting Ed's clothes are (and visa versa)

This has been sitting untouched for two weeks I’m done just take it take it away

Part Two.

Sharp Dressed Men

Oswald is familiar with this process, watching closely as the tailor takes Ed’s measurements. The tailor had already been made aware of the color and style they were looking for but needed Ed’s suit size. Oswald hadn’t had him properly fitted before this and he wanted him looking positively dashing for the upcoming gala.

Ed puts his arms out and the tailor brings the tape measure around his chest, grabbing a plain jacket for reference off the wall. He helps Ed into it, and Ed buttons it. The tailor checks the length against Ed’s thumbs, then turns him around to ensure that the back reaches the top of his thighs. He runs his fingers under Ed’s backside, where his legs start, his fingers brushing the bottom of the jacket. Oswald reminds himself to simmer down, that this is all very routine and the tailor has done nothing untoward. Take a breath.

The tailor nods, then pulls at the front of the jacket and checks the shoulders. He gestures at Ed to remove the jacket. He loops the tape measure around Ed’s waist and then whisks the jacket away.

“Do they ever speak?” Ed asks.

“Only if you’ve desecrated one of their pieces somehow,” Oswald replies.


“I’ll show you later,” Oswald promises, winking. Ed’s in a dark pair of trousers, dress shirt and shoes. He had to divest himself of his vest for the fitting but otherwise remains put together. His slacks are loose on him, and Oswald detests them. He hopes they can finish the pants for Ed today and they can leave this pair in the trash where they belong. Ed has a delightful backside that deserves properly fitting trousers, even if it’s to his own frustration.

The tailor returns with a pair of trousers, giving them to Ed and indicating that he change behind a curtain. Ed disappears into the adjoining room.

“Those are the most form-fitting you have for his size?”

“Yes, Mr. Cobblepot.”

“You understand he has… generous proportions?”

“Quite so. This pair should emphasize his… particular assets as well as the length of his legs.”

Oswald sighs, “A shame the jacket has to be so long. Fashion, am I right?” The tailor doesn’t respond.

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I Need a Friend

Pairing: CastielXReader, mention of DeanXReader

Word Count: 1153

A/N: One-shot super-suggestive-but-not-quite-smut fluff – assertive Cas offers to help the reader with a problem when Dean declines.

(not my GIF)

“I’m too damn tired,” Dean said through clenched teeth, glaring at you from across the table, insistently shoving your foot out of his lap for the third time that hour.

You smiled sweetly, pointedly folding your arms while leaning forward, whispering, “I hear reduced stamina is one of the first signs of aging.”

“Nice try, Y/N,” Dean snorted derisively, narrowing his eyes, “but pissing me off will get you nowhere.”

“That’s okay Dean, I’ll just take care of myself,” you sneered at the older Winchester, pushed away from the table, and stormed out of the room.

Sam fidgeted uncomfortably in his chair and ducked further into the pile of files he was researching.

“Yeah, you do that sweetheart,” Dean saluted your exit with a wry grin and a swig of beer, “remember me fondly when I’m gone.”

From his seat in the corner, Castiel glanced quizzically between Dean and the door before closing his book, standing, and making to follow you.

“Cas, grab me another cold one while you’re up,” Dean peered over his shoulder and finding the doorway empty, his gaze fell on his brother, “hey, Sammy.”

Sam smirked, flipping open his laptop, “Yeah, get it yourself grandpa.”

Dean opened his mouth to retort, thought better of it, and simply pursed his lips and nodded at the absurdity of the situation.

You seethed down the hallway toward your room. You desperately needed to let off some steam after the last hunt, and apparently tracking a pack of Werewolves through a heavily forested national park left Dean too exhausted to man up, again. Usually he was all for a round or two of non-committal adrenaline-driven post-hunt sex, but lately you’d been left to your own devices, literally.

“Y/N,” Cas’ deep voice reverberated off the tiled walls, startling you from your thoughts, “I can take care of you.”

You peered up to find the trench coat clad seraph directly in your path. You studied the sincere aspect of his face and laughed lightly to yourself. Not that you hadn’t thought of the angel in that way many times and pondered in great detail about what lay beneath all those unnecessary layers of clothing, but he clearly had no idea what was going on, “Cas, thanks, but…”

“You’re frustrated,” he cut you off, taking several steps forward into your personal space, compelling you to look upward to maintain eye contact, the fabric of his coat brushing the backs of your hands, “Dean is unwillingly to help. I can help.”

You gazed wonderingly into his intensely striking blue eyes, tremendously turned on by his assertive body language, quivering at the idea of taking up his proposal. But you knew he couldn’t possibly be offering what you needed. An amused smile pulled at the corner of your mouth, “Really Cas, it’s nothing you can help me with.” You shook your head at his naivety and side-stepped him to continue down the hall.

“Perhaps I did not make myself clear,” he firmly caught your arm, voice low, edged in gravel.

You stopped, pivoting on your heel to face him again, curiously arching an eyebrow.

“You desire intercourse,” he said plainly, “to relieve frustration.”

Shocked, you choked on your own spit, coughing violently, gripping the angel’s arm for support.

“I know you have thought of me in a sexual context,” he spoke frankly, patting your back, trying to ease your coughing fit, “on more than one occasion I have answered when you called my name to find you asleep, sheened in sweat, pleasure lining your features.”

You felt your cheeks flush with heat, abashedly raising your head to meet his gaze, “Cas, I had no idea.”

“Of course,” he abruptly cast his eyes down, shrinking away from you, “humans often don’t remember their dreams. I apologize for my boldness.”

“No, I remember, I definitely remember,” you slipped your hand down his arm, sliding your fingers across his palm, giving him a reassuring squeeze, “you never, I mean…I just didn’t think it interested you.”

He studied your grasp on his hand, flexing his long fingers experimentally around yours, “I did not wish to step on Dean’s toes, so to speak.” His eyes flitted back to yours, posture straightening with renewed conviction, “Tonight it became clear to me that your relationship with him is one only of convenience, and it does not appear to be convenient any longer for either of you.”

“It’s called friends with benefits,” you said quietly, searching the angel’s luminous eyes for any sign of hesitancy. He beamed back at you with the self-assuredness of purpose only a celestial being could possess. Gravitating toward him, you moved your hands to trace over the muscles of his chest, focus drawn to his slightly parted full lips as you licked your own, “And I’m officially revoking Dean’s membership card.”

The hint of a smile teased across his mouth as he wrapped his arms around your waist, settling on the small of your back, drawing you near.

The scent of him, the leaden calm before a storm, the radiant warmth of his grace, pleasantly overwhelmed your senses. “Now about your offer of assistance,” you reached up, languidly tangling your fingers in his hair, “I accept.”

His lips met yours in a torrent of need, the momentum of his unbridled lust pushing you both backward. In the instant you anticipated your back to roughly strike the wall, you instead found yourself lightly falling back onto your bed with an astonished gasp. Evident by the subtle grin on his face, you could see Cas was utterly pleased with himself at your reaction.

Grabbing his tie, you used it as leverage to angle yourself up to kiss the line of his stubbly jaw, humming with delight, “What else can that grace of yours do?”

A growl rumbled from within his chest as he settled his body against you, pressing you into the mattress, ghosting a kiss over your ear, hot breath admonishing, “Patience.”

You groaned in mock protest, slithering your hands beneath his coat and digging your fingers into his biceps, “I’m not interested in virtues, angel.”

He inclined back to observe you fully, expression stern save for his blue eyes, now dark and swirling with desire, “Perhaps not now, but when I’ve finished with you, you’ll be begging me for mercy.”

An involuntary whimper escaped your throat, “Sweet mother of God, Castiel. Keep talking like that and I’ll get off without you even laying a finger on me.”

With a grunt, he pushed off of the bed to stand at your feet.

“What’s wrong?” You propped yourself up on your elbows, the thought fleeting that it might have been a mistake to mention his father.

He squinted at you, tilting his head askance, “Would you like that? For me to,” he deliberately paused, “to get you off. Without touching you?”

You blinked slowly, lost for words. All you could do was nod.

For the smutty finish to this piece, check out my Masterlist for: A Friend in Need


(as you can see, i’m still deciding what to use for my imagine pictures…)

Disclaimer: GIF does not below to alecvolturitrash, but picture prompt and writing is.

requested by @patriciakittywolf: Could you please make a sequel part to your Alec imagine where he and Jane come to forks and he finds out hes your soulmate?

Part 1

You woke up to see the treetops above you. Someone’s cool arms were wrapped around you as you heard someone calling your name.

“Y/N? Y/N! Are you alright?” The voice was asking and you groaned, attempting to turn over in the person’s arms. What were you doing outside? Last you remembered you were giving the gorgeous new student a tour of Forks… You gasped as you remembered what he had said.

“I’m a vampire and you’re my mate.”

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Revenge - KBTBB/HLITF (.002)

Originally posted by guccimxmi

Rei’s POV

“So tell me again what happened?”

“Kishi, I swear if you ask me that damned question one more fucking time I’m going to grab the nearest blunt object I can find and smack you across the head with it. My story isn’t going to change – you know I wouldn’t twist the truth.”

“You would for Ichinomiya; c’mon, don’t kid yourself sweetheart.”

“HA! You think I would? Lie for the asshole of the century? Give me a break.”

Sighing heavily and sliding down against the white leather sofa, I tried to remain calm; an arm crossed over my chest holding onto my opposite elbow which led up to a finger pushing beneath my eyebrow which showcased a look of utter displease. Tobacco filled the air – it didn’t necessarily calm me down as Mamoru exhaled a thick white cloud of smoke around me yet it did make me feel at ease, if only just a little.

“You know I am right here?”, Eisuke groaned in a mumble; shifting his weight uncomfortable beside me where he’d taken a seat, one leg crossing over the other nervously like a bad habit. The urge to respond with some kind of sarcastic remark was raring yet ultimately futile. He’d just lost his fiancé – the least I could do was play nice.

“How nice to know”, I articulated wanting to as usual, get the last word in which gained nothing more than an over melodramatic eye roll. Checking my watch apprehensively I spin the petite silver band around my wrist waiting for Luke to appear out from the ensuite. We’d all agreed that this was a matter which should be handled by those we knew before anyone else got involved; the moment Mamoru made it clear though that he didn’t want to be involved in the case due to the potential conflict of interest he could potentially find himself in. This was fine; I just wasn’t amused by the fact someone I didn’t know and couldn’t trust would be overlooking something that could affect myself, my family, the people I cared about.

“Well she is definitely dead”, Dr Foster announced, snapping off his latex gloves and tossing them in the kitchen bin as he walked over toward us, “Carotid artery and trachea are completely severed. There’s slight bruising across the victims jaw and neck which suggest a struggle but from the way the wound has attempted to heal, I’m suggesting she’s been dead for only a few hours . I’m not in the forensics field though so it would be judgemental and possibly crude to suggest anything further than what I medically know.”

SHE HAS A NAME”, Eisuke hissed like poison; causing Luke to retreat back a few steps and also Mamoru too. Sensing the underlying tension before this even came to light, I ran a soft hand down his arm from shoulder to wrist that he shook off; fixating his gaze to the floor.

“Acting like this isn’t going to solve or help anything ‘Suke. You should know that.”

Quick to his feet, Eisuke paced around the living room with heavy steps and clenched fists clearly frustrated. It wasn’t like him to get this way; usually nothing bothered him – cool, calm and collected  was always the way he’d be described by just about anyone who knew his name. Obviously with the circumstances which had just passed things could have been different but the wedding, the children’s births, hearing ‘daddy’ as a first word, our divorce…… perhaps I’d just been expecting a reaction otherwise.

“WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GETTING HERE? WHAT KIND OF GOD DAMN PROFESSIONALISM IS THIS?”, he huffed, loosening the collar of his shirt which had increasingly become tighter. His usual pale complexion now a hard, blush pink.
“Eisuke calm down—.”

Standing up quickly and racing over to him; I placed a hand over Eisuke’s mouth and pulled him down to my own level with an iron grip at his jacket lapel. The burning amber look in his eyes still felt cold; distant – lonely. Bringing my own face close enough to his, I kept my hand where it was and whispered quietly into his ear.

“Kaia and Itsuki are downstairs playing with Soryu – if you don’t want to calm down at least keep your voice down. Please. I’d rather they not get involved in this if there’s no need for them to.”

Caught off guard by the very ping sound which had brought me into reality earlier in the day from the elevator told me that it was only right to step back and keep my hands to myself. As Eisuke straightened his posture and dug his hands deep into his trouser pockets, I could have sworn I heard a simply, near silent sorry curse across his lips. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

“We’ve got the officer who’s going to be working on this case here”, Mamoru called out; greeting the suit clad men and coroner who made their way in. It was only seconds after that I found myself in the arms of a familiar touch, familiar hold, familiar scent, and familiar voice.

“Rei… what… what are you doing here?”

Looking up; my eyes came into line with slender gray ones I was hoping to not have seen until later tonight. The gentle gesture of hair being tucked behind my ear was enough to render myself completely and utterly speechless.

“Goto…”, Mamoru huffed with a smirk, amused by our sudden less than formal embrace, “You know the kid?”

“Kid?”, Seiji looked over his shoulder before quickly back at me as if trying to gather answers and forcibly put them together to make sense of what he was seeing.

“Yes….”, Eisuke uttered as if he were highly amused by what was going on, “…tell me, how do you know my ex-wife.“

So so many people were wanting to read something and I wanted to ensure they’d be happy so here is a rather short (yet punch packed I hope) chapter 2! Cheers to @tinykawaiiwrites for the help with this chapter as well as @humorcomchantilly and @chillaxe as well as @ladystar0710, @smutmylifeup, @hotcocosharing & @iquisy for their lovely comments and message. Hope you enjoy xo

anonymous asked:

Yay, fic prompts!! Can I request a Damen/Laurent fake dating or marriage of convenience AU?

“You’re wondering if I’m foxed, to suggest such a thing.”

“Not at all,” said Damen, who had been wondering exactly that.

“It’s entirely a question of blunt, you see.”

“You speak plainly, my lord,” said Damen.

“Yes,” said Laurent, Lord de Vere. “I do.”

Damen judged it wise to keep his hands clasped behind his back, a parade-ground posture he could hold for hours on end if necessary. He was starting to wish he had the means to become a trifle bosky himself; a few glasses of claret might make this interview easier, though probably would not manage to render it less bizarre. The room was warm, the fire crackling merrily in the wide grate, and de Vere leaned one elbow on the mantlepiece in an elegant posture of repose. Waves of blond hair sat beautifully on his brow, brushed back in the latest style, as befitting a creature of fashion.

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MASTERLIST / Part Two (almost written a year later wow)

On a miserable day y/n ends up getting stuck in a thunder storm at a bus stop, but whilst there she makes a friend with a kind stranger, Luke.

*not requested

If you have an idea or a request feel free to ask :)

As I ran to find some form of shelter desperately dodging people just to avoid getting more wet than I already was, the rain continued to hammer down onto us coating the streets in puddles and damp shoes. I stopped temporarily underneath a shop, looking around for the nearest bus stop so I could get home in peace, rather than be stuck in town and risk catching a cold. Whilst I glanced around I saw lots of people, some of girls my age and younger with paper bags that had turned dark and were already ripping, some clung these bags filled with clean clothes to their chests whilst others stuffed them into other bags they had, if they were lucky. Others did not seem to care about the rain, how harsh it came down and continued to relentlessly, they simply walked on as if they had no care in the world. Whereas I liked the rain. I’ve always enjoyed the rainy weather, as I find the rain peaceful when you’re indoors, looking out and knowing you are secure indoors where you won’t get wet. You can have yourself a drink of tea or coffee or even a cold drink, as you can be warm indoors doing whatever you want to. Yet now I’m not liking the rain so much, peeping out of my shelter I see the clouds growing and turning darker than they already were, in the distance I hear a grumble of thunder.

“Okay, no way I’m staying for that.” I thought aloud, not wanting to be caught in a thunder storm as I could not think of something more terrifying for me at this moment in time.

Ever since I was little I hated thunder storms, the dark days where the clouds covered any light signifying how gloomy and scary the time ahead would be, how violently the rain lashed against the Windows as if it wanted to break through and invade our space. Then the Lightning would come, the bright flashes of light that would follow the thunder, how we would turn everything off just to be safe.

I vividly remember as a child being at school during a lightning storm, we had been experiencing floods all over the place and I had to get out of school and run to my mothers car except as I opened the door to leave I saw it, a flash of lightning not too far off and it was enough to scare me since.

Letting out a sigh I turn around, pulling my thin jacket up to try and cover my head, not that it would be any use as I quickly walked to the nearest bus stop that was in sight. Splashing through puddles and feeling my ankles being soaked I groaned but none the less continued. As I got underneath I let out a sigh of relief, seeing the bus would be 20 minutes away.

“Looks like someone should’ve brought an umbrella.” I turned around to see a blonde guy in a hoodie with his head down, the blonde mess only peeping through.

I scoffed and ignored them, looking to my jacket to see the patches where I had been soaked and the parts that remained dry. Leaning against the bus shelter the sound of the rain hitting the plastic seemed relaxing and I began to think about home, about having something hot to eat or drink, settle down and watch a film and not worry or stress for an afternoon.

“Ur miss?” I turned my head to see the hoodie had moved closer and now I could get a better look at him. His blonde hair stuck to his forehead and he had these piercing blue eyes which contrasted against the dull sky of this afternoon. Stubble formed around his jaw and he had a nervous smile across his face. “Sorry if you thought I was being rude, I was just joking.” He shifted his feet about and kept his hands in his pocket.

“It’s nothing to worry about really, it’s a joke that’s all.” I said through shivers, really feeling the cold seeping through my jacket and onto my skin. “Just really wish the bus would hurry up.” My teeth now began to chatter together and my shivers became more obvious as I wrapped my arms around myself, regretting not buying that thick jumper beforehand.

“Are you cold?” He asked moving closer, I simply nodded trying to focus on something warm in attempt to heat myself up again. “Here.” Glancing down I saw he held a second hoodie that matched his own, I shook my head.

“I can’t accept that, plus I don’t even know you.” I said feeling slightly odd around the good looking stranger.

“Well if it helps, I’m Luke. 19, I play in a band and waiting for a bus to go home.” He held out his hand for me to shake and I did so. “You’re freezing!” He exclaimed as he released my icy hand from his warm one.

“It’ll be alright the bus is only going to be-” Checking the bus timings I notice there’s been a delay, letting out a loud sigh. “40 minutes.” I groan, now waiting longer for comfort and peace away from the storm which is nearing.

He shuffled closer to me as I lent against the clear plastic trying to cuddle myself to prevent feeling the cold more so. “Seriously, take this.” He handed my the hoodie, not taking no for an answer.

Trying to remove my jacket which clung to my skin and I felt Luke help me out, I turned to face him as he held my jacket securely and smiled brightly to me. I slipped the hoodie over my wet hair and instantly felt warmer, the fuzzy material was an improvement and didn’t cling to my skin instead was far too big for me but was rather comfortable.

Luke still eyed me and I saw him blush as I looked him in the eye and smiled to myself. Taking this opportunity I did a dramatic pose to him making him laugh. “What’d ya think?” I asked as I walked along the bus stop like a model as he watched.

“Pretty darn good looking I’d say.” I felt myself blush and was thankful as it meant heat could radiate to my cheeks. As I went back and stood next to Luke I sighed, looking outside of the bus shelter to see how the black clouds were now above us and the rumbling had become more clear. I stirred and began to fidget and I think he noticed. “What? Don’t like storms huh?” He joked but when I gave him a serious look he winded his neck back in. “I guess I can’t blame you.” He said crossing his arms.

“It’s just the noises and the dark it brings on a sunny day.” I spoke up, but kept my head down, feeling embarrassed for having this fear.

“I know what you mean. How the Lightning makes a sudden appearance?” He questioned and I nodded repeatedly.

“I wish I could just be in my home, in the warmth watching a film.” I let out a sigh, imagining how comfortable I’d be.

“With your boyfriend?” He asked and I turned my head to face him as he looked down at his feet.

“Did I say I had a boyfriend?” I asked him but it came across as slightly arrogant, and less sarcastic.

He fumbled and stumbled with his posture and his use of words. “Well I er, you just seem like you would have a boyfriend. I mean look at you.” He pointed me up and down, smiling as he did so. “You’re beautiful, even stood here with black under your eyes and hair clinging to your head. Wearing a strangers hoodie willingly.” He smiled nudging me and I felt shy. “Would you really rather be at home? As if you were you would never have had met me.” He pointed out and I nodded in agreement.

“I guess you aren’t so bad.” I joked around tucking my hair behind my ear.

“See that’s the spirit,” He went to say my name but stopped, still not knowing who this stranger was. I chuckled and placed my hand on his arm, leaning up to whisper into his ear.

“Y/n.” I whispered and I could see him shiver, giggling I pulled away and saw a blush cross his cheeks.

“That’s the spirit, y/n.” He said smiling to me as the thunder became even louder I cowered into him. He placed his hand on my head in a calming way. “You’ll be okay, I won’t let you get hurt or die in a bus shelter. That’s no way for anyone to go.” He joked and it eased the tension I felt.

Whilst the thunder continued without a clear sign of lightning we spoke and got to know each other a little bit better, sharing some stupid stories and before I knew it I glanced up to see the bus sign. “Luke the bus is due.” I told him with partial excitement but also sadness, having spent the last 40 minutes interacting with a possible new friend.

Standing up again I waited for him to follow me towards the bus, but he didn’t. “Luke? What are you waiting for?” I asked him and he looked down to his feet.

“Y/n, I don’t get that bus, I live in the opposite direction.” He spoke quietly and kept his head down. I moved over to him and lifted his head up, ensuring he would look me in the eyes as I said goodbye.

“Listen, I’m sure we’ll see each other around.” I said sounding unsure myself if that’ll happen. “But I want to say thank you Luke, thanks for helping me out and here.” I went to remove the hoodie but he pulled it back down.

“You keep it, think of it as a reason for us to meet again.” He smirked to me and I smiled, pulling him in for a tight hug which I didn’t want to end.

As I pulled away I instantly felt cold again, vacant of his touch. He handed me my damp jacket and waved goodbye as I boarded the bus. “Nice knowing you y/n!” He yelled as I walked on and sat down by the window so I could wave to him, see him one last time before we drove off.

The bus engine began to roar and we drove off, I glanced back to him and saw him wave then stand up and walk on off. For the entire bus journey I sat with my hands in the pocket of the hoodie, not wanting to forget Luke and his strange interaction.

Once I got home I walked in, no longer feeling the same sense of excitement I previously felt. I placed my jacket in the cupboard, hoping it would dry up as I boiled the kettle, feeling generally low.

“Y/n? Do you have some change! I need some for the bar!” I heard my dad yell from upstairs and quickly moved to my jacket in the cupboard. I rummaged in the pockets and found some, along with a piece of paper that I don’t remember being there before.

Placing the change onto the counter I went and sat down in the kitchen, opening up the note to read it more clearly. ‘It’s a long shot but worth a go ;-)’ and a number. I felt quite weirded out about who could’ve slipped their number into my jacket, but was deeply curious, then again they do say curiosity killed the cat.

As soon as I had made myself a hot drink I went upstairs and put the number into my phone, hovering around the green call button as my whole hand was shaking with nerves. Without realising it due to the shaking I had pressed dial, I stared at my phone for a while as I saw the person had picked up.

“Hello? Hello?” The voice said but I think I knew it.

“Who is this? You put your number in my pocket and if this is some creep then I will not hesitate to call the police and-” I was cut off by an exclamation.

“Chill y/n, it’s Luke!” A sense of relief washed over me and a smile instantly formed on my face.

“Thank goodness it was you!” I sighed happily, thankful it was Luke in the first place since he was the only one I have spoken to for most of the day.

“The weather easing up yet?” He asked and I moved over to the glass door, seeing the storm moving away towards the west.

“It’s not as close to me anymore but I can still here the thunder rumble, my parents say there was lightning before I got home.” I doubt he was interested in my none sense rambles, but I can’t help but feel awkward over the phone.

There was a long pause in between as I sat and glanced out, thankful the clouds were dismissing us for the evening. “-and that’s how we almost got caught,” I zoned back into the conversation. “Wait are you still there?”

“I’m so sorry I must’ve zoned out, ugh I’m such a pain.” I moaned at myself for being so dumb. It’s not everyday you get a hot guy on the phone.

“It’s alright I’ll explain that story another time happily.” A small smile formed on my face as I sipped my drink.

“Another time?” I questioned and heard some stuttering over the phone.

“Well I thought why not, we got on well and er.” He took a pause, “I think we are good together, plus you owe me my hoodie.” He remarked and I looked down to it now having a tea stain down it.

“About that…” I started as I tried to wipe it off but it was no use.

“What did you do to it?” He joked and I groaned to myself.

“I split tea down it!” I blurted out, ashamed that I did this to an incredibly cute guys hoodie that smelt of tea and lavender now.

“It’s only tea, anyway I was going to tell you to keep it, that way we can be matching.” He laughed and a big smile came onto my face.

“So when can I see you again?” I asked him, feeling less shy to speak up and felt more comfortable like I did back at the bus stop.

“Say Friday? At the bus stop?” I did a happy dance to myself and my dad gave me a weird look, quickly I coughed and tried to act casual.

“Friday sounds good.” I made out without squealing.

“Well I guess I’ll see you Friday y/n, good night.” He sounded so happy, and a smile was plastered across my face I put my phone down and sang to myself.

“I got a dateeeeee with a cute guy called Luke and he likes me he li li likes me.” I sang and danced about the kitchen for a few minutes and then picked up my phone. As I did so I wanted the world to swallow me up.

I was still on the phone to him.

“Well, you aren’t wrong there.” He laughed.

So this was a request by alisadelina that I wrote way too much for. Thank you for the request because, as you can tell, I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. The ending is the way it is because I did not want this to become too long. However I might turn it into a longer fanfiction.net story later. Enjoy!

Prompt: can you do a fanfiction request where you are a shield agent and you have to irregated loki and he keep flirting with you


Fury swept his fingers across the multiple screens in front of him.
“How’s ‘real power’ doing? Does he want a magazine or something yet?”
“No change, sir. He hasn’t said a word since you left.” Agent Maria Hill responded from not too far away. Fury frowned. They had managed to ‘capture’ Loki in Germany yet it didn’t feel as though he was truly a prisoner.
“Want me to send Romanoff in, sir?”
“No. Not yet.” He scratched his chin in frustration. Romanoff would undoubtedly be able to get results but something fishy was definitely afoot here and he didn’t want to deal his final card until he was sure he had the best hand. That being said, he wasn’t entirely out of options…
“Hill, bring in Agent (y/l/n).” He said and the brunette nodded to him from across the room before strutting out in search of you.

“Absolutely not, sir. I politely decline.” You said with your arms folded. 

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Imagine Hux struggling to ask you out!

Warnings: None. Zero. Nada.

Everything was calm on Starkiller Base and you didn’t have much work to do on that day. As colonel, you enjoyed watching your armies’ training, so whenever you had the chance, you’d go outside to observe them. You’d stand stately on a elevated part of the terrain, making sure everyone could see you. The main reason you did that was because it was fun to watch the stormtroopers trying extremely hard to look great for you. None of them wanted to fail in front of you: you were calm most of the time, but you didn’t admit failures. And any small, stupid failure could end the bright day of most the stormtroopers. All in Starkiller Base knew you and this way of yours. They knew your rage and they feared you. But you did this for a major good. And this granted you the admiration of general Hux and even Kylo Ren himself.
As you watched your troops, enjoying the moment of peace you had, you felt a presence behind you. You turned to look and met General Hux’s cold, but beautiful eyes.

“General” you greeted as he stood by you, hands behind his back.

“Colonel” he said, a brief smile on his lips.

He was your superior. You admired his work and his competence. He was a born leader, a fighter, a strategist. You wish one day you could be half of what he was. But that wasn’t the only thing you admired on him, to be fair. His straight posture, his gests, his smile. The pinkish pale skin, his piercing light green eyes and his ginger hair. Oh the hair. You had always loved his hair, and secretly wished you could run your hand through it. Just once. Just once you wanted to feel it on your skin.

After a few moments of silence, the ginger general cleared his throat and spoke, and he seemed confused:

“So, um… Nice day, isn’t it?” It was cloudy, grey and cold, as always.

“Yeah” you said, looking up at the sky “but I feel it’ll storm later tonight. I like the rain though”

“Yes. Rain is nice. I… love rain” you tried not to giggle at his confusion “AL-9818 is doing great, don’t you think?”

“I’ve been observing him for a few weeks now. He’s definitely a notorious private.”

“I trust your judgement, colonel”

At this moment you were already very curious about the general’s behavior. You’ve never seem him so jumbled before.
You were about to ask him if everything was alright when he cleared his throat once again and turned to look at you.

“Well, um, colonel. I mean, Y/N. Colonel Y/N.” You raised an eyebrow and smiled at the scene “I was wondering…” he stopped and looked at the distance “I was wondering if–” he moved uncomfortably and fixed his collar “I– um”

You smile kindly at him, leaving the formalities of your jobs aside. “There’s no reason to be that nervous, Hux. Whatever it is, just say it. I’m your friend, remember?” You held his shoulders and looked at his eyes. He looked down at you and let a sigh out.

“Well, mm” he looked at the ground as his face grew red “I was wondering if maybe… If maybe you’d like to” he finally looked at you, and then got lost in your gaze “to… have… dinner. With me.” He took a deep breath “But it’s just, I mean, you don’t have to, if you don’t want to. Of you’ve already got plans for tonight or… I don’t know”

“Hux…” you tried to speak, but he wouldn’t shut up

“I know I’m your superior but I don’t want you to see it as a command, as if you need to do it for me. You don’t. It’s got nothing to do with pur jobs”


“But I don’t want to pressure you. If you don’t want to or maybe you got someone else that wouldn’t approve this. I hope I didn’t give you work for tonight. But if I did, I cancel it. You don’t have to do it. So, would you like to? I mean, I’m not a very good cook but–”

“HUX!” your voice caught the ears of a few nearby stormtroopers, but Hux finally shut up and looked at you, fear on his face. He looked like a 5 year old who just had done something very wrong. You placed your gloved hand over his before saying “Hux, I would like to have dinner with you. In fact, I think it’ll be very nice. And don’t worry about not being a good cook; I can come by your apartment and we can cook together. I’ll help you” you smiled, trying to assure him you were glad with his invitation.
He finally seemed to relax.

“Awesome!” A big smile appeared on his lips “Awesome! Yes! Um… Around 8 o'clock?”

“8 is good. Yes” you said with a small laugh

“Great!” He said “Well, um, I need to get back. Before Ren kills someone in vain… Again… But I- I see you tonight. Don’t be late!” He played

“I won’t, sir” you laughed and watched as he entered the base.

You only had half an hour before your shift was over, so you watched the end of the training and then went to your apartment as fast as possible.

You needed shaving.

Little Genius

Summary: You’re too nervous to check your results and Bucky offers you some comforting words.

Word Count: 885

Warnings: None, just pure fluff.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by abigayle12000

The familiar ping in your phone had alerted you of a new email in your inbox. You casually swiped it open, unprepared for what the news it contained would do to you.  A few months ago you had sat, probably, the most important testing for you career. If you wanted to go anywhere in the line that you wanted to, this was a make or break – and today, the results were released.

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Ingvar stared off pensively, off into the distance. Green eyes looked out from behind dark brows. Ambient birdsong filled the sunny woods. The wind rustled his long hair and caused his beard to tickle his face. The giant’s breaths were deep, and steady; his posture hunched and his legs crossed.

“… Sometimes,” he muttered, the low, gentle voice seeming to rustle the leaves of the trees, “… No. Often… I wishing I was not alone in the world. I wish that I had the others with me still, or that Hilda still lived. I cannot even be remembering much of my mother tongue anymores. I feel as though I lost, and can never be finding my way.” He looked down at scarred hands, a sort of melancholy-filled nostalgia surfacing from deep within his sub-conscience. Or had it always been there, just behind those green eyes? “The world having no place for a giant anymores.”

teacher weeb

This is a story about my ninth grade Earth Sciences teacher.  He wasn’t unhygienic or obsessed with anime, but he did idealize Japanese culture to an unhealthy degree, so I think he still qualifies.  

Whenever we had to divide numbers for a formula, he wouldn’t let us use the algebraic shortcut where you do the multiplication and subtraction in your head, and carry the remainder over to the next digit; he would make us write out the multiplications and subtractions by hand and clutter up the page (despite the fact that our math teacher was fine with us using the algebraic shortcut, and no one writes out the whole equation except for third graders when they first learn long division. And all of other science teachers I’ve had just told us to use a calculator).  His reasoning?  Because kids in Japan had to write out all of the long division steps, and they were so much smarter and better at math than we were, and we should be more like them (even though I don’t think he’d ever been to Japan, so I wonder how he knew that). 

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It had been three days since he’d discovered the letter sent from the Elder Council, and Kesan was still trying to figure out how he was going to tell her. He was still on the line between wanting and not wanting to go.

Eventually though, he figured there was no way out of it. So they took the first transport to the city that they could that wasn’t too unreasonably early, and arrived in the city by late noon. As they walked through the area, Kesan was uncharacteristically silent for a long while, simply taking in the area as best he could.

Dallas was the one getting all the stares, though. And it made his skin crawl. While taking in the scenery, he was also scanning the people around them for potential threats. He felt like he couldn’t trust anyone right now until he knew what the Kaidon wanted with them. However…

“My sister, Bena, has a shop nearby if I remember correctly.” He piped up suddenly, taking Dallas’ hand and looking down at her. “Before we visit the kaidon, I would like to visit her. As long as that is okay with you, of course.” It had been a few months since he last talked with his sister and her two sons. He looked forward to seeing them all in person this time around.

No sooner did he finish speaking, though, did another voice rise up, calling his name. Kesan’s head lifted to a tall male approaching. He had deep green eyes like Kesan, but he was a little shorter and not quite as built, but was certainly older by a few years at least. His most noticeable feature, though, were the heavy burn scars that lined the left side of his face, neck, upper shoulder and back. Kesan looked confused for a moment, before his eyes widened in recognition.

“Cero… Gods, what happened-”

The man laughed. “I could ask you the same thing, Kesan. A couple of Hunters did this during the Schism. I am lucky to have gotten out with just some burns. I see you are not without your odd injuries.” He was obviously pointing out the metallic leg that Kesan bore, and he shifted uncomfortably, but Cero laughed instead. “Don’t be so timid brother, I am not how I once was. And… I heard you were coming into town. I wanted to speak with you…”

“Can it wait for later? Dallas and I have a meeting with the Kaidon.” The deadpan tone took the older one aback for a moment, his head rearing slightly. But Cero eventually just sighed, laughing quietly.

Hard headed as always. Very well. I won’t keep you, but I do still wish to talk later before you leave… I wish you both a good day.” And with that, he padded off into the crowd. Kesan watched him go before sighing, deflating his defensive posture and glancing to Dallas.

“Cero is… my older brother. One of them, anyway.” He snorted, his brows furrowing. “He’s never had any interest in associating with me or Bena before… Everything is so… off. I cannot make sense of it.”


Can’t Be Friends (Part 8)

(Part 1)  (Part 2)  (Part 3)  (Part 4)  (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

Group: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Fluff

“You know, when guys say that girls are ‘light as a feather’, they’re just trying to impress them. You aren’t really feather-light” Taehyung complained. You laughed and held yourself tighter to his back. He stopped walking and jumped up a little, hoisting your thighs back around his hips. A friendly little racing wager for ice cream had ended with you on the ground and pain shooting through your ankle. It had subsided after a few minutes but Taehyung had insisted that you get on his back.

“I could always get down” you smiled.

Taehyung just kept walking toward the ice cream shop with you hanging on to him.

“We’re almost there. I’ll be fine” he said, moving a little faster. You could see the little shop and smiled. For an idol, you spent A LOT of time in this fattening place.

Taehyung trudged on until he finally made it to the front door. He pushed it open and found a table for you to sit down. “Put your foot up” he said, patting his thigh. You did as he said and he slid your pant leg up a little bit. His fingers turned your ankle gently as he examined it from different angles. It was a little bruised but there wasn’t any swelling or anything.

“You don’t feel the pain anymore?” he asked, looking at you.

“No, Doctor Kim” you said, mocking him.

He rolled his eyes and absentmindedly massaged your ankle. “Well, it isn’t a good date until one of us gets hurt” he smiled.

“Then you’re doing an excellent job.”

You smiled, looking down at his hands as they lightly rubbed your ankle. Tae looked behind him to the counter and squinted his eyes as he looked at the bright menu. There was a small girl with a ponytail assisting customers, her red and white striped uniform reminding him of a candy-cane. He smiled and turned back to you. “You want your regular?” he asked. You nodded with a smile as he placed your foot back on the ground.

He hopped up from his seat and walked over to the counter. Since this morning, you’d been with Tae. You ate breakfast together

Watched some movies together

Ate lunch together

Went to the park together

A date with him was a day with him. You weren’t complaining, of course. You loved being with him. It was just weird how awesome life seemed when you were together. It felt like everything was the same as it had always been. It didn’t feel like you’d been arguing lately and avoiding each other. In fact, considering that you knew that he had feelings for you too now, it felt even better being with him.

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