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lord of shadows snippet

They were far out from shore now—it was a shining line in the distance, the highway a ribbon of moving lights, the houses and restaurants along the coastline glimmering. “Well, as it turns out, my parents didn’t die in the ocean.” Emma took a shuddering breath. “They didn’t drown.”

“Knowing that doesn’t wipe out years of bad dreams.” Julian glanced toward her. The wind blew soft tendrils of his hair against his cheekbones. She remembered what it felt like to have her hands in that hair, how holding him had anchored her not just to the world, but to herself.

“I hate feeling like this,” she said, and for a moment even she wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “I hate being afraid. It makes me feel weak.”

“Emma, everyone’s afraid of something.” Julian moved slightly closer. “We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you don’t feel anything.”

“Jules—” She started to turn toward him in surprise at the intensity in his voice, but paused when she heard Cristina’s footsteps quicken, and then her voice, raised in recognition, calling:


If You Could Forgive Me

King Oropher finds you and Prince Thranduil together in bed and it infuriates him.

Warnings: Oropher being a real dick, like wowza, light nsfw themes, protective!Thranduil (that’s the opposite of a warning), Oropher yells at you and Thrans all like bro fight me, you do get hurt tho (Oropher slaps you and thran loses it), humiliation…
I think that’s all? There’s probably some more I can’t think of…


The Prince had his lips locked on Y/N’s, sealing a deep kiss. His hands gently touched her neck as his tongue touched hers.
She lets out a soft moan, and Thranduil smirks.

Y/N smiles. “Oh shut it.”

“Mmm, as you wish.” Thranduil’s large, warm hands traced underneath her light robe. He felt her soft skin and he let out a moan.

Y/N touches her lover’s cheekbone, ear, down his jaw, and gently through a few strands of his long, white hair.

Thranduil was ready to take off Y/N’s robe when suddenly the door slams open.

“Get her away from him.” It was the King.

He did not fancy Y/N, a soldier, he wished Thranduil to wed an elf of higher rank.

The guards hesitated. Thranduil tried cover Y/N with his large frame.

Oropher yelled at them again. Y/N immediately felt two rough hands on her arms as the guards dragged her off the bed. They force the maiden to stand up in front of Oropher. Her robe was hanging little off her shoulders, nothing was exposed but she felt glared and hated upon as Oropher’s eyes filled with hatred.

“What do you think you are doing with this elf in your bed, my son?” The king asks turning his gaze from hers and turned to his son who stood from the bed.

“Father! Do not harm her! She had nothing to do with this!” Thranduil spoke loudly. He treads to Y/N’s side and takes her sweaty hand in his.

“You’d dare touch a lowly elf soldier instead of a high Silvan maiden?”

“Yes. I would. I love her father, and I would see that I would be with her for the rest of my days instead of anyone else you bring to me.” Thranduil straightens up and squeezes her hand.

“Thran…” Y/N tries to whisper.

“Silence, whore!” He strikes her. She lets out a squeal as she felt his nails lightly dig into her cheek. Oropher orders the guards to drop her.

She fell to the ground, holding her face and did not notice her prince lunging towards his father.

“You dare lay a hand on her!”
Thranduil is suddenly held back by the guards. “Get your hands… off me!” He struggled to get out if their grip.

Thranduil wanted to kill the guards holding him, he wanted to strangle his farher, but most of all he wanted to take his elf in his arms, kiss her tears, heal her wound and take her away with him. Away from here, away from his father. He feels his knees being kicked, and he kneels on the ground, right next to where Y/N’s laying. His eyes grew wide upon hearing her small breaths coming out her quivering mouth. She held her hand tightly to her face. If she was bleeding he did not know.

“Oh, Y/N.” The elf prince’s voice was laced with worry. He looked at her, his eyes were wide with a deep concern.

“Look at her. A eleven soldier couldn’t even take a small slap to the face before she’s on the ground, sobbing like a child.” Thranduil glared at his father. “Tell me Thranduil what exactly do you see in her as opposed to all the other maidens I bring here? They are here for you, you know.”

“None of them want to be. None of those elves want to set foot here, being forced to marry some elf prince they had never seen before. Y/N is-”

“You think you love her? You think you love this weeping snake?”

“Do not call her such names!” Thranduil could feel his face getting warm. “Her name is Y/N. She is a captain of your guard. She is my longest friend and she will be the person I marry!” Thranduil shouts.

Y/N had finally opened her E/C eyes upon hearing what he had said. She knew she loved him. She knew. But of course there was that tiny little voice at the back of her mind that tried to prove her otherwise. Y/N places a hand on Thranduil’s thigh and looks at him.

“Thranduil, please. Don’t do this on my behalf. Your father is right,” She hated these words. “You deserve someone else. Not me. I’m sorry Thran.”

He looks at Y/N. “Don’t say that-”

“Enough!” Oropher raises his voice and drowns out any other sound. “Guards take her to the dungeons. Let no one see her.”

“What? No, my king, please, forgive me. I do not want to be sent there. I’ll do anything. I beg of you!” Y/N cries as one guard takes her out of the room as the other holds her prince. She tries to ignore his desperate pleas and screams.

I’ll probably do part 2 but we’ll see.

Dan x Reader - Not Enough For Her PART 1


Third Person POV
Everyday she would go and hang out at the boys’ place, for she was one of their best friends. Not to mention, she literally lived like 5 minutes walking distance to their flat, in the same exact district. But then, she would almost always go to a nightclub. Why? Well because Dan insisted on it nearly almost every night, whilst she and Phil stood by side awkwardly. Sometimes Phil would even talk up other girls, leaving her to have nobody to talk to and stand by herself.

I look around in the loud noisy nightclub that I am yet again at, dragged by Dan Howell himself. High heels, some silver something dress and black heels, paired with makeup. I sighed as Dan hit up a bunch of girls. Speaking to them with his arousing admiration and sparkling personality, drink in hand. He was surrounded like the entire club with long leggy, pretty blondes and I just kinda stood there. I wondered why I had been doing this for the last weeks. Then remembered Dan’s face as he smiled with his brown fringe and eyes, while we played together in the lounge. Random talks and catching up on TV shows with Phil bringing in more snacks. Walking through London and admiring him from below with his detailed face that keeps you coming back for more. That was why I was here, Dan Howell and everything about him. My best friend that I was so desperately in love with that I convinced myself to go along for his company. To spend the entire afternoon with him and gazing at his smiles, and then head to the club. As I went home at night as a girl was on Dan and then to see him again the next day. Somehow to me, it was worth it. He was worth it and although it hurt like hell, I’m too in love to care.

Third Person POV
“Dan, why don’t you just tell her already?” Phil asked confused watching the tall man lie on the floor, groaning.
“Because, Phil.” Hungover Dan said placing his face further into the pillow.
“Because?” His best friend asked from the friend he tried consulting with to no avail multiple times.
“Because I’m not good enough for her, Phil.” Dan spoke firmly raising his voice for bit because of his absolute frustration. He liked, no he love a girl. In his mind, she was absolutely perfect. Charming, witty, funny, beautiful and a kind heart that blew him away from the moment he met her. But of course, it was true good to be true. y/n was too good and too pure, absolutely too good for Dan Howell himself, or so he thought. So now, he would continue the process for the 2nd week and 3rd day in a row of going to the nightclub and looking for some excuse of someone who made up for y/n. Of course, they’d never go home with him, the farthest he made it was out to the street before he pulled off with Phil and left, only after y/n was gone. Except this time, there was someone who interested him just a little bit enough for her to stick around.

Today Dan spoke less and I don’t know why but it was just nice to be with him and Phil.
That was until Dan asked the dreaded question, “Club time anyone? It’s Saturday.” I looked to Phil and my already prepared dress as we all nodded and began getting ready. I thought it would all be the same, except tonight it wasn’t. Dan was actually with a pretty girl and it was tangible one. I heard the conversations with humor, similar interests, creative careers and stimulating goals. Heck, I already started to like her and from the looks of her long, fit, stature, who wouldn’t? That was the day everything changed for the worse. I was nearly going to cry that night as I stumbled into a 24 hour cafe, with a man sitting there. I was somewhat of mess, as I realized that I could never be what that girl was for Dan.
Perfect and captivating, she was everything a girl would want to be and I didn’t stand a chance. There was a silver lining though, as the man introduced himself and we got to chatting. He was working on some extra fulfilling project, besides his already stable career. I was intrigued, but more so lonely so we sat together and I quite enjoyed his company. He was kind and comforting, even though I literally didn’t tell him anything. Edmund, or Ed, gave me his number and for the next three weeks, we were getting close. Maybe there was someone to soothe my heartbreak.

Dan’s POV
It was now almost a month after the clubbing days, and I was with Poppy. We were now exclusive, and I quite liked her. We went on a handful of dates and her personality was versatile, something I appreciated, along with her desire for things to be gradually more intimate, it was classy. She was peppy and clever, I began to be more and more drawn to her free spirited nature. There was still days I missed y/n, but I had to move on and it seemed like she did as well. One time, she just said she was seeing someone and as I saw her less, the someone became her boyfriend. It was gut wrenching, but when I saw them together for the first time, they were dynamic. y/n looked didn’t look gloomy like when we went to the club, she grinned and Edmund, that was his name, took care of her. He was something completely aspirational and did charity for children, he was perfect for her and entirely better than me. I watched how he took care of her as they walked towards Poppy and I, his arm over her and mine over Poppy’s shoulder. I wished it could’ve had been mine over y/n’s shoulder, but it wasn’t.
//Time Skip//
Almost 2 Months

I still went to Dan and Phil’s flat, but now it was distant. Dan had a new girlfriend, her name was Poppy and she was quite literally a flower. Bright and happy with her blonde wavy hair, rosy face and clear cheekbones. I couldn’t help but not like her and she was so absolutely kind. Dan and her were worked so well together and it stung immensely but I couldn’t help but be happy for them. I wanted to be that girl with Dan so much, but I couldn’t be and never would be. I had to get over it. Besides Edmund was amazingly sweet to me and I guess I wasn’t alone anymore. But one day, I came over and poppy was there. She greeted me excitedly to suggest that her and I go shopping, while Ed came over with Dan to play video games. I awkwardly agreed and watched Dan’s surprise at his girlfriend’s suggestion, as I called Edmund over.

We headed out the door and I left the three boys at home, my boyfriend and guy who I wanted to be my boyfriend for so long and Phil. They all seemed to get along as Poppy and I headed out the door.
As we stopped at bench for a rest from shopping, Poppy suddenly asked, “Can I ask you for some advice with Dan?”
I looked over at her slight nervousness putting down my bags and nodding.
“Yeah.” I answered trying to sound sure.
“It’s just, I really really want to get him something. Like a present but I just don’t know what he would like.” Her pretty English accent entwined in her voice made the ramble sound pleasant. “I’ve only known him for barely two months and you’ve known him way longer. I need to get him something he likes. Do you mind helping me?” She smiled with earnest, and I realized she really did care about Dan. As did I, so I agreed happily and she squealed.

Dan’s POV
I don’t know how or why, but somehow the boyfriend of the girl I love is here on my living room couch, playing Final Fantasy XV with me. It was weird and confusing to say the least, but I guess I had to go with it. y/n’s boyfriend was great, he was cool and funny to talk to. Not to mention, he looked good and was just overall well rounded and successful. You couldn’t really not like the guy, and I had nothing against him. The only thing I held against him is that he’s with the girl I wanted to be with but could never, because well I wasn’t and would never be good enough as him. We made small talk and played more, as I sat there absent minded over how everything had become so messy. It was all my fault and there was nothing good about me to fix it.

Part 2: http://fictionallybliss.tumblr.com/post/157473019551/dan-x-reader-not-good-enough-for-her-part-2

Countdown to Lord of Shadows Challenge: Week 16

“They were far out from shore now—it was a shining line in the distance, the highway a ribbon of moving lights, the houses and restaurants along the coastline glimmering. “Well, as it turns out, my parents didn’t die in the ocean.” Emma took a shuddering breath. “They didn’t drown.”

“Knowing that doesn’t wipe out years of bad dreams.” Julian glanced toward her. The wind blew soft tendrils of his hair against his cheekbones. She remembered what it felt like to have her hands in that hair, how holding him had anchored her not just to the world, but to herself.

“I hate feeling like this,” she said, and for a moment even she wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “I hate being afraid. It makes me feel weak.”

“Emma, everyone’s afraid of something.” Julian moved slightly closer. “We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you don’t feel anything.”

“Jules—” She started to turn toward him in surprise at the intensity in his voice, but paused when she heard Cristina’s footsteps quicken, and then her voice, raised in recognition, calling:


rfa + makeup headcanons


- lil baby is surprised at first when you ask if you could do his makeup
- he feels more honored than embarrassed though
- sits on the bed while u pull out all ur stuff and asks you little things about ur products
- “THAT LIPSTICK WAS 40 DOLLARS?!” totally shocked at how expensive makeup is (even though he spends way more on that on
lolol on a daily basis-)
- when ur finished he is in awe at how pretty u made him look
- so proud of how skilled u r and so amazed at how sharp his eyeliner looks
- low key feeling himself
- he leaves it on the rest of the day, making you laugh (*serious tone* mc…. *turns around, dramatically batting eyelashes* tell me I’m pretty?)
- zen tells him he looks like a girl and thinks it’s hilarious, but he takes it as a compliment
- next time he wants to do your makeup!!
- he does and it’s awful and hilarious and you love it more than anything
- he’s sad that he did so badly on such a pretty girl like you but you reassure him that it’s your fave thing ever
- lots of smooches and laughing afterwards


- he’s had makeup on before lots of times due to being in theatre so he’s more than willing to let you practice on him
- thinks it’s the coolest thing ever that ur gonna be in the makeup crew for an upcoming play and hypes u up so much for it
- “zen it’s not that big of a deal it’s not even a big event-” “YOU HAVE THE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT JOBS THERE MC!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!”
- you’re embarrassed but you don’t mind all of the praise
- he likes the way your brushes feel- way better than any professional’s
- he literally will not stop staring at you while you do it and you feel shy but he’s so in love and he can’t stop looking at how focused you are and how wonderful and lovely you are
- when you’re done he takes endless selfies. Endless
- when will he stop it’s been hours
- his arm is cramping from holding his phone up for so long
- afterwards he insists on doing your makeup as well and you look like a princess when he’s done
- a messy princess, of course, but his all the same


- she knew you liked to watch beauty tutorials online, but didn’t really expect that you’d want her to be your model
- bashful about it, but she sees how enthusiastic you are and can’t say no to that face
- she is very quiet and still while you do it, being respectful to make sure you can stay focused
- loves it when you make little mistakes and pout over it for a few seconds
- you absentmindedly whisper things during, stuff like “your cheekbones are so good,” “I wish I had your eyelashes” “yesss you’re gonna blind someone with this highlight”
- she thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and just wants to kiss you, but stays still and politely smiles at you instead
- when you’re finished she kisses your cheek
- “you did a wonderful job, mc"❤️
- makes you tea and cookies afterwards as a token of her appreciation, she is such a sweetheart


- you knew it would be a tough challenge to get jumin to say yes to this
- when you ask if you could put makeup on him to experiment your skills, he’s not for the idea
- “luciel put you up to this, right? i’m refusing.”
- but after a while, you came up with a solution
- you slowly walk up to jumin and sit down on his lap, facing him and smiling
- “i found a sort of middle ground for us on my makeup proposal, jumin-”
- when he sees you with a cat-ear headband in your hands he’s more than interested
- 10 minutes later
- “this isn’t what I had in mind,” he mumbles
- you just smile at him and continue to perfect that cat-eye eyeliner look
- the headband is a little too small for him but he keeps it on for your sake
- if anybody else tried this on him, he would have never accepted
- but when you’re smiling and giggling all over yourself with that excited look on your face he really couldn’t deny your wishes
- with full cat makeup on (eyeliner, whiskers, a lil nose, the works!) jumin han truly looks like the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
- you cover his face with tiny kisses and he wants so badly to push your smiley self down and make u pay-
- that adorable childlike expression on your face really does drive him crazy
- he washes it off a few minutes after you do it, then comes back in the room to see you already making your lock screen kitty jumin
- “now it’s my turn, kitten,” he smiles and pulls you into a deep kiss
- we all know how this ones going to end so I’ll leave it at that


- it may or may not have been a sneak attack
- he still hadn’t waken up and it was 1:30 PM, so you decided to have your own fun
- he’s a cross dresser anyways so you doubt he’ll mind
- you basically had to straddle him in order to apply it correctly
- he drools. A lot
- almost impossible to apply the lipstick because he’s either salivating a waterfall or mumbling something in his sleep
- you remember hearing that sleep talking is supposed to reveal your innermost desires
- so why is he talking about buying a jacuzzi filled with green beans
- you decide to go with a harsh contour and orange+yellow smokey eyes
- the lipstick is bright orange (something you made the embarrassing mistake of wearing to middle school almost every other day)
- you don’t know but he woke up 10 minutes ago and he’s just enjoying it
- he loves to listen to you hum pop songs and sing softly while applying his eyeshadow
- and the weight of you on his chest, and feeling your soft breaths on his cheek when you lean in to perfect the little details
- when you adjust yourself and accidentally rub up on his boxers he really cannot handle it and jumps up on you
- you yelp in surprise and he grabs your waist and pulls you back on him, practically making out with you
- he pulls away and is obsessed with your dazed look
- sits up and checks himself out in his front phone camera while you compose yourself - “THIS IS THE BEST IVE EVER LOOKED MC”
- he kisses you EVERYWHERE and makes sure he gets that ugly orange lipstick all over you-
- sends lots of pics to the chat, even ones of you with orange kiss marks on your stomach and leading down to your
- nothing is showing but kiss marks all on your stomach and leading down under your skirt but you spam the chat a million times to make sure nobody sees it
- cuddles afterwards, he doesn’t wash his makeup off at the end of the night

They were far out from shore now—it was a shining line in the distance, the highway a ribbon of moving lights, the houses and restaurants along the coastline glimmering. “Well, as it turns out, my parents didn’t die in the ocean.” Emma took a shuddering breath. “They didn’t drown.”

“Knowing that doesn’t wipe out years of bad dreams.” Julian glanced toward her. The wind blew soft tendrils of his hair against his cheekbones. She remembered what it felt like to have her hands in that hair, how holding him had anchored her not just to the world, but to herself.

“I hate feeling like this,” she said, and for a moment even she wasn’t sure what she was talking about. “I hate being afraid. It makes me feel weak.”

“Emma, everyone’s afraid of something.” Julian moved slightly closer. “We fear things because we value them. We fear losing people because we love them. We fear dying because we value being alive. Don’t wish you didn’t fear anything. All that would mean is that you don’t feel anything.”

“Jules—” She started to turn toward him in surprise at the intensity in his voice, but paused when she heard Cristina’s footsteps quicken, and then her voice, raised in recognition, calling:


—  Lord of Shadows, Newest Snippet
Prince Charming (Part 2) - Liam Dunbar Imagine

As requested by caitybug-22 , xxteenwolferxx , canhenot and +3 Anon.  

Part 1: Prince Charming

Pairing: Liam x Reader (Featuring Stiles and Kira)

Word Count: 2402

Author’s Note: For this second part, I decided to make it into a fairytale book style, like a narrator telling the fairytale in between of what happens in “reality”. It’s a bit different than how I usually write imagines, but it was so much fun. I liked the challenge. I hope y’all will like it as well. Let me know what y’all think of this one. 😊 P.S. You should listen to Taylor Swift’s Enchanted while reading this.

Originally posted by mttymurdocks

Once upon a time, there was a beast, more specifically a werewolf, named Liam Dunbar and he was in love with a princess named Y/N. 

In his eyes, she was fearless, bright, and beautiful. He was in awe with everything she did. Her kindness and unselfish gestures made him want to be a better man. She was passionate about the things she loved. She was sometimes shy but isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and Liam loved everything about her. Except, there was one problem. She was in love with someone else.

Like every fairy tale, love is never easy or simple and has a long and hard journey of its own. Y/N was in love with a knight in shining armor named Stiles. He was funny and witty, but loyal. He was perfect, and the kind of guy every girl wants for her fairytale ending. In her eyes, Stiles was handsome and the kind of guy she imagined spending her life with.

Y/N had her heart set on her knight in shining armor, but Liam was willing to fight for his princess and win the key to her heart, as she already had the key to his, she just didn’t know it yet. 

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anonymous asked:

Yo, could you do a Derek x reader where the reader is a human with knowlegde of the supernatural? The reader gets caught or something and Stiles begs Scott and Derek to save her but when they are there they see her fighting like a badass? Thank you

Request - Derek Hale “No need for a hero”

Your arms were tied to the wall. You were certain that the rope wouldn’t hold you very long if you would pull a few times, but you preferred only giving that information away when you had also figured out how to get out of this dusty old place. 

It was the first time that being together with Derek had gotten you in trouble. Even though Derek wasn’t the kind of person to make enemies easily, he didn’t exactly make friends easily either. 

While your eyes wandered through the room you noticed a small window above your head. You squeezed your eyes a little to see how the window was locked and a smile spread across your face when you noticed that the window wasn’t locked at all. 

Whoever had taken you was not only a coward for taking an innocent human being. They were also stupid for not even locking you up in an isolated room without any escape option. Probably they had thought that being an innocent human being meant not being able to defend yourself. They weren’t the only one to make that mistake. 

You listened carefully, but there was nothing but silence. With a few pulls you freed your hands and you looked up at the window above you. It was a little harder to reach than you had hoped it would be, but hard didn’t mean impossible and you grabbed one of the protruding stones to pull yourself up.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Someone grabbed your ankle and pulled you down again. A strong fist tried to hit the back of your head, but you quickly turned away and dodged down. 

“Leave her alone!“ 

You were just getting ready to start kicking and punching your attacker when your boyfriend stormed in with Stiles and Scott by his side. You shook your head while you started smiling. After you lifted your foot up you kicked your attacker in their stomach. Immediately they fell on the floor and you jumped on top of them. In a strong rhythm your fists pushed their face. You broke their nose, their cheekbones, their jaw. When you were sure they would not get up within the next half an hour you pushed yourself up and straightened your clothes.

"Did you teach her that?” Scott turned his face towards Derek, but Derek was just staring at you with his eyes wide open and his jaw dropped. 

“I wish I had.” He eventually managed to say and he shook his head while you pecked his cheek. “I didn’t know you were that good of a fighter.” He was still in awe and you smiled brightly.

“You never gave me a reason to show this hidden talent.” You placed your hands on his cheeks and pressed your lips to his. “But, I don’t mind the three of you being here to give me a ride home.” You winked and Derek wrapped his arms around you while he kissed you back.

“A ride home, a warm bad and a few of my hidden talents.” Derek whispered and Stiles rolled his eyes. 

“Scott and I are still here…” Stiles moaned and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “And can we please leave now before that thing wakes up again?”

**Backroom Romp**
AU!Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction by Captain-Krazy
Sunday Smut Spotlight Submission
AU!Tom is a vendor that delivers more than just product to Backroom manager Gena
*SHIT! Not him again…. when are they going to change his route!?*
Gena thought to herself as one of the vendors made his way up the ramp with his cart of product. He had only been servicing her store for a few weeks now and she wished his company would stop sending him. Not because he was rude or anything, just the opposite; he was kind, friendly, and had manners. He was also hot as hell, she didn’t know what she liked more about him; his height, his amazing eyes, or that gorgeous smile of his. She just couldn’t stop thinking about fucking his brains out.
‘Hey Gena, how are you today?’
*Horny, as usual…. Thanks to you! Care to step into my office and help me with that?*
'Hi Tom. I’m good, how are you?’
'Pretty good, it’s a beautiful day’

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FANFICTION #29 Maleficent x Aurora

No time to write a review! This was written in an hour in order to still technically make it in Malora week. Here is a rough draft of my Day 7 (Family) Malora one-shot (will edit later): 

EDIT (7/21): I’ve finally got around to editing and smoothing it out a bit.

7/20 Family

“My Aunt is visiting tonight.”

Aurora looked up stunned. She had been married to Maleficent for three years now and she had never before heard of any aunt of Maleficent.

“Your Aunt? Where does she come from?” asked Aurora, curiously. The opportunity to learn more of her wife’s past was a rare and it intrigued her immensely.

She continued to stare at Maleficent’s pacing figure from her comfortable place in bed. The fairy turned to look at her wife with an abnormal discomfort masking her face. Aurora smiled gently and Maleficent couldn’t help but smile back at her true love, whose golden hair fanned out on their bed, still long as when she was 16, though time had certainly changed her in other aspects. Aurora’s body had developed perfectly, and at 21 she was the definition beauty and a clearly fulfilled magical gift.  

It was all hers to hold and touch, thought Maleficent to herself before answering Aurora’s question. “She comes from a place some ways beyond the other end of the Moor. She sent a bird with a message that she will be here by nightfall. We’ll make room for one more tonight.”

At this Aurora stood and clasped her wife’s slender fingers between her firm ones.

“My love, why does her visiting vex you so?” she asked.

“I raised myself after the passing of my father, but she would visit on occasions. I wish it was to check on me, but all she did was question my dedication and criticize the way I’ve led my life. There is no pleasing the woman,” admitted Maleficent.

“Then she is a fool to not notice the perfect woman you are. We will show her how wrong she is,” assured Aurora with a gentle kiss to Maleficent’s sharp cheekbone.

“I don’t know why she is coming now. She hasn’t been around since she first saw me with Stefan.” Maleficent sighed wearily. “I suppose we will find out tonight.”

Nightfall finally arrived and Aurora had finished the final touches of the meal she prepared. Maleficent had long since tidied up the home they had built upon the tree of Maleficent’s childhood. Candles and luminescent plant life was set around their small dining area. A newly fashioned chair had made its way to the table. The plates were set. Everything was prepared and they waited.

Soon came a familiar heavy sound of wings approaching the tree house that Aurora would have mistaken for Maleficent if she weren’t next to her already. The horned fairy straightened her shoulders and walked out the door to great the aunt who landed on the tree.

Before any greetings could be made, Aurora heard the mysterious aunt speak. “Still living in the same tree, ay Maleficent? It’s not healthy to be so attached to something.”

The Queen of Two Lands stepped out and caught sight of the woman who upset her wife so. She was another fairy, much like Maleficent. Her face was still an ethereal beauty; no wrinkles marred her face, but she held the airs of someone who had lived many life times. Her eyes matched Maleficent’s, though her hair was a platinum blonde, much lighter than Aurora’s own shade.

“Greetings, Auntie,” Maleficent managed to speak, though Aurora knew her well enough to see the slight twitch of her brow and tightening of her jaw.

“Is that boy still around? And who is that? Your daughter?” questioned the aunt. Aurora blushed. She is, technically, the age that Maleficent’s daughter would be if Stefan had not betrayed her.

“No Aunty, this is my wife, Aurora.”

“How do you do?” greeted Aurora as she stepped up and held her hand out in greeting. The aunt merely humphed at the extended hand, and walked inside the home.

“Such a small place. And so homely. You would think the Protector of the Moors would have better accommodations.” The aunt continued to criticize as her slightly beady eyes scrutinized and picked at ever detail.

“We prefer something simple,” said Maleficent. She then led her Auntie to the table (which she said was much too small) and they sat down to eat the meal Aurora had prepared.

They ate quietly without saying a word, and Maleficent took that as her Auntie finding the meal delicious. She silently thanked Aurora’s fairy aunts for lacking skill in the kitchen, forcing Aurora to learn cooking at an early age, a skill that had only been perfected over the years. Her stubbornness and refusal to eat plain berries and nuts had come in handy and Maleficent was never more grateful in that moment.

“Another human, hm?” The Auntie said, finally breaking the silence. “Did you steal her away or did she charm her way in for the jewels of the Moors?”

Maleficent gritted her teeth. “Aurora is the queen of the human kingdom and the Moors. There is no need for her to charm her way into anything.”

“A queen?” said the Auntie, almost genuinely surprised. “Not bad. How does she rule both places?”

“I have representatives who fill in for me while I live here. I stop by once a month to straighten things out in case any of the people cause trouble. Phillip sends Diaval if there are any emergencies,” piped up Aurora.

The aunt ignored Aurora’s attempt to enter the conversation. “What happened to that boy?”

“He betrayed me and he is gone. He is of no importance,” said the fuming fairy, shortly.

“I never liked him anyway. He had shifty eyes, that one. How did you two her?” asked the Auntie, motioning to Aurora.

Maleficent twitched uncomfortably. “I was with her since she was a babe. I watched her grow up.”

“Oh ho! A cradle robber then? How precious,” sneered the Auntie.

“Enough!” Aurora slammed her palm on the table as she stood up angrily. “You have come into our home to eat our food and insult us as if you own the place! Where were you when my father hurt Maleficent? Where were you when she cursed a babe in her anguish? You weren’t there and I will not have you act as if you have the right to anything! This is my wife and I refuse to let anyone insult her under my watch!”

The Auntie stared at Aurora for a while before standing up.

 “Come Maleficent,” she said simply. Maleficent looked at Aurora with reassuring eyes before stepping out with her aunt.

“You’ve done well, my dear girl. I’m proud of the way you’ve grown. I couldn’t have found a better partner for you myself,” said the Auntie in a gentle manner.


“I never trusted the Stefan boy and I hated that you were with him. I’m glad you finally came to your senses and found someone as strong and beautiful as you have finally grown to be. You deserve nothing less.” Her Auntie paused. “…though we will definitely have a discussion in the morning about some of the things I heard your wife say that concern me.”

Maleficent nodded her head shyly though a smile adorned her face.

“Yes, Auntie.”


Victorian Sherlolly

Part Four

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“Doctor Hooper.” Sherlock cut the woman’s path off before she could leave.

“Mister Holmes.” She said with a small tilt of her head and tried to move towards the stairs when she noticed his face. He seemed torn between two things, neither of which she knew, his eyes weary and posture tighter than usual, if such a thing were possible Molly thought. “Would you like an update on Elizabeth?” She offered, disliking the silence as it only made the tension thicker and almost unbearable when she knew how much the man disliked her.

Sherlock turned suddenly, so suddenly she let out a gasp and almost stepped back as he came closer. He seemed to notice her shock, emotions flittering across his face before she could recognise them. “Yes. Go on.” He muttered.

“She sleeps now. She…” Molly’s mind could not help but stray back to the conversation she had just had with the young girl. Surely Mr Holmes did not like her, he seemed unable to stand alone in a room with her without looking thunderous. “Her body is healing very well, I suspect she will be able to move her arm freely within the week, although do not allow her to lift anything heavy, save ruin all the recovering she has done.”

“And the nightmares?” Sherlock asked abruptly. His weariness began to make sense. This was a man who was deeply worried about his daughter, Molly sympathized with him. While he was an arse, he was a very caring father.

“Time, sir. Time and ensuring she knows she is safe and loved. I… I will not tell you my exact thoughts on the matter but just-”

“You still believe I should tell her about her mother?” He did not hesitate this time when he stepped forward.

“I think the girl deserves to know, yes.” She raised her chin and feared the harsh words he would no doubt sneer at her, but she would not allow herself to show that fear.

“And you, Doctor Hooper? Do you wish to know?” The air between them was heavy, it seemed almost like water wishing to be pushed through.

Molly felt her cheeks redden. “That is none of my concern, Mister-”

“Yes, I am aware, but you want to know, do you not? I can tell so there is no use denying it. So tell me Doctor Hooper, how can I tell my daughter that her mother did not die, as she believes, but in fact left of her free will? That after she were born, that woman had no interest in this tiny beautiful innocent babies life? How do I tell that beautiful, intelligent girl that her mother did not love either of us enough to stay, but instead abandoned us. Left me alone to…” Sherlock stopped, his movements stilling completely when he clearly remembered himself.

Molly did not know what to do. This man had bared far more than he most likely intended to and now she was unable to forget what he had said. She did not understand how anybody could leave their child, let alone a mother! Clearly her thoughts were on display as she made no effort to hide them.

He was so close now, only an arms length away, which she realised only because she had reached up to cradle his cheek gently. His eyes were rimmed red but now completely unreadable along with his other features.

“Mister Holmes.” She whispered, her thumb brushing along his cheekbone so softly she doubted he felt the small touch. “I… I will stay. I can remain in Elizabeth’s room for the night and keep her under my watch. You should… You require rest.” The words, while correct, did not feel right coming out of her mouth, as if she wished to say something else but she didn’t know what. “I will stay.” She repeated, her hand dropping from his face and finally allowing the rest of the world to exist.

He did not speak as he examined her face closely, in that way she hated but this time she allowed it, unafraid of letting him find whatever he needed to make him nod and bid her a quiet ‘Excuse me’ before he turned to his rooms.

Molly leaned against Elizabeth’s door for a long while before going back inside the young woman’s room. Had that really just happened? If her hand didn’t still tingle from where she had touched him, she would have sworn it had not.

The young Holmes’ words did not seem so ludicrous anymore. Perhaps… While she would deny that it were her he was interested in, it seemed very clear that Mr Holmes wanted, no, needed a mother for his daughter.

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Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Calum Hood)*

*requested* (based on the song by Panic! At The Disco)

His P.O.V.

Lust and rage were the only two emotions that I could fathom. Seeing her with another man already… so much for being ‘in love’. Come on, it had only been a week since we had broken things off. I wasn’t going to let her forget about me that easily. I took one last shot and started to head over to them.

As I got closer, the rage became more direction at him and the list was hitting full force towards (Y/N). The blood was already starting to rush between my legs. Jesus, I was hard as a rock just looking at her. My mind was filling up with the most unholy of thoughts imaginable.

She didn’t actually see me until I was standing right beside her.

“Calum?” she asked, the surprise evident in her voice.

“Come with me,” I murmured, pulling her away from the man that would remain unknown to me. Not that I cared.

“Where are we going?” she questioned, pulling out of my grip when we got to the dingy hallway.

“Is he as good as me? Huh?” I raised my eyebrow, looking down at her. “Could he make you squirm around like I did?” I questioned with harshness.

She looked at me with wide eyes at a loss for words. “Calum…” she started, but I backed her up against the wall and cut her off.

“I bet you think about me when you’re in bed with him, hey?” I growled, putting my hands on her hips. (Y/N) let out a gasp and her hands flew up to my chest. “You don’t need him sweetie… you have me…”

She bit her lip and I could see her throat bobbing as she swallowed thickly.

“You really think you’re that good?” She licked her lips and glared. “You think you’re that good of a fuck?” I wouldn’t bet on it…” she smirked darkly.

I raised my eyebrows and locked my eyes on her. “That’s what you really think?” I snickered, my cocky side coming through. “I’m a better fuck than he will ever be sweetheart…”

“Prove it… you cocky son of a bitch…” she challenged.

I grabbed her hand and started pulling towards the bathroom, but she was quick to pull away. “Excuse me, but if you think I’m letting you fuck me in some sleazy bathroom, you’ve got another thing coming,” she scoffed, and I rolled my eyes. “Did you drive?”

I nodded. “Yeah, why?”

“Backseat,” she smirked, taking control of me and pulling me through the club. I ignored everything else and focused strictly on her.

When we got to my car, I pulled out my keys quickly and unlocked the doors, opening the back and guiding her in. I was quick to follow, slamming the door behind me. She had already started unzipping her dress, sliding it down to the floor.

I bit my lip softly and sat still as she looped her fingers around the hem of my shirt, tugging on it slightly. Once she had it around my chest, I finished the job and slipped it the rest of the way off and tossing it with her dress.

I smirked down when she started to undo my belt, slipping it out of the loops. She was extremely sly with all her movements, taking her time and acting extremely smooth. As sexy as it was, I was about to burst.

She started grinding on my thigh, breathing softly with her movements. I took the opportunity to unzip my jeans and slide them down just enough to relieve some of the tension. I gasped out slightly slipping my hard erection out of the boxers and bit my lip, keeping my fingers wrapped around it.

“Nice, hard cock,” she smirked, leaning away from me while tugging on my arm. I manoeuvered myself around in the back seat so I was kneeling between her legs.

Looking down, I could see her nice, pink clit, tempting me more than ever. I reached down for just a moment, and once I broke the dry barrier, I could feel how drenched she was around her entrance. Pulling my hand back up, I pushed my tip in between her lips.

She looked at me, and without any warned, I pushed in. Her eyes widened and her whole body stiffened up as I filled her loosening heat. I could feel every inch of her as I got myself as far as I could, looking down to see that my base was practically right up against her.

“Jesus…” I whispered out, looking back up at her. “Good?” I murmured, holding myself still for a moment.

“Good,” she breathed out, nodding her head slightly.

I took that as my cue to start moving, so I lifted myself back out of her, feeling the cool air wrap around me erection. However, that only lasted milliseconds before plunging back into her soaking core. I couldn’t help but let out a loud groan when she was wrapped around me again.

It took me a few seconds, but I didn’t start slow. I could already hear our skin slapping together like clockwork and it was driving me insane.

Her hands flew up to my shoulders, and I could feel her nails digging into my skin roughly. I let out a loud hiss as she dragged them all the way down my back and the sweat gathered up to the surface of my skin. “Fuck…” I hissed out again, shaking my head slightly and taking a deep breath.

I couldn’t help it. I licked two of my fingers quickly and shoved them down in between our bodies. I felt around until I found her clit and pressed down, making a slow figure-8 over the bud. Judging by her body jerking around under my own, I could tell that she liked it.

It was getting hard to keep up the pace of my fingers with my thrusts, so using my middle finger and my pointer finger, I trapped her clit in between the two and squeezed.

(Y/N) let out a shrill scream and arched her back in a violent manner. My thrusts were getting sloppier and sloppier and my breathing was getting extremely heavy.

Sweat was beading on both mine and her forehead as things starting getting closer and closer to the end. My stomach was starting to tighten and my length was starting to swell and throb inside of her. But I wanted her to cum first. I was about to ask, but she gave me my answer quickly.

“I’m cumming! Holy shit!” she squealed out, thrashing her hips around underneath me. I felt her release and her whole body stiffened.

Looking down, I could see her gushing out around my length. Holy shit there was a lot. I didn’t have much time though. I thrusted deeply into her one more time before ripping myself out and finishing with my hand. The white cum shot out of my tip and landed in a stream across her stomach.

The car grew quiet other than the sounds of our heavy breathing. I remained in a kneeling position in front of her when she took some of the white liquid on her finger and stuck it between my lips. I had to have extreme self-control to not let myself get worked up again.

Tugging my jeans and boxers back up, the tension from earlier was completely gone. (Y/N) cleaned herself up the best she could before sliding back on her panties and her dress.

“Can you zip me please?” she asked softly, turning so her back was to me. I nodded and took the zipper between my fingers, slowly sliding it up.

Once it was back at the top, I took a deep breath and wrapped my arms around her waist. I couldn’t help myself. (Y/N) let out a slight gasp and put her hands over my arms. “I…” I started out, before quickly shutting myself down.

“You what?” she asked softly, taking her bottom lip between her teeth. I guess I had to tell her now.

What was the worst thing that could happen? “I miss you…” I admitted, attaching my lips to the base of her neck.

I could feel her arms sliding side to side on my arms, and it was a slight relief that it didn’t stop after I had made that comment. But she didn’t answer… that made me slightly nervous.

(Y/N) turned around in my arms, and my hands slid up to rest on either side of her neck. Her hands were so delicate against my cheeks as she leaned in. When our lips touched, this kiss brought back so many memories of the last three years we had spent together. There were flashes of moments where we would be lying in bed, just staring at each other, wondering what was next. I never thought it would be something like this.

She pulled back and smiled gently at me, running her thumbs over my cheekbones. I didn’t know what to do. She still wasn’t talking but… perhaps that kiss had been my answer?

“I wish we had never broken up…” she admitted. “We let a fight get in the way and… it took rough jealous sex in the back of your car for me to realize that,” she chuckled half-heartedly, swallowing thickly.

“I feel the same way sweetheart…” I chuckled softly as well, sliding the pads of my thumbs over her jaw bone.

I couldn’t keep myself from leaning in again and pressing my lips back to hers, needing to feel more. I missed her touch, I missed her presence. I missed her.

Fic: We Own Tonight (23/?)

Author’s note: It’s here! I hope you enjoy this chapter, as much as I did writing it. Big things happening for our couples! ;)

Also posted: FF.net / AO3

Chapter Twenty Three

It was gorgeous late summer day, sun shining, only a few puffy clouds marring the sky. Emma ran her hand over the grass, a line of daffodils springing up in her wake. Killian was out on the Jewel overseeing the preparations for them to leave. In three days they’d be on their way home. She was ready to go; more than anything she wanted to go home and see her parents. She wanted to introduce them to the man she loved and start planning the rest of her life.

A lot had changed in the last few weeks. She was different than the princess that had left home. Emma had discovered a lot about herself in the time she’d been away; she still wasn’t sure how she felt about it all, aside from her yearning to go home. But she would miss Arendelle, and miss Elsa most of all.

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“You lied to me! You put Octavia in danger "Bellamy yelled, holding Clarke’s wrists with such strength they could break.

Clarke was overwhelmed. Bellamy was there, in her tent, away from Mount Weather, and more important, safe. She could cry, what, all of the sudden she realized she was doing.

“Bellamy” she whispered.

“Bellamy?” he repeated “this is all you are going to say? After you put my sister in danger. After you lied to me”

“I went there” she tried to say, sobbing. She was compleately breaking down.

“How does that make anything better?” he was yelling again, shaking her “I could have lost her. I could have lost you too. I know you’re okay with me gone. I know risking my life was worth it for you. But risking yours is not worth it for me!”

“Risking your life was not worth it” she was the one yelling now, and her tears were falling without her permission, which was desperating. She felt weak “I regret it in the second I told you to go. I regret lying to you. I regret allowing that missile to hit TonDC. I regret everything. But at the same time I regret nothing. I was doing it to keep you safe. I did what I could. How was I supposed to choose between you and our friends and everyone else? What was I supposed to do Bellamy? What would you have done? I was so lost without you here. I need you and I have already said that. I can’t lose you and that I have already said too. I am sorry. But is so much on me. Everyone is counting on me, and so many lives depend on what I say or do. I want to help but I can’t do this alone. It is so hard not being allowed to feel anything.”

Clarke was sobbing hard. She couldn’t breathe. After weeks trying not to think of all those horrible things she had done and trying to do what Lexa had said and not allowing herself to feel, she had broke down. She was on the edge.

“Clarke” Bellamy whispered. He touched her cheekbones, then put his hand on her hair and wiped her tears away “I’m sorry. I am so sorry Clarke. I wish I had been here. I wish I could’ve helped you. Clarke it’s okay to feel. It is part of who you are. Don’t try not to. I am here now okay?”

He held her tight. She was so brave, so strong, and at the same time she was so small, shivering in his arms, her head lying in his chest. Bellamy kissed the top of her head.

“It’s so good to have you here” she whispered, with her arms wrapped around his body “it’s so good to listen to your heartbeat”

Bellamy’s heart stopped for a second. He was so happy to have her inside his embrace. Clarke seemed to run trough his veins. It was amazing how she messed with his soul.

“It’s so good to be here” he confessed “it’s good to see you, to smell you… To touch you” he was shivering. Her lips were pressed in his neck now and that felt like heaven.

Clarke looked in his eyes, still tangled up in him in ways that none of them could detach. Their souls were colliding. Bellamy realized that he never wanted to leave her again. Slowly, he touched her bottom lip softly with his thumb. Clarke’s eyes closed. He knew she felt it too, and that she wanted the same as he did.

Bellamy leaned, after what it felt like years, their breath mixed, creating a new scent that was bigger than anything they had felt before. And then, finally, he kissed her. Her small and delicate hands touched his face, causing a chill all over his body. She was so lovely, so soft, she was his cure. He was so in love.

“Don’t you ever leave again” she asked “I want you here Bellamy. Forever”

“I promise” he said, pressing their lips against hers, pressing his heart against hers. And then, they became one.

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To All The People That Reached Out To Me

There’s something in the way that so many of you started your letters “…I’ve never felt this way before…” or “…I never thought that anyone else could ever relate…” or “…You described something I haven’t been able to explain or describe even to myself…”

I am left breathless, immobile, just in awe of so many of you// your descriptions and the way you so readily opened up to me—I am beyond moved that you felt so connected to me and my experience. So, I thank you. I thank you for humbling me, for making me realize that as terrifying as it was to write all that I did (mainly for fear of my mother’s reaction) the reality is that we’ve probably all wanted to say so much over the years and haven’t felt the ability to say anything. But, I guess that’s what healing is about. First you diagnose, then you can start forgiving. 

I write for many reasons but mainly for personal catharsis. I write what’s deep and dark inside of me because that’s all I can really do to survive. So, there’s been no bigger gift to be able to let some of you feel less alone. Maybe that’s why I’m so honest about all this? I wish when I was a kid someone had of told me that not everyone has a normal life—or rather—explained to me: “There’s no such thing as a normal life! And that’s okay!” 

Mothers are strange. I’m obsessed with motherhood. I’m obsessed with my mother. The way the skin on her face is so soft, her cheekbones still so high. She will always be the love of my life—no matter how much I’ve hated her over the years. She gave me life, and somewhere beneath all of the pain I know that she loves me innumerably and these days, as my own pain lessens, I feel it. I feel her love move through me in waves. It doesn’t mean she’s gotten better—or that she’s even getting better—I’m still very much in the thick of it, but I’m learning how to cope and that’s been everything. 

We are all worthy of love, but we don’t need it from our mothers. We can give it to ourselves.