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Sick as Frick

Request: could u write one where you’re close with Josh and Tyler so you go on tour with them, helping out, etc, and you get really sick while on tour so they look after you xxxx

“You can just set that over there,” one of the other crew members told you as you started unpacking equipment from one of the gigantic boxes. You had been asked to join Josh and Tyler on tour. The official reasoning being that you would help set up and take down everything they needed for the shows, but you knew the boys just wanted to bring you along as their friend. However, as much as they begged you to just come hang out with them when you arrived at a venue, you always denied them. Fearing that the guilt would be overwhelming if you didn’t at least lend a hand to the rest of the crew.

So here you were, dragging bundles of cords across the stage and grabbing various tools for people. It wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but hey, somebody had to do it.

A headache started forming a little after lunchtime, constantly nagging you and refusing to let you think for more than 30 seconds straight.

“Hey, you okay?” Mark asked as he was setting up his camera equipment.

“Yeah, just a headache. I think I’m gonna go grab some Advil.” You made your way to the buses where your bags were stored and rifled through your medicines.

“Done early today?” you heard somebody say from behind you. You turned around and saw Josh grabbing something from his bunk.

“I wish,” you laughed, “but I’m just grabbing some medicine for my headache.”

“Dang it, I thought we might actually be able to hang out for once,” he laughed. “Well, I hope you feel better.”

“I certainly will try.” You popped a few pills in your mouth and swallowed them down with a sip of water. “I’ll talk to you later.” You headed back into the venue and continued helping out. That is, until you thought your head was going to explode.

“Y/n?” you heard somebody ask. You had managed to find a secluded corner to curl up in and try to ease the constant pain radiating from your head throughout your entire body. “Hey, you okay?” Tyler crouched down next to you, setting a hand lightly on your back.

“Head,” you mumbled, “hurts.” Every word you spoke made the pain increase. You winced as Tyler called Josh over. He must have noticed because once Josh joined the two of you he spoke in a hushed tone. And moments later you were being lifted up into Josh’s arms and hauled away to what you could only assume would be your bunk.

When you were finally set down something seemed off. It felt like a bunk, the slight discomfort of the thin mattress felt familiar on your hips. But it definitely wasn’t yours. The absence of your favorite blanket and the faint scent of spearmint gum confirmed your suspicions. You cracked your eyes open to see the boys quickly gathering things from different places on the bus and returning to you.

“Okay, so you need to take a nap. We’ll make sure nobody comes and bothers you, and feel free to text us if you need something. I’ll make sure Jenna has her phone on her at all times,” Tyler says, handing you your phone.

“Uh, here’s your blanket and a water bottle. You can use my laptop if you want to watch Netflix or something.” Josh draped the blanket over your now shivering form. “I’ll stop by before the show starts to make sure everything is okay.”

“Thanks guys,” you mumbled.

“Anytime,” Tyler smiled, “feel better.” They made one last check to make sure that you were comfortable and had everything you needed before exiting the bus and leaving you to fall into a deep sleep.


“y/n?” you felt somebody’s hand on your shoulder urging you to wake up.

“Hm?” you groaned, still stuck in a semi-unconscious state.

“You’ve been sleeping for five hours now, you okay?” you recognized Josh’s soothing voice. As you accepted the fact that you weren’t going to be going back to sleep, you opened your eyes and allowed the full affect of how sick you were to set in. Your stomach was churning, the dim lights seemed too bright for your eyes, your throat felt raw and scratchy. Josh brought his hand up to your forehead, “y/n, you’re burning up.”

“Really?” you asked, “it feels like its thirty below in here,” you added, trying to wrap the blanket tighter around you.

“Hey Ty! Do we have a thermometer?” Josh shouted over his shoulder towards the front of the bus. You winced at how loud he was and tried to bury your head further into his pillow. “Oh, sorry,” he now spoke in a hushed tone. Tyler soon appeared next to Josh and stuck the thermometer under your tongue.

“You don’t look so good y/n,” he said, brushing some hair out of your face. You all waited for the obnoxious beeping to sound, and once it did Tyler frowned. “Hundred and two. I’ll go grab some more medicine and make you some tea. How does that sound?” You let out a groan that hopefully indicated that you would love that.

“Here’s another blanket,” Josh said, wrapping a thicker blanket around your shivering body. “Do you need anything else?” You shook your head. The only thing you needed was to feel like you weren’t dying. Josh sat in your bunk which was directly across from his. As you waited for Tyler to return, your eyes fell shut and you were on the brink of sleep.

“One cup of earl grey and some disgusting cough syrup for a miss y/n.” You smiled and managed to get yourself into a semi sitting position so that you could drink without spilling on yourself.

“Thanks Ty,” you croaked, downing the shot of “grape” flavored syrup. The boys laughed as you scowled. “That was so gross.”

“Sorry. That’s all we had,” Tyler explained. You gulped down half of the tea that you had been handed, thankful to wash out the bitter aftertaste of the medicine.

The longer you continued to sit up, the worse your headache became. It soon became unbearable so you handed your mug back to Tyler and slid back down so that you were laying in the cramped bunk.

“Head still hurting?” Josh asked. You nodded slowly, not wanting to cause anymore pain. You heard him climb out of the bunk and return a few seconds later. “Here,” he said softly, placing a cold washcloth on your forehead, “does that feel better?”

“Yeah, much better,” you sighed, happy that some of the pain was subsiding.

“Well try to get some more sleep. We’ll be here if you need anything,” he said, leaving a light kiss on the top of your head. Your cheeks heated up slightly and a small grin broke out across your lips.

“Feel better,” Ty said, closing the curtain next to you, plunging the bunk into darkness. You started feeling the affects of what must have been the nighttime cough syrup and within minutes you were out.


“Be quiet! You’re gonna wake her up!” You heard two voices arguing with each other from the other side of the curtain.

“Josh, it’s 3 in the afternoon. It’s not healthy to sleep for this long!” You deciphered this voice as being Tyler’s. Wait. It is not 3 already. Is it? You clicked the home button on your phone only to find that it was in fact afternoon already. You hastily pulled back the curtain and both of the boy’s heads snapped to where you laid.

“Good morning.”

“It’s not really morning anymore,” Josh laughed, “how are you feeling?”

Right, you were sick. As soon as he reminded you of your illness you feel a wave of nausea hit you.

“You look a little green,” Tyler commented. You quickly kicked off the many layers that you had been buried under and darted for the doors of the bus. You made it off and to a row of bushes just quick enough to empty whatever had been in your stomach in a violent fashion.

The boys were quick behind you, Josh pulled back your hair and Tyler rubbed soothing circles on your back. Once your puking episode subsided, you slowly sat down on the concrete and brought your head in between your legs.

“I’ll grab you some water, don’t move.” Tyler jogged back to the bus, leaving Josh to comfort you. He ran his hand up and down your back, trying to sooth your now shaking body.

“Take some deep breaths,” he encouraged, “I know it feels like somebody just shot adrenaline into your heart, but you’ll be okay.”

Tyler returned and crouched down in front of you. “Can we do anything?”

“No, just,” you took in a large breath, “I’m sorry.”

“Are you seriously trying to apologize for being sick right now?” Tyler laughed.

“I’m ruining the tour for you guys,” you explained.

“You are not ruining tour. People get sick, you couldn’t help this.”

“I could’ve if I hadn’t come with. I’m not even really helping with anything when I wasn’t sick.” You looked up and met Tyler’s soft gaze.

“Nobody asked you to help out, and you are anyways,” Josh chimed in. “You can go ask anybody on the crew and they’d tell you how valuable you are to them.”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure they said they’ve been cutting down on the time it takes to set up because you’re always running around helping everybody.”

“I guess it always just felt like I was getting in the way,” you sighed, looking back down at the ground.

“Well stop beating yourself up. It’s probably part of the reason you’re so sick. You worked yourself ragged,” Josh said, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his chest. “Now, do you feel like you have to puke again? Or can I go wrap you up like a mummy in my bunk again?”

“I suppose I can go back to my sarcophagus,” you laughed. Josh picked you up and carried you back to his bunk, gently setting you back down in the small nest of blankets you had made. Once you got comfortable again, Josh handed you another dose of medicine.

“Alright, I’ve got a show to do. Try not to sleep an ungodly amount of hours again, yeah?” He laughed.

“No promises.”

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Off Limits

Relationship: Luke x Reader

Words: 2459

Masterlist l Request

Author’s note: I feel like I haven’t posted on here in forever, which is not really the case but whatever. Anyways, I’m not really sure how I feel about this piece but hopefully it’s better than I think it is! 

Michael was only two years older than you and yet he seemed to think he was a third parent sometimes. Not that you minded him looking out for you, but it did bother you when he blatantly told you you couldn’t do something. Like that one time you wanted to tag along with his friends while they went out to a local show and he told you “you’re too young to be around all the drinking” or when he told you that crushing on his friends was “completely off limits,” as if you had a say in who you’re heart ended up crushing on. Regardless, when he left for a world tour with his band a few months ago you knew you’d miss him, so when he invited you to join them during some of their leg in North America you couldn’t say no. Especially, when it meant spending time with you best friend Luke, who just so happened to be the band’s lead singer.

Sadly, being on a world tour was nothing like the small van tours you used to accompany them on around your hometown. Instead of spending endless hours laughing with the boys you mainly found yourself trying to keep quiet in the early morning hours to not wake the boys and risk them being exhausted for whatever stop on the tour was that night. And to be honest, you were quite disappointed. You thought when Michael had asked you to join him it would include adventures around America but with him too tired to even play video games with you most of your time was spent nestled into your temporary bunk watching Netflix and reminiscing.

At least that was the case until your best friend saw that you weren’t having an amazing time and decided to change your opinion of tour life. Suddenly, Luke was pulling you out of your bunk in the early morning hours just to mess about on Michael’s xbox before he woke up. Those silly games usually ended up in screaming matches waking the whole bus up and causing Luke and you to be banned from playing any video games together within the hours of 2 to 9 in the morning. Having to replace your quality time somehow, the two of you turned to streaming stupid Netflix movies in his bunk and whispering your own dialogue to each other. That didn’t last long either, though, seeing as Calum grew quite irritated with the snickering and Michael all but had a heart attack when he found the two of you nestled into one bunk sleeping.

It was the days between shows that Luke and you really got to do quality best friend things together. He’d take you out for breakfast to the city’s “best diners” and the two of you would order as much breakfast food as possible. You even kept a list of the best places and food dishes — so far some diner in Massachusetts held the record for best pancakes but you still had three weeks to find a better place. Sometimes the rest of the boys would accompany the two of you out and you’d go sight see, taking hilarious tourist selfies in front of the biggest ball of yarn and other state landmarks. Luke even took you shopping in New York and Los Angeles with the promise that you’d let him buy you something without an argument, which you ultimately complied too, making sure to pick the lowest price items in the stores.

Finally you were spending quality time with your best friend and having fun, you just wished Michael would quit hovering over the two of you in the bus and focus more on beating Calum at whatever video game they were playing that day.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” Michael said, one night when he managed to separate you from Luke.

The two of you were sitting in the lounge having some quality brother/sister time. And you were having a great time too, watching some anime Michael had gotten addicted to on tour that he wanted you to watch but of course, he had to ruin the moment.

“Why would I get hurt?” you asked, incredulously.

“You’ve just been going out a lot together, alone. The fans might get the wrong idea and,” he trailed off.

“Luke and I are best friends, I think your fans no that.”

They didn’t.

The fans seemed to be fine with random pictures of the two of you at diners and weird landmarks but when a picture surfaced of the two of you at a fancier restaurant, the rumors started. Suddenly, you were getting death threats sent via twitter and your instagram account was blowing up. Girls were even scrolling as far back as four years ago to see pictures of Luke and you in your prepubescent years smiling at a camera in matching pajamas. Within a matter of days you went from the fan’s favorite to the number one person on their hit lists. And it wasn’t even the death threats that made you upset, it was the fact that so many of these girls thought you weren’t good enough for their Luke.

Their Luke, as if he actually belonged to them in the first place.

They didn’t know Luke like you did. They didn’t get to hear his raspy voice at three am telling you to scoot over because he had to pee. They didn’t get to witness his awkward twelve year old phase when he thought he was god’s gift and tried to flirt with every girl he saw using only corny pick up lines. And they definitely didn’t know the Luke that would sneak over to Michael’s room and drink until the sun came up just to forget whatever stupid girl broke his and Michael’s heart that week.

But still, that wasn’t what made you upset — not really at least. No, it was the fact that they didn’t think you were good enough for him that got to you.

Sure, you had told your brother that the two of you were just friends but you knew better. Deep down, there had always been a spark between Luke and you, you just never did anything about it. It was one of the main reason Michael set up the whole “no dating one of my friend’s” rule in the first place, you and him both knew that. And yet, you couldn’t help but smile bigger and laugh louder when Luke was around. Even after all those years, it was still only Luke that held the key to your heart as cheesy as it sounded.

And now to hear that you weren’t good enough for someone you’d crushed on since you were ten, well it sucked but you weren’t going to let those girls win. Instead, you continued going out with Luke, made all social media accounts private, and made sure to only cry in the shower when you knew the boys were out and about.

In fact, that’s precisely what you had been doing only moments before you heard the bus door slam followed by the muffled chuckles of what sounded like Calum and Ashton. Fearing you were about to be caught, you desperately splashed water onto your eyes before jumping out of the shower and getting dressed.

“Y/N? Are you in there?” Ashton asked, knocking on the door.

“Just a second!” you answered. You rushed through your make up routine, only applying a thin line of eyeliner to your lids before opening the door to a waiting Calum and Ashton. “What’s up? I though you guys had an interview today.”

“Oh we did,” Calum smirked.

“It was very interesting,” Ashton added.

“Really? What happened?”

“We could tell you or you could watch it for yourself.”

“Wait it’s already up online? Don’t those usually take a few days to edit and upload?”

“We have the rough video. It’s supposed to go to our publicist for an okay but we think there’s something you need to hear,” Ashton said.

“Something I need to hear?” you gulped, what possibly could they be talking about. Did Michael tell that embarrassing story of you dancing in your underwear to “She Looks So Perfect” again? Or worse, did he show them the video of you singing it? “Just play it so I can stop stressing,” you nervously chuckled.

You sat in between Calum and Ashton as they loaded the USB into the computer. It took a moment for the video to transfer from the device to the computer but once it did, Ashton launched the video and you bit your nails nervously. It seemed to be a normal interview, full of questions about tour and the album that was currently in the works. The boys were joking around as usual, Michael finding every which way to work a swear word into his answers just so someone would have to sit an edit a beep sound over him.

But then things changed.

The interviewer turned her attention solely to Luke, before pulling out a picture from her notebook that sat in her lap. She showed it to him before firing of into her little narrative.

“Word is that you and this mystery blonde have been seen out and about several cities during the American leg of the tour. Do you have anything you’d like to say?”

Michael’s jaw clenched at the sight of the picture. He hated when you or anyone from your family was brought into the media. He was the one who was famous after all, not you.

“That’s my sister,” he deadpanned. “And I believe I’ve said multiple times to keep my family out of the media.”

“Perhaps your band mate didn’t get the memo,” she snapped, turning her attention back to Luke. “Now Luke, care to tell us about this mystery blonde?”

“She’s my best friend, but as Michael said our family is off limits.”

“Best friend? You mean to tell me you don’t think this girl is cute? Do you like her?”

“Of course she’s cute! And yeah I like her she’s my best friend!” Luke blushed, forgetting that there was an army of cameras around him.

“Awe, so the truth comes out,” the interviewer said, facing the camera. “Looks like all those crazy fan’s assumptions on twitter are correct. I guess it’s safe to say Luke Hemmings is officially off the market, Ben and Jerry’s sales will be soaring this week, better take up stock!”

“Don’t spread false information,” Ashton said.

“And don’t insult our fans,” Calum scoffed, before the screen went black.

It felt like there wasn’t enough air on the bus, your breathing shallowed as you tried to wrap your head around what you just heard. Beside you, the boys sent worried glances to each other before Calum rubbed a soothing hand on your back.

“He thinks I’m cute?” you whispered in disbelief.

“Oh my god Y/N, have you been living under a rock!”

“Luke’s been in love with you for years. Longer than I’ve known him I’m sure,” Ashton adds.

“No he hasn’t.”

“Yes he has. The only reason he never said anything is because Michael always had that rule that you were off limits or something.”

“What? I though he only told that to me. Is that why none of you would look at me the first time we all hung out together?”

With no answer, you knew that was the answer. Cursing, you stood up ready to confront your brother when the door to the bus flew open revealing Luke and Michael, both of them looking like they needed a long nap.

“You told them they couldn’t like me?” you shouted, glaring at your older brother.

“You showed her the video?” Luke yelled at the same time Michael was shouting about wanting to protect you.

The bus soon became a screaming match with lots of different words being exchanged but none of them really resonating with anyone. You were yelling at Michael who was yelling at Calum and Ashton and Luke was yelling at you but you weren’t even listening. Finally, Ashton raised his voice louder just to end the madness.

“Nothing is going to get solved with all of us yelling. Let’s let Luke and Y/N talk and Michael you can continue scolding Cal and I outside.”

Surprisingly, Michael everyone obliged to Ashton’s words and him and Calum followed Ashton, leaving you alone with a worried looking Luke. Things had never been awkward between the two of you before but there was a first for everything. Neither one of you knew what to say so you sat across from each other in silence, Luke playing with his lip ring while you picked at the polish on your nails.

“So,” you said, hoping to end the reign of silence.

“I didn’t mean for you to get brought up in that interview. I mean I knew the fans were talking but I didn’t think they’d ever bother to take a picture of us and send it to that awful lady,” he rambled.

“I don’t care about the picture, I’m much more interested in learning how long you’ve thought I was cute,” you smirked.

Luke groaned, his cheeks growing rosy as he tried to cover them with his hands. If you were seated closer to him you would’ve pulled them away but instead you left him be. After all, confessing your attraction to your long time best friend in an interview was pretty embarrassing.

“You know I think you’re pretty cute yourself,” you teased which only caused him to blush more. “You could have just asked me out.”

“Michael would have killed me,” he mumbled, finally taking his hands away from his face to look at you. “He almost killed me the night I told him I liked you in year seven.”

“You mean he knew?” you marveled. “That little ass. He knew I liked you and you liked me and he kept it to himself.”

“Sounds like Michael to me,” Luke chuckled.

“Well, you know what that means right?” you asked, only getting a head shake from Luke in response. “Our first date has to be one that includes getting my stupid brother back for lying to us for years.”

Two days later the two of you found yourself at a Walmart stocking up brown hair dye, because if there was anything Michael hated more than his band mate and sister dating it was having his hair a natural color. Needless to say, he was going to learn his lesson and you and Luke were going to have the best date of many to come.

And to think, it was all because of a slimy, unprofessional journalist. 

Joe Sugg imagine || Hit ||

prettylittleyoutuber said:

Hi I literally found your blog 5 minutes ago and I’m in love you’re such an amazing writer! I was wondering whether you could write an imagine where you and joe get into a really heated argument and he hits you so you leave and go to the zalfie household and Alfie gets REALLY pissed at Joe. Thanks ��❤️

- - -

“It couldn’t have gone far! Honestly, Joe – I set it right here.” You were one hundred percent positive you had placed the memory card Joe had been using on top of his closed Macbook when you removed it from the camera to record your Twitter question Tuesday video.

The pair of you had been looking for the memory card for the last hour and it was slowly turning into a heated argument of Joe telling you, you need to be more careful and it was getting on your last nerve.

“Are you sure you put it here, because if you really did, it would be right here.” Joe gestured to the top of his Macbook. He looked extremely annoyed.

You looked up from looking under the bed, “I’m positive Joe, I know where I put it – I’m not incompetent.” Your tone was breathless, tired of answering that same question.

“Well, I think you might be – a memory card just can’t get up and walk away (Y/N).” He glared and you stood up, “I know were I put it!” You finally snapped at him.

“Obviously you don’t!” Joe snapped back, “I had four videos on that card waiting to edit!” He got closer to you, you stepped back as you ran your fingers through your hair, “fuck sakes, Joe! Can you stop getting anger with me and maybe help me look?” You suggested.

“I don’t know why we even went on this holiday, it was stupid – should’ve just stayed home and this wouldn’t have happened.” Joe glared at you again.

“Oh, sorry if I wanted to get away from London for a while and we’re in Brighton, Joe – not Timbuk-fucking-tu!” You snapped pointing out. Gesturing out the raindrop covered window of the bedroom in the small townhouse you had rented for the week.

Joe was silent while he stared you down, annoyance and anger clouded his blue eyes. “I can’t deal with you like this, honestly – you’re impossible. It’s a memory card it will show up!” You shook your head.

You stepped around him going to leave the bedroom and let the situation defuse a little bit, but Joe grabbed your hand and pulled you back to the centre of the room. “We aren’t finished here.” He said sharply.

You looked up at him from looking at your hand that he held onto tightly, it hurt a bit. “Oh yeah, we are.” You pulled your hand away, “No, we AREN’T!” Joe cracked yelling, he brought his right hand up and it made contact with the left side of your face with a loud smack, you didn’t feel anything at first as your mind didn’t register what had just happened until you felt the numbing tingles across that side of your face… Joe had just hit you.

You turned your head back to look at him – as it had been knocked to the side from the force of his hit, your (colour) eyes had widened and welled up with tears at the same moment. Joe was just staring back at you with wide eyes the anger in them washing away as realisation set in.

Joe went to open his mouth but you shook your head, tears started rolling down your cheeks, you quickly left the bedroom, rushing down the stairs, your feet moved down them so fast the bottoms of your shoes kept squeaking against the varnished hardwood.

Opening the front door you slammed it behind you and rushed out onto the sidewalk, almost running up the street you stopped around the corner, rubbing your eyes, seeing the bus schedule on the stop across the street.

You calmed yourself down enough to stop crying, your face still tingling. The only people you knew left in Brighton was Zoe and Alfie, you didn’t want to drag them into your drama but you needed somewhere to go…

…You stood in front of The Zalfie pad front door, wondering if you should even knock, it took you ten minutes of debating, until you finally brought your hand up knocking.

“Alfie, did you order something?” You could hear Zoe’s voice as she turned the door knob opening the door, she stepped back surprised by seeing you. “(Y/N)!” She exclaimed, smiling at first but it faded off, “what’s wrong, what happened?” She almost pulled you through the door before you could explain.

“Put tea of Alfie.” Zoe said walking by the kitchen with you in tow, “okay, what happened – you’ve been crying, you aren’t pregnant are you?” Zoe asked in a rushed voice, looking you over again and again worried.

“No, Zo – nothing like that.” You assured, feeling miserable, you had only wished you came baring good news. “Okay, so… Something happened with Joe.” She sat on the edge of the coffee table in front of you.

You felt your bottom lip quiver and the tears begin forming again, “Zoe, he hit me.” You whispered.

“What! Why?!” Zoe asked sharply in a quick tone that made you jump a little bit. “Sorry.” She noticed, taking both your hands, squeezing them comfortingly now.

“I lost his memory card, I took it from the camera – I put it on his computer and it disappeared, we were fighting and I went to leave – he tried to stop me, but I went to leave again and he got really angry and he slapped me across the face.” You explained slowly as you used the sleeve of your Caspar Lee pizza slice sweater to dry your tears.

“Oh god, (Y/N).” Zoe said, moving to take you into a comforting hug, rubbing your shoulder and arm slowly. “I’m so sorry.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry I came here and ruined your day, I don’t know anything else in Brighton anymore.” You lent into her a little, feeling horrible about everything.

“Don’t be silly.” Zoe kissed the top of your head like a protective older sister. “I’m going to get you that tea.” She nodded, getting up after a minute and disappearing into the kitchen…

* Zoes POV*

I walked into the kitchen after leaving (Y/N) on the couch, seeing Alfie standing and staring out the kitchen window while the kettle boiled. “Did I hear right?” He asked looking down at me and I nodded with a somber sigh, “they got into a domestic and Joe slapped her, yeah.” I exhaled, grabbing the milk from the fridge.

“That isn’t okay, Zoe.” He turned from the window and I could feel his eyes on my back, I side glanced him as I found a spoon. “I know… I don’t really know what to do, personally … I’d just hit him back.” I admitted, after all that is how siblings typically resolved issues.

“He deserves a smack, you don’t hit someone you love.” Alfie had a troubled look on his face. “Even if its the heat of the moment.” He added, looking at me and I nodded. “I know…” I answered him fully agreeing.

“Should I go speak to him?” Alfie asked looking at him for a guidance in this situation. I thought it over for a minute, putting the milk back into the fridge. “That might be a good idea.” I admitted.

“Okay, I’ll go speak to him. I’ll be back, I love you.” He smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. “I love you, too.” We exchanged a short kiss.

* Joes POV *

“What the fuck have I done.” I spoke to myself, my hand ached from having hit my girlfriend for losing a memory card?? I’m such an idiot. I stood there for the longest time just staring unsure what I should do.

“Oh God.” I said pulling at my hair for a second, I picked my red hooded sweater off the desk chair the bedroom had and I felt the colour draining from my face.

Staring up at me from under my sweater on the chair was a blue 64 gigabyte memory card. “Awh no.” I reached down picking it up, looking it over in fine tipped sharpie was ‘JS’, it was my memory card, the one that caused all of this.  

I must have knocked it off my computer when I threw my sweater down…

Hearing the door my heart skipped a beat, “(Y/N)?” I called in hopes, I rushed down the stairs almost tripping over myself wishing anything that it was, I opened the door and staring down at me was Alfie and before I could get a word out of my mouth…

“What the HELL is wrong with you?” He snapped seriously, I felt him push me back a little as he walked into the house, I don’t think I had ever seen Alfie angry like this enough, unhappy a bit but never full of raging mad.

“I.” Was all I could get out again, watching him looming in front of me. “You hit her? YOU HIT YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND over a memory card Joe? A MEMORY CARD!” He yelled at him making me realise how stupid it actually was.

“I didn’t mean to, I lost my head…” I looked down at my shoes before glancing back up. “You need anger management or something if you get so mad you hit someone over something that stupid.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

For a minute I was pretty positive Alfie was going to attack me or something. “I need to apologise.” I whispered.

“You need to do a lot more than apologise, Joe. You need to make up for what you did.” Alfie crossed his arms again and I bit my lip. “You’re lucky you are Zoe’s brother right now or I’d knock you into next Sunday myself.” He admitted and I knew he wasn’t lying.

There was silence.

“If you ever so much as raise your hand to (Y/N) again, I will – and I’m not kidding either. You don’t EVER hit someone I care about. You should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself.” His words were truth and they hit deep.

“I have to go make up to her.” I thought aloud again and Alfie shook his head.

“Stay away from her for a while and I mean it, you need a good long hard think about what you did and you’re not running back to her asking for forgiveness this quick. Because she’ll forgive you – she loves you. No you need a solid while to process you messed up really horrible!” He spoke with an angered voice.

“But,” I protested and winced as Alfie raised his fist, he shook his head putting it down. “That feeling you just felt, remember it and how bad the final result will be if you ever touch her again with violence.” Alfie warned and he turned, leaving without another word, slamming the door…

I sat on the bottom of the stairs and tears started rollin down my face, “he’s right… He’s so fucking right.” I whispered, covering my face with my hands…

Made in the A.M. (Kai, OC) Part 1

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw

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Prologue: Suspended

3 months later

“Good morning, Baltimore!!!”

Alice almost choked on her tea when the door swung open, revealing her colleague, Matilda, in a polka dot high-waist skirt matched with a jean polo, and hair looking like it could survive a hail storm.

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Green Eyes and Whispered Lies: Part 3

Summary: After leaving a cheating ex back in your hometown, you set out to California to become an intern for a magazine company. Instead of finding yourself pursuing a career in photography, you were now swamped with paperwork. How fun. Your life was about as dull as can be.That is, until you meet Dean Winchester: The man with bright green eyes, a guitar in his hands, and plenty of stories to tell.

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Word Count: 1192

Song: Wild - Bonnie and Clyde

Warnings: there’s a bit of angst (if you squint), but other than that, it’s nasty fluff and Dean being adorable.

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Part One Part Two

You found yourself waiting at the windowsill for Dean every single morning. Seeing him had become a part of your morning routine, but he also became your friend, and you were grateful for that. He had always brought a smile to your face, even on your worst days. On said worst days, he never forced you to talk and promised he would be there for you, and it cast some sunlight on your gloomy heart.

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