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As promised, pictures of the partial suit all together! :D I wish I had better clothes for this… OH WELL, worked with what I had. There is also a loose fluff on his nose in the pictures, oops.

Scrabbles is an inkblot style opossum, and he is for sale! I’m looking at private offers through email (lobitaworks@gmail.com). If he doesn’t sell between now n’ then, I will be selling him for a flat rate at my dealer’s table at FURRY WEEKEND ATLANTA next month! I’d be happy to discuss turning him into a fullsuit for the buyer or making him toony clothes :)

Head fits up to 24" circumference… if your head is in the 21" range, glasses will fit inside. Tons of ventilation and ample vision.
Hands are one size fits all, sleeves can be adjusted to fit the buyer if they’re too big or too small.
Feet will fit up to a women’s size 9/men’s 7.5, these can’t be modified to fit a larger individual. They have hard soles so they can be worn anywhere.

I also made a VIDEO, be sure and check it out! :D https://youtu.be/VTvm2t138hI


Type: angst

A/N: This is somewhat of a disclaimer. In this chapter Yoongi talks about his family background, and I wanted to clarify that I know nothing about his actual family. The Min Yoongi is this fic is a completely fictional character based on the real Min Yoongi, and I’m and developing his backstory as I see fit. I know some people might complain if I didn’t say this.
Also I feel I should include a small trigger warning. If anyone is triggered by issues with parents (like mom/dad leaving when you were young), just know that there’s a lot a talk about that kind of stuff in this part.
Anyway, enjoy part 7 :) 

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You spent a few days at home nursing your ankle. You’d gone to the doctor and they informed you that it was fractured, so you were stuck with a cast and crutches for a couple weeks. You didn’t want to go to school the week you got the cast, so your mom allowed you to stay home. 

You ended up telling her how you actually got hurt; she was in the room when the doctor forced the truth out of you. So her letting you stay home was partially out of worry for your general safety.

Because you hadn’t been at school, you didn’t know how Jimin was either. Having no friends meant you were cut off from the world when you stayed home. You didn’t know if he was still in the hospital or how bad his injuries were. You wished you could see him and see that he was okay.

During your time home, Yoongi crossed your mind more than you wanted him to. You kept remembering him carrying you and taking care of your ankle. Part of you quietly wished that he would come check up on you, but it was more out of curiosity than anything. You wanted to see more of Min Yoongi’s new nice side.

When the weekend finally arrived, you realized you were running low on the easy-to-cook food items that pretty much kept you alive while your mom was working. She was never home to cook actual meals so you survived off ramen and other microwaveable food. Since your mom was home that evening, you hoped she could drive you to the store.

You hobbled into her office on your crutches. “Hey mom can you drive me to the store?” you asked. She held up her hand to pause your talking; she was on the phone.

“Yes. Yes okay. I’ll be right there.” She hung up her phone and started shuffling piles of paper together, stuffing them in her briefcase. “The company is having issues and called an emergency meeting.”

You sighed. “Can you drop me off on your way to the meeting?”

“How are you going to get back home?”

“I can take the bus and then crutch my way back home from the bus stop.”

“No way.” She shut her briefcase.

“Would you rather me starve?”

Now it was her turn to sigh. “I don’t have time to argue with you right now.”

“Then don’t argue and just take me with you.” She stopped bustling around and turned to look at you.

“What if I drop you off and something happens? What if you get attacked again?”

“Mom, I’ll be fine. No one from school is gonna see me. And besides, they’re not gonna attack me while I’m on crutches. They’re pretty terrible but they’re not that cruel.”

She contemplated it for a moment. “Fine. I’ll drop you off on my way.”

You and your mom hurried out to the car and drove off. You reached the grocery store pretty quickly, and your mom handed you some money as you got out of the car.

“If anything happens, you call me,” she said. 

“Yes, Mom, I know the drill.” You shut the door and made your way into the store.

There were people bustling around doing their own weekend shopping, and a few glanced at you with pity. You tried to ignore their looks as you struggled with a shopping basket and your crutches.

You hobbled through the aisles looking for the things you needed while simultaneously dodging shopping carts. You mumbled quite a few “sorry” and “excuse me"s as you bumped people with your basket. It was hard not to bump people with it hanging precariously off of your arm while you held onto your crutches.

You finally found a few of the things that you were looking for in a mostly empty aisle. As you reached up to grab them off the shelf, one of your crutches fell to the ground. You sighed, dropping the item you were holding in your basket and reaching down to grab it. But as you leaned over, the basket tipped and everything in it landed beside your grounded crutch. Why am I cursed with such bad luck? you thought.

"Ya,” someone said as you were trying to pick up everything. “What are you doing?”

You turned to see none other than Min Yoongi standing there staring at you. He wore a puzzled expression. You rolled your eyes; of course he would appear out of nowhere at this exact moment.

“What does it look like?” you mumbled, going back to collecting your things. “I’m shopping.”

He watched you struggle for a moment before letting out an exasperated sigh. “Let me help you, idiot.”

“Who are you calling an idiot?” you snapped. He handed you your crutch and dumped the food into your basket. Without asking, he took the basket from you. He started walking away.

“Hey, what are you doing!” you called after him. 

“If I let you do this on your own you’re going to drop everything or knock someone over.”

You followed him as quickly as you could on your crutches as he walked to the next aisle. You didn’t argue with him; he was right. You were also secretly thankful for his help. You were tired of people staring at you.

“So what are you doing here?” you asked as you followed him through the store.

“Same as you. Shopping.”

“For what?”

“Groceries. What else?”

“Do you cook?" 

"Sometimes. My mom and I take turns.” Wow, that’s some surprising information.

“Are you any good at it?" 

He chuckled. "I guess so.”

You paused to avoid another shopping cart. “So you live with your mom?”

“Yeah. My dad left a couple months ago.”

“Mine left when I was little." 

You stopped, but this time not to avoid any carts. You’d never told anyone that before. You never had someone to tell that to before. 

"Ya, come on,” Yoongi called. He was standing at the end of the aisle, and you were still frozen in place. You snapped out of your daze and hurried after him. 

It was quiet for a moment, then Yoongi spoke.

“Do you remember your dad?” he asked quietly.

“I have a few small memories. Him making me breakfast, or pushing me on the swing in the backyard of our old house. But his face is fuzzy. My mom didn’t keep any pictures of him so I don’t remember what he looked like. I wish I had a better memory.”

“I think you’re lucky not to remember so well." 

"Huh? Why?” He was looking at produce and you couldn’t see his face.

“I wish I could forget my dad.”


You weren’t sure whether to question him on the matter. You were curious, but his tone seemed to change suddenly. He didn’t say anything more, just looked through the tomatoes for a ripe one.

“What other food do you need?” he asked you eventually.

“Oh, um, that’s pretty much it.”

He glanced in you basket, then back at you. “Is this all you eat?”

Your face burned red and you couldn’t make eye contact. “My mom is never home to cook and I don’t know how…” you mumbled.

He laughed. “Alright I’m gonna have to teach you a few things about food.”

You watched as he walked back through the produce aisle and added some vegetables to your basket. You followed him around, curious as he kept throwing in new ingredients. 

“How much money do you have?” he asked. 

“Um thirty dollars I think,” you said, trying to get the money your mom gave you out of your pocket.

“If this costs any more than that I’ll cover it,” he said. 

“Oh, um…" 

You felt awkward taking his money, but you felt like you didn’t have a choice. He was the one who wanted to buy all the extra food anyway. But what were you going to do with it?

You both paid and left the store. The sun had almost set and the streetlights flickered on as you walked to the bus stop. Luckily it wasn’t very long of a wait before a bus pulled up.

When you got to your house, Yoongi carried the groceries in and set them on the table. Then he took his coat off.

"Are you staying?” you asked sarcastically.

“I told you,” he said, rolling up his sleeves. “I’m going to teach you something about food so you don’t have to eat instant ramen the rest of your life.”

You just stared at him as he unloaded ingredients onto the counter. He couldn’t be serious. He was going to cook for you? Min Yoongi was going to cook for you?

You involuntarily let out a small laugh. He turned to look at you.

“What’s funny?” he asked.

“You. You’re funny.”

“I didn’t know I was a comedian.”

“It’s just… how did we get here? It feels like just yesterday you were standing on my porch screaming that I was a coldhearted bitch.”

Yoongi immediately turned bright red. He scowled at the bag of rice in his hand.

"Can we just forget about that?” he murmured. You laughed again, then started helping pull vegetables out of grocery bags.

Yoongi showed you how to cut the vegetables as he boiled some water. Together you worked to cook dinner. By the time everything was simmering in a pot and it was almost time to eat, you felt an extreme sense of accomplishment.

“This is the first time I’ve helped cook a meal in a long time,” you said.

“I’m not surprised,” Yoongi teased. 

“Oh shush.” You grabbed a couple bowls out of the cabinet and handed them to Yoongi. He dished some rice and veggies into each bowl and carried it over to the table. You plopped down in a chair and set your crutches on the ground. You’d never felt so hungry before. You took one bite and a million flavors filled your mouth. It was the most delicious food you’d ever tasted.

“Thank you,” you said quietly. He stopped eating and looked at you. He cleared his throat awkwardly.

“I should really be grateful that I ran into you. I was looking for an excuse not to go home tonight.” He sat back in his chair. “Things have been kinda rough with my mom.”


“Yeah.” He paused.

There he goes again, you thought. He kept hinting that he wanted to open up about his issues with his parents, but he was holding back. You wondered if he’d ever talked about them to anyone before. It was the first time you realized that the bully Min Yoongi might not have ever had a real friend. Just like you.

One of his hands was resting on the table, so you reached out and placed your own hand over it. He flinched a little at the unexpected contact, then looked at you. You tried to smile a little.

“When my dad left, I was four years old. I didn’t understand what was happening. He just didn’t come home one day. My mom tried to act like there was nothing wrong, but I would here her crying at night sometimes.

"When I got older, I started asking questions. My mom didn’t like to talk about him, so she never gave me a straight answer. Without answers I started to blame myself for him leaving. But I eventually realized that couldn’t have been true. I was so young, what could I have done to make him want to leave? So I started letting go. I don’t know why he left, and I don’t care to find out anymore. I don’t care if I see him ever again.”

Yoongi watched you carefully as you spoke. When you’d finished, he turned his hand over to hold yours.

“My mom blames me for my dad leaving,” he said quietly. “It’s ridiculous, because we both know it has nothing to do with us, besides the fact that we weren’t good enough for him. He was cheating on my mom with some woman at work. She got pregnant, and so he’s leaving us for her and their new baby.”

His grip tightened on your hand slightly. "My mom likes to think that because I’ve been getting in trouble since I was younger, my dad got tired of putting up with us.”

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. He pulled his hand away.

“Don’t apologize. It is what it is. My dad was a dick that couldn’t handle his responsibilities, so he ran away from them.” He stood up and carried his dish to the sink. He started to wash the bowls and such that were left in there. You finished your food in silence.

When the extra food was put away and all the dishes were clean, Yoongi decided it was about time he went home. “My mom is probably pissed,” he said as nonchalantly he put his coat on. You stood leaning on your crutches, watching him. As he started walking to the door, you caught his hand in yours. He looked at you in surprise.

“You know,” you squeezed his hand gently, “you’re not that bad Min Yoongi.”

He smiled slightly, and squeezed your hand back. Then he let go, turned, and left.

Part 8

I forgot to take a picture of me in the dress but I still have my makeup on and it looks so freaking amazing, this picture doesn’t do it justice. Oh well. Tonight was so much fun even though I felt awkward and self-conscious the entire time. The food was delicious, the acts were amazing, and the company was perfect. Such a great start the holiday season.

Exo’s reaction to finding a mass amount of gifs/pictures of them on your computer

Suggested by spilledinkonmypaperheart


*gets interested immediately* 

“My face better be in 80% of these gifs.”


*tries to act like it’s completely normal, but fails.*

“Oh… oh god… this is my fault”


*Completely flattered when he finds your stash of Lay dance gifs*

“She really thinks I’m good.”


*has no shame*

“It’s totally fine I have my own stash of exo gifs as well. I mean don’t we all?”


*slowly shuts your laptop. Wishes he’d had just minded his own business and left your computer alone*

“I knew I was gonna regret this…”


*doesn’t see that the purpose of your gif stash was for your own stalkerish reasons*

“This means you love me right.”


*will return the favor and create a folder on his computer with your name on it and fill it with random stalker photos of you*


*gets embarrassed right away*

Ugh I can’t believe you have all of these awful pictures of me.” (you choose not to tell him that said photos are easily found on the internet)


*blushes furiously*

“Wow um thanks”


*Complete excitement*

“This means you get to stare at my face even when you’re trying to ignore me.”

“Wanna play without the toys?”

After owning the sweater for well over a year and promising thelittlestbat cosplay pictures of it, I finally have one! (Wish it was a little better quality, but alas my friend’s camera had just died. Also not wearing my mask because the greens clashed horridly - opps!)

Thank you again so much Sandra for the beautiful sweater ♥

wherewewentwrong  asked:

Do you really need a DSLR to take good quality photos? I'm taking photos for my local shelter to help get the animals adopted but as a penniless college student I don't even come close to having enough money to by a DSLR. Can point and shoot type cameras have just as good of quality?

Kaitlin here:

There’s two sides to “good quality”: actual technical quality of the image (the image that the sensor/lens produces), and the skill of the photographer.

Photographers pick DSLRs over point-and-shoots because the actual technical quality of the image is higher; you have better resolution which allows for clearer images and larger printing, you can capture a wider range of light, the sensor can handle darks better… It also has more options in terms of exposure lengths, aperture, changing lenses… etc. Think of it like the difference between driving a budget sedan and a Maserati: they’re both going to get you where you want to go—but it’ll be a different ride with different mechanics.

But if you don’t know how to drive, having a Maserati won’t make you a good driver. A bad photographer with a DSLR won’t suddenly be a better shooter; realistically, they’ll just have not-as-beautiful pictures in higher quality. That’s why learning photography is more than just the camera, and why photographers get annoyed when people are like “OH man! I wish I had your camera so I could take photos like you!” It’s the foundations that make the photographer, not the camera.

So, no, you don’t need a DSLR to take good photos. If you were doing a photo series for the Guggenheim, well, then a DSLR would be the better call. But for what you’re doing, a point-and-shoot is going to be great, especially if you’re conscientious when taking your photos! Are the animals lit well enough that people can see them? Are they composed in such a way that you can see the entire animal but it still fills most of the frame? If you make sure you’re taking good photos, then the quality won’t be an issue (especially since today’s point-and-shoots are WAY better than they used to be).

YOU bring the quality. The camera is a tool. And sure, “better” tools can make the difference, but if you have a strong foundation, your images won’t be broken by using a point-and-shoot.

(All of that being said, if you don’t have a point-and-shoot already and are looking to buy a camera, consider looking used—you can get amazing deals on DSLRs or mirrorless cameras at the same price point as point-and-shoots. BHphotovideo.com is my favorite place to look: huge inventory, upfront about any damage, etc.)

Now go pick up your camera and get some wee animals adopted! :)

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