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Word for Word (M)

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“Less talking. More fucking. Yeah?”

Part 1 | Part 2

3.4k, smut, jungkook/reader, friends with benefits au (+ college + fuckboy)

Jeon Jungkook is a fuckboy through and through. If you look at all his social media photos, all you see are countless images of him sandwiched between two girls, his muscular arms wrapped around their shoulders. Two different girls in each picture, never the same. Most of the photos are dark, dimly lit party scenes with the flash in their eyes, but sometimes there are filter-saturated beach pictures in which Jungkook’s shirtless and hugging girls in bikinis.

(Quite frankly, at times you weren’t really sure who to be jealous of: Jungkook or the girls. Both looked really fucking good. But it’s not like you were really Instagram stalking him and actually cared about his pictures or anything. Totally not.)

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This is going to have some sort of plot, but for now, yeah. Klance smut, as promised, more to come. Laughing at the discourse over which should top but no worries I got this. Also, click the OP if the read more link doesn’t show. 

It was normal to be cranky after an especially exhausting battle. It was normal to want to be alone. But Lance was one of the few among them whose spirits remained up and playful, a comforting routine after the adrenaline and sorrows of a battle, no matter how often the others swore to dislike it. Though this time, Lance didn’t say anything as they got back to the castle. He simply went to his room and shut himself in.

“Is he okay?” Pidge asked.

“Probably tired from the fight,” Shiro said. “It was exhausting. For all of us.”

“Well, I’m starving,” Hunk said. “So you’ll know where to find me.”

Allura looked at them, the beauty in her face that was there when they first found her weathered down by battles and near-death experiences. She had tired lines along her chocolate skin and her shoulders slumped whenever she wasn’t in battle or in front of other races. “We should all rest. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Good work, Paladins. You’ve come a long way.” She gave them a hard, look, her eyes bright with tired pride, a thin smile on her lips. She left and Shiro turned to Keith.

“She’s right. We need to rest.” Keith nodded, not really answering. “I’m serious, Keith. Don’t go tire yourself out. If we fight again tomorrow, you need to be at your best.”

“Alright, alright,” he mumbled. “Goodnight.” Shiro kept his eyes on him until he left. Keith obeyed, despite every bone in his body telling him to go and train, to go and fight until he was swifter, stronger, better.

Instead, he went into his room and forced himself to sleep.

The next morning, with the others at breakfast, he realized something was wrong. It was Lance. He wasn’t yapping like he normally did. He wasn’t joking, talking through space goo, being obnoxious. He was just sitting there, stuffing his face angrily, his hand fisted on the table like he was aggravated.

Keith glanced at Shiro who was sharing a concerned look with Allura. Coran and Hunk spoke, but not enough to fill the void of Lance’s voice.

Later, as they were training, Lance was sloppy and kept getting knocked down, even by Pidge who was half his height.

“Dude, what’s your deal?” Keith snapped when he watched him go down again.

“Stay out of it,” he bit back. Keith blinked in surprise, and walked over to him. “Get out of my face.”

“You don’t tell me what to do!” he shouted. “Look, if you don’t focus, we can’t form Voltron. And if we can’t form Voltron, we can’t fight. Which means we’re dead. I am not dying because you can’t keep your head clear enough to take this seriously.”

“Don’t you go blaming me,” he snapped. “Everyone knows your impulsive temper is what screws us up most when we fight.” Keith shoved him back and Lance lunged forward. Keith easily sidestepped him. “You wanna go, Mullet Head?” he hissed.

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Just A Click Away - Peter Parker x Reader

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Prompt : Reader has to choose between her sweet online friend and her cute blind date. (not my gif)

 Warnings : nada 

 Word count : 2.7k 

 A/N : Italics = messages 

I kinda miss writing Peter Parker stuff, so i decided to post this. I might write some more, so if you want something, ask me here. If i get some i like, ill write.

Read my other shit : I Have To Keep You Safe : Part 1 Part 2  Part 3

It had all started a few months back, you meeting Peter. It was by chance really, a bit of dumb luck. You had joined this dumb website your friends had told you about. It was a way for teenagers to meet other kid near them and make friends. Most people used the site inappropriately, for sexting or something crazy, but you were just bored. 

 You had talked to a few guys, a girl here and there and they were all the same. The guys usually started out with “send a pic (;” and you would automatically close the chat. A few tried to start an actual conversation, but you knew their true intentions. You were close to giving up as a whole, and spending your time elsewhere, until you met Peter. 

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for what parining are you writing? also for prompts: character 1 (c1) and c2 live in a world where soulmates exist. can be any of the soulmate promt au's that are on tumblr (seriously theres like hundreds). here's the only catch: c1 is famous and c2 doesn't want to be, so protect c2, they both hide their soulmate-ness

The Spotlight Isn’t worth Anything Without You

Word count: 4.7k


Dan is a famous deaf actor who happens to run into Phil, who is blind, by accident and it doesn’t take long for them to figure out they’re soulmates. But when the spotlight becomes too much and their lives are endangered, Dan tries to figure out how to fix everything, but can he?

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I think you're judging me way too much. I never knew he had a girl, I wouldn't embarrass myself like that if I knew. We've never talked before that, only few smiles here and there. And he actually LED me on, his stares were not like someone in a committed relationship. Even my friends noticed that. Maybe it's evil of me wishing that upon him but I'm still hurt. His girl deserves someone better than him, someone who don't go around and giving girls the wrong ideas. No girl deserves that

Did he lead u on? Lemme tell u how dumb that sounds
How u gunna say someone u never spoke to led u on?
2 “his stares were not like someone in a committed relationship” nigga what? Bye
3. How he give you the wrong idea if HE NEVER SPOKE TO YOU.
4. U talk like because someone is in a relationship they all of a sudden suppose to think everyone in the world magically becomes ugly.
5. If you think I judged you too much before, you got another thing coming because now I think you’re immature and childish.

How u gunna say someone u never spoke to led u on.
Bruh I’m dying right now. He led u on for months because he looked at u and smiled.

You don’t have to believe me when I say this but I have a friend who knows a friend who actually worked with the GoT set. Props and all that. And she told me that jonerys is happening. She was there to see them kiss!!!!

At first I didn’t know what to think but it’s gonna happen, and Jon even gives her his cloak at one point (you know the one sansa made him. She means nothing to him he gives Dany the ffs that’s proof he prefers Dany over his SISTER) I wish I had some evidence other than my friends friends word but I know you guys will believe me when it happens!!!!

But jon doesn’t kneel. He falls for her but doesn’t kneel. He refuses to give away the north because it’s his responsibility. Not Dany’s.


Like I said you don’t have to believe me. Just know I was right when it haopens!!!!

Also, hopefully you jonsa assholes will back off now. Its not happening!!!

Well…!! This is what happens when a friend ask you for a commission, you give her a lot of doodles and kinda like them all XD!!!

Weeks ago the lovely @leafyxthiefy​ asked me for a Thatch x Izo Commission, and for one thing or another I kept leaving it aside. Now I had the actual drawing and AGAIN got distracted XD. BUT! In the next couple of days I’ll be uploading it >:v! So no more waiting!

I, at least, wish that she loves this one too X3, since I did it thinking of her and one of her fics, Golden Sun  http://archiveofourown.org/works/7957468/chapters/18198664

Live In Living Color

Prompt I found on Pinterest: You have seen in shades of grey your entire life. One day you come across a stranger that appears in total color (so I made it a soulmate AU)
~825 words

“It’s a whole new experience,” Artie said, “learning how to match things to appeal to the eyes of all the lovers around me. Before I could get away with purple pants and a red shirt. People knew I hadn’t found her yet, but now I have and I have to dress like I have.”
Kurt found himself sitting, once again, at a table with all of his color-seeing friends. The difference was that last time he wasn’t the only one. Now Artie had found his soulmate and Kurt was the only person in his friend group that didn’t understand why purple and red couldn’t be together, or what the blue sky he had heard of since birth really looked like.
“We’ll all help you,” Rachel gave a supportive smile to Artie. “Finn and I both had a hard time. Some of us more than others. He got it eventually, and so will you.”
Since the class of 2012 had graduated from McKinley, the original glee club students had made a point to get together for coffee as often as they could. The afternoon was always spent catching up, and while Kurt enjoyed hearing what was going on in his friends lives, considering how often he felt like he was surrounded by a room that he didn’t understand, he had a hard time understanding why he continued to show up.
The conversation droned on as Kurt stirred his dark-grey cappuccino. He wanted Artie to stop complaining. He had met his soulmate-that is something Kurt had wanted more than anything in high school. He often wondered if that would have made high school any easier-and he often concluded that yes, it would have.
To his liking, Kurt left early with Rachel and began walking back to their apartment in Bushwick.
“Are you okay, Kurt? You seem a little down, and I know you didn’t get the grade you wanted on that assignment, but Professor Manning said he’d give you a redo, and I’ll help you.” She held his arm and walked with him through the city.
“It’s not about the assignment, Rachel. Honestly, I’m over it.”
“Then what’s bothering you?”
“Honestly, I’m feeling a little lonely.”
“You’re not alone, Kurt. You have me.”
And Rachel was his best friend-she had been since day one. So he didn’t want to invalidate her friendship, but you don’t get to see color from meeting your best friend. “You know what I mean, Rach. I just wish I’d meet the one already. I want to see the actual color of coffee.”
“No you don’t,” Rachel promised. “It’s brown, and not a vintage brown, a poop brown.”
“A what?,” he asked. Kurt had never pondered the color of his own shit before, but it upset him to hear that it was comparable to the color of his favorite drink.
Rachel sighed, sad that she couldn’t explain any more to Kurt. “You’ll meet him when the time is right. For now it’s you, me, and a re-watching of Funny Girl against the world,” she smiled and hurried back to their apartment with her best friend to watch her favorite movie.
That night after pizza and Funny Girl, Kurt laid in bed and opened Grindr. He got over the idea of saving himself for the one in his first year in New York, when it seemed like everyone but him had done it, and he was grateful to see that plenty of other guys in New York had a similar mindset. Rachel had fallen asleep during the movie, so he didn’t think it would be hard to sneak out for the night. He’d be home before she knew he was gone.
He scrolled through the app for what felt like a while before something caught his eye. “Actor, Singer, Composer,” was the bolded title over a picture of a dark-haired man with his guitar. “NYU student, studying music. Free most nights,” read the description, hooking Kurt.
He got up to position himself into a comfortable face-only photo, shot it, and sent it to “Blaine,” who quickly responded.
Within an hour, Kurt was on the subway on his way to Blaine’s apartment. He had done this plenty of times, enough to for sure be used to it by now, but this time he had butterflies in his stomach. He considered turning around, judging it as a sign that something was about to go wrong. But before he could make up his mind, Blaine opened his door. He had messy curls that could not pick a direction and was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.
“Woah,” Blaine responded, quicker than Kurt could.
Kurt’s only response was a nod-he was not able to form words.
Blaine was gorgeous, but so was understanding the world the way that all of Kurt’s friends could.
He understood blue, the calm sea and peaceful sky.
He understood green, nature and envy.
But he understood violet, love and passion, the most.

😊Age is Just A Number (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Could you maybe do an imagine where y/n and Grayson like each other a lot and fans obviously see them flirting all the time and all over each other’s social media. But Y/N is about 3 years older then Grayson and some fans give her hate about it saying it’s “gross and weird” so they don’t date. And Y/N decides it would be best to leave Gray alone. But she’s still good friends with E. and he convinces them to be together so they go public in a video? And the fans end up shipping it? Thanks love ❤️

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this and remember requests are OPEN

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@Graysondolan: You’re so electric⚡️

@Graysondolan: Girl you’ve got my heart racing💕❤️😊

@Graysondolan: You’ve got my head spinning just wow you’re so 😍

I knew full well that these tweets were directed at me. Grayson and I had met at Coachella and we just hit it off. We both actually live in LA and we all, Ethan Gray and I, have hung out on numerous occasions. Grayson and I always flirted and I knew fans knew something was going on. Grayson has definitely direct messaged me plenty of times wanting to go on a date, but I always turn him down. It wasn’t that I didn’t like him, but he was 17. I’m 20. I’m a college student while he’s a youtuber with millions of fans. I couldn’t be that person. I didn’t want people to call me a cougar. I was currently sitting in my living room when my phone buzzed with a notification.

@Graysondolan: Let’s d8💐 @your_username I’ll pick you up tonight at 8 :)

@your_username: Alright as long as you’re buying ;)

@Graysondolan: Of course! My mother always told me to pay for a beautiful woman’s meal and that’s what I plan to do 😝

I just simply started laughing before realizing I needed to change. I ran up the stairs to my bedroom and threw on a maroon crop top with blue high waisted jeans. I grabbed my white vans and laced them on. I looked myself over once more in the mirror before walking downstairs to feeling my phone blowing up.


@Dolanfan2: Isn’t she like 25? What a cougar lol Gray stick with women in your age range please.

@Dolanfan3: @your_username stealing the cradle are we?

Don’t get me wrong. Some fans were supportive and have been shipping this since day 1, but most of them were not. They were calling me a cradle robber, a cougar, child predator, basically anything to hurt me they said. I was worried this would happen. I sit on my couch as I read more tweets.

@Dolanfan1: Haha @your_username thinks she really has a chance? The only chance she has is getting thrown in jail…

@Dolanfan2: What trash. Stay away from him he’s too young for you! Predator!

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I knew this was a bad idea. I needed to cancel this now. I couldn’t do this. I then heard a knock at my door knowing full well it was Grayson ready for our date.

“Go away!” I choked out through tears.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asks through the door.

“Grayson please leave.” I begged still scrolling through twitter. I started to feel sick.

“Y/N if this is about what’s happening on twitter–” I cut him off.

“Grayson please! I don’t want to date you. Just please leave! It’s best if we don’t see each other either. Just please,” I started to choke again. “Forget about me.” I didn’t hear him say anything but I heard the faint sound of footsteps leaving my porch. I sat there and I was still scrolling through twitter. It was nothing more than what I read earlier. I was feeling sick to my stomach. I liked Grayson so much and I know he liked me a lot too. I knew this was for better though. I could focus on my education and he could focus on his YouTube.

I decided I needed to shower the day away. I threw my phone on the couch and I walked into the bathroom stripping my clothes off. I stepped in the shower to feel the hot water tingling my back. I rinsed my hair and scrubbed my body as I relaxed against the wall just thinking. I thought about Grayson. As much as it pained me I thought of us holding hands at the park and giggling. I thought of Ethan and Gray filming a YouTube videos while I did my best to mess them up or make them laugh. I thought of Grayson’s tweets and comments on my Instagram photos telling me how stunning I was. I could feel the cool tears roll down my cheeks as the now warm water patted against me.

“Y/N?” My thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. “Y/N where are you?” I recognized the deep voice as Ethan. What was he doing here?

“I’m in the shower! I’ll be out in a second.” I hollered as I washed the remaining soap off my body and dried myself off quickly. I threw on some sweats and a tank top while I wrapped my hair up in a towel. I hurried downstairs to see Ethan sitting on my couch. I had a feeling I knew why he was here. “Ethan go. It’s over.” I said softly wanting to cry again. Ethan then started laughing.

“Haha no it’s not. Grayson told me what happened and I saw the tweets. Look what you and Gray have is real. You may not see it but I do, and obviously the fans do too.” Ethan put his phone in his pocket and stood to his feet. “If they didn’t see it then they wouldn’t feel the need to hate. You need to understand that this happens to everyone. Yes you’re 20, but so what? Age is just a number. You and Grayson have something that I wish I could find. Some people never find what you two have. Don’t throw it all away over some haters.” Ethan says sounding sincere. Since Gray and I have had our thing Ethan and I have grown really close. I could actually say he was my best friend. “Give him another chance.” Ethan pleas.

“I think I can do that.” I said smiling to Ethan which he then tackled me into a hug.

“I’ll be back.” Eth then runs outside and is gone for a minute before coming back inside with a Gray behind him. I felt this huge sinking feeling when I saw him and I instantly felt awful for earlier.

“Gray I’m sorry. I’m so sorry about what I said.” I apologized but Gray just wrapped his arms around me and his lips landed on mine. I could feel a blush creeping on my face. He pulls away smiling.

“I don’t blame you but I promise with me no one will hurt you.” Grayson says and this time I hug him. I then see Ethan pull out his camera and angle it towards us.

“Let’s film a video! The fans always support it if we do it in a video.” Ethan says and I hide my face in Gray’s chest and I feel him chuckling. We sat down on my couch while E filmed.

“Hey you guys you’ve probably already noticed that this isn’t E sitting next to me. He’s behind the camera.” Grayson introduces and Ethan puts his hand infront if the camera and waves. “This is Y/N and she happens to be extremely special to me.” His hand grabs mine and I start blushing. He starts talking about who I am, how we met, why I was special, and so on. Ethan and I would crack up at how cheesy Gray was being and he would kiss my cheek throughout the video. “Peace!” We all screamed at the end of the video and I looked to Grayson.

“So about that date?” I asked which just made Grayson laugh.

“Well it’s almost 9 now so the reservations I made are cancelled.” He says and I frown.

“Let’s just order a pizza and watch something on Netflix?” I offered and he smiled.

“While you guys do that I’m going to edit this video and get it ready for Tuesday.” Ethan then leaves the room after we all share our goodbyes and thank yous. I snuggle into Grayson’s arm and wrap a blanket around us.

“Smile babe.” He says as he flashes his phone on us while he’s kissing my forehead and posts a pic of us on snap captioning ‘New Vid Tuesday :)’.


@Dolanfan1: @Graysondolan and @your_username are so freaking cute! #shipname

Dolanfan2: #dolantwinsnewvideo was so freaking cute with @your_username I just can’t get over how amazing they are ☺️❤️

Fans were overly supportive of Grayson and I’s relationship and I couldn’t thank them enough for being so supportive. It had been about a few days since Grayson and I put everything out in the open. Even though I still got some hate, many more fans were supportive that the haters were drowned out. I was currently lying with Grayson while we were attempting to nap but we just couldn’t get over that we were actually here right now. He gives my nose a kiss and runs his thumb across my cheek.

“Thanks for giving me a second chance babe. I couldn’t be happier.” He says smiling.

“Back at you. Sorry for overreacting before.” I said as he kisses my forehead.

“Don’t apologize. Just ignore the haters and remember even if you are older than me know that age is just a number. And you’re my number one.” He says being cheesy which makes me giggle and kiss him gently as I fall asleep in his arms.

Xx Thanks for the request :)


I… I’m not even kidding when I say I cried… I’m actually still pretty teary eyed.

I knew when I joined this fandom that I’d leave with friendships that very well surpassed those I have irl… but for someone to send me that ^ just because.

Like… do you see that wrapping job?! The Nalu is strong with this one tho. 😭😭💖👆🏽🔥✨🗝

Words will never express the amount of gratitude I have for @lenaa-chwann . I’ll never be able to match what she’s done for me. She is the nakama we all wish we had.


I only hope what I send back will be half as perfect as what you sent me. I only hope you have half the shit eating grin I had when I opened that box.

You deserve everything you get and then some. You deserve all the happiness the world has to offer, and you deserve all the love the world has to give. Girl, you are a beautiful human being and I adore you entirely. 😭😩👆🏽😍💖😭

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I am on your blog everyday looking for more scanlan positivity. I love scanlan so much and i wish hed get some backstory (kaylie doesnt count). also hes the only one that actually had to forge his own storyline, give sam some angsty stuff about scanlans parents or about goblins or something. im sick of percy and vax stuff at this point. let the gnomes have backstory!

this, my dear friend, is the BIGGEST mood.

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Goodness I'm so sorry! I hadn't realized about your friend. It was actually supposed to be something else making him crazy but people were just blaming his mental condition. My fault for not being clear. You don't have to write the prompt and I completely understand and apologize for upsetting you. I'm very sorry about your friend and I wish them the best.

It’s alright! There’s not really a way you could have known, and I’m certain you had honest intentions. As for my friend, she’s actually perfectly fine, as long as she takes her meds regularly. I would recommend story-wise perhaps not giving him schizophrenia and maybe something a bit more common? A panic disorder is more common, and could still possibly provide a similar effect! (Whatever you do chose to do, simply treat lightly and research the topic a lot!)

And some other days...

Very dedicated Life Guard here, life guarding in the snow. At the empty pool. We’ll never complete your life-time wish. ORZ

Since it was snowing in Lucky Palms, which seldom happens in my game, the family had Gift giving party. I didn’t know Imaginary friends could participate! Though, I don’t recall seeing a message for him. Probably the gift was also imaginary.

An intense game of rock, paper, scissors.

And after that a little bathtub exploration. You never know what kind of weird creatures could hide in the suds or just behind that towel rack! Really love this interaction. ❤

In the finally quiet living room, Cat is training his camouflage skills.

Bonus for the Birthday pigtails. It’s actually a very rare occurrence in my game so it made me laugh. Don’t make that face buddy, you won’t stay like that forever!

Two Worlds - Part 2 (C.H.)

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1 // Part 3 // Part 4


Half a year had passed since Calum had been crowned king and needless to say that you felt lonely.
You weren’t exactly complaining, so to speak. You knew that Calum’s duties as king always came first and you understood that he had to put the kingdom as his first priority, but that didn’t mean that you didn’t miss him.
Most nights, you’d wind up going to sleep alone in your shared bedroom. It was rare if Calum came back early from his duties or had stayed in bed the following morning.
You couldn’t even remember the last time that you spent a full day together with no officials or ambassadors interrupting you two.
You missed Calum.
He also didn’t want you working, saying that he could provide for you and that there wasn’t much of a need for you to be working. However, one person could only take not doing anything for so long, which is why Calum was unaware that you had been sneaking out of the castle and off castle grounds to hang out with a few lads from your old school to pass time.
That had been going on for the past three months and if Calum noticed, he hadn’t said anything to you.
It was midday on a Wednesday and you were quietly sneaking down the corridor in a pair of leggings, one of Calum’s sweatshirts, and a pair of converse.
Of course, you weren’t stupid enough to leave without taking some money with you, so you tucked it inside of your phone case.
You carefully made your way out the back door through the kitchen, pulling your hood up as you left, and made the path through the trees to get out through the back fence. Then you’d make your way around to the front and meet up with your friends at the local pub.

“There she is!” You heard Luke’s voice yell above the music that was playing.
You chuckled and allowed your hood to drop as you made your way over to your friends. “Sneaking out takes time, ya know.”
Michael pushed a beer in front of you as you took a seat beside him. “I still don’t understand why you have to sneak out,” he told you as he took another sip of his own beer.
“Calum doesn’t approve of me doing anything, really. I once brought up that I wanted to go into town to see if there was anything I could do to pass the time and he completely flipped shit. I don’t know what he has against me doing something for myself.”
“That is weird, but hey, you’re here with us now! We have a lot to catch up on. It’s been far too long since we’ve last seen you,” Ashton exclaimed.
You laughed and raised your beer bottle. “Let’s get started then.”
The three other lads clinked their own beer bottles against yours.

You were unaware of the time as you had been having such a fun time with your friends.
It was only when you glanced at your phone for a brief moment did your face pale.
“What’s wrong?” Luke asked you.
You gulped. “It’s past midnight and I have over thirty missed calls from Calum. I’m so screwed.”
The boys’ eyes widened in panic.
“Crap. We need to get you back,” Ashton said and the four of you scrambled up to leave.
You placed a bill down onto the table to cover your drinks and the four of you quickly made your way out of the pub.
“Fuck. I’m in so much trouble,” you said as you stepped onto the pavement.
“You’re in far much worse than trouble,” a cold voice spoke.
You all snapped your heads in the direction the voice came from to see Calum leaning against the wall of a building with a few of his guards standing beside him.
Bystanders came to look at the scene, aware that King Calum was among their midst.
“Calum, I can explain-” You tried to speak but his glare had you closing your mouth instantly.
“Not a word, Y/N. Let’s go,” he voiced sternly.
You hung your head in shame and embarrassment as you made your way over to him.
That was until down someone grabbed your arm and pulled you back.
Swords were drawn and Calum looked about ready to pounce.
“All she wanted was to have fun, mate. What’s so wrong about that?” Michael told him as he pulled you to stand behind him with Luke flanking to his left and Ashton to his right, the three of them creating a barrier between you and your boyfriend.
“Let’s go, Y/N,” Calum repeated through gritted teeth, not dropping his hard gaze from Michael and his sword still held at the ready.
“Mike,” you gently tugged on the back of his shirt, “just let me go. I don’t want him to hurt you.”
“Why? Can’t he see that he’s already hurting you?” Michael’s voice rang out loud and clear.
You glanced at Calum to see his eyes flicker down to yours in disbelief.
“Please. I promise I’ll be fine. Just take the boys and go back inside. I’ll talk to you all later, okay?”
Michael hesitated for a while longer. “You’re sure?”
You nodded. “I’ll be fine.”
Michael seemed reluctant and let you walk past him and to Calum.
You gave them all one last smile and received three sad ones in return as Calum led you to the car, making you get in first with him following right behind you.
You looked behind you as the car started driving away from your friends as they watched you leave with a sad expression on their faces.
You knew that this would be the last time you saw each other.
You didn’t say anything to Calum and he didn’t say anything to you on the journey back.
You looked out the window and sat as close to the door as possible so that you were as far away as you could be from Calum within such a close proximity.
A tear had rolled down your cheek and you quickly reached up to wipe it away.
The car pulled up to the castle and you didn’t wait for one of the doormen to open your door. As soon as the car came to a stop, you immediately opened the door and quickly made your way inside.
You didn’t want to speak to anyone so you ran up the stairs and fled into a random room, but not just any random room. It was the room you typically went in when you wanted to be alone due to the fact that the bookcase had a spiraling staircase behind it that led up to a small little room that had a beautiful view of the kingdom.
You sat down on the small bed and pulled your knees to your chest as you gazed out of the window.
You didn’t know what Calum would do and you didn’t know why you were still here.
Calum always told you that it took him so long to find the courage to make you his, but now that you were, he was losing you at a much faster rate.
You sniffled and laid down on the bed, trying your best to fall asleep and forget that this day ever happened.

You woke up the following morning still in the small room.
You made your way back into your shared room to freshen yourself up, not that your really needed to considering you’d probably be on house arrest for all of eternity.
Calum wasn’t in the room when you went in so you assumed he had an early start this morning.
You decided on a pair of sweats and tee before making your way into the kitchen.
All of the servants gave you looks of pity, disappointment, or disgust.
You guessed that the news had traveled around fairly quickly in one night.
You took your plate and sat at the counter, not even paying the slightest bit of attention to the looks casted your way.
“Good morning, Sir,” one lady called out and you guessed that Calum had walked into the kitchen. “Your breakfast will be served out to you in the dining room in just a moment.”
“If you don’t mind, I’d like for you to serve it in here, thanks,” Calum told her to which she mumbled in compliance.
The chair beside you scraped against the floor as he took the seat beside you.
“Good morning,” he greeted you.
“Morning, Sir,” you mumbled quietly as you pushed your eggs around your plate, your appetite having gone as quickly as it had come.
Calum frowned. “You know you don’t have to call me that.”
You didn’t say anything but gave him a shrug of your shoulders.
He sighed and a plate of food was placed in front of him.
“Is there anything else I can get for you, Sir?” The woman asked once more.
Calum shook his head. “No, thank you, Linda. However, if you could please have everyone clear the kitchen for a few minutes that would be greatly appreciated.”
She nodded before telling everyone to clear the room and soon it was just the two of you.
“Talk to me, Y/N.”
You dropped your fork and placed your hands in your lap. “You can drop the whole nice act, Calum. I know you want to yell at me.”
He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Yes, I’d like to yell at you. I’d like to scream at how idiotic you were yesterday and how disrespectful you are to go against my orders when I have done nothing but care and provide for you, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything now would it?”
You faced him. “Then how about I yell and scream?” You told him.
He looked taken aback by the fire in your eyes.
“How about we talk about the fact that you never let me do anything anymore. You don’t want me to work, you don’t want me to leave, you don’t want me to do this nor do you want me to do that. Well, guess what, Calum? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of having to play housewife. I’m sick of being bored all the time. I’m sick of just sitting around and doing nothing!” You yelled at him. You took a deep breath to calm yourself down a little. “I have so much more potential than what you allow me to give…to show. I wish you could see that.”
“No, Calum. This has been a long time coming and I finally am able to get this off of my chest. Why can’t you see that I’m alone? Those boys you threatened back in town? Those boys were my friends way back when I went to school in that town. You remember, right? I actually grew up in that town and had to work my way to earn a living. Surely you hadn’t forgotten about my past since you’ve become king. After all, it is the place that we met all those years ago.”
Calum didn’t say anything as he stared at you speechless.
“By growing up in that town, Calum, I was constantly doing things for myself. I didn’t have people weigh on my every need. I did things for myself and for me to completely change my lifestyle so abruptly…this isn’t me, Calum.”
“I…What do you want me to do, Y/N? The only reason why I kept you sheltered this whole time was because I don’t want to lose you. As king, anyone that means anything to me is a prime target for enemies, a weakness to use against me, which means that you aren’t safe unless you’re under my care. I can’t protect you when you sneak off. I can’t lose you like that.”
You shook your head. “You won’t because you’ve lost me already,” you tell him sadly and walk away from the table.


Scandal re-watching : 206

I loved seeing Olivia carefree and bubbly. I wish she could have a friend like that with whom she could just spend a nice normal evening..

James was too pure for this world!!! :’) 

“she’s a nice normal gril”
“normal feels weird” 

Here we are again with the theme of normalcy. Bt then as Huck said is being normal renouncing on what you “like” doing ? Steven had to stop sleeping around, Huck has to stop killing people, in order to be happy does Olivia have to give up being a Fixer ? well we know how well it ended for Steven same with Becky.. I think it was actually a way to show us that there is white or black, right or wrong, family or power 

The introduction of B-613… i’m already bored –” this only good thing that came out of it is #Vermontgate! :)

how is he ? 

seriously, how cute is that ???? she was just sitting around, contemplating all the problems in her life but still despite everything she just couldn’t stop thinking about him  “he’s in my head all the time” :’)

“you’re still here. You’re important to me.”

I really like Olivia and Huck’s relationship. Like people have mentioned before he’s her platonic Fitz that’s why she’s able to open up with him. That really shows that her problem is not that she’s as cold as her father; like Harrison said she doesn’t treat them as her job, they are her family, she loves her family, she needs it, she wants it! this has also made her fear of abandonment very clear.  With Fitz being away now she was afraid Huck was going to leave her too. 

With this episode we finally got a glimpse at Olivia’s messed up mind. There’s always been a huge conflict inside of her between right and wrong / feelings and business…Her decisions have never been free bt dictated by rational and unipersonal external factors but the more she opens up (Huck, Steven, Harrison, Abby now Quinn and Fitz..) the more she realizes that there is something utterly wrong with that reasoning and it terrifies her to face it and to change it because it’s how she’s been told to behave since she was a little girl

I really see now how Scandal is about Olivia’s journey. I mean yes it is messed up because she doesn’t seem to change EVER! but still it has always been about how difficult it is for her to combine her personal and professional life and see that you don’t have to sacrifice one over the other…sure it is a long ass journey that could have ended moons ago! because we got it from the beginning! but hopefully the longer the better ;)  

Nico Di Angelo

This is a huge long post about why I love Nico Di Angelo and why he is my fictional child for my friend Sarah who decided to insult him in front of me. No, i’m not trying to prove any points. I’m literally just explaining why I love him so that maybe you might not insult him ever again yeah? Yeah, insulting him in front of me actually hurt.

You told me that ‘Nico was useless, he didn’t do anything but pass out the entire series’

First, Nico fell into Tartarus completely and utterly alone and the goddess of misery found his pain so miserable and painful that she couldn’t physically give him any more pain. He lived through this. In his time in Tartarus, he talked to a dangerous titan to try and save Percy’s life. This later DID save Percy’s life. And I think you would’ve passed out if you were suffering from so much pain that even the goddess of misery couldn’t make you any more miserable. More so, Nico shadow traveled a huge statue and two other people halfway across the world to help stop the demigods from fighting and unite them.

You also said that ‘emo kids aren’t cute’

no, their BADASS AND AWESOME, and they’re adorable. ESPECIALLY NICO, so shut the fuck up.

You said ‘Nico had the worst character development ever’

Well first, did you take a look at Leo, Frank and even Percy? Leo turned instantly from this adorable boy tapping out I love you in morse code to his mother all the time to a love smitten guy who began spending all his time trying to find a girl he knew for like a week. Frank? Where was that insecurity about the firewood? Percy? No heroes don’t have a dark side. But Nico? Nico had the best character development of all. He started off as this tiny cheerful little Italian who talks with his hands and got excited at the tiniest things. He then lost his sister, the only person he had left, and like anyone, went through such deep grief that he was physically changed. He went through the land of monsters, and managed to emerge having only become stronger. He went through more pain than you could imagine, and he never changed the fact that he was still the person willing to risk his life and travel halfway across the world to help people that had never done a thing to help him.

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anonymous asked:

your life looks so fun. you model and have cool friends and live in an apartment in the city and go to nyu. I wanted to go to nyu so bad but got rejected and now I'm at a college with roommates i HATE and only have one friend. advice? :(

last year i had literally like 3 friends. just because my life -looks- amazing doesn’t mean it is! yes i am really really blessed to do what i do but dude i’m missing out on a real college experience because i’m forced to be an adult and i’m constantly watching what i eat and i don’t go out because i’m always too tired after doing the million things i have every day and everything is a priority which gives me much anxiety and stress. the grass is always greener my friend. make the most out of what you have instead of wishing you had something different. i remember my last week of high school i came to realize i spent so much time hating it i forgot to actually enjoy it and i ended up feeling really really sad that i never really appreciated what i had.

Don’t give him what he hasn’t earned.

Before you read this I need you to fully understand that I speak out of experience, I am not some random chick trying to diss everyone or just burst peoples bubble but this is something I wish someone told me way before I had to learn it the hard way.
Allah swt ordered males and females to not free mix, we are only allowed to communicate with limitations and when necessary. It might not make sense to you but Allah swt has a reason behind every rule whether we know it or not.

My advice to you my dear sister is to stop talking to whoever you are giving most of your day to. Whether he is your “friend”/ boyfriend or someone you believe will eventually be your husband, as long as he isn’t your ACTUAL husband he doesn’t deserve you speaking to him what so ever, let alone meeting him and spending time with him.

I’m not telling you he’s a bad person, nor am I telling you to not consider him as a husband in the future, what I’m saying is as long as he hasn’t actually asked for your hand in marriage and married you he does not deserve you no matter how nice or wonderful he is. When you put your desires, his desires and most importantly his feelings over pleasing your Creator, Allah swt can flip that person’s heart to not feeling the same towards you, causing that same person you put above Him as a major source of pain and depression.
This same person that you love and fear for his heart is in the hands of Allah swt, He is capable of flipping his heart in anyway He pleases. The more you speak to each other and the more you grant each other undeserved rights and I promise you Allah swt will decrease your baraka as a couple by the second, dramatically decreasing your chances for a blessed marriage.

Ya Ukhti, take it from me, I know you believe he’s only your “friend” and you’ll never fall for him but when you speak to someone for so long with no boundaries it is very natural to develop feelings for them, attachment more than anything.

I know you love him and want to marry him, I know he makes you happy and out of this world, I know you believe you need him and he needs you, I know you really don’t want to hurt him. You keep saying you’re not ready and eventually you will stop talking, but walahi walahi the more you wait the more difficult it gets, the more you delay the greater the attachment, the longer you wait the more baraka is taken away. Walahi walahi it isn’t worth it.

Please take it from someone who knows how this goes. Do not walk into your own destruction, do not belittle the sin you are committing, do not underestimate the possibility of Allah taking that person away from you. Most importantly; do not for a second delay what pleases Allah, and don’t you for a second think that choosing Allah’s pleasure isn’t the correct decision. No matter what the consequences are, walk away for His sake.

I pray Allah makes it easy for you and attaches your heart to no one other than Him.

tomorrow morning will be the time i might get my future apartment approved. 

or at least i will give the papers that my (hopefully soon) landlord filled out to the person who will decide if this apartment is appropriate for me, not too expensive and stuff. 

wish me the best of luck, my friends. because if this is approved, this will be a massive positive life changer for me!