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I have this huge headcanon in my head, about the time my Mahariel, Morrigan, and human baby Kieran spent in the Crossroads. I like to think that Arianne and Finn found a way to get an eluvian working, and found them there, and that the same happened with Merrill and my femHawke. Mahariel knew Merrill from childhood and they viewed each other as siblings, they bonded with Arianne over fascination with elvhen history. Morrigan, Finn, and my Hawke all bonded over being human mages in love with Dalish elves. Hawke, Merrill, Arianne and Finn all were like aunts and uncles to Kieran, and together they were like one big family. It’s wishful thinking, I suppose, but it could work, could it not?

Intimidating. Or not.

Here is my piece for Day 1 of Stormpilot Week 2017. I chose to do Modern AU because I wanted to use number 1 from this prompt list and it all came together in a Modern AU Stormpilot fic. :D

Poe wants people to fear him. Finn just wants some coffee. Neither of them get what they want but that’s okay. What they get is better than either option.

“I want people to tremble when they see me.”

Finn hummed absently. “And I want some coffee, sweetheart, and let me tell you, only one of these wishes is gonna be coming true.”

Finn looked up from the textbook he was reading in time to see the truly epic pout Poe was directing at him and he was hard pressed not to start laughing. Poe never failed to look utterly tragic when he pouted. It was ridiculous and Finn would never admit that he found it completely adorable.

“You think I can’t be intimidating?” Poe grumped as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Not with your hair looking like that,” Finn replied, flicking his fingers towards Poe’s mop of curls.

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[initial reactions] The Defenders 1 - 8

Jessica, Matt, and Luke were great together, their interactions together were amazing. They really were The Golden Trio of The Defenders. I love Jessica and Matt’s budding partnership, and I would have wanted more Luke and Matt. 

They work together really well even in their real non-superhero vigilante activities. A Private Eye, A Lawyer, and an ex-Cop and they fight crime! 

Finn Jones was really the weakest link both acting wise and character-wise, which is unfortunate because a large part of The Defenders is tied into him. 

Sigourney Weaver was amazing as Alexandra, she really was compelling but this is the unfortunate thing: People who served her character were all characters of color. 

And then the twist came in the form of Elektra and I honestly did not see it coming. 

Then, Matt sacrifices himself and it made me sad for Jessica because Matt was one of the first people she befriends post-Kilgrave that she begins to trust and Matt’s sacrifice both inspires and depresses her more. 

Luke seemed the only one who is at peace and moving forward in his life before the group comes together. He found his purpose and he’s in a new relationship.

I love Luke as the moral center and I love Jessica and Luke meet again, and finally worked through their issues, or more, Luke is in a place after all he went through, that he can move forward and he wishes the same for Jessica. 

I like Luke chastising Finn Jones on his privilege and I love Jessica’s extreme reluctance not to be part of any of the shenanigans except that she cares so much underneath that brusque exterior. 

I do like that when we see Jessica again, just because she killed Kilgrave doesn’t instantly mean she’s okay. 

 Matt is as much as a mess as Jessica he wants to stop being the Daredevil, its a part of who he is. 

Another nitpick I have is, the final battles are all so dark its hard to see anything. I don’t know if it’s just my screen or it’s really that dark but man was it hard to keep up. 

Oh and yeah, Matt somehow survived the explosion and I bet Elektra did too. 

Sunday Stumped Day - Post 6

It’s another Sunday Stumped Day.

Sometimes we straight out get stumped.  So each week on Sunday we’ll post of a list of 10-20 asks that we need your help on.

If you have an answer to any of these shoot us a message/ask/reply with the Post number and the Fic number and we’ll add it and give you a shout out with our thanks.   Any links you can provide will also be super helpful.


Post 1 , Post 2 , Post 3, Post 4, and Post 5 can be found here - and there are still fics we need your help with.

77.  hungergamesgurrl said:

Do you know the name of this one fic where Katniss goes to Peeta’s house or something and he’s either Finnick’s best friend or cousin or brother and mags is there and all of them but Katniss speaks Spanish and I think at one point Katniss mentions that she wishes she paid more attention in Spanish class to understand what Peeta was saying to mags 

FOUND!  It is  The Kitty Ranch by Diana_Flynn.  Thanks, @ sunsetsrmydreams.

78.  entropytheg said:

I started reading a fic and I lost the link to it and don’t remember the name. It was a fic where Katniss and Peeta have a baby and they name her Willow Rose. Annie and her son Finn live in district 12 and Johanna is married to a guy named George and they have a son named Aran. It’s a pretty long fic. Like 53 chapters I think.

FOUND!  This one is There are Still Much Worse Games to Play: Part II of our Journey! by  panskiss123.  Thanks to  @sunsetsrmydreams, @ pip117, and @b-boop5.

79.  megan-x-x-x said: 

There are two fics i deparetly want to find again and im hoping you can help. The first one is where Peeta is going to ask Katniss to marry him but his brother suddenly calls because he got into an (accident?) and was at hospital.  Near the end katniss tells peeta she found the engagement ring in his pocket and he thought she was telling him she didnt want to marry him but she did. Everyone disliked her for getting peeta depressed but the the end they kiss in the rain and get engaged.

80.  liahnel said:

There was a festival. Peeta wanted to ask Katniss to it. Gale was jealous of Peeta because of Katniss. Gale and his buddies faced off against Peeta and his brothers at the event. Peeta’s mom was trying to get him to be with a town girl. Help! Please!

FOUND!  It is  I knew this would have happened anyway by  abk1973.  Thanks @b-boop5 and @icbiwf.

81.  liabelen10 said:

Do you know a story where Katniss and peeta were best friends and then they got together and met gale and they’re all best friends but Katniss and peeta get reaped and after the reaping gale visits Katniss and tells her she has to come back and when she does she should be with him. Sorry about the rambling but I’m a rambly person ; )

82.  accio-peeta said:

Hello, I’m looking for a fic, (could possibly be a tumblr drabble) which takes place in District 12 after the war. Effie has a boutique in which Katniss tried on wedding dresses but got upset because she didn’t like how they all showed off her scars.

FOUND! untitled ficlet - meadowlark27/ @the-peeta-pocket (*Thanks, @katnissdoesnotfollowback, for finding this one!)

83.  everlarkalwaysandforever said:

Hi! Im looking for this fic where K and P were forced to get married and they were forced to consummate their marriage. There’s a part where they get a note in the morning after saying “One more time. Just to make sure” or something like that and P remembers it was all pretend and then jerks off and just finishes inside K just to get it over with I think? And then they share a house and K is folding clothes and P talks to her about what happened? I searched your masterlist but it wasn’t there :(

84.  lanarmand asked:

Do you know a fic where k and p break up and k moves to brazil (i think) and when she comes back her and p run into each other in a bar?

FOUND!  Could it be  Homecoming by  delsicle?  They do run into each other at the convenience store and not a bar though.  Thanks,  @cinnamonrollleia.

85.  schreavers-shivering said to everlarkficquestions:

Are there more stories like misshoneywell’s Never Like This? And also like misshoneywell’s drabble on Peeta impregnating another girl where he was very much in love with Katniss. I’m hoping to hear from you soon and thank you for your efforts  😍😍😍

Worry is Calling - HPfanonezillion

86.  eetawithoneleg said to everlarkficquestions:

Anything similar to the fic “Unlocking The Universe”?

87.  confusedandcrazygirlwhoiscool said to everlarkficquestions:

Do you know any other fics like I’m Not Him where Katniss is threatened by Peeta, but Peeta is just really nice?

88. lschew asked:

I am looking for a fic where Katniss and Peeta slowly become friends after the war, fall in love and remain chaste until their wedding night?

So any of these ringing a bell?  Let us know!


I put together a list of prompts so send me some requests!!!

1. “Come over here and make me”
2. “I trusted you!”
3. “Let’s go, right now, just You, and I”
4. “How can I hate someone so much, yet love them even more?”
5. “Please, just don’t leave me”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “I almost lost you”
8. “I’d wait forever, as long as I could be with you in the end”
9. “Let’s play a game. With no rules!”
10. “Teach me how to play”
11. “Give me one last dance”
12. “I’m only going to ask you once more”
13. “Just, do one last thing. Kiss me”
14. “Hey, I’m with you okay? Always”
15. “We need to talk”
16. “Are you jealous”
17. “You did this, all for me?”
18. “You need me just as much as I need you”
19. “Promise me”
20. “I thought you loved me”
21. “You don’t have any right to say that”
22. “No matter where you are, or who you’re with, I will always truly, completely, love you”
23. “Two can play at this game”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this”
25. “You think you’re the only one that’s suffering here?”
26. “Just do it!”
27. “I’m pregnant”
28. “Marry me?”
29. “I thought you were dead”
30. “You want to bet?”
31. “Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you”
32. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified”
33. “I’m never going to leave you”
34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to bed”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off”
36. “The sun could burn out, and the whole world could die, but I’d still be utterly in love with you”
37. “Just say it, once more”
38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go  to such extremes..
39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40. “No one has ever made me feel more special than you have”
41. “Stop complaining, you know you love it”
42. “I’m fed up of your stupid games”
43. “You don’t have to change for me”
44. “Will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there’s nothing you can do that will change that”
45. “I’ll get you back for that”
46. “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this”
47. “There’s something I need to tell you”
48. “You think I need you? Because I don’t”
49. “Well, this is awkward…”
50. “If you really love me, you’ll let me go”
51. “Oh my god what happened?”
52. “Who did this to you?”
53. “Why is it always you?”
54. “You always say that, and you’re always wrong”
55. “I did not expect this”
56. “I told you this would happen”
57. “It’s not my fault!”
58. “I didn’t do it!”
59. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
60. “Give it back!”
61. “Please, just don’t hurt ______”
62. “Just shut up and kiss me”
63. “That’s it, I can’t do this anymore”
64. “I hate you so much”
65. “Because I love you god damn it!”
66. “We shouldn’t be doing this”
67. “What could go wrong?”
68. “I didn’t know you could do that”
69. “We’re getting too old for this”
70. “i never stopped loving you, i just stopped showing it “
71.“Hey, so I kind of made a deal to save you and you just need to let me go and do this, I promised you I wouldn’t let you get hurt, I intend to keep that promise now let me go!” “Where are you going?” “I gave myself over to our enemy.”
72. “can you help me hide a body?”
73. “My parents won’t get off my back about getting a significant other and they’re having a get together in a few days, please pretend to be in a relationship with me. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am head over heels for you but it is sure as hell a nice bonus!”
74. “I had to break your heart to keep you safe and now you’re mad at me but I still like you.”
75. “Hey, you don’t me but I promise you, you’re going to be okay. I’m going to stay right here for you.”
76. “They say three leaf clovers bring luck right? Well I found one and wished on it and then you came along so I guess they’re right!”
77. “Is this yours?”

Numbers 75 and 76 are ones I made myself :)) As always send me a number and a person!

anonymous asked:

I've noticed that you don't write any Future fics so I was wondering how you picture Rae's university and adult life to be like?

Okay, so I’M NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS. I never realized I hadn’t ever written a future fic, but I sure as heck hadn’t! This sort-of-prompt got me thinking, so here’s this sort-of-fic? It’s mega-disjointed, but I’m not entirely unhappy with it, so … 

* * *

When We’re Older

When you try to snuff yourself out … twice … before you even get to college, well … you learn. If you survive yourself, you learn to deal with just how temporary everything is. How little control you have over things. How to let yourself savor the things you enjoy and endure the things you don’t. We all learn these things, but when you remember that you almost didn’t have a chance to have experiences or memories, they tend to stick.

Rae never thought she’d have a boyfriend, until she did. She never thought she’d get married, until she was. She’d lived her life not expecting much and, as a result, she ended up being surprised and delighted pretty often. 

Coping mechanisms from therapy really helped her deal with the sad stuff, like when Mrs. Dewhurst passed away, or when Finn’s dad got sick with cancer and they sat with him through treatments every two weeks for a year and a half, or even when Archie moved to bloody Boston to teach at Harvard. She learned that the good stuff wasn’t any less good because there was bad stuff. She used to let the bad stuff overshadow everything, thought it was more important, but now she knew that stuff was just stuff, and it’s up to us to determine how important it is. 

Chop and Izzy married. Too young, really. They were separated within the year and Izzy was back with her mum and dad. They were both too proud to admit either of them had caused the break-up, so Rae and Finn had to get them to sit down and talk about things. Izzy shoved the divorce papers across the pub table, yelling, “Why won’t ya just sign ‘em?” Chop screaming back, “‘Cause I fuckin’ love ya, Izzy! I always will!” And when he set his jaw and turned away to keep her from seeing the tears in his eyes, Izzy grabbed his face to kiss him. “Why didn’t ya say that six months ago, ya daft bugger?” Together ever since.

Rae had tried to break up with Finn when she went to uni. Said, “We don’t know what will happen; you could meet someone else. I don’t want to get in your way.” Finn looked down to mumble, “More likely you’ll meet someone else.” Rae scoffed at the notion. “Well, you’d better not, ‘cause I kind of like you being in my way; showin’ me the way.” Rae shoved his shoulder with hers, but then got serious again. “If you do, though—“ Finn shut her up a little bit with a long and lingering kiss. “I won’t. Don’t need to look for anyone else. I’ve already got the best girl in the world.”

Chloe did two years at uni, met a bloke, and dropped out to get married. Someone should have told her it wasn’t lather, rinse and repeat with marriage, because she met another bloke, got divorced from the first, married the next, and was onto her third marriage by the time she was 35. Two lovely kids to show for her troubles, though. Girl and a boy, two different dads (Husband #1 for the girl; husband #3 for the boy.) And, through it all, Rae was still her best friend.

Finn started out on the lowest rung at a recording studio in Peterborough, fetching coffee and humping boxes of demo tapes. After persistently hanging around, volunteering for overtime and bringing in new business, he transferred to the London studio. “Big time,” Rae said quietly over the phone from the apartment she shared with two other girls in Hull. “My offer still stands, y’know. If you meet someone … more excitin’—“ Finn sighed. “Will ya stop tryin’ to break up wi’ me every other minute?”

With Finn in London, Rae had a destination when she graduated. She must have applied to every paper and magazine from Epping to Wimbledon, passing up several much better salaries to work for a little music magazine that let her write about her favorite bands and review concerts. 

Since she only made a pittance, they didn’t even have to discuss her moving in with Finn. They just did it, because it made sense. Because they made sense, even after years, even after Rae tried to “set him free” on no fewer than three occasions, and then … even after Finn got down on one knee that windy Spring day on Hampstead Heath and Rae said no because she was too embarrassed. When he asked her again as they lay in bed listening to the rain that the wind brought, she whispered yes.

Their wedding was small and simple. Rae didn’t buy a white dress, though Linda tried to convince her she’d regret it if she didn’t, but Rae knew she’d regret it if she did. Linda gave in, faster than she ever did when both they lived under that roof that Linda paid for, but insisted on wearing a ridiculous hat from Debenhams. Rae’s little sister Jasmine was their flower girl; they didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. Not because they didn’t have the friends for it, but because they didn’t need anyone else up there with them. The two of them were enough.

They’d always meant to talk about having kids. Rae was fairly ambivalent, and while Finn thought he’d like to, they were both always busy with their jobs and lives and they weren’t sure where a kid would have fitted in. Plus, between Chop and Izzy’s three, Chloe’s two, and Jasmine … they felt connected to a lot of children. And one day it just seemed like they’d left it too late. 

Finn asked Rae, on another rainy night in bed, decades after asking her to marry him, “Do you wish we had? Do you regret it?” She was quiet a long time before she answered, almost long enough that Finn had begun to think that the silence was her answer. Finally, she said, “No. I like our lives. I love you. It’s not that we couldn’t have made room for a child, but … we didn’t need one, either.” Finn sighed with relief; Rae always found a way to say the things he couldn’t find the words for. They’d been enough for each other for a long time. It seemed they always would.