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I am absolutely horrified by what is going on in the fandom right now. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

If this offends anyone, know that it is not my intention to.

But also know that, if you take offense you chose to take it and feel free to send all the hate you wish to me, I’ll even leave the anon open for you to do so, because I don’t fucking care about your immaturity.

I am going to generalise, but know that I am not talking about everyone, I am fully aware there are civil people out there; this is directed to those who are victimizing themselves and are being horrible to anyone who is not agreeing with them and especially horrible to the crew.

I might come across as insensitive but you have crossed every unimaginable line!

Stop. Just stop making this show into something that it is not (and never was). The show was never intended to be a depiction of romance between the two main characters. Never. You may argue the contrary all you want, but this is not true. You have the original source that is over 100 years old that does not depict it (you may read into it whatever you want, no one is stopping you, but the simple truth is that all it depicts is friendship), and the show is based on those books.

The show is not based on “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”, only the relationship/rivalry between Mycroft and Sherlock is. Get your facts right.
But even if it was, the film does not portray Holmes and Watson in a homosexual relationship. Watson is a heterosexual man, while Holmes is alluded to maybe being a homosexual and having feelings for Watson that might go beyond friendship. But Watson’s feelings are not returned. Full stop. It is just an allusion and not a confirmation. Whatever was the original intention for the film does not matter, what matters is what the final product is - because if you are basing something on a product you are basing it on what it is and not what might have been.

Having the show based on the original source and that film, it does portray the two main characters truthfully to what it claims to be. The show itself is crime, mystery and drama. It is not romance and it never claimed to be. The show always gave mysteries, crimes and drama. Because that is what the show is about. Everything else is up to interpretation.

The creators of the show have been telling you since the start that Sherlock and John are not a couple and are never going to be in their version. You labeled them liars.

There are many instances in the show itself that disprove them being a couple. You chose to ignore it.

The fact that you are hurting because they happened not to be a couple in the end, is your own fault because you didn’t listen to what you were being told.

Calling the “gay jokes” in the initial seasons queerbating is incredibly ridiculous, because they are not. Why even are you labeling them gay jokes? They are just jokes, the fact that they happened to be aimed at two men doesn’t make any difference, because those jokes were simply meant as two close friends being mistaken as a couple, regardless of them being two men. That was the whole point. It is not offensive and it is incredibly realistic - in real life it happens all the time that people mistake two close friends as a couple (be them two men, two women or a man and a woman). My friend and I get mistaken as a couple all the time. And it happens to other people I know as well. It is as simple as that.

Yes, they went too far with those jokes, I agree. The jokes got boring and repetitive, they realised it and they dropped it.

I’m not even going to discuss the elephant thing as I have no idea how can possibly an elephant be a metaphor for a relationship. And I honestly don’t even want to know about your delusions.

Now, I understand that representation in media is important. I really do. And I agree. The writers do and they told you so but they also told you many times that this is not what this show is about.

They never lied to you about it, and they never promised you what you were asking. Because the show is not about that. They were always clear on the aspect that John and Sherlock are not a couple in their version and never will be, but also they told you that you are free to interpret it as something more, just don’t ask them to do it because that is not their vision.

The show you are watching is Mark Gatiss’ and Steven Moffat’s vision of Sherlock Holmes, not yours. They don’t owe you anything but good storytelling, mystery and drama - what the show is. And that’s what you always got. They don’t owe you any romance.

I understand LGBTQ+ people wanting representation and seeing themselves in these characters; but don’t force it on the writers to make it into something that it is not and that they never promised. If you see something more in these characters, continue doing so. No one is telling you that you are not allowed to, no one is telling you that your opinion is not valid. No one is telling you that your identity and your sexuality are not valid because two fictional characters are not shown as a couple.

I am telling you all this as a bisexual man. You do not need a show to prove you that you matter. Do not force something as big as this on a programme that was not intended to deal with this topic. Do not do that.

Do not send hate and threats to the crew. Do not label them as homophobic - do you have any idea how big of a deal this is?
Do not label them anything offensive!

Do not label them as anything. Do not send hate. Do not. You didn’t like the episode? You don’t have to. You are entitled to your own opinion, you are allowed to dislike something. But that does not permit you to be disrespectful to the crew. Not liking a piece of television does not permit you under any circumstance to send personal offences, hate, death threats, to people who have worked on the show and to people who disagree with your opinion. Have some human decency and be respectful.

Keep in mind that you are also just a portion of the entire Sherlock fandom. There are many others who don’t see the two mains as a couple, among which am I. And with that I am not saying that just because not everyone sees what you see makes your interpretation invalid. No. What I am saying is that just because you see them as a couple does not make everyone elses interpretations as invalid.

And while everyone has their own vision and their own opinions, why are you pretending that only your vision is the correct and that the writers need to validate it? Why do you think that your vision is the correct one and are forcing the writers to see it your way? Why do you think you know better than the writers themselves? That is just incredibly rude.

You get a series filled with crime and interesting cases, good family drama and mystery. And all you care about is a non-existent relationship. This just proves that you never even cared for the show but just your own fetishes.

The things that have been said are just appalling. Things I don’t want to repeat for how disgusting they are about the cast and crew and just because of a goddamn ship.
You are a small portion of the fandom, but sadly the loudest. And not only are you embarrassing yourselves but you are embarrassing the entire fandom and putting us all in a bad picture. And do yourselves and everyone else a favour: stop it. Just stop.

Continue disliking the show, the episode(s), everyone else in the world. You are entitled to it. Continue to ship johnlock. You are entitled to it. But do NOT send hate and threats to anyone!

Be civil.

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what's the elite gc?? are u in it?? I'm so confused

an ironically named gc between me and some friends that. really isn’t a big deal but apparently is to a lot of other people

happy anniversary to this random blog

Hello! January was the month when I started to blog about the otome games I’ve been playing. I never thought I’d make it this far… It’s been a year since I joined the fandom!

I forgot about it completely until I saw Niji’s anniversary post, so I made a little something.

It’s not much, but I’d like to express my endless gratitude for following me, for supporting the contents of this blog, and most importantly, for being my friends. 

I wish I could have made something grander, but like I said, I completely forgot about this little event so I kinda just rushed a bit. Enjoy anyway! :D

Leo Crawford X Viktor Nikiforov crossover~

(I just thought he’d look nice, right, Ma-chan @lustfullyleocrawford ??)

Please DO NOT repost without permission. Character belongs to Cybird, but the costume is obviously Viktor’s LOL

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I rewatched s3 yesterday and I don't get how Tarjei does it. I mean, acting shy and embarrassed is one thing, but how does he manage to blush in all the right places??? I wish I could control when I blush and when I don't.

Same and also crying do you know how helpful that would’ve been

The Other Woman Part 2 [Requested]

msimpala67 , keepcalmandbeajunkie , shameless-danni , keep-calm-and-omfg-jensen-ackles , misspepinillo17 , and yunngarab.

I wasn’t planning on making a part 2, but all of the people above asked for more, so here it is.

This is the original request:

justmasblack asked:I know this is gonna sound stupid and selfish but the angst request numbers are brilliant,you are truly talented so I want supernatural fandoms for the following numbers i’m so greedy I know and you r totally free not to do any of them or even if u did 1 i’d be thankful so here r my numbers (5deanxreader/10deanxreader/15deanxreaderxcas or samxreader/23casxreaderxdean-the one who wishes-/31casxreader),if you didn’t do any of'em it’s okay,if you did 1i’m grateful and if you did'em all i’d die happ

Part 1 is right here. 

Dean didn’t necessarily know what he was doing to his girlfriend; he thought they were as happy as ever, but as time passed, he noticed that she seemed… different.

After he came back from the life with Lisa and Ben, his lover had seemed to distance herself from him. The little things that she did had suddenly disappeared from his life as though it didn’t exist. The way she laughed at him when he sang off-key in the car, the small smirks and looks she sent him when Sam tripped or fell, and the way she would run her fingers through his hair when they watched old movies together all vanished.

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but come on. just google the show and you'll see it's real. i want this all to be a fucking joke as much as you, and i wish there was something to give us hope. but it's not that tv show. that is real.

i’m doing more than “googling” the show right now. what do you think i meant when i said “we’re looking into it”? like googling it wouldn’t be the first thing we do. please don’t insult my intelligence 

Dan Howell's brother drama

Okay, all I wanted to say is:

If you’re one of those people who keep harassing Dan’s brother, you need to stop and unfollow me right now, because what you’re doing is sick. Completely sick. Dan said that he doesn’t want us to care about Adrian, and many of us accepted. I wish we all did.
If you’re, like me, shocked by the disrespect Dan’s brother is receving, you should block this account (((( @danyulwaddup on instagram )))) AND report them. They apparently post fan fiction or something about Dan x Adrian, aka incest, which is disgusting.

If Dan/Phil notice this (and I’m sure they will, since they basically live on the internet) , they will be very disappointed with us.
To the people who harass Adrian Howell- fuck you. I do not take you as a part of our phamily.

“Yeah, but now…” Nate gave a long sigh. “I can’t make it. I always feel on the verge of tears, I feel even worse than before.”

“Because of Tobias?”

“Sure. He’s the earth to my heaven, the whole blood that runs through my veins, the better part of me, the other part. If I knew at least the name of the place he’s in, I’d leave no stone unturned. He’s my everything. I… I love him to death, Wendy,” Nate blinked his eyes a few times, sniffing. “If only you knew. If only he knew! I wish he ever had a chance to find out…”

“I know right,” Wendy hugged Nate, feeling so bad that she’s unable to help otherwise than words. “We’ll do everything to find him. I promise, Nate. We’ll tell him the truth. We just never did because… because he’d go wild to save you, yeah, he loves you no less than you do. I’m sure he’ll forgive you, though you haven’t done anything wrong.”

“He said that he wanted me out of his life forever…”

“Ah, little Tobias,” Wendy smiled sadly, stroking Nate’s back. “You know very well how moody and changeable he is… and how he doesn’t mean more than a half of those words he says. I’m with you, Nate. You can come anytime and talk to me.”

“Can I stay here for a while? It’s his room… still kind of feels like he’s here.”

“Sure. If you need help, just call me.”

ok but alex/lucy is exactly the type of enemies to lovers trope that i love

they start off as adversaries because lucy is in the military and her dad/boss is trying to control everything the DEO does and gets in their way so of course she and alex butt heads. but then it goes a step further and lucy has alex and j’onn arrested and sent to cadmus because she has good reason to believe that they’re conspiring against the US and like she’s just doing her job to the best of her ability with the information she has

but literally the moment lucy finds out that kara is supergirl it fills in all the missing pieces that she needed and she does everything she can to right the wrongs that she did to kara and to alex. she helps rescue alex from the situation that lucy herself put her in

I wish more than anything we could have seen more of them working together as equals and trying to bridge the gap caused by the initial tension between them, and I loved that we got a little bit of that in the finale (and don’t even get me started on the phone call I am weak)

basically i am and will always be alex/lucy trash thank u and goodnight


So I got tagged in the Six Selfies thing by @ashleylivinglife! Sooooo here they are.

Since I don’t take selfies that often, I had to dig into my saved Snaps! Oh. And I had to take the last one today.

Oh and I’m pretty sure my friend Robbie is right. I do look better smiling than RBF. But. RBF is so much fun.

6 selfies ✔️
Mugshot Monday ✔️
I tag whoever wishes to participate! XO

(( And here is the reason you haven’t heard from me in so long. 

I wanted to do an Alistair render. But not just for me, as a christmas gift and thank-you to @fulluponcrazy for being an amazing Alistair role player and actually role playing with me. 

It is definitely the most belated Christmas gift ever because I had so much difficulty. I tried using default morphs (dials that control facial features in DAZ) but nothing looked right. I basically had to learn how to use an entirely new program to digitally hand-sculpt Ali’s face and import it back to DAZ to get it to the level that I felt was right. 



@fulluponcrazy has my permission to use, download, photoshop, cut, crop, color, and do as they wish with this photo, but plz only them. ))

Chapter: Joseon

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//Gong Yoo (Kim Shin) x you

Word count: 5,375

Summary: To atone for his sins he is forced to wander the Earth searching for her, before it’s too late.

Prologue: Silla Chapter: Goryeo

As of right now I am too tired to do the usual dictionary. I will probably make it tomorrow, but if you have any pressing questions message me. I am always eager to answer

He never thought he would. He never imagined himself doing that, but he did.

In the end it was a wish, screamed at him, by her. And he had to admit, it was a reasonable wish. Without marriage ban lifted it was impossible for her to become his rightful wife.

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Hi friends

I’m a total fucking mess right now. 

And I tried to promise myself I wouldn’t get like this and it didn’t work. La La Land, as beautiful as it was, broke me to the point of meltdown. Because I’m reminded that, once again, I can’t do anything. I can’t write. I haven’t written in a very very long time. 

I haven’t had a good idea in a long time. I wish I could write all the prompts in my inbox but I just…can’t. And I know how useless I am and I know how frustrated it makes everyone. Believe me, I know it. 

I don’t think this post had a point. But that’s where my head’s at right now. It’s not a good place. I’m sorry for wasting your time. 

the way i see it is johnlockers, in general consensus, did not like TFP.

people who were not seeking johnlock, in general consensus, loved it.

genuinely is a bit of a rift happening right now and sorry but it’s partly because a section of the fandom act like johnlock is their god-given right. never once did BBC, Mofftiss, or any cast say ‘this is the season of Johnlock.’ they just hooked you with clever words and i really wish you could’ve seen what they were doing before getting invested.

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My family is quite close-minded, ignorant, and homophobic. They'll complain about all these "greedy gay people" wanting everything and everyone on tv to be gay, and I can't even speak up against that without them assuming I'm lgbt.... Which... I am.. but I'm in the closet, and I'm scared. Every time I bring up lgbt rights or representation or anything at all to do with the lgbt community, they corner me about my sexuality. What should I do!? :(

My love, I wish I had some stellar advice for you. I don’t, because I haven’t been in this situation and don’t feel in any way qualified in telling you how to cope. I do know what it’s like to have your family/people be at odds with your life, and what it feels like to live a double life. You aren’t doing anything wrong by not telling them, and you have every right to be scared. So I can validate those feelings and telling you that protecting yourself & keeping safe is your number one priority. I guess the only thing I can add is that maybe you can deflect or redirect when they question their sexuality, if it’s not something you want to discuss with them. “What, are you gay?” “It’s about human rights, mom.” I mean that is a really shitty example, but maybe that could help? Posting in the hopes that some followers can give tips & practical advice that might help. <3 <3 <3 <3

Quick Note

Due to my general inactive spells from last year, I’m unfortunately a little behind on answering some of your questions. I’ve been cherrypicking whatever felt like the right thing to reply to for a while now, which has unfortunately left some older messages in my inbox that I have yet to get round to. I don’t know how noticeable my absence has been overall, but I do wish to apologise for the delay and for my lack of enthusiasm that I’m sure shone through some of my writing over the past year or so.

I’m currently getting around to answering a very big question that’s been staring me in the face for a few months now, but it’s likely to be an answer that spans several pages worth of information and that currently takes up a fair bit of my time research-wise. The good news is that I finally seem to be getting back into the swing of things – the bad is that maybe it’ll take me a little while to get everything back in order the way it used to be!

(This is me, asking you to please be patient as I scrape all of my Columbine research back off the floor and get to work again.. hang in there with me?)

I want my own hair dye line so bad it hurts. Ive wanted that for probably 6 years now. My only issues are that I have no idea who or what to contact in order to start this & I can’t think of a name for my business. I feel like I would truly have one of the most unique lines out there with how picky & precise I am about colors. I constantly get told that my hair color is so incredible & different & that people have never seen a color like whats on my hair. I hold onto to those compliments so dearly because it really makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I wish I had a connection to someone in the factory production business to talk to them about my brand & how to start it. This is all I’ve really ever wanted.