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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 4

It’s amazing to see how much we can create together, my amigos. Here’s part 4.

  1. “Look, I might be evil but even I have standards.”
  2. “Do your parents know you’re dating Death?” “No, I promised we wouldn’t get back together after he broke up with me the first time.”
  3. “Wait why am I naked and covered in cheese?”
  4. “Good god, that cake is fuckin stale and dry mate!!” “Just like how you are recently? Gee, thanks.”
  5. "There is always time for a high-five.”
  6. “Karen, what would ever posses you to find me here.”
  7. “Oh my god, put that man down! Come on, let’s go get you some REAL food.”
  8. “A demonic sugar glider?”
  9. “People always say they never thought they would be here but I absolutely did.”
  10. “And I thought I was a bit weird. But you! You are insane!”
  11. “So your hair knows kung-fu? Ha, that’s nothing! MY hair knows HAIR-ATE!” (You know, as in karate) (This used to be an insider between me and a friend…)
  12. “One day, darling, you and I are going to conquer the Universe not just our world.”
  13. “Did you seriously think they wouldn’t notice when their humans went missing?!”
  14. “Well, maybe next time you should consider that not everyone wants to be woken up at four in the morning by a- what IS that, anyway?!”
  15. “Now, how exactly did your foot get stuck in the barrel?”
  16. “I hope you realize what you’re doing. This forest never ends, you know that, right?”
  17. “You can’t just kill someone and then make it all better by saying sorry!”
  18. “Why the fuck is my cat levitating?!” “He said he wanted to feel what flying was”
  19. “You’re trying to tell me you killed three men…with a microphone?”
  20. “Hang on, are you a John Wick fan?”
  21. “IT’S TWO IN THE MORNING!” “And?” “ I have a strict no murder rule until eight. Call me then.”
  22. “I did realize you were going to be naked the whole time”
  23. “Ok, I understand you like animals, but you can’t just bring a tiger into the apparent without asking!”
  24. “I…I didn’t want you to find out like this. I’m so sorry.”
  26. “I gotta go, I left my toaster in the oven!
  27. "Why is there a gaggle of fancy buisness men on my front lawn?”
  28. “Can you please stop referring to me as ____! That’s not my name!” “Then what is?” “I don’t know!”
  29. *Sarcastic* “Yeah, sure. I won’t at all mind being your footslave.” “Oh, goody! I knew you’d agree!” “Wait, what?”
  30. “When are you going to give up on this whole ‘evil’ thing?” “When it stops being so much fun!”
  31. “You didnt say to KILL the man!” “WELL I DIDNT SAY NOT TOO”
  32. “Mum, Dad… I’m gay.” “That’s nice, honey, but now is not the right time!”
  33. “Take a look at your soul and consider your life choices! Oh wait, that’s right! You don’t fucking have a soul!” “Oh, god, just go drown in a bathtub of syrup why don’t ya?”
  34. “I kindly ask you to please quit making your heart stop. It’s creeping me out!” “So… Y-You were sleeping in a coffin” “Yeah I’m used to it” “Are you a vampire or what?! How can someone get used to sleep in a coffin?” “No I’m used to sleep I never said that I’m used to sleep in a freaking coffin!”
  35. “Darling I love you, more than I can ever express in words…. But please stop teaching chickens necromancy.”
  36. “I wanted to know why you stole souls, not your melodramatic backstory…”
  37. “I really wish that old white man would stop rubbing his nipples at me”
  38. “You know it is written: Do not summon Satan, right ?”
  39. “Look around, what is this?” “My room?” “No, this is pathetic.”
  40. “I’ve been a professor for 20 years, and yet still my greatest secret hasn’t been revealed–I can’t read.”
  41. “Our souls don’t belong in these 'human’ bodies, every one of us is implanted here from another galaxy, and this has been the case for a thousand years. No one knows what 'actual humans’ are like without us inhabiting them.”
  42. “Did you just create a portal in time and space to pull another version of yourself into this world so I have to deal with another annoying idiot?” “No but thanks for the idea.”
  43. “You’re bleeding?!” “Nah, I’m frolicing in a field of flowers - yes I’m bleeding!”
  44. “Let me get this straight. I tell you that I make a decent omelette and you somehow equate that to qualification for piloting a spaceship?”
  45. “It’s the weekend! Let’s hit the town! See a concert, redo our wardrobes, get high, start a crime ring, I don’t know.”
  46. “Keep running, you’ve only got 4HP!”
  47. “This is clearly your first time. Stop screaming already, you’ll wake the neighbors!”
  48. “Has anyone seen the outdoors?” “What the fuck is an outdoors?”
  49. “Why do I feel like this again, I thought we were done with this?”
  50. “Look, as much as I like to hang out with you, I’ve gotta go and save the earth. Toodles!”
  51. “Have you seen?… oh shit”
  52. “Two questions: one, how many matches do you have, and two, where do you keep your socks?”
  53. “Because fuck surveys, that’s why!”
  54. “Stop yelling out the window or the koalas will rip your face off!”
  55. “I guess when I heard 'Night of Debauchery’… I didn’t picture muffins on your pajamas.”
  56. “Honey, you can’t keep throwing people to the pit of pain and despair just because they don’t like choc mint ice cream.”
  57. “Oh, no honey, put that back…”
  58. “It’s going to be too late, you know. It’s always too late.”
  59. “Hey, so, uh… I’m in trouble…” “What did you do this time?” “I got stranded in Wales….. again…”
  60. “OK, but… how do we get the dog out of a hole in space in time exactly?”
  61. “Aren’t people supposed to grow instead of shrink ?”
  62. “Wait. You’re aroused?” “Why would that surprise you?” “It does on account of you being covered in blood. Wipe that smile off your face. You look like a cat in heat.”
  63. "I pay your taxes”
  64. “No, ____. We did not raise our hamster like this.”
  65. “You can’t run from your own shadow(s), what makes you think you can run from theirs?”
  66. “You adopted… a dog?” “Mate, that’s not a dog.”
  67. “And at this moment, he decided to punch himself in the face.” “Narrator, listen, I know you’ve been with me my whole life, but you’re a huge jerk.”
  68. “Why didn’t you tell me it was a portal BEFORE we ended up here?”
  69. “Is that…the Mona Lisa.” “…Yes…” “What did I say to you about stealing priceless artifacts!?” “…That I had to take you with me next time.” “Exactly!”
  70. “Yes, I agree, magic is pretty cool. But did you really have to use it for THIS?”
  71. “Despite the fact that was epic, you’re still suspended”
  72. “Chill, dad it’s not what you think it is!” “Well it looks like you’re making out with the demon your grandma banished to cellar…WHY IS HE IN YOUR ROOM?”
  73. “If you truly love me you’ll let me-OH FUCKING HELL DID YOU JUST STAB ME!?”
  74. “Spoon”
  75. “What began as a conflict over the transfer of consciousness from flesh to machines escalated into a war which has decimated a Million worlds.The ___ and the ___ have all but exhausted the the resources of a galaxy in their struggle for domination. Both sides, now crippled beyond repair, the remnants of their armies continue to battle on ravaged planets, their hatred fueled by over four thousand years of total war. This is a fight to the death. For each side, the only acceptable outcome is…“
  76. ”… I’m going back to bed. You brought it here, you can deal with the mammoth yourself.“
  77. "Is the food supposed to be moving?”
  78. “You mean to tell me that in the two minutes I was gone,  you bombed a minor country,  got married to a stripper,  and assassinated a world leader?!”
  79. “Is that a unicorn???? EATING MY BEEF JERKY?!”
  80. “Do I get to dream about you again tonight?”
  81. “Well now I have to change clothes AGAIN!”
  82. “All of this was because of a… OF A PLUSHIE?!” “Well…Yeah?” “Great, how are we going to get out of jail now?!”
  83. “So…you gonna tell me why my brother is upside down and why you’re wearing my purple thong?”
  84. “Did you really have to burn down another Cracker Barrel?”
  85. “Sir, that’s impossible, you can’t do that.” “IS THAT A FUCKING CHALLENGE?!?!”
  86. “We need to invade Portugal.” “…Sure, why not?”
  87. “Did you divide by zero?! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US ALL”
  88. “Stand down, Milady, this is a matter between gentlemen with mustaches.”
  89. “Next time you get arrested I am NOT paying your bail” “That’s a lie and you know it.” “….”
  90. “I thought you were dead.” “So did I”
  91. “John dont flush the dog down the toilet”
  92. “What did I say again about resurrecting dictators??”
  93. “Cucumbers are NOT pets… what do you mean, you ate him??”
  94. “Are you and God seriously fighting right now? And what happened to Satan?”
  95. “Are ferrets supposed to be blue??”
  96. “I’m the protagonist? Well I guess that explains why I look like about a thousand other people.”
  97. “Why do I do this to myself?”
  98. “Stop eating your tortilla chips with ketchup. It’s unattractive.”
  99. “How do you eat an entire cheese wheel in one sitting?”
  100. “Why are God and Satan moving in with us?”

Let’s make one more ‘100 Dialogue Prompts’ list together. Leave a comment with your prompt below. Don’t forget the double quotes “”. And as always, only one prompt per amigo! Also, here is your random Dutch word of the day: pindakaas

High School In Review (so far)+ Some Tips!!!

Hello everyone! I’m Niva and I am a student of the High School class of 2019.

Now I’ve been in high school for 2 years now, so I think that can give some pretty solid advice to ya little upcoming freshman and any person who is still struggling in high school. So buckle up ya seat belts and put on some shades, cause we’re about to take a LONG ride

I know there are tons of freshman advice videos and posts out here on tumblr dot com, so I’m gonna try and make mine unique

*Note: My HS experience is unique; your may not need any of these tips, so who knows. Also, this post contains profanity. I don’t know if y’all care, it just seems that the studyblr community are all these sweet angels who attend church every Sunday and read the Bible in their spare time.


my freshman overview: Look, this year was hardest compared to my sophomore year. One class literally ruined my life, my dudes. {humble brag} Throughout my entire life from PreK to 8th Grade, I had gotten straight A’s on all my report cards. My freshman year, I decided to take AP World History and BOY did it crush me. I made a C in the class first semester and a B in the second semester. Now, it was not the teacher at fault. In fact, I LOVED the teacher. I just was not interested in that class at all and the work matched with me being in Marching Band nearly sent me to my death bed. I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just being 100% legit. This is also a PSA to all freshman offered to take APWH: This is one of the harder AP courses, and I wish one of my teachers had told me this before I decided to take the class (they probably did and I ignored them). This also was my first year in marching band and I’m telling you right now, if you’re wondering whether or not you should do marching band, do it. Even if you just do it for one year, it’s fuckin worth it mate. 

my sophomore overview: This year was SIGNIFICANTLY easier. During my freshman year, the way the schedule was set up was an A/B schedule; your schedule would alternate. On A days, you’d have these 4 classes and on B day, another 4. My sophomore year, they changed that and it was a bit easier for me. Not that I didn’t like the A/B schedule (I loved it), it was just a lot easier to manage classes. I only had one AP class this year, because I couldn’t take AP Lang because of schedule conflicts. ANTYWAYS, AP Gov is one of the easiest classes I took. My teacher was extremely chill and put a curve on every test and quiz, so that’s mainly why I didn’t fail. Marching band was much easier to handle since I already had experience. This was also the year I quit TSA (technology student association) and VEX Robotics, due to scheduling conflicts with band. And, to be quite honest, neither of the clubs were fun lmao. Literature class was annoying, because I got stuck in a class that DIDNT WANNA DO ANYTHING. They didn’t wanna read along, read at all, do projects, breathe, etc. (if you need tips on how to handle a trash class, just ask and I might make a post on that lol). Chemistry was purgatory, not hell, just purgatory. It was hard but not too hard that I didn’t pass. Math has never been hard for me so nothing really changed with that class. This year I brought back my streak of All A’s, so this school year was the best of the two in my eyes.

~=+=~The TIPS~=+=~

1. Normally, freshman don’t take AP classes, but if you are, be prepared. Depending on the class subject, you’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot more than just read the chapters once and do one page of notes. Try to always be ahead of the class and start some sort of study group. 

2. You’re best friend does not need to be your project partner all of the time. Seriously. If you have friends like mine, you will sit on your phone looking at memes on twitter for a long ass time before you ever start your project. Try doing a solo project every once in a while.

3. Don’t randomly join clubs. I was offered to join BETA Club and I didn’t wanna do it, so I didn’t. Don’t do clubs cause it looks nice cause 90% of the time, that one club won’t affect anything.

4. Save money. If you’re in marching band, dear god, save your money. School might as well be charging you to breathe. Everything cost SO MUCH MONEY. If you need to, set up a secret money jar so your parents don’t hijack your money.

5. Make new friends. Unlike most people apparently, I didn’t lose any friends. I do talk to certain people less because of class schedules, but we’re still friends. There is a small ass chance you’re gonna get caught in a class full of upperclassmen and no friends, and I had that situation. It’s not fun. Eventually, you’ll make a friend in that class, so don’t panic. But, anyways, new school, why not make new friends?

6. Don’t? Switch? Lunch? Tables? Okay, I don’t mean that someone’s gonna like sucker punch you out of your seat like in the movies. I mean like if we’re 5 months into the school year, don’t just randomly change your table, because …just don’t do it.

7. Don’t be that person who purposely gets on the teacher’s nerves to make class harder.

8. If you hate one of your teachers, suck it up buttercup. You have a choice of passing or failing, don’t let a teacher ruin an A in class for you.

9. Try and be on the other side of drama. It’s much more fun to watch drama go down, that to actually be involved in it.

10. Be early (if you can). I ride the bus, so I have no choice. But, there is legit no reasons for you to be walking into the class 10 minutes late, because you thought you could sleep an extra 5 mins.

11. I know your literature class is getting boring. This is probably your 7th consecutive year of learning the difference between a simile and a metaphor. I don’t know why they continue to reteach that stuff, but they do. All I can say is utilize what their teaching in some way, so that you don’t feel like the class is completely useless.

12. We all have that one class that you just do nothing in. Take advantage of that and get work done. I don’t have a “study hall” class so, any time you have to do work, use it.

13. Go to at least some of the school events. You can get relatively free food. 

14. Look, I could not care less if you skip school. But, don’t do it often and if you can, don’t do it ever. 

15. If you’re gonna eat in class, don’t eat something obvious like Lays Chips or a whole orange

16. Make friends with your teacher. Don’t be like creepy, but like, don’t have a bad relationship with your teacher.

17. Sophomore year, start thinking about college. You may think it’s too early, but it’s not. At least have an idea of what you want to major in.

18. If you can, get your permit as soon as you turn 15. Please don’t be like me. I still cannot drive and getting from Point A to Point B is harder than the VESPR Theory.

19. Disrespectful classmates are just an opportunity for you to get special privileges in class. If you’re class is disruptive and you’re just a sweet little angel, the teacher will most likely be more lenient with you. My teacher literally gave me a 100 on a project I turned in a day late (supposed to be 5 points off) because literally me and this other girl were the only ones who turned the project in.

20. Do your homework the day you get it. I don’t give a damn if it’s due in two days or two months, do it right then and right there.

21. In your language class, please try. Nobody likes the kid who doesn’t participate. If the teacher asks,  ¿Como estas?, you better fuckin say ¿Bien, y tu? back.

22. If you’re in a situation like mine, you’re gonna have a class you didn’t sign up for, yet somehow you got it. Just deal with it. If you can’t change your schedule, that’s all you can do. Just do the assignments and hope you pass.

23. Okay, most schools don’t have a “popular” group. But all schools definitely have the Prep group. You know, those kids. If you’re not one of them, just ignore them. If you are one of them, stop being so goddang stuck up and realise that you have an annoying voice. If you are not sure if you are a prep, you most likely are not.

24. My school doesn’t use lockers purely based on the fact that it would take too long for kids to get to them and back to class since my school is so big. So, if you also do not have lockers, make sure your bookbag can handle one full school year. I cannot stress this enough. You don’t wanna walk around school with a 15lb bookbag and only one functional strap.

25. Eat the school food. It’s honestly not as bad as the internet makes it. Like…eat ya pizza and enjoy it.

26. If your single and you want a relationship, please do not get a crush on random people like me. Someone would let me borrow a pencil and I would fantasize about a wedding for the next 2 days. I know it’s hard being lonely, but being in a relationship won’t get you a college scholarship.

27. Don’t drink a lot during school. There’s gonna be a teacher with a restriction on the bathroom because for some reason, they think bladders have a specific schedule to follow.

28. Don’t be that freshman that dates every senior in sight. If you have a relationship with a senior and it lasts, great. I’ve seen it happen, but 90% of the time it does not. 

29. Likewise, if you have a friend that’s running you up the wall with their problems, specifically relationship problems. Find a way to distance yourself from them, or even better, get them help from someone else.

30. If you have Type 4 hair (or type 3, it depends), you gotta do your hair at least 3 days in advance, especially if your hair is short. I don’t know a single person with kinky hair who can wake up and just simply throw their hair up.

31. Look, man. Just look here. Look at me in my eyes and listen. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU ARE GONNA HAVE SEX USE A CONDOM! USE A CONDOM OR DONT HAVE SEX AT ALL. I’m not speaking from personal experience, but I many of girls have gotten pregnant at my school

32. If you’re gonna do drugs, don’t. Don’t be stupid. Especially if you’re in a school club or sport. You are subject to random drug tests at all times. 

33. Try not to let people affect the way you dress. Wear what you want.

34. Something about you is gonna change. Your personality, your look, your aesthetic. Whatever changes, don’t be stuck up. Nobody likes stuck up people; not even stuck up people like stuck up people.

35. You know those posts that are like “Grades don’t determine intelligence?” Yeah, well they don’t determine your intelligence, but they can determine where you get into college (if you wanna go) and how you’re seen and perceived by teachers. At least, try to pass.

36. If you can, take the ACT or SAT or whatever standardized test you have for your schools. I had an opportunity to take the SAT in 4th, 7th, and 8th grade for $35…and I didn’t take it once. I heavily regret it. Mainly I didn’t take it, because, at the time, it was hard for my mother to pay for it when we had much bigger problems, but like, if you have the opportunity and the funds to take those tests, take them.

37. Don’t rely on quality points. In my school (they’ve gotten rid of this now though), if you’re in an AP class you got 10 extra points and if you were in an Honors/PreAP class, you got 5 points. Colleges look at your grades without the points. The only purpose for these quality points is so that kids in CP classes don’t get valedictorian or some shit idk

38. If you’re in America, you’re gonna have somebody walking around school in a Trump shirt. By all means, beat their ass, but know the consequences. Also, if you’re gonna talk about politics with somebody, please know at least the bare minimum. At least know what the Hillary email scandal is before you try and defend her. Same goes for my friends across the pond. You see someone supporting Theresa May, beat their ass, know the consequences, and learn politics.

39. Actually? Check? Your? Grades? I know so many people who just don’t know what they’re grades are. Know you’re grades so you always know where you stand.

40. I wanna say class rank does not matter, but if you’re anything like me, you’re gonna obsess over it for a while. I know you wanna be in the Top 5, but if you’re no where near it, you’re gonna have to work EXTREMELY HARDER THAN NORMAL. Try not to make a huge deal out of it, unless you’re aiming for Valedictorian.

41. Moisturize ya self. Don’t nobody like ashy knees and elbows. Invest in some lotion.

42. Listen. We all hate dress code. But just follow it. You can’t do anything about it. Just wait til the weekend to wear your spaghetti strap shirt and ripped jeans. And if you wear leggings and you have a wide hip and butt area, you are definitely going to be called out. If you’re not sure if you’re breaking dress code with what your wearing, bring an extra shirt and jeans just in case.

43. Go the fuck to sleep. Don’t be up at ass o’clock in the morning doing who-knows-what on the internet. I know from experience. You may think you can survive 8 hours of school with 2 hours of sleep, but as the day goes on, you’re not gonna want do anything at all, but sleep. But hey, if 2 hours of sleep works for, go ahead. It’s not healthy but I can’t regulate your life.

44. If you walk in the wrong class, everyone will forget about it after the a good 2 days. Literally nobody cared that much. Just walk out and forget about it.

45. If you have a phone, get your friends numbers/contacts/emails. You’re gonna need them for homework sooner or later.

46. To all those uber religious people out there, drop the clean act. If you hear somebody say “fuck”, get over it. I don’t know how else to say it. Teachers cannot stop somebody from cursing completely. People are gonna have sex, people are gonna cuss, people are gonna be inappropriate, and all you can do is focus on yourself.

47. Wear deodorant. You will be surprised at the amount of people who don’t. 

48. Studyblr is fun. Studyblr is nice. That being said, studyblr is not the end of the world. If you don’t have a bullet journal, just use the calendar in your phone or have an online bujo. Don’t let studyblr take up 90% of your study time, because scrolling through the studyblr tag is not studying.

49. Don’t be that kid that walks around with fucking surround sound speakers on their back. Wtf, like invest in some headphones my guy.

50. Never buy a 1 inch binder. Always 2 inch and above, unless you know for sure you only need a 1 inch.

51. You are gonna have a set of people you absolutely hate that for some reason, you cannot get away from them. The best you can do is ignore them.

52. If you’re required to take a Fitness class and you are a festively plump child or an unhealthy/unfit person such as myself, you are going to be embarrassed at some point. Look. I cannot give you advice that’s gonna raise your self-esteem, but I can tell you that if you don’t pay attention to anyone else, it’s much easier to get through that class. The fitness gram pacer test doesn’t last forever. Likewise, don’t treat fitness class like the fucking Olympics. The coach asked for 10 pushups not 100.

53. Extra Credit is your friend. Even if you have a 100 in a class, extra credit doesn’t hurt.

54. Do not walk slow in the hallway, please. I like getting to class on time. If you plan on having a conversation in the hallway, only do it if you walk and talk at a reasonable speed.

55. If you ride the bus, get up at least 45 minutes before the bus gets there. I don’t have a big morning routine, so half of the time in the morning, I just scroll through twitter. Wake up early enough to get everything done.

56. C’s get degrees, my friend, but C’s don’t get scholarships.

57. If you wear AXE Body Spray or any perfume/cologne, I want you to know that your smell occupies the entirety of the hallway you’re on. Please, use only a small amount of fragrance, because not only do they most likely stink, some kids have asthma and some kids are allergic to fragrances. Just refrain from wearing strange smelling spays.

58. If you’re a theatre kid or sport kid, don’t be completely set on becoming a professional singer/actor/athlete. Have a Plan B. The last thing counselors wanna hear when they ask you what you want to be when you grow up, is a NBA Player.

59. To all my shy people out there, that speech you have to give doesn’t last forever. In fact, it may only last 3 minutes. In my literature class, we were required to recite lines from Romeo and Juliet, for some odd reason, and I made such a big deal out of something that barely affected my grades.

60. For this last and FINAL tip of this post, don’t give up. I didn’t wanna be generic, but here the fuck! I! am!!! When I took AP World History, part of the reason I ‘failed’ was because I just stopped trying. I would make low C’s on the test and just think, “Well I didn’t pass, might as well just give up.” Well, no shit you didn’t read the chapter. If you’re trying all you’ve got and you’re just not making it, talk to the teacher. That’s one thing I regret from my freshman year. I just gave up. I didn’t try and get help because I felt that getting help meant that I was stupid. It doesn’t. It just means you’re smarter for trying to get a good grade.

WELL THAT’S ALL FOLKS! Sorry if my cursing doesn’t fit your aesthetic, too bad. I can probably think of 40 more tips to make this 100, but I didn’t want this post to be extremely long (lol good job on that). Anyways, if you ever want any help, feel free to message me, but I’m not that good at text conversations or conversations in general so I’m your last resort.

TO THE UPCOMING FRESHMAN: Have a great first year of high school! You’re about to enter a new life where the teachers are more serious and, yes, coloring still somehow counts as a grade.

TO THE UPCOMING SOPHOMORES: I know. You’ve only been here one year and your tired. Have hope. You’re one year closer to that diploma.

Touch Me, Touch You | 03 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | a touch of angst

Word count: 3.6k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Masturbation, dirty talk, sexting/phone sex

A/N: What am I doing actually… Look, I had to make this into an angsty story.. I can’t just not make it angsty. This is still like pwp basically, but we are getting to plot I swear…


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wet dream-mature justin bieber imagine

a lot of smut, kind of sub;jb [mature justin x reader]

“Here,” you pat repeatedly on your lap “lay your head here.”

Justin thinks about your request for a long second. I mean you were best friends for nearly 5 years, since you started high school together. Justin and you had been this close before, hell, you guys had held hands, played as a fake couple once even just to piss off this guy who wouldn’t stop asking you out. What was the big deal?

Justin narrows his eyes at your nearly bare legs. He coughs awkwardly.

You roll your eyes at him. “Fine,” you say as you grab a your jacket which was slung around the arm rest on placed it over your legs. “Is that better little boy?”

Justin doesn’t say a word. He sighs as he places his head on your lap, feeling his head fall into a comfortable state. “I’m so tired,” he yawns out.

After beauty and the beast finished you yawn out yourself, feeling a your head spin a bit. You were tired as well. You wanted to hit the sacks already.

You hear a stir below. You see justin’s lips pouted as he began to shuffle his head around a bit. You suddenly hear a faint whimper come from the boy below you.

You stiffen at the erotic sound. You feel a tingle between your legs. Why was he making you feel this way? You had thought Justin was attractive, you always have, but you never imagined justin would turn you on in any shape or form.

You watch as he begins to move around. You see his eyebrows creasing, his teeth taking his pink pouty lips.

You feel heat start to rise in your lower stomach. You wanted to know what he was dreaming about, what his sexual fantasies were, you wanted to know what turns him on or in this case, what was turning him on.

You hear his breathing increase into small pants. You watch with wide eyes as he reaches a large hand and slowly brushes across his manhood. You squeeze your thighs together, beginning to feel your core drip at the sight.

You see his bulge growing, a strong sight of his member pushing roughly around his basketball shorts, making the bulge obvious as ever. “y-y/n,” he pants out, almost in the breathlessly whiney voice, which travels straight to your dripping core.

You suddenly begin to feel the tightening feeling in your lower stomach bubble up into a stronger, more intense feeling that now, needed to be taken care of. You wished you could slip a finger between your legs, past your flimsy shorts and straight into your awaiting heat to help ease the aching between your legs.

Justin suddenly stirs in his sleep, waking up from his wet dream, eyes blown wide to reality and to what was happening right now. He took a while to figure out what was happening. He could make out what happening when he could feel the restriction feeling on his lower part of his body and the soft heavy breathing coming from you.

“I-” justin’s pupils are wide in shock as he glances to you, “I’m sorry-i didnt know-sorry if i made you uncomfortable,-”

You do nothing but hurrying slip a finger up your shorts, flinging your jacket, which was covering your legs and used as a support pillow for justin’s nap, on the ground.

Justin doesn’t move. He simply stays quiet, almost surprised that you were turned on from his actions and not creeped out or anything. “You’re so w-wet, jesus Y/N,” justin breathes out in astonishment, eyes eagerly watching at how easily you could slip a finger in your heat.

You began to pump your finger in a faster pace, wanting to quickly relieve the stress justin had made you have just from watching his rub himself. You really needed this you thought to yourself. You couldn’t remember when the last time you had orgasmed or had any sexual relief. You, at this point, didn’t care whether Justin was going to look, help you out or if he was turned off by your desperate and sloppy actions, you just wanted to get rid of the bubbling feeling in your stomach.

To your surprise, you feel you hand being harshly yanked away from your shorts, feeling your core empty and loss. “Justin” you whine out, “ what are you doing-I was so close- oh my.” Justin suddenly replaces your fingers with his ones. You could definitely feel the large and structured fingers stretch your walls much better.

You could feel Justin’s paced thrusting of his two fingers hit your soft spot which made you wail out in pleasure. You never knew simply just fingers could make you feel such intense pleasure.

“B-baby,” you pant, feeling out of breath “faster. I’m nearly there-”

Justin latches a harsh and sloppy kiss to your neck, sucking the flesh, feeling the pain turn into screams.

“That’s it baby girl-” he says as he continues to suck and abuse your neck.

You could feel your walls tighten around his two fingers, squeezing your heat around his digits.

Justin feels this action and bites down with his teeth, muffling his groan of pleasure. “You’re driving me crazy baby, I want to feel you around my cock so badly-”

Justin nearly chokes on any remaining breath as he feels your fingers grab him softly, loving the pressure of your hand around his pulsing shaft.

“You,” he says as he harshly twists his fingers in your core, “ are a fucking tease.”

You look at him with innocent eyes, “me?” You breath out, “ how am I a tease? Tell me Justin.. how am I a tease?” You say seductively as you begin to rub up and down on his covered manhood.

Justin could feel how slow your hand was moving. He grunts out as he feels your fingers, delicate as ever slip in his shorts with ease. He feels your cold hands against his warm and sensitive skin.

You smile as you feel no barrier of boxers or underwear. You could feel how hard and ready he was for you. Was this all for you?

“So..” you say as you continue to tease his member, not speeding up at all, “what was your little dream about?”

You watch as Justin began to violently bite his lower lip, seeing it almost turn white. You see how much he was struggling to keep steady as his hand was now removed from your shorts and desperate as ever, clung onto the couch, gripping the armrest.

“Tell me” you say again, urging him to spill the truth, even though you had already heard him pant you name before, you just wanted to see him suffer a bit. “Tell me and I might just let you cum.”

“I-” he says through irregular pants, “I imagined you, you, your mouth was around me”

“Was I now?” You say as you rub your thumb over his slippery slit.

“Jesus-” he croaks out, “quit teasing, I feel like I’m going to fucking die.”

He buckles his hips at your hand, desperately wanting more friction. He was squirming under your touch.. this was somehow turning you on even more.

“Please” he begs as he continues to thrust against your slow snail pace hand.

“fuck this.” He spits out as he quickly tugs his tshirt over his head, letting his upper and tattooed body come in your view.

Faster than ever, you hadn’t even blinked yet and justin had your back against the couch. “you.” He says accusingly “are the biggest tease I’ve met.”

He yanks your shorts and panties off in one go, tugging them down your legs and chucking them on the ground with force. You bite your lip as you thought about what could happen now.

“first these shorts, now the fucking slow ass rubbing?!” He grunts as he sees your glistening heat, bare and open to his lustful eyes.

He couldn’t help but run a finger across your heat. You coat his single middle finger in your arousal, causing him to smirk. “Baby girl, who made you this wet?”

He brings the finger to his eyes and grunts at the string of juices dragging along from his finger, “you smell like heaven babe.”

You watch with wide eyes as he slips his finger in mouth, slowly and keeping his finger there for a long moment before letting go with a pop sound.

“So sweet” he compliments as he quickly attaches your his lips with yours.

You could taste the saltiness as he slips his tongue in your mouth. “Justin” you say as you pull away from the passionate kiss, “I really need you.”

You eye your attention to your body’s lower half, hoping that he’ll get the memo.

“Right.” He nods  “I-I just got a little carried away-sorry.”

You smile at his nervousness but hoping to help him out a little, you yanks his basketball shorts down, just enough to reveal his member, “are you sure you want to do this?” he questions once he realises this was actually going to happen.

“Yes” you say without hesitation.

Justin watches your movements, he watches as you bring your fingers around his pulsing and rock hard shaft, aligning it to your core.

Justin and you both moan out as you rub his tip at your dripping entrance. You feel how large he was, you could see how large he was compared to the size of your awaiting heat.

Maybe Justin could sense your hesitation or maybe he was scared about this too, hurting you that was. “are you wet enough?-I don’t want this to feel bad for you. I could eat you out to help you get wetter or i-”

You push yourself around his cock. You gasp at how full he was, how amazingly he stretched you out.

“Justin” you breath out, “can you move a bit?”

“Jesus, you’re so tight, I don’t think I will last any longer” he says as he buries his head in your shoulder, bringing his lips to your neck as he blows his warm breath of pleasure on your skin.

“Just move- it’ll feel good for me. Please-I’m so close,” you encourage Justin to move even a tad, you could feel yourself letting go any moment. You were so close too.

Justin pulls out as slowly as possible, he slowly pushes back in. You feel how full he felt and how his fullness would rub against your walls, you could feel his tip touch your g spot.

You push your hips desperately to feel him touch the spot that made your head spin a hundred miles per second.

“Babe-stop. Im gonna cum if you move anymore.” He warns as he bites his teeth into your shoulder.

You wail out as you feel Justin’s shaft twitch inside of you. Justin wasn’t lying when he said he was close to spilling. This boy was seriously going to let go. “Justin” you call, “touch me” you speak as you reach above your head, tugging on his arm to help rub your clit. You loved it your clit being rubbed, you knew this would help.

“You- like your clit being touched?” Justin says as he looks down at the erotic sight of your bodies moving, how his shaft was entering your body or how your clit was so swollen and wet with your juices. He wanted nothing but to suck and tug at your bud.

“Fuck- you are making me crazy.- are you close?” He groans out. “I’m there-fu-”

You feel the warm seed of his arousal spill inside you. Justin closes his eyes shut as he rides out his orgasm. You watch as Justin doesn’t pull out, instead he starts to move his half limp shaft in your entrance. “Cmon baby, I’ve got you, I won’t leave you hanging.”

Justin feels his body go into overdrive as he forces his shaft to get hard and erect. Justin just wanted to see you let go, he wanted to make you cum.

“It’s ok.- just pull out, I can finish myself off” you speak seriously as you see the verge of tears appearing in his light glossy eyes. You did want to get off, but seeing Justin like this was kind of painfu.. You hold his lower stomach, feeling how his stomach was clenching every now and then, you couldn’t imagine how difficult it would feel.

“Fuck-” he says as he feels his shaft twitch at the oversensitive pressure. Justin continues to plunge himself in your heat. You feel him growing as he paces himself, not slowing down. Justin suddenly grips the back of thighs, forcing your legs to bend, making your knees hit the bed. Justin allows himself to push deeper, hitting the angles in a whole different level.

“you like it rough? Fuck-so hot” he grunts out as he slams into your heat, hitting the deepest spot which made you see black and white.

“Im there-”

Justin pushes into your entrance, gripping and using your legs as leverage to go deeper than ever.

You feel yourself let go, your orgasm washing over your sweaty body. Justin drills one last time before pulling out, still hard and and the tip swollen and red as ever.

Justin yanks his cock, moving his hand skillfully at a speedy pace. You wondered how often he would jack off, or maybe what he would think about when he did. The dirty thoughts made your stomach tingle with excitement.

He thrusts into his hand, hips moving at a pace that made you question if he was moving this fast while he was fucking you. You could barely tell if he was moving his hand or hips, he was so concentrated.

“Cmon baby boy, let go for me.” You say as you watch him with close eyes, not wanting to miss out on the sight.

“Fuck y/n. You- are -not -helping- me- Jesus”

You watch his thighs shake as his hand slows down and his other grips desperately onto the back of the couch.

Justin spills his load all over his hand. Justin’s breathing slowly becomes normal again. Justin opens his eyes, his eyes still with evident tears because of the overwhelming orgasms.

“I’m sorry” he says as he embarrassingly tugs his shorts over his now limp manhood.

“Let’s go on date.” You say as you lean forward to peck his flushed face, taking him by surprise.

Justin simply smiles at you.

mysticmessofcrap  asked:

This is just a thought but it would be a great oneshot or reaction or something. What if Jumin had to put down Elizabeth 3rd because she got sick (I cried when I thought about this I want to know how you feel about this)

This legit triggered me so much because I love my dog so much that I spent a week crying thinking about that one day I need to say goodbye…. well here we go T_T WARNING: This may be OOC because I know Jumin just sees Elizabeth as a cat after he puts his emotional stability on MC but whatever just enjoy (Jumin POV) (for my animal lovers please listen to this fucking song so we can die together ) * ill let y'all know when to play the song* 

Ugh. Each and every single day I recieve more and more paperwork. No matter how many hours I put into my job, I will always need more. I picked up the 649 page proposal that Assistant Kang left on my desk so I can look over it. I gave a deep sigh knowing I was going to be late going home again. Well there is nothing I can do. I must do what I can so I can support my family.

I was already on page 443 before I heard a knock on the door. I perked my head up “Who is it? Im busy. It better be important for it to demand my attention” I scowled.  The door slowly opened and Assistant Kang popped her head out. I motioned for her to come in “What is it Assistant Kang? Do I need to over look more papers? If so, just leave it on that chair” I sighed pointing at the chair with four piles of paperwork. She walked closer to me and cleared her through “Have you checked your phone Mr. Han? (Y/N) just called the office” she said with a bit of shakiness in her voice. I reached into my pocket to see that my phone was left on silent. I put the volume on high and I was shock to see I had 23 missed calls from (y/n), 12 missed called from Yoosung, and 3 missed calls from Saeyoung. Hmm. I was getting ready to go through my voice mail to see what the fuss was about before Assistant Kang interrupted my thoughts “Mr. Han you need to leave. Now.” she commanded. I gave her a puzzled look but then my wife barged into my office screaming. She panted and caught her breath “Jumin, Elizabeth is dying!” she shouted. My heart stopped and I got up and ran to my wife “What did you say!” I shouted back. My wife looked me into my eyes and I notice she had tear stains on her cheek. She grabbed my hand and dragged me outside to where Saeyoung was. She pushed me inside and Saeyoung drove to the speed of light to Yoosungs hospital. 

I ran helplessly through the hospital doors and went to the second floor. I noticed Yoosung outside of room 8 looking down at his clipboard. I ran to him and kneeled down in front of “What happened! I thought removing the tumor would guarantee Elizabeth 3rd life! What the fuck did you do! What did you do to my Elizabeth” I screeched while I shook his shoulders. He looked into my eyes and then pull me in for a hug “Im sorry Jumin okay I’m sorry! I warned you that with her age she might not make a full recovery. It’s even a miracle that she’s been alive for this long. She’s been bleeding internally and she doesn’t want to let go yet. She’s waiting for you Jumin. Im sorry… but its time..” he whimpered. I got up from the floor and started to pull on my hair trying to focus on a different pain “IM NOT READY FUCK IM NOT!! HOW CAN I SAY GOODBYE TO SOMEONE WHO SAVED ME HUH!! HOW CAN I LET HER DIE WHEN SHE HELPED ME LIVE!”I shouted while kicking a nearby trashcan. I couldn’t breath and I just fell on the floor screaming Elizabeths name. My wife and Saeyoung helped me back up to my feet and they gave me a drink of water. I breathed in heavily and then went to Yoosung to take me to Elizabeth. I told my wife and Saeyoung that I want to say goodbye by myself and they respected my wishes. 

I entered the little room and I heard painful meows coming from my sweet Elizabeth. It hurt like hell seeing her in agony. I am her owner and I will forever be her owner. I am the one that holds the power to ease her from pain. However, it meant that I must go through life without having Elizabeth 3rd greeting me at the door. I breathed in heavily and nodded at Yoosung so he can get everything ready. I signed my heart away and the assistants and Yoosung were gracious enough to give me one last time alone with her. I got the nearest chair and I sat down right by her side.  *play the song so we both can die*

I took her paw into my hand and I already felt my tears escaping my eyes “I knew this day would eventually come but I always hoped it would be many years from now. I remember the first time I settled you into my home. I was a bit distant with you because I didnt know how to take care of a cat. So I just bought you high end pet food and hoped for the best. You were really patient with me because it did took me a while to know how to properly raise you. Its funny to say but we sure did get into many fights but at the end of the day I couldn’t get mad at you. You were always there meowing happily when I got home. It felt nice having someone excited to see me. You know something my sweet Elizabeth, I really cherish the time we had together. I just wished I could of spent so many more hours with you. I wish I could repay you for everything that you have done for me. You gave me a feeling of having a home and you always listened to me when I rabbled on so many idiotic nonsense. You gave me a chance to learn to express my emotions. You were there when my own blood wasn’t. It just kills me that I need to say goodbye to you Elizabeth. You are my hardest goodbye because I know people see you as a cat, but I saw you as my child. You brought life to my dull life. It kills me seeing you in pain Elizabeth. You don’t deserve to leave this world like this but just know ill be here till your last breath. I know life will be hard without having someone to welcome me home but you can let go now Elizabeth. Im ready to do this on my own and I’m going to miss you so much. I love you so much Elizabeth. You can let go now” I whispered. I leaned down and kissed her paw gently. I got up and hugged her and I notice she raised her head gently and licked some of my tears away. She purred and she laid her back down. I continue holding her paw till I noticed she stopped breathing. More tears were falling down my face and it was so hard to breathe. 

Wait for me at the rainbow bridge Elizabeth 3rd. 

I’ll be there to find you soon. 

Have fun with V. 


In case you haven’t already heard about the blog exposing-the-fakes, let me update you. It’s run by a girl who goes by the name Diana Leigh and claims she’s 21, lives in LA, and, most bizarrely, personally knows 5sos. She gives out false and sometimes worrisome information about the boys. For example, she tells people Michael self harms. How would he feel if he saw that; someone he’s never met convincing her 2,000 followers of something so serious? Although it could be accurate, she isn’t someone who would know. The only people who do are Michael and those who are actually close to him. The fact that she’s going around promising it to be true is only doing damage. On top of all that, she’s hinting towards the fact that she’s Ashton’s “secret girlfriend”. Those are just two of her lies. They don’t end there, but listing them all would take forever.

I wouldn’t be concerned about this situation if no one believed her, but for some strange reason — even though she’s never provided any solid proof whatsoever — a lot of people do. Like I mentioned before, she has at least 2,000 followers. Fans are putting their faith in her and genuinely thinking their questions and wishes will get to 5sos through her blog. It’s messed up and has left me feeling uneasy for a long time now.

So, I’m here to hopefully shut her down for good.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do the rfa+minor trio with an MAC who really likes cars??

A/N: Sometimes i wish i would have taken another year of auto body in high school but i didnt *sigh* also i have a huge lady boner for classic cars so idk if i’ll play on that sorry not sorry ~Admin 404


           -Knows nothing about cars, new or old

           -But he’s seen you and Saeyoung talk about some of his cars and you seemed so passionate about it!

           -He really just wanted to impress you, and like the same things as you!

           -So he literally pulls out a random car manual when you come around the next time

           -“Ah, I see! That’s a really nice looking…. trans…mission. And wow would you look at those… uh… *Brings book closer to face* …windshield wipers.”

           - yoosung what even

           -“I’m sorry!! You just look really happy when you talk about cars with Saeyoung and I just thought maybe you’d like me more if I knew cars but I really have no interest in them at all! Look at how complicated they are!! WHAT DOES A TRANSMISSION EVEN DO???”

           -He throws the book down onto the table, his face following close behind it

           -You run your hand through his hair and when you laugh he shoots his head back up to look at you

           -“Yoosung, you don’t have to be into cars like I am for me to like you?? Just be yourself, ya big dork! I like you for your animal-loving, LOLOL-playing self<3” and i swear to god he turned to putty in your hands. Completely attached himself to you for the rest of the day but it was honestly kinda cute???


           -You’re into cars??? He’s into bikes!!!

           -While he thought that would be amazing, he was wrong

           -The two of you have very strong feelings on which is better

           -“Just try driving my car once! ONCE! It’ll be fine!”


           -So he tried driving your car in an empty parking lot. He killed it. Multiple times


           -He doesn’t like it

           -Prefers the two of you take his bike instead unless you’re driving the car

           -“But MC! You look really hot on my bike! Are you sure you want to take the car? What do you mean you love the car? But not as much as me though, right? Right?? MC!”


           -Here’s the extent of Jaehee’s car knowledge: Something feels wrong with car –> Take car to auto shop

           -Okay I’m not giving her enough credit, I’m sure she knows how to change her oil and at least how to change a tire

           -When the two of you are talking about interests and you mentioned cars, she’s internally cheering


           -She really likes learning though, so she asks you to help her learn different aspects of the engine, and how to do a few quick fixes

           -Watched you change one of her headlights once and spent hours trying to change the other one on her own

           -Denied all offers for help, she wanted to LEARN on her OWN, GET AWAY FROM ME MC

           -Once she got it, you praised her like crazy and she felt great?? Like she learned how to fix something and you’re giving her all this recognition and just, it’s an amazing feeling

           -Always out there to help you fix something, one time she brought a notepad and some pens and took notes

           - shes so cute omg


           -“MC, get in your car. I have a date planned for us- I’ll drive”

           -“Stay the fuck away from of my car”

           -He’ll try to buy you literally ANY car you want

           -Old, new, restored, a fixer-upper, whatever you want

           -Pouts every time you won’t let him drive them though


           -So he tries to spoil you with the newest and coolest car parts

           -That new engine you’ve been eyeing? He’ll get it for you. Fuck, he’ll get you SEVEN of them

           -He actually really admires your love for cars though?? Like he lowkey wishes he knew how to do something so hands-on and mechanical

           -When you’re under one of your cars on a dolly (and he’s sure that you won’t get hurt), he’ll push the dolly out from under the other side of the car and pretend he didn’t see you there and practically bug you for attention because you’ve been under there all day



           -The first time he sent a photo of his babies to you, you freaked out

           -You started naming them, spitting out their stats left and right, ranking which one you thought was the best and which one wasn’t as good as the rest


           -The two of you go for rides at least once a day

           -The two of you are always spoiling them. Always buying a ton of accessories, washing them- he’s caught you hugging some of them lovingly once totally did not join you

           -Saeran has found the two of you sleeping in a few of them sometimes

           -Y'all communicate by honking sometimes. Completely pisses Saeran off. Then the two of you just honk every time he tries to tell you off. Saeyoung thinks it’s the funniest thing but his brother vows to get back at the two of you

           -“Let’s take this one today!” “Are you kidding???? No!! This one needs more love!” “SHIT YOU’RE RIGHT”

           -He seriously has to get you your own garage down the road though because your love for cars rivals his


           -Your passion is what really gets him in all honesty

           -The way your face lights up, the sparkle in your eyes, he just loves it all so much, MC


           -“Pose on top of that car”

           -“You want me to what?”

           -He takes amazing photos of your babies so you can frame them and show them off (when you aren’t driving them)

           -But he also takes those sexy car model-type photos of you and the cars so he can keep them for himself

           -What did you expect MC? You’re amazing, and so are your cars, he wants the two to intermingle

           -Also has tons of photos of you with a dirty face after working on your babies because you’re just! So! Cute!

           -He’ll put the camera down to help you every now and then though! You want a wrench! He’ll hand it to you! v sweetheart that’s the wrong tool, i need that one. no not that one. yes that one. no not that size


           -Oh no

           -You’ve got a car obsession like his brother? Shit.

           -He’s been sucked into races between you and his brother and he hATES THE BOTH OF YOU


           - says he hates the both of you for racing but the adrenaline rush actually hits him pretty hard, he likes it

           -There have been times that he has to physically pry you off of your car because you’ve been clinging to it

           -If you’re working on something under the hood, he’ll mess with you by honking the horn

           -“IT WASN’T ME. Maybe you touched something!! Don’t fuck up the car!” you lil bitch i know i didn’t touch anything

           -He does admit that some of the classic cars are his favourite to look at. Like a 1967 Chevy Impala? BEAUTIFUL. 1971 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am? Y E S

           - mc lets fuck in every single one of your backseats

Issues- Part Fourteen


Negan x you
When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.

Bad language.

Word count-3,002

Read Previous parts -HERE

Part Fourteen

This time Negan didn’t cover my eyes with his red scarf as we drove hime. 

I guess he trusted me now. 

Trusted that I wouldn’t leave. 

Trusted I wouldn’t lead them here.

Daryl could do that if he wanted to.


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honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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anonymous asked:

who is pete wentz writing songs about?

mikey way. okay, here we go.

so, in the summer of 05 is when most people think it started because fob and mcr played warped together, but, they had also played the year before and thats when i think it started. as many know, pete single handedly wrote the entirety of from under the cork tree, which was released may 3rd of 2005, which means he had been writing some of it the previous summer. most of the album is quite cheery, depicting the emotions of someone who is battling some darker force within themselves, but is also experiencing a happiness from someone else they dont think they deserve or should have (short version: an emo is in love). also, theres the parallel between dance dance and favorite record- dance dance depicts a literal and emotional dance, and then in favorite record you have “i cant remember just how to forget the way we danced”. so, based on research and educated opinion, i believe that the petekey fling started in 04.

then, the next summer both bands were again picked for warped, which only intnsified the relationship. after weeks of spending excessive time with each other and attending each others shows, the media took notice. in an interview that summer, when asked about it he responded “me and pete wentz arent dating. we are both heterosexual males… sort of… maybe… umm… next!”. on may 16, 2005 mikey was spotted at a fueled by ramen show watching fob at house of blues wearing a white jacket that allegedly belonged to pete. a few days later, pete posted a list on live journal of things that get him hot and bothered. on taht list were a.having a crush on a person i speak to nearly every day and b.white denim jackets….

on tuesday, june 28, 2005, pete posted the following on livejournal: “Amazing New Mexico sunset. im hanging on a bridge with my friend mikey from my chem. its all orange and pink above us. we went to another water park again. i love high fives again. totally back in love.” on july fourth he posted an entry that ended with “hot and miserable but totally back in love”. on july 15 he posted “Though I am over hearing your thoughts on haircuts and pants. I’m over us trying to be perfect tens for your little eyes. We don’t care what you think of us. Listen to a song and time your heartbeat. Let it be okay to fall asleep slow tonight. Think about a good friend. Think about god. Think about death. Think about someone elses hand clumsily on your belt in the dark. Think it will be okay. No more rants. No more poetry. Not tonight. True love for the believers”. on july 17 he posted “wrote you a goodbye note (you just wrote me off) on your arm when you passed out. bestfriends, exfriends- better off as lovers not the other way around. racing through the city in the back of yellow checkered cars. the takeoffs are the worst but the skin from your shoulder to your ear makes it all worth it. and im sorry the way my moods flicker on and off like old light on your porch, but i know you wouldn’t have it any other way. sneaking in your window instead of out. the way you hold a cigarette cause you don’t know what to do with your hands when we are sitting this close. the way the waists of pants feel better at the ankles. the way you always were my best excuse for calling in sick on everyone else. i miss you”. which later became the song bang the doldrums, which was origionally titled summer of like (pete mentioned this in a rolling stones interview), which is now what fans call the relationship between pete and mikey in 05.

during that summer, fans claimed that mikey and pete didnt want to be photographed together, which is kind of suspicious…. but there are a few circulating the internet, and quite a few of mikey wearing clandestine (petes clothing line). at this time it was also common for fob and mcr to trade band members, mikey would play bass for fob so pete could take his mic into the crowd. pete also frequently watched mikey play with the stupidest smile on his face….

there are also fan reports of them being seen together. “ at my warped date i got there early in the morning and hung out by the fob bus because i wanted to get a pic with patrick and around 10 am the door opened and a very tired looking mikey stepped off with pete right behind him and they appeared to be holding hands until they saw the people around and they both refused to have their pictures taken together ”. and “during Fall Out Boy’s set (they were one of the closing bands that night) they dedicated one of the songs to Mikey, who was watching from the side of the stage. Pete said, “This song is about revenge. Right, Mikey? Revenge!” Mikey smiled and nodded, and during “Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy” he mouthed along to all the words.”

pete also posted at one point “i wish you were my bass, not just my friend”. on august 19 he posted “ Warped tour was fun. Since being home I remembered that showering and sleeping are fun too. My real feelings on the sunburst bass. I loved that thing. But then it started cheating on me with mikey way. I had to hit it. Its not my fault- spousal abuse is an ugly thing. I’m in therapy that includes playing lots of warcraft online. Writing messages on your arm for someone to see at a show is the new away message - stealing peoples real diary is the new livejournal”.

on september 4, pete posted “on the getaway car, the rush of blood to the head: it’s strange to find myself again back at the feelings of the blue cover after going through the red and the gold. its kind of always like that. i am sorry if i am not making any sense. but everybody likes to take chances and make bets. i always put my money on the longshots. and no matter where my head was in the world i always dreamed of waking up next to the biggest brown eyes i have ever seen/’meandyouunderneaththehoneymoon’. “go back to what it meant back then”: and you imagine yourself moving deep into the summer and disappearing, and for me it was always with you. and then things got crazy. you stopped calling me back. i stopped trying to call but not in my head. and then you got malicious but i’m guessing only because you learned from the best- take back your taste and all. i never thought it would be just me again. but that’s okay. we’re gonna hole up and wait it out. i feel like i can see for the first time, like i was born just in the last minute. wake me up. baby boy, you’re gonna be okay. hearts between our knees sticking to the summer sheets. are you catching my drift…. its gonna be alright. your love would be hell but its just not hot enough baby.” (Note… baby BOY)

after petes nudes were leaked, hey chris wrote him a public letter which contained the following: “you know the friends i have and you know how we feel about loyalty. you know who im talking about and you know they’re not happy either.” and shortly after chris posted pic of him and mikey saying he’d “found new love”

the summer of 06, peter once again had some interesting things to say. on july 7 he posted “im so sorry, but not really. (‘straighten up and die right’) i said i want to be rebuilt like a frank lloyd wright only without all of the water damage. or painted over like a monet only less blurry. she said “no, youre something different”. like what? “something better”. it gave me the rush of warm blood like you see in cartoon dogs right before their eyes pop out and all of the bells go off. my head is spinning like a car off of an icy guardrail. show me what you are made of. your eyes were always rolling but youd tilt your head so they were somehow always still stuck on me (have your cake and eat it too). i feel safe but not like a bet more like the way mothers feel when the lock the car doors in bad neighborhoods. i am blue waves across the red rootlike veins in the bodies drawn flat in medical books. i wonder at the way that someone can write thousands and thousands of pages about my insides. when i met you i gave you a name- not your own- but in my head so i wouldnt ever mix you up with anyone so ordinary- i cant tell you- but to me it meant salvation. you only wanted reaction. but i cant be bothered. not anymore. ill see you in the spring. first pew on the left. wear your white veil and dont forget the words. warped tour. sun drenched days. bestfriends. new roads. so long salvation. dont worry your pretty little heads. i am sleeping safe tonight.” then the next day, on the 8th, he posted “the fraternal order of the handsome boy. ive been watching you from afar. my breath on the inside window as you walk in from the carcandy caned lies in red and white against clashing patterns bending in and out of understanding. ”youre the stranger ive been dreaming of”, stranger than any ive ever known. love through a telescopic lens. when the air is clear i can see how perfect you are for me. late at night when the city sleeps i cast a spell on you to make you think of me the very same way i think of you. i only love how the words feel in my head when i write them. fireworks over the valley. how can i tell you i gut people for a living. that everything you say is likely to end up as evidence when i rewrite history. over and over again. how everything you do reminds me of something else, someone else. how i get paid to be humble and arrogant at the same time,to be chased and never caught. that i just want to stay up late and wake up early to talk to you. that i want to show you all of my jealousy and insecurity and have you not care. youre like a light switch and i just want to turn you on and watch them all shrink away. the words come out of my fingertips on impulse. it is instinct. my head cant keep up. i envy the comatose. i admire the bedridden. i am addicted to the way i feel when i think of you. ”im blowing smoke rings around the moon….” i wish i was the exact opposite of how the world knows me.”

then, there is infinity on high, which is basically completely about mikey (especially bang the doldrums, because it was born on live journal right after that summer of like…) and ab/ap, due to the constant reiteration of a past love, my favorite being fourth of july with “you are my favorite what if, you are my best i’ll never know”

also othe fact that neither of them can hold a true relationship with women without it ending badly. perhaps because there is someone out there that they are simply destined to be with…. 

so yeah. pete wentz writes a lot of his music about mikey way.

Top five worst Sonic Archie issues

So a while back me and @greenyvertekins​ talked a bit about our favorite Sonic Archie moments, I was thinking of doing a TOp five/top ten favorite Sonic archie issues but honestly the moments I and Greenyvertekis mentioned were pretty much my favorite/best issues. So if you want to read here! most of them are also from the best written arcs so …..

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to do a top five WORST Sonic arche issues instead? :) (warning Im from the Netherlands so my English is bad, feel free to spell correct me!)

Number 05 Issue 172

Going pretty low in the list because despite this being one of  my least favorite issues it should be noted that this was the start from the comic getting better and better at this point, this ugly-face just was the blacksheep from that collection.

Not only was the cover a bad reminder that the comic was seen as bad-furry-romance-drama which I really hoped the comic wanted to distant itself from it, the entire issue is a sadlyalso  bad-furry-drama. It starts off with Amy Rose confronting Fiona Fox about the rumors that she heard from Tails that she is cheating on Sonic with Scourge, (the Green Edgy Sonic recolor) Now the story of Fiona Fox is a pretty sad one, she never had much of a character to begin with. She was first introduced as a robot in her child form to lure Tails into a trap. It turns out that Eggman based her off a real person: Fiona Fox who someway or another was left behind by Mighty and Sonic in Eggman’s prison and she manage to escape but stil holding a grudge and got angry at them for it, That is mostly what I remember her from in the past issues. From then on she would just be background character number 55 a freedom fighter with no dialog, the only times I sort of remember her was that she liked the idea of using guns, and that Sonic was afraid for Tails to be rejected by the too-old-for-you girl Fiona.Sonic wanted to talk to FIona about this issue and she mentions she still thinks SOnic is selfish for leaving her behind but that his sacrifice in issue 125 made her change her mind somewhat, That’s it. Now the weird story behind Fiona is that Karl Boilers planned to use her as a second-love interest for Sonic after Sonic broke up with Sally. Sonic was supposed to enter a relationship with Amy Rose shortly after the Sonic/Sally break up. (Keep in ind that Amy Rose back then was still 10 years old mentally at that time YIKES.) and Fiona for whatever reason was to become a rival to Amy for Sonic’s affections. Now Ken Penders apparently interfered with this idea and Karl and Ken changed it into…Fiona Fox becoming Sonic’s girlfriend instead…out of the blue….out of nowhere. At least with Amy you knew she had a crush on Sonic but with Fiona? why would Sonic ever enter a relationship with a girl he hardly interacted with and with a girl his best friend was crushing on? ..moving on various issues later and writer Karl Boilers and Ken Penders were no longer on board and new writer Ian Flyn entered into the picture it was by then far too late to clean up this mess and I could tell from the comic’s writing that Ian wasn’t sure what to do with Fiona, he tried to give her a more Sally-personality with a bad history but that felt tripped and forced. He knew he had to break the two characters off and he thought the best way to do that was to reveal that Fiona Fox became a bad-girl who fell in love with Scourge due to the events off Sonic 150 (dont worry that issue will be brought up later)

Not only did this came out of no where, it felt forced even if Fiona had no character it felt like she really was just a pawn of a writer not sure what to do with her. It also didnt help that the issue ends in a weird anticlimatic way  and in the next issue most of the characters dont even talk or seem to be phazed with Fiona’s betrayel and  Sonic would be slightly flirtatious with Sally and Amy in the next issue too, (Really Sonic you just got dumped.) The issues saving grace is a cute side story with Amy Rose and Julie Su training together and some decent/good art overall.

Number 04 Knuckles the Echidna issue 32

Yes Knuckles does count as part of the Sonic series, and if the list would be Knuckles comic focused this would have been number one. Not only was this the last issue of probably the most boring arc I ever read It also nailed the coffin on the Knuckles series as it was canned after this issue. It introduced two very uncreative very Un-SegaSonic like characters: Monk and Hunter whose design and motivations are as generic as you can imagine. Ken Penders tries to make you feel for the Monk-character but I dont think anyone was convinced. I own this issue as well and HONESTLY I forgot I even read this issue as a child it was that forgettable, even in my Knucklesfangirl phase as soon as I finished reading the last 3 issues I forgot about it, It also doesnt help that the covers while nicely drawn by Galan were cluttered and too busy, Ken Penders did the book’s art and while he did a perfect job drawing Hunter his cartoon characters were always off-model and the way he draws large mangaeyes didn’t look well. In other words the art wasnt good either.

I only remember these issues  because of @hedgehogscantswim​ review, which I suggest you guys read into as they go into much greater depth on their blog on the flaws of the art, the character designs of Monk and Hunter and the overall big problem the last issue has.  

Number 3 Sonic issue 134

Oh Yeah let’s talk about the big one, let’s talk about the issue that caused many Sonic fans to drop the comic, lets talk about the issue that split the fanbase in half and what made the Sonic-Archie comics the laughing stock of Sonic spin offs for years to come until Ian Flyn joined and the much later soft-Reboot. If the Sally/Sonic/Mina love drama didn’t convince people that the comic had badfurryromance drama this issue sure did.

Sonic sacrificed himself in issue 125 to save the world,  but was transported to a different planet cause science, he survived and had space adventures with Aliens, met up with Tails parents somehow…(Really those issues are all a blur too me at this point.) he came back to Mobuis only to discover a year has passed since then, he reunites with his nowwithlonghair girlfriend Sally and by issue 125, Sally makes it clear to Sonic that she wants him by his side as she is sort-of forced by her parents to no longer be on the battle field. However Sonic cant possibly do that, he is the hero after all, he cant be tied down Sally clearry suffering from trauma after Sonic’s death begs him to stay by her side, Sonic  tearfully tells her he can’t and Sally takes Sonic’s rejection pretty well and says that she knows being a hero is in Sonic’s blood and decides to reject her parents wishes and join her boyfriend and the rest of her friends on the battle field.

No wait Never mind, she SLAPS him across the face and calls him Selfish and breaks up with him afterwards.

Not only did this issue came in the worst possible time when the Sonally/Sonamy ship wars was rampant in the Online Sonic fandom communities. The motivation and reason for Karl Boilers to do this was in such a bad taste as well. Karl who MOST Likely was aware of the growing popularity of the Sonamy ship and the hatred the sonamy fanbase had for Sally, from people calling her a marry sue, a slut because her lack of pants, ugly due to her brown color sceme, and other funny-horrible things because shipping is serious business, Probably wanted to win and be favored by a part of the Sonic fan base and had outlined plans to have Sonic and Amy Rose become an official couple in the comics. (Even if Karl wrote Amy Rose as a 10 year old mentally girl with a body of a 12 year old together with a 17 year old teen Sonic.) They had to become a couple. How to do this you ask? by breaking Sonic/Sally up and portraying  Sally out to be a selfish cunt of a woman, not only was this so disgustingly out of character and a slap to the face to the sonally and Sally fans, it was all to make the fans to transaction to the idea of Sonamy instead. It didnt help Sally’s position in the fanbase and she along with Chris and Elise would be among the list of the most hated characters where extreme Sonamy fanbrats now had valid proof on their side.It would take years for Sally to recover. To add insult to injury the only nice thing about the issue is the introduction of new artist John Gray (whose animish-cartoondisneyish style was colorful, pleasant and very pleasing to the eye! was more then needed at that time since the art quality standards was low back then. )John has stated he did NOT like working on this issue either due to the content and story. I am so thankful that Sally has been much better written for years now.

Number 02 Sonic Super Special issue 07 Crossover with Image Comics

Where to start with this, oh boy oh boy. I put this very high on the list because this has to be one of the worst crossovers spin ofss I have ever had the pleasure of reading. and I mean that the Powerrangers/TMNT crossover was more enjoybale that this mess. This is also very high on the list not only because the art was below average and many characters were off models but Mister Ken Penders used this crossover special to shoehorn his own ‘’characters’ from his comic book series the Lost Ones. (who btw got canned after only volume 01) his characters got the most attention out of everyone else. A image-comics with Sonic crossover already sounds sort of weird and silly but hey I am Spawn fangirl, I am intrigued. But I dont even get that.

(oh wait, this is fucking it, Spawn appears for about a page to say no to Sonic and then leaves thats it??) FOR FUCK SAKE….

Honestly @robotnikholmescomicblog​ gave this comic a great review and I suggest going to their tag of Ken-Penders-Why as they bring out most of the flaws of Ken Penders writing and they said it better then I ever will.

Overall the issue is just a mess, with shallowcheap cameos of image characters, Sonic and the freedom fighters being DICKS to most of the human characters for no reason, a very anti climatic ending and a giant commercial for Ken Penders doomed and boring characters that nobody gave a dam about) characters that he planned to use in ‘’The Lost ones’’ and Knuckles 20 years later. With a character hinting to become Knuckles’s greatest enemy yet with a very ugly boring design that could rivals Hunter. (btw none of these concepts go anywhere, Lost Ones was canned, and Knuckles 20 years later didnt come in fruition the way Ken Penders wanted.)

and number 5, worst issue Sonic issue 150

This is my most least favorite issues up to date and why you might ask

well for one thing the art is okay, I give it that but it doesnt even start with Sonic,

no we get a quick-reveal  of AntiSonic pretending to be the real Sonic flirting with all the girls in knothole

We get uncomfortable panels of Mina Mongoose almost cheating on her boyfriend with Sonic, Sonic and Bunnie making out and falling asleep next together, Sonic being creepy at Amy ect and none of the girls seem to realize that this is obvious not the real Sonic but ANti-Sonic. Everbody fails to notice that Sonic is  trying to flirt with all the girls he gets his eyes on. Only Tails seems to quistion it. Shows how much his own friends seem to know him. Or his own freaking family. The real Sonic is stuck in anti-mobuis and is busy trying to convince them that he is not AntiSonic, it’s very boring and dull. Also since the real Ant was stuck in anti Mobuis couldn’t he have tried to come back to his own world with Sonic? I dont know that just confused the heck out of me, The extra side story also doesn’t help, Its the conclusion to TailS ‘’the Chosen One’’ which was,,,pretty lame too with bland-art, and has the unfortunate of introducing the fanbase to the still-hilarious Titan Tails


So the stories are stupid, the art is okay and lame. Why is it so high on the list?

It’s THE 150 anniversary issue and this is how Karl and Ken apparently wanted to celebrate it? It also doesn’t help that the cover is really underwhelming and boring compared to the 125th issue but that’s it’s least of its problems. A short while later Ian Flyn and Tracey joined the team and Ken and Karl left. For the better. But talk about a lame way to celebrate a 150th milestone. What a waste. 

20 Questions with Dr Ferox #10

200 questions in these bundled posts! Unfortunately nothing extra special for you, just more answers. 

@loveprose said:  hey doc! ive been following you for a while and i absolutely love your blog, your humor, and your intelligence! i just wanted to say that im very thankful to have learned so much from your blog, and im glad that your patients benefit from having you as their doctor! youre amazing :D QT: my headcanon for you is that you absolutely love dino nuggets, and you like to eat them as if youre a predatory dinosaur

I did not actually know that dino nuggets were a thing. So I researched.

And I have decided I need to become more familiar with them. Rawr.

Anonymous said: Do you have a list of pets you wish weren’t inbred to a point where they are just a walking mess? Or, I guess my question is what are your thoughts on those types of pets, like pugs for example(pugs are the only ones I can think of at the moment)? I am perfectly fine if you don’t want to answer this at all. I’m certain there are better questions to answer in your inbox.

Kind of… all of them.

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hey i’m currently in the honors college at my university and here’s a list of things that i regret/am happy that i did in high school in relation to college. don’t mess up like i did!!!!!! heres my casual high school advice guide

  • take all honors and ap/ib classes, if you are able to (mentally/physically)!!! these look super rad. take all the honors classes you can, and ease your way into ap/ib classes. i personally don’t find honors classes much harder than regular classes, but every school is different. ap classes are, however, way harder than honors, in my opinion. i love ap classes though, cause, no matter your score on the test, it counts more towards your gpa!!!! you get an A in that and you are set, son. and ap classes count towards college credit!!! double whammy of awesomeness. by the time i started college, i had racked up enough ap credit to almost omit my freshman year. once again, super rad. 
  • drop the clubs you don’t like!!! i truly wish i could go back in time and deck myself for signing up for crap like hosa since i have/had zero intention of goin into the medical field. i just wanted to have a pretty resume but!! you know what!!!!!! its not worth it!!!!!!! WHY WAS I IN HOSA!!!! but!! more importantly drop the clubs you feel pressured to be in. im so serious about this. i started out doing drama and band in middle school, and i felt obligated to do them until my senior year because my teachers and peers expected me to. what was i thinking!! i hated band (and cut class sometimes oops) and my school’s drama program was broken. i dreaded going to them, and i thought theyd look good on my college application. honestly? continuity looks good, but you dont need to stay in everything especially in your senior year. you’re allowed to drop what you hate. instead of signing up for a bunch of random crap to seem well-rounded, find what you enjoy and become dedicated to that.
  • don’t be friends with people you don’t like. im gonna be real with you and say that i wish i couldve trashed like a dozen people in high school that treated me like crap. but i went to a small school and was scared to. also i was pretty introverted/had social anxiety. (!!!!) even if you don’t have the courage to call someone out, don’t bother yourself with staying friends with them. it’s not worth it, and as soon as you graduate you’ll never talk to them again. don’t do this to yourself, drop their asses!!!
  • following that, you won’t be friends with your high school friends in college. well, some, but not near as many as you think. the people you consider your best friends may fade out of your life, and that’s fine. i’m still friends with about… 3… people from high school. what i’m saying is, don’t feel pressured to make a ton of friends, and focus on those 3 friends that you’ll still talk to. once again, don’t be friends with people you don’t like.
  • try your best to have a great gpa. i reallllllly messed up my freshman year with mental shit and etc, but i bounced back in my junior/senior year. its not too late to raise your gpa. those ap classes really help here. in the end, what colleges care about the most is probably gonna be your gpa and test scores. if you have a 3.5, it’s fine if you don’t have a million clubs on your application. 
  • likewise, do your best on the sat/psat/act/etc. most colleges only require you to submit either your sat or act score. take them both, see what you like better, then focus on that one. i seriously bombed the sat, but got a 30 on the act without trying. i didnt need to retake it either, because i was….
  • realistic about my college prospects. would it be cool to go to yale? sure. was i gonna even apply? nah. my parents had done the prepaid college thing, and couldn’t afford to send me out of state or to a private school. so!! in-state i went. i’d known that i’d go to where i currently go to since sophomore year, and i was familiar with the entry requirements. the most prestigious of schools aren’t necessarily the best either, cause
  • you don’t need to go somewhere amazing for undergrad. that’s right i’m giving away the secret!!!! if you plan on pursuing a masters, which I recommend tbh depending on your field, then work your butt off in undergrad and have a great application for a masters program at a better school/program. you’ll have to take english and math wherever you go, so why pay 50k when you could pay 15k. 
  • here’s another secret, your high school accomplishments won’t matter in college. it sucks but you’re starting from square one, friend. i say this because nobodys gonna give a crap if you played juliet in the school play, so only do what you like in high school. don’t force yourself into hosa (me…..) cause you think its impressive. 
  • LEARN HOW TO WRITE!!!!!OMG!!! you will have to write a crap ton of essays for ap exams, college application essays, college papers, cover letters, etc. learn how to write well as soon as you can, because it will be useful for the rest of your life. a well-crafted essay could get you admission to college and a good cover letter could get you a job. I went from barely getting a B in English to being one of the best writers in the school. try your best to improve on even the smallest of assignments, and go to your english teacher for help. 
  •  it’s ok to suck at stuff and mess up. i was an all A student for most of middle school, but late in 8th grade I had depression and an eating disorder–it destroyed my grades. i was crushed by pressure to perform until 10th grade, where something in my head just clicked, and i did a 180. you won’t be good at everything, and you can bounce back from mistakes. i always got c’s and b’s in math because i honestly hated it and sucked at it. i had horrible teachers, too. but that’s fine, cause I ended up being really good at english and history. you can always become a better student, whenever you decide to. 
  • finally, relish your high school experience and be social. some of it will suck, but i guarantee that there will be moments you treasure. sometimes you’ll be crying in the parking lot, but then you’ll get 1st place in a competition and you’ll be smiling for weeks. one of my BIGGEST REGRETS is not being very social. i was very introverted and had anxiety, and i was the person who ran to the parking lot at the bell to get off of campus. i would rarely hang out with people and i’d just watch netflix and etc. don’t do that. no matter how hard it is, do your best to hang out with people. i always hated the lead-up to plans, but i rarely regretted going out when it was done. make as many memories as you can, and treasure them.
forbidden love chapter six {demi lovato fanfiction}

“what did you get?” jace ask as we both make our way back to the table where demi sits poking at her ice cream. i take the seat next to hers. “strawberry.” i inform him watching as he tries to get comfortable on the metal chair. they both make a face disapproving my choice in dessert favor. “whats wrong with strawberry?!” i say a little too defensive. “the strawberries are always way too frozen.” demi smiles watching me nearly bend my spoon in the frozen fruit. jace joins in saying,” you could chip a tooth.”  demi just stares at him realizing they agree on something for the first time in weeks. jace looks at demi to agree but she ignores him. “i still love it despite its critics.” i reply taking a spoonful into my mouth looking at both of them, trying to bite into the very frozen piece.

“what time did they say to be home?” i ask while checking the time on my phone. “7.” she sighs. i glance down to “5:45″ shining back at me. both pair of parents are preparing dinner for tonight, they all thought it would be a amazing idea to have the three of us go out for “bonding time” with each other. i imagine the four of them sitting in the living room with wine glasses talking about the most boring of topics laughing at the fact this “bonding time” is just an excuse for the adults to have adult time. jace had the idea of ice cream since demi suggested digging our graves rather then spending time with him. “what now?” demi says swirling her plastic spoon into the melted colored ice cream. “arcade?” jace suggests. “ill go get the shovel now.” demi shoots back. jace laughs but we both know shes slightly serious. “the arcade sounds fine.” i reply picking up my cup along with demis. “if were twelve.” demi mutters. i push my hips against her reaching for jaces cup. i feel demis hand on my ass as i reach forward. i can only imagine what shes thinking.

the arcade has way too many people if anyone else enters the walls might burst. “oh look!!.” demi shouts over the loud music. i give her a confused look. “a twelve year old!” she sarcastically says. “oh look another one and another!!” demi says pointing to random people not paying attention to age at this point. “we get it!” i shout loudly pushing her hand down. jace stops at a shooting game jamming four coins into the slit not giving attention to either of us. demi spots something near the back, she guides me towards it. “look.” she says softly. “if you say another twelve yea-” “no.” she smiles interrupting me. our hands lock together as we enter the small photo booth. “this isnt going to work.” i say looking at the small seat meant for a child. “sit on mamas lap.” demi jokes pulling me on top of her. my ass is directly on her crotch. “mama likes.” she whispers pulling my dress up my legs. “demi.” i whisper pulling the hideous red curtain across giving us some privacy. “i only have enough for one strip.” demi tells me pulling out the right amount leaning forward pushing the coins in the slot. “lets make it count.” she smiles. the countdown begins the first photo is us looking at each other our eyes full of lust our faces only inches apart. she leans forward pushing her warm lips on mine, i cup her face wanting more. with the second snap of the camera i quickly pull one leg over her lap straddling her, my arms wrap around her neck her hands travel to my waist dragging me forward. third snap goes off. my arms lift to the roof of the small booth. demi pulls down my dress exposing my breasts. she licks my nipples, wrapping her lips around my breasts. i let go of a loud moan feeling her teeth bite down. the fourth and final snap goes off. the machine sings robotic noises printing our filthy pictures. “we both know which pair i want.” demi laughs pulling up my dress. when we make our way out i grab the strip tearing right down the middle. i purposely give her the first two. “nice try.” she smiles snatching the other half from my hand. 

by 7 we are back at jaces house gathering around the dinner table as nina rushes to get the forks. “so sorry for the mess.” nina apologizes passing her husband reaching to the drawer. the only “messy” thing i see is the pile of dish towels near the sink.  “nonsense.” my mom smiles taking a seat next to eric. “please take those dear.” nina tells jace pointing towards the napkins. he places them in the middle of the table then takes the seat in front of me. 

“are you excited for school?” nina asks me while scooping a large portion of peas from the light blue bowl. just before i answer demis hand slithers into my lap. i grab her wrist holding it in place as i try my best to focus on nina. “umm yes.” i say feeling her fingertips tracing my skin. “iam sure jace will be a gentleman by showing you around willow high.” nina smiles looking to her son, jace forces a small smile while poking at his pot roast. “oh and of course you as well demi.” she goes on realizing she left her out.“ “ill be just fine but thanks.” demi shoots back in her sarcastic tone we all know well. minutes go by while eric and charlie absorb into conversation about some kind of new model airplane being released. charlie although a soft spoken man who never really speaks much was very chatty when it came to the things he was passionate about. erics tone filled with joy as they go on and on about the details in the new model that is said to be out during the winter months. “y/n jace never told me how the date went.” nina brings up suddenly creating an awkward friction between me and demi. her hand slides away from my lap slowly. i look over towards her but she doesnt return a glance. “its was really nice.” i reply clearing my throat. “where did he take you?” nina asks ignoring jace as he makes a remark telling his mother to stop. “the diner.” i say softly watching her joyful mood change. she looks towards jace, giving him a soft smile. i catch demi roll her eyes. i lay my hand on hers but she soon retracts. “you must be very special.” nina softly whispers leaning towards me. jace tries his hardest not to make eye contact with me. “please tell me there is going to be a second date.” nina laughs. “thats up to jace.” i smile making my heart hurt watching demi. “oh he will be happy to a second date…. wont you jace?” she pushes the question on him. “yeah of course.” he agrees probably wishing his mom would stop.

demi sighs loudly getting ninas attention immediately.  “is something wrong with the meal?” nina asks which makes my insides twist together nervous of what demi might say next. she shakes her head slowly. “its just the conversations.” demi sighs swirling her fork in her mash potatoes. “oh honey i know model planes can be very boring in my opinion.” nina smiles crinkling her nose at eric and charlie at the other end of the table. eric and charlie give no attention to nina as they fanboy on. “thats not the conversation i was talking about.” demi replies not looking at anyone. nina gives a quick look between me and jace before saying,” oh sweetheart. its okay to feel envious. not everyone can have the y/n looks honey some arent as blessed as others.”  “nina!” my mom shouts which makes the men stop their chattering. the looks on their faces tell me they heard ninas comment. “what?” she says innocently. “everyone understands her jealously at this. but the fact is y/n has the looks in this duo and jace likes her very much.” nina nods looking to everyone as if everyone here has the same opinion as hers. jace looks horrified at his mothers words.  “jealous.” demi nearly laughs. “i would never be jealous of this.” demi snaps standing pointing between us. “its just an act… at least i hope.” she whispers in the most softest tone ive ever heard from her. demi disappears through the kitchen and i follow her without hesitation. as i reach the door i hear my mom begin to protest defending demi. 

she is pacing the room when i enter. “who the hell does she think she is?!” demi shouts. i close the door softly locking it. “demi.” i say softly. “she actually thinks iam jealous!” she laughs stopping in front of me then going back to her pacing. “demi!” i say loudly grabbing her wrist. “i am not jealous of jace!” she goes on trying to make her point. “i didnt say you were.”  “well someone thinks i am.” demi sighs walking towards the medium size window. i stand behind her running my hands up to her chest. “you know what might make you feel better?” i ask leaning my head against her back. “naughty girl.” she whispers pulling me around her roughly pushing me against the wall. her lips crash against mine while she reaches for her desk drawer yanking it open. her hands grab my favorite toy getting rid of any clothes she begins tightening it around her waist. “take them off.” she mutters tugging on my shorts. lifting my shirt i slip my shorts off kicking them behind her. “jump.” she smiles i do as told as she slams into me.  “baby please wait!!” i scream holding onto demi so i wont slip off her. she has me pinned against the wall with my legs wrapped tightly around her waist as the massive strap on is rammed into me. “who. does. she. think. she. is!!” demi mutters each word equals one hard thrust deep inside me. i let out a loud moan throwing my head back. “and you!” she barely screams grabbing my ass. “demi baby i told you nothing is …. fuckkkk please keep going!!” i beg as she hits my favorite spot. “why should i your being a slut.” demi says pulling out an inch. “pleasee!” i beg craving my high. “no.” she spits letting her grip go. “demi!” i nag she pushes me down on my knees. “suck slut.” she demands pushing my face towards the dildo standing tall from her waist. my lips wrap around the toy i instantly taste my juices. i suck hard not like she can feel it or anything but she enjoys the view so might as well give her one. “look at you slut tasting yourself you like that dont you?” demi smiles thrusting into my mouth causing an involuntary gag. “stand up.” i do as told wiping my lower lip. she pins me against the wall again, our naked bodies smash together i feel the toy against my pussy lips never entering me. demis lips are on mine our tongues slide into each others mouth. she begins to rock her hips making the cock toy slide slowly into me then pulling out. i whimper trying to push down onto it. “no no no.” she whispers into my ear. “you have to work for it.” demi smiles sucking on my neck. she moves over to the bed motioning me to lay down. i follow her orders laying with my legs hanging off the bed a little. she pulls me down to where it is only my upper body on the lavender throw blanket. she says nothing while she lifts my legs in the air thrusting into me with an intense amount of force. i scream out grabbing onto her. she smiles watching my reaction as i take the whole toy inside me nice and slow. “mmmmm fuck demi yesss baby.” i whimper once again wrapping my legs around her wanting her closer than ever. she lays on top of me thrusting deep inside me hitting the spot she knows all too well. before i moan out her lips are on mine and we both make moaning noise together. she must feel it too with the toy inside her. both of our hands intertwine with each others as we feel our favorite feeling about to take over. “oh my god! “ demi mumbles into my mouth. thats when i feel my high hit i scream into our kiss while the juices mix together as demi still thrusts into me. i pull away heavily breathing not letting her go just yet. “demi…. iam yours.” i whisper moving her hair that has fallen in between us. “i know babe i know…. i want you all to myself i dont like sharing.” she mutters pecking my lips. i say nothing as we hear the front door open along with our parents voices. “this second date is never happening.” demi smiles. “agreed.” i laugh pulling her in for another kiss. 

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

hope you all like it!! tell me what you think!!  😊 thanks for reading ! && let me know if you want a chapter seven!!  😀 😀  ❤xxx

listen, i hope kevin is written better later. but as of right now, he is bad representation for me. i am gay and get to have a say in this. the pilot episode didnt have a lot of input from outside writers. it was only tweaked moderately from the leaked script. it coulda been worse. like when in the pilot script, he talked about grindr and xfranternity, a fake gay porn site. maybe in future episodes he’s written more dimensionally. 


almost everything with moose. the liaison in a school bathroom. no kissing, “im not gay” “lol sure”, i love a good closet case, idk was this anyones REAL experience in high school as a gay person? 

 IS THE GAY BEST FRIEND A THING then they don’t anything to subvert it. he’s still the gay best friend! he’s treated as exactly that in other scenes. him coaching betty on boys, him being able to be in the same room as betty when she’s in her undies cuz “he’s gay, it’s fine”. idc if i hope veronica is bi too and her going “GAY- THANK GOD” is another lgbt person seeking out people like her, as of right now - it’s reflecting the straight girl culture of idolizing and wishing they had a best gay friend. 

the “hes a straight millennial who needs to be told what he wants” is a shitty mentality for a gay character to promote. 

but i’m just TIRED. 

i’m tired of non-gay individuals talking at me and saying kevin is the gay representation we need/get. i’m tired of people latching onto kevin like it isnt feeding into a larger part of whats bad about present day cis white gay representation. i hope yall who like him realize there’s something flawed in his characterization as of right now. we can like his scenes and him, i dont mind it. but we need to be critical of it too. 

i think it could be an interesting more dynamic change from the comics where he isn’t just 100% perfect, 100% straight-laced, 100% stay in his lane because in 2010 they wanted to give us representation but were too afraid to DO anything with him because they didnt wanna step on toes or offend people.

im dissatisfied with riverdale in SO MANY ways and hope more from it in the coming weeks but. the queerbaiting, the pedophilia, the implied incest, the wreck of representation. its driving me nuts. we deserve BETTER. 

i need people to stop looking at me like im fucking crazy for wanting more out of the things that represent me. 

Am I tripping or nah?

HIIIIIII!!! Absolutely love this blog, your twitter, your ig, and your YouTube (I follow them all). What you got here is something super positive and that’s what I love about this blog. BUT that’s not why I’m here. I apologize if this is longer than I thought it would be.

There’s this fine handsome young man who was in my gym class but rarely came to class then he disappeared for the rest of high school. We never became friends so I never really thought anything of it except “damn he was cute why all the cute guys move down south” Time goes on it’s been like two years since graduation completely forgot about the cute Asian who actually spoke that went to my school.

Until one day I was in a group chat with friends and our guy friend was upset that he was the only guy and added his Friend, THE CUTE ASIAN WHO ACTUALLY SPOKE (TCAWAS)!! I was like wow it’s been a while since I’d seen him and now we’re all chatting. He doesn’t know who I am at all due to the fact I was too shy to say hi when he was here. I went to my Snapchat and saw someone in my recommendations. It was TCAWAS I added him but he never really put anything up so I never paid too much attention to him.

THEN ON ONE BEAUTIFUL DAY I WAS BLESSED WITH SUCH AN AMAZING LOOKING SELFIE I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE I KEPT REPLAYING IT OVER AND OVER. I even sent it to half of my friends that didn’t know him. Lawd HE GLOWED UP OMGGGG my friends all looked at me like ok he’s fine af but girl you doing too damn much. The snap expires and he puts another fine ass picture up this time I get enough courage to say “BOI you are FIIIIIINE” he hits me with a “Lol thanks” I JUST GOT CURVED!! My friends are like “nooo that wasn’t a curve keep the convo going!!” I’m looking at them like they’re idiots cause I use that exact phrase to curve guys all the time. But i tried to keep the conversation going and got curved again so I just left it like that.

One day he put up another selfie on Snap. IT WAS JUST SOOOOOO CUTE I COULDNT PASS IT he had put these little round glasses on and I wanted to die they were adorable and fit him so well. Once again shared it to my friend. Couple days later I started painting my room blue, my favorite color, I was taking a break and I saw something on his snap and commented on it (I WAS NOT GIVING UP ON TCAWAS) we had a really small uneventful conversation. But when I looked at stories I noticed he put something up I watched it and my mouth dropped open. He was in his room, which was all red, and put a Purple Heart 💜 me being the artist I am I instantly thought blue and red makes purple
Skeptic me: ..but that could be anyone.. but why would he do it now when I’m painting my walls blue.. but it could be a coincidence.. but maybe it isn’t.

I brushed it off and continued with my life he put another selfie up and I sent him heart eyes emoji. Expecting another lol thanks. BUT THIS TIME TCAWAS SENT ME A WINK AND A SMIRK! A FRIKKEN WINK AND A FRIKKEN SMIRK. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see emojis before. Yesterday I was in my friends car and she handed me the aux and I played a song called deja vu by Post Malone I recorded it and put it in my story. My friend snapped me both of our snaps the next morning like “OMG DID YOU SEE TCAWAS’s SNAP?!?!” TELL ME WHY HE PUT THE SAME SONG ON SNAP?!?! NOT ONLY THAT BUT IT WAS THE EXACT SAME 10 SECONDS OF THE SONG I PUT UP!!! NOW IM LIKE NAAAAAAAAAAAAH FAM WATCHU DOING I KNOW IM NOT INSANE!! I wish you could hear it cause It can’t be a coincidence that if you were to play both at the same time it’d be in sync!!

Which brings me to the question AM I INSANE AND MAKING CONNECTIONS WHERE THERE ARENT CONNECTIONS???? Sorry if this was long. I just had so much to say.

Bad days ~pt. 2

pairing: calum x best friend!y/n

word count: 1,468

requested! i never even meant to make a pt 2 for this but some of you wanted it so here it is!! hope you like it xx 

you can find part 1 here

You were right.

At least for now you were. Who’s to tell how he would do at tonight’s show?

After getting a good night’s rest–next to you, of course–Calum was like a completely different person. He woke up with a smile on his face, and after he had his morning coffee in the lounge of the bus with you and spent his time having a smoke out the back of the venue, he was back in the swing of things. Even the boys noticed a change in his demeanor.

“Well isn’t someone back to normal.” Michael commented as he walked into the green room, just as Calum left.

You shrugged, shifting in your seat to bring your legs up to your chest. “He just needed to clear his head some, I guess.”

“That, and more importantly you two slept together.” You almost choked on air at his words, and he realized his wording was a bit off. “Wait, not like fucked, but he’s always like…okay-er when he’s around you. Haven’t you noticed?”

“What are you on about?” You chuckled dryly, getting up and grabbing a bottle of water on the table across the room.

“It’s just that you seem to make him better, I guess. Maybe it’s because you’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, I dunno. He needs you more than you think.”

You thought about what he said, and it made sense to you. “I don’t really think he needs me in particular, just someone to keep him grounded and tell him the right things when he needs it.”

“No, he needs you, Y/N.” He pushed, his voice becoming more serious. “Probably wants you, too. Wouldn’t surprise me.”

“Now that’s just silly, Michael.” You said, laughing again. “Calum, wanting me? Please, he could have any girl on this planet and he would want me?”

“I dunno, Y/N, but I do know that he needs you and likes you a hell of a lot more than you know.” He said, grabbing a bottle of water and leaving the room, leaving you with your ideas and conspiracies about what he had told you. 

Soundcheck went well, according to Calum himself. Not necessarily great, because how great can playing a couple of songs and needing to be stopped every 30 seconds to fix a technical issue? Sure, there’s the whole fan interaction thing, and that’s always pretty fun for the boys. 

Point is, you could definitely tell a difference between Calum from yesterday and Calum right now–the cheeky Maori was back to his usual, happy self. 

And the way he performed on stage tonight was amazing. He always does well, even yesterday he did well in spite of the few things he messed up, but tonight he was bustling with so much energy and charisma, you contemplated whether or not he something in that red cup he drinks from occasionally on stage between songs. But when he got offstage, he wasn’t buzzed or high in any sense, just happy.

“Great show tonight, boys.” You said as they all passed by you in the hallways right after the got offstage.

Each of them gave you a high five and a bright smile, indicating the adrenaline still pumping through their veins from performing. And by “them,” you meant Luke and Michael. Ash and Calum were no where to be seen. 

You thought they’d be right behind them, but they weren’t. You grew curious as you walked aimlessly around the various corridors, the labyrinth of hallways that makes up the entire backstage area. Still not having found them, you decided to check onstage and see if any of the crew had seen them. Ashton’s drum tech, Derek, was heading towards the drum kit at the back of the stage–he had to know where Ashton was.

“Derek!” You called out, and he immediately turned around.

“Y/N? What’s up? Why’re you here?” He asked, since you were normally with the guys after a show.

“I can’t find Ashton or Calum, did you see where they went?” 

“They went offstage there, and I think Calum went to go have a smoke; he had his pack in his hands and Ash was right behind him.” He told you.

“Great. Thanks.”

You hurried off in the direction Derek pointed you, which led to a door to outside. You propped it open some to see if they were outside, and you caught a glimpse of the two boys near the corner of the building. And when you heard your name being talked about, you felt inclined to eavesdrop.

“What do you mean you can’t face her right now?” Ashton asked incredulously.

Calum took a quick drag from his cigarette and ran his free hand through his hair. “It’s just going to remind me of everything I can’t have with her.”

“Like what?” 

“For starters, her. Everything about her is just driving me fucking insane and I can’t do anything about it.” He rambled to his best friend.

“Why can’t you do anything about it?” 

“Because she’s my best friend, Ash.”

“Y/N?” You heard from behind you. Your turned your head to see Michael standing at the end of the hallway. “What the fuck are you–”

“Shh!” You hushed him, facing the crack in the door again and trying to listen again.

Michael walked up to you. “What are you doing?” He asked quietly.

“They’re talking about me.” You whispered back.

“No way!” He said, standing on the other side of the door so he could listen in with you. 

Calum took another drag from his cigarette. “I dunno, just being able to hold her in my arms like I did last night was the greatest thing ever to me. She’s so small and cuddly and I wish I could do that every night but I can’t. She only did that for me because I was having a bad day.”

Michael locked eyes with you and mouthed, I told you so. You rolled your eyes.

Looking back through the crack, Calum tossed the cigarette bud to the ground and stomped it out. “Come on, you can just talk to her. It won’t hurt anything.” Ashton said, patting him once on the back and starting to head towards the door–the one you and Michael were hiding and watching from behind.

“Fuck,” You muttered under your breath, closing the door quickly and hurrying away from the scene with Michael, finding yourselves in their dressing room and jumping on the couch, trying to act as casual as possible. 

Instead of Calum talking to you at all that night, he stayed on his phone, never looking at you. You could tell he was nervous, always chewing on his bottom lip and probably needing to smoke another cigarette. 

And so, you all ended up on the tour bus, heading to the next city and all of you in your specific bunks. Yours was at towards the front of the bus, and when it was getting close to 1 AM, you still were awake and needed to talk to Calum. So, throwing your feet over the edge of your bunk and hopping down as quietly as you could, you tip-toed back to where Calum’s bunk was and drew the curtain back.

“Calum?” You asked, seeing him staring at the ceiling. He looked over at you and just raised his eyebrows as a response. “I can’t sleep, can I maybe join you like last night?”

He nodded and smiled some, scooting over so you could fit better. 

“Get it, Y/N.” You heard Michael whisper from above Calum’s bunk. You just rolled your eyes.

Once you got yourself comfortable and Calum’s arms were securely around your body, you looked up at him. “I never got to tell you this, but you did amazing tonight.” You whispered to him.

He smiled. “Thanks, Y/N. I felt a lot better after last night.”

“I’m glad you did. I’m just really proud of you, okay?” You asked, and he nodded in response. 

His eyes were drooping from how tired he was, you presumed, though despite his tiredness they were still so alluring. You could practically feel his nervousness coursing through his body at how close your faces were, and you couldn’t help but eliminate the space between you, pressing you lips against his plump ones. You kissed him slowly, savoring the taste of him as you swiped your tongue against his quickly. It was over a quick as it had started, and when you pulled away, you instantly felt a feeling of guilt and embarrassment wash over you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have–”

Calum chuckled to himself, pulling you closer to him and crashing his lips against yours; this time he was in control.

This was no accident, this was a therapeutic chain of events

-could you do a brendon urie imagine where you’re dating and he goes out for a while so you decide to masturbate but he gets home early and comes in and sees you masturbating and goes like “need some help with that?” and starts like kissing his way down your bodyy and yeah. end with fluffy cuddling maybe? idk. youre awesome.

A/N: Im watching pewdiepie as i write this omg i have no life. Anyway here ya goooooo

Pete wentz is in here for reasons unknown


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“Babe!” Brendon shouted from the doorway.“im going out for a bit!" 

"Don’t party to hard babe!” you shouted back playfully. 

“Whatever mooom.” he joked back as you heard the door shut. You were glad to have him back from tour but you guys had a lot of sex to make up for still.

You were home alone for about an hour before you got bored of just sitting around. Just flipping through channels on the TV, you had an idea. 

“Fuck it.” you said aloud. You turned off the Tv and laid back on the couch and quickly slipped your hand down your jean shorts and began teasing you clit. You let out a soft moan as you put two fingers in and began pumping yourself.


“you know i feel bad about leaving her at home.” I said to Pete . “i haven’t seen her in a couple of months you know?”

“Then go surprise her at home!” Pete said “she obviously wants to spend time with you dude.”

“yeah i guess your right. im gonna go surprise her at home.” I said as i got up to leave the bar. When i got home i just wanted to lay down and cuddle Y/N because its been forever since i did that last. I drove home as quick as possible just to see her. When i walked in the door i tried to be as quiet as possible. I could hear her moaning from the living room. Oh fuck, she wasn’t, she couldn’t be, had she been cheating on me? I tip toed into the living room and heard her moan “Ohhhh Brendon” Oh shit she was masturbating. When i got into the doorway i saw her laying on the couch with her hand down her shorts. It was the hottest thing i have ever seen. She was close, we’d been together long enough for me to tell when she was. 

“Need some help with that?” I asked and walked closer to her.


“Need some help with that?” familiar voice asked. you yelped as your ripped your hand out of your pants. You looked up and saw Brendon staring over you. His eyes dark and clouded with lust. 

“I’d love some help babe.” You said seductively. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder while he carried you to the bedroom. He slowly stripped you of your shirt and kissed your clothed breasts while he reached around and unhooked your bra. He attacked your nipples as soon as the bra came off. he slowly kissed his way down your stomach and pulled your shorts off. He threw them somewhere and then took off your panties as slowly as possible with his teeth.

“someones excited. he said teasingly. 

"Brendon holy fuck just do it!” you said, impatient. 

“as you wish.” he said. he licked a stripe up your folds making you moan out his name. He quickly pushed his tongue inside of you, licking your walls. He replaced his tongue with two fingers and took your clit into his mouth. he sucked very hard on your clit while puping harder and fatser, curling his fingers to hit your spot. You could feel the knot in your stomach growing bigger. 

“brendon Im -" 

"Let it go princess.” he said. that brought you over the edge. He kept eating you out so youd get the most out of your orgasm. when you finally came down from you high you both chnaged into pajamas and cuddled in bed. 

“I love you so much.” he said

“I love you so much too. Im so glad your home.”

“I am too." 

And you both Fell asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Well That ending sucked. My sister kept coming in asking what i was doing and i had to tell her i wouldn’t play monopoly with her if i told her what i was doing. She then threatened to tell my mom if i didnt play sam smith out loud. She doesnt even like sam smith.  Ahh family. 

The BBA: Past and Future

Hey everybody!

First off I’d like to say thank you very much for following - you are my very first blog followers, and I am flattered that you are interested in what I might have to post on here.

One of the reasons I never had a blog before (besides being inherently terrible at keeping up with stuff, even basic human tasks like laundry and dishes) is that I was never quite sure what I’d say.

I think the majority of people know my name with its connection to The Blackblood Alliance, so maybe it makes sense for my first post If I explain a little why I discontinued the project in the first place, and now why I think it’s worth picking back up again to run in a new direction with it.

The first book I ever bought for myself was White Fang. I read the shit out of that book. And I always was a fan of sequential art. Calvin and Hobbes was an enormous influence on me (I mean wasn’t it for everyone?) and one day, around 17 years ago I started drawing my own adventure comic. I didn’t have any “real life” friends, but I had internet friends (yeah, i was on the net super young) and so I brought us together on the page. And oh yeah we were dogs. Because dogs.

Notice that this is page 92. Every day I would sit there and just draw whatever came into my head. No planning, no “plot”. I eventually started to bore myself with coming up with “ok who pops out at them after they spend a few panels walking and shooting the shit?” and dropped it to entertain myself with god knows what other weird passion struck me at the moment.

I spent a few years doing “funnies” for small local publications, like the highschool newsletter and the Newsletter of the dogsledding organisation I was involved with.

“Stumpet and Meep” was about an obsessive white pomeranian with a dark imagination who was in love with her owner. “Kaltag” was about friendless, clumsy sleddog who is terrible at his job and collects Last Place trophies because Hey It’s Something.

The vast majority of these were 3 to 4 panel strips and are lost to the ages (probably for the best, I have always been terribly unfunny) but here are a couple that I still have.

In the one above, I found that I quite enjoyed the more “serious” panels of Meep’s world as a wolf. So I thought maybe I should explore that.

I grabbed stack of printer paper and a pencil and sat on the bed and again, no plot or ideas or plan, drew this:

At this point I had a Deviantart account so started posting this up for my (again internet) friends who played Furcadia and were also interested in wolves, and the rest is history.

A while later, a reader did some fanart for me. I liked it so much (especially her beautiful environment painting) that I asked her if she would like to team up with me. Together we redid my old pages to make some prettier stuff. For comparison, here is one of the last pages we produced:

We were definitely producing something that looked pretty good, if I may say so myself. I was never ashamed at how our work looked. But as we went along I became aware of a fatal flaw in the work: I was still writing page-to-page, flying by the seat of my pants. No real plan for anything that was happening. No arcs for any of the characters. Readers waited for sometimes MONTHS for the next page, most patiently, some not, because I was wringing my hands trying to decide what was going to happen on that page.

At this age - I think I was around 17 or 18, I was really impatient with fans and critics alike. I snarked at people who copied my designs too closely and I’d react defensively to criticism. I’d also be outright rude to people I thought were stupid. My public persona stirred up enough dirt that a small pocket of vocal haters cropped up, and then grew. Someone made an Encyclopedia Dramatica page about me, someone went through and altered all the speech bubbles in the comic in a parody, and people were trolling my Deviantart daily, telling me how terrible I was and wishing cancer upon me, etc etc. Amidst all this though, there was always a large number of people who just straight up liked the work and just wanted to see the next page, but somehow I tuned that out and only seemed to notice the hatred.

Offline I was dealing with social anxiety, bad relationships, an eating disorder, and dropped out of college. When my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer I left my job too. The online pressure on top of all that was getting to be just too much - I was avoiding facing the internet - didnt check email or deviantart or my forum that I’d started where hundreds of members roleplayed in my fantasy wolf universe. People were trying to get a hold of me saying the moderators I had in place were doing crazy stuff to eachother, not to mention just tons of member drama I didnt understand, didnt know how to solve, and just didnt want to deal with.

A typical artist, my greatest fear is of failure. Things weren’t looking too good, I hate myself, everyone hates me, my work is headed nowhere, so why try? Failure is embarrassing. Better not to try and no one see your face, no one know your name, no one see your ugly messy attempts than to try and fall short and be shamed.

When my mother passed away, I lost any stability I had in my life and just broke. I was stuck in a deep mire of depression and never touched comic work again.

Blah blah ok enough life story bullshit. Im not writing any of this stuff to be felt sorry for by the way. I think a lot of people experience things like that - it isn’t anything special. I just want you to know why I suddenly stopped a project that a lot of you I presume had some sort of interest in. So there is all is, the honest truth about it.

In short though Ive spent the 5 years getting my shit together. I think I’m finally there, in a good place.

So what does one ideally do when youve found a good place? Do what you love, I think. And I really love making comics.

I considered starting an entirely different universe, in a different time period with different characters that were different animals. And yeah, I still want to make animal comics, not people comics, because I like talking animals and there aren’t enough of them in comics and graphic novels. Superheroes still dominate.

But even if I didn’t like the story details, I always liked the Blackblood Alliance world, and I think thats what other people liked too. Abandoning that forever seemed sad. So I decided that it needed to be what I worked on next.

I can’t just pick up BBA where I left off because I want to make something that lives up to the high standards I hold myself and my work to. I see clearly now that The Blackblood Alliance’s production was flawed, and I can’t unsee that. It needed direction. I’ll spare you the details but I learned a lot about the value of planning, organization and direction from my last job. I think I can apply what I’ve learned to a new approach for The Blackblood Alliance. 

And I’m not gonna lie, the constant outpouring of support from lovers of the BBA is where I draw a lot of my confidence, inspiration and motivation to continue its development.

I am very flattered that after all these years, you are following me and still have interest in seeing what happens next.

On my DA I will be chronicling the visual concepts and storyboards for BBA production. I will put those things on this blog as well, but I will also include more in-depth writing regarding planning and development process. I will always be open to questions, criticism and feedback, so feel free to contact me through DA. 

Thanks again for your continued support. I dont know where’d I’d be without it!