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💀 Preparing for the Madness 💀 ahhh~ (=   w =) i wish i could have finished this one a lot sooner! BUT! here it is anyway! (o   w o) there are a lot of awesome headcanons out there for the time before Yuri’s skate! but, for this piece~ i like to imagine that Otabek was the only person in on Yuri’s plan, so they had to hide away somewhere to prepare! X3 hehe! i can’t wait to see the whole routine finally!!! hope you all enjoy this! (^   v ^)


“Marry someone who you love. Marry your soulmate, your lover, your best friend.” (x)

Happy (belated) birthday sweet newtongirl!!

As always, I’m very sorry about the delay (2015 must be the year I deliver birthday presents very late) but I hope you will still enjoy this married MakoHaru comic through their live because I know you appreciate domestic/married MH as much as I do (*ノωノ) 

I’d have loved to draw the whole poem but, too long, not for me ;_;



Summary: Punk!Phil introduces pastel!Dan to his friends, and he has a great reception. (thanks for the internet dating/meeting of friends prompt from an anon!)

Genre: sin

Word Count: 4.1k

Includes: voyeurism (truth or dare style!), praisekink!dan, short!dan, online relationship/meeting for the first time, and a bit of spooning at the end for an anon who wanted it

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  • What I say: Those spoilers probably aren't even real. I'm not gonna get my hopes up for 2x19.
  • Me inside: My hopes are So hiGH Kara Danvers couldn't touch those binches!! Very Emotional scene?!? Making history!?! Sanvers is gonna declare their undying love and FucK me Up oH and a bed scene!?!?! Hospital bed scene?!?!? Who knows?? but you can bet you'll see my dead ass on the floor I'm-

Day 7 - AU –> Soulmate
  In which Lucio is looking for his destined partner while traveling the world and one day Junkrat just so happens to be around

(Late as hell I know, but I wanted to finish the week!
 I … I am just bad at aus so I had to go with the idea of the soulmate au my sis suggested; also, deep down I didn’t want to finish it because I enjoyed posting these spastic comics… I might post more in the future, who knows.)

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Before everyone gets up in arms

That video by Overwatch Central should not be taken seriously by anyone. If you watched and understood it, the central idea of it was to rate ships based on how strong they hold in the current canon of Overwatch. It wasn’t meant to shame shippers or sink ships, it was simply a canon-based analysis of each popular ship in the fandom, so don’t get too upset about it.

A Wish List for Carmilla Movie

As holidays approaching, I thought I’d list the things I wish to see in the movie 'cause it’s certainly one of my most expected projects to watch next year. There it goes:

1. Hollstein in a healthy relationship and staying as a solid couple for the whole movie.

2. Some sort of Hollstein sex scenes (and cute cuddles) in bed. 

3. Laura showing her abs. (How come we never get to see those killer abs in the series?)

4. Keep it light-hearted in general. No unnecessary angst. 

5. Tank tops and plaid shirts.

6. A wedding proposal.

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"-and boyfriend" ... we get it phil you like boys

except tbh a lot of people DONT get this so i am so fucking here for comments like this from phil. i hope this and his words about yuuma and every other subtle male attraction mention he’s been making are the start of a defined Era of phil talking about boys so people will finally understand lol