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Nothing but Former Lovers

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Request:  Could you do something where the reader (for whatever reason) is betrothed to Loki, and is in love with Thor? And he loves her back?

Pairing: Thor x reader, Slight Loki x reader

Summary: you are Thor’s former lover but you are in an arranged marriage with Loki. You try to fight off the lingering remnants of your relationship but Thor won’t allow it.

Words Count: 1,621

Genre: angst

Notes: Owwww my heart! this fic was really sad to write bc I have a deep love for Thor :((((

You stare somberly at the ring on your finger. It was gorgeous, you had to admit but you just wish it had come from Him. The man you loved, the man you longed for, the man who could never be yours. You loved Loki, you really did but it wasn’t the same type of love that you felt for his brother. You and Thor had more history than you or Loki would like to admit. You were young lovers since childhood, people who met you swore that you and Thor were meant for each other. Sadly, things didn’t say the same as you grew older. Thor had his duties to the kingdom and you had yours. When you turned 18, Thor announced his impending marriage to Lady Sif and your parents told you of your arranged nuptials with the younger prince.

You and Loki were friends as children and you knew he would make a wonderful husband but you couldn’t help but miss the nights you spent in Thor’s company. You had since then moved into the palace with your soon to be husband Loki. Everyday you had to face Thor and his Fiance at the dinner table. Everyday your heart broke a little more, seeing the man you love with another. Every night spent with Loki reassuring you that you would learn to be as happy with him as you had been with Thor. Tonight was the night before your wedding, Thor’s was to happen the following month and you couldn’t help but become teary eyed at the thought of your lost romance.

When you and Thor were children, your father was an adviser to Odin from another principality. You spent every summer with the brothers until you reached ten when your family had to stay in the castle for a month as the king brokered an important deal. You and Loki were the same age and Thor was a year older than you both. During that month, you and Thor fell into a type of puppy love that would mature as you did. When you left the palace with this new bond, you and Thor exchanged letters every week until the following summer. There he had kissed you and swore to be the man you would someday wed. You continued your letters to each other until they slowly stopped coming from Thor. Your questions dismissed in the form of unopened letters, then you heard the fateful news. He was engaged to Lady Sif and Odin had accepted you as a worthy wife to Loki.

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