i wish i could've been there ugh

What a morning I’ve had!!

Some bloody idiot undergrad just ran straight into me, causing me to spill a shitload of sulphuric acid on myself (I wish I was kidding)!!

Had I not been wearing enough protective gear, the result could’ve been really ugly (I’m not like Rick, with epidermal nano-fiber defense mesh…) ugh, I can still smell it burning everything…

Thanks a lot, pal! If you don’t know the meaning of these warning signs on the door, stay the f%@# out of my lab!!  凸(ʘ言ʘ╬)凸

anonymous asked:

ugh i wish i had been older when homestuck first came out so i could've had the real Fandom Experience bc i just started reading hs in like september

Hey it’s okay! Hiveswap coming out and the books being released and the Viz Media partnership are hinting to a Fandom Revival so maybe you’ll still experience the craziness! Even if you don’t though, the experience of Homestuck itself and what is still there of the Fandom is extremely enjoyable though.

Sure, it’s not AS active but, when people talk about the Fandom being dead or whatever I’m like, what? I see new art on a daily basis and theories and analysis and roleplay. Less? Sure, but it’s still a good Fandom.

the only way forward is to go back

i put all the cards on the table and painted my last obs4 submission. been working on it since the competition was announced so i think i saved the best for last  ᕕ( ᐛ)ᕗ