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You’re a Nerd

Pairing: George x Reader

  • I’ve noticed that you write a lot of Fred imagines so I was wondering if you could do one with George. I don’t really care what, just something cute with him being overprotective 😊 thanks!!
  • George needs more love :(( I LOVE FRED TOO BUT GEORGE IS BAE. By the way, LOVE YOUR WORK! Makes me giddy inside hehehe

A/N: I didn’t realise how much I wrote about Fred until I went through my Masterlist! Also, I really wanted to write an Imagine talking about why on earth do these kids keep complaining about their homework?? You are at a magic school with magic classes and magic, if only they knew how much we wished we could go there instead!
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You woke up to the whole room spinning, your head pounding as the light from outside filled the girl’s dormitory. You let out a groan of disgust, your throat dry and your nose as stuffed as ever.

“Common cold, nothing too severe,” Madam Pomfrey declared. It was Tuesday morning and you were currently missing out on your favourite class, Transfiguration, which started about 20 minutes ago. “Here, take this and you should be feeling better in no time,” the small woman said, handing you a little cup filled with deep purple liquid. “I bet you wished you could’ve gotten out of class with that one!”

“No way, Madam Pomfrey,” you said truthfully once you had downed the thick medicine, “That’s why I came here, I was hoping to head off to class now actually,”

Madam Pomfrey looked at you with a quizzical expression, not sure if she entirely believed that a student was actually looking forward to going to class,

“Well alright… Off you go then,” she said, nodding her head to the door.


You walked into McGonagall’s classroom as she had her back turned to the door, writing quickly on the blackboard. She turned around to see who was going to be interrupting her lesson, not expecting a student to be arriving so late.

“Oh, Y/n…” she started, putting her chalk down on her desk, “You do realise that you’re more than half an hour late?”

“Sorry Professor McGonagall,” you apologise, “I was seeing Madam Pomfrey”.

McGonagall let out a sigh, “alright, talk to me after class”.


The bell rung throughout the castle, allowing everyone to get up out of their seats and pack up their things. Not for you though. You stayed where you were, watching everyone try to fit through the doorway at once, desperate to get out of class.

You had never been told to stay back before, and even though you knew you weren’t in trouble, you still didn’t like the feeling. Academic wise, you were up there with the likes of Hermione Granger. You may not know all the answers as well as she does, but you were always passionate about the topics you were learning.

You weren’t the only one staying back, however. Fred and George Weasley had also been told to stay back, this time for having set off a small explosion of some sort. Whatever it was, it had apparently ended up with one hundred tiny rubber balls bouncing rapidly around the classroom.

“I’ll deal with you two in a minute,” McGonagall warned, causing them to break away from their conversation, unfazed by the fact that they were being kept back, again.

“Now, Y/n,” she started, “You said you were up in the hospital wing, is that correct?”

“Yes, I woke up with a cold and she gave me something to cure it, so I came to class as soon as I could,” you replied.

McGonagall looked at you for a bit and gave a small smile, “Not many students would be willing to come back to class once they’ve been given an excuse to get out of it, isn’t that right boys?” she said looking over at the twins who were back to talking again, this comment however shutting them up.

“Yeah, I don’t get that, Professor,” you replied, McGonagall giving you a look as if asking you to continue.

“Well, we’re at a school that practices magic, I don’t get why anyone would not want to come to classes,” you say as if it were obvious, “Our assignments are about turning hedgehogs into pincushions, and how to summon objects, and making antidotes and poisons, how could anyone not find that interesting?”

You hear one of the twins scoff from the seat beside you, but you weren’t done yet.

“I don’t know… as a Muggle, magic is only a thing you hear about in stories, with fairies and superheroes and all that, and it all sounds so amazing and wonderful, but that’s all they are; stories… and just when you’re getting to the age where you’re starting to understand that those things aren’t real, you get a letter telling you that it is all real, and I just can’t understand how people can complain about having homework about magic!”

While the smile on McGonagall’s face was warm and proud of how passionate you were about school, you didn’t even want to look at Fred and George, who were sure to be thinking about how much of a teacher’s pet you were. Almost everyone else in this school thought that anyway…

“Alright Y/n, I’ll let you off on this one,” McGonagall said, placing a hand on your shoulder, “as for you two…”


“Hey, wait up!” you hear someone call out after you.

You turn around to see George Weasley weaving in and out of people in the crowded passageway outside of the Grand Hall to catch up with you.

“McGonagall finally let you out, I see?” you smile,

George chuckled, “Yeah, I think we’re growing on her… Hey, listen, about everything you said before—“

“Oh, don’t even say it, I’m a huge nerd for being so obsessed with classes, I know,” you laugh, but you were being truthful in thinking that that’s what George and his brother thought of you.

“Actually, no, it makes a whole lot of sense,” George admits, to your surprise, “We’ve always had magic so we don’t really take note of how cool it really is, so it actually makes sense that you’d want to come to class and stuff, since it’s so different from not having it your whole life,”

“Wow, I didn’t expect you to see it that way at all,” you laugh with surprise and amazement,

“Well, Fred probably doesn’t see it the exact same way, but I get it. You’re special, you know that? I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better, if you can fit me in anywhere with that busy homework schedule you must have,”

You return his same cheeky grin that he was giving you, “I think I could move some things around for you, George Weasley,”

“Excellent, I’ll be seeing you around then, yeah?” he says with a wink, walking into the Great Hall, leaving you standing there dumbfounded. Who would’ve thought that George Weasley would fall for a nerd like you.

talking to spirits, talking to myths (two endings)

“cake as weapon” trilogy, part two

i surely wish / that i could just / take them, all of my mistakes and bile / and stuff them down / flush them down / the toilet’s throat / down, down / where my eyes and ears and nose are not / a world i’m not privy to / a world underneath, below / hades can sift through all of my uncertainties and blunders / let someone else do all the work for once / god, i need a vacation /

i’ll start out small / flush bottle after bottle, can after can / throw it all away / secret stashes, remedies and shaving kits / i’ll start out small / see where that takes me / i’ll make prometheus proud / i’ll make prometheus proud

graythecactus  asked:

Agh! I wish I could buy all of your mafia works as prints or in a book type thing. They're so adorable! Do you by chance have a Society6 or a Redbubble or something like it? I'm not all too familiar with Patreon, or else I'd be supporting you there!

Oh, I am in the middle of trying to figure out how to sell things online XD
Thinking of maybe doing an etsy???
really unsure, will look into things to see what works best for me and my art :3
So, currently nothing set up online, sorry ^^;;
And no worries, don’t feel you have to pledge or anything! :D
Patreon is something where you pledge a certain amount of money, and that money goes to the artist every month :3
At certain tiers you get different rewards!
For example, if you pledge 1 dollar to my patreon then you are able to view works in progress and uncensored NSFW work :D
But, as for the mafia works, I’m thinking that when I am done, I’ll make a PDF artbook and have it available for purchase ^w^
thank you for your message! :D


Moment. First red blood is more efficient than blue. Artic temp? that blood has to have AFP (antifreeze). Pressure? Humpbacks have red blood. High altitude? Sherpas , red blood. Unless you want the ama have chemosynthesis…

Oh yes, that was kind of my main concern given all the adaptations we see with red-blood users anyhow…HOW DO I JUSTIFY…BLUE BLOOD IF RED IS BETTER ARRGHH 

And as for chemosynthesis! There is! In fact i’ve mentioned in a couple posts that Jauria’s white hair is actually a parasitic–well, symbiotic fungi variant that turns their hair to bristles. Amanu have a variant of it though it’s not really quills as much as just,,,actual fungal growths (I wish i could find the photoset doodles) so chemosynthesis more or less works through the symbiotes that they have in their systems though it doesn’t do a whole lot–enough at least to purify their bloodstream etc. Not that i’ve decided at least haha but thanks for bringing it up!

One pretty awesome thing I’ve noticed on Twittersphere the past year or so is how there’s rarely negative comments anymore about Martin playing the same characters all the time, and more positive remarks about his performances in recent projects, like Fargo, Startup, WTF. As these shows and films spread, it seems like people are slowly opening their eyes and minds up to the idea that Martin’s a great all-round actor who works really effectively to have you empathise (and at times sympathise) with his characters, which is lovely to see 👍👌💗

(Wish I could actually tell Martin this, just quietly 😉)

Looking forward

I’m sick of looking at where i’m at now, and wishing I was healthy and fit like I used to be.  Able to wear normal sized clothes like i used to be (I’m in 2xL women’s clothing now and plus size pants).  Wishing I could put my shoes on like I used to be able to (without my belly in the way).  Of so many things.  I’m sick of looking backwards.

This is 10 years and 85 pounds difference.  On the right I was 135 pounds, I ate whatever I wanted (never tracked anything- but I generally ate super healthy as I lived with my parents) but I was super active (despite NEVER going to the gym or working out “on purpose”.  I just did martial arts for fun, and did fun active things because they were fun) .  Now I’m 220 pounds, and struggle with eating healthy. I’m fairly sedentary as well.  When I am active, it’s struggling at the gym.

I’m sick of looking back.  I’m going to look forward.  I don’t want to be a skinny girl who doesn’t care about what she eats.  I want to be a strong, fit woman who has been through hell and appreciates her body more.  Who is mindful of what she eats, because she knows that healthy foods will set her up for a lifetime of success.  I will however take lessons from the past, and perhaps find ways to be active that I find fun.  

However, the journey to fitness is a long road.  I have been finding myself overwhelmed.  I have a lot of fat to get rid of. A lot of muscle to gain.  One step at a time, I can do this.

hey……………4 ya artists out there followin me who feel frustrated or like they can’t do anything right or that ur work isnt coming out how u want. or u just wish u could get some feedback. would u like to send an ask w/ a link to ur art tag or a drawing youve made recently that you like the most? and i can tell you what i think your strengths are! i just thought it’d be a casual nice lil thing to be able to remind you of the good you’re accomplishing, cuz everyone could use that once in awhile…! 

non-stick-raven  asked:

When do you decide whether you want to use oils vs acrylics? What do you like/dislike about each? I'm an oil painter and have long been prejudiced against acrylics but I'm starting to think I'm missing out simply because I was never taught how to use them.

I wish I could give you a reasonable answer to this question but it’s primarily a mystery even to myself. Though it sounds as if I’m dodging your question by sounding arty-farty, I have to insist it is based on “feel” more than anything else. Some images “feel” as if they should be in oils, and some as if they should exist as acrylics. Sounds silly, I know.

Part of this subjective equation is my comfort level with the media. I feel much more at home using acrylics, so if I’m working on a piece that has a hard and fast deadline associated with it I’ll prefer acrylics simply because I feel more sure that I won’t mess things up––and if I do, I have absolute confidence that there is no error, accident or flaw that I cannot correct seamlessly in that media. I don’t have the same confidence with oils. Thus, you see me using oils more often for sketches and quick loose studies than for finished works, though not always.

Hmm– upon reflection I have to say another consideration for me is the subject matter itself. Oils, being more malleable and slower to dry, seem ideally suited to paintings that feature a lot of water in them, for example. When painting stone and concrete, materials that are hard and have sharp fracture lines,etc., acrylics immediately come to mind.


laytongeek101  asked:

Do you have any tips for a wannabe storyboard artist that just so happens to be unluckily bad at anatomy? Also, I admire your and the entire crew's work on star loads! The show inspires me so much :,)

Thanks for the message! It’s always encouraging to hear how much the show means to people. As far as anatomy goes I wish I could tell you that it doesn’t matter, but it definitely does. I know how challenging it can be but I would encourage you to keep working at it! You’ll be surprised in a year from now how much you have grown.

A few updates on that Bendy and the Ink Machine animation I’m working on!

-First two scenes are completley done!

-The entire thing is now sketched and has about 290 frames!

-The amount of movement in this animation will be much more than the movement in every single one of my other animations and it looks fantastic.

-All dialogue boxes and letters have been fully animated!

-White background is complete! (This is important because I had to copy and paste the BG over every. Single. Frame. And it kept crashing haha this app sucks)

So yup that’s how far along it is! If I mainly do the animation I could be done by the end of the week, but with all my other projects it may take two!

I love lazy morning kisses so so so so much. When he’s fresh out of the shower and is running late for work and is rushing to put his clothes on but he slows down just to climb on top of me in bed and run his one hand through my hair and the other along my side and he tells me how he wishes he could stay. And I tell him maybe he could just be a little late today, and he laughs and says once we get started he would never leave. And then he kisses my forehead, down to my nose and then my cheeks and then my neck before bringing his lips back up to meet mine. And we just stay like that for a little too long and we get a little too in to it before I pull away and remind him he has to go to work. He kisses me one last time and I tell him to drive safe, he smiles and says he’ll try his best. I feel so warm and wanted.

I’m Done.

I’m sure you guys know just a few weeks ago, I was plagiarized by a writer who stole my idea and just yesterday, it happened again. I don’t know why this is happened or what I did to deserve this. But I really don’t know how to cope. I worked hard and tried to make everything I write absolutely perfect for you guys but this idea that somebody can just copy and paste it without any feeling is too hard to digest. I don’t want to cope with it. 

I love you guys and you’ve given me endless support and I wish I could’ve at least finished one batch of requests on time but, God has a plan for all of us.

To “my fans” who requested the one piece of work I didn’t want requested? You win. You get to have as many copies of that one piece of work as you want. Do as you wish. But I’ll be damned before I leave it here where you can bask in the original. 

I’m going to college soon and I’d rather go out now that let my work be taken advantage of. I’ll be around less and less but for any of you who think wrongly of this situation, just know this. 

I cried. I fought over things that were justly mine and lost. I’m taking my gift and I’m going to publish a book with all the things that I loved growing up. Wolves, castles, powers, and princesses and princes in disguise… 

My name isn’t Sophia, by the way. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m sorry for wasting my time. 

Work hard, everyone, and don’t let yourselves be pushed aside as easily as I was. Don’t take no for an answer, no matter what. 

I WISH I WAS DECISIVE ENOUGH ON MY ART TO AT LEAST SET A GOAL SO I COULD WORK TOWARDS IT… I tend to be good at achieving a look when I know what I’m working towards (style emulation etc etc) but this “doing original art” shit is haaaarrddd




HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUURI!!! (I’m still in time it’s still 29/11 over here omg)

(Sorry if the comic is a little unclear. What’s basically happening, is that Viktor is counting every rose he gives to Yuuri. I really gotta practice my comic skills, haha)


ASOIAF meme: 2/14 POV characters

Jessica Matten as Asha Greyjoy

Theon had time for a choked gasp before Asha snatched the axe from the air and slammed it down into the table, splitting his trencher in two and splattering his mantle with drippings. “There’s my lord husband.” His sister reached down inside her gown and drew a dirk from between her breasts. “And here’s my sweet suckling babe.”