i wish i could work on it

Unfortunately, I have been busy literally every week this summer except for one in June, so I decided to take that entire week to work on a little something for reibert week (specifically day 3: childhood) since I wouldn’t have the time to do something for each day. It definitely isn’t perfect, but it was great animation practice!

Bonus: How I wish the whole thing could’ve looked, but I didn’t have enough time to draw those uniforms for 30 different frames

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“TINY HUMAN, DID YOU KNOW THAT A TAN IS MERELY A SCAR LEFT BY SUNBURN?” Papyrus declared from the driver’s seat as he drove them home in his convertible.  

Frisk wondered from the back seat why Papyrus would consider scars to be a good thing at all.  Then they corrected themselves as they realized that scars didn’t bother them at all.  It was the process of getting the scar that was the problem.  

They came to the decision that beet red skin was another thing that was the problem.  This wasn’t a scar.  This was agony.   

Luckily, Toriel, after coming to the realization that humans, especially tiny humans’ skin, was not something you should expose to sea and sun without any protection beyond a swim suit; had procured the proper healing items.    She was currently working on putting the creme on their back. Her giant paws gentle and diligent.   

“Man! I wish I could get a scar from the sun!” declared Undyne from the passenger’s seat.  “That would be EPIC!”  

She made punching motions, followed by a couple of upper cuts.  Frisk felt sorry for the sun, but that feeling went away when their shirt brushed against their belly sending them painful reminders of the sore skin there. 

“I’m sorry my child” sighed Toriel “I didn’t know anything about this sunscreen potion until the nice gentleman at the store informed me about it”  

Frisk patted Toriel’s paw.  Admittedly, they had known about it, but they never been to a beach before and had forgotten about it in the excitement. 


“I believe it was, ‘No Pain, no Gain’” said Toriel carefully putting Frisk’s shirt back in place and offered them some water.  “Honestly, I don’t like the idea of anybody being in pain to gain something” 

“No, no, no” said Undyne undoing her seat belt despite Papyrus’ protests that she didn’t and, turning so she was facing Frisk and Toriel.   “I don’t think it means that!  I must mean that you  must put your opponent in pain to gain victory!” 

Toriel gave her a stern look and Undyne realized what she had just said.

“So you lost this time” said Undyne to the crestfallen child “Big whoop.  The sun just took advantage of you being distracted!  You will be victorious next time!  Paps, Paps, put down the roof!” 

“WHAT?” asked Papyrus who was trying his best to keep his eyes on the road.  

Undyne extended her leg and tapped the roof button.  A gush of air whipped all around them as it folded towards the back of the convertible. 

“UNDYNE THAT WAS VERY UNSAFE! YOU ARE LUCKY I AM A GREAT DRIVER!” scolded Papyrus but made no effort to put the roof back on. 

Frisk gasped in surprise.  As the roof came down, the beautiful sunset to their right became more apparent.  

Undyne stood upon her seat facing it.  Papyrus could only groan at his friend’s antics.  There was no stopping her once she got going. 

“JUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT TIME SUN!” she declared “C’mon Frisk! You have to show the sun no fear.  Shake your fist at it” 

Frisk giggled and turned to face the sunset with their fist up.  

“FRISK IS GOING TO WHOOP YOUR ASS!!” yelled Undyne at the sun.  

Yeah, Frisk was still sore and would be for the next couple of days.  They would get a tan like Papyrus said and it would be a fairly nice one and not quite the scar he had promised.  Sans would comment on their new “sunny” disposition and such, making everyone groan.  But at that moment, as Undyne, Papyrus and even Toriel shook their paws, fists and tiny human hands at the sun, Frisk felt invincible. 


Hi guys! So I’ve been wanting to write for a while now and I’ve been working on a few pieces. For the past two years, I’ve been a ghost to tumblr, there’s still some things that I don’t know how to use yet lmao. I’ve always been a bit insecure about my writing and I don’t really put myself out to people. I’ve been working on a Harry fanfic that I still don’t know if I want to post yet because I’ve only written a bit of it but I love the idea of it. I have so many Harry imagines I wish I could just write but like I said, I’m extremely insecure about my writing. This is going to be the first writing piece that I’ve posted. It might become a series, I have no idea yet so I’m not making any promises. I hope y’all enjoy! xx M

It was around seven in the morning when you heard the loud screeching of your alarm that was sitting on your bedside table. You slowly blink your eyes open, the harsh rays of sunlight hitting your face. When you stare at the digits on your alarm clock, you immediately snap your head up when you see that you woke up fifteen minutes later than you should’ve. Fuck, you have a presentation for your psychology class today. 

You quickly throw the heavy duvet off your body, goosebumps immediately rising on your bare legs from the cold air. The landlord must’ve turned off the heat again. 

You rush to the bathroom in a hurry to wash your face and brush your teeth before rummaging through your drawers for any clean clothes. You dress yourself in a dark pair of jeans and a thick sweater, tying your hair up in a messy bun. You grab your glasses off your dresser before grabbing your backpack off the floor and running to the front door because you didn’t have time for breakfast. You had to catch the train that was going to leave in ten minutes. You couldn’t afford missing a day of Uni. 

You lock your door behind you before rushing down the steps of your flat. You look down at the time on your phone seeing you have a few minutes. You start to pick up your pace, running down to the train station that was only a few blocks away from your building.

As you speed walk towards the station, you twist your bag off your shoulder to bring in front of you in order to pull out your notebook so you can go over the notes for the presentation. What you didn’t see coming was a large body, bumping into your small one, causing you to drop your bag.

“Watch where you’re going, you wanker!” You speak rudely, crouching down to pick up your books from the ground.

“Oi! ‘M no wanker. Should’ve watched where yeh were going,” You pay no mind to the person, shoving your books into your bag not before putting your notebook aside separately for you to hold. You feel a hand grab you gently by the elbow, picking you off the ground. 

You look up at the stranger with a glare, silently stunned at the bright green eyes looking at you in amusement. He has chocolate brown hair that was tied up in a bun at the top of his head. His facial structure was very sharp and chiseled. You look over his ruby red lips that were lifted up into a smirk. That’s when you realize that you were staring at him. 

“I was pulling something out of my bag. Least you could’ve done is move aside when you saw a girl not paying attention to her surroundings!” You argue.

The man opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything, the sound of your train leaving quickly caused you to widen your eyes and push him aside, running down the sidewalk. 

“Oi! Now tha’ was on purpose!” You turn your head to see him on the ground and quietly chuckle to yourself.

“Sorry!” You call out before catching up with your train. 

He was very cute, you thought. 

i hate moving.

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All I can think about is how Colton Haynes said the worst part of being closeted was that it made him seem like a homophobe or a self-hating gay person. No one's closet is as iron tight as Louis', and at such a pivotal moment in his career, too. They say that success is the best revenge so let's just work hard to get him and his music to the top.

yes, 100%. i wish we could do more to get him out of this whole mess, but what we can do is promo his music and ensure it makes waves.

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I finally started watching Konosuba. Ended up binging through the first 6 episodes and only stopped because I had to leave for work. I wish I could watch more while I worked. Also, imo, Darkness is the best girl in there so far. The others are all great, but damn, Darkness is some dank top tier masochist waifu material.

They’re all great girls tbh. I find myself switching best girl of Konosuba often. I love them all.

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I got a notification today informing me that TES: Legends is now available on mobile devices. So far the app has run quite smoothly, and the interface seems pretty close to the PC version. The game board is a bit small to my liking - a couple of times I had some trouble picking the cards I wanted, especially when I had full hand (I imagine this could be nice on tablet or any other device with slightly bigger screen, though). Still, it works reasonably well and hopefully the mobile version will be tweaked further to make it more convenient to use. Definitely something for me to play during bus rides and such. :)

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Jehanparnasse & #1 :)

“I need you” with an Eros & Thanatos AU because I have FEELINGS

Limbo. Where nothing really died, and nothing really lived. An in-between between life and death, night and day, light and darkness. Everything was grey there, although grey was the only way consciousness could deal with what limbo was. A void.

That was where Jehan and Montparnasse met. They were two extremes, two sides of the same coin. Flip it. Heads: Love. Tails: Death. Vitality and lethargy. It only seemed fair, to meet in between.

The two figures would walk side by side, Montparnasse casting shadows around him that Jehan’s light would scare away. They would talk and debate. Jehan liked to understand, and Montparnasse liked to tease. Today’s topic revolved around Montparnasse’s deeds, and his cruelty towards Jehan’s work.

“I wish you did not undo everything I work for,” Jehan sighed. “Until death do us part, right? That is my limit, and you’re the one responsible for that.”

“I’m not responsible for the death of lovers,” Montparnasse said flatly.

“Oh really? Achilles and Patroclus? Wasn’t that your fault? You are the one who took Patroculus away! You’re the one who put Achilles in a blind rage, which killed him in turn!”

There was a hint of a smile on Montparnasse’s lips.

“Oh was I?”

“Yes, you were.”

“Achilles did not die of an arrow in his heel, my dear. Achilles died of a broken heart. The arrow that you plunged in his chest is as responsible as the one I drove on his heel.”

Jehan crossed their arms against their chest and pouted. The audacity! Claim they were responsible! Slowly, Montparnasse reached for Jehan’s hand and linked their fingers together.

“There’s nothing like a beautiful tragedy, my love. I need you, and you need me.”

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i've been thinking most of the day about shiro and keith + kitchen disasters! not sure if that is something you'd like to explore haha

of course!! that sounds like a recipe for disaster, which is totally my kinda thing. i also know next to nothing about cooking myself, so that totally works for this. gonna shove it under the cut though, in case it becomes long-ish.

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mod, i really wish there was some way we could give back to you for being so amazing! have you ever heard of ko-fi? people can give $3 donations just once to support their favorite creators, so you could maybe do that? i just love your work so much, you're the absolute best. <3


I’m…Really touched? Like I never ever thought someone could want to do that for me because of my work so wow, thank you so much, you liking my work is honestly the best reward I could ask for.

As for what you asked well…I didn’t know about that but I just checked it out and I guess I could do it? I don’t know just thinking about make me feel as if I’m taking advantage of you and as if I’m being really self centered?

But huh…I don’t know, if you guys would be okay with it maybe I can do it, I really don’t know.

But what is sure is that your message, you telling me how much you like my blog, really made me smile like an idiot, so thank you really much !!

-mod lili)

Update / Hiatus

          So, this may be my final message for quite a bit. I am not sure, we are supposed to be moving in tomorrow, and everyone wants to be fully packed by tomorrow morning so we can start moving after we all wake up and I get home from work (kill me please it is gonna suck). More than likely, the internet will be off tonight by the time I wake up, but who knows at this point. If so, I want everyone to know that I hope you all have safe days while I am gone, and do not push yourselves. I am unsure when I will be back, could be a day, could be a few months. We are unsure so far…

          I want to say thank you all for the love, and support through these hard days I’ve been having, and giving all the blogs all the love you have. It’s been great, and I want you all to know I will come back as soon as I can. If the internet isn’t off tonight, and we leave it on till tomorrow, I WILL be doing all my drafts and memes I get from here on. So any I get by the time I wake up, and previous / replies as well. I have a draft box of 64 right now, and will EMPTY IT entirely with replies into my Queue when I figure things out if I have time. If not…well…there will be nothing from this blog or any of my others till I get back. 

          Anywho, some memes are queued, and I want to leave special messages here for a few special people who’ve been with me and been the best for so long. 

@bellvdonna / Baby girl, I know you’ve been busy, I know you dont really check your blog, and I do hate to bug you on discord…so I think I’ll just leave this here for you perhaps to see if you come back when I am gone. I love you, my beautiful Kirsten, and hope you are doing well in your classes. I hope you are having good days, and that your life situation is going better. I hope you also have your infested room free of the spiders and get to return to it once more very soon. You’re never far from my thoughts, my beloved girl, and I want you to always know that.

@ryusxnka / Caleb, you’re amazing. I know we barely talk, and to be honest, it’s my fault entirely. I’ve…gotten nervous to message you anymore? You always seem like you’re so busy, and I dont want to bother you. But you’ve been one of the best brothers I could ever have — like we aren’t even related, but you treat me better than even my own siblings did…and it means the world to me to have you around. Thank you so much. 

@rosesofflame / Little Leopard, I hope you’re doing well. It’s been a while since we last talked, and it’s my fault…but know I am never ignoring you. I just — sometimes either am too busy, or forget to reply. I have a short attention span, and you already know that; it’s not an excuse, of course, but I do feel bad. I hope you are doing well though.

@shindera / Big sissy, I love you with all my heart. You are just straight up amazing, and I adore talking to you. I’m gonna miss chatting with you so much, and can’t wait to get back already so I can blow up your box with love and support, as well as lots of meme replies and stuffs! I hope you don’t miss me too much, and that you keep giving Cinder all the love she deserves. Keep being the best Cinder around!

@essentiavitae / Ahri-mun, I freaking adore your blog, and cant wait to return to give Ichi and Ahri more time! Like seriously, they are so cute together. Cute little playful friends, protective of one another, and teasing and just. It’s adorable! I look forward to our threads when I return!

@headgrab / Jill mun I cannot wait to return to our threads either! I need more Ichigo making Jill feel the weakling, protecting her, whereas they both are just fighting for whoever is the true protector of the other! I need more little interactions, more love and support for these two — I need it all in my life! AND THEN I NEED TO BREAK THEM BOTH DOWN! MWAHAHAHAH! Ahem. Anyways. I cant wait, cause when I return, I’ve ideas :3c

          Anywho…that is about all from me for a bit guys. I hope you all have a great day, and If I can I’ll try to be on just one more night. If not though…I hope you all don’t miss me too much.

Sometimes I wish I had an actual mother. One who actually fed us and took care of us rather than buying useless shit and took off with a boyfriend that could be my brother. I wish I didn’t have to lock myself in my room until you went to work because I’m scared of what you were gonna yell at me about. I wish I could just make you proud of me for once in my life. I wish you didn’t make me feel ashamed being bisexual. I wish I had a better mother.

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(ao3) works/11625807 Enjoy! ;>

OMG THAT WAS SO WICKEDLY FAST YOU’RE AMAZING?? I wish I could get a story done that quickly that would be a miracle


I’m literally about to nod off I’m so tired it’s 1 AM where I’m at so!! I will read this tomorrow and leave a comment over on Archive but for now—EVERYONE GO READ THIS BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART I’M EXCITED TO SEE MY DORK KIDS WORK OUT THEIR ISSUES

life update and instagram

so ya anyway im gonna catch up a bit on here and just say: 

  • several months ago i ended up in a lovely relationship and i wish i could be drawing more but theres only so much time in each day. im working and spending more time with my boyfriend and thats okay ^u^ 
  • i actually started an original project! a lot of the time i do have to draw is going to things like character sheets and designs and wardrobes so. my poor fantrolls are getting pushed to the back-burner :’O 
  • i have an instagram now! if you want to catch up with silly fantroll doodles or even see some of my new original works, my ig is @selkieswims! 

BLAH i feel so bad only updating this blog on almost a monthly basis but theres only so much i can do. i love my trolls a lot and hopefully i can be back to drawing them consistently soon 

One of my good work friends always hated me coming inside his house and we always hang out on the back porch and he said the house was dirty and he was embarassed and then yesterday I had to go to the bathroom so I had to go in and then I realized why hes so embarassed cuz he has even less than me.

No bed. He sleeps on the floor. He has a couch with no legs and all the wood is split. He has a folding chair and a tiny TV on a cardboard box.
I wish I could do something for him but idek what