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(BREAKING NEWS, THIS JUST IN: in a world in which Severus Snape figures out how to be a good enough person to stay friends with Lily Evans, he is apparently my favorite)

“… They were alone. The little house was quiet. The squash vines were blooming in the yard. They pushed their way into the front hall and Severus drew his wand. The door clicked shut behind them. Mulciber yanked up his hood and moved forward, starting to kick in doors. “Oy, Mr. Monroe, you have visitors.”

Avada kedavra,” Severus whispered at Mulciber’s back, but his wand only sparked feeble green. His gut coiled coldly. His mouth twitched. He was here because at seven he’d fallen in love with the girl down the street. He didn’t have enough hate in him.

He adjusted his grip on his wand. He whispered, “Petrificus Totalus.”

“You need to get out, away,” he told the old man who stepped into the hallway, blinking and clutching at his shirtsleeves over Mulciber’s rigid form. “Get to Albus, or Minerva. You didn’t see me,” he said, and he realized it was true with his hood hiding his face. Monroe vanished and Severus hoisted up Mulciber’s stiff body and Apparated out to drop him in the Atlantic. The sea spray soaked into his robes. He cast a cleaning spell over it when he hit land again and then he limped to Avery’s.

“The Order,” he gasped on Avery’s doorstep. “They got there first. They got Mulciber.” He thought about Lily alone at a funeral, imagined Mrs. Evans’s kitchen going up in magicked green flames, tried to will grief and rage onto his visage.

Avery gripped his elbow. “Those bastards,” he said and his voice shook with it.

Severus met his eyes. “We’ll get them.”

But he couldn’t murder every partner he got sent out with. He kept untraceable Portkeys in his pockets. He passed Dumbledore wispy vials of secrets and sabotage in the ice cream shop’s freezer room. He learned how to cast Cloaking Spells wordlessly. But sometimes none of that mattered.

Sometimes he watched. Sometimes he helped. Sometimes when he woke up from nightmares he could not begrudge whatever higher entity had sent them down– could not curse them for the way his limbs sweated and shook, for the way he limped to the toilet and vomited up the images curdling in his gut. He just knelt on his rough rug and let the shivers take him, let the bile coat his tongue.


In the Order’s camp, life went on. Alice married Frank Longbottom in a ten minute civil ceremony that would have made Frank’s mother disown him if it wasn’t wartime and if she’d had more heirs. Lily was there as a witness, but not a bridesmaid– Alice hated fuss.

“I want to see you,” said Lily over the radio on a frigid Friday. It was almost summer, again, but the weather hadn’t seemed to notice. “I know it’s hard to get away, and hard to get away safely, but I haven’t seen you in over a year.”

“It’s dangerous,” said Severus. “Why now, Lils?”

“There’s something I want to tell you,” she said, and he knew she was chewing on her fingernails, the way she kept saying she’d outgrown.

“Then tell me.”

“No, I want to see you. I want to know you’re okay– okay in general and okay with this. Your face is going to do a thing and I want to see it.”

Severus wasn’t sure his face had done a thing in years. His lifted his eyebrows and one corner of his mouth, like at one of Avery’s jokes, as though in query. The mold on his ceiling didn’t seem impressed. “Tell me anyway,” he said.

“It’s my news, Sev.”

“Are you getting a tattoo of Potter’s face on your bicep?”


“You’ve signed me up for pottery classes with Petunia. McGonagall has formally adopted you. Black has been turned into a giant canary and you need me to brew up a potion to turn him back– joke’s on you, I won’t do it. Oh, no, wait, he’d be terrifying as a giant canary. I will make you a Shrinking Potion, but that’s all.”

“I’m getting married,” said Lily.

Severus took a pause in both hands, held onto it, breathed into it. “To Remus?” he said.

“To James, you dishrag.” She sighed, the sound rough through the speaker. “You’re my best friend,” she said. “I wish you could be there for it.” Severus watched the tendrils of mold creeping across his ceiling. “I miss you, Sev.”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Come visit. Be as paranoid and careful as you want, but come." “

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I finally started watching Konosuba. Ended up binging through the first 6 episodes and only stopped because I had to leave for work. I wish I could watch more while I worked. Also, imo, Darkness is the best girl in there so far. The others are all great, but damn, Darkness is some dank top tier masochist waifu material.

They’re all great girls tbh. I find myself switching best girl of Konosuba often. I love them all.

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The only thing going through my mind is: Hoy es el cumpleaños de Lance!! (Today is Lance's birthday!!) There is literally nothing else going on my mind. Also are you going to watch the birthday livestream?

I wish I could, but I have to work so I’ll miss it!! (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ Tell me how it goes!!

Oh! I can’t believe that I reached 400+ followers! Even tho I’m not that active today since school’s pretty tough today. Oppa’s actually at the higher section, looks like your Oppa is kinda smart, huh! Anyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH *MWAH* 😘 for keeping me on your watch! or not If only I could give all of you some gifts or something, but I couldn’t resist my happiness! even I’m dying from the inside

-Oppa MC 💖

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re: xiuchen, xing, lose control: you know what gets me? the way minseok looks at jongdae ,,, and then back at yixing,,,, it's so fond like he's happy for yixing but also happy that jongdae is happy for yixing,,, and jongdae's happy but also so PROUD and so /FOND/,,,,, i feel so validated

Oh my god I’ve watched that clip so many times but I never thought of it that way. Wow…my entire hort…I TRULY wish I could live in that moment forever…

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me, currently: silently mourning katz's upcoming hiatus as i watch maci make posts, wishing that i could somehow be close enough to either of them to join the missing katz club

You can absolutely join!!! If you miss katz ur already a member!!

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bro i watched the power rangers movies once and didn't think much of it and then i came across ur salty fic and i was CONVERTED™ ive seen the film at least eight times since then and im writing my ninth trimberly fic u ruined me ily thx so much

damn, dude! congrats on writing nine fics – that’s amazing. it’s so crazy to think that my fic was what really got you into the fandom. call me dr. kiddenstein, i’ve created a monster! nononono, seriously though, don’t credit me for that – this fandom is awesome and it pretty much sucks people in on its own. 

a memory i truly wish i could delete is this one time at a party my best friends ex boyfriend kept pulling me against him and drunkenly grinding up behind me when he knew my friend was watching. i kept shoving him away but the asshole didn’t let up until one of our guy friends was like “dude back off leave her alone”

honestly it makes me want to vomit i hate boys

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thoughts on Stanford Pines?

-one of my all time fav chars, ive never related to a char more
-ill forever be upset that h /ir /sch didn’t do him justice but that’s not stopping me from fleshing out his character
-i love his transition from shy and insecure to confident and badass. watch that lil intp grow
-i just. Love him so much holy shti
-my household has 5 journal 3s between us all including one of the special edition that i have joint custody over. cost a pretty penny but we did it for ford.
-i wish we had 3 seasons of gf just so we could get more ford. I think about it a lot.
-or an offshoot series of his travels bc we saw nothing of it but i think abt it a lot and would do a fic on it if i didnt have school/a full time job/a social life

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9 and 11?

9. if you could meet your favorite author irl, would you? what would you say to them? 

To my four favourite authors I’d say in order- “I’m sorry”, “you’re cool but intimidating can I sit quietly next to you while we watch video game clips?”, “Yo, Bree, make me mac&cheese while I move my stuff into the space under your couch” and “lets go climb a mountain or two”.

11. what fic do you wish you had written? 

Of all the fics I love colored connections is probably the one…

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in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part III)

“Until all that remains of any of it are stories bearing only a passing resemblance to the world the rest of us lived in.”


I could hear
all those things
you ran from
with every song
you released
living your dream

you didn’t need
to play your
albums in
reverse to hear
the taunting
of your demons

I grew up
I cradled your
songs close to
my chest
I knew I wasn’t
the only one

that felt numb
that watched the sun set
that wanted something
rather than nothing
to matter

I wish we could’ve found
a new palette of colors
that just weren’t a collection
of shit grey so maybe the world
wouldn’t need rose colored glasses
just so it can make another rotation
just so the fingers of the sun
could tighten it’s grip out of love
rather than anger

I hope you slipped calmly
beneath the waves when
you decided to let go
of the edge you so
desperately clung

I’m sorry that your armor broke
I’m sorry that you were the only
one who could repair it
I’m sorry that your symphony
played it’s final notes in
the middle of battle

you may have already felt
like a ghost in your final
hours but we never lost
sight of the spirit you let
spill from your eyes with
your honest lyrics
your highest notes

you felt the weight of
a thousand worlds for
so long that anyone
could understand
why you would
it to insanity

you don’t need to apologize
I understand that these plans
we make can be written in blood
washed away with the mud
of uncut clouds
leaving us with more questions
of subjects we thought to be
experts on

I hope you didn’t scream at yourself
I hope you finally felt like you won
I hope you can walk to what you
always wanted when you wake up
on whatever road you travel next

I fucking care that your flickering
light went out amongst a sea
of dimmer specks,
even though
you might feel you didn’t shine
as brightly as you did
so many
used you to guide us
shining brighter
than Polaris did in
a world without the pollution
of smog traced neons

I’m sorry that you lost books
of stories when you lost track
of your scars
those consequential sharp
edges are wounds some of us
share as we trudge
this unmapped path

so we all continue forward
under this blanket of scars
we still listen to your words
hydrohelioizing your perfect

polarisized star

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Seven

-After a lengthy medical leave, I have once more donned my red and khaki and returned to my rightful place at the register. I find the store much the same as it always was. An unsettlingly muggy climate. The aisles, bustling with guests from every demographic, all united in the common pursuit of the best deals. An inescapable air of mystery and ripe infant following wherever you go. It is good to be back.

-A man in his fifties returned twenty-five unopened Hot Wheels cars. I wish that I know what could have gone so, so very wrong.

-An elderly pair of women purchase Minions toothpaste, a Minions toothbrush, and a Minions board game. Their passion leaves me certain that they are not gifts. Their choice of passion leaves me wondering one thing: Why?

-I listened on as a trio of grade school girls gathered to discuss having watched the notoriously family-friendly smash hit, Deadpool. At first, I believed them to be bluffing, however they went into such detail that I came to realize that the nine year-olds were actual consumers of this movie. The three have proven themselves to possess only the hardest of cores and are not to be trifled with.

-A young man came through sporting a shirt which showed him to be a member of the local hammer wrestling team. I have never heard of any such sport, but if it is at all like how it sounds, I am very interested.

-The Hot Wheels man approached my lane to purchase more of the same cars he had just returned. He only picked up half as many cars this time around, however. This man has been hurt before, so I am glad to see him being careful moving forward.

-Rather than the normal affirmative of “Okey-dokey,” a woman crafted her own, replying to her total with a confident, “Obi-Kobe.” Once I establish my Hammer Wrestling team, I have now been inspired to start up a Jedi Basketball club.

-A toddler screamed and cried and kicked and fought when the ball he had been clutching, a blue orb much larger than he himself, was taken away. The tyke refused to calm down until it was once again safely in his keeping. I am glad to see such a wise child, so proficient at prioritizing. After all, it is never too early to learn that ball is life.